This Random Girl [Chapter 1] - Steve Harrington x Reader

  A/N: ya girl is back, with a 3-part-long-ish fic. I’ve been waiting for my boy steve to get attention since season 1, and he finally is

  “Hey, kid, what are you doing?” I call out. The redheaded girl whips around, the sheet of metal she was dragging falling over as she lets go.

 “Uh,” She hesitates, peering around the side of the abandoned bus before turning her attention back to me, steeling her gaze. “What are you doing?”

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Giving Jughead the silent treatment

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Byun Baekhyun x Reader - Angst

Words: 4K

Summary: Childhood friends before you moved away and took his heart along with you, Baekhyun soon debuted as EXO’s singer in hopes of finding you again. So why were you standing in front of him as an EXO fan with no memories of your childhood?

Part 1 | 2

He didn’t know when he gave his heart to you. Maybe it was when you pushed some bullies off of him. Or maybe it was the time you came over to help him with his math homework. He wasn’t sure how it happened, all he knew was that it did happen. He entrusted his feelings when you stepped inside your car, tears staining your face and your small hands wiping the tears away.

The vivid scene of your tied up (h/c) hair and swollen red eyes as you gripped your teddy bear was ingrained his mind. He remembered your little bunny backpack that complemented your bright yellow dress. He remembered the tears peeking from his mother’s eyes as she said her goodbyes to your mother. And he remembered the bracelet of the moon hanging from your wrist, his bracelet matched with the sun.

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Leather & Lace

A/N: Hey guys! This is the first chapter of a new best friend!Harry fic! I hope you enjoy reading as much as I am writing it! Without further adieu… I present to you Leather & Lace.

Disclaimer: Pics are not mine.

“Stay close to people who feel like sunlight.”


“Good morning, welcome to the BBC Radio One Breakfast show. Today we have a very special guest. My personal friend, the beautiful and talented Rowan Locke!” Nick announced, smiling over at the petite brunette sitting across from him.

“Hello, hello.” She chirped with a grin. “I’m excited to be back, thank you for having me.”

“Well, I’ve missed you. Haven’t seen you in ages.”

“I know, I know. I’ve missed you too! I’ve been so busy the past few months getting things settled so I can take a break for a bit.”

Nick grinned, “Today is also a very special day for our professional relationship.”

“Is it?” She questioned, wondering what in the world her friend had in store for her. Over the years, Nick continued to surprise her and sometimes it wasn’t without slight humiliation.

He chuckled, “On this day, four years ago, we were doing our first show together.”

“You’re kidding me. Has it really been four years?”


“I’m ‘avin a little get together at mine tonight. You should come, there’s some people I want to introduce yeh to.” The dark haired radio host said to her after they finished their interview for the day, watching as she gathered up her things to leave the booth.

Rowan quirked her eyebrow, unsure as to how to respond. “And just who would that be?”

“Just some friends that I think yeh should know. Don’t worry, they’re your age and you’ll love ‘em.”

Rowan stood in front of her floor length mirror, deciding yet again that her outfit of choice was not right for the occasion. In all honesty, she didn’t really know how to dress for a party that was probably going to have more than just a handful of well-known people attending. She huffed, falling back on her bed and reaching for her phone.

Minutes later, her best friend Addie’s smiling face appeared across the screen.

“I’m not going.”

She rolled her eyes dramatically, knowing that her friend was always the over thinker. “Of course you’re going.”

“I don’t even think I brought anything to wear to a party. All I brought was interview stuff, leggings, and sweaters.”

“Figure something out, go shopping, hell I don’t care, but you’re going. You need to branch out and meet people.” Rowan knew she was right, the only way she was ever going to meet people was if she actually left the confines of her hotel room for once.

Being a newbie on the music scene was a bit overwhelming at times, causing Rowan to want to just hide away while she could after her job was done for the day. Another part of her, wanted to rediscover the social butterfly part of herself again, she needed friends in the same business, hell, she needed friends period. Grimmy’s party would be the perfect start to finding said friends, if only she could gather up the courage to go alone to a party that she only knew one person at.

“Why do you have to have a huge exam this week?” Rowan groaned, feeling the need for her best friend’s presence more than ever. “It’s so much easier to be social at parties when I know more than one person.”

Addie chuckled, “You know Rita Ora, you said she’s going.”

“We only met briefly at the VMA’s, I’d hardly call that knowing her.”

“Row, you’re gonna have to stop making excuses and just fucking go. What harm is it going to do?”


Much to Rowan’s pleasant surprise, there wasn’t as many people in attendance as she first anticipated. Relief flooded her entirety, starting to feel a tiny bit more comfortable in the situation.

“There she is!” She heard the familiar voice exclaim. “Come on, come on. You’ve got a few people to meet.”

Her nerves kicked back in and she was unsure as to why she was feeling so anxious. “How about a drink first?”

Nick nodded and led her over to the makeshift bar, “What’s it gonna be?”

“Just a whiskey and coke, please.”

“Would yeh lighten up a little bit, Rowan? S’only a small party.” Grimmy offered, holding out her freshly mixed drink. “I promise everything will be fine.”

As he led her over to a small group gathered on the patio, she nervously gulped down her drink. It wasn’t like her to be nervous at a party– hell, she was usually the life of them; a social butterfly, if you will. But this night, it seemed so different. It wasn’t just normal Rowan attending; it was Rowan, singer and songwriter. There was a new stigma around her, or so she felt. Impressing people seemed to be a constant job, and she was never good at first impressions.

“Breathe, love. They’re are just m’friends. Just people.” He gently reminded, nudging her shoulder slightly as the pair approached a boy with dark curly hair and a dimpled smile. “This is Harry, y’know, from-”

“One Direction, of course.” She finished for him, feeling slightly starstruck as he stood in all of his Harry glory in front of her. “Shit, sorry, I’m Rowan.”

Harry flashed her a dimpled smile, making her nerves lessen dramatically, offering his hand. “Pleasure.”

“Pleasure is all mine,” she smiled, and for the first time all night, she felt calm.

(End flashback)

That night, she and Harry’s inseparable bond began. From that night on, their friendship bloomed beautifully– he was her best friend and she was his. It was a friendship they were both extremely thankful to have.

“By the way, I’m a little hurt that you cancelled our dinner plans last night.” Nick shot her a hurt look, making her chuckle. “I guess your label is just more important than me.”

“I don’t think it would have gone over well if I missed that important dinner with my bosses.” Rowan protested with a chuckle.

“You ghosted me.”

Rowan rolled her blue-green eyes, “You are so full of it. I did no such thing. I’m an angel.”

The pair fell silent, a smirk playing on her lips before Nick finally broke the silence with a loud cackle, making her erupt in a fit of giggles. “We’ll act like that is actually true.” He chuckled, gathering his papers in front of him. “I of all people know that you’re lying through your teeth when you say that.”

She chuckled, rolling her eyes once more. “You still love me though.”


Rowan had just settled into her plush bed following her long flight from London to Los Angeles, sprawling herself fresh from a shower across her off-white duvet. Her one year old Siberian Husky, Maverick, curled into her side, silently welcoming his mom home. Exhaustion couldn’t begin to describe how she felt although she knew that sleep was not going to come easily considering she was always one to suffer from jet lag. It was the first time she’d been at home in what seemed like ages, she missed her simple coastal home in Malibu and was thankful to have one night between shows to somewhat relax in the confines of her own home.

Just as her stomach reminded her that it was indeed, almost dinner time, her phone chimed next to her.

Pink: Dinner tonight? x

You’re in LA? I thought you were still in New York.

Last minute change of plans.

Well in that case, Saddlepeak at 7?

See you soon x


After successfully making her way into the restaurant somewhat unnoticed, she was led to the table for two on the back patio to wait for Harry. She hadn’t expected for him to be in town that week, assuming that he was too busy with promos for his upcoming album. It was a pleasant surprise none the less, it had been a since his birthday earlier that year that they had found a spare moment to visit each other, seeing as she was still on tour at the time and he was occupied promoting Dunkirk. It tore her to pieces that she wasn’t able to attend the premiere like she had originally planned, she wanted to be there for her best friend and gush to him how amazing he was in the film, but alas, her label had other plans for her.

