his little one was spying on him. sasuke felt her presence in the foliage and while she was certainly adept at hiding, she still had a lot to learn before she could possibly best him. 

naruto paused in his kick, perplexed. “is that sarada?”


he proceeded, making contact with sasuke’s forearm when he blocked the attack. “what’s she doing there?” sasuke shrugged and naruto stopped their spar altogether. he turned to the bushes, waved, and told sarada to come out. 

when she did, sarada was flushed and visibly furious.

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So I wrote a thing… It’s my first attempt at Rowaelin fanfiction. I know it’s short, but enjoy!

Sometimes, Rowan Whitethorn had trouble sleeping. It wasn’t down to nightmares, not anymore. It was her–his wild and ferocious Fireheart, lying tangled up in his arms as if she belonged nowhere else.

“Aelin,” he murmured against the top of her head. Her scent of lavender and jasmine was intoxicating, so thoroughly hers that Rowan wondered how he had managed to go so many years without it. Gods be damned, he was practically its slave—he’d do almost anything, just to spend a night with her in his arms.

She didn’t stir, her arms wrapped tightly around him as if she was afraid he’d disappear, even in her sleep. Leaving her had never crossed his mind, not even once.

There had been a time when Rowan wondered if a warrior was right for a queen, if she wouldn’t be better off with a mortal prince. That was before he realised that it was never his choice to make. Aelin had picked him, and he’d be damned if he didn’t thank her for that decision every day. Not out loud, of course. He thanked her with his lips, with the smile that belonged only to her, and with those insults that only she understood.

He’d told her he hated her on the same day he first told her he loved her, and Aelin had understood. His Aelin.

“Will you stop that?” a whisper lit up the dark.

“What?” he said, feigning innocence.

“I can practically sense you looking at me. It’s creepy,” she said, not opening her eyes. Rowan chuckled. “Go to sleep.”

“It’s impossible to sleep comfortably with you leaning on me like that, Fireheart.”

Aelin opened one eye. “Do you want me to move? There are plenty of other beds in the palace.”

Rowan grazed his lips against her neck before moving them up to her ear. “That depends if I can go with you.”

“Shut up and go to sleep, you stupid buzzard,” she said, nestling further into her chest. Rowan smiled to himself, brushing a hand over her gold hair as he leant down and kissed the top of his head. He didn’t need to look at her to know that Aelin was smiling too.

Sometimes, Rowan Whitethorn had trouble sleeping. He didn’t mind one bit.


Legend | World Premiere (Press conference)
England - September 3, 2015.

Tom, Emily Browning, Christopher Eccleston and director Brian Helgeland at the press conference for Legend.

@lisa_burrows “Wide shot from the #pressconference of #TomHardy #EmilyBrowning #ChristopherEccleston and #BrianHelgeland as they talk all things #Legend”

@LegendFilmUK “Frances (Shea) was ballsy, she wasn’t afraid to speak up to the boys.” #EmilyBrowning #LegendFilm"
@LegendFilmUK “Working with #TomHardy as Reggie one minute and Ronnie the next filled me with pure envy.” #ChristoperEccleston"

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She wouldn't do that to an adult and she know she wouldn't that why she had to make sure the momma wasn't looking. She did that just bc she knew that child couldn't beat her ass

She talking about people get bold in groups but like who does she think is afraid of her ? LMAO.

I believe that Luna is the only student at Hogwarts who designs and sews her own clothes. Not only is she is an artist who stays true to her vision, but she is not afraid to speak uncomfortable truths. She is both passionate, and compassionate. I am in awe of Luna Lovegood.

he scratches his arms when he sees needles on the television,
his legs are stick thin, and his meat
clinging to his bones.
there’s still a light in his eyes when he sees her,
and she can tell he feels less alone.
he opens up about his triggers and how he feels no one really cares for him,
he feels used.
he leaves butterfly kisses down her neck, and clings to her hand like he’s keeping himself afloat.
she wants to drown herself in him,
when they’re alone, she wants to climb on top of him and smother him in her love,
but she’s afraid that he’ll break.
she hears his quick, delicate heartbeat underneath his fragile chest, and
musters up all the love she can
in a single kiss.

EP28 thoughts and theories

holy shit. hoooooly shit.

1. Carmilla started using laura’s name again, which I didn’t notice until someone else pointed it out. My heart *sighs*

2. Carmilla seems genuinely pissed and/or upset about the thought of Mattie hurting/killing Perry, which could be for a number of reasons.

