You’ll Be Mine

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Relationship: Kylo Ren/Rey

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She feels him long before he opens the door to her AT-AT. He’s an intruding darkness in the back of her mind, a constant longing that only grows stronger the closer he gets. She can’t get rid of him. Whenever she closes her eyes, he’s always there. Always waiting.

The door opens, revealing a helmetless Kylo Ren on her doorstep. He nearly hits his head on the doorframe as he steps into her former home, his large frame dominating the small room. His way of holding himself is an unspoken threat. With an aura like his, he doesn’t need words to express what he’s capable of.

His dark eyes roam over her, examining her from head to toe. Her heart skips a beat. She used to be afraid of him—the man in the mask, the monster who hunted her and her friends. A part of her still fears him, but for a completely different reason. She fears that one day, she’ll look at the man behind the mask and no longer remember why she’s supposed to hate him.

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Do you understand?

She’s a picture perfect destructive mess,

Runs away with her head held high,

She’ll fall apart with the utmost finesse,

She’s too attached to say goodbye.

She never really took well to stress,

Always threw her fits so you’d watch her cry,

You try and calm her and she’ll digress,

You’d never think to question why.

See she likes to talk to strangers routinely,

Just so she feels like she’s something new,

But every day she sees herself so obscenely,

No stranger’ll change that view.

She carries herself so serenely,

Though her head and thoughts are askew,

Surprising how she’s put together so cleanly,

I guess it’s no thanks to you.

She was never one to stop a wandering hand,

Rolls her eyes and bites her tongue instead,

Pretends like this is what she planned,

Mind full of all the “no”s she could’ve said.

Not afraid to take a stand,

If you use your hand more then your head,

Because she won’t take you to wonderland,

Anxiety fear and a bit of dread.

Tell her she’s special in a different way,

Make her feel like she is more,

Tell her you love her more then you could say,

She is someone you’ll forever adore.

If she needs it let her hide away,

Affection sometimes lacks allure,

She feels things and she’ll try to convey,

She wants to be seen like no one before.

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Can i have a fluffy jinhwan scenario were he's insecure about his height and his s/o (who's shorter than him) tries to make him feel better? i have this cute idea of her telling him that taller girls like cute squishy boys and that she's afraid she'll lose him *squeals forever*

This is actually such an adorable scenario wow aw

Originally posted by taehyunss

Every once in a while, Jinhwan would get on SNS to see what was going on and how many of the ikonics were posting about them. He liked to see what the fans were up to and liked to interact with them as much as possible. But, of course, there were always some negative comments sprinkled in with the love.

He didn’t say anything but you could see the visible change in his face as he was scrolling on his phone. Curious, you decided to sneak a peek as you were moving around the apartment. You could make out a decent amount of jokes and comments about his height and you knew that’s what was bothering him. Even though you and his members tried to tell him that he was fine the way he was, Jinhwan still had days where he didn’t like how short he was.

Since you were both in the middle of getting ready to go out, you didn’t say anything. When you were done putting on your makeup and he had come out of the bathroom dressed in a button down and dress pants, you could see that he was still a bit upset. You smiled at him.

“Aish, what am I going to do with you,” you sighed, earning a confused look from him. “You’re too handsome. I don’t know if I want to go out with you looking like this.”

“Please,” he said, a bit harshly. “I’m too short to be handsome…”

“What on earth are you talking about?” You draped your arms over his shoulders, leaning against him. “Everyone loves guys like you. You’re cute and handsome and the perfect height. Just too perfect. Some noona is going to steal you away from me and I won’t know what to do.”

Jinhwan couldn’t help but laugh a little at you, wrapping his arms around your waist. “No one is going to take me away from you.” He pressed a kiss to your nose before sighing.

“You really don’t think I’m too short?” You shook your head in response and he smiled brightly at you, the relief clear on his face.

“Good. Now, let’s go so I can find that noona you were talking about.”

You laughed, hitting him playfully and letting him lead you out of the apartment.

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What I wanna know is whether Lexa thought Clarke might actually go through with it when she was holding a knife to her throat. Was she afraid? These are the things that keep me up at night.

