trying to research common mistakes made when writing non-white characters, but all I’m finding is page after page of white writers agonizing over how difficult it is and how scared they are of doing A Bad Thing

like, I don’t mean to trivialize the importance of not screwing it up, but good god, people, just talk to real human beings of your character’s race and cultural heritage.

google words you’re afraid will have negative associations.

research stereotypes and old propaganda, and don’t try to be subversive about a stereotype, just to get out of rebuilding that side of your character.

just do something other than creating 100% white casts. try. do your absolute best, run it by real people who know what they’re talking about, and then try. laziness should be the last thing keeping you from diversifying your cast.

I know everyone has their own head canons and beliefs and such, and that’s cool. But picture for a moment dranelfs (half draenei, half night elf children). Out of all the races, I really like this combination. And since night elves are among the closest to draenei in terms of size and height on Alliance side (thought technically Tauren and Trolls are closer…), I think it makes a good match (and if draexorc children are possible, anything’s on the table). I also just see nelfs and draes being able to coexist with one another well. Maybe that’s just me.

 So here’s my thoughts on what I think a dranelf female would look like (elf mother and drae father). And of course, you could pose any combinations of traits based on who you think is the more dominate gene. I went more nelf because the draenei legs are not for the faint of heart (aka I’m really bad at getting the proportions right). 

PS; I know drelf is more common, but that could apply to any type of elf. I went with dranelf to be a bit more align with night elf.

PSS: Rainbow she is what you probably think she is :p A hundred years down the line that is.


look at my adorable little blanket hog. shes almost 10 but she still has a kitten face and her name is kitty and shes afraid of everything and likes to cuddle with me. she also likes to lick backpacks

omg look at her face in the bottom middle picture she’s like “these are my blankets now got a problem?”

Wow, my mom actually told people I’m transgender. (which she hates using that word since she doesn’t fully accept yet), the fact that she still told people I’m transgender publicly (but was still struggled saying the word), means a lot to me. ‘cause it means she’s not afraid to tell people who I am anymore, the fact that she still lacks on my name and pronouns, sucks, but, each day she’s coming to terms with who I am, and that’s all I ever wanted and is more than enough for me. is just to be happy. 󾌯

It took 6/half years, but it’s about time my family is making some progress. and I’m proud of them for it. <3

Margaret was only seven when she was first stung. It was the only time she could remember being in a hospital. Her entire face was swollen, and she was having trouble breathing. She woke up a day later in the hospital, and since that day she had been afraid of bees. 

Margaret was a junior in college the second time she was stung. She was walking alone in the park on a warm summer’s morning. She leaned down to look at a lone rose along the side of the path, pulling up the camera app on her phone. While she was taking pictures, a small honey bee crawled up over the rim of the rose. Startled, she took a step back, but quickly regained her senses and went back to taking pictures as the bee took off. She moved to another set of flowers, a small collection of orchids. She was bothered by a small itch on her neck, which she quickly scratched, returning to her work. The itch reappeared, this time directly underneath her right ear. She swatted at it. A small but angry buzz responded. Realizing what she had done, she made a dash for her car. Not before making it 20 feet, a hot pain, not unlike a doctor’s needle plunged into her shoulder blade. Halfway to her car, her breath became short, and difficult. She started wheezing, and she could feel her throat closing up. She dials 91- but was interrupted by the taste of mud, and the hard ground against her face. She is too tired to get up. She finishes dialing, and passes out. 

A small honey bee floats gently to the ground, settling into it’s final resting place, most of it’s abdomen missing. 4 minutes pass. A paramedic’s shoe crushes the bee’s small body.


So I saw a kitten eating garbage in a parking lot and I cried and bought some food for it last night and then this morning I rented a live animal trap and caught her in two hours and I cried

Seriously I love cats so much and she’s so afraid and young and hungry I am crying now

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I don't understand you and freelee. You claim to be calorie stuffers but that's not true cause freelee is under weight at this point. She had eaten and had shoes on with that weigh in so for sure under weight. Why doesn't she just eat more calories? Is she afraid of gaining weight? You are suppose to increase calories when you increase activity but you don't. You tell people having trouble gaining to eat 4000 cal a day but you guys don't even follow your own advice.

Freelee is stuffing her face with potato chips right now. Literally.

Lays oven baked originals.

We havent ridden a bicycle in 2 days. We are taking 2 weeks off cycling mountains to get our weight back up.

We walk our talk bro. 

Watch my daily eating videos that Im going to do my best daily to upload for full transparency.

If you can find anyone with that level of transparency, please DM me on insta cos I want to learn from them aswell. 

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Ok, now that I know that, how was her first relationship? When did Jade realise she loved her?

She was sixteen and they only dated for a few months. They got together when Jade realized that she had feelings for this girl who she’d been friends with for years, and just kissed her during one of their slumber parties. It didn’t last but while it did last, they had fun together, but it was never serious. 

Her first real relationship broke her heart. She met her when she was eighteen and they dated until she was twenty two… everyone was surprised when they lasted that long and was devastated when they found out they’d broken up. Jade knew she loved her before they even started dating, but they didn’t say it to each other until they’d been dating for six months. Jade almost said it more than once, but in the end she was too afraid of scaring her away, so she waited far longer than she wanted to. 