As her first glass of wine was being poured, Harry appeared through the small crowd of patrons that filled the beach-front restaurant. Rowan couldn’t hide her smile as she rose to greet him with a warm embrace. His long arms wrapped around her tiny frame, lifting her slightly as he buried his face in her neck, inhaling her familiar scent of her coconut shampoo.

“Nice to see you, Pink.” She grinned, breaking from the hug to ruffle his hair slightly before taking her seat again. “I still can’t believe you cut off your hair.”

“It’s almost been a year, Row.” He chuckled, sinking into his chair.

She sighed, “True, but I also haven’t seen you in six months.”

“It has been a while, hasn’t it?”

The young friends were accustomed to not being able to drop in for a visit months at a time, but the duration was never longer than two months or so until earlier that year. Both of their careers had become increasingly busy, causing them to only have time to focus on their work. It was understandable to both of them, of course, but not being able to see your best friend in times of great stress didn’t help. Especially going through a break up.

“How have you been since, you know?” Harry asked carefully eyeing her, hoping it wouldn’t still upset her months later.

“Harry, it’s okay. You can say his name. It’s been six months.” Truth be told, it took her almost five of those to begin to get over her ex, Nate. Three years of memories, fights, and love is a lot to get over. To make matters more stressful, it wasn’t a clean and easy break.

Rowan believed at one point she was going to marry Nate. In her eyes, he was her Prince Charming, everything she could ever want– or so she thought. For the first two years, things were nothing but blissful. After her career started to build even more, he became bitter believing that she put her career before him. He didn’t understand the position she was in and he didn’t want to take time to understand. All he knew was he felt like he wasn’t a priority anymore, which he claims is the reason Rowan found him in their shared bed with another woman. But Rowan was head over heels for him, giving him another chance and changing around her entire tour to cater to his sudden need for her constant attention.

For months, he continued to cheat every time she was away. Rowan overlooked it because she believed it was her fault, she couldn’t give him the time that he wanted from her. It wasn’t until Harry finally stepped in that she realized that he wasn’t lonely, he was just a piece of shit.

“I’m sorry I intervened, but I couldn’t watch him do that to you anymore.”

She shrugged, taking a sip of her wine. “I’m not mad at you. You know that. I’m moreso mad at myself for giving him another chance. I should have known he wouldn’t change.”

“You were in love, Row. You can’t blame yourself for him being a proper dick.”

“I know, I know. Thank god I’m done with him now though, yeah? I’ve got a new, better home and I’m back to being fun Rowan.”

He chuckled, “Actually that reminds me, since you’re not bound to someone anymore, my mum and sister are dying to see you. I’m going home for a bit before I start touring, I know they’d love for you to tag along, as would I.”

“Hmm, I don’t know. I have such a busy schedule now.” She smirked, watching him roll his eyes knowing that after her performance the following day, she would be free as a bird for a year. “I’d love to, Pink.”

“Perfect. We can leave Sunday morning.”


The following day was spent in preparation for Rowan’s last show for a while. It was unknown to her how long her hiatus would last, she hadn’t set a time frame and she really didn’t want to. For five years of her life, she had devoted herself completely to her music. It consumed her life and she absolutely adored it, but it was time to take a bit of a break. The constant demands that her career entailed were beginning to eat away at her. She knew that if she continued at the pace she was going she was going to burn out and lose her passion for the thing she loved most, and that would devastate her. It had taken a lot of meetings, a lot of convincing not only her label and management team, but also herself that this was ultimately the best thing for her to do.

Her incense was burning, the lights were down low, and the soft hum of an old Frank Sinatra record were playing as she mentally prepared for her show and pondered over the thoughts that had been circling her mind for weeks. Tonight was going be an emotional night for her, it was going to be one of the hardest things she’s ever had to do. This had been her life for so long and she didn’t really know how to be just a normal twenty-two year old anymore. All she had known was the constant hustle and bustle of her normal schedule. It was going to be a strange adjustment to make.

“Knock, knock.” Came a familiar voice from behind the door, filling the room with a sudden warmth. It amazed her how his presence in any setting just seemed to bring a new light.

“Just in time.” She sighed, watching as he pushed his tall frame through the doorway and taking a seat on her dressing table.

Harry smiled nudging her bare leg with his foot. “Why the long face?”

“Am I doing the right thing, Pink? Taking a break?”

“I think everyone who works their arse off deserves a break, that definitely includes you.”

She smiled sadly, “Is it hard?”

He shrugged, “You just have to learn to relax and enjoy being somewhat normal again. It’s hard at first because you don’t really know where to start but after a while, it’s easier. Trust me, this is a good thing for you, Row.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“And also you’re taking this break at the greatest time ever.” He smirked, taking a sip from his water. “Now I get you all to myself for my tour. You can be my groupie.”

Rowan chuckled, rolling her eyes. “Yeah, yeah, yeah. If you weren’t so damn brilliant at what you do I’d be walking the other way.”

“Sure you would.”


It was nearing the end of the concert, that had gone off without a hitch, Rowan hooked her trusty custom guitar (that had been a gift from Harry and one of her most treasured pieces in her collection) around her neck strumming a few cords before walking back to the mic that stood at the front of the stage. It was the last song of her set and she felt the tears brewing behind her eyes, this was going to be difficult.

“Um, I just want to take a moment before I do this last one to say a few words.” She started, looking down at her shoes briefly, trying to will the tears away. Successful in her attempts, she smiled looking back out at the arena full of people that had supported her since the day she started. “Five years ago, I moved from Alabama to Nashville with a dream. That dream brought me to LA where I have lived now for four years. Never in my eighteen years of life would I have imagined I’d be standing in an arena of this many beautiful souls, singing my heart out to them five years later.”

The crowd erupted in cheers, making her heart swell. It was inevitable that the tears would come then, there was no way to stop them from falling down her face. Her fans were amazing and she could never thank them enough for all the love and support they had showed her through the years.

“And that’s all because of you guys. You guys have made my dreams come true, and I can’t begin to thank you enough. This has all been made possible because you took the time to listen to my music and let me tell my story through it.” She placed her hand over her heart, feeling her emotions getting the best of her. “I just want to thank y’all, for taking a chance on me. You are the best damn people I know and I am so fucking lucky to have you.”

The arena was filled with the loudest cheers she had ever heard in her life. She was truly blessed and she was reveling in her last moments on stage for a while. This was going to be hard to walk away from.

“I love you all, this one’s for you.”


The adrenaline was still pumping wildly through her veins as she finished strong. She couldn’t get enough, she would give them everything in her that night as long as the venue would let her. Unfortunately she had to end the night after not one, but two encores. After taking her final bow and soaking everything in for the last time for a while, she practically had to peel herself from the stage or else she’d stay there all night. The electrifying feeling of performing would not be easily replaced by anything.

Her mother was waiting at the side of the stage with a fresh bottle of water and towel. Before she could take the two items from her, she pulled her into a tight embrace.

“I am so proud of you, baby girl.” Her mother muttered through tears. “You were amazing.”

“That was much harder than I thought it would be.” Rowan sniffled, pulling back to dab under her eyes where mascara was surely beginning to streak down her face.

“This isn’t the end, honey.”

Rowan nodded, taking a swig of the cold water, trying to steady her still racing heart before she was tackled into a bone crushing hug from behind.

“That was amazin’, Row.” Harry peppered kisses to her head, beaming with pride for his best friend, causing her to erupt in a fit of giggles.

She turned in his hold to give him a proper hug, “Thank you for being here.”

“You know I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” He slung an arm lazily over her shoulder as they walked back to her dressing room for her to change for a night out, ignoring the few cameras of curious fans and onlookers. “I just hope you’re ready for a fun night.”



The club was alight with life and Rowan was deliriously happy, she was surrounded by her closest friends— save a few that weren’t able to make it, but she wouldn’t hold that against them— and was honestly close to being drunk out of her mind. Harry sat beside her, sipping his whiskey contentedly, an arm slung lazily around her waist, keeping her close to him. If there was one thing she and him both loved, it was to be close to each other. It just brought them a sense of security that they both always appreciated.

“Yeh havin’ fun, love?” He chuckled as her head dipped to rest on his shoulder.

A silly smile stretched across her face as her eyes fluttered closed. “The best time. I’m so glad you’re here. Can we have a sleepover tonight?”

“Is that even a question?”

