YOGA BOOK:  Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear, Get On the Mat, Love Your Body, by Jessamyn Stanley

I read Every Body Yoga recently and wanted to share my thoughts! 


Jessamyn Stanley tells you about her yoga journey! As a broke, overweight, black female, her encounters with yoga were different than most people’s. 

I laughed out loud a lot. One of the stories that I liked:
She started off in a hot yoga class, planted in the back of the room (Hey, me too!). NO ONE set up their mat near her. She found out why soon after - turns out; she was at the back of the class next to the heater that blasts out the heat. 

Hearing her story in her words was the best part of this book for me. She was funny AND realistic. 

The book also contains your typical pose breakdowns and a little bit of flow suggestions. She uses non-traditional yoga models, which is lovely to see. 

She also answers a lot of questions about yoga. What is it? Who is it for? Is it a cult? 

Lastly, she does really sell an at-home practice. I have always stressed that people GO to a yoga studio, but Jessamyn definitely changed my mind. 

She does talk about racism and cultural appropriation, but the book was funny and sad and informative and not preachy. But your mileage may vary. 

GREAT FOR: people who are too nervous to start yoga, people who think they can’t do yoga, people who don’t have access to yoga, yoga instructors who teach beginners, etc. 

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I think my favorite way for Bi!Dean to become canon would be Sam and Dean at a diner and Dean checks out a dude VERRRRRY obviously (more so than in the past) and then Sam says, "Dean??" and Dean says, "What? Shut up." *insert gif of Sam doing that surprised and then "huh" face. you know the one*

I love this idea :)

I kinda have a headcanon that Mary herself would actually be bi (as she’s a big Dean mirror and Mary is Amara’s extension for exposing Dean’s feelings/inner self) because she was forced to love John, so why not, and we would get both of them checking out the same couple and some kinda ‘he’s hot’, well ‘she’s hot’ exchange lol.

Dean turns to Mary like:

Originally posted by dustydreamsanddirtyscars


There are many many ways it could happen and tbh I love most of them :)

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And one time this girl in my class and I were paired for a math project, and then I complained about not being able to make straight lines, then I said it's because I'm not straight, and she looked at me with the "The fuck?" Kinda look, and I went ".. Because I have a really shit posture dude." And she had calmed down and took a drink of water, then I went "I mean I'm gay, too. Like, damn; have you seen Selina she's hot af." AND SHE TOOK A SPIT TAKE IT WAS AMAZING

I bow down to ur coming out methods my friens




Joe Sugg

Looking Over

New Human (ft. Conor Maynard)

‘I Fricken’ Love You!’

Fireworks and Weddings (Pt 1) 


It’s A Secret

Who have we become?

Let’s run away

I’m not moving

The stars are just as beautiful as you

That tastes like tequila and you

Being hungover with you is better

Candle lit

Just us, Together, Dreaming

Whatever happens

Let’s think about this

Conor Maynard


New Human (Ft. Joe Sugg - Click on the link in his part.)

Jack Maynard


‘I Fricken’ Love You!’

You Are My Reason   You are my forever (Pt. 2)

I Wont Let You Get Hurt


Your My Only Choice

You make me happy again

Nice to finally see you

It’s yours

When did she get hot?

It shines for you

This is who we are

I’m not moving

Don’t go

The only thing we need

What’cha readin’?

Caspar Lee

You look amazing tonight

Josh Pieters

Please, just get out.

Small bump

I fell for you


I needed to do that with alcohol

Any day

I’m Actually Quite Scared

‘Save me, please.’

This Stays Hidden

Oli White



Mikey Pearce


Dear Anonymous,

I understand your concern for me, but there’s no need to worry.  She is no longer the young, hot-tempered young woman she used to be, and now only uses her whip as a means of punishment or attention-grabbing rather than simply for whatever silly reason she invents.

She might still see herself as my superior sometimes, but I think we both know that I’m old enough to take away her toys if she can’t use them properly.

-Miles Edgeworth

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My Grandmother is a ninety-year-old drama queen, so when she saw Bughead getting all hot and heavy in the kitchen, she of course had to make a big deal about it and act all scandalized. However, she still watched it two-three times and wanted to gossip about it with me. LMAO

OMG!!! Awesome…..cause….

The ONLY thing wrong with their scene was that it was

A) too short

B) ended

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Marcelina, please :)

Tagging in Class BBC because she’s an OC in the class unverse. In case you didn’t know Marcelina Andrzejewski is my OC who is Matteusz’ younger sister. She appears in ‘Dear Matti’ and ‘What shadows can’t touch’. And has a brief appearance in ‘Things have changed for me’. 

General opinion: Love them - Cela is my favourite OC and I think she’s really cute.

Hotness level: She’s 8 so I’m not answering this one.

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor - her defiance towards her parents is so brave. 

Best quality: Loyal as hell, not afraid to call out her homophobic parents.

Worst quality: Kinda shy? I guess. I haven’t thought of this before.

Ship them with: She’s 8. 

Brotp them with: Matteusz! Their relationship is the main focus of the fics. Plus a literal brotp.

Needs to stay away from: Her parents gross homophobia.

Misc. thoughts: I invented Marcelina because we don’t know enough about Matteusz and his life. But I actually really like how she developed.

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Hey, how are you today? I have this idea of Cheryl x serpent!reader. I feel like a first Cheryl would be like ugh southside trash and then be like oh no shes hot 😵😵😵

… literally my OTP. Also My RP Cheryl has a massive thing for Serpents (especially one of the girls). I would love to write more about it! I’ll see what I can do 😘

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Glowinghowell because holy fuck she's hot and wow I wanna be friends with her. I'm gay. 😍👌🏻👅🔥

@glowinghowel !!!

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