Fandom: “We wan’t a strong female character with a well thought out back story, who’s dynamic, has a likable personality, and a role in the main plot-line. A character for young female members of the viewer audience to relate with, not a damsel in distress waiting to be saved, or a villain with no real likable qualities for the fandom to hate on. A female character That can be sexy, but isn’t sexualized for the pleasure of men, or eye-candy for the main characters to ogle. Maybe someone who can become a series regular to add some diversity in the sea of butch men the series has offered us.”

Writers: “soooo… New female love interest?”


After watching epsiode 4 of Miraculous Ladybug, I literally can’t deal with the dramatic irony, we the audience, have to deal with. LIKE MY HEART FUCKING BROKE WHEN CAT NOIR WAS LIKE “You’ll fall for me, it’s just a matter of time” I LITERALLY SCREAMED “BUT SHE ALREADY HAS” this show is gonna kill me

I actually left the room today. I decided it was too cold to leave the bed, but I seriously craved a cheese omelette. While I was down there, I decided to ask reception to send extra blankets to our room, because I’m not freezing my ass off. Anyway, the cleaning lady started yelling at the manager, presumably because of me, and I couldn’t understand them at all. Latin, got it, French, I’m good - Spanish? Me no comprende. Basically, I need to move rooms because I’m afraid she’s gonna kill me in my sleep. Please tell me something similar has happened to someone else. I can’t be alone here, can I?

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Oh True. Why make more ships for Ania when we can just make more fan art and sin and fanfics about the ones she has right now! >;3

Oh crap. Ania gonna kill me isn’t she? Oh welp. Rip Jess 2016. *thinking of writing something about my ship and just laughing at it but refuses to type it in* MM WATCHA SAAAY. MM THAT YOU ONLY MEANT WELL, WELL BECAUSE YOU DID! xD