Kill la Kill stuff I got since October… My last final was yesterday, I’ll be on vacation for 2 months starting tomorrow, yet instead of packing I spent the whole day reading doujins >___< THEY ARE JUST TOO GOOD!!

Now that I got my hands on the MdN issue with the KlK article I really have all the magazines with KlK features, and I am most happy! Another step closer to a complete KlK official stuff collection, yay!

Anyways lots of awesome doujins this time too, I’m SO glad I finally got that Shiro anthology!! It’s SO beautiful, my precious child getting so much love and attention (over 120 pages <3) and I was just weeping the entire time I read it! So many beautiful scenes, like Shiro rocking every outfit while Houka takes photos:

Also don’t mess with Shiro because Satsuki will kill you if you hurt her little adorable baby whom she will protect at all costs:

And KlK x Fairy Tales are the best, like Shiro White or Nuiderella :D

Definitely one of my most favorite doujins in my collection!

Another really awesome thing: Kill la Moomins! 

By ibara313saku

It’s so cute and something I didn’t know I absolutely needed!

  • mom:so who is your favorite character?
  • me:him
  • me:oh and him too
  • me:and I love her too
  • me:and this is my child
  • me:I obviously adore her too
  • me:and that's my husband
  • me:she is my daughter
  • me:aw look this is my little cinnamon bun
  • me:that's my bae
  • me:and they are my soulmate and spirit animal
  • me:I'm also in love with-
  • mom:but... who do you like the most?
clexa: new parents (modern au)
idk if anyone’s done this b4
  • who panics over everything?

Lexa is the epitome of the protective mother. After she learned that baby’s can stop breathing during the night, she refused to sleep in a different room than Jake. She ends up bringing in a blow up mattress and sleeping on it for the first few months of Jake’s life.

  • who lives on google and webmd to look up everything the baby does?

Lexa. It’s honestly what fuels her panic for the safety of their child.

  • who’s on the fence about vaccination?


  • who bothers the doctor at 3 AM?

Lexa. And she knows she should feel bad but the doctor is Abby?? So like, she’s kinda just like oh well. And Abby honestly finds it adorable that Lexa is so concerned all the time, but she also wishes she would call her at a more reasonable hour. 

  • who nudges the other in the middle of the night to go handle the baby?

Clarke’s doesn’t have to because Lexa’s usually in the room already.

  • who pretends to be asleep when the baby is screaming?

Okay so right after Lexa moved back into their room, Clarke would always pretend to be asleep. But then she starts to see how tired Lexa is every day and completely takes over middle-of-the-night duties.

  • who takes pictures and videos of everything?

Okay so Jake is probably one of the cutest babies to ever exist, and since Clarke works at home she spends the most time with him. Clarke has like 3GB of stored videos and photos of him on the iPad. She sends them all to Lexa, who proudly shows them to all her students who ask about the baby.

  • who accidentally drops the baby? (let’s be real: it happens)

Clarke goes out to pick up dinner one night, and Lexa accidentally drops Jake as she’s getting him from the crib. Lexa immediately starts crying. Like, she’s straight up bawling. And he’s like completely fine??? Like, he landed on his butt, on top of a pillow. But Clarke comes back to find Lexa just sitting there, looking at Jake through the bars of the crib and sobbing. And then Clarke admits that one time she dropped him off the couch and Lexa feels a little better, albeit a little worried about the safety of their kid.

  • who has more trouble adjusting to parenthood?

Clarke. Working at home doesn’t mean that she can just blow off all her responsibilities to play with Jake and that’s something that she has a hard time dealing with. 

  • who falls asleep with the baby on their chest?

Clarke. Lexa comes home one day and finds them both asleep on the couch. The T.V. is on and some kids show is playing but both of them are completely conked out. And Clarke’s arm is wrapped protectively around Jake and the whole thing is so cute that Lexa takes a picture and has it framed and put up in the front hallway.

  • who plays airplane with the baby and ends up with puke on their face? (alternatively: in their mouth)

Clarke. And Lexa somehow managed to get the whole thing in slow-motion video. She sends it out to all their friends and family.

  • who gets overwhelmed the easiest?

