Failure to Launch

Dropped her off to be groomed and she was so afraid of another dog that was in a kennel next to her that she peed all over herself and then refused to let anyone touch her.

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"Heated fight with nine years olds" Story time?

Alright kids. (Sorry I’m getting to this late)

I’m helping the church my mom goes to with their vacation bible school as head of the science section. Most of the kids there are small and don’t much about anything but are cute and like to sit my lap and ride on my shoulders.

But there are kids who are considered “late elementary”. These kids are old enough to actually talk to but also too young to be smart about it. I think they’re like 9-12 or something.

I do my lil science thing with my friend (who’s helping me out) and theres extra time with these demon spawn. So we get to talking about Harry Potter/Lord Of The Rings. My friend is cleaning up and theres like ten of these little shits standing across from me at the table.

This one kid keeps poking me and screaming about how JRR Tolkein is his God and JK Rowling copied him and how LOTR is so much better. And I was like sure kid but you have crocs on so I win. A lot of them were talking about how LOTR is the best but as soon as I said I preferred HP everyone but him let up.

Keep in mind none of these kids had read all the books to either series but bits and pieces. Each one of them had seen the movies to either. It was scattered knowledge.

I make the mistake of asking them what their houses all and they all yell Gryffindor and I tell them they’ll grow out of that and I’m a Slytherin. Then they all started yelling about how I’m bad and I was like hah okay small children. 

This one kid is yelling about how Snape is the best and is her favorite character. That’s where the heated argument starts. My friend had to remind me that this kid didn’t know better but I was still angry.

Bonus: I got into the exact same argument about Gryffindor - Good Guys/Slytherin - Bad Guys an hour ago.


doesnt matter about the skin, racism or how they look we are all the same #alexmorgan #alexmorganedit #morgan13 #USMNT

Credit to: • Alex • Morgan • on Vine

(This is why I love Alex. She’s got a big heart and she’s not afraid to show it 😍)

27906) A girl I know saw my diet app today and I’m freaking out because she knows about my past problems. She would never say anything to me, and we don’t have any common friends - still I’m so afraid. I’m afraid she’s judging me. I’m afraid of what she’s thinking. I can’t control this, and that’s what’s really scary.

Downworlders Network Battle: a one-shot of one of your OTPs based on the lyrics of a song you like.
↳ Say You Love Me by Jessie Ware for Wessa

Say you love me to my face
I need it more than your embrace
Just say you want me, that’s all it takes
Heart’s getting torn from your mistakes


He sees her for the first time, clutching the pitcher in her hands and studying him with curious grey eyes, and he is struck by her. Fierceness is lighting her eyes and bravery is what keeps her back straight and her chin up. One might think she is afraid, but the look in her eyes suggests otherwise; she’s defying him, daring him to hurt her, as if she’s a hurricane and he’s a mere obstacle in her path. For a fleeting moment, he dares to think that if he wasn’t a plague for the people around him, she would be the person whose affection he’d be chasing after.


She’s a plague of a girl, invading his every thought and lurking around in the deepest corners of his soul. He can feel her searching for a crack in the carefully constructed wall around his heart. With every passing moment in her presence, he feels her getting closer and closer to the real him, the person he had buried many years ago alongside the memories of his older sister. When the promise of finding out what he really likes slips out of her mouth, he wakes up from the hazy trance she induced him in and pushes her as far way as he possibly can, as if she is truly a plague.


He claims he’s pretending when he looks at her with a dazed look in his eyes. She is wearing a different skin; blonde curls have replaced her soft brown locks and big green eyes have taken the place of the familiar grey eyes. Despite that, he can tell that it’s her, his Tessa, underneath those blonde curls and the fancy dress. When Magnus catches him looking at her and gives him a strange look, he uses his blank facade once more. Even after that, he keeps telling himself that it was all part of an act, even though he knows, deep down, that it’s a lie.


