Throw me to the wolves, and I will return leading the pack.

Lilith represents the dark, sexual, raw parts of us that are ugly and instinctual. Things we don’t like to acknowledge, but they are as much a part of our being as anything else.

She is a rebel, an exile, a survivor, and she’s not afraid to get what she wants. Despite the negativity that surrounds her in astrology, she’s within each of us and she’s not a source of evil but of power. Embrace your Lilith, and you embrace yourself.

gemini can certainly be a figure of considerable prowess, reigning in on fearless independence and formidable intellect to command the social, business, and academic floor. her thoughts whip like hurricane winds through her mind generating ideas at the speed of light. her fiery tongue responds with words that slice the air like knives, she knows the deathly sorcery of language, and she isn’t afraid to let her mind loose


I love the parallel in the Breaking Dawn battle scene; the parallel between jumping from and clinging to the edge. In both of her lives Esme was presented with a precipice, an end. The first time around she was alone and afraid: she had nothing and no-one worth staying for, and she jumped from the edge. She welcomed the end. The second time around, she was surrounded by family and friends; people she loved and who loved her. So she clung to the edge with all she had. The Cullens and the family she found in them gave her something worth clinging on for, more than her biological family ever had.

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Eliza is “Disney Mom” seemingly perfect after her divorce to he-who-shall-not-be-named. All her kids are learning a language AND a musical instrument. She takes them to church every Sunday. She was really cool when her kids were young and the divorce only fueled her fire to be a super mom. But now she’s afraid she’s losing her cool and her kids don’t really confide in her with their more grown up issues. 
She likes: 
Singing while she cleans, saying grace before Dinner. Is head of the PTA at the local school. Is ALWAYS chaperone and carpool mom. Plays disney movies at all the sleep overs. 
Gossip, being hit on by single dads around the church, parents who work too much. Being told breastfeeding in public is wrong.

Ideal date: 
Going to open mics and remembering the days when she was going to be an aspiring musician before she was unceremoniously knocked up and had to rush into a marriage soon after. 
Her kids: 
Angie (12), Eliza Holly (8), William Stevens (4), PJ (2) 

Maria is the “hot mom” (teens and adults thirst after her). She was in a messy relationship with her baby’s daddy but finally got him cut out of her life. She’s very judgy who she brings into her life now she wants nothing but a healthy environment for her kids. She rarely does things around the school since other moms are jealous of her bod and dads hit on her a lot, she’s pretty private. 
She likes:
Painting (is a freelance artist), smooth Jazz. Having Mother daughter dates with Susan very Saturday. Yoga, working on her Rose garden. 
Being hit on, people assuming she’s ‘easy’, bars, MEN. 

Ideal date: 
Hitting up her favorite hiking spot and taking out her sketchbook to sketch natural wildlife around her. Counting the stars and talking about her daughter. 
Her Kid(s):
Susan Lewis (7) aka her whole reason of being.

So my internet went out yesterday... so I decided to re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re- read Fablehaven

And I just wanted to note a few things I picked up on…
- Kendra and Seth’s dad loves Almond Roca
- grandma Sorensen taught history at a college
- Stan was described at the funeral wearing a bow tie and a tweed jacket with elbow patches
- dale has big ears
- Kendra is a drama queen, “there she stood, abandoned” pg 11 when her parents left
- Ruth is SAVAGE! Chicken!ruth pecked at Stan and he said, “she never liked me much”
- “Kendra quietly hoped she would see a unicorn ” pg 129
- Lena kept talking about how she was afraid of old age and death
- I kept imagining a movie of this… #terrifying #midsummers eve #nightmare fuel
- Ruth has cinnamon sugar hair
- warren described as handsome and quiet
- seth just keeps beating himself up over opening the window 😢
- ok SUPER COOL so Ruth told the kiddos to be careful what they command Hugo to do because since he has no free will, they are responsible for his actions so the treaty will lift on the minted of Hugo. Sound familiar? *cough* Dragonwatch *cough cough* reference on pg 282
- Kendra sang in a school play of 283
-Seth was sooo happy when the fairy he turned into an imp was healed!