Lexa, but only because she always has so much to do for work. Like there’s lesson plans to make, papers to grade, grades to finalize, and a baby on top of all that. 

  • who scalds themselves when testing the bottle temperature on their wrist?

Clarke. All the time. Lexa ends up putting a post-it note on the microwave with the correct time to put the bottle in for because Clarke always seems to get it wrong.

  • who dresses the baby up in funny outfits?

Both, but the worst out of everyone is Raven and Octavia. Like they’ll watch him for a day and Clarke and Lexa both end up with about 100 messages from the two of them. They’re all pictures of Jake in various costumes.

  • who rocks the baby to sleep while singing to them?

Lexa. Clarke stands in the doorway and just watches lovingly. 

  • who accidentally adds too much soap to the bath so the baby ends up in a sea of bubbles?

Clarke fucking Griffin. And then she molds the bubbles into a castle and gives Jake a little crown. It’s actually really cute. She has like 20 photos and a 2 minute video to prove it.

  • who lets the baby try/eat/drink anything and everything they have?


  • who is the baby tamer? (AKA who is the one that can calm the baby down with no problems whatsoever)

Lexa. She always knows what’s wrong and when he’s just fussy for no reason, all she has to do is smile at him and he immediately stops crying. Clarke’s kinda jealous at first, but she can’t really blame either of them. She’s been on the receiving end of Lexa’s smiles many times before and knows just how powerful they are.


I been seeing a lot of posts saying that Bey shouldn’t talk about negro noses cuz she got a European nose (which I won’t even address that logic) She was talking about Jay’s nose…just like she was talking about her baby’s hair (Blue). She was defending her family…y'all know that right?? That was for all the ppl who marveled at how a dude that looked like him could pull a chick like Bey, and for all the self hating negros that talked shit about an adorable child rocking the hair God gave her.

VIXX’s reaction to you being good with children

Request:  Hi can u do a vixx reaction where they see u hangin around little kids and being mother like n rly sweet 

Hi anon! I’m gonna suspect that you guys are already dating. ^^; Hope that’s okay.

N: “Omo, jagi! I didn’t know you liked kids!” He’d be surprised, but very happy about how you were acting.

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Leo: He’d fall in love with you all over again, honestly. *Thinking to himself* ‘I wonder how she’d be as a mother…’

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Ken: “Woooah” Like N be surprised, and would probably start joking about having children soon. “Jagi, jagi, jagi, let’s have babies.”

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Ravi: “She’s so cute…” Honestly, he’d just be internally freaking out at how adorable it was to see you with a small child.

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Hongbin: Like Ravi, he’d be internally freaking out about how cute you were. However, he’d become shy, smiling to himself.

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Hyuk: Being the youngest, I feel he’d be playing with the child with you. But if not, he’d find it adorable. “Jagiii~ You’re so cute”

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First Update on the Blakely’s!

First off, I am going to speed up until Destiny is a teenager and then I can do a little story and stuff like that. Acacia and Adam need 5 children so a new child will probably appear sooner or later. Everyone got makeovers and Rian, Chloe and Dylan are all a bit older. Whisper is looking as adorable as ever and she aged up. (expect some cute ass puppies) So there’s the update. I’m trying to play a lot tonight so I have some posts tomorrow. ly all <3

you know what its time for...



so its long overdue that i do this, and since my mood took a BIT of a dump, i figured the best way to cheer up is to have the hyperactive bunny child draw your trolls


THIS adorable little bunbun baby is gonna draw your trolls. REBLOG this post with a reference of your troll, and Elicea here will draw your troll (albeit, rather “poorly” and in a childish style- she is like 5 sweeps old, remember)

and then i will submit the finished drawing to your blog (PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUVE GOT YOUR SUBMIT OPEN FOR THIS!!!)

so yeah!!! reblog this and enjoy your Eli Doodle!!

radius-of-records asked:

That kid meme is adorable and I want to know your take on the smol qrowin child

  • Name: Ava
  • Gender: Female
  • General Appearance:
  • Personality: A strange blend of her mother’s sternness and her father’s freewheeling spirit.
  • Special Talents: Very fast, Smol but strong
  • Who they like better: Likely a daddy’s girl
  • Who they take after more: Winter
  • Personal Head canon: She would likely want to learn scythe wielding
  • Face Claim: Illyasviel von Einzbern - Fate/Zero

Also, these are Illya’s canonical parents:

So she basically already is a Qrowin child. Like, come on.

