Penny, Labrador Retriever mix (5 m/o), Bloomfield & 3rd St., Hoboken, NJ • “She takes a good fifteen minutes to come out of her crate every morning because she’s afraid of peeing on the ground.”

bev isnt some edgy punk bitchy girl!! shes a girl who has overcome abuse and bullying and is still super nice to everyone!! shes afraid of things but is courageous anyway because she knows it’s the right thing to do!! shes the girl who signed a boys yearbook because no one else did!! shes a girl who would go up to anyone and be their friend!! shes the nicest loveliest person you will ever meet!! she cares about everyone!!! shes amazing!!

The silence went on and on, so long that she began to grow afraid once more, but she was afraid for him now, not for herself. She found his massive shoulder with her hand. “He was no true knight,” she whispered to him. The Hound threw back his head and roared. Sansa stumbled back, away from him, but he caught her arm. “No,” he growled at her, “no, little bird, he was no true knight.”
—  Sansa Stark | A Game of Thrones (George R.R. Martin)

October 17th.

October 17th

Words: 221

“Ahh, spiders!”

All of my October drabbles are part of an ongoing Dean Winchester x Reader series called “The Drabble Family”.

Dean and Sam were huddled close together at the table in the library, discussing what the terms of Y/N hunting should be now that she was pregnant. Every few minutes they glanced toward the door, afraid she would appear out of thin air.

“She’s too stubborn to just stop hunting.” Dean was saying with a sigh, dragging a hand through his hair. “We need to-“ A scream echoed through the bunker, the boys springing to their feet and rushing down the hall.

“What’s going on?” Sam stumbled, knocking his shoulder against the door frame as he came to stop at the bedroom door.

“Is it the baby?” Dean asked, pushing past his younger brother and sprinting to her side, his hands cupping her face, as he started at her with worry filled green eyes.

“Spider!” She screamed, pointing toward the desk her laptop sat on, before burying her face against his chest.

“Oh Jesus, you scared us half to death, because of spider?” Sam chastised, walking over with his shoe already in hand. Swiftly he smashed it.

“Dude, don’t be a dick to her.” Dean glared, holding her a bit tighter. It’d been less than 24 hours since he found they were having a baby, but he was already becoming more protective over them. Even when it came to Sam.

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He took a deep breath, a ripple of fear ran through him, he did not want to say this wrong. ”Kadie, I was instinctively pulled to you as soon as I saw you. I know we were meant to be together. It feels like our souls are connected. I respect you and I will never ask you to do something you’re not ready for. I love everything about you, your spur of the squirrel distractions, your raccoon comments, your brilliant mind, your humor, your kisses, your playfulness, your compassion … I can keep going if you want me to.”

Her tears had started to fall… “Please don’t hurt me,” she sobbed. “I’m so afraid of you hurting me.”  The dam broke and the tears flowed. He held her, quietly rocking her. He let her cry out all of the hurt and pain she’d felt. 

After her tears slowed and she’d gone through several tissues he kissed her on her nose. “My beautiful angel I am incapable of causing you harm.” He held up his index finger, she wrapped hers around it. “I promise I will never hurt you.”

She gazed at their fingers, hooked together. “Everyone else swears on pinkie promises.”

“I don’t think we’re like everyone else. I’m ok with that, I’ve always known I was different, now I have someone else who’s different in the same way I am and I couldn’t be happier. I want to spend the rest of my life showing you how much I love you.”

“Okay.” she whispered. She pulled him in for a soft kiss, tenderly stoking the fire between them until she pushed harder, flaming the passion. He finally relaxed. 

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I love that no matter how old Alex is she's never afraid to show her love for her mommas. Like she's never that teen who asks to be dropped off a couple of blocks away or is embarrassed to get a kiss from one of her moms. She's always so proud to show them off. And she loves hanging out with them and going places and gossiping. The have such a great kid.

