merry christmas from nina and benny!!!

(((alternatively, if youre not celebrating, heres benny using a seasonal plant to get kisses from his favourite lady)))


Hillary Clinton’s concession speech – full transcript

“The Democratic presidential nominee concedes the election to Donald Trump, thanking supporters and calling for listeners to ‘have faith in each other’” - The Guardian


imagine if Kaneki and Touka ever have kids and their child is just a baby and Saiko is playing with him by creating funny forms with her kagune, like a huge bird with wings? 😂 or just any animal and the shapes are super funny and entertaining and the baby is in awe 

i sometimes feel like the fandom grinch because as much as i enjoy portrayals of purple garrett hawke as a dorky dumb boyfriend, i feel like they kind of gloss over the fact that purple hawke is extremely clever, charming, and witty. like varric will even mention in inquisition how he tricked people who were trying to kill him into playing a card game, kept them busy so long they were arrested, and some of them even came back later to just chill with him because “hawke just had that effect on people.” that’s not really the tall tale sign of a stupid man imo.