I can’t post the picture took of the sketch yet but oh my goodness I am so psyched. And and and


We’re going to do it in three visits. The first one is the sword, and then one for each wing. It looks like I’ll be able to hide the whole thing under a regular T-shirt, which is good. I’m also gonna buy the final art piece that she makes because this thing is going to be on my back but I still want to look at it =P

I’m freaking out y'all this is really happening

gs-goldstarz  asked:

tbh every time i see your junk tag i just image an art school au where "Ultimate Despair" is just junko's art line that consists of like picture of dead babies or something and everyone is like "well junko, that sure is fucked up of you"

I like to imagine that in the post-Incident world Junko has like her own despair brand of everything, including like those coffee table books you put out to show guests how cultured you are. The entire thing is just like black and white photos of pets being euthanized that she’s made Koizumi take, or weird little drawings/comics in crayon signed by Monokuma, or these elaborate art pieces she’s constructed of torn up rejection notices and scorned love letters.

three days left! i want to hope nothing bad happens to my aliens, but all i can realistically ask is that they’ll be ok in the end. 

Museum of Death.

When she woke up, she found herself enclosed in a glass box just big enough for her to stand in. The box was in the center of a studio with twenty or so spectators meandering around the room looking into the other various glass boxes containing other human beings. She cupped her hands against the glass and stuck her face against them and squinted to view the human inside the glass box not far from her. He hung naked from a rope attached to the top of the box, blatantly dead. She looked down and saw a small sign on the bottom of the box that read “Death by lynching”. “Such a magnificent art piece,” she heard a spectator viewing the box say.

She looked around the room at the other various glass boxes containing humans. One was overrun with rats gnawing flesh, one cadaver floated in water, and one was hard to spot from the gas that filled their box. The panic finally sank in and she began to bang on her glass box, but only one guest looked just to turn away, uninterested. She stopped banging when a spectator walked up to her box and stared at her the way a tourist stares at the Mona Lisa. The spectator looked down at the sign attached to her glass box and she overheard them say, “Death by starvation.”

Happy Birthday stormy ( @khaoticvex)

Lemme remind that once upon a time I asked you wether I could draw your belly dancer AU or not and guess what I was saving that for today (aka yesterday the day of your birthday) problem is I didn’t really know the day of your bday but I was waiting for someone to say it or do something and BAM it was yesterday and i discovered today when I went to the traitor the supposedly natsu to my gray @selenba ( we gonna talk about this later you traitor ). And so i tried the belly dancer thing and the only way to honor that AU was using your way to color Natsu that’s why i he is a bit more tan compared to how i usually color him as for the bg you could have guessed that i had no idea what to do so I did a starry sky with shooting stars clever move Sou ( sou is me tbh i am praising myself so what ?[ so so what I am still a rockstar I ‘ve got my rock moves … ] ignore that okay ) CAUSE when you see a shooting star you can make a wish and when you blow on your candles you make a wish SO thanks to my shooting stars you can make tons of whishes and have a really happy birthday belated actually but happy nonetheless or maybe charles or pantherlily  


there is a cabinet in chowder and lardo’s shared bathroom full of their favorite snacks from their childhood.

they’ll share pocky and chips when lardo works on her art or when chowder’s busy writing a paper. they’ll wipe off the chocolate from the yan yan and get their fingers all sticky. but it’s worth it because the chocolate is damn delicious

wrappers are everywhere. hello panda and koala bites foil wrappers litter the floors and overflow trash bins. empty bags of shrimp chips are left crumpled at the edges of desks and shelves. they never get around to cleaning it up. they never do 

lardo complains about the bin bin rice crackers leaving crumbs everywhere and chowder ends up throwing a half-eaten chocopie at her, leaving even more crumbs everywhere. (lardo wonders if she can use these crumbs in an art piece about cultural identity)

lardo prefers either mogu mogu or the unsweetened jasmine green tea that they sell in japanese stores. chowder loves milky drinks, like milo or calpico

chowder and lardo find a way to make lychee jelly shots and the classic yakult-soju-sprite cocktail. it is the highlight of the party and ransom and holster are begging them to make it again for the next kegster

when life gets a little too rough around the edges, when school gets too stressful or things get too overwhelming, they drive out to boston for comfort food that reminds them of home, pho for lardo, wonton noodle soup for chowder, or even soondubu at their favorite korean restaurant.