The first moment when Clarke puts the knife to Lexa’s throat, Lexa doesn’t look afraid. She even leans towards Clarke, maybe because she hasn’t fully processed what’s happening yet, maybe because she thinks Clarke is still the girl she left in front of the Mountain. But then, after a moment you see her visibly gulp, and I think that’s when Lexa realizes exactly what Clarke has become - what Lexa has made her into - and holy shit maybe she’s actually going to kill me. And that’s when Lexa apologizes, because that’s the moment when she realizes the exact extent of the pain she’s caused Clarke.

The door opened with a chime and Annabeth glanced up at who’d entered.

A man wearing black jeans along with a green polo and leather jacket caught her attention. His wrists glinted with multiple rings as he pushed his bangs aside, and his gaze wandered to the only person in the room. Her.

Annabeth quickly finished mopping the floor, wondering who the hell would be in a restaurant at midnight. On a Friday night. And out of everyone, him? He’d stopped by earlier, at around noon, and she didn’t stop thinking about him. Which was ridiculous, considering they’d met once.

She gave him a small smile and he returned it, but she dared not to look up at his face, at his beautifully chiseled jaw and green eyes. She was afraid she would melt.

Grabbing her notebook, Annabeth walked over to him, trying not to act as though she remembered him. “May I help you?”

“Actually,” he told her, flashing another brilliant smile. “I came here earlier, and I think I left one of my rings here.”

“Oh!” Annabeth recalled finding a ring left on one of the seats, and she pulled it out of her pocket. “This?”

“Yep,” he popped the “p”. Reaching over and brushing his hands with hers, the man took his ring. He looked back at her, seeming as if he were deciding to say something.

Annabeth would admit, she was a tad disappointed that he’d come only for his ring. “You’re welcome.”

Did he even say thank you?

“Also,” he cleared his throat, getting up again. “I think I left something else here, too.”

Annabeth raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”

“My number,” A smirk played on his lips. “Would you mind letting me know when you find it?”

A blush creeped on Annabeth’s cheeks. She met his eyes, “How?”

The twinkle in his eye told her all the answer she needed to know.

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Hi Oh my god I hate vampire Camille! She was my favourite and now she is not Camille anymore! Turning her into a vampire was the worst idea ever, the writers are ruining everything! They messed up her character! If she stay like this I'm not sure something is still possible between her and Klaus something is broken and I don't know if they can fix it What do you think about this do you like the new person Camille became?

My initial reaction after watching the episode was, to be quite honest, a little similar to yours. I thought that they had ruined Camille’s character for sure, or at least that they were going to do this, and that they were going to destroy Klamille along the way. I didn’t quite understand where all of this darkness was coming from. Even if Camille was drawn to darkness before, even if we’d gotten to know that she wasn’t afraid to use violence against someone who’d wronged her, or her friend, like we had learned two episodes before–quite conveniently, I might add. I still didn’t understand how she could make a complete change, how she could have suppressed so much darkness. There didn’t seem to be a kickstarter that had set all of this into motion. It sometimes even seemed like she’d turned off her humanity or as if the writers had simply put Katherine into Cami’s body.

After having thought about it quite a lot, though, I think I am starting to understand why Cami has become like that. I miss her compassion, the girl who saw light and goodness even in the darkest of hearts, but you can’t just look at this from Klaus’s perspective. You have to look at it from Cami’s since this is her arc. She just died. She was murdered in a brutal way, she’d been a victim of the world the Mikaelsons had sucked her in, and this is the consequence of being such a victim. She had been remarkably strong over these past 2,5 seasons, she’d always found a way to fight back, and yet, she was never able to truly protect herself. She was always a victim, she had been compelled, she was kidnapped by lunatics, she almost died, then she died for real. She is suffering through PTSD and for the first time in her life, Cami is in charge of her own situation. She is able to do what she wants, she is able to be in control of her situation. For once, she isn’t a victim of anyone else’s drama, so Cami’s in her own agency now, she does things the way she wants to do them or thinks is right to do them. But she doesn’t realize, or rather doesn’t want to admit to herself, that she is still hurting, that she isn’t able to come to terms with what happened to her, with being a vampire, so she is acting and lashing out like that, she is handling this the only way she thinks she can. The way Klaus does always, too. There is no way of doing anything right after having gone through a trauma like that, it’s so much easier to see the good in others than in yourself. So her behavior does make sense, I don’t think it’s as awful as I initially thought. You just have to give it some thought to really understand it.