Secrets {Peter Parker x Reader}


Requested Peter Parker x teenage reader finding out she’s pregnant.

Word Count: 2776 

“Hey, sorry I was late. You said you wanted to talk?” Peter asked, jogging behind his girlfriend. He could feel she was tense and she turned around facing him confirming his suspicions. His eyes scanned her. She was scared to say the least, any 17 year old would be, after thinking  about her situation all night. She was exhausted, and he could tell. She froze, she wasn’t going to tell him, not at school. It was too risky and she was afraid someone might hear. She was hoping to talk to him in the morning, privately, preferably not at school. But he didn’t show, he had overslept, and barely made it on time. He didn’t need any more phone calls to aunt May. She was still coping with Peter. But add in not sleeping, she had been dealing with other things. “Yeah, but not here. Can you come to my house? It’s important.” Peter was almost relieved, he had been on the reviving end of getting a “We need to talk.” text, those were nerve racking. News that couldn’t be delivered over text, it wasn’t good. He didn’t think much of it, and assumed it was about his other identity. He still decided he wasn’t out of the woods. But it couldn’t be that bad right? She was wearing his blue sweatshirt, and had a few books under her arms, tucked securely. Peter took her books in one hand, and intertwined her hand in his with his other hand. She gave him a smile and thanked him. The books were absolutely nothing to him, a perk of having Spider-Man as a boyfriend. 

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Dearest caretaker. I made the hard choice, to protect my family, I made her sleep the long sleep. Tell me please dear caretaker, tell me she is no longer afraid, tell me the stars will take her in. She will love them with all of her being if they give her the chance. Tell me she is no longer afraid.


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Ross obviously loves Demelza but sometimes I feel he's still too obsessed with Elizabeth?. And does Elizabeth still love Ross too?.

I don’t get that feeling at all, anon. His going to Trenwith isn’t about Elizabeth, it’s about Agatha, who is of course always going to be of concern to him, both as his great-aunt and as one of his few remaining close relatives. I don’t think there’s anything, in the last few episodes - really, since 3.01 - to indicate he’s obsessed with Elizabeth, to any extent.

As for Elizabeth loving Ross - no. I don’t think she has any love for him at all, now. There’s a fine line between love and hate, and she’s crossed over it. She hates him.

And I think she’s also afraid of him. He does, after all, hold a huge amount of power over her life, its security and happiness. As far as Elizabeth knows (in the show), there are four people who know what happened that night at Trenwith: herself, Agatha, Ross and Demelza. Now, Elizabeth knows Agatha loves baiting and tormenting George, but Agatha is unlikely to tell George, because she now depends on George for food and shelter. Elizabeth will depend on the fact that Demelza was utterly angry and hurt and heartbroken by the event, and therefore is extremely unlikely to speak of it to anyone on that account - and with Demelza, Elizabeth can also depend on Demelza’s general good nature and unwillingness to inflict hurt on anyone, no matter who (witness her warning Trenwith about the rioting villages in 2.10). But Ross? What has Ross to lose, at this point, by telling George? What has he to lose when George is already/still intent on making his life difficult? Elizabeth knows Ross and George have always riled each other up, she knows Ross’s temper, and I’m sure she’s terrified that Ross could, or would, in a fit of anger and spite, tell George that actually, George doesn’t have anything that Ross hadn’t already had or been offered first.

Now, whether this is a realistic view of Ross or not, from Elizabeth’s perspective, it’s a real fear. It doesn’t have to be realistic and logical for her to be feeling it. And that’s what I get, when watching Elizabeth hearing about or talking about Ross - especially when she hears that Ross and George have met.

So no, I don’t think Ross is obsessed with her, and I don’t think Elizabeth still loves him.

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Hi! (I'm white for context) I wanna surprise one of my best friends who's black w/ a headband b/c she really wants one to cover up her growing roots (she's got singles braids rn). When we were looking at a small selection she said that she didnt like any b/c they looked too white. I was looking at black women owned businesses online & found a couple she might like. I'm afraid I'm off the mark and want 2 see if she likes any but that would ruin the surprise. Should I just get her something else?

