EXO Reaction when they meet Kris’ best friend

I think it would be pretty funny. They were expecting a guy and bam! Comes a super model! Love, Admin A~

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Chanyeol: *He knew from the beginning. Teases the boys a lot when she arrives* “Here you go guys! The friend you thought farted together with Kris!”

Kris: *Kris’s got style* “You guys were saying? Don’t even think on getting your hands on her”

Sehun: *Fan boy mode on* “Wait! Do you know Miranda Kerr?!?!”

Tao: *Likes this new stylish girl* “Well I have now a new shopping buddy!”

Kai: “Way to go man! She is hot!!” *Thinking of all the possibilities if you stay with them*

Xiumin: *Can’t believe his eyes*
Kris: Man close your mouth. I know she is beautiful.

Baekhyun: *Tries his best* “You know.. we are models too”

Luhan: “Give me your number girl… I won’t let Kris lie about you again”

Chen: *Feels intimidated by her beauty* “Hi… they call me.. Chen Chen”

Kyungsoo: “So… when were you planning on telling us? You kept her well hidden..” *Jelly*

Lay: *Falls in love with her* “Now I see why you never told us about her Kris..”

Suho: *Does funny things because he is really nervous* “How should I act? Should I say something? What if she thinks I’m funny like the rest of the guys do?