rogerkentblog asked:

Rant: Teenage Gwen must wear tomboyish clothes & shoes similar to Gogo Tomago from Big Hero 6 in future Ben 10 shows! I'm strongly against her wearing school uniforms and high heels because it's boring and it does not fit her personality nor image!

It would be nice to see her wear clothes like her original series outfit (shirt and capri pants) that would allow her to do more martial arts that she couldn’t necessarily do while in a school uniform, but she is her own person and can wear what she wants.

anonymous asked:

My lady K: that was from Corsica. By the way how did she shrink? She is taller than him! I am taking about where his hair is wet and she is standing next to him. Is that the same dress from the new picture she is wearing?

No, different dress.

VK has to live like Nicole Kidman when she was with Cruise - no heels allowed!