“Harry, I love you. You’re my best friend.” She grinned, feeling the effects of her seven—or was it nine— Lemon Drops. “Like the bestest friend in the world.”

Harry felt his heart soar, he had never had this kind of relationship with a woman. Had never been so content with just how they were, nothing more than two friends who loved each other dearly. It was the kind of friendship that he couldn’t have with just one of the boys, the kind of friendship he always craved. A woman that truly and completely loved him with everything she had, so much so that she didn’t feel the need to act like everything he did was perfect, because she knew it wasn’t. She wasn’t afraid to tell him when he was making a mistake, when he was doing something so utterly stupid. It was her sixth sense, he always said. She was always right.

“I love you too, bubs.”

“I’m gonna go dance now, okay?” She suddenly perked up from her spot, causing a giggle to come from Harry. “There’s a really cute guy over there with my name about to be all over him. Maybe my lipstick too. I’ll do my seduction dance.”

Harry cackled, remembering the last time she was this drunk and attempted to do what she called her ‘seduction dance’. Whatever she thought was seductive about it he would never know because it was nothing more than her pitiful attempt at slinking her body around in circles, holding her arms in the air and grazing a hand through her hair. Rowan was nothing short of a tiny, clumsy, goofball and Harry loved her for it.

“Go get ‘im, bubs.”


“‘Arryyyyyy.” Rowan slurred, draping herself around his body, her own feeling too heavy for her to hold up on her own. “Can we go home now?”

His arm wrapped around her waist, keeping her upright against him. A kiss was dropped to her head, “Of course. Let me call my driver.”

Harry led her back over to where their friends sat, leaving her in the trusted hands of her friend Addie while he went to call the car service.

“Addie! Oh my god, I’ve been looking all over for you!” Rowan shrieked, plopping down next to her friend and wrapping her arms around her shoulders. “I’m sleepy.”


After Harry had successfully all but carried her petite frame up the pathway to her front door, Rowan was continuously in a fit of giggles as she heard Maverick’s howling coming from the inside.

“My child is waiting on me, Harry. We have to hurry.”

Harry chuckled, reaching in his pocket for his keys to find the spare she had given him when she bought the place. ‘In case you need a bath bomb or something’ she’d said, as if he would drive from West Hollywood to Malibu, bypassing at least three stores that carried the bath fizzies to come snag one from her collection in her glass vase perched beside her claw foot tub. He simply smiled that charming dimpled smile with a shake of his head, knowing that his best friend was not one to get mushy with the sentiments of things.

The door swung open to reveal Maverick howling and barking happily at their return. Rowan fell to her knees in a fit of giggles as the fluffy dog showered her with affection.

Harry patted his head, helping Rowan back to her feet to escort her to her room upstairs. The journey up the stairs was interesting to say the least. Rowan was quite the klutz, for lack of a better term. The edges of the hardwood stairs catching her purple-painted toes every other step, causing her to fall forward slightly. Thankfully Harry was there to catch her before she tumbled back down the staircase.

Soon enough the pair had made it to her room and successfully changed into PJs. Rowan was already snuggling into her comfortable bed as Harry brushed his teeth before climbing into bed next to her. To an outsider, anyone would think they were a couple. This kind of thing was simply routine for them.

“Pink?” She muttered sleepily as he wrapped an arm around her, pulling her flush against his chest, letting her be the little spoon for once.

“Hmm?” He buried his face in her neck, inhaling her soft scent.

“Thank you for tonight.”

“Go to sleep.” He whispered, kissing the skin of her neck. “Love you.”

“Love you.”

There you go! I hope you liked it! Please, let me know here what you think and would like to see in this fic.

Also,for any of you wondering, I am still writing Meet Me In The Hallway, so don’t worry! This is just an additional fic I am working on! We will still have many Harry and Taylor moments ahead, don’t you worry!

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requested: hey, I was wondering if you could do one where reader is camila’s best friend and she meets shawn through her and all fluffy please


“y/n!” your best friend called, walking into your bedroom. “hurry
up we are going to be late!”

she walked into the room, her long black hair swaying behind her.

“i’m almost ready, give me a minute to throw my dress on.” you sighed, putting down the last makeup product you needed.

“hurry up y/n, we’re going to be late and my manager is going to kill me!” she exclaimed, throwing the burgundy velvet dress at you.

“camila, don’t worry it’ll only take me a second.”

you walked into your closet, carefully putting the velvet dress on along with a pair of nude heels to match.

camila cabello, who also happened to be your best friend, invited you to come along with her to the american music awards and you happily accepted.

you had been her biggest supporter since her fifth harmony days, and it didn’t stop just because she went solo. the two of you became best friends when you were 6 and she was 8. you were in the same dance class and had basically been inseparable since.

“okay, i’m ready.” you announced, entering your room again. “can you just zip the last part?” you asked, moving your long hair out of the way so camila could zip your dress up.

you made your way to the limo that just arrived to your house that would take you to the awards.

the ride there was spent talking, jamming to some of your favourite songs, and trying to get the nervous jitters out of your systems. you were going to be walking the red carpet with her, and you were nervous that you were going to
trip or something.

“oh y/n,” she said as you stepped out of the limo. “there’s someone i want to introduce you to later.”

you groaned, knowing she was trying to set you up with someone again. normally camila’s set-ups didn’t turn out well.

“trust me, you’re going to like this one. i promise.”

“it better not be another 27 year
old,” you said, smoothing your dress before stepping onto the red carpet with camila.

“that was one time y/n!”

you stood to the side as she posed
for pictures and watched as she was able to turn in every direction that a cameraman was yelling her name.

you weren’t sure how she did it, if that many people were screaming at you and all those flashes were in your face you were almost positive you would have an anxiety attack.

after about half an hour of watching camila pose for pictures, talk to various interviewers, and her introducing you to her celebrity friends, it was finally time to go in the arena.

camila wasn’t performing tonight, but she was nominated for a few categories which you hoped she won. in a way, you were thankful that she wasn’t performing, if she was performing would would be by yourself surrounded by celebrities and some of your idols.

“oh perfect!” she exclaimed as you were escorted to your assigned tables. “we’re at a table with the guy i want you to meet, but i think he’s performing first so you’ll have to wait.”

you rolled your eyes, taking your seat beside your best friend. you had the feeling that whoever she was going to set you up with would be a disaster.

once again, you sat in silence and watched as camila talked to a few more celebrities. of course she introduced you, but you really had
nothing to contribute to the conversation, and it’s not like they were interested in your life anyways.

the lights dimmed in the venue as the tune to a familiar song you heard on the radio a few times had begun.

the singer stepped towards the mic and started the song. you definitely knew this song from the radio but you didn’t know what it was called, all you knew was that he was better live.

“that,” camila whispered, leaning close to you. “is the guy.”

your eyes widened as you got a better look at his face, you had to admit, he was definitely attractive.

“and,” she continued. “he’s your age.”

you smiled, secretly hoping this one turned out well.

“you already like him.” she smirked, leaning back in her chair and folding her arms.

you shook your head as the lights turned back on and the show was on commercial break. camila told you shawn would be returning back to the table soon and it just so happened to be the only seat available was next to you.

you were absentmindedly scrolling through your instagram account waiting for the show to start when camila practically jumped out of her seat.

“shawn!” she greeted, pulling the tall boy in for a hug. “i missed you, it’s been so long!”

you smiled as they had a small conversation. once again, you had no purpose in their conversation so you resumed scrolling through instagram.

“oh shawn, i want you to meet someone.” she pulled him towards you. “this is my best friend y/n. y/n, this is shawn mendes.”

you shyly smiled at him, finally standing up from your seat. even though you were standing he was still a good 6 inches taller than you.

“hi, i’m shawn.” he held his hand out for you to shake.

you blushed, tucking a piece of loose hair behind your ear.

“y/n.” you shook his hand quickly before sitting down again. you hated that you were so shy, but you couldn’t help it.

shawn took the empty seat next to you as the lights dimmed, the show starting again.

they were announcing one of the categories camila was nominated for, when they said her name she nervously grabbed your hand. you have her a reassuring smile, you knew she was going to win this.

when the announcer called her name, she squealed hugging you and shawn before making her way to the stage. you clapped and cheered for her the same way you would’ve if you were at
home watching her on tv. she quickly made her acceptance speech, thanked everyone and her fans and she was ushered off. a few more awards were announced before commercial again.

you noticed shawn had been staring at you since camila’s name was announced.