However, I still think that they put on a little too thickly regarding vampire!Cami, I don’t think that any of this justifies her not being “the girl [Klaus] knew anymore”, it has never been like this after a transition of someone into a vampire, so there are still aspects of the writing that I don’t like. But given that Narducci himself had said that this is going to be a rough path for Cami and that she’ll have to get worse to get better, I will just wait this out and I firmly believe that she will snap out of it. That she will go back to her old self, or at least find a good balance between the two, since after what she’s experienced, it’s not possible to ever go back to the way you were before. There are changes that stick. I just think that they were focusing too much on Cami’s darkness without really explaining where it is coming from, though I hope that they will still do since this is a typical arc for the TVD/TO writers. New vampire lashes out–the breakdown will still come.

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hello! can i ask your opinion on this topic? rey is griffindor, right? (i mean, she saved bb-8 when there was no need in that for her + it even could`ve been dangerous because those guys looked like trouble, then she refused to sell bb-8, etc.) and poe is hufflepuff? (have no idea where that one came from, but i like to think that there are plenty of friendly badasses in hufflepuff). thanks, anyway, your assumption about finn in slytherin is on point c:

I believe that you switched the two of them around.

Rey is a hufflepuff.  The hufflepuff characteristics are: dedication, hardwork, fair play, patience, tolerance, unafraid of toil and loyalty.  Those describe Rey.  She works hard every day of her life and she is never afraid to put in effort.  She will do the hard work and she is going to do it well.  Not only that is is loyal.  She wants to go back to Jakku because she wants someone to come back for her.  She has kept the same hairstyle almost her entire life hoping that someone will recognize her.  She is a beautiful and wonderful hufflepuff.

Poe is a gyrffindor.  The characteristics are: Bravery; Nerve; Chivalry; Courage; Daring.  I cannot think of a better way to describe Poe.  He has courage and daring.  Look at his first interaction with Kylo Ren and that shows some real daring.  He is brave.  The very missions that he goes on show that he is brave. Poe is the most Gryffindor character in the movie.

Has this already been said in the first 10 episodes of Next Class? Cuz if it hasn’t yet, I’m pretty sure this applies to either Grace or Zoe (or even both).
I doubt the writers will go this way but imagine this:

Grace goes to Tristan to ask him what she has to do about Zoe. Tristan tells Grace that it depends on how she feels about Zoe to which Grace replies: “I love Zoe, she means everything to me but I didn’t love the sex. What if I never will? It doesn’t make any sense because I do love her and I’m afraid she won’t settle for that.”
And then Tristan gives her this wise advice (“You have a right to your feelings. Whether or not they make sense, they’re yours.”)

BUUUUT that’s just my Gracevas heart reading into it too much and imagining things that maybe don’t make sense but hey, Degrassi just said it’s okay so who cares? 🖖🏻

“The ship was destroyed.”

“By whom?

I feel like for Yellow Diamond these two seconds were the equivalent of suddenly raising your hackles. We’re tense because we expect Peridot to tell her “The Crystal Gems,” but Yellow Diamond might also be tense because she’s ALSO afraid to hear that answer. She doesn’t mention the Crystal Gems at all, like she doesn’t expect Peridot to even know about them. And yet when she hears that a ship was destroyed her interest sharpens and her tone suggests that she is VERY ready to be angry. She looks RELIEVED when it turns out that it was just Peridot being incompetent - at least according to the Peridot in question.

Either she’s ready to be angry that an unknown assailant had the nerve to attack a Gem Ship, or she’s ready to be FURIOUS that a few Crystal Gems are “still alive and still the guardians of (Earth)” as Pearl might say.

I do wonder exactly what Yellow Diamond would have done if Peridot had even HINTED that the Crystal Gems are still alive.

Hunters, the both of us

It’s like this: she has always been afraid of him. It’s like this: he’s been a mystery since day one. When he winds his fingers in her hair, will he pull? When he touches her face, thumb against her cheek, will he draw back and strike her? Kind words turn cruel with a change of inflection. Perhaps one day he’ll think to mock her. And there’s plenty to choose from: hands always knotted anxiously, a meek voice, the mole on her left cheek. Glasses. No one expects her to be a hunter. She thinks it of herself, as well.

She has noticed his peculiarities and the way he’s so casually cruel. A beast killed by him may as well have not existed at all for how thorough he is with his beatings. Animals – people – rended and transformed back into their basic components: meat, blood, sinew. The sound of him cracking bones, the hem of her cloak stained red and brown with blood, the sickly smell of copper, the dark and dank streets and alleyways of Yharnam. This is her life now, she supposes.