they’ll get boba at a cute place, lardo with taro milk tea and chowder with lavender milk tea and sit at the couches while they share popcorn chicken at the highest spice level. sometimes they’ll say nothing or they’ll talk the whole night away until the store is closing and bitty’s texting them asking where they are

the haus has never felt more like a home away from home until now

I’m grateful to her in ways that don’t necessarily make sense.
She’s like that patch of wildflowers that grow in front of her house. The one she loves to document in pixels.
She’s strong and fragile, growing and blooming in the wilderness yet disappearing at a single puff of air.
The same puff of air can that can extinguish the embers at the end of her cigarette; the ends of rolled up pieces of time machines that take her to both heaven and hell.
She is the beauty that she finds in everything and she may tell you that she’s just half of a whole but don’t let her convince you of that because she never liked math you see. Never really understood fractions. She is a piece of art that defies all equations. She’s a contradiction worth every oxymoron. She is beauty in its most terrifying form. And not everyone can fall in love with strange tragedies.
But I did.
I fell in love with her Decembers and all the people she’s ever been
and of all the things I remember
She stands out like solitude in crowded din.
She’s a fucking wildflower
Fierce and beautiful
Don’t tame her, don’t cage her
And please please don’t breathe too hard
Or love too hard, or bruise too hard
Because your breaths may cause her thoughts to blur.
But she’s a fucking wildflower
Made of cigarette ends and a roadmap of scars.
She’s beautiful.
She’s wild.
She’s enough.
So Run.
Your breaths will haunt her
But she won’t haunt you no.
She’ll consume you.
Her breaths are louder than yours can ever be.
So run.
Before you fall in love.

modern au art hoe™ lucy

@35portlandrow i think i promised you l&c in plaid shirts eons ago, so i suppose this is kinda a very belated (and lazy) make-up doodle. hahah.


Ohh Janine might dress conservatively for work– and just because she likes to since the business woman look is very iconic to her but like I said she is not conservative at all.

One of her greatest fears in life is losing her youth and beauty since her glory days were in her teenage years as one of the greatest Turf War players ever she likes to do whatever she can to feel young and sexy.

around her home and when coaching her son’s squad she wears tank tops and shorts (bonus appearance by her tattoos)

and has this little number when she plays racquetball with her son

((both pieces of art by @inklingdinkling))

and she has this thing when she’s completely alone; she likes to walk around in just an apron and heels, ohh yes

((originally by @edbabygolther))

and her son is totally cool with whatever; she’s told him that there’s no shame in the way she is, and he shouldn’t be ashamed of her either. Because people who do feel shame don’t need him reminding them about it.

But that’s basically one side of Janine Selina Squidly

Taking risks part seven... A Gabe Brown story

Alice’s eyes fluttered open, things were blurry at first. She blinked a couple of times until her vision was crystal clear.

And she sure liked what she saw. Gabe was passed out next to her, his mouth was slightly open and little snores escaped the opening.

His face was smushed into the pillow, he looked so comfortable, so peaceful. Alice’s hand was up by her head and Gabe’s fingers were laced into hers.

Alice kissed his hand softly, not wanting to wake him but she couldn’t help it. She wanted so badly to watch Gabe sleep so beautifully, he was like her own living piece of art.

She tried to fight her full bladder, but she was forced to pry her eyes away from the living proof of her love.

She made her way outside to the bathroom, it was pretty early and everyone was still sleeping. After her bladder was emptied Alice took the opportunity to watch the sun rise.

It would be up in a few minutes, she sat on the mossy ground at the edge of the forest. Gabe had woken up to an empty bed, he went looking for her.

He was just in a pair of pajama pants, leaving his chest bare. He ventured out into the dewy morning with the little black box in his pocket.

He discovered Alice sitting on the ground with her elbows resting on her bent knees. He was worried something was wrong, until he saw the corners of her mouth turned up ever so slightly.

He stood watching her for a moment, she looked like she belonged in a painting. He wished he had a camera to capture how she was holding herself.

So strong and elegant, she was just in some old sweats and a tank top. Her hair was thrown up into a messy bun, but Gabe loved it.

She wasn’t worrying about how she looked, she was raw and beautiful.

He moved to sit next to her, he didn’t say anything. Just grabbed her hand in his. They both watched the sun emerge between the mountains.

It bathed the ocean in front of them in a golden light. Making everything the rays touched glow like a God.

Gabe turned to look at Alice who was smiling as the light made her glow bright. “Alice.” He spoke.

She looked at him, her eyes telling him that she loved him. “My darling..” He chuckled sweetly.

“I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone else, everyday I’m with you is better than the last. You give me everything and more.” He paused.

Tears filled his eyes as he reached into his pocket for the box . “Life is about taking risks, and I want to take every risk with you. Will you make me the happiest man on earth and be my wife.. my best friend .. the mother of our children.. the love of my life?… Will you marry me?”

He opened the box revealing the opal stone, the sun struck the rock, making the light dance, and turn colors.

Alice had tears streaming down her face, falling to the ground below her. “Yes.” She whispered. Gabe’s face lit up. He took the ring out of the box as she held up her shaking hand.

He slipped it on her finger, and man it looked good. Just like he had thought.

They had sat in each other’s arms until the sun’s presents was made in the sky.

Later into the morning everyone emerged from their homes, ready to start the day.

Alice and Gabe sat dressed and prepared to share their exciting news with their loved ones.

They both sat on the benches in front of the main cabin waiting for everyone to gather for breakfast.

The couple was beaming with good energy. Everyone gathered around, sensing there was something up.

“She said yes!” Gabe blurted out. “You are looking at the future Mrs. Brown.” Gabe said proudly to his family.

They all smiled and started with the congratulations. Ami gave them both a big hug, so excited that they were both so happy.

Ami pulled Alice to the side while Bird and Rain joined, wedding ideas were thrown back and forth.

Billy gave his son a hug “Gabe, I’m so proud of you. I hope you have something with Alice like what I have found with your mother.” He said with a warm smile.

“I do Da..” Gabe returned the smile to his father.

Alice had spent the day mainly with Emma, Ami, Bird, and Rain. They went over wedding plans and Alice moving in with Gabe.

Alice had to leave Brown town that night with Emma because she had work the next day. Gabe desperately wanted her to stay.

But he knew she had to get things in order with her moving, quitting her job, and telling her family about their engagement.

He promised to give her a couple of days and then he would come with his siblings to help move her stuff to their new home.

Gabe took her and Emma back to town, they painfully parted ways with a kiss. “I will be here bright and early Wednesday.” Gabe stated.

“Good, I’ll be the crazy lady up to her neck in boxes and bubble wrap.” She said.

Another quick peck on the lips and she walked with Emma to their house.

Alice had spent the next couple of days packing up all of her stuff, she didn’t realize how much she had until she was on her tenth box and still had so much more stuff to pack.

She had given a notice at work, giving them some time to find a replacement before she left.

She called her parents and her three siblings telling them of the news. Her parents were a little worried that she had gotten engaged too quickly.

But Alice had always been the responsible one, her siblings had gotten in trouble all the time growing up.

Alice never did, her parents were pretty lenient. There were lines set that Alice never crossed, she didn’t feel the need to. And by respecting them, she earned her parents trust.

They were confident that she had thought it through like she did with everything in her life.

Wednesday came faster than she thought it would. Alice stood in the half empty house looking at the stacks of labeled boxes. Half of them had to be filled with books.

Emma looked at her with sad eyes and a frown. “What the heck am I going to do without you?” Emma pouted.