The holy water makes his head spin and his heart race. It makes him restless. His control slips from his grasp with each bottle of holy water he drinks and pours over his head. So when she sits down next to him on the cold floor of the attic, every emotion he has felt in the weeks he’s known her comes to the surface overwhelming him. Drowning him. And in that moment, it feels like kissing her might be the only remedy, but it only makes the sensation worse. Her mouth against his tastes like words unsaid and vows unspoken. Her hands on his arms, his shoulders, threading through his hair, melt his skin, revealing what’s underneath. When it’s perhaps too late, he realizes the terrible mistake he’s made and with a few simple words, he breaks her heart. Not his, just hers, because his is already broken.


I am in love with her. Those words ring in his head over and over again as he desperately clutches her lifeless body. What a cruel twist of fate, to realize how much he needs her when she’s no longer here. To finally see that all along she was the air his lungs were desperate for, the missing pieces of his already shattered soul. When he feels her pulse pounding in her throat, as strong and steadfast as ever, he knows he should be happy. But the moment her eyes settle on his and he notices the strange look in them, his heart turns into a piece of ice. He recognizes that look, the look he’s so familiar with, a look mirroring the one in his own eyes. He doesn’t hear her when she tells him how she tricked the Magister. He doesn’t hear himself talking. He simply pulls her against him and breathes again and stares at the colors the world has lost when she was lifeless. He doesn’t say anything when she asks him to say something. Instead, there’s another thought ringing in his head. I lost her.


It is nearly comical how simple words can shatter hearts. He can almost hear her heart breaking, the same horrible sound he had heard when he had kissed her, as soon as the terrible words slip effortlessly from his lips. He can almost taste the bitterness of the unshed tears in her eyes, the ones she will not allow to fall on her cheeks, not in front of him, because she’s a hurricane and he’s a mere obstacle in her path. When the clouds unleash the pouring rain, as if mirroring the tears she is about to shed, he doesn’t flinch. He simply looks up at the sky, he stares God straight in the eye and tells him that he loves her, despite everything, that he will never apologize for feeling it. And when the heavens respond, the sky coming to life with the loud roar of the thunders, there is only one thought in his head.
I have lost everything.

Through the Wardrobe

The Uchiha mansion was over a century old, and contained many priceless artifacts; it wasn’t exactly the best place for a high school party to be thrown, but Sasuke was determined to get Haruno Sakura into his home by any means necessary.  Everyone in town knew that the pink-haired overachieving nationally rated boxing captain was itching for a good party to celebrate her hard won championship, so when the rumors began about Uchiha Fugaku and Mikoto going out of town for the weekend, and Itachi over-nighting at his lab partner’s house to study for an upcoming final at his university she was actually rather excited.  Sure she and Sasuke hadn’t really spoken to one another since he had transferred to Konoha High’s rival school Oto Academy to champion their Kendo team, but that was more due to Sasuke’s intense new training regime under Coach Orochimaru than Sakura actively avoiding him (although she had turned down several phone calls to visit with her former classmate – it wasn’t like she was afraid he’d realize how much his departure from their school had depressed her, she really missed seeing him every weekday in classes). Besides, Sakura figured that with a house full of partying teens it was very unlikely that she and Sasuke would come face to face with each other.  If the girl had known that the entire reason for the party was so that the young Uchiha could lure him to his home, and subsequently get her alone for a nice long chat, she might have reconsidered.

Sasuke knew Sakura had every right to be upset with him; he had after all abandoned her and his other friends from Konoha in favor of joining up with a school that had cheated (literally, several investigations were pending) them out of more than a few championship title.  The Uchiha however, needed the girl in his life; a startling realization had occurred to the boy upon her first declined phone call – she wasn’t just his friend, she was the girl he liked.  He missed her, and no matter how much he could get his best friend, Naruto, to keep him updated on Sakura’s activities, he wanted to bask in her presence once again.  It was for those reasons that Sasuke became determined to get her to his home so that they could have a heart-to-heart, even if his home was destroyed and his parents killed him upon their return.  When the night of the party arrived the boy ignored his guests (and the destruction they wrought) in favor of keeping his eyes peeled for shining pink hair and flashing emerald eyes.