“is there something on my face?” you ask, suddenly feeling insecure.

“no, why would you ask?” shawn said, furrowing his eyebrows.

“you were kind of staring at me.” you managed to say, your shyness taking over again.

shawn’s eyes widened as you caught him off guard. “oh, uh, i think you’re cute.” he stuttered a bit. “i mean, the way you cheered for camila was cute. i like your, uh, supportiveness.”

you giggled, “i don’t think that’s a word.”

shawn continued to talk to you, it was like he took a genuine interest in what you had to say. which you were surprised, no celebrity has ever done that.

unfortunately, the award show came to an end and it was time for camila to drag you to the afterparty. you hoped shawn was going too, you didn’t want to leave him just yet.

“y/n!” camila returned to the table while you were still having a conversation with shawn about school. “you ready for the after party?”

you groaned, partly because she interrupted you and partly because you didn’t want to go. “no.”

she rolled her eyes, “it’s going to be fun y/n, don’t be such a grandma.”

she grabbed your arm, pulling you up from for seat. shawn looked just as disappointed as you did.

“shawn are you coming too?” camila asked, letting go of your arm finally.

“i don’t think so, they aren’t really my thing.” he said, “i was actually
hoping to steal y/n away for a bit, maybe skip the party?”

you nodded, thankful that you didn’t have to attend that party. you knew you would’ve done nothing there anyways, especially since you didn’t know anyone there.

“bye, you two kids have fun!” camila called as you walked away. “and be safe, use protection!”

you shook your head at her comment as shawn led you out of the building. luckily he chose a different exit and you weren’t swarmed by fans. there were a few, which you didn’t mind since you weren’t surrounded.

a fan came up to shawn to ask for a picture which he accepted.

“is that your girlfriend?” she asked once they took the picture. “she’s pretty.”

shawn chuckled, “isn’t she? but no she isn’t my girlfriend.”

you smiled at the ground, not wanting them to see your red cheeks.

after about half an hour of walking around, shawn offered to drive you home. you knew camila was probably partying her ass off and she was most likely drunk so he was your only option of getting home.

you gave him the directions to your small apartment, arriving sooner than you thought. it was early morning so there was no LA traffic thankfully.

“wait y/n,” shawn grabbed your hand before you could get
out of the car. “i, i want to ask you something.

"oh, yeah sure, ask away.” you winced at how awkward your answer was.

“would you maybe want to go out with me? i would love to maybe one day see your pretty face cheer for me like you did with camila earlier.”

You Irritate Me (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Warnings: None that I can think of.

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. REALLY, it wasn’t supposed to. James Buchanan Barnes drove you NUTS. The man was always finding a way to get on your every last nerve. Whether it was the pet nicknames or the teasing. Or even his occasional touches. Everything this man did drove you crazy. You loathed him completely and yet, he KEPT doing everything to you. Steve wouldn’t help either, he just stood by and watched it happen. See, he was well aware that his best friend was falling hard for you but he was sort of going about it the wrong way. The others found it absolutely hilarious and played along. Especially when it came to dinner time. Purposely leaving the seat next to Bucky, the only one left. You wanted to kill them all sometimes. Them and all their damn games. See you were fully valuable to the Avengers, being one of the best damn doctors in the state of New York, Shield tracked you down immediately. That and they were well aware of your records from being a child. Something you never wanted to talk about.

If you were being honest, the only person who truly knew you very well was Natasha Romanoff. The two of you had clicked at the very beginning. Hence why she always snickered when you were flustered over goddamn Barnes. He was always causing issues. You were almost to your breaking point honestly. He had yet again come into the gym shirtless, SHIRTLESS, must that thought keep popping in your mind? James Barnes would be the death of you. Leaving the gym pissed off, you head for Natasha’s room and practically walk right into her room and shut her door.

   “Please, walk right in (Y/N).” Nat teases.

   “Fuck Nat, Barnes is fucking irritating.” You whine.

   “Irritating as in you want to jump his bones or..?”
   “You know you find Barnes sexy. You’ve had it bad for him since he was brought here chicky.” Natasha smirks.

   “You aren’t helping Nat.” you groan as you fall back onto her bed.

   “(Y/N), you can’t be afraid of letting him in. He has a past too. None of us judge you.. None of us hate Barnes. Just let him in.”

   “But that’s the problem Nat.. what if I do and things end badly?”

   “You know for a doctor you really are stupid sometimes (Y/N). Things will only end badly if you and James keep this little game going.” She rolls her eyes.

Sighing heavily, you come to realize that Natasha may just be right this time. Maybe it was time you let someone in. Your teammates weren’t the only ones who had nightmares at night. Your past haunts you to this day.. Sometimes you woke up screaming, but it was rare unless you were fully stressed out. Which it was getting closer to that factor and Natasha knew that. It’s why she was pushing you to talk to James so badly. Getting up you hug your best friend and kiss her cheek. You were unbelievably thankful for Natasha. Hitting your bedroom, you take a shower and debate the entire time if you should talk to him in a civil manner. When you are finally clean and dressed in something comfortable, you decide to go find Steve. Maybe he could give you some insight. He always knew what to do because he was the leader of the team.. And also another person you had become close with. You had managed to take care of Peggy for a little while. Humming small, you pad down to Steve’s room only to find he’s gone. Frowning you make your way down towards the kitchen. Did the super soldier need something to snack on? When you don’t find him down there, you sigh heavily. Going to head back towards your room you run smack dab right into a hard chest. You would’ve fallen on your ass but strong arms caught you. One being much more moderately colder against your skin.


Of course it would be James.

Quickly pulling away, you hear him chuckle at you.

   “Hey doll, miss me?” He teases.

   “No, I was actually looking for Steve.” You scoff.

   “Stevie isn’t here sugar. But i can help if ya’ want?”

   “No, I really don’t think you can help me old man.”

   “Old man? Oh darlin’ careful now.” He whispers soft, leaning closer to you.

   “Fucking bite me Barnes, I really need to talk to Steve so if you’ll excuse me.” You growl and shove him.

   “I’ll be waitin’ if you need me darlin’!” He calls after you. Snickering in the smallest as you run out of the room. God damn that man, he was driving you fucking nuts. As soon as you find Steve in the gym you are running over to him.

   “Hey kid, what’s up?”

   “Okay, sooo.. I need to get this off my chest. Tell Barnes to back off before i do something rash. I can’t deal with him. Please Stevie, I can’t deal with him fucking with my emotions. I’m a goddamn doctor! Not some sweet little piece of ass.” You continue rambling until Steve touches your arm.

   “Kid, calm down. I can tell you right now it’s not a–.” Steve stops when he sees Bucky. Oh god. Here goes nothing.

   “Hey doll, wanna come spend some time with me tonight. I think you are interrupting Steve’s training session.” Bucky smirks as he puts an arm around you. “C’mon love.”

He drags you out of the room before you can say a damn word to Steve. The blonde super soldier only chuckles and then shakes his head. It would seem that Bucky might admit his feelings for once. Once you and Bucky are out of the gym and down the hall you are shoving him.

   “Stop with the goddamn nicknames Barnes!” You growl and look up at him. “Stop. Calling. Me. Doll. I am not your prop-.”  Before you could register it, the two of you were kissing. Once you realized what was happening you shoved him away again.

   “Wow..” He murmurs.

   “What do you want Bucky!? Is this a game to you?” You demand a little breathless. “I am not going to be a one fling thing! I have emotions! I’m a goddamn doctor! So stop screwing with me and tell me why you have to pester me and do everything to irritate me!?”

   “(Y/N), sweetheart.” Bucky’s tone softens. “Listen to me, I never thought you were just a fling. Hell, I have a funny way of showing it.. But I want you. I fell in love with you the instant I saw you. You were so beautiful, so strong and you helped with the new arm. I just.. I haven’t dated in years doll. I don’t know how any of this works.. I figured if i teased you maybe you would get the hint. Maybe you would want me too but it seems I’ve just made you hate me.”
You blink a few times as you register his words. Bucky Barnes was in love with you? You of all people? Was this a dream? Yeah.. this was you dreaming. So for a dream you did the next best thing and kissed him again. Bucky is hesitant to wrap his arms around you but eventually he does. Breaking the kiss, you are shocked. This was.. This was real.

