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@kingmaric asked: magnificent century/magnificent century: kösem + most attractive female character  → beren saat as kösem sultan

archeron sisters fan casting because of reasons

Imogen Poots as Feyre (fight me on this she’s perfect, i used to fan cast barbara palvin but i realised she was just TOO pretty if you know what I mean, Imogen still has the sharpness that feyre’s describes her face shape as. Also her nose is cutie patootie)

Elain as Lily James (she has always been my no1 choice for elain)

Nesta as Alycia Debnam Carey because damn she can pull off a pissed expression and ik she’s a fantastic actress

onliafaze  asked:

Takao, Kasamatsu, Sakurai, Himuro, and Nijimura find their crushes' notebook... and discover a well drawn sketch of them, surrounded by little hearts. What do they do next?

Omg! I love this, since I rarely get request from these characters! Wahh, I enjoyed writing this! 🌸

This is pretty long, too!

Thank you for requesting! 💋


“You’re actually that serious on becoming a composer?” Takao asked as she carefully flipped the pages of her notebook. She nodded, then glanced at the street basketball game across from them. 

“Of course I am.” she replied, still not meeting his eyes. She hated it when they locked eyes anyway. Her calm composure would drop, and she would start stuttering on her words and other embarrassing things like that. 

A basketball jumped over the fence and landed in front of them. One of their classmates, Ayato, shouted from behind the fence: “Hey, (Name)-chan, mind if you throw the ball over?” 

Takao scoffed. “Hey look, it’s that guy you’ve been crushing on.” he said dully, grabbing the ball from the ground and giving it to (Name). 

Another thing she hated, faking a crush on another person so she could distract her feelings. Yeah, it sounded immature, but it wasn’t her fault she fell for her bestfriend. 

(Name) cleared her throat, before walking over to the fence and throwing it over. Ayato smiled once he caught it. “Nice throw, (Name)-chan!” he winked, before walking back to his friends. 

“Sheesh, you should really confess, (Name)-chan.” Takao said, playing with her hair. She blushed deeply, shaking her head, partly so that Takao could stop what he was doing, and so that her hair could cover her blush. 

“Is there something wrong?” he asked. “You seem.. odd.” 

She shook her head again. “Nothing. Kazu, I have to go. I have something else to do. See you tomorrow.” she smiled half-heartedly, before shouldering her bag and sprinted off. 

Takao was a bit offended. Your best friend ditching your time alone for some other thing, but it was probably important, right? For the past few weeks, (Name)’s been asking so nervous. Takao suspected the obvious, but he didn’t want to assume it to early. After all, she liked someone else. 

Takao turned to the side and grew interested when he saw her notebook on the bench beside him, where she sat not too long ago. 

She forgot it, obviously. Takao would give it to her tomorrow, but it was so tempting to open. 

In the end, he got it and opened it anyways. He was just no fighter for temptations. He smiled at the lyrics she wrote, how much meaning they had, you could feel the emotion she wore when she wrote them. 

It’s the same for the first few pages, until he reached by the middle of the notebook. He squinted his eyes to see if it were really him. 

The sketch looked so accurate, it was creepy. But other than that, it was drawn well. Takao didn’t know she could draw, much less skilfully. 

The drawing didn’t look like Ayato at all. And that was weird, since she had a crush on the guy, and the drawing had little hearts scribbled next to it. 

His eyes dropped to some writings below the feet. 

‘You’re annoying, Kazu’ it wrote. That was enough for him to realise what the hell was going on, he couldn’t help but smirk. 

No wonder she acted so odd. And the drawing wasn’t drawn too long ago, either, considering she put a date in the lower right corner. He closed it and smiled to himself. 

“Neh, (Name)-chan, I’m so going to get you tomorrow.” he smirked. 

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superwhovengerlocker  asked:

Anything Hotch! Thanks!!

It had been a good day. They’d saved the victim, though last minute, and tonight she was safely with her family. The UnSub was dead, but Aaron knew that couldn’t be helped. And now he was pouring over the usual paperwork. Well, that was what he was supposed to be doing, but he was distracted. 

Usually he was the only one in the office so late at night but there’s a lamp on at a particular desk. Every once in a while he’ll hesitantly glance over, as if she can see him from way up here, and then curse under his breath because he was too old for this. He shouldn’t be developing a crush on a girl younger than him, much less one that was on his team. 

Sighing, he rests his elbows on his desk and takes his head in his hands. Aaron’s mulling over when his life came down to the nerve-wracking decision on how to ask out a girl when there’s a subtle knock on the frame of his office door. He jerks up, dark eyes landing on her figure. 

The air is almost knocked out of him and he has to clear his throat while shuffling things about on top of his desk as he murmurs for her to come in. 

She was just too pretty- too beautiful. And it didn’t hurt that it was easy to talk to  her, the feeling of pressure as the chief always gone every time they sat together on those late evenings. 

  “Hey, Hotch,” she says softly. He can hear the exhaustion in her tone and worry fills him. “Here’s the last of my paperwork.”

Her gaze is half-lidded, like she’s struggling to keep herself awake, and she attempts to stifle a yawn after she hands him the files. Sheepishly, she grins at him. 

  “You should go home, [Y/N],” Aaron suggests. “Are you alright to drive?”

The younger girl nods as pieces of her hair fall around her face. He’s skeptically, however. The idea to drive her home himself pops into his head suddenly and the urge to blurt it out almost makes him splutter indignantly. He clears his throat again. 

  “Yea, Hotch,” she smiles sleepily. “Just a long case, you know?”

Aaron nods. It had been a long case, however well it had ended. The entire time had been going for too long and a break was needed in all their futures. 

  “Maybe I should drive you,” he murmurs. 

He’s almost shy at mentioning his spontaneous idea but tries to remind himself that he’s faced guns and death and terrible loss and survived; surely he’d make it through taking a rather attractive woman home, for God’s sake. 

  She’s smile widely at him. “Do you mind? I can drive, I just… I’m so sleepy.”

  “Of course not,” Aaron says, returning her grin softly. “I’ll meet you down below.”

Nodding, she thanks him, rather sincerely, and then heads down to collect her stuff. Meanwhile, Aaron draws in a deep breath and attempts to remind himself that he was just driving her home, not going into bed with her. 

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