I realized that Jack isn’t just attracted to hot blonde athletes but hot blonde athletes who are certified messes like both bitty and Kent are hot messes to the nth

Originally I was making this post to poke fun at Bitty’s messiness and the fact fandom is finally acknowledging this but like now I need it know like is that only with guys or were Camilla and sam just as bad


Dear WrittenThroughTime….you give so much to this fandom.  I hope in some small way my story makes you smile, laugh and fall in love with Jamie and Claire all over again in a Modern World.


“Dammit!  Oh GOD.  Oh.  Oh God.”

She heard the crash from her perch on the fire escape.  And then the swearing. And underlying it all was the pain.  Claire had been sitting out on her fire escape, watching the sun go down in an orange blaze.  Setting aside her steaming hot tea, she crept down the iron stairs slowly, her big woolen blanket still wrapped around her.  It was a deep autumn night in Edinburgh, and the chill in the air was sharp. She didn’t want to appear like a weirdo, but the pain in his voice was too much to ignore.  

And when she saw him, she reacted without thinking. Dropping the blanket, she crawled through his open window, hand outstretched and voice soothing.  “Hi there.  I’m Claire. I live upstairs.  I heard the crash. Are you okay?”  He looked at her, eyes wild, short of breath and clutching his right arm.  A clearly dislocated shoulder.  “I’m a nurse. Let me help you.”  

He never said a word, just nodded at her and allowed her to lead him over to the coffee table.  She sat him down gently and looked him in the eye. “Brace yourself.  It will hurt.  Just…just don’t fight me, okay?  I need to get the arm in the correct position, and then I’m going to put your shoulder joint back in place.”  He nodded again, and took a deep breath.  She could see in his eyes when he was ready for her. She nodded back at him, their silent communication forged.  Slipping her hand into his, she concentrated on what she was doing until she felt the joint slide home.

“A Dhia.” he breathed. He looked at her with surprise, relief, and nothing short of admiration.  She smiled.  


“Aye. Thank ye!”

She looked around.  “I need to make you a sling.  Do you have a scarf, maybe?”  

“Maybe in the hall closet,” he said, but when he stood up, he swayed.

“Woah!”  Claire placed her hands on his waist to steady him.  “It’s the pain.  You should sit.”  He turned slightly and that’s when Claire noticed his belt. “Wait!”  He cocked an eyebrow.  “Your belt.  It will do nicely.” And before she realized what she was doing, she undid his belt buckle, slid it free of his jeans and used it to immobilize his arm.  “It’s just for tonight.  Sleep carefully, perhaps with a pillow under your shoulder. Tomorrow I’ll bring you a proper sling from the hospital.”  She finished her ministrations, marched to the bathroom hoping to find some type of pain medicine or anti-inflammatory in the sink cabinet and then strode through to the kitchen to get him a glass of water. She righted the bar stool he obviously tripped over, wrote her mobile number on a piece of paper and told him to call her if the pain became too much.  

And crawling through the window again she gave him one last wave, picked up her blanket and mounted the rusty stairs.  It was only after she was back in her flat coming down after her healing adrenaline rush that it hit her.  How very firm his waist was.  How tall, and big. With a myriad of red in his longish hair.  Hair that curled just at the nape.  And it registered that when she finally looked him in the eye, he’d had a small smirk pulling at his lips. Because she was unbuckling his belt….and she felt the heat of embarrassment flood her face.  Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, Claire! You need to not be so bold!

Downstairs, rubbing the torn bit of paper between his fingers like a rosary bead, Jamie felt as if he’d been hit by a lorry.  Oh, his shoulder felt okay.  It hurt, but it was manageable.  No, the lorry that hit him had curly black hair, a no-nonsense manner and a good touch. Not to mention the last image he had of her leaving his flat.  That sweet, round arse disappearing up the fire escape. Claire.

As a Straight Girl I just can’t understand how a woman could cheat on her boyfriend or husband?? Because it takes SO MUCH time and effort to like a guy and psych yourself up to be ok with doing physical stuff with him… Why would you put yourself through all that for a guy who’s not even your spouse??? Like?? I just don’t get it?? At all??

*Sees a picture of one of my celebrity girl crushes* God she’s so incredibly hot and her body’s amazing I MEAN I THINK SHE JUST LOOKS REALLY GOOD BECAUSE SHE’S LIKE FITSPO Yeah that’s it she’s just aspirational for me and the reason I suddenly feel physically hot and energized when I look at her is just because she motivates me to workout… That’s all it is…

hey whats up i just did this thanks to that one post got me Thinkin also i havent written in like 2 years ok lets do it

The Great Reveal

Kara adjusts her glasses for what feels like the seventeenth time in the past five minutes. They don’t sit right today, they pinch the bridge of her nose in all the wrong places, and the cursor on her screen blinks in front of her, nothing behind it, nothing in front of it.

Last night was…a lot.

A little too much, if she’s being honest, and not for the first time since she took on her heroine identity does she find herself questioning everything she thought she knew.

Like, she thought she had a pretty good bead on Lena Luthor.