   “James, you’re an idiot. You should’ve just told me you had feelings.. Because you aren’t alone in that.. I have a past.. I don’t know if you know that but It’s bad.” You murmur. “I just didn’t want to put that on you so soon.”

   “Doll, let me in. Let me carry the weight on your shoulders.” He smiles sad and presses a kiss to your forehead. “I will love you and cherish you every day. You won’t have to face your nightmares alone anymore.”

Before you could say anything else, Natasha is whistling. Every single one of the Avengers were standing there watching this. Steve had a smile on his face and Sam looked like he was ready to make a joke. But Bucky sent him a death glare and his swallowed whatever he was going to say. Hiding further into Bucky, you feel him chuckle. Not a second later, he was scooping you up and running off to his room. A giggle comes from you and you finally understood.

It was time to let someone in and not push people away. James might just be the man you could trust your life with. Steve did and you trusted him with everything too. Yawning, you scoot closer to Bucky under his covers. His arm wrapped around you gentle. Listening to his heartbeat, you felt yourself drifting into a deeper sleep. Safe. That’s exactly how you felt. He was your safety and happiness for the first time in a long time.

Love and Hate (Peter Parker x reader)

summary: you’re stranded at a party, but your friendly neighborhood peter parker is there to give you a ride home.

warnings: none

prompt: “I don’t hate you.” (taken from this prompt list)

words: 1.8k

pairings: peter parker x reader

a/n: just a lil something cute that fell into my head! hope you enjoy:) 

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6x10 Alternate Ending

Submitted by: Jenna

Description: This is how I wanted 6x10 to end. I like to think I filled in the parts they didn’t show. Mostly Stydia after they reunite. Hope you enjoy!Starting scene from 6x10: Stiles, Lydia and the Sheriff just killed ghost rider Claudia in the school hallway.

Rating: K+

Genre: Missing scene, Romance

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Who is in Control - Part 6

10 years ago, you and Tony Stark met and he adopted you.
Today, you are his heir and the newest member of the Avengers.
Your first mission? Help Bucky Barnes.
Oh boy, you wished things were this simple.

Word counting:  1600+
Notes: Keep in mind: Age of Ultron Never happened here. Gifs are from google or tumblr.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Mutant!Reader
Present characters: Female Reader, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, OMC Patrick O’Malley
Chapter: 5/??
Chapter name: You Trust Me
Warnings: Semi-nudity (Is it a warning? I don’t know); reader is a bit sassy; telekinesis display; poor Patrick never gives up. It’s an incredibly soft chapter guys, don’t worry. 

 Series Masterlist

It took almost an hour for Bucky to find Y/N, and she was literally in the middle of the massage Tony had scheduled the previous night.

He came into her room without caring about the guy massaging the woman and sat down on her bed.

“You trust me.” He stated.

Y/N smirked.


They went silent for a while, until she interrupted the masseuse.

“You can go, thank you” She said, wrapping herself in the towel while getting up.

After the man left, she was finally alone with Bucky, who refuse to look in her direction, and didn’t fail to notice he had quite a lot of blood in his cheeks.  

“We’re going shopping, so we can buy you new clothes.” She told him. “Half of your clothes are from Steve, and the other half are older than my father. The only exception is your uniform, and you hardly ever wear it.”

He wasn’t looking at her, so she grabbed his chin and fixed his piercing eyes on hers.

Originally posted by rohgers

“I won’t bite you if you look at me, Bucky.”

He stood up and walked away, leaving the Stark alone, and she sighed.

“J.A.R.V.I.S.” She called, letting the towel fall.  

“Yes, miss?”

“I’m leaving in 30 minutes.” She told him. “I’d like my car to be ready.”

“Which one would you like?”

“Pick your favorite.”

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Omegle - All Boys *

Really cringey first attempt at a smut so beware. This was also posted really early on. Probably a year ago at the minimum. My writing has improved. Also the summary makes me cringe but what can you do?

Summary: Y/n goes on Omegle to waste time. She’s met with lots of things but she comes across a black screen aka Michael Clifford and friends. They start talking and the boys have some… needs to attend to.

Today is a lazy day for me. I’ve done nothing productive all day. I’ve sat back, with my laptop in front of me, and I’ve been on mindless games all day. While I was playing happy wheels, an ad popped up. ‘Omegle, meet new people, new friends, and just strangers with common interests for free!’ Well, I’ve got nothing better to do this fine Saturday. I know, it’s Saturday and I’ve got nothing to do, I’m a loner. I don’t give a fuck. I clicked on the ad for Omegle and a new screen popped up. It brought me to There was a box in the center of the screen that said interests, obviously, I typed in 5 seconds of summer because, they are life.

     I clicked on video to start off because the whole point is to meet new people. It started loading and the first person I saw wasn’t a person, it was a dick. I made a disgusted face. People can be so rude online. Like, what if there were children on this site. Just some kids who liked 5 seconds of summer. They would be accustomed to nudity. Oh well, what can you do, the whole generation knows about things they shouldn’t. I clicked on skip and next popped a girl. She seemed to be about 15, that’s about four years younger than me. I’m 19 if you can’t do simple math. Sorry, that was rude. The girl smiled at me, and then she skipped me. “Well ok then.” I mumbled as the next person came on. It wasn’t really a person, all I could see was a black screen.

Stranger is typing… the screen said. Ok, so it is a real person I’m talking to.

Hi. Asl? the stranger said. (Stranger will be in italics)

Hi. And wtf does that mean.

Stranger is typing… it means age, sex, location.

Oh, well I’m 19 I live in Australia and kinky;) jk I’m a girl, and not that kinky.

Stranger is typing… Ooo you’re funny, I’m Michael, boy obviously, and 21 in Australia. You know you don’t have to type right? I can hear you.

I looked down embarrassed. “Oh, I didn’t know that. Sorry Michael. Also are you going to talk too?” I asked. Stranger is typing… No I’m not going to, I don’t like speaking because of my voice. “Oh, well that’s ok. I was just curious. So I love your name by the way. Michael Clifford is the best ever!” I exclaimed as I smiled brightly to the camera.

Stranger is typing… I love Michael Clifford, in the best way possible, like, he’s a great guy. Well, seems like it.

I smiled at the camera. “You understand! Finally somebody. Everyone else is like, ‘why waste your time on someone who doesn’t even know you’ and I’m like, ‘why waste you time breathing when your going to die anyway?’ They obviously have serious issues.” I giggled.

Michael Clifford’s P.O.V

 I’m talking to this Y/n girl and she’s really interesting. She’s hilarious that’s for sure. All of the boys are here sitting in the hotel room around the laptop. We’re just watching this girl without her knowing about us. All she knows is that Michael is a guy from Australia. The boys and I laughed at the last thing she said. We have our sound turned off so she can’t hear us. Our video is off to so she can’t see us either. “Hold on. I’ll be right back. I’m going to get food.” She was about to get out of her chair but she sat back down. “Please don’t leave, it’s really nice talking to you and not seeing little dicks everywhere.” She pleaded with a serious face until she giggled. Luke started typing. We’ve decided to each type whenever we want.

Ok, I won’t skip you. Just hurry before I get bored.

She read over the message and smirked. “Oh, am I that fun and entertaining to you?” She chuckled. “Ok well, don’t be too bored I’ve just got to warm up some pizza. Mmm, supreme pizza with everything on it.” She smiled and sighed. “Be right back Michael.” She got out of her chair and revealed her tiny booty shorts. “Holy fuck.” I cursed under my breath. “Shit guys. She’s hot.” Ashton sighed. Calum and Luke nodded their heads in agreement. She came back with three slices of supreme mouthwatering pizza on a plate in her hands. She smiled at us. “I’m back and I see you didn’t go anywhere. Unless I’m talking to myself.” She looked at the screen skeptically. “Well, it isn’t like I don’t talk to myself.” She muttered. I took the typing.

That’s cute. How often do you talk to yourself?

She read the message and a light pink dusted her cheeks. “Not that much.” She mumbled in embarrassment.