She gives them big smooches when she gets dropped off and always says “love you” really loud on the phone and she adores them they’re her whole world




summary: spot has it bad: the sequel

**a few people asked for this so here you are!! (also the ending’s p. bad sorry)

The strike wasn’t going too well. Despite not having the support of Brooklyn, or any other borough, it went ahead. Which was a bad idea.

Dozens of goons pummeled the newsies, kicking them to the curb. Crutchie was beaten and dragged to the refuge. Bruises covered pale, dirty skin. And Jack Kelly, the so-called “union leader” was nowhere to be seen.

So things were pretty bad.

If there was one thing Y/N didn’t want to do, it was return to Brooklyn. Never because she was intimidated or afraid. Just because she really didn’t want to put up with Spot Conlon’s flirting again. But here she was, begging her so-called “friends” not to send her back.

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The Context. Thoughts on VIM 13

“CONTEXT is important

Yes. Let’s look at the fucking CONTEXT

As I’ve previously stated. VKM series parallel 1st series with roles reversed. Human Kaname lives with and is Kazoku with Cross Family. Zero and Yuuki are the Vampires in angsty romance.

This chapter is a mix between the time Zero bit Yuuki (without consent that time, too.) that first time & her reluctance to give him blood +the time Yuuki told Kaname, even if it meant she’d go to hell. She still would want to be with him and only wanted his blood. And drank from him. Because Kaname was being EMO and saying how bad he was for Yuuki.

Only when juxtaposing with Kaname and Yuuki.

•They were —two consenting people.

•Kaname never bit Yuuki when she was human. Because she was afraid of vampires. His desire to protect her was greater

•More importantly. Kaname had a healthy respect for Yuuki’s PERSONAL BOUNDARIES

Kaname and Yuukil both desired to be with each other in both the emotional-physical-as-in-sexual way. And both desired to drink from the other, And be fed on by the other. It’s just unlike with Zero and Yuuki. Neither had to–

▪Pin the other down on the bed

then force the other into submission. Savagely biting them and sexually molesting them.

Bite the other person until they were left bloody and dazed

Right before unapologetically telling them it’s their fault fo being so “desirable” and “tasty”. They were unable to keep themselves from violating the other person. On some victim blaming, shaming-domestic abuser- sexual predator- bullshit

This shit is indefensible. Do not even try.

If you think Yume was unhealthy and Zeki is beautiful and pure-non-toxic-love. It’s because you’re used to dysfunctional relationships. And do not realize love is an action word, This is not healthy. It shouldn’t be anyone’s relationship goals. It’s abusive behavior.

On another note. All throughout VKM & VK Mnga Series. Hino has pointed out several times. That Yuuki deeply loves Zero. It’s more of a mother-sister kind of love. That at least for Yuuki. Zero is a beloved companion and friend. But he’s not a romantic partner.

If you noticed Zero just asks that she tells him “he made he happy". But Zero DOES NOT ask for “her love”. He’s in love with her and wants to be with her. Drinking from Yuuki and being by her side is enough for him. He wants more but was content to just be next to her. He’s a doormat for her. If he wasn’t a fuckboy. I’d pity him. Heartless me. I don’t.

That’s all the CONTEXT I NEED.

Food for thought (random thoughts after reading all current chapters of VKM )

if VKM SERIES parallels VK. It means the main male vampire lead will not live for long, He will die after giving Yuuki a child, Then Yuuki will end being with the second male lead. Who was originally a human before the start of the manga.

Which means Yuuki will be forced out of Kaname. Because we’ve already seen Kaname and Rido come back from the dead

And they’ll be together with Ren and Ai in the end.