When his target finally entered his sights Sasuke was quick to take firm hold of her hand and drag her into one of the unused upstairs bedrooms.  “What the hell Sasuke-kun!?”

“We need to talk.”

“You’re damn right we do, what are you thinking dragging me around!”  The pritty green eyes he liked so much were narrowed in anger.

Sasuke stood to his full height and met her gaze with his own dark orbs, “Stop avoiding me Sakura.”

“I’m not av-“

“Bullshit!  You aren’t returning my calls, and you’ve stopped coming over to hang out.”  He would have continued if the door to the room didn’t begin opening at that moment.  A reasonable rational boy would have simply asked that whoever was entering find another room to do whatever it was they wanted to do, but the strain of going so long without the pretty little woman at his side and the anger he felt over her avoidance of him shot his rationality to hell.  He was once more pulling Sakura behind him before the door was a quarter open – this time into the antique wardrobe.

“I’m not about to make out with you while Sai and Ino out there getting it on…”

“I didn’t pull you in here to make out Sakura.”

“Damn, and here I thought I was dreaming.”


“Errr…  Nothing?”

Sasuke blinked through the dark at the girl before shrugging, “You dream about making out with me?”

Her blush was so bright Sakura was certain that he could see it in the dark, “I plead the fifth…”

“Hn,” He had his lips pressed against hers before Sakura could roll her eyes at his single syllable reply.  After parting for air Sasuke smirked at her, “I never knew we had such similar dreams.”

The Signs As One Direction Songs

Aries: Why Don’t We Go There (Midnight Memories)

Taurus: Clouds (Four)

Gemini: Alive (Midnight Memories)

Cancer: Stockholm Syndrome (Four)

Leo: She’s Not Afraid (Take Me Home)

Virgo: Something Great (Midnight Memories)

Libra: Girl Almighty (Four)

Scorpio: Fool’s Gold (Four)

Sagittarius: Everything About You (Up All Night)

Capricorn: More Than This (Up All Night)

Aquarius: No Control (Four)

Pisces: Loved You First (Take Me Home)

She’s Out of my League - Chapter 1: If Only We Were Friends

Summary: Carmilla and Laura are classmates in high school. Carmilla happens to be one of the popular mean girls of Silas alongside with Danny, Elsie and Betty, and as for Laura she is just your typical plain Jane—who wears thick eyeglasses and braces but regardless of this, Carmilla got a huge crush on her which she keeps to herself afraid to be made fun of her so called friends.

What happens if 10 years later, Laura and Carmilla meet again when Carmilla applies and get hired on an advertising company where Laura works as head writer.

Pairing: Laura Hollis/Carmilla Karnstein 

Words: 1600

Chapters: 1 of ?

Laura Hollis always hated high school.  Why?  Well, at the age of sixteen she had enough amount of bullying in her school, especially from a certain group of girls, consisting of Danny Lawrence, Betty Spielsdorf, Elsie Miller, Elle Haynes and Carmilla Karnstein, who loved to label themselves as “Silas’ Bitches”.

It’s like in the everyday life of Laura Hollis she gets bullied by these girls, be it in the library, in the cafeteria or inside their classroom. Today, of course, is not any different.

Laura was on her way to meet up with her friends LaF and Perry when she once again heard the now familiar nickname to her by the giant ginger she used to have a crush on, Danny Lawrence. Danny would normally call her Eliza Thorneberry because according to her Laura looks exactly like that cartoon character the only difference is that Laura doesn’t braid her hair and she’s chubby. As soon as Laura walked towards the table where LaF and Perry are seated the louder she heard the name.