“Ok, so Michael,” she got up and made a weird face. “This fucking wedgie. I hate it. It’s like a thick thong and it’s uncomfortable. I’m going to change my pants hold on a minute.” She walked to the side but there was a mirror where the camera was pointed so we could still see her. “Oh shit guys.” Luke swore, “she’s going to be undressing in front of the camera.” As she searched through her drawers with the wedgie still prominent, we could see her ass just hanging out. Luke started rubbing himself through his jeans. I looked over at him, “Really mate?” I asked, he didn’t respond, but looked back towards Y/n. She grabbed another pair of shorts, just a bit longer than the ones she’s wearing now. She took her pants off and showed her black lace underwear. “Shit man.” Calum swore as he started palming himself too. Next thing I know we’re all going at it jerking off to the thought of Y/n undressing. Loud moans were filling the hotel room and soon we all came. “Holy fucking hell Michael. I couldn’t even find a decent pair of shorts. The ones I tried on were too wedgie prone so I went with my leggings.” She smiled and lifted her leg to show plain black leggings.

“So what’s going on? Hopefully I haven’t bored you out too much.“ Ashton grabbed the laptop and started typing.

Not at all princess, it was totally fine.

“Dude, seriously? Princess? You stupid.” Calum argued. She read it over and a pink blush was prominent. “Glad I didn’t bore you too much. Um, is there anyway I’d be able to see what you look like? Just so I know I’m not talking to a fifty year old pedophile.” She asked cautiously. I looked towards the guys.

Sure thing, but we’ve got to go in about half an hour so could we have your number to stay in contact?

The boys yelled at me when I pressed send. “Michael! You said we! As in more than one!” Ashton argued. She looked at the screen unsure. “Um ok.” She typed in her number. I texted her immediately. I said, 'This is Michael from Omegle. Hi.’ She looked at her phone and laughed. “Hi Michael. So I was wondering if I could see you guys now. I mean, there is more than just you right?” She asked.

Yeah, my three friends are here too. Hold on let me put the camera and audio on.

She smiled and squealed. “Oh, I’m so excited to see what you look like. What all of you look like.” I sighed and looked towards the boys who nodded there heads. First I put on the audio. “Hi Y/n.” I said as I put on the camera so we all could be seen. She stopped smiling and her face paled. “You’ve got to be fucking joking with me.” She mumbled. “I am not speaking to 5 seconds of summer. I am not.” They boys and I chuckled. “No babe, it’s really us.” Calum said smoothly. “Well,” she sighed, “its better than a fifty year old pedo.” We started laughing a bit.

“You’re really funny Y/n you know that right?” Luke asked her. She blushed again. “Thank you.” She whispered in a quiet voice. She’s literally so cute. She got up, “I’ll be right back ok? I’ve got to put my dirty dish away. It’ll take about a minute cause I’ve got to go downstairs.” She rolled her eyes and walked out of the room. Her butt swayed every time she took a step. Ashton groaned and went to lay down on his back. “What the hell man? She’s so gorgeous.” Ashton sighed. “We’ve got audio on now.” I whispered. “Yeah but she went down stairs. She’ll never know.” He said as soon as she walked in. “Never know what?” She asked. Luke made the 'oh shit’ face. “Never know that you’re really hot.” He said with a small blush.

     Y/n blushed as well, “Oh. Thanks again. For complimenting me that is.” She said awkwardly. Calum yawned and I looked over at the time. It was about midnight here and we’ve got a show tomorrow. “Y/n, we’ve got to go, it’s midnight and we’ve got a show tomorrow. I’ve got your number so we’ll call. I’ll give the others your number too ok?” I asked her. She nodded her head. “Yeah,” she smiled, “I’d like to talk some more later. I guess I’ll be going to, I feel like doing absolutely nothing for the rest of my day.” She said looking out into space. “Ok, we’ll talk to you later Y/n, goodnight.” I said. “Night Y/n!” The boys screeched. She giggled. “Goodnight you guys, sleep tight.” She blew a kiss and smiled with her tongue out and a wink, then left the page.

I shut the laptop and sighed. “That was one hell of a night you guys.” Ashton said as he walked over to his bed and got under the covers. “But yeah, goodnight.” We all got under our covers and went to sleep. “Goodnight.”

anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you do a high school AU where Betty is a popular cheerleader dating Archie but she finds out he cheated on her with Veronica who happens to be Jughead's only friend so she confronts him and is yelling and everything but there's so much sexual tension that they somehow end up making out? Thanks!

This is different! I’ll give it a go!

She rolled her eyes as Archie grabbed for her hand, his voice pleading and his eyes filling with unshed tears

“Please Betty, I’m so sorry! It just happened, I don’t know, we were alone. I love you! You know I do!” She shook his hand away from her body and took a large step back, her eyes narrowing.

“You love me? Did you love me when you were sleeping with her? Did you love me when you didn’t tell me for an entire week? Archie please… just leave me alone” she pushed her text books against her chest and rushed down the hall, avoiding the eyes of her teammates as she ran into the gym, pressing her back against the door and squeezing her eyes shut. She had been with Archie since freshman year but she had fallen out of love with him about a year ago.

Betty Cooper did what she had to do to be perfect. She got straight A’s, she was captain of the cheerleading squad, she had been dating the quarterback. She did everything right so why did she feel like she was drowning? She was just so tired, so tired of being perfect, tired of pleasing everyone. Betty Cooper never yelled, Betty cooper never disagreed and most importantly Betty Cooper never said no. But that was done, she was tired of being that Betty Cooper.

“No” she whispered before setting her shoulders and basically screaming


suddenly heavy footsteps interrupted her quiet rebellion
“Well alright, I was just gonna ask if you were okay.” She turned quickly coming face to face with Jughead Jones, resident loner and friend of Veronica Lodge, the very girl her former boyfriend had cheated on her with.

“What do you want? Are you here to throw in my face what your friend did? The almighty Betty Cooper has fallen, congratulations.” She threw her arms up and glared at the boy in front of her

“What Veronica does and doesn’t do is none of my concern, I’m sure she feels like shit, but come on you’ll be on to the next guy by tomorrow, the princess can’t be solo on the throne” he snarled, laughing cockily.

“You think you know me?” She hissed, moving so her face was inches away from his “you don’t know anything about me. You think I like being this way? You think I like everyone looking at me like I’m some porcelain doll, some fucking teen coming of age protagonist. Before you pass judgement, you might wanna look into your facts.” She growled as he stared deeply into her eyes, both were panting and when Betty moved to turn away Jughead grabbed her by the wrist, her eyes coming up to meet his again, before she knew it his lips were connected with hers and her hands were buried deep in his hair, his beanie long gone as he lifted her by her bare thighs, hoisting her onto the bleachers.

Jughead ran his hands up the back of her thighs and toyed with the hem of her tiny cheerleading skirt, she was doing insane things with her tongue and he found himself moaning in pleasure as she massaged his scalp
“You’ve got a thing for cheerleaders huh?” She whispered into his ear, smiling against the shell of his ear. Jughead nipped at her neck and she squealed running her hands under his shirt. “Mmm, not cheerleaders, just head cheerleaders, with insanely tight ponytails.” She giggled as he pulled the elastic band out and wound his fingers through her silky strands, Betty wrapped her legs around his waist and tugged him closer to her, “God Betty” he moaned into her mouth as she whimpered. Suddenly the third period bell broke them both out of their tiny bubble.

When they pulled apart they were both flushed and looked thoroughly ravished. Jughead pushed a strand of honey blonde hair behind her ear
“Talk about rebound.” He whispered with a small smile

Betty shook her head, hopping off the Bleacher and bending down to pick up his fallen Beanie

“That’s where you’re wrong. I’ve been over Archie since he slept with Valerie Brown last summer.” She giggled, plopping the beanie on his head and tugging gently until it fit right.

“He’s done this before?” Jughead asked, popping his knuckles. How could someone have Betty like that and treat her so horribly?

“Only about a hundred times” she laughed humorlessly. “I’m done this time, I’m done being he perfect girlfriend. I can’t do it anymore. Not to mention… now that I know what actual.. passion.. feels like, I don’t think I can ever go back.” She giggled, shyly dropping her eyes as Jughead placed his fingers under her chin and brought her eyes back to his. Betty looked up and smiled

“Besides every cheerleader needs a bad boy right?” She winked as third period gym class started filtering in.

Jughead laughed heartily as he swung an arm over her shoulder.

