Fight or Flight (Elorcan) pt 2

So this was originally supposed to be two parts- I might do a third, though. We’ll just have to see ;) 

Lorcan was, frankly, surprised he had been invited to Whitethorn’s bachelor party. He wasn’t even in the wedding party-he and Rowan hadn’t been THAT close in a long, long time, and he knew he had been invited out of common courtesy, since Aelin the bitch-queen hated his guts. He wasn’t too fond of her, either. Okay, he wasn’t fond of her at all. 

   Yet he-and Vaughan, Fenrys and Connall, who weren’t in the wedding party either- had been cordially invited to whatever the hell Rowan had planned. Lorcan, thankfully, hadn’t seen bridezilla or any of her tittering bridesmaids; undoubtedly because they were already doing whatever Aelin had planned for her bachelorette party. There were only two days until the wedding- it would be easy to avoid her for that long. Tomorrow, he’d rest up from the hangover he planned on procuring, and then only wish her congrats on her big day before he, hopefully, never saw her again. Or at least for a few years. 

    The men in Rowan’s wedding party were alright, he supposed- he knew Gavriel, of course, and the best man, his son Aedion. Chaol Westfall was a little pompous, but Lorcan would never see him again so that didn’t matter anyways, and Dorian Havilliard was sort of like a puppy dog, but calm enough that he wasn’t a problem. That didn’t mean Lorcan was having a good time, though. It was barely nine and he already wanted to get hammered enough to forget about the awkwardness in the atmosphere. 

    But at least the tension wasn’t between him and anyone else- at least, not yet. 

  "Any particular reason the witch didn’t get her ass up here, Dorian?“ Aedion drawled. 

 The raven haired man fixed him with a steely gaze, but Gavriel’s son didn’t back away, even at his father’s long suffering sigh, the sigh that used to be reserved for only Fenrys. "Manon," Dorian said pointedly. "Couldn’t make it. She sends an incredibly expensive wedding present, though, and we all know that will satisfy Aelin." 

  There were a few chuckles of agreement, but Lorcan was reeling at the name- a name Marion had spoken fondly of on the plane ride there. Shit- no. He was just thinking this up because he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about the woman he’d met the day before. Hadn’t been able to stop regretting not getting her damn number. Manon must have just been a common name that he’d never heard before. 

  Fenrys groaned from where he and his twin lounged in the leather couch of the private section they’d secured for the time being. "Does that mean her perky little cousin isn’t coming either?” He whined. “Gods, what I would GIVE to have another encounter with Asterin-" 

"Don’t be a pig, Fenrys,” Connall rolled his eyes, grabbing the bottle of brandy Vaughan handed his way. 

  Asterin. Manon. Both names Marion had mentioned. Before he could open his mouth, Fenrys asked the question weighing on his mind for him. “Who exactly is in the wedding party if they aren’t?" 

Aedion took a swig straight from one of the bottles and counted off on his fingers, "Lysandra, Aelin’s best friend,” by the flicker in his eyes, she was something to him, too, but he didn’t elaborate, “Evangeline, Lysandra’s foster sister, Nesryn Faliq, another friend-” a sly glance in Westfall’s direction at that, “And our adoptive sister Elide." 

 Lorcan felt his heart sink just a little bit. No Marion. Perhaps it was just a small world and Marion knew two of Aelin’s friends, but not Aelin herself. He poured another glass for himself, again cursing himself for being a prideful idiot and not asking for her damn number. Now he was never going to see her again. 

  Aelin got strippers. Of course she did. Elide shook her head fondly as they clambered back into the limo, all of them laughing. She wasn’t shocked at all that her sister had gone all out as one of her last days as a ‘free woman.’ She had made several jokes about being 'put in shackles’ in two days, but Elide knew she didn’t mean it. She was hopelessly in love with Rowan, and everyone knew it. 

Faintly, Elide felt a little stab of jealousy, but she pushed it off. She wouldn’t think about the fact that she’d never, and might not ever, feel the love both her siblings felt. And she definitely didn’t think about the super hot stranger she’d met on the airplane. 

 Aelin’s phone buzzed and she drunkenly pulled it out, gulping down another glass of champagne. She and Lysandra were already wasted, along with Ansel, who had joined them, and Nesryn was getting there, but Elide had only nursed one beer and one glass of champagne, and didn’t plan on drinking any more. Vernon had been a drinker, and an abusive one at that. The blonde gasped, leaning on her and practically shoving the screen in her face, though she was waving it so fast there was no chance of actually reading it. 

 "Dorian texted,” she slurred. “They just-hiccup- got to the Sea King. Let’s crash it?” Everyone else cheered, so Elide just went with it. She was sure Rowan wouldn’t mind his fiance showing up drunk and throwing herself at him. 

They arrived at the Sea King-a bar downtown that they loved to frequent. Rowan wasn’t much of a club guy, though Aedion had forced him to go to one strip club-something Aelin wouldn’t appreciate in the morning- and Elide was sure he was more than comfortable to end the night at a place he actually knew. Aelin led the charge in her scandalous red dress and hot pink 'I’m the fucking bride’ crown that she found just hilarious, and Lysandra and Ansel paraded after her, Elide and Nesryn taking up the rear. 

 It had been a while since she’d been to the Sea King, but Elide knew it well- it was classy, for a sea themed bar. She knew Rowan and her siblings wouldn’t go to it probably at all if it wasn’t. And the sea embellishes were subtle, too- no obnoxious sea wall paper or tables made out of boat parts, thank the Gods. The bridal party moved towards the back, searching for the men, and Aelin didn’t seem apologetic at all as she looked into sections occupied by other people. 

    Elide knew her sister had found Rowan because she very loudly announced, “I’M HERE TO TAKE MY FIANCE HOME." 

    "You’re really already hammered?” Aedion complained. “It’s barely past midnight!" 

     "And how the hell did you track us down?” A slightly familiar voice-Vaughan she recalled- asked. Someone must have pointed at Dorian, because there were groans of his name. 

     “What?” The Havilliard defended. “It was getting boring." 

     "Are any of you sober?” The voice of Chaol asked, and Nesryn appeared in front of her in the doorway. 

    "Elide is,“ she said, gesturing backwards with her head. "She’s barely had anything to drink." 

    Aedion, Aelin and Rowan knew why she didn’t get drunk, but no one else did, and because she didn’t want to bring the mood down, she teased, "One of us has to keep track of the rest of-” she trailed off as she entered the section and there was Lorcan, lounging on a leather couch with a glass of some liquor in his hand. 

    Shit, shit, shit. 

    He started at the sight of her before his eyes narrowed, putting two and two together. Nesryn had called her Elide, not Marion. Her cheeks went red at being caught in her lie, and everyone noticed. But they thought she was flustered for a whole other reason. Aelin was too drunk to go all 'protective big sister,’ but Rowan and Aedion immediately zeroed their attention in on Lorcan. Fuck. Fuck. FUCK. 

    “I need another damn bottle,” he grumbled before he was hoisting himself up gracefully and stalking past her, down the hall to the bar. She waited two seconds, paralyzed, before she hurried after him. Better to deal with him then all of her friends and family. 

    It took her a little longer to get to the bar with her limp, and he was already at the bar, waiting for his bottle, a 50 on the counter in front of him. She slid into the bar stool next to him, and he glanced over, a cutting smile on her face. “Fancy seeing you again, Elide.

    She sighed, putting her head in her hands. "To be fair, I never thought I’d see you again." 

    He shook his head. "You talk with me for two and a half damn hours about books and music and whether cats or dogs are better, yet you can’t tell me your real name? How can I even be sure the rest of the shit you spewed out was real?" 

    "It was,” she said roughly before her shoulders sagged slightly and she shook her head. “I’m sorry. I just.. don’t trust men easily. And I thought we were only going to dispense with pleasantries, not talk the whole time. I DEFINITELY didn’t expect to end up at the same wedding." 

    He studied her for a moment. "You mentioned an abusive uncle…” he paused. “This really isn’t any of my business, but… did he…" 

    She knew what he meant. "No,” she shook her head. “He never tried that. But there were, uh, a couple of guys who worked for him that almost did.” Bile rose in her throat, and she swallowed it down, shrugging a shoulder. “But they didn’t, so it’s fine." 

    "It’s not fine,” he said stonily, and how hadn’t she noticed how tense he had gotten at the words? 

    “You’re right, it’s not,” she agreed. “But it was years ago.” She glanced back towards the hall, half convinced Rowan or Aedion would appear within a few seconds. “You do realize they think we had sex, right?" 

    The grin he flashed her way was predatory. "I like it when you blush." 

    She glared at him half heartedly. "And here I was, about to ask if I could make up being an idiot to you." 

   "I’m listening." 

    She bit her lip. "There’s a 24 hour breakfast place down the street.. I mean, if you like breakfast food. And don’t want to return back to-” there was a shout followed by what could only be Lysandra’s cackling, “whatever that is." 

    He was already pulling back the 50 and withdrawing from the bar. "Breakfast food at midnight with a beautiful woman or watching your sister grind on my former colleague?” He asked, totally smirking when her face flamed red again at 'beautiful woman.’ Bastard. “I don’t know how I’ll ever choose." 

    She withdrew from the bar, too, knowing his answer. "I didn’t peg you as the joking type." 

    "To be fair, I’ve been drinking. And with Fenrys and Aedion all night." 

    "Okay, touche,” she allowed, glancing again towards the hall. 

    “They’re just going to think we’re having sex again." 

    Not that it was any of their business who she slept with, anyways. "I don’t care,” she tipped her head up defiantly. “I want Belgium waffles.” His chuckle chased her out into the night air, and, despite the chill, she felt warm.

The Other Woman (Part 8)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1195

Summary: You’ve always been a good girl. You did as you were told. But how did you end up as the other woman?

A/N: Yeah I suck at updating. I apologize for making you guys wait 2 months for this update. I suck at time management. I really wanted to have something up so this chapter is a little shorter than I used to upload. Nevertheless, I hope this is somewhat worth your wait. Love you lots! xx 


Suddenly the room was quiet again.

You were alone again.

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Shut Up For Once // Julian x Reader

Julian x Reader where they bicker all the time and one day it turns into a heated makeout sesh/smut?

Warnings: I combined the two bc they’re basically the same!! This gets real hot real quick oops. Also this is obviously before killer frost takes over cait ok.

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Couples challenge Part 1

You were a Youtuber before you met Josh and Tyler. Your channel was a little bit of a lot. You did makeup, DIYs, challenges, and covers of your favorite songs. One of the songs being Truce by twenty one pilots.
3 years ago just after posting the video your twitter blew up with your fans saying that Tyler Joseph tweeted a link to your video. You looked in your twitter inbox to see that Tyler and you guys became friends.
Fast forward 3 years to where you are now. In your apartment with your boyfriend Josh of 2 and ½ years and your best friends Jenna and Tyler. You were setting up your camera in your living room to make a couples tag with them.
Earlier that day you tweeted you fans asking them to ask you guys some questions. You each chose 3 to answer.
You: “What’s up guys. It’s me Y/N and as you can tell I’m not in my normal filming area. Yes that’s because today I’ll be making the very requested video. The couples challenge.” with that Josh, Tyler, and Jenna sat down with you on the big couch. “Thanks for doing this guys, my viewer really wanted to see this.”
Josh: “No problem Y/N anything for you.”
You: “I was saying thanks to Jenna and Tyler babe. You were doing this with me no matter what.” Tyler and Jenna laughed at you sass while Josh put on an offended face and them kissed you.
You: “Okay so here’s what we’re doing. Everyone has 3 questions they picked off of twitter that you guys wanted to know about our friendships and relationships. Once this video is up I’ll be posting a twitter poll and you can go and vote on who’s your favorite couple. If Josh and I win then Tyler and Jenna have to get a tattoo of Josh and I’s choice and vise versa. So what do you say we get started? Jenna let’s start with you question first.”
Jenna: “Okay so my question is were Jenna and Y/N fans of twenty one pilots before meeting them or did they not know who they were? Well I can say for myself that I didn’t know who they were but once I heard them they were amazing and I fell in love with the music and Tyler.”
You: “Well I heard of a few of their songs through a friend, but I wasn’t a fan at first. Don’t get me wrong the music was and is great I just wasn’t into it right away. But then I did the cover to Truce and Tyler reached out to me saying he wanted to meet me, now look where we are.” You answered the question with a huge smile on your face thinking back to how your friendship with the 3 of them was the best thing ever.
Tyler: “Well I couldn’t help but meet you. Your voice was so amazing, plus Josh couldn’t get his eyes off of the video of you. I even caught him in his bunk watching all of your videos. He was your biggest fan.” Josh began to blush slightly.
Tyler: “Okay my question was how do all of you get along on such a small bus for months at a time? Honestly we’re like best friends. We only ever really fight about if we should get Taco Bell or Chipotle.”
We all laughed realizing how true it was.
Josh: “this question was interesting. What is your favorite song of twenty one pilots’ does live? Mine is probably trees because I love getting to interact with the people in the pit at our shows. Y/N has never told me what her favorite one is so that’s why I chose this question.”
You: “I honestly can’t really choose but I really like Holding on to you because i know every word to that one.”
Tyler: “She’s not kidding, I think she knows it better than me. My favorite is constantly changing but I’m not really looking to get a tattoo that Y/N and Josh pick out so I’m going to say Tear in my Heart because I wrote if for Jenna. Because we’re the better couple. Vote for us.”
Jenna: “My favorite is truce because it reminds me of what brought Y/N here in the first place.” You smiled towards her. She was so sweet and you guys were like sisters.
You: “Next question is when are Josh and Y/N getting married?” You looked at Josh who smiled and then looked into the camera again.
Josh: “Well since everyone is asking I think it’s time we tell them…… we’re not getting married yet. Not until Tyler and Jenna have a baby.”
Jenna: “Woah slow down there Josh we just got married not even 3 months ago. My next question is kind of personal but I couldn’t stop laughing at it. Y/N and Jenna what were your thoughts when you saw your your men pantless in front of people at the Grammy’s. I didn’t know it was even happening until I heard Tyler unzipping his pants as nominations were being called and when they were up there Y/N and I kept laughing at them and people’s reaction to them”
You: “yeah I had no idea about it until Josh was stumbling to get the pants off in the aisle. Jenna and I were trying so hard to pay attention to the speech but it was way to hard to focus on the words when all I could see what Tyler’s name on my boyfriend’s leg.”
Josh: “I kept looking at Y/N and she was practically falling out of her seat ad later her grandmother called to congratulate us and asked about my tattoo.”
You all laughed looking back on that night. It was the best night you had in a long time with the 3 of them.
Tyler: “Who has Josh and I met that has made you jealous?”
You: “Easy Brendon Urie. I’ve love him for so long and when me and Josh started dating he sent me pictures of them hanging out to rub it in my face and I’ve hated Josh ever since then.” You lightly punched Josh in the arm while you joked around.
Jenna: “Tyler met Y/N before I got to meet her, that made me kind of jealous because I watched her before they even knew about her.”
Josh: “Have you ever read any fanfiction about twenty one pilots? I mean since me and Tyler write most of it yes.” Josh and Tyler joked “No seriously I haven’t, because it scares me what fans actually think were like when we’re not performing.”
Tyler: “I agree some people can go pretty crazy while writing them and some people have a talent for writing so I’m not judging them but seriously calm down guys.”
Jenna: “Oh yeah you guys definitely don’t want to read it. It gets pretty intense sometimes. Y/N and I read it sometimes while we’re at home and you’re on tour. Some of them make you want to cry and others are just psychotic.”
You: “What is one thing you hate that me and Jenna do while we’re on tour with you?”
Josh: “Not that I hate that you two get along so well but you guys hang out more than you hang out with us sometimes.”
Tyler: “True. Sometimes I think you stole my girl from me Y/N.”
You: “Well it’s out now me and Jenna are leaving you for each other bye.” You and Jenna both stood from the couch for a second before sitting back down and laughing with Tyler and Josh.
Jenna: “If you had to describe your girlfriend/boyfriend in one word what would it be?”
Tyler: “Dime-piece wife.”
Jenna: “Tyler that’s more than one word.”
Tyler: “Not if you say it fast.”
You laughed at the two quietly as you thought about how to describe Josh.
Jenna: “Tyler is adorable, he’s like a little kid. That’s another reason we can’t have kids right now. I have to raise Tyler first. Y/N what about Josh?”
You: “Oh god, in one word i have to describe this man.This is tough. How do you describe something you love so much in just one word. I guess Josh is Jishwa. It’s a term not many know the definition to. It means hot, kind, loving, funny, and you have to be Joshua William Dun in order to be called a Jishwa.”
Josh: “Well Y/N is hilarious. She just exaggerated her response to try to persuade you guys in picking us as the better couple.”
Tyler: “So my last question is would you ever have Y/N join you to sing on stage? I’ve offered once before but she said if I ever made her do it she would skin me alive. That’s gone side of her you guys never see. She can be really intimidating, I know she was kidding but still she scares me sometimes.” Josh and Jenna were laughing and you glared at Tyler.
Josh: “It’s good to know that my girlfriend scares people. Okay this question was good if your house was on fire and you could only grab 3 things what would they be? I would grab Y/N, because she’s always with me, Tyler if he’s in my house, and Jenna if she was there too. But if they weren’t there it would be Y/N, Y/N’s camera, and her tripod. She couldn’t live without making videos.”
You: “Good choices. I would grab my blanket, Josh’s drums which would be unrealistic but I’m still trying to win you guys over for that vote, and probably a box of cereal because Josh and I are always hungry.”
Jenna: “I would grab realistic stuff like my phone, shoes, and a jacket.”
Tyler: “my ukulele, Jenna, and my piano.”
You: “This is the last question for this video are you ready? What is your favorite thing on tour to do with everyone? After concerts we get food a lot of the times from these amazing places that fans recommended to us.”
Tyler: “I like the show.”
Josh: “Wow Tyler. I like being able to hang out with Y/N all the time. Especially when she gets hyper and just wants to be like a kid and run around.”
Jenna: “She gets that way sometimes. It’s like someone give her too much sugar and she can run a marathon. I like when Y/N and I get to go shopping and have time away from these annoying people.” She gestured towards Josh and Tyler.
You: “Okay that’s it for today. I’ll post the poll on twitter for you to vote once I post this video. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to like, subscribe, and leave a comment down below. I’ll see you all next time. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.” With that you stopped the camera from filming.
“Well who do you think is going to win?”Jenna asked.
“I don’t know. I mean they love you and Tyler but then everyone love Josh. I guess we’ll have to see. I’m going to start editing the video tonight so it will be up tomorrow. May the best couple win.”

anonymous asked:

Cruella was my favorite QOD. Probably because she was the scariest and most powerful. I loved when she put Maleficent in her place by controlling her dragon form. You know she'd been waiting a long time to do that to the Dragon Bitch! LOL

I absolutely love Cruella. She was definitely my favorite villain. The way she just carries herself is hilarious and she’s truly batshit crazy. And her knocking out Mal, she’s just amazing and I love her.

Plus she brought a whole lot of funny wherever she showed up. Like that scene with her and Regina in the diner in Underbrooke.


Cruella is a fucking hoot. If the show were to ever go back to the Underworld, I’d love more of her.

If Cress and Thorne had a child:

  • Cress getting super nervous about telling Thorne
  • when she tells him he kind of just stands there for a minute
  • once he actually comprehends what she said this delighted smile encompasses his face and he lifts her up, twirls her around and kisses her
  • in the middle of the kiss Thorne goes rigid and puts Cress and down and says “I hope I didn’t squish him”
  • Thorne always referring to the baby as a “him” because he’s terrified of having a girl 
  • Cress refusing to see the gender because she wants a “surprise”
  • really she just finds it hilariously adorable when Thorne gets nervous
  • Winter and Cress going on shopping trips to find baby clothes and toys and having the time of their lives
  • they always force Cinder and Scarlet to come too
  • they secretly enjoy it, but obviously won’t admit it
  • Cress going into labour early and Thorne getting really nervous
  • Scarlet insisting that she can help Cress because “I’ve delivered calves before, so how hard can it be?”
  • Thorne having none of it, and whisking Cress off to the hospital
  • everyone pacing anxiously in the waiting room because only one person’s allowed in the patients room (obviously Thorne’s in there)
  • Thorne holding Cress’s hand the entire time 
  • and stroking her hair
  • and telling her it’s going to be okay
  • and making jokes, Cress has to tell him to stop because laughing hurts and she needs to concentrate
  • Thorne wanting to name the baby something nuts like and Cress point blank refusing
  • Everyone rushing into the hospital room and they all take turns holding the baby
  • When it’s Cinder’s turn she shies away
  • Thorne notices and laughs because “the great revolutioner Linh Cinder, former princess of Lunar and current Queen of New Beijing is scared of a baby?”
  • Cinder mutters something insulting and takes the baby 
  • later Thorne asks Cinder if she wants to be the Godmother
  • she replies very nonchalantly when really she would have probably cried if it were possible
  • Everyone’s so excited and happy and delighted with the new addition to their little family especially Scarlet’s and Wolf’s toddler who’s estatic that she might have a new friend

Say all you can about the new Smurfs film, it doesn’t stop on how beautiful and visually appealing it looks in both character design and especially scenery!

Plus I really love their Smurfette, she’s just so hilarious, adorkable, and heroic.

anonymous asked:

coldwestwave, as in iris and mick and len

OTP. I mean, I love Iris. I think Iris would get  along great with Mick and Len. She’s always struck me as more morally flexible than Barry, and a bit more mischievous. And they would think she was hilarious and just a little wicked. They would be the most adorable trio.

And they would drive Barry up. the. wall.

Lucky Strike Pt. V

Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV

Now that I’ve finally gotten through the holidays, and the seasonal plot bunnies that come with it… I present to you.

Part V. Do you know?

Oh no.

His eyes held her gaze and Marinette’s breath hitched. Oh no, Oh no, Oh. No. All the pieces were falling into place, and Marinette really wasn’t sure she was ready to face what it meant. No, scratch that, she was definitely not ready to face what that meant.

Was it normal to hear your own heartbeat in your head? Because that a thing that was happening to Marinette right now.

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anonymous asked:

Why do you love Faile so much?

Warning for Spoilers. So many spoilers. FO r everything.

Ok so the first thing that Faile does once she joins the party is embarrass herself, because she chose for herself the same name as Lan’s horse. Which was just hilarious. She was all indignant bc she didn’t know, and it was cute. Plus Faile is a babe with knives who won’t put up with your shit. That same phrase describes me p accurately (just ask addyaddyaintgotnodaddy), and is partially why I identify with Faile. She’s also very insecure, and that manifests itself in many ways throughout the series (The Berelain Thing freaks her out because she thinks Berelain is hotter than her, so she’s worried that she’s not good enough; she hates embarassing herself so she’s always trying to cover any emotion but anger; she goes overboard when she does express her anger because she’s trying to cover mistakes and such – these are all responses due to insecurity she feels). She’s fiery and independent, but if she cares about you, you know you’re in good hands because she will do whatever she can to protect you.

Fast forward to when she’s captured. She completely focuses on how she can escape with her people. She doesn’t sit around wondering when Perrin will get there, even though she knows he must be trying. Faile plans and thinks and does what she can to reassure the people that look up to her. Sometimes she slips and thinks about Perrin rescuing her, but she immediately corrects herself because the only thing she knows she can rely on completely is herself. Because taking it upon herself to provide the means for escape gives her and the people that look up to her hope. If she just gave in and waited for Perrin, everyone would’ve lost hope and they would likely have broken under the pressure of being Gai’shain. It’s only when she’s absolutely desperate, and there’s literally nothing possible left for her to do that she starts hoping for Perrin to show up soon. And even then, while Maighdin exhausts herself nearly to death using the Power to attract attention while they are trapped, Faile never stops talking and encouraging her, because that’s the only way she can help.

Yeah, she has her problems. The way she dealt with the Ways situation really bothered me, for one. Sometimes Faile is borderline abusive, and that’s not ok. But a lot of these behaviors are cultural. (Disclaimer: This is not intended to excuse Faile’s behavior. Just to explain it.) There are a lot of cultural differences between the Two Rivers and Saldaea, but since they’re on the same general side of the continent, this isn’t as obvious to the characters or the readers. Wetlanders and the Aiel? Obviously they’re going to have cultural differences, so the characters are more prepared for it. They can work across communication issues better when they are fully aware of the extent of the cultural differences. So the differences between Saldaea and the Two Rivers are overlooked, at least partly.

Saldaeans are weird about conflict. Faile wants Perrin to instinctively understand what she wants and the way she wants to deal with confllict, because she would reasonably expect a Saldaean man to be able to. She forgets that Perrin was never taught to guess what women think; the Two Rivers guys are all taught that women are indecipherable and they can never figure them out, so why bother? Faile wants Perrin to get visibly angry and yell, because to her, if he isn’t yelling then clearly he doesn’t think she can handle it and yell back; but Perrin avoids getting angry because he was taught that anger expressed verbally or physically can be destructive, especially with his strength.

Neither of these views are inherently better, but since we get mainly Perrin POV chapters when these conflicts occur, most readers see Faile as unreasonable while Perrin is confused.

Also, it’s very important to note that Faile recognizes when her anger/jealousy is petty and pointless. In these cases, she tries to hide it because she is fully aware that it would be silly to act on these feelings. However, Perrin can smell in her scent that she is angry, regardless of how well Faile visibly hides it. Faile is unaware of this, and Perrin doesn’t think to tell her, so he thinks she’s ridiculously angry and is refusing to talk about it, when Faile thinks that she is successfully hiding her anger. So she denies being angry when asked.

about The Berelain Thing: I’m going to start off saying that Faile, Perrin, and Berelain could have handled this better. Faile and Perrin should have talked to each other more. Miscommunication is a huge thing in this series, for all of the characters, so that’s not particularly surprising. But also Faile gets jealous so easily, it’s ridiculous. I’m not a jealous person. I don’t understand this at all. It literally makes no sense to me that someone who knows their partner cares about them would freak out when someone else makes a move on them. Perrin rejected Berelain??? So why is Faile still freaking out??????? Why did it take more than one chapter to resolve this???????? I literally do not know.

Also, Berelain needed to chill sooner. It’s way out of character for her to: a) not understand Perrin’s rejection, and/or b) not respect Perrin’s rejection. She’s politically savvy and is used to manipulating people, so… did RJ somehow forget that?? Berelain understands subtlety. She proved that in Cairhien. And it doesn’t make sense for her to continue to go after Perrin, because that would be politically disastrous if she did it to the wrong person. It would destroy her reputation. (ex: if Berelain doesn’t understand the delicate process of wooing someone, how could she understand how to properly run a country? That requires a great deal more subtlety and manipulation.) I’m still debating whether or not it was in character for Berelain to manipulate the perception of others so that everyone thinks she and Perrin slept together while Faile was gone. It’s clever, but a jerk move all the same. I dunno, I wish there was a scene where Faile talks to Berelain and is like “Hey. Chill, Ok? Thanks.” And then they could be best friends, because they are quite similar in some aspects.

Here’s a quote from a Faile POV in Path of Daggers (p633):

“By some miracle, her husband, her beloved wolf, had begun behaving as he should. Instead of shouting at Berelain or running from her, Perrin now tolerated the jade’s blandishments, plainly tolerated them the way he would a child playing around his knees. And best of all, there was no longer any need to tamp down her anger when she wanted to let it loose. When she shouted, he shouted back. She knew he was not Saldaean, but it had been so hard, thinking in her heart of hearts that he believed her too weak to stand up to him.”

tl;dr: The above quote is helpful in understanding Faile’s thought process, and I think a lot of people that dislike her just don’t understand why she is the way she is. She has her faults, but at the core she’s a good person, she’s a good ruler, and she really cares about Perrin.

/end rant

janxangel  asked:

Imagine Steve Rogers being asked to do some illustrations for Kamala Khan's fiction, and her at first being worried about about meeting him, but Steve puts her at ease with a joke or something.

You can only google yourself so many times before you discover the fanfiction. And while some of it had Steve scratching his head (Jarvis? Really? I’m supposed to go steady with the building?) And others were frankly concerning (HYDRA most certainly did not design Bucky’s arm to do THAT) there were a few that he kept coming back to. All written by a certain author who had an eerily accurate understanding of what it feels like to defend a city.

They exchanged some messages back and forth, and she was just as hilarious and eloquent in her replies as she was in her fiction. When she told him that she had a book in the works, Steve was thrilled. She said that she was excited but ideally she wanted to turn it into a graphic novel but she didn’t know any professional illustrators. She also mentioned that she had been a big fan of his sketches. She owned the two books of his work that had been collected while he was under the ice. Steve was duly flattered.

They met up for sundaes one Saturday in June. Steve hadn’t been to Jersey in years, not since his mom had been covering a shift at the local hospital and they spent a week in a cramped apartment downtown. They weren’t particularly fond memories but Kamala insisted the ice cream parlor in her neighborhood would ‘literally toss his taste buds all the way back to 1938.’

He sat in a booth by the windows, happily enjoying the best banana split he’d had in ages, when he realized Kamala was running late. Not significantly but enough that he was starting to worry. He was at the right place, at least he thought he was. The subways had gotten so complicated-

Just as he was considering texting her the bell above the door rang quietly and a very distressed looking Kamala came running up to his booth. “Hey, hi, I’m so sorry I’m late I couldn’t remember where I put this dang blazer,” she indicated to the very newly ironed jacket. “And then I found it and it was basically one giant wrinkle so I tried to y’know, fix that, but usually my mom handles that so I nearly burned the thing and then I missed my train and-“

She fell into the booth opposite him and ran a hand through her hair. Steve smiled as comfortingly and he knew how to. “Well, I’m really glad to see you.” He pulled out the folder of preliminary sketches he’d been working on, but they didn’t do much to distract the young woman across from him. If anything the idea of getting down to brass tax was what set her teeth on edge. “I was thinking,” Steve said. “After we work on some on your ideas you might be willing to show me around Jersey? Y’know, for unification’s sake. I’m happy to represent Brooklyn in the age old feud.”

The change was nearly instant. The tension drained from Kamala’s shoulders and her formally worrying frown turned into the absolute greatest smirk Steve had ever seen. “You’ve got yourself a deal Brookyln boy.”

greatjaygatsby  asked:

headcanon that Jehan and Grantaire are like mortricia and gomez addams. do u remember the one post thats like 'when was the last time we waltzed?' 'hours' ? and then jehan and grantaire start waltzing where ever they are and its filled with giggles and pressing their cheeks together and i can totally see jehan being so into the addams family like ! aaaaah. i think it would be so cute

Oh my gooosssshhh!!!!

And they call each other “Cara mia”, “Mon cher” and just can’t keep their hands off each other because they’re so madly in love and they can’t help it.

Plus, the image of them waltzing in their front room to the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack makes me so happy. The room’s lit up with candles and R has a rose in his mouth which he takes out and places behind Jehan’s ear and awww xxx

And Jehan walks into Cosette’s house and he says “You’ve stolen Marius from us. You wed him and took his soul as your own. I can forgive that. But Cosette… Pastels?” (Luckily she just finds it hilarious and ends up marathoning it with he and R) ;)


Calum Hood, the schools golden boy. He’s the reason that the varsity team is undefeated for four years. He’s got perfect grades, a scholarship to one of the best colleges in the country. But no one knows his secret, that his passion for music is bigger than his passion for soccer. And what happens when Ember Williams finds out that secret? Read to find out! 


Calum’s POV

After ice skating for an hour longer, we decided to leave. Ember fell a total of five times. She gave up, and asked to leave, so I agreed.

We went to get some hot chocolate, and walked around for a little while. I was in pure bliss, walking around alone with Ember, no distractions, no school, no family, just us. I couldn’t help but grin at her every time she smiled or blushed.

After walking around, it got cold, and late, so we decided to go home. As I drove her home, I was kinda depressed that our date has to be over. I wanted more time alone with her.

“We need to to this a lot. I love having you to myself,” I admitted.

Although it was dark I know that her cheeks turned red. She nodded and mumbled an agreement.

Once we got to her house, I walked her to her front door as usual. We sat there in each other’s arms for a few minutes, then she went inside after a long goodnight kiss.

As I drove home, all I could think of is how amazing my life is, all because of one girl.

Ember’s POV

“So, how was your first date?” Jess asks, wiggling her eyebrows.

I roll my eyes, and blush, “It was amazing. We went to this cute little diner, then ice skating. After that we got hot chocolate and walked around for a little while”

Kim grins when she hears “ice skating.” Her and Jess both squeal. Because I had a date with Calum yesterday, we moved our traditional Friday night sleepover, to Saturday. Right now we’re sitting in my room, watching a movie that no one is paying attention to, and talking about whatever we want. It just turns out that right now we’re talking about my love life.

“Aw how cute!” Kim exclaims, shoving a handful of skittles into her mouth.

“And romantic!” Jess adds.

I blush even harder, and nod, “It was… What about you and Tyler? Have you gone on any dates?” I ask, trying to get the attention away from me.

She smiles and bites her lip, “We’ve gone to the movies, but he’s not really one to go on dates…”

I don’t understand what she meant, but Jess gasps. I furrow my eyebrows at her, and her eyes widen.

“You know, they don’t go on any dates,” she says, and I still don’t get it.

“So?” I ask, and grab a handful of popcorn.

“So what else are they gonna do if they don’t go on dates?” Her eyebrows lift, and she expects me to get it.

“I don’t know, hang out, watch movies, be together,” I list, my mouth full of popcorn.

“Well they are together, literally.” She mumbles.

Kim slaps Jess’s arm, causing the M&M’s in her hand to fly everywhere. I sigh, not bother to tell her to clean it up, because I know she won’t.

“Ow!” Jess whines, and glares at Kim.

“Well you…” they start to argue, and I sit there, still confused.

There’s plenty of things you could do as a couple, and not go on dates. You could watch a movie or TV show at home, you could make food together, you could basically do anything. I don’t get what she means at all.

“Guys, guys!” I stop them from arguing, “I still don’t know what you mean.”

“They have sex for god’s sakes!” Jess exclaims, and Kim slaps a hand to her forehead.

“Oh…” my face distorts to disgust.

“Now don’t tell me that you and Calum don’t do it, you two practically eat each others faces off every time you see each other!” Kim glares, annoyed by the look on my face.

I blush, and shake my head. I start to play with the popcorn kernels, forming them into random shapes.

“Wait, you two haven’t done it?” Jess asks, her eyes wide.

“No!” I exclaim, feeling extremely uncomfortable with the situation.

“Wow,” Kim says, then goes quiet

“Yeah, wow,” Jess repeats.

I look down at the odd shape of the popcorn kernels in my hands, utterly embarrassed. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with us not having sex yet. I’m not ready for it, and Calum respects it. Plus we just became a couple last week, and I don’t want to rush things.

“Hey, don’t worry, that’s awesome if you’re waiting,” Jess pushes my shoulder playfully.

I look up at her, to see if she’s serious. She gives me a sweet smile, and I know that what she said is genuine. I nod at her, and look away, still slightly embarrassed.

“So how’s Andrew, Jess?” Kim speaks up, thankfully changing the topic of the conversation once more.

I notice Jess’s cheeks turn red, and she starts to play with her hair. They’d been texting each other ever since the night at the pizza joint after the soccer game that Calum asked me to prom in the middle of. I didn’t know that it was anything serious, but her actions are clear, she likes him.

“He’s good,” she vaguely replies, and takes a drink out of her water bottle.

“How good is he?” Kim sniggers, and Jess spits out her water, everywhere.

“Kim!” I yell, and jump up to get a towel. All she does is burst into laughter, while Jess is choking, and I’m trying to clean my room. After a few minutes everything is dry, and Jess has stopped choking. Kim still sits there, laughing hysterically, clutching her stomach.

“Oh my god…. I’m sorry…. that was just…. hilarious,” she says in between laughs. Her laughter dies down and she wipes the tears from her eyes.

“That was not hilarious,” Jess says through gritted teeth.

“Okay, I’m sorry. I really do want to hear about him though,” she says genuinely.

Jess sighs, but starts to speak anyway, “He’s really sweet. Like the sweetest guy I’ve dated.”

“Wait you guys are dating?” I interrupt her.

Her cheeks turn bright red, “Yeah.”

“For how long?!” Kim practically shouts.

“Since Thursday, when he asked me to prom”, She smiles a she speaks

“Oh my god!” Kim and I squeal at the same time.

“Wait that means we’ve all been asked to senior prom,” Kim realizes. Earlier she announced that

Tyler asked her prom, and of course she said yes.

“I never thought this would happen,” I mutter, amazed.

“I know,” Jess agrees.

We all sit in silence for a few moments. I never thought I’d even get asked to my own senior prom. Now I’ve been asked to Calum’s while I’m a junior. It’s just so surreal to me. I know Kim would get asked, she’s, pretty well known to the guys at our school. As for Jess, I had no doubt that she wouldn’t get asked, she’s so pretty and nice to anyone. I just never thought I’d get asked.

“We have to go shopping for dresses together!” Jess exclaims, interrupting my thoughts.

Kim agrees, and I do too. Suddenly I get an idea.

“We should do it soon. Calum’s sister is in town, and I think I might ask her to come with. Because she knows Calum the best,” I explain.

“Yeah that’s a great idea! The more the merrier,” Jess winks

I smile at her, “So when should we go?”

“How about Tuesday? The boys all have soccer practice late that night,” Kim says.

“They’re all on the team, I totally forgot that. Wow. But yeah, Tuesday sounds good,” Jess says.

I nod agreeing with her on both subjects. That it’s weird that we’re all dating seniors on the varsity soccer team, and that Tuesday would work. I pull out my phone to text Mali.

A few minutes later she replies saying she’d come with, “Tuesday it is.”

“What about this one?” Jess holds up a strapless blue dress that is way too puffy, and short for my liking.

I shake my head for what seems to be the millionth time today.

“Ugh come on just choose a damn dress, this is taking way too long,” Kim groans, tired of dress shopping.

We’ve been shopping for nearly five hours, and haven’t stopped since. It only took just over an hour to find Kim’s dress, a sexy dark red V-neck dress with long sleeves. She matched it with black pumps and some jewelry that looked good with it. She looks amazing in the dress, and she knows it. It took a little longer to find Jess the perfect dress, but eventually we did find it. Hers is a bright pink gown that reminded me of a wedding cake. It’s strapless, and has a sweetheart neckline, with silver studs bordering the top of the dress. It’s straight, but extremely puffy, with many layers of material to make the dress even bigger. She got sparkly silver pumps, and matching jewelry as well. As for me, I have found nothing that 1.) Looks good on me at all and 2.) I like the slightest bit.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t find anything,” I exclaim, just as frustrated as Kim.

She gives me a look, and I groan, “You no what, I’m never going to find anything that I look good in. I’ll just tell Calum that I’m not going, and to take someone else. It’s fine,” I ramble, and start to walk away.

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t think like that. We will find you a dress that looks amazing on you, and you will go with Calum. There’s no way he’d take anyone but you. Don’t worry, we’ll find something, I promise,” Mali says sincerely after grabbing my arm, stopping me from leaving.

I sigh, but nod my head, hoping that she’s true. She gives me a wide grin.

“Good, now go try these on,” She shoves another pile of dresses, and pushes me towards the dressing rooms.

I try each of them on, and hate all of them. Most of them wouldn’t even zip up because they were too small, and they were the largest sizes! After I change back into my plain t shirt and jeans, I just stare at myself in the mirror. I pick out every flaw I have, my thick thighs, big stomach, not even relatively pretty face. All I can think is, How does Calum even like me?

I begin to break down, tears of frustration, and self hatred well up in my eyes. I try to blink them away, but they stream down my face. I try to get myself to stop crying, but nothing works. Now that I’ve started, it only gets worse.

“Ember, do you like any?” I hear Mali’s voice from behind the door.

“No,” I sniffle.

“Are you okay?” She sounds genuinely concerned.

A sob leaves my mouth, “No.”

“Let me in Ember, please.”

I unlock the latch on the door, and sit down on the bench. I look up to see Mali’s face full of concern. Immediately I’m embarrassed that she’s seeing me like this.

“What’s wrong?” She crouches down to be at eye level with me.

“None of them even fit,” I mutter, and more tears stream down my face.

“Oh honey that’s okay we’ll find one that does,” She reaches out and wipes a stray tear away.

I shake my head, “No we won’t, you don’t understand. This doesn’t ever happen to you, because there’s always have something your size,” I gesture to her flat stomach and small waist.

She frowns at me, but pulls me into a hug, not saying anything. We stay like this for a few minutes until my tears die down, and my breathing is steady. Eventually she pulls away from me, but stays crouched down in front of me.

“I need you to remember this. Calum loves you, for who you are. He doesn’t care that you’re bigger, in fact, he loves you even more for it. Everyone loves you for who you are, so it shouldn’t matter how much you weigh. You need to start loving yourself for who you are, because your opinion is really the only one that counts. You are a talented, kind hearted girl, who is gorgeous not just on the outside, but on the inside as well, you gotta start believing that.”

The way she speaks, and the look in her eyes, make me believe every word of what she says. She smiles at me, causing me to smile back at her.

“Now come on, we’ve got a dress to find, that will make my little brothers jaw fall to the ground, and I think I saw the perfect one,” She grins and slings an arm around my shoulder, walking me back to the dresses.

It feels like I have an older sister, and I couldn’t be more happy about it.

Chapter 13! Woohoooo

More bonding with Mali, and Ember gets deep.

Honestly, this is an experience that has happened to me. (not exactly in the same context, but you know what I mean) I’ve broken down in a dressing room, and can I just say, it freaking sucks.

Guys, you’re all beautiful inside and out, please know that.

I love you all.

<3 <3 <3

Just FYI, the next chapter is most likely the last chapter of this story. I’ve written basically everything I had planned at the beginning of the story, plus more, and I’m pretty happy.

Give it some notes if you enjoyed this chapter!

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