Jade is a bit of a hopeless romantic, so it was not really all that surprising when the cause of them breaking up is when Jade proposed to her with a big long speech about eternal love and whatnot, and her girlfriend wasn’t on the same page. She cried two weeks straight and got her third tattoo during that time (and it actually has nothing to do with her now ex-girlfriend, it’s a tiny Avengers “A” on her wrist to remind her that in the end her family is the most important thing in the world).

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Can I ask about dis? What was her parenting style? I would adore to know more about her, she seems wonderful

Dís is well, as far as I am aware. When I, Fíli, and Kíli left for this quest, she was supportive of our success, though concerned, as many are, that the quest would fail. As soon as Erebor is reclaimed, I shall send a raven to her to tell her of these past months.

Dis’ way of parenting, if described in a single word, is fierce. She is very protective of Fíli and Kíli, though she encourages both of them to try as much as they can, to learn and grow and see all that there is. She has never been afraid to speak her mind as loudly as she can and her prowess in battle is on par with Dwalin, which is unsurprising given that they trained so frequently together growing up.

Dís is also the only person I know to have an absolute weakness for anything with cinnamon in it.

My girlfriend and I are of different ethnicities. My parents are chill. They trust me with my decisions and that includes who I get into a relationship with. Unfortunately, my girlfriend’s parents are more traditional. This presents a problem because obviously she doesn’t know what to do. She’s afraid that if they do not approve of me, she will lose me. So I’ve been thinking about how I would handle the situation if it was reversed. What I have come up with is this: Think of any reason why my parents would disapprove of the person I am with if race was not an issue. Does she have life goals? What steps is she taking in pursuing those goals? Does she come from a good family? (Good as in morally.) How does she treat her parents and her elders? I would ask myself those questions and if she fails that, then I do realize there is a problem. If she passes with flying colors, then I wouldn’t care. I’d introduce her to my parents. If they still disapprove because of a racial issue, then it’s not worth stressing about it. If the person I’m with is taking steps towards greatness, then I’ll keep believing and supporting her. When she becomes successful, I can only hope that my parent’s negative stigma about her race is shattered and they start slowly accepting her. If that doesn’t happen, I couldn’t care less about what my parents think. I’m making my own path in life and I don’t want to live my life regretting about not following my gut or my heart. I think this is also an opportunity to explain to people who are in my girlfriend’s situation to keep reminding your partner that you believe in them and that you’re not ashamed to be with them. Everyone has insecurities and those insecurities get amplified when they’re in a relationship. Scenarios like these play tricks in our mind. There are days when I would start thinking that she probably deserves better because she’s probably ashamed of me. To be completely honest, most people would never stay with you or invest so much time, effort and even money on you if they were ashamed of who you are. So to the people who are on my side of the fence, keep in mind that people are always torn about loyalty to their parents and loyalty to their self. Especially in Asian cultures, I definitely fall victim to always trying to please my parents. It’s only when it comes to my future that I do me. I follow what I know is best for me over what my parents think would be best for me. So keep that in mind, your partner could be stressed about this decision but be patient. Here’s the counter argument: Say you stop caring about what your parents say and marry this person despite their disapproval. I’m not saying the marriage won’t work but it’s an added stress to the relationship. Just because you’ve been dating for 5 years and have learned to deal with it does not mean the stress will be the same. It might increase because you two are now married. So think about that as well. Maybe this person is your soul mate but can you and your soul mate endure the kind of relationship that lies ahead. (You’re probably wondering why I’m posting non martial art related things. My answer is: An instructor’s job is to always guide and to always help a student in anyway. This goes for all instructors, martial arts or academic. Every now and then I do have these thoughts and hopefully they open up some sort of discussion within the reader where they can form their own opinion and see where they stand on the issue. Everything I say is opinion and has always been opinions, some just happened to be backed by research. If you guys are down to have random posts like these, let me know and I’ll start making them when I have time)

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Was Rosalyn Rosenfeld really as depressed as Irving described her ("I thought you were mysterious until I found out mysterious meant depressed, hard to reach") or was she just unhappy in her marriage? In other words, was she just depressed about her relationship with Irving or was she actually clinically depressed?

I don’t know that Rosalyn could be classified as clinically depressed, nor can Irving be taken as an authority on the subject. 

It’s possible she is depressed, but Rosalyn strikes me as being driven by anxiety. That can be a symptom of depression, but I think it’s mostly tied to her fear of what life with Irving will be in the future. She’s afraid of him leaving her, terrified of what her life might be without him. She’s put him in a kind of father/husband, parent/spouse role as a result of her anxieties, and tried to control him by behaving both as the needy wife, and the misbehaving teen. She’s not conscious of this dynamic, but she is willfully manipulative and selfish. It all comes though, from very human fragility, fear, and anxiety, which is what makes her sympathetic.

Is all that a symptom of depression? Possibly, but I’m not qualified to say, and neither is her husband.

When I was but a wee bab of 15 and obsessed with Ducktales/DW, I had an oc that was actually pretty good and I’d like to bring back in another incarnation.

Her name was Sara, and she was an experiment of two former SHUSH agents, fired for working on personal projects with government money. She was a hybrid creature, half duck and half crocodile, with scales instead of feathers, lizard eyes, claws and fangs inside of her bill. Having been sheltered her whole life, she was very childlike and naive, but she was afraid of most if not all people. She also had a little china doll named Flick that she talked to all the time.

one time Koga needed to do a blog post about upcoming tour news but she was afraid no one would read it so she interspersed every sentence with a picture of Oreo falling in the snow