“Sure thing princess.”

Giant: Ch. 10

How close am I to losing you?
Tonight you just close your eyes
and I just watch you
slip away.

As a little girl, Lena never quite understood what her father did. She knew he did a lot of things, but they were all abstract, and difficult to imagine. It wasn’t like he was a cop, or a doctor, or a scientist, or a tugboat captain. He did things like mergers and acquisitions, financial planning and venture capitalism, all very unglamorous things for a nine year old who envied people who got to say that their daddy put out fires or helped people feel better.

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anonymous asked:

Donna and Harvey fight after what happened in 7x10 and they end up having angry sex in his office

“Seeing Red”

“My office. Now.” His words are clipped as he passes by her, standing in front of her own office, reviewing a case folder she held in her hands.

Donna watches him for a second, eyes following his quick stride as he disappears into his office, not stopping to look if she was going to follow.

The asshole.

She rolls her eyes, dropping the case file onto her desk before making her way to him.

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favrielle  asked:

Kastle + "you are a terrible liar" + at the waterside, please! (How's that for a prompt? ;))

The first time they meet by the river she has an expression that he recognises - like a storm coming in, tide drawn back until all that’s left on the shore is the shit and the bones left in the mud.

She leans on the railing, not quite close to him but not far either. She looks out at the waves, and it’s like he can feel the swell coming, thick like spray on the breeze.

“What do you want, Frank?” she says to the smudge of Manhattan, grey and wet across the bay. Her hands tighten around her elbows and she almost turns her head to look at him, but stops herself before she can. “It’s been months since I- since we last saw each other. For all I knew, you were dead. So why now?”

“I need your help.”

The silence sticks a moment. Her shoulders go up. “And?”

“And yeah, I know I don’t deserve it, but you’ve been digging anyway. You found Russo.”

“He found me,” she corrects over her shoulder, and he shrugs and leans forward on the rail as well, until he can trick himself into thinking he can feel the spray.

“I knew him.”

She snorts. “Yeah, I know.”

“Yeah.” He turns his gaze to her and keeps it there until she shifts on her feet, maybe embarrassed, probably just angry, and then looks out again. An acknowledgement, at least. She still won’t look at him. He sees a pair of seagulls riding the wake of a ferry boat. “Thought you were gonna let that go.”

She rolls her eyes and finally turns towards him, fixing him with an incredulous look. “Yeah, Frank, I think you lost any right to an opinion on what I do or not do a long time ago-”

The irritation he’d felt when he’d recognised her, when he’d seen her and Russo stumbling from the wreckage of Billy’s apartment, ticks up. “It’s not your fight. You think you know what this is, but you don’t-”

“I know it’s bigger than us, Frank. I may not have the pieces yet, but I know that. I’m doing my job.” She runs her hands through her hair, roughly, and then lets them fall to her sides exasperatedly. “Is that why you’re here? To pull this patriarchal bullshit-?”

“No, it’s not. I need your help.”

She laughs again. “My help. Really.”

He looks at her, nice and long, and the defensive tension in her shoulders falter, just that little bit.

He’s changed since he last saw her. He’s rougher, hiding in plain sight behind a beard and too-long hair he itches to shave and he’s not who he was when she knew him last; he’s come too far, done too much, for that.

She tips her head back towards the sky to think, though. It’s then that he sees the knife wound, curling around the edge of her jaw - shallow, but long, a half-smile that just misses the artery and she reaches for it as if she can feel his gaze, fingers hovering over the scab.

Don’t, her eyes warn him, and so he doesn’t, as much as he feels his fingers twitch, and after a long moment she starts to relax, her hands returning deliberately to her sides.

“Alright.” She runs her hands through her hair as she says it, as if she can’t really believe what she’s agreeing too. She looks at him now, though, really looks, and something about it makes him wonder if he’s doing the wrong thing, as much as the world seems more solid for it. “Alright.”

anonymous asked:

If you're taking suggestions with for the character/number thing: Shakarian with either 65. “I wish you could see yourself the way I see you.” or 27. "I'm pregnant", please. Love your writing!

Okay I’m fundamentally *against* Shepard and Garrus having kids, so #65 it is!

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“You got some looks. So did I, though the ones directed at me said, ‘How did a Turian like that get a girl like her?’ Hell if I know.” His mandibles quivered in what she had come to see as a self-depreciating grin, Jane hated seeing him like that, hated seeing that particular smile on his face if only for the fact he was putting himself down.

“I know what you mean,” she sighed, holding on  to him, standing on her tip toes to leave a noisy kiss on his scarred mandible, “one of the Hierarchy’s finest with the Council’s crazy Spectre.” She laughed without an ounce of humour, settling against his covered shoulder.

“You know that’s not what I meant,” his voice rumbled, an annoyed undertone in his subvocals as he looked down at her, hand coming to rest on her hip, rubbing gentle circles.

“I know what you meant, Garrus,” she said, turning to him and taking hold of his face, framing his mandibles with her palms, “and you know I disagree entirely with it,” she reached to him on her tip toes again, stupid taller boyfriends, and kissing the tips of his mandibles, to his amusement if the laughing purr was any indication.

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Alex Nylander - Car Accident

Team: Buffalo Sabres

Requested: Yes: A alex nylander one shot. Where the reader is in love with william, leave heartbroken a Club when williams girlfriend visit and kiss him. Reader is in a car accident and cant move her legs anymore. Alex comfort her, because he love her. I Know its long and i hope you understand it, I’m German.

Edited: Yes

Word count: 772

Summary: You’re in love with WIlliam and get into a car accident and Alex comforts you

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Title: Facing Snakes
Summary: Betty doesn’t like the way Jughead is struggling in order to spare her from the wrongs of the south side, and she decides to find a solution for that in her own way. She visits the Serpents Bar, and she won’t leave that place until she can learn more about her boyfriend’s new reality.
A/N: Okay… I really can’t wait to see Betty around the Serpents! Like, she might seem like this cute, fragile girl in their eyes, but I feel like as soon as they get to know her, they will all love to have her around! It’s probably a silly idea I have of the situation, but I would love to see this happening! Hope you enjoy it!

Also, adding a “Continue Reading” even if it's not long!
Never, in a million years, would she have seen herself where she was.

With her impeccable, golden ponytail; clean, blue cardigan; jeans and white sneakers, Betty Cooper stood in front of the Serpents’ bar Archie had told her about. Outside, people were smoking and whispering, as well as fixing their bikes and getting ready to leave, starting those powerful engines that ripped all the silence of her thoughts. For she had come straight from school, her bag still hung over her shoulders, and there were some notebooks firmly pressed against her chest. She was feeling apprehensive at that very moment, as her presence around the South Side was still not entirely overwhelming, and as she could feel all those eyes set on her.

Confused eyes. Suspicious ones. It was probably the way she dressed or the way she just seemed too perfect to be around that place. Too perfect to be around the wrong side of the tracks, trying to blend in with her boyfriend’s new reality in order to help him feel lighter regarding the dual life he tried so hard to keep for her sake.

Betty appreciated his efforts, and she loved him even more for that. However, she couldn’t let him do all the hard work in that relationship. She had to help him. She had to show him how she was willing to relieve the pressure over his shoulders by simply embracing this new, ophidian part of his life.

She survived Riverdale High and her mother. A bikers’ bar would be nothing compared to those things.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have Prompts for a wife calling her husband awkwardly trying to ask him for bailing her out after an awkward, yet hilarious illegal thing she did. (I don't know what yet.) and he is getting snarky at her.

