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Is your girlfriend beautiful?

she is God’s most greatest painting, she’s a work of art. a piece that will never be complete.


What Motivates You? Finding Inspiration in the Work and Words Of 10 Amazing Black Women Artists: Ojo Agi.

Often, whether you’re creatively inclined or seeking encouragement to face your everyday struggles, finding inspiration and the motivation to see through your artistic vision or are grappling with the battles of your daily life is can be just as hard as the battle you’re trying to overcome. Lately, in dealing with these hardships myself, I turned to the work of some of my favourite black women artists, and, intrigued by what fuels their passion to share their talents, went one step further and spoke to some of them about what keeps them going.

Ojo Agi is a Nigerian artist born and raised in Canada. Believing there are multiple ways to tell a story, she chooses to use art to tell hers. Specifically, she uses her pieces to diversify the narratives surrounding women of colour. She aims to show that brown is beautiful, diverse and empowering; but also use each piece as an opportunity to learn and un-learn what is beautiful to her.

“I work predominantly with art markers, acrylic paint and oil paint, though I experiment with other mediums frequently. No matter what I use, my style is very feminine. I love drawing portraits and others have described them as vulnerable yet confident which I think is fitting. I’m influenced a lot by ambiguity, hybridity and subtlety. I think this sort of complexity has been denied to black women and I try often to show it.“

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“Hemera”. My last high school art piece. She’s named after an ancient goddess of sunlight, thus the jewels and flowers, which find their peak of existence in the sun.

Acrylic on canvas + glued jeweling and flowers. She was based off of a real person, but I didn’t note the name of her blog. My apologies.

We love this patch designed by Jess De Wahls! She was one of our first confirmed artists for Feminist Fiber Art, and she is making a sculpture piece specifically for our exhibit and sending it to us all the way from London! 

This patch is based on of one of her original, handmade embroidery pieces! You can nab one in her awesome etsy shop

Because I wanted a happy Sophie after her disastrous screen time in the latest chapter(?)

Idk, I am horrible at drawing. And am incredibly incorrect. Actually what am I doing with my life.

Hey guys!

I’m guessing a few of you have seen a couple posts about my sister’s jewelry. If you haven’t – and even if you have – I want to give you all some more information about it. 

So my sister has a bunch of jewelry equipment and has pretty much set up a small studio in our basement. Her goal is to sell her pieces on Etsy because they’re awesome and actually worth money and also because she’s going to college this fall and could always use some more cash. 

Why are her pieces so awesome? Well, obviously I have some bias. BUT! Here’s why: she draws inspiration from famous pieces of art. Sometimes it’s more obvious and sometimes it’s more subtle. Here’s a pendant she’s working on inspired by Mondrian squares. 

Do you see it?

She’s also working on a commissioned pair of rings based on Mondrian.  

And yesterday she made a Matisse-inspired necklace (minus the chain, at the moment). 

Recognize it?

If you’re interested, you can contact her on tumblr, both through her personal blog and her jewelry one, to asks questions or request pieces. We’re aiming to have a PayPal and Etsy sorted out by the end of the week. 

It would be incredibly helpful if you could either like to show interest or pass this post/ info around to people who you think might be interested. 

Thanks so much!!