–She doesn’t seem to condone mindless killing anymore, which, could be for Laura’s sake because of how she didn’t kill anyone even during her’s and Mattie’s rampage. Or she just doesn’t like killing much anymore.

–Considering the fact that everyone has stayed alive so far could mean that the rest of the dimwit squad was under Carmilla’s protection in addition Laura, so she could possibly be feeling betrayed by Mattie.

–She’s afraid of what might happen to Mattie as punishment. 

–Or, Carm could actually care for Perry. She did ask how Perry was after Mattie attacked her in 2x22, and when she said ‘not that I care’ it sounded like she was reminding herself that she ‘shouldn’t’ care. She also seemed even more pissed off after they watched the tape. “That was a death prophecy, and rook is what mother used to call you. Are you really telling me that Suzy Homemaker started spouting a death prophecy and you just, what? Packed her bags and sent her on her dream vacation!?”

I personally think that it’s a combination of all four, plus some character growth in the way that she’s starting to care about some things outside of Laura.

3. I don’t think Mattie drank the anglerfish blood. She’s much too herself to be hopped up on the blood of a demigod. I think her passing out has to do with the Dean and not the anglerfish.

4. LaFonFIGHTME. Jokes aside, many many applause to kbearluna, holy fuck that was awesome. I can totally relate to the rage that comes over someone hurting your best friend. And that little smirk when Laura said that the webcam caught it all. That smirk was…scary, on LaF’s face. It was so dark and so not them, but at the same time it was because it was out of love for Perry. And their overall tense body language and balled fists. Absolutely wonderful. (Also I’m kind of wondering about that BTS picture of LaF with the chainsaw. What if LaF goes ballistic over Perry and takes down the machine? LaF strikes me as being more calculated than that, so I’m really not banking on that, but rage does funny things to people. Still, I think LaF taking down the machine with the chainsaw would be pretty damn cool.)

5. Carm still kept her hand on LaFontaine’s shoulder even after they stopped struggling, which circles back to my theory that Carm is starting to care about the rest of the dimwit squad, and not just because they mean so much to Laura. The gesture reminded me of in 2x02 when Carm wrapped her arm around Laura after Perry came in all covered in blood. The romantic/intimate side of that, of course, wasn’t in her gesture towards LaF, but it held the same vibe.

6. Mattie seems fascinated by anything to do with Laura’s computer, haha. She had the same look on her face when she rolled the video as she did while watching OITNB. Of course she probably wants to know what happened–or watch herself kill something (seems like that would be something she’d find amusing)–but still, I thought it was kinda cute.

7. Holy fucking shit. That whole Mattie/Perry interaction was insane. You can tell that Perry is worn so fucking thin by all the dreams and the visions and the messages, and the mental stress that’s being put on her by having the Dean’s consciousness crammed into her head along with her own. Perry just snapped. (Annie how the fuck do you switch Perry and the Dean on and off like that, holy fuck. that was fucking amazing.)

–Her prophecy is pretty self explanatory. The great beast is dead=the anglerfish could die. The gates opening and the rain of hell on earth=whatever is behind those gates is pretty much hell and the apocalypse.

–the first gate wants strength, wants the Rook. This is interesting to me. Carmilla said that Maman used to call Mattie the Rook. As we know, Mattie and Maman didn’t really get along. Mattie has tried to kill her before, and in the time between, she stayed pretty far away from Maman. The rook in chess is more powerful than a bishop or knight, and are considered one of the ‘heavy’ pieces, alongside the queen.

–I’m sort of seeing that, at least in Maman’s eyes, she’s the queen on her side, and, because Mattie had been the chair of the board, that would make her the rook, as they have said. (“the rook falls to the bishop” is what the Haustermenchen rep said. Rooks are more powerful than bishops, hence the reason why Vordenberg won over Mattie through trickery.) 

–Going back to how Mattie and Maman didn’t get along, I think Maman placing Mattie in the rook position was strategic. Mattie can’t be killed unless her locket is crushed, so should the anglerfish get out and the gates open, feeding Mattie to the first gate would probably be the one other sure fire way of getting rid of Mattie. And having Mattie take care of Maman’s estate would be a way to keep Mattie near the first gate, should the anglerfish get out. Obviously, Maman isn’t dead, so having everyone think she is, plus having Mattie gone can’t be anything but an advantage to her.

8. “Do you really think that this is a game?” The Dean just completely took over Perry. It’s finally happened. She sounded exactly like Possessed!Laura. Perry doesn’t drawl, Maman does. That sickening grin was exactly like Possessed!Laura. that wasn’t Perry. The dean has completely taken over Perry, and she went and killed the SumSoc sisters.

