Mommy, Please!

Grey’s Anatomy has me in my feels.

Alex’s parents are super religious and they don’t want to go to her wedding.

Warnings: Angst (kind of?), fluff, cursing (like always), religion talks.


Alex is pacing back and forth in her dressing room, talking with her friend, Jackie, about how she’s getting married in less than 12 hours.

“If you want to run, you can.” She shrugged, picking at her nails. Joking obviously.

“I don’t wanna run… Where are my parents?” She questioned, pins and clips in her hair.

“Uh- I don’t know. I’ll call-”

“No no, it’s fine. If… In an hour they haven’t gotten here then we can call.” She said, Jackie nodded and opened a bag of chips.

“Want some? Hey are you gonna wear makeup?” She asked as Alex ate some hot chips, sitting next to her.

“Yeah, she’ll be here in a couple hours.” She answered simply.

There was a knock at the door and then Kate, Alex’s best friend and Maid of Honor walked in.

“Kate.” Alex whined, feeling some tears threatening to fall.

“Oh babe, it’ll be alright. You look amazing already, I can’t wait to actually see you in the dress!” She smiled, trying to lighten the mood.


It’s been two hours and she has her makeup artist here, but no parents. She’s crying already on the phone with her mom.

She never really agreed with her moms views on things, so when her mom and dad found out she was with an internationally known ‘rockstar’ with tattoos and not very religious, they disowned her, never talked to her, they’ve only met Shawn once and they hated it.

She felt so bad for him.

“Mom, please, just come. We don’t have to talk. Can’t papi just walk me down the aisle and you guys can go?” She sobbed, wanting her dad to walk her down the aisle.

“No. You knew our rules and you went against all of them! This marriage is made up of sin. You had premarital sex, you moved out way before marriage-”

“Yeah because of your ridiculous rules!” Alex exclaimed, wiping her eyes.

“They are there to protect you mija! You know this… Just please, don’t reach out anymore.” She sighed. “I hope you guys do well.”

Mommy, please. I’m getting married.” She whined, sobbing again.

“Goodbye Alexandra.” She said and hung up.

“Alex? Are you okay?” Kate called out, from the other side of the door.

“Can you bring me Brian please?” She called.

Her and Brian have been best friends forever, he’s how she met Shawn… sort of.

She wiped her eyes and sighed.

She hasn’t spoken to them in so long, why would she think they would go to her wedding?

“Alex? You wanted to see me?” Brian asked, knocking on the door.

Alex rushed to open the door, letting him in.

“Oh my god, what’s wrong?” He asked, seeing her red eyes.

“My- my parents aren’t coming.” She sobbed, her hand over her chest.

“Oh Alex, I’m so sorry.” He mumbled, hugging her, then kissed her head.

“Why did I even think they would come? God I’m such a dumbass!” She cried.

“Alex, this is your wedding! You’re not a dumbass for thinking that your own parents would come, no matter the circumstances. It’ll be alright.” He said, rubbing her shoulders.

“Will you walk me down the aisle?” She asked, he looked up at her with excited eyes.

“Really?” He smiled, she nodded.

“Yeah, you’re like a brother to me, and you’re Shawns best friend… Why not.” She smiled, wiping her eyes again.

“Oh my god, of course I will! It’ll be the best walk of your life!” He smiled, hugging her again.

“Thank you Brian.”

“No… Thank you.” He sighed, “Okay, get ready Al, gotta look perfect.”

“Bye Brian.” She smiled, once he walked out, she sighed and sat back, pulling her phone out. She texted Shawn.

My parents aren’t coming…

Oh my god baby I’m so sorry

It’s fine. Brian is walking me down the aisle :)

No way! That’s gonna be awesome Haha.

I can’t wait to marry you.

She smiled and pressed call. Fuck it.

“Babe! Is this allowed?” Shawn smiled, creating butterflies in her tummy from his voice.

“I don’t know. And frankly I don’t care. I haven’t heard your voice all day.” She answered, his heart skipped a beat when she spoke.

“You sound beautiful.” He said.

“I just finished crying.” She sighed.

“I’m sorry you had to go through that, baby.” He apologized.

“It’s not your fault, they couldn’t even look at me when I told them I was Bi. It’s whatever, I’ve grown used to it.” She sighed.

“Alex! It’s time for your makeup!” Kate said, opening the door.

“I gotta go. I love you… I’ll see you soon.”

“See you soon baby.”


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I get that ellie shouldn't have said those things in a groupchat but the only real one is the chat where she said Finn was hot. She was literally just stating facts, just because she has a boyfriend doesn't mean she's blind to all other men. she can still see attractiveness and Finn is a cutie. It isn't cheating to say someone is attractive like I think people are just trying to find reasons to hate her.