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今日のモデル猫さんは @nyarumeru さんのお家のnyarud(にゃるっ)ちゃんです。
This is @nyarumeru ’s nyarud. Cute and fluffy cat with big round eyes, but she is assertive, not afraid of people nor dogs, and has a big appetite, according to the owner.  
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All anyone wants is to be loved and accepted as she is. Give her that and she will not be afraid. Give her that, and she will have no need to attack you.

It is time you understood that what you withhold from your sister you withhold from yourself. For she is not separate from you. And only in recognizing her worthiness is your own confirmed.

—  Paul Ferrini

Repressed Lesbian Quinn Fabray wanting to sleep with a guy bc shes afraid of her feelings for girls and what it could mean to her family but she cant do it with finn bc if its bad then she has to break up with finn bc she might be a freaking lesbian! so she drinking 3 wine coolers and goes upstairs with puck because he has just as much to loose as she does if finn finds out…

I can’t sleep and I’m Suffering, so here’s my Sans and Toriel head canon: they’re in an a sexual relationship. They like to tell each other bad puns, and they’re raising Frisk together. Frisk is sometimes embarrassed by how out of control the pair’s puns get but they haven’t had a warm and happy home for some time, so they ultimately appreciate their peculiar adoptive parent’s obvious affection for one another. Sans has nightmares, but Toriel is always there to calm him down. When the nightmares keep him up, Toriel stays up and reads him slug facts until he falls asleep. On the anniversary of Asriel and the fallen human’s deaths, Toriel gets quiet but Sans is always there to listen. She won’t open up until Frisk has gone to bed. She wants to take care of everyone but she’s too afraid to worry anyone with how much pain she’s in sometimes. He makes her cinnamon butterscotch pie, and they sit and look at the stars-the real stars- together while they eat it. It’s not quite as good as Toriel’s, but it’s the thought that counts and that makes it all the better to her. They’ve been through a lot, but they have each other. They’re comfortable, and they both finally feel like they’re where they belong.

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"I didn’t want to fuck it up with you."

Katara looked down to her hands, the burns that once were freshly paining her skin, radiating up her arms, had faded away from the healing water she surrounded them with.

“I know you didn’t.” She spoke, her voice monotone as she kept her gaze downward. She didn’t know what else to say, Zuko was once a safe haven for her, a home outside of home. But now she couldn’t look him in the eye, she was afraid, not really of him, she knew it was an accident. She wasn’t afraid of who he was, but she got a glance of who her lover could be, and it scared her to her core.

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My mothers very protective/strict when it comes to me dating and she doesn't want me to go down stairs with a boy or go to his house to hangout and it makes me very upset and we've tried talking about it but she is sticking to her ways. Do you have suggestions on how to talk her into letting me (I'm 15 I'm not sure if that matters but I thought I'd let you know)

honestly I would tell her how you are a teenager who is capable of making your own choices and you will make good decisions when it comes to boys and I’m just guessing here but I think she’s afraid you’ll have sex? If that’s the case tell her you’ll be safe. Also mention how you’ll be honest with her and if she’s less strict you guys can have a closer relationship like someone who’s parents are less strict is more willing to be honest with them when it comes to boys and someone who’s parents are more strict is more likely to goes behind their parents back and I’m sure your mother would rather you be honest then resort to lying so bring that point up too

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Do you think the gaff hurt Rubio?

1. It wasn’t a gaff.

2.  I didn’t see Hillary attacking Christie this morning on the Sunday shows…it was still Rubio she was attacking.  She’s still afraid, so I guess it didn’t stop Marco.

Today has been a rough one for this girl. She isn’t feeling good, she didn’t sleep well, and there have been lots of time outs and quite a bit of flopping on the floor and crying (mostly her). I’m afraid she got a bit of my stubbornness. Or shall we call it strong will? I hear that makes for good leadership as an adult, but tonight it makes for heartbreaking cries from her bedroom as she refuses to apologize for something. I hope and pray that one day she sticks to her values and beliefs with this much fortitude. But tonight I am oh so grateful for God’s grace… For her, but mostly for me and my frustration at her. And I’m grateful that tomorrow is a new day. ❤️