I love this idea aha! So I haven’t chosen the ‘hilarious illegal’ thing either, but have written a list of things you might consider and another list of responses for the husband receiving the call from the station/talking to his wife after being bailed out! Here are a few illegal things that you might be able to weave into your story from real life situations (Sources can be found at the bottom) :

  • In 2014, a man in Portsmouth was arrested for dressing as a ghost and shouting “woo” near a group of mourners in a cemetery. The man had been drinking before hand and was later fined for his behaviour.
  • (This is actually a story about my parents, so this is a reliable source!) In ‘93 my mum worked at a day nursery in London and had been for over 2 years at this point. My dad, at this point, was dating my mum and surprisingly it was still a little strange to see interracial relationships in that part of the city. One afternoon my mum was filling out progress reports when her colleagues all came bustling in, slightly panicked and talking about how they should probably call the police. My mum asked what was going on and why they needed to call the police, to which her colleagues explained that a ‘suspicious-looking-black-man’ had been standing at the gates of the nursery for almost an hour now. My mum, being my mum, was ready to march him down to the police station and have him arrested for loitering, but was a little taken aback to find that the ‘suspicious-looking-black-man’ that had been ‘loitering’ for almost an hour was none other than her boyfriend. Yep, that was the time my dad was trying to be romantic and collect my mum from work, but almost got arrested…
  • In other news, Phillip Joseph Smolinsky was taken into custody after allegedly attacking his girlfriend with a banana. Yep, that’s true, he was later charged with domestic violence…
  • Noise/sound pollution are usually a big deal for small town neighbourhoods, I honestly think that’s the biggest crime in my town, but have you ever heard about that time back in 2012 when Joyce Coffey was arrested 4 times in 26 hours for playing ‘Highway to Hell’ too loud? Not only was her AC/DC addiction a problem for her neighbourhood, but she then went on to throw a frying pan at her nephew who innocently tried to retrieve some of his items from her house…
  • Another true story is the that of my brother almost getting shot at when he accidentally trespassed on private property for a photography project. No need to call the police to arrest an accidental trespasser when England has that remarkable law in which you can shoot anyone trespassing on your private property. Lovely, isn’t it?
  • My brain just keeps going back to drunk and disorderly arrests and drunk people are funny. 

Think I’m lying? Links are here and here XD

Next up, I wrote you some prompts for the husbands response, not including the crime. It was difficult when I didn’t have a specific crime to work with, but I tried ^_^ :

  • He thanked the officer and apologised for the last time, turning to his wife who was staring at him wide-eyed, “Are you going to explain yourself or are you going to use the ‘no questions asked’ card, just be careful because you’re running low on those.” She grit her teeth, smirking a little and taking her belongings from another officer, she was really never going to live this one down.
  • “You could’ve gotten yourself hurt!” He wasn’t yelling, barely even shouting which was a lot better than she’d expected. She didn’t meet his gaze, but could feel his eyes burning a mark in the side of her head. “The least you could’ve done is let me join in. I want to do stupid things too and you didn’t even invite me.” She snapped her head up to look at him in shock.
  • “So on the ‘List of Stupid Things Sarah Has Done This Week’ we can add 4 more things from just the past 6 hours. Nice going Sarah.” She rolled her eyes at him, biting in to the roll of gum instead of cutting a strip off, she knew how much he hated that. “Oh great, now I can add a fifth.”
  • She kept fidgeting and he was on the verge of losing his patience, “Stop it, please just sit still for five minutes.” He grunted through gritted teeth, not taking his eyes off of the strip of road in front of them. She fiddled with her seatbelt and he instinctively gripped her thigh to stop her. “Hey, you know how I got arrested for doing one bad thing? Well I may have done another bad thing as well as that.” He dragged hi eyes off the road to finally look at her.
  • The police station was lit badly and he couldn’t see her exact state, but he knew it wasn’t good. “I can’t believe you. You’re actually crazy, you know that, right?” She looked up at him, grinning mischievously at his words. She opened her mouth to answer him, revenge quickly flickering in her eyes, gone almost as fast as it had come, “You knew that and you still married me.”

The second part was hard to write! I hope you may have got a little bit of inspiration, but be sure to message me if none of this helped hehe XD Good luck, lots of love from Yasmine xox

sun & moon [tom holland x reader]

a/n: sorta soulmate au, but not really lmao i hope ya guys enjoy it! :)

summary: tom and reader are both lonely and want to have somebody in their lives and maybe astrology has to do something with that ;))))

words: 2k woowza

warnings: shitty writing by me, unfunny attempts to be funny

“He was the moon, who needed the sun. He needed her. Without this constellation, the world would stop working.”

Tom scoffed, looking at the seemingly deep quote, written in white on a black background, posted by some random page on Instagram. “What kind of bullshit”, he thought to himself, while he kept on scrolling through his feed.

After a whole and exhausting day of shooting, he finally found himself at home, sitting on his sofa in front of the TV, where some rather unfunny comedy show was running in the background. He didn’t care, he needed to have at least some company right now and it was indeed enough if it was led by some fictional characters on TV.

Despite all stress and tremendous hours of work, he still loved his job and right now, it was all he had. His friends and family were living far away, while he was stranded alone in some quiet house, which the studio provided him. He didn’t have any time for dates or even a relationship. The last one he had only lasted for two months, before he dumped this girl. She was nice and kind, but in some way, Tom didn’t feel too good with her. It felt odd, more as if it was wrong to be by her side. It always felt as if a part was missing.

After a while, he went to bed and suddenly he couldn’t stop thinking about this one damn quote about sun and moon. Maybe he really was the moon and therefore he needed the sun. He shook is head, before falling in a deep, uneasy sleep.

“You’re gonna find your moon, someday!”

“God, stop with that astrology bullshit. Please, I beg you”, you whined, before drinking up the rest of your bottle of beer. It was just another Friday night and your friend and you decided to go to a crowded club. What a good way to spend your evening – being surrounded by drunk and loud people, whilst some shitty music was pumping in the background. You tried to persuade yourself into enjoying it, but you just couldn’t do it. You were drained, you were exhausted. And even though it’s been months since your last breakup, you couldn’t seem to move forward.

Everybody around you noticed this and just wanted to be there for you, but you didn’t care anymore and were willing to continue living a life with no love.

“Come on”, your friend started again, “I’ve told you before, you’re the sun. He was only a star and this didn’t match, obviously!”

“He fucking cheated on me! I don’t think the sun and moon constellation could have done anything about it.”

She slightly punched you in your side.

“Stop being so sceptical about it!”

You rolled your eyes, before ordering another bottle. By all means, she was your best friend but sometimes she’d get too overwhelmed by this astrology stuff. You recalled the day, she told you, you were the sun. Just an average Saturday night, you two were hanging around at your flat, when she started with her tarot cards and talking about constellations, and star signs and whatnot. How the answer for all of your questions lies idle in the stars. How she found out that your sign was the sun. How excited she was and how you just thought “Alright”, not even caring about it. As she said, there are many suns in a lifetime, but each one is different. The best equivalent to the sun was obviously the moon. One moon, who was the missing piece to your sun.

She told you, the person with that one matching moon would be the one and only love for you. To that time, you started falling for this dickhead, thinking he was your only moon. Only to have your hopes crushed within some months.

“You’ve been drinking too much today”, she noticed with a sceptical glance on her face.

“Shut up”, you muttered, before bringing the bottle to your lips again. The music in the club kept pounding in your ears, whilst the storm in your heart was still raging.

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Scared to be lonely -Part two. (Theo x Reader)

A/N: I like Theo more than I used to back in season five but honestly I still hate him a bit??, but I love you guys so much that I decided not to kill him, happy? I hope so <3 another thing is that I’ll do a third part cause that last ask had a lot of prompts and I have zero time to do a long imagine but I didn’t want to make you guys wait any longer, I guess those aren’t bad news for you lmao 

Part 1.

Words: 841

Warnings: A bit of violence. And a few grammar mistakes bc I’m not perfect <3

Prompts: #3 “Am I dead?”,#7 #37 “You don’t need to protect me.”

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

It’s been two days since Theo got shot, and you can’t seem to find the courage to go and see him to the hospital, part of you is angry as hell, the other is scared of what could happen if you go.

“It’s ok y/n, you’re allowed to see him, is not forbidden, you know? we’re not gonna kill you if you do it.” Malia said after smelling the anxiety. 

“I don’t want him to think that I forgive him, I don’t”

“Didn’t you tell him that you love him?” She asked, frowning.

“Well, yes… but- I mean, that’s not the point!”

“Just go” she rolled her eyes “C’mon, I’ll give you a ride.”

Half an hour after, you were standing right out of his room, Melissa explaining everything to you.

“I don’t know what those bullets had, but he almost didn’t make it, lucky for him Scott was around, he has to stay here for a while, he’ll be fine tomorrow morning”

“Okay, at least he’s alive”

“Yes he is” Melissa gave you a kind smile and opened the door for her “good luck, kid”

“Thank you” you mumbled, entering quietly.

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