You should try it, especially if you’re buying from a black owned business. I’m sure she’d love it


Barry & Caitlin AU || Can You Hold Me

Fear makes us do a lot of things that we shouldn’t.

Dedicated to these lovely vidders and friends @legendarydreamer4ever, @abbysparks10, and @cumber-lover as a belated birthday gift ♥

Plot summary under the cut (also in youtube db)

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Could you do headcanon of joker teaching cp how to swim? Like she's a teen but still can't swim bc she somehow afraid and j comforts her pls

They spend most of their time picking out a bathing suit to wear and waiting Frost to come home with Joker’s custom made ones.

Joker is a show off, so he first does laps in the pool to demonstrate how it’s done before he let’s her come in and try.

He see’s that she’s not moving and she’s nervous so he chuckles to himself before letting her wrap her arms around his shoulders on his back to swim so she can slowly get the hang of it.

He doesn’t mind it because he’s now the center of attention and he can enjoy being needed.

I had to put Libby back in her yard so I could leave the gate open. She was NOT happy at all, and took it out on anyone who got too close to the gate

I let her back out afterwards, mostly because I was afraid she was going to start coming after me next

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Sweet pea for Merribela~

Sweet Pea - delicate pleasures

Let’s start with sweet pea!  (Lbh Merrill is the sweetest of peas)

A Delicate Thing

When Isabela first awoke, she wasn’t afraid.  She didn’t reach for her knife or immediately grow suspicious of the person sleeping next to her.  After everything she’d been through, every moment was a chance to be hurt, but every moment awake was a chance to fight back.

This time, though, she was at peace.  

Merrill was still sound asleep, breathing heavily and letting out snores that were somehow cuter than Isabela could have expected.  And, as adorable as Merrill was in general, that was pretty damn cute.

Scooting a little closer to Merrill, Isabela laced an arm around the other woman and ran her fingers along her back, feeling the curve of her spine and the softness of her bare skin.  Isabela was so used to having sex and leaving quickly the next morning, with little attachment to her partner - or partners, as the case may be - but this time, she had nowhere to go and nowhere else she’d rather be. 

The first time they’d kissed, months ago, Isabela was surprised at Merrill’s instigation.  But since then she’d never pressed anything, and only ignored the feelings that grew inside her for the apostate.  When she started calling Merrill ‘Kitten,’ she should’ve known it was too late.  

But still, Isabela had never tried to push things further with Merrill, afraid that she would go too fast or ruin whatever it was they had.  But Merrill, well, Merrill wasn’t quite as innocent as she let on.

And last night, when Merrill made the first move again, saying that yes, she wanted to make love to Isabela, the latter didn’t entirely know how to proceed.  ‘Making love’ was so different than what she often did.  It was a delicate thing with a woman she lo… a woman she cared about greatly.  

Any trepidation Isabela may have had regarding a relationship with Merrill melted away though, when the mage awoke and green eyes stared over at Isabela, a smile quickly spreading across her face.  

“Is everything alright?”

“Of course, Kitten.  I hope I didn’t wake you,” Isabela replied, still running her fingers gently along Merrill’s back.

“Well, sort of,” she admitted with a giggle.  “But I can think of worse ways to wake up.”  After a pause, Merrill continued, “Last night was… it was quite a bit of fun, wasn’t it?”

Isabela laughed.  “Look at you blush!  I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, though.”

Blushing more, Merrill replied, “I did.  I definitely did.”

“So did I.”

Suddenly, Merrill sat up straight in bed, shrugging off the covers and Isabela’s embrace.  

“What is it, Kitten?”

“Oh, I just… I hope it really was okay for you.  I know I’m not the most experienced at these sorts of things, and now I’m just blabbering again because I don’t know what to say.  Oh no!  I’ve done it all wrong, haven’t I?  I-”

Before Merrill could continue, Isabela planted a kiss on her lips to shush her.  

Continuing to blush, Merrill smirked.  “If I’m already saying the wrong thing, I might as well keep going: I think I love you, Isabela.”

And in that moment, Isabela knew that she’d lost the battle with her emotions and feelings toward Merrill.

“That’s not the wrong thing to say at all.  I think… I think I love you too.”

