so i got a little bonus cash on my paycheck and i commissioned @lyndraws​ to draw a fancy garbage can

i hope she knows i want to…

hold her hand
stay up late with her watching movies until she falls asleep in my lap
take her bike riding and go on picnics
laugh together until we cry
share secrets at 2am
sing our favorite songs as loud as we can stare at her for hours
tell her how literally gorgeous she is
travel the world with her and go on crazy adventures
have her come to me when she needs a shoulder to cry on
make her feel wanted and important
see her face light up at my gift
write poems to her
paint pictures of us
tell her the entire story of how i fell head first in love with her


Ladies and gentlemen, on this glorious day two great forces of arda have collided.

ems-uitwaaien and myself have been working back and forth on this collaboration for a little while now and here’s the final result at last ! Please welcome Sauron and Finrod and their famous sing-off, tumblr exclusivity just for you all.

Bonus ! Here’s a little process of the update we sent each other back and forth along the way.


Sarah Paulson on set at American Horror Story: Coven

[Cordelia] got everything that she wanted at the end by sacrificing herself – her sight and her vision – for the sake of the coven. It wasn’t about self-aggrandizement; it was about her selflessness for the good of the coven. Fiona never operated that way, and no amount of power could corrupt Cordelia Fox.

Come Alive (AAA Girls) - Stella

A/N: Alaska is a wallflower, and when she’s dragged to a club with her friends she finds herself plastered to a wall. It isn’t until she literally bumps into two gorgeous girls that she starts to come out of her shell. The cis!girl AAA girls au that no one asked for and yet here it is.

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It’s okay. You’re okay.

Dear @croxovergoddess

I’ve been thinking about a lot of stuff in my life for the past few years, and I wanted to say thank you.

You’re art has been a constant inspiration to me, your characters are amazing, and seeing such an amazingly creative artist loving the same characters as me and having them interact made me ecstatic when I first saw your art.

The very first thing I did when I made a tumblr years ago was go follow your reaper high blog. Your art style, your creative ideas, you in general are such an amazing person.

I’m really nervous about annoying people or coming across as weird, so I tend not to say much, but. I wanted to say thank you, because you as a person have been a really big inspiration in my life for the past couple years.

You’re really great. Thank you for. Uh. Existing.

Can we talk about how the movie Home is about alien-invasion-as-imperialism? And how it’s the first 3D animated film ever to feature a black protagonist? And how, in one memorable scene, that protagonist is described as having “beautiful brown skin?” Can we talk about that?

anonymous asked:

i actually own a really popular sapphic blog and i get people talking about how cute their crushes are all the time so i wanna talk about how cute my crush is!!! she's literally gorgeous and her eyes are the brightest things i've ever seen??? omg??? it's her birthday today and she looked soooo good :') she was wearing this army jacket thing and it was GAY af. annywayy. she's beautiful and i love her and she liked her birthday present from me which makes me happyyyyyy. i want her 2 be my gf :(