i just realized that i never revealed the fate of my cat who was in renal failure and wanted to reassure those of you that replied: 

that motherfucker is fine

lemme tell you about this crazy ass cat

we got her about 4-5 years ago and in that time span she has:

1. been squashed by the garage door
2. gone missing for 4 days straight (we live in woods full of bears and foxes and things that might eat/seriously injure cats, so it was more than a little concerning)
3. gotten stung in the eye by a bee, to the point where we thought she was going to lose the eye entirely
and now 4. been stung in the cheek to the point where she stopped drinking water and went into renal failure. (vet pumped her full of fluids and she was fine. looked like she’d been reinflated)

this motherfucking cat is going to put my entire family into an early grave

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Imagine colorblind!Fushimi suffering

Maybe instead of just regular colorblindness a Strain hits Fushimi and gives him like rotating Anna-style colorblindness, he can only see one color at any given time and that color rotates randomly so one minute he can only see red and then he blinks and suddenly he can only see green. I think he’d find that super annoying, like at first he figures it’s no big deal who needs to see colors anyway he already knows everything at Scepter 4 is blue. But it’s unexpectedly inconvenient not being able to differentiate colors that he normally would be able to, like he spills some coffee on his sleeve but he can’t see where  because it shows up the same shade of gray as his coat. And of course he can’t see blue at all the whole time he’s in Scepter 4 headquarters and even though Fushimi doesn’t want to admit that it’s bugging him it totally is, everything looking just totally flat and colorless like he’s watching an old movie. If he’s already feeling irritated because he got hit by a weird Strain power again I could see this making things worse, like if Fushimi’s getting down on himself and starting to feel depressed the lack of color surrounding him just dampens his mood even more. Maybe one of the alphabet boys notices and mentions something to Munakata, Munakata walks over to Fushimi to ask what color Fushimi is able to see currently. Fushimi has to look around for a bit to give him an answer because again, the whole place is blue he needs to find something non-blue to look at. Finally he mutters an irritated ’…yellow.’ Ten minutes later Munakata comes back in with yellow streamers and yellow markers, yellow printer paper for the reports, just yellow everything and he and Awashima and the alphabet squad cover the place in yellow while Fushimi stares blankly, not quite understanding why everyone’s doing this for him. He’s even more confused an hour later when the visible color shifts to green and Munakata immediately just snaps his fingers and everyone moves like they planned things in advance, changing all the colors from yellow to green.

Also I think the colorblindness might make using his auras weird. Like on the one hand he ‘knows’ deep down inside his soul what color he’s using, choosing one of the three hasn’t changed at all from how he normally calls them out. But he can’t see the color and it puts him on edge, like he knows he’s using blue but it doesn’t look like it. And if he infuses his knives with it he can barely even see the power at all, like if he’s in a well-lit room or outside the glow on the knives doesn’t look any different from the color of the blade and the sky surrounding it and it makes him feel hesitant about throwing it, not sure that it even really worked. When he can see one of the three colors that color then ends up being the aura he uses which also makes things awkward, using the blue is no problem but green and red still have bad memories associated with them and he keeps gritting his teeth as he calls them up, annoyed that something stupid like not being able to see color is dictating how he chooses to fight.

So I told her this morning.

I cried for like an hour and a half, maybe more, I don’t know.

But it’s a little better now. I hope.

me: I’m coming to terms that it is day four of filming and there is nothing they can do about Carmilla’s hair. It is going to stay barely curled and there’s nothing I can do about that. It’s fine

me, 10 seconds later: but why the fuck wouldn’t they do her hair the same way–

Bombshell Beauty {Ch.3}

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Group/Member: Seventeen/S.coups

Genre: Real World, Bad!boy S.coups, Fluff, Angst, Comedy, Romance

Word Count: 1604

Warnings: Slight Cursing, Drinking

Y/n ~ Your First Name

L/n ~ Your Last Name

Y/f/n ~ Your Full Name {First and Last}

Chapter 1 Chapter 2  Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5

S.coups Extra:
“Y/n looks fine. She changed so much,” Mingyu says licking his lips.”Stay away she’s mine,” Seungcheol says as Jihoon scoffs and chuckles. “She was never yours. You dated her as a stupid dare and you have no right being protective over her.” He says as Seungcheol sulks. “You’re right but I can’t help it. I love her.” He says as Jeonghan speaks up.“What’s the matter with you and her? You dated her for like $200.” Seungcheol quickly relays what happened at the office earlier today and all the boys nod. “Well, hyung, learn to help it because I don’t know if she’ll ever make up with you. She sounded pretty firm on not forgiving you. Well from what you just told us.” Seungkwan says as Seungcheol looks up to see you rest your hand on Joshua’s knee. “But I can’t,” Seungcheol says as he takes a swig of his beer.

You and Joshua talk for a bit. He still doesn’t drink and he chose water over vodka. He seems genuinely interested in your life, in how you changed majors and all about your travels in New York. Joshua now owns a small café in the center of Seoul. He loved his job and you could tell. His eyes sparkle as he talks about all the people that come into the café. After exchanging numbers Jeonghan waltzes over to you two and takes the empty seat next to Joshua.

“Joshua Hong, are you drinking Vodka?” Jeonghan asks and he slings his arm over Joshua.

“No Jeonghun, its water. I don’t drink, remember.”Joshua says sipping his cup of water.

“Y/n remember the day I rapped, drink water,” He says as you and Jeong Han laugh uncontrollably.

Not that far away you see a sulky Seungcheol and a group of drunk men.

“I want to make her laugh like that,” S.coups says as he sips his 4th beer.

“Your such a lovesick puppy hyung.” Chan teases and the others laugh.

“No I think he’s just drunk” Seungkwan states.

“Let’s get him more drunk!” MIngyu cheers as all the boys laugh.

“MINGYU I’M GONNA PUNCH YOU SO HARD! GUESS WHO’S THE ONE MOTHERING HIM ALL NIGHT,” Jihoon screams going to punch Mingyu right in the motherload.

“No Hyung, stop!” Mingyu yells.

“Whats happening here?” You ask as the boys turn to you and they all look like a deer stuck in headlights.

“I’m sorry you had to witness that,” Jihoon states while rubbing the back of his neck.

“No problem, I witnessed a lot back in New York. You say as they laugh.

“But we have a bigger problem here!” Jeonghan says silencing the group.

“Mingyu’s shoes don’t match his tie.” He shouts out making everyone but Mingyu crack up.

“But hyunggggggg I look gooodd” Mingyu whines as he stomps his feet.

“Not like that, you look like a middle-aged car salesman,” Jeonghan says snapping his fingers.

“But-”Mingyu starts off but Jeonghan cuts him off.

“Ok, guys I’m gonna head out now.” You say waving goodbye to everyone.

“Wait let me take you home,” Seungcheol says as he stumbles to follow you.

“No, let me drive you home, I had nothing to drink,” Joshua says as he puts a hand on the small of your back and both of you head toward the door. As you both walk to his, car he opens the door for you. You give him a small nod for opening the door for you. After he starts the engine, you tell him your address.

“Where did Nara go?” He asks.

“She went home early I think,” You say.

Conversation was slow because both of you were tired from the night’s events. You talk about family and work, but that’was about it . Once he reaches your house he gets out and opens the door for you and waits for you to step out of the car before closing the door. Joshua walks you to the front door.

“Thanks for this Joshua.” You say as he nods.

“Maybe stop by my cafe sometime and we could have coffee?” He says taking out a business card.

“I’d really like that.” You say as you wave goodbye and close the door. You wait for him to drive away before you head upstairs to wash up. Nara was already asleep and you washed up changed and fell asleep. Your first night in Seoul sure was eventful.

Scoups’ P.O.V

{taking off from where he wanted to drive y/n home}

“Hyung you can’t drive yourself home, how do you expect to drive Y/n home?” Wonwoo asks.

“I don’t know., I answered as the rest of the crew prepares to leave.

“Come on lover boy. I’ll drive you home, we’re going to the same place anyway.” Jihoon says grabbing my wrist. The car ride is quiet. I rest the whole ride home. He helps me into the apartment  living room where I plop down on the couch. After Jihoon hangs up his coat, he comes to sit next to me.

“Seungcheol remember the therapy course I took back in freshman year of Uni?” He asks as he puts on his little round glasses. “Well I’m finally putting it to use,” he says getting a nearby notebook.

“Now are these sudden feelings you’ve been having for Y/n?” He asks me and I shake my head no.

“I liked her back in highschool and having her back and near me is so torturous., I say turning my back to lay on my left side.

“I know you never get drunk,” Jihoon says, trying hard not to say it too loud.

“I love the way she gets along with everyone, but I can’t help but be jealous and act up,”I say and let out a sigh.

“I see,” Jihoon says scribbling something down in the notebook.

“How much do you love her?” Jihoon asks me.

“Well I love her to the moon and back, I miss her and I want her to be mine, but I can’t get to her,” I say desperately.

“Now think about the best moment you’ve had with Y/n,” Jihoon says, and I close my eyes to think. I think back to the first month we were dating… I had just told her all about my family, well the really non-existent one. I’d explained to her that my family disowned me at a young age and I was left with the boys.


“Seungcheol didn’t worry too much, there are always people who care about you, like Jeonghan and Joshua and even Mingyu, and especially me, I will always care for you and I’ll always be here.” She says to me as I embrace her in a hug. She tucks her head in the crook of my neck and I gently stroke her hair. “Seungcheol, I’ll always be there.” She says.

*end of flashback*

“SEUNGCHEOL LET ME GO” Jihoon yells at me before smacking me in the shoulder. Looks like I was patting him on the head as if it was her.

“Well, you definitely miss her.” He states and I scoff.

“No shit Sherlock,” I say.

“I’m going to bed, this did nothing,” I say leaving Jihoon alone in the living room.

“This did a lot, Seungcheol, it shows me that you don’t want her enough,”Jihoon says.

“I do, though!” I cry out.

“Well, you’re going to have to lessen that ego and gruff reputation of yours and show her you truly care THIS time. That’s the only way, no matter what else you do or how long you try to avoid it, it’s the only way.” Jihoon says as I shut my bedroom door. I wash and change into my pajamas and drift off to sleep. The first night with her back sure has been eventful.

Joshua’s P.O.V

{Starts when he gets home from dropping Y/n off}

I’m staying at Jihoon’s and Seongcheol for the next week while my house gets repainted. As I walk in, I hear Jihoon and Seungcheol talking,

“How much do you love her?” Jihoon asks Seungcheol.

“Well, I love her to the moon and back, I miss her and I want her with me but I can’t get to her,” Seungcheol says.

I remember the breakup very well, on both sides. Seungcheol was getting drunk more often. Even as an underage drinker, he handled alcohol well but not in those moments. He came home every night with bruises from getting in fights. If he wasn’t drinking, he was crying his nights away. Y/n, on the other hand, was crying both day and night. Her self-esteem plummeted and everything I did to try and raise her self-esteem did not work. Eventually, both parties got back on their feet and moved on, and eventually even became successful. Right here in this moment, I know that I will do anything in my power to get them back together. I’ll tell Jihoon tomorrow when Seungcheol is gone for work, but I’ll get them together somehow.  As both of them moved on, each of them left pieces of themselves behind in the past, each of them left pieces of themselves in each other.

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Amanda stretched and yawned to her alarm, a bit earlier than Lenny. She felt like she hadn’t had any rest as she sat up to start her day. She reached up to scratch her head but… Her hair was much shorter than before. She opened her eyes. She could see just fine? She looked around then down at herself. Where were her brea- “OH DEAR GOD WHAT IS THIS?!” She slapped her hands over her mouth, her eyes wide. Or his, now.

She whined horribly before standing and sneaking out her house. She didn’t need to be seen like this.

By the time Lenny was realizing his own problem, Amanda was walking up to the front door of the mansion. She thanked all the goodness in the world that she woke up plenty earlier than any of the KND. She looked at her phone and glasses in her hand and texted Lenny. “Please come down to your front door. I really don’t want to be seen right now.”

“I just… I’m sorry. My attention- well, actually, my mind is super messed up today. Did you say something or am I hearing things?” she asked with a nervous, quiet chuckle, trying to keep her characteristic sunny mood despite how upset she actually was.