“Are you kidding!?” Alice laughed. “You know you’re going to end up marrying Bear! You have it bad for him!”

Emma smiled at the thought of ending up with Bear. “Haha.. I hope you are right.”

A knock at the door broke the silence. Alice opened it to Gabe and all his siblings behind him.

“Come in.” Alice said stepping aside for the Browns. Bear came in and went straight for Emma.

Alice laughed. The rest of them started hauling boxes to the truck Alice had borrowed from a friend.
After they all loaded the boxes pretty quickly, they then moved their attention to the garage.

Alice opened it revealing all of her tools. The brothers got excited by all the toys. Alice saw the look in their eyes, especially Noah’s.

“You guys are welcome to use them anytime, what’s mine is yours.” They all looked at her thankfully.

“Welcome to the family sis.” Matt said slinging his arms around Alice and Gabe’s shoulders. “You picked a good one.” Matt laughed to Gabe.

The truck was loaded and Bam sat in the driver’s seat starting up the engine. Alice went through the house to make sure she didn’t forget anything. She went to her bedroom, it was completely empty.

Alice felt a little sad by the bare space. Moving to Alaska and into this house was one of her greatest accomplishments.

It had been something she did on her own, without her parents help. But despite her sadness she wanted nothing more than to be with Gabe.

He would be her new greatest accomplishment. She walked out of the house and gave Emma one last hug before she left with her new family.

Bear insisted on staying behind, Emma said he could sleep on the couch until they came back to town for the hauling job tomorrow.

They were all on the Integrity cutting through the icy waters back to Brown town. As soon as they were out at sea, and the siblings were distracted with their jobs Gabe took Alice’s hand and pulled her excitedly below deck to his bunk.

He ripped off her shirt suddenly, feeling her bare chest. “Gabe!” Alice exclaimed. “Your siblings are right above us!”

“We just have to be quiet.” He whispered, with a huge grin spread across his face. Alice couldn’t say no to that face, the face that made her knees weak, the face that she loved waking up to.

“Ugh, fine.” She groaned in pleasure as Gabe kissed from her jaw down to her chest. He turned her around and kissed her neck while she closed her eyes savoring the feeling.

“Ahh geez!” a voice shouted. They both looked up in surprise. “I’m so sorry!” Matt said holding his hands up in front of his face.

Gabe grabbed both of Alice’s breast in his hands so they were out of Matt’s sight. Alice was so embarrassed, luckily Gabe had only got her shirt off. Her jeans were still covering the remainder of her body.

“Come on man!” Gabe shouted. “I’m so sorry, I’m sorry Alice. How was I supposed to know you two were getting it on!?”

Alice covered her face in embarrassment, she broke down and started hysterically laughing at the situation. Gabe standing behind her cupping her breast while Matt stood in front of them arguing with Gabe.

“Uhh.. Matt can you give us a minute? I’m kinda exposed here.” She said through her giggles. Matt nodded and left. “I’m so sorry.. you were right.” Gabe apologized.

“It’s okay Gabe, but we have to buy some locks.. put a sock on the door.. something..” She laughed.

“For sure.. I don’t want anyone to see your beautiful body but me. Especially not my brothers.” He said with a grimace.

“Little late for that Gabey.” She poked his stomach. “Ugh, don’t remind me.” Gabe groaned.

Once back in Brown town, they unloaded Alice’s stuff. There wasn’t room for her tools in Gabe’s cabin so Noah excitedly put them in his work space.

Alice noticed Matt wouldn’t look her or Gabe directly in the eye. Alice found it a little funny, “I think he’s more embarrassed than me.” She whispered to Gabe.

“I think so, I feel bad for yelling at him.” Gabe walked over to Matt to smooth over the situation.

Alice went to her new home to start unpacking. She felt bad that she was taking over, Gabe didn’t have much.

She knew once all the boxes were empty that it wouldn’t even look like Gabe lived there. Gabe walked in the door and saw her with a wrinkled forehead and her hands resting in her hips.

