Natapos ko na basahin yung She’s dating the gangster then yung My girl & I 1&2 tapos She’s dating the gangster too tapos yung Lie about us. Tss. Di ko hilig talaga ang pagbabasa at kadalasan tinutulugan ko yung binabasa ko. Pero nung sinimulan kong basahin yung She’s dating the gangster na sinend sa email ko ng kaibigan ko, eh halos wag na kong matulog para lang mabasa lahat yun. Once you start, you won’t stop ang drama ko sa pagbabasa, di ko talaga tinigilan hanggat di sumasakit mata ko kababasa. Ayun kakatapos ko lang nung Lie about us mga 5 minutes ago. Tss. Nabitin ako LAU at SDTGT di pa kasi tapos nung tinitignan ko sa fanpage ni MissBianca eