There’s a great mammal in the ocean known as the 52-hertz whale. All year, he practices his love song for the female. Travels thousands of miles to find her. But when he finally gets the chance to serenade her, she doesn’t give him a call back. Why? His love ballad is sung at 52 hertz, a sonic signature one note higher than the lowest sound of a tuba. The average female hears at 10 to 15 hertz. So she never hears his song.


(Vegeta and Bulma’s first sexual encounter. Here’s a little bit of lemon for you all. Love ya, Vegebul fans!)

Bulma had never known tension like this. The very air around her was loaded with pressure. It was terrifying…in the best way possible. Now she understood how some people could be masochistic. How you could get pleasure out of an exquisite pain. The longer she thought about it, the more the pressure built. She knew that an explosion was imminent. But she had no idea how to make it happen. After all, this was Vegeta here. The Prince of Stone Cold. The Prince of Raging Fire. How could one person be both at once? Yet, he was. He was so many things. She wanted to know them all. It was impossible.

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A little Kanan and Ezra flash fiction

 “Hey Kanan, so I wanted to ask…”


“Do people just get the Force from their parents?”

“Well, in many cases, it’s hereditary. Everyone has it, some more open to it than others.”

“My mom… I know now… she was strong in the Force. She could always sense my every move and where I was… I think she could’ve been a Jedi. Could she train to be a Jedi?”

“Well, it’s not impossible she could… train and learn. But your mother, by then, was married and had a child, she would be way past eligible parameters for Temple training.”

“What do you call normal people with the Force? Like, people who have the Force but aren’t Jedi.”

A shrug. “Just Force-sensitive people.”

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Hi :) What do you are chances for Mai Mihara to medal?

fairly low, but not impossible. she was clean at 4CC and got 200 total, if she’s clean at worlds she’ll probably get a little higher than 200. there are several ladies who are capable of 210+ at worlds. for mai to medal, some of those other ladies would need to make major mistakes.

these are the top 20 ladies’ 2016-17 season’s best scores, for reference. crossed out skaters aren’t going to worlds.

Family Values. (13)

She had done the impossible. A successful surgery on the brain stem of a paralyzed man who was now standing on the stage beside her, smiling as she accepted the most acclaimed honour in medicine. She was not only the youngest recipient but the most reknownedly liked and that filled her with a calm sense of pride. While she knew there were people more deserving, who’d dedicated all of their life to the profession, she knew she had done well too. And the look of pride on her brother’s face? That made it all worth it.

“Thank you, thank you.” She cut into their clapping, a little hollering from her Chicago family. “This, I have no way of expressing the humbling feeling of holding this plaque. I know some of you professionally and others personally, and I know all that you have accomplished. This is a peer given honour, one that is chosen by the people you work with and I can’t say I have accomplished much in this profession, but I can say I have garnered friendships and invaluable lessons from working with all of you.” She took a deep breath, trying to calm her shaky nerves as she saw her reflection in the plaques glass.

She was a vision in blue, the teal dress hugging curves she didn’t know she had. Her hair was pulled away from her face, makeup flawless courtesy of the firehouse girls. The gold band on her hand glittered in the harsh lighting and a new confidence surged in with her appearance. She looked the part.

“But this,” She motioned to the man standing behind her, “this wasn’t something I wanted to be given honour for. I didn’t operate for anything more than giving him a chance of walking, of being the marathon runner he once was. I thank you for noting my small part in it. But it was all him, his strength and resilience that gave me the courage to pick up the scalpel.” She led the crowd in a round of applause for the blushing man. Then she shifted just so, drawing attention to the large group she’d brought with her today.

“I couldn’t have done any of this, not the surgery or have my career without the support of my friends and family. Matt, you and I have known each other since our first day of college when I hit you in the face with the door and gave you that scar on your chin. You have always been there for me, through long nights of flash cards to being one of my bridesmaids at my wedding and I can’t thank you enough.” He winked at her, nodding his head in thanks and she wasn’t gong to let him live down the tears she could see pooling in his eyes.

“To my husband,” She smiled when he blushed, “you are dumbest man in the world for marrying a surgeon.” The room laughed, agreeing with her, “But I think running into burning buildings for a living makes us equal. You have been so sturdy, a voice of reason when I think I can take on twenty surgeries in one day. You have encourage me, given me your hand when I have been so scared I couldn’t stand. Thank you, for always letting me bring my work home with me and not complaining about opening a file folder to see mangled body parts. I love you,” He wasn’t the slightest bit ashamed of the tears brimming in his eyes as he clapped for her.

Now for the hard part.

“My greatest supporters have always been my brothers. My twin, Will, who went through med school with me and is now an amazing ER doctor and my older brother, Jay, who served his country then went on to serve our city as the best detective around. You both have been there for me since day one, from buying me that little fake doctors kit to letting me ‘patch you up’ when you fell on the playground. Jay, you screamed the loudest at our graduation and applauded us when we were hired at Chicago Med. Will, you drive me insane but have always had my back whether it be bullies at school or a helping hand in the midst of surgery.” She paused, throat closing up a little as she choked back tears.

“You have taught me so much in my life - how to be brave, how not to take no for an answer and stand your ground, how to care about people and how to let yourself love. You’re my best friend in the world and I couldn’t have done a single surgery without you. I love you, more than anything and I hope I have made you as proud as you have made me.” Turning away from them before she cried, she addressed the crowd once more, “I am a wife, a sister, a friend but more than anything, I am a doctor. Thank you for this honour, and I hope we all continue our paths in helping others, together.”

The applause was thunderous as she stepped off the stage, her patient guiding her down the stairs and back to her table. There were hours of mingling ahead of her but she couldn’t wipe the smile off her face. Will and Jay met her a few feet away from the table, strong arms going around her as she squeezed them tight. They were the reason she hadn’t given up so many times, why she was able to make it through med school and reach her goals. But it was Jay whispering in her ear that made the tears she’d worked so hard to hold back fall.

“You have always made us proud, now you have made all of them proud too.”

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I keep giggling at the thought of a villain mama trying to raise her daughter to be normal and placing her in a prestigious school but often have her villain side show up, and the teacher who is used to pompous parents totally don’t bat an eye to put her in her place

Elf Week: Favorite Female Elf  - She was beautiful with dark hair and grey eyes and she was called Undomiel, the Evenstar of her people.

When we think about meeting people who will have the kind of importance in our lives, it seems impossible that they could live miles and miles away. It seems impossible that we can bond with someone over FaceTime calls and texts. Adults ingrave into our minds that the people we meet on the internet have no purpose in our lives other than to destroy it.

I feel bad for the people who still try to tell us that internet friendships or relationships aren’t comparable to a real life one, because they believe the internet is only full of danger.

Those people don’t know what it feels like…
To finally meet your best friend.

—  poems-she-wrote

the other one needs encouragement too, senpai! or we’ll just leave him to mochi

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“Why are you looking at me when you aren’t going to stop me? Can I stop you?


The casting agent had seen me open up as a duo with my drummer, Zeke Hutchins, supporting Nick Cave in 2013. Somehow, the mental Rolodex of this guy—I don’t know what phrases came to mind when they were talking about the casting for Rachel, but somehow I was somebody that they wanted to audition. It was because of the show that he saw me open up for Nick Cave. […] I picked “I Wish I Knew” for the audition. I felt like I could sing that naturally as opposed to somebody else’s song in an audition. I didn’t really know the context at the time. When I showed up on set later, we had talked about doing other songs, but that one ended up being the one we circled back to. 

Sharon Van Etten on how she got involved with The OA