Laura’s been too busy trying not to listen to the jokes the girls are throwing her that she didn’t notice that Betty had gone up towards her to spill a bottle of pineapple juice and of course the purpose was to make Laura fall and slide to her embarrassment. While she was still on the floor, Elsie walked over to her and pretended to have dropped her chips on Laura’s head when in reality she actually did it on purpose.

Carmilla Karnstein always hated the fact that her so called friends loved to make fun of Laura. She never understood why there is a need for them to bully her when in fact she hasn’t done any trouble with their group. Carmilla always wanted to help Laura whenever these instances take place and of course, today isn’t an exception.

As soon as Carmilla heard Laura’s cry of pain when she helplessly fell on the floor, she immediately dropped her book to see what was going on. Once she saw that Laura was attempting to stand, she also went to stand to help her up only to be stopped with a grip on her wrist by Ell Haynes and of course, she didn’t do anything more. [more on AO3 and FFNet]

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"Erm, is it safe to cross? It's not making the beep-beep-beep sound."

Castle heard the small voice from behind him, spinning around slightly; Castle’s eyebrows arch as he noticed her lifeless eyes staring into oblivion; the lights still flashing red - still awaiting the signal to cross. Castle instantly replies, with a slight choke i his words, “No, no. Not green yet” He tells her, in an almost panicked tone, afraid she was about to step into the ongoing and busy traffic of New York. 


Winx Club Dream Cast  | Selina - Sasha Pieterse

Birthday: Unkown

Origin: Earth

Power: Witches’ magic, the Legendarium, control over Snakes, fairies’ magic, floral magic

Relationship:   -

Selina is a young witch from Cloud Tower who appears in Season 6. She is the main villain in Season 6 along with the Trix and Acheron, whom she is working under much to the Trix’s dismay. She is an old friend of Bloom’s.

Selina is intelligent and confident. She is not afraid of standing up to use her powers and of the Legendarium to others. She showed great respect and admiration towards the Trix and was willing to help them to take over the Magic Dimension’s colleges in exchange for them to teach her the dark arts. But when the Trix refuse to share the power with her, she is shown to be a traitor, preparing schemes for her bigger goals. She is shown to be very proud and protective towards her Legendarium, willing to defend it at all costs if needed. However, in the flashback in “Attack of the Sphinx”, it is shown that she was shy as she was unable to talk to a boy she appeared to have a crush on until Bloom made her.

As a fairy, the basis of her powers were never revealed. However, as a witch Acheron clearly states and dubs her the Witch of Snakes.

She is shown to be the only one (except Eldora) who can bring legendary creatures to life, proof that the Trix uses her rather than stealing the Legendarium from her.

She is shown to be powerful enough to trap and hurt Bloom for a short period of time, and even then Bloom had to use a lot of power to simply throw her across a room without inflicting any other visible injuries.

She's Not Afraid
  • She's Not Afraid
  • One Direction
  • Take Me Home: Yearbook Edition

She’s Not Afraid


She sneaks out in the middle of the night, yeah

Tight dress with the top cut low

She’s addicted to feeling never letting go

Let it go


She walks in and the room just lights up

But she don’t anyone to know

That I’m the only one who gets to take her home

Take her home

But everytime I tell that I want more

She closes the door


She’s not afraid of all the attention

She’s not afraid of running wild

How come she’s so afraid of falling in love

She’s not afraid of scary movies

She likes the way we kiss in the dark

But she’s so afraid of f-f-falling in love


Maybe she’s just trying to test me

Wanna see how hard I’m gonna work

Wanna see if I can really tell how much she’s worth

Whatcha worth

Maybe all her friends have told her

Don’t’ get closer he’ll just break your heart

But either way she sees in me and it’s just so hard

So hard, cuz’ every time I tell her how I feel

She says it’s not real


What about all the things we said

Talking on the phone so late

I can’t let her get away from me

When I say I can’t do it no more

She’s back in my door