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esmeralda from the hunchback of notre dame :D :D

Well it depends, I´ll just do both the Disney and the original literary versions of her:


hate them | don´t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: Phoebus, they´re so cute together ^^

general opinion: One of the greatest disney heroines ever. She´s so independent and witty and brave and kind and selfless, and she cares about others and fights for justice, and I just really really really adore her [also, I love how Disney didn´t pick up that part of the original story where it turns out that Esmeralda isn´t actually rromani, but was kidnapped as a child, because this way rromani people ACTUALLY GET SOME POSITIVE REPRESENTATION and that´s so fucking rare and amazing, thank you @disney]


hate them | don´t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: I don´t really ship her with anybody, she was just fine until those three guys stepped into her life

general opinion: book!Esmeralda is a really cute girl and I liked her a lot in the beginning of the novel, but as the plot evolves she just kinda loses her whole personality. Hugo reduced her to a replacable love interest who is a key figurine in the character development of the other protagonists, but isn´t capable of influencing her own faith and so I just kinda lost interest in her after some time :/ 

Send me a character!

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Why don't you like barbara as batgirl? I mean it's not like she is in the same position as dick when he became nightwing. She has never really been too attached to batman as his sidekick like she does her own thing, kinda like batwoman, why would she outgrow that?

Oh I ADORE barbara as batgirl she was probably the first batfam character that i fell in love with as a tiny child and I love seeing her get to new audiences (like i know many peeps who got into batgirl comics with burnside babs) but she like…evolved as oracle, she became a leader and a mentor and i really miss that
The later batgirls made the mantle more rich and diverse, cass and steph where so different from babs but they where still ‘batgirl’ it became more than a one person thing :-(
and it’s also really lame that babs and dick started as teen vigilantes at a pretty similar time and dick gets to be nightwing ,and batman , then nightwing again, and a spy. like he gets to grow

//have to join in with the lovechildren and LOOK AT THIS PRECIOUS CHILD.
Now time for leh description of their (leaning towards she).
Their bangs are pastel pink like boros’s hair while the rest is black. Just a pair of heterochromic eyes, one being brown/black and the other is green/blue/purple. Semi pointed ears, long elf-like but has a smooth curved point like a human ear. Regular Asian toned skin with the dark cracks. They have the single eye on the chest. FINALLY Fanged teeth (forked tongue as well if you agree with eabevella’s tongued headcanon)

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So I was waiting in line at target, I'm waiting behind a mom and her kid. So the boy keeps looking back at me so finally I just smile and say "hi." He looks at me and waves. He's been holding this Darth Vader teddy bear so I ask him if he saw the new Star Wars movie. He nods and I ask if he liked it. Real enthusiastically he goes "yeah!" I asked him who his favorite character was and he said "Finn" I go "I liked Rey" AND THIS CHILD goes "yeah she's the strongest" It was too adorable!

Oh my gosh that is literally the cutest thing in the entire world. See? This why this movie is so gosh darn important. Because of things like this.

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Sleepover Saturday!

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the best thing to do is just click around InTouch's other babygate articles like the one from a couple weeks ago where they confirm louis got a paternity test and is definitely the father. and that he got him a $1 million nursery. what????? like InTouch ain't got shit. probably had to black out the signatures because they didn't have Brianna's signature and couldn't leave louis' there unblacked out. this shit ain't real, people.


weedgate said:WHO’S TALKING SHIT ABOUT MY SWEET CHILD GODDESS RAJA NOT ON MY WATCH 👏👐⚰ (her season was the best season on RPDR)

hahahhah omg

Anonymous said:You need to watch the Snatch Game from Adore’s season. It was season 6. Adore was Anna Nicole Smith and seriously it was SO FUNNY. She was amazing. And Bianca was Judge Judy lmao Best Snatch Game. I’ve lost count how many times I watched it. And Adore was truly awesome, she was my fav on that season. Her and Bianca basically ruled everything lmao

oh my goodness!