9. The fact that Danny and Kirsch called on Vordenberg is really bothering me.

–They could have called on him out of rage over the sisters, and because they want Mattie dead and punished for it, but by calling Vordenberg on Mattie, that would, by extension, put Carmilla in danger, and Danny knows how much Carmilla means to Laura. She even covered for Laura about them. I don’t think Danny would hurt Laura by putting Carmilla in danger so her calling on Vordenberg doesn’t make a ton of sense to me.

EDIT: After some more reflection and reading some other posts I completely believe that Danny went to Vordenberg out of her rage at Mattie. She just wanted someone who had power over Mattie to take her out. Danny’s rage, I think, has just blocked everything else out, even her care for Laura and the rest of the dimwit squad. Her sisters were brutally murdered and she wants revenge, now. Sharon played that scene absolutely perfectly. Her voice wavered but there was rage behind it and not just grief. You could see the tendons in her neck popping out, and her chin was crumpled, and I couldn’t see it very well, but her cheeks looked wet like she’d been crying. Just overall an amazing performance by everyone as usual, but especially our lovely redheads.

–OH. OH WAIT A SECOND. Loyal Sister. Danny just fulfilled her title. My other theory on why she called on Vordenberg was mind control, but this makes way more sense. She may not want to hurt Laura, but at the end of the day, she is a Loyal Sister.

ah fuck.

Ásynjur: Cheedo the Fragile

Snotra: A goddess who is wise and courtly.

She has been here for less than five hundred days when they run, and she doesn’t understand at first why they go. If the belts they wear are uncomfortable, don’t they have beautiful clothes? If they must live in isolation, don’t they have water and books? Cheedo remembers the Wasteland with none of Toast’s fondness. It was a horrible hard place. She doesn’t think she’d mind bearing children, unlike the Dag. Angharad’s belief that they’re brainwashed seems ridiculous to Cheedo. Capable thinks that Joe hurts them, but Cheedo disagrees. Joe has never hurt her. Indeed, Cheedo—the newest of the wives—is still a virgin.

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Recently i haven't been super hungry but my mom is basically forcing me to eat. I think shes afraid i have an eating disorder but i dont. How do i subtly tell her i dont have an eating disorder? Please help

You can just tell her.. that you love food and that you eat enough. She’s probably just scared you have an eating disorder. But if you don’t then there is nothing to worry about. 


Katarina, Trojan maiden and companion of First Doctor

Considering total lack of reference pictures (not mentioning something like colour!), I think she ended up pretty fine. I’m afraid she reminds too much of my crochet Sarah Jane (Hand of Fear one, not the older one), but I did my best.
Still looks better than poor Susan, I think…

And the ornaments on the dress look silly but it looked empty without them and second try with embroidery thread (instead of common thin thread) isn’t that bad after all…. I hope.

P.S. Katarina’s hairstyle is certainly the weirdest one I ever tried to recreate so far. Together with lack of reference… bit of a hell. %)

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Singaporean young chinese male here with a conservative chinese gf.. I wonder how do I get my gf to try have fun with bigger stronger white cocks.. I want her to be truly satisfied which I cant give her. I cant last more then 2mins and cant compare in sizes to the superior whites.. But I am afraid she would realise how small her chinese bf is compared to white and might began to reject me since I cant pleasure her :( I dont mind being collared by a white guy by her though if shes able to enjoy

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She's Not Afraid
  • She's Not Afraid
  • One Direction
  • Take Me Home: Yearbook Edition

She’s Not Afraid


She sneaks out in the middle of the night, yeah

Tight dress with the top cut low

She’s addicted to feeling never letting go

Let it go


She walks in and the room just lights up

But she don’t anyone to know

That I’m the only one who gets to take her home

Take her home

But everytime I tell that I want more

She closes the door


She’s not afraid of all the attention

She’s not afraid of running wild

How come she’s so afraid of falling in love

She’s not afraid of scary movies

She likes the way we kiss in the dark

But she’s so afraid of f-f-falling in love


Maybe she’s just trying to test me

Wanna see how hard I’m gonna work

Wanna see if I can really tell how much she’s worth

Whatcha worth

Maybe all her friends have told her

Don’t’ get closer he’ll just break your heart

But either way she sees in me and it’s just so hard

So hard, cuz’ every time I tell her how I feel

She says it’s not real


What about all the things we said

Talking on the phone so late

I can’t let her get away from me

When I say I can’t do it no more

She’s back in my door