True true true

god. thinkin about how assmcgee couldve been such a chill, nice dude if he never fell into the wrong crowd. instead, daisy dug her little claws into him when he had no one else and guided him into being like her bc she saw how needy he was and she rolled with it so she could get another boy under her foot bc if that girl loves one thing, its control. helped too that she thought assmcgee was super hot and he her

Hy am 16 yrs old currently  I have  a crush on my best friend she’s super hot but i don’t think shes gay and make it worse I was unfortunate enough to be born in a country where being gay is a crime punishable by i really don’t know what to do _____________ Maybe first ask her about what does she thinks about lgbt? If she’s homophobic, you should just move on and if she’s not you can try to confess, she’s your BFF so she won’t judge you a lot

Hani - Surprises

(Hani/Reader | 577 words | M )

Request: I’m requesting for a smut for Hani from EXID,,,,, SHES REALLY HOT OKAY //blushes//

I return after 2 months and simply say this; I hate titles.

Your back forcibly meets the wall of your shared bedroom, your brunette girlfriend pinning you there with a look.

Going against your better judgement, you question her. “You’re not usually this feisty Hani. What happened?”

“You know ‘what’ babe,” She runs her fingers through your hair, gathering some locks, and tugs your mouth to hers, mumbling against them, “You’ve been teasing me all day, and now I can finally have you.”

A slick tongue traces your lips before plunging inside, entwining with your own. Hani parts your legs with a muscular thigh, lightly rubbing you through your pants.

Once she had enough fun dominating your mouth, her lips trail downwards, tugging on your bottom lip, and begins to lavish the expanse of your neck with attention.

Hani nibbles, sucks, and continuously bites on your sensitive skin, pulling blissful noises from you.

Her free hand maps out your curves, dragging your shirt up until she yanks it off, her own following soon after.

“Close your eyes and stay put.” The brunette commands, giving you another chaste kiss before pulling away.

Heavily aroused, you obey, listening to your girlfriend move around the room, unsure of what she has planned. Hani lets out a sigh of pleasure moments before she returns to you, only adding to your curiosity.

Initiating another makeout session, she begins to remove the rest of your clothing.

When she pulls back, you see Hani wearing a harness with a double-ended dildo attached. So that’s why she moaned.

“I wanted to try something new with you baby.” She explains, stroking the fake appendage, spreading lube on the toy.

An excited grin blossoms on your face and you wrap a leg around her waist, urging her closer so the silicone cock is lined up with your sopping entrance.

“I’m willing to try it out.”

Hani slides her erection up and down your slit, spreading your juices and teasing your sex.

A loud whine of her name falls from your lips when the tip of her member nudges your clit, a silent plea for her to stop teasing.

She gently eases the toy inside you, rocking her hips lightly for you to grow used to the delicious stretch of your walls accepting her shaft.

One hand grips your thigh as the other rests on your hip.

Placing kisses on your chest, she sets a languid pace, letting you take every inch of her fake length with slow but powerful thrusts.

You toss your head back, lightly banging it on the wall as groans escape you, a hand reaching up to tangle in her locks.

“Oh god, Hani…” You moan, tears of pleasure swelling up in your eyes.

She lifts your other leg up to wrap around her waist, pinning you against the wall as she increases her thrusts.

With the new angle, every plunge of her cock rubs against your g-spot bringing you closer to your impending climax.

A few more thrusts paired with the harness rubbing your clit, you quickly tip over into euphoria with a sob of her name.

Hani follows moments after, burying the silicone staff deep within you as you both clench around the toy.

She holds onto you tightly and with startling strength, the brunette carries you to the bed, carefully placing you on the bed before flopping down next to you.

Catching your breath, you turn to her and breathlessly say, “Wow baby, I should let you top more often.”

Hani simply giggles.

i have been texting this hot butch girl who’s in orchestra with me and we found out we both love the same music and art films and she’s so hot 💗💞💖💓🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈


Today’s new wonder: first time at the gun range!

My friend found one close by, and there was one other lady there who came to learn about guns, so we all rented some firearms. There’s a lady instructor there on Sunday nights apparently and she was kind of hot (and another one on Wednesday nights), so she talked us through some very basic “this is how your gun works”, and then we got to practice. My friend and I each had a different 9mm handgun, and we took turns shooting with each one.

Obviously we did not shoot our targets at the range they are pictured in the above photos. That’s just for aesthetic reference, to get everything in the shot.

The targets were about 25 feet away, and I did really good! Got all of my shots on the paper. I was doing pretty well with grouping my shots in the center area, so then I started trying to fill more empty space on the paper with holes, to practice aiming. For my first time, I’m quite pleased with this. It was educational and fun and I acquired a new skill (sort of). Would definitely do it again.