An Interview with a Velociraptor Squad
  • Interviewer:Hello and welcome to the show! It's your first time on TV. How does this make you feel?
  • Blue:Hungry. For people. *stares at camera man*
  • Charlie, Delta, and Echo:*nods in a agreement*
  • Interviewer:...Alright then... How is life at Jurassic World?
  • Blue:Hmm... I hate it. We're not allowed to eat people.
  • Delta:Yes. We need to eat more people. *stares at camera man*
  • Interviewer:Sorry, but you can't do that right now. How do you like your trainer Owen?
  • Blue:Owen is our ALPHA, not out trainer. He is a good person. We will not eat him unless we are very hungry.
  • Echo:If we are hungry we will eat the Claire person. She is slow. She wears shoes with sticks attached to the back (heels) to make her slower. I don't now how she outran Rexy.
  • Carlie:Rexy should have eaten her.
  • Blue:Yes.
  • Interviewer:Well Rexy didn't eat anyone, and she isn't going to eat anyone because she is a good dinosaur. Speaking of Rexy, do you girls ever talk to her? I think you bonded with her after saving her life, Blue.
  • Blue:Alpha's people friends do not let us leave our area and speak to Rexy. We should eat them.
  • Delta:I thought we going to eat the camera man?
  • Blue:Yes we are. I'm just planning what we will do when Alpha's people friends make us go back to our area.
  • Interviewer:Charlie, Echo, and Delta, you three seem to be very loyal to Blue. Why?
  • Blue:Correct, Charlie. Why do you doubt my power, person?
  • Interviewer:I- I- I didn't mean to do that...
  • Blue:Never mind the camera man. Let's eat this one.
  • Owen:*does magical raptor training thing*
  • Blue:Are you sure we can't eat him?
  • Owen:Yes, Blue. No eating people.
  • Echo:Not even the Claire person with sticks on the back of her shoes?
  • Owen:No.
  • Charlie:Not even the camera man?
  • Owen:No.
  • Delta:Pleeease?
  • Owen:No. Lets go home. You four are being bad girls.
  • Blue:(puppy face) Alpha, I'm so sorry! Can I still ride on the motorcycle?
  • Owen:Blue, it's Delta's turn.
  • Delta:*jumps on motorcycle and rides off without everyone*
  • Delta:*is too far away to hear him*
  • Owen:*sigh* Come on girls. Lets just walk home. Its not that far.
  • Blue, Charlie, and Echo:*runs off without him*
  • Owen:*sigh* *facepalm* Not again.

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It's interesting that it's the media and the general public and some fans that are the ones who have a problem with Josh being about the same height as Jen (he's only shorter when she's wearing her heels). Yet Jen and Josh have zero problems with their heights.

I would like to believe Jennifer would not be the type of person to allow something like height to hinder her feelings about a person. Didn’t she get defensive once to an interviewer making a passive aggressive comment about Josh’s height? Or am I making that up?


7:23 PM

Samantha allowed her naturally curly hair to be the look she was going for, for the date tonight. They were the curls that started at the top of her head all the way to the very end. She took the front part of her hair and tied it up, leaving a miniature pony tail, with just the front of her hair, the rest remained down.

She was wearing a white bodycon, two piece set, with black heels and a black clutch. She mentally palmed herself for getting ready so early.

“Damn you look hot. He’s going to be swooning like always.” Her roommate stated as she slapped her ass.

Samantha laughed and rolled her eyes. “Ugh time needs to go quick, I got ready too early…should I put on makeup?”

“No, you look naturally beautiful.”
“Thanks babe. I think I’m gonna ask him if he wants to like hang out a little before we go out to eat because I’m just so anxious.” Samantha said as she texted him.

Twenty minutes later he showed up at her door. He was wearing a dress jacket, with a light blue dress shirt, dress pants and dress shoes. She smiled as she saw the red bouquet of roses he had.

“Pretty flowers for the pretty girl.” She blushed and grabbed them from him.

“Thank You.” she shyly said as she handed the bouquet to her friend.

“I’ll put these in a vase. Have fun you two! I expect her home by 11:30 sharp young man.” Her friend joked.

Both chuckled before leaving.

“You look…flawless” he said as they intertwined fingers, walking out of the dorm hall.

“And you look…sexy. Very appetizing.” Samantha joked.

“Babe…don’t get me all hot and bothered now, it hasn’t even been a minute since our date has started.”
He groaned while she laughed.

He acted like a gentlemen on the way to the restaurant. Opened doors, held her hand, helped her out of the car. Everything Samantha didn’t expect from him. He took her to a very fancy restaurant she didn’t even know a college student could afford. The entire evening was filled with jokes and getting to know each other better. They talked about their families and how they were raised. He mentioned he was Muslim, and she thought that it was interesting. She had a friend who was a part of Islam culture but they had faded over the years. She asked all types of questions about the religion. She was raised in a Christian home so this was so interesting to her.
He had 2 siblings as did she. He had a older brother and sister, he was the youngest. She had a older brother and sister, and she was the youngest as well. The couple had so much in common it was amazing. They enjoyed each other’s company until the clock had striked 9:30. They had 2 hours left to do whatever they liked, and they intended to do the most with those 2 hours.