“What’s wrong?” He said worried. “I feel like I’m taking over.” She said motioning to the boxes stacked around her.

He laughed. “Darling.. you gave up your house and job for me, amongst other things. You can have the whole place to fill with your stuff. What am I going to fill it with? I don’t know how to decorate a house.”

She laughed relieved by his words. “Okay Gabey, but it’s not my stuff it’s ours.” “So that means I can wear your dresses?” He joked.

“Sure! But I’m afraid you might not be able to pull them off, you don’t have the hips for it.” She laughed, beginning to open up boxes.

The weeks went by quickly. The girls planned the wedding to be outdoors. Alice always wanted her wedding to be in the forest, nothing to formal, and fairly small.

The plan was to have it in a month, that gave them enough time to get things in order.

In the city Alice went dress shopping with the girls, Emma and Ami. She was sad her mom and sisters couldn’t be there with her, but she was thankful to have her new family.

She found a dress to her liking, it was a hippy bohemian style. They met the boys back at the boat, they had been looking for dress shirts and nice pants to wear for the wedding.

Gabe found Alice who held up her bag that contained the dress victoriously as she approached Gabe. He gave her a kiss and showed her his findings.

“Perfect.” She told him, approving of his clothes.

It was two weeks before the wedding. Alice was working in the garden with Bird and Rain, they were talking about a guy that had taken a liking to Rain on one of their hauling jobs.

He had struck up a conversation with Bird while her brothers were busy. Rain had managed to distract Bam while Bird talked to him. Knowing that as soon as one of the brothers saw the connection they had, it would be interrupted.

Bird had a date with him in a couple of days. Alice was excited for her future sister, and would do anything she asked to avoid her brothers protests as soon as they found out about the admirer.

Gabe and Bear were out hunting and Alice expected them back soon. She heard Cupcake barking and she figured they had returned.

She went to see, the girls coming along with her. Gabe had already had the deer carcass hanging from a tree, and halfway skinned.

Matt held the liver in his hands, throwing it from hand to hand weighing it. Alice could smell the fresh blood, she felt sick.

Usually blood didn’t faze her, but she felt like she needed to lie down. She went back to the cabin to rest, when Gabe noticed she had disappeared he went searching for her.

Alice sat on the porch of their house taking deep breaths. “Darling what’s wrong?” Gabe asked concerned. “I just feel a little sick is all.” She said continuing to take deep breaths.

Gabe sat next to her, rubbing her back in small circles. She closed her eyes trying to fight the nausea, she hated throwing up.

She didn’t want to give in to her body. But it was useless, she jumped up running behind a tree and threw up the contents in her stomach.

Gabe rushed over to her pushing the hair out of her face. She stood hunched over still breathing deeply, she felt a panic attack coming on.

“I can’t be getting sick, the wedding is in two weeks and I have so much to do.” Gabe rubbed her back calming her.

She stood up with tears in her eyes. Gabe looked at her with a worried face and lifted his hand to feel her forehead.

“You don’t feel feverish.” He observed. “Actually..I feel fine now.” she said, her anxiety slowing disappearing.

She studied Gabe’s face while in deep thought. She opened her mouth and gasped. Making Gabe jump. “What?!” He said.

Alice looked at him and a smile spread across her face. “Alice what is it?!” He begged.

“Gabe.. I think I’m pregnant.”


Zephyr was wrong and he knew he was wrong. He and Erin didn’t work out but he cared about her, a lot. She was a piece of art. And she was dating some famous baseball player? He wasn’t jealous or anything, but he wanted her to be careful. Of course, he was famous too but not like that other guy was. He was down to earth and he was nowhere near A-list. He was famous in his state and that was it. But none of that stopped him from going to her house and telling her that she needed to be careful. From screaming that she could easily be hurt some a celebrity that could just be losing her. Or from acknowledging the fact that she could lose her job because of the paparazzi and they both knew she needed her job. “Erin, you seriously have to think. How long have you know even known him?”