But last night was…

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I absolutely adore spy au’s and Drew and Reyna would be perfect for it!

  •  Reyna has been in the business for a long time and is the best spy there. Her speciality is cracking codes that criminals use to communicate, but she’s also amazing in hand to hand combat.
  • Drew joins the SPQR about a few years into Reyna’s career, and she is in the middle of a huge case. The Greeks have become hostile and  Reyna is trying to infiltrate the camp, but she has never been good with disguises (that’d be where Drew came into it because we all know she’d be the best at sorting the costumes and knowing how to act during the undercover operation).
  • Drew is assigned to her case.
  • Reyna hates her. She’s patronising and thinks she knows more than her already.
  • But she also hates her because, damn, she’s hot.
  • “Try your best to act naturally, less monotone. Put emotion in your voice”
  • “This is my natural voice, I’m not good at emotion”
  • “oh”
  • After spending almost all their time together planning how to integrate best into the Greeks Camp they’re stressed and snappy, but they have started to bond.
  • Reyna realises there is more to Drew than she first thought, and maybe they’re actually quite similar. She tends to hide her emotions too, but she is also very smart (and Reyna has seen her fight once, and she decided she would not want to be on her bad side).
  • They’ve both been in from 8 in the morning, and it is now midnight, so tensions are running high. 
  • They get into an argument over something tiny, when Drew leans over to her and kisses her.
  • Reyna freezes in shock, she soon relaxes into the kiss, though, and it is amazing.
  • Drew smells like cinnamon and pine trees, and it reminds her of Christmas, she runs her hands through Drew’s soft hair and she decides she never wants to let go.
  • When Drew pulls away to catch her breath Reyna asks her if she wants to go and get a coffee to wake them up (they end up going to Reyna’s apartment though).
Clean Slate

Title: Clean Slate

Original imagine:

Imagine you and Loki having feelings for one another. You have magic and are a mortal trickster and Loki is not shy about his feelings towards you but one day he receives a head injury knocking him out. You are the first person he sees when he wakes up but the blow to the head has caused him to lose his memory of everything that has happened since before the events of Thor…

Author: whitefirethedragon

Chapter 8: Revealed

Rated T

It was late afternoon when Gwen awoke. She was still groggy and her body was extremely sore from the transformations. She decided a long hot shower was in order. The water felt relaxing as it streamed down her back. She still felt cold as she wrapped herself in a fluffy towel. As she pulled back on the warm sweats she tripped. Gwen reached out to grab anything to keep her from falling but there was only a wall. Even so, she found herself pulled to a stop just before she hit the ground. She looked over to see that she had grown black claws and they were now stuck in the wall. She pulled them out and quickly mended the wall. Gwen studied the slightly curved claws. What was going on with her? Was this a part of shapeshifting? This had never happened to any of her siblings. She managed to retract them before pulling on the sweats and hurrying back to her room. Gwen tested her new claws on both hands and feet retracting and extending each set a few times. She had to tell Loki.

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While attempting to build a Momentum Conserver, which was a stable product at Sciensimco Inc, Ophelia was running into an unknown error. Already the dreaded hot-head around the building, she slammed down the mouse and went to check the last known login. 

Of course, she thought, Don Lothario would ruin my day

Standing back from the machine she straightened out her jacket and took in a deep breath. Whenever she was around Don, who she affectionately in her mind called Lot, it was like a switch was turned on inside her. To be absolutely miserable to the man. Honestly, she was quite taken with Lot. Something about the way that stray lock of his hair fell ever so closely to his eyes. Eyes that sparkled in the twirling light of energy rays….

Ughh. It was just that instead of being sweet and blushing in front of Lot like all the other women around the office, Ophelia turned  into a raving banshee and she was pretty positive he thought her to be some kind of hermit shrew. Or a cat lady. WELL, joke was on him. She didn’t own any cats. Just a judgmental frog and a lackluster fish. 

Turning around to see Lot at his desk, she pushed away from the keyboard and adorable robot named MAL, to make him answer for the errors in the system. Nicely…

anonymous asked:

I'm imaging the Legends showing up to a training session completely confused. Also, Barry having problems with Kara's different eye powers.

[in reference to this post]

Hahaha. YES. The only other people who know what’s going on. Sara nearly collapses when she sees Kara in the green hood with the bow and arrow, because… is it wrong that she still finds Kara hot, while basically wearing a more fitted version of her ex boyfriend’s gear? Is that a whole new level of fucked up? 

And Mick has to come up with a new nickname because there’s no skirt, so he’s decidedly disgruntled. Jax is just standing there pinching between his brows and Stein is watching them wide-eyed. “Fascinating.”

Meanwhile during dinner with the Wests, Barry glances down at a table and literally glares a hole through it. He’s not allowed to open his eyes again until Kara teaches him to hone it in. 

Imagine Oliver and Kara having to lead Barry back to the warehouse with his eyes shut because “No, Barry, I don’t care if you think you’ll be able to control it while you’re flying, I’m not taking the chance.”