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That's just ridiculous, stop being mesn to women for no reason? Yeah babygate is a mess and so is douis and we all wish things were different but it's not fucking danielle's fault... She looks fine, is she an it girl? Probably not, but you know what, girls in 1d's life have worn far worse vlithing than D snd nobody said a thing, in fact I see a questionable picture floating right now... You don't have to like Danielle but you know what they say... Be nice to nice

Tag yourself, I’m “stop being mean for no reason”.

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Iv been playing for this club for about 3 years , there is this girl who I cannot stop crushing on and OMF does she look fine in dem tights. I asked a girl who played with her previously if she was and she said she didn't even know but assumed so. She has that smile that turns your Monday morning into a Sunday afternoon 😭 we have such chemistry on and off the field and I don't wanna ruin that by being like " sit on my face rn". Help plz.

I’m so confused about what you mean by “play” but I think you should just flirt with her and see how she reacts?

Seeing my mother was something I truly needed, lately. She gives the best advice and always knows how to calm me down. She stayed nagging about how old she’s getting. We’re 16 years apart and she looks absolutely fine lol. 

Heading back to LA now. I feel like I’ve been stuck at home all day. Does anyone want to meet up for lunch?

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"Hey Agatha, do you know how to tie a tie? You seem like someone who might know." Mo could normally manage by himself using tutorials from books, but he wanted to be especially presentable for the wedding-- and he kept getting his fingers tied in knots.

”Actually, yes.” Agatha gestures to her own tie, which she liked to think was tied in an adequate manner. She thought it looked fine anyway. “Crouch so I can reach. Or sit down if you like, please yourself.”

rate my sonic OC doc, and any sort of ways I could moreso ‘Sonic'ify her?

Heh, I’m not entirely certain I’m the best person to ask this, given that I’m not always all that keen on the standardization of the Sonic Style even as I point out the ways it can be innovative. To say nothing of the fact that my artistic skill is sub-par and my insights questionable. Really, you’d be better off asking my good friend @fini-mun about this subject; they’re the REAL artist in this equation. 

Now, were it up to me and only me? I’d say she looks just fine as is. But since we are talking adherance to Sonic design philosophy, my final judgement is that she is technically very well designed, but not exactly within the purview of what most people would regard as being ‘Sonic’, and I really hate to type that since I’ve kinda disliked that mentality for a long, long time now. 

But that being said, you’ve got a really good thing going on with this one.

To begin with, to make her more ‘Sonic’? Streamlining is the key word here- Mobians by and large tend to be defined by an extremely streamlined look. In particular, limbs tend to be very noodly and rubber-hose like- there is little in the way of defined musculature in the ‘proper’ Mobian body. 

Now, this doesn’t mean you abandon her bulk, it just means you gotta get creative- look to characters such as Vector and Nu!Rotor for examples of top-heavy, physically powerful individuals, as well as Fini-Mun’s redesign of Jian. 

Notice the way the arms are in proportion to the limbs? Notice how they do not seem to have real joints in them? These are the things you should look to. 

Now, for her face- this is the trickier part in my opinion. See, SEGA designs tend to dial back the muzzles of their characters in most cases… but this doesn’t mean you need to eliminate it. I point you in the direction of fellow horned mammals Cassia and Clove. 

While their heads and faces do not totally align with their animals, they are not as ‘flat faced’ as some other creatures tend to become when applied under the ‘Sonic Style’, and using that as a guide I think you can make things work out rather nicely. 

Now, as for hair… honestly, there is no true consensus there. While most Mobians seem to go for ‘Fur Styled Like Hair’ these days, there are still a few here and there who do otherwise. Depends on what you are looking for, I suppose. 

Now, as for the snout- you can keep that as is. Worked out for Axel here:

If Axel can keep his snout, I don’t see why yours can’t either.

Again, *I* honestly like your OC’s design as is, as I’ve not been too keen on the standardization that Sonic’s aesthetic can induce. At the end of the day though it depends on what you feel and what you are comfortable with… and frankly, there are a *great* many other artists out there who can give you a better assessment than me. All I can say is that whatever choice you make, I hope you find great and innovative ways to make the aesthetic work for you.