“There’s a quidditch game this weekend.”

“I’m well aware.”

“You should come!”

“And why would I do that?”

“Cause I’ll be playing.”

OR: Pharmercy Hogwarts AU where Fareeha and Angela agree on many things, but still can’t seem to communicate their feelings ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Despite all, I find truly interesting just how much a trauma can change someone. 

Up to when I was 8, I used to take inumerous selfies with all my toys. People had to beg me to stand still for more than a minute and I vaguely remember to be a loud, energetic and happy child. Just a few years ago, the resemblance I had to that past was close to none.

Don’t get me wrong though - I wouldn’t change anything even if I could, and I’m not the type of person who holds grudges against others. But it gets really bothersome when people who knew you from before come to you and ask “What happened?” in such an accusatory, sad tone.

Everyone goes through shit at some point. People change. Trauma fucks them up. But none of that makes them less valid and if anything, your question is likely to make them feel guilty for absolutely no reason at all. It’s not their fault. You can’t talk like they’re to blame, or say they should change for “a greater good” because to you they were “better” before, especially if such a long time has already passed.

Remember that, please.

People that are having an issue with certain USWNT’ers flying in first class:

I’m only on episode 4 of “Stranger Things”, but the level of innate talent this young cast has is blowing my fucking mind. The boys are all naturals…but then there’s Millie. Millie Bobby Brown has star power. I mean next level kind of talent. The last time I was this excited about the future career of a young actress I was watching 14 year old JLaw murder her performance in The Poker House. Give this girl a few years and people will be fighting to cast her.


I love, love, love how sharply Clarke looks at Raven. Eliza did such a good job in this scene.