Merrill grinned from ear to ear, before throwing her arms around Isabela and kissing her again.  Isabela’s words ran over and over in her head, as she briefly wondered if she was a fool.  Attachment was dangerous, she knew that.  

But with Merrill pressed up against her, Isabela decided she was absolutely a fool.  But it was worth it, for such a delicate, perfect thing with the woman she loved.

Bad News...

I talked about my mom That i want to do commisions here on tumblr but she’s afraid because she doesn’t trust People on The internet soo i don’t know what to do but i need money so badly tho!!!! 😭

  The air was thick with the smell of blood and screams rang in her ears. More visceral than either of those was the baying. The loud howls that echoed off the cliff side and floated over the water. They called out to each other, with such violent intent. Friends, family, neighbors, once but now they were monsters. She had never been so afraid. 

  Her smaller hand struggled to remain with Lucien’s as the man pulled her along, nearly having to drag her at some points through the dark streets and soon out into the woods. She was out of breath and her knees were scraped from too many falls on cobblestones and rocks. Her dress torn and hanging in shreds around her knees. 

  “Luci…” She breathed once they had finally stopped, her lungs on fire and aching for air. He shushed her and pulled her close, his keen eyes wild and searching through the moonlit woods. His heart was pounding as he clutched a bloody dagger and she hushed as instructed. 

  In her other palm was the cameo locket, the image inside of her father in black and white, the chain broken by the latch and stained with her mother’s blood. She felt tears threaten to streak her dirty cheeks and though they may have fallen, she didn’t notice, she was being pulled again. Roughly weaving between the large pines, fighting with everything she had to keep up with her older brother. 

  With every blink she saw it again, the muzzle wet and red, dripping crimson drool and wild gold eyes. The sound of that growl that rumbled deeply enough to cause the ground to shake. He had been such a sweet man. He would give caramel chocolates on Hallow’s End and never complained about the children being too loud in the park across from his house. She couldn’t recall his name now but she had seen him and father talk before. Now he was a monster, a beast and without mercy had–

  She closed her eyes tight and then shook her head, her feet moving now without her. “Luci, what about Papa?!” She suddenly called out to the man who frantically lead her to safety. He just shook his head and somehow she knew what it meant. This night of horrors was far from over and they had one goal. To survive. 

{| Inspired by recent events with @the-canaveral 💗 + @lucienkilmaster |}

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1. It's me who ask about c122. It's difficult to decribe due to I'm not good at Eng, but I try my best. Firstly, after joking, Touka went straight to the main problem: she's afraid that Kaneki accepts his death not her. Then she changed the topic suddenly: let's him do "that" with her when the time comes, I mean "do it" for what? Why they can change from that to this? @@ does she want he have sth joyful in his gray life before dying?

2. After that the talk became why he let her stay back, well, I understand. But they talked about “she tries sth to keep him” , this is another joke or her real purpose beacause he looks like confused (like me right now). Does he think she made joke to keep him back or “do it” to keep him back?Part 3 is individual part that she confessed her feeling. Yeah, this part I understand. I hope that you can write clearly this chap meaning. Thank you!.          

Ah, okay.

Basically, Touka begins with the virgin question both because she likes to tease and because she actually is curious since she wants to have sex with him. She then starts by admitting that Kaneki is always trying to leave her – or die, which is something that she doesn’t want because she cares about him. She wants him to stay with her – this is something that she has wanted since the aogiri arc of the first series.

She brings up sex again, probably as a way to give him a fun incentive to stay but also to break the tension again. She’s probably embarrassed as well, and she makes jokes in order to make herself feel more comfortable.

I hope this helped!


Kazi’s reaction to other Tenno. There is no in between. Featuring @devil-lukos’s Ator BC he’s cool as heck.

She’s either deathly afraid of other Tenno, no matter how intimidating or adorable they may be, or she’s a straight up sadistic asshole. Kazi’s done some stuff that she’s not proud of sometimes proud of depending on whether or not she’s in the right mood. She’s killed a decent amount of Tenno, especially before the Second Dream happened and she was still rocking her Banshee. Why’d she do it? Who knows! Certainly not Zen. Just let Zen makes friends Kazi come on.