Lol it will begin and end with Yume, again. I truly believe it will. That’s it for now.😊


Introducing ~ Corinne Hartly

Traits: Self Assured, Goofball ,and Ambitious

Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy

Age: 26

Bio: As a kid she had everything she ever wanted a great family ,finically stable home ,popularity. However when she grew older and spread out on her own she made a huge mistake and lost it all. Ever since then she’s been ambitious for the best life she can get ,because of that she hasn’t really been focusing on love and thinks Noah’s BC is the best for her. Her stubbornness can cause her both problems and gains

Some Quirks: She’s deadly afraid of hamsters(but don’t tell her it’s her darkest secret). She has 3 younger siblings who are triplets. She spent most of her childhood frolicking around

written by @asterllum

I’m stubborn, so until I see the actual breakup, I won’t believe it…but watching that talk they have about kids..I don’t think that they will breakup because of it…maggie never says she doesn’t want kids…her expressions show me that she seems afraid or insecure about it…she just seemed thrown off by what Alex says about their future.

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Because of the lack of touch I can't help but picture seven with a small statured species. Imagine a powerful force healer coming in contact with her. Not touching her physically but helping her to calm her mind and healing any accidental contact. Is seven afraid of the Jedi because of the Sith manipulation in the lab?

She is wary at best. When a Force user reaches out to touch her mind, that’s when she becomes afraid and/or defensive. Building a close friendship with her would be a must before you try poking around her mind, even if it is to calm her. Otherwise, there’s a good chance she’ll attack you. 

QuickTypes: The Royals: Eleanor Henstridge [ESFP]

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If anyone knows how to party, its Princess Eleanor; she is the “wild party girl”. Eleanor lives completely in the moment and takes pleasure in a lot of sensory activities be it drugs, sex or dress to kill (Se). She rebels against the norms of society by her various activities like how she always does the opposite of what her mother wants and is not afraid to speak her mind out. She does what she wants and is not afraid to be herself (Fi). Under that cold tough exterior, Eleanor is actually a very sweet and emotional person. She never likes to talk about her feelings but is quick to act on one. She loves to order people around (low Te). She does not think about her future much but when she puts her mind on something, nobody can stop her (Ni).


This is going to be kind of disorganized. 

 Madiha Nakar. 

 I love seeing her singlemindedness and determination to succeed, tempered by her fears and doubts. She’s often afraid of her own success, her own goals. I feel like this dynamic plays out in both her professional and private affairs. I absolutely love reading about her. I see her as a conflicted protagonist who actually has reasons to be conflicted, but ultimately she IS a good person, regardless of her own doubts as to whether or not she is doing the right thing. Every scene with Madiha and Paranita interacting and supporting each other and STUFF makes me SOO HAPPYYY. 

 Leander Gaurige. 

I so, so appreciate this “fish out of water” trying to defend his newfound home, his newfound self. I believe in him. He is a GOOD MAN. 

Bercik Scheldt’s story is fascinating to me. That’s a guy who really plunged into the unknown, WAY out of his depth, because of his convictions and what he believes is right. That’s a narrative that I love. 

 I really really like all of the scenes with interactions between Gulab Kajari and Charvi Chadgura. Those two. THOSE TWO are adorable. 

 Also I really have to fucking mention the tank gays. Noel/Ivan and Caelia/Danielle are soooooo good.
 Noel is so glorious in his flamboyance and he just makes me grin in his every appearance.
 Caelia and Danielle are SOOOO CUTE. GOD. I have really enjoyed their anxiety-infused shy awkward romance. That’s…. so relatable.

I really enjoyed the tank warfare and particularly Naya Oueddai’s overall storyline with regards to her chronic pain, and her symbiotic, poetic, metaphoical relationship with this prodigious prototype tank. Furthermore the tactical tank warfare was cool as hell. I gotta say that all of the combat scenes are very good in the sense that they really combine the brute mechanical forces of warfare, the strategic machinations, the tactical maneuvers, the visceral and emotional human experiences all integrated together. And sometimes people are making these calculated moves, and sometimes people just don’t know what the heck is going on!

hhhh sorry for this being rather slapdash and vague… I think I read through the solstice war too fast so I’ll almost certainly re-read it! I have read my favorite books several times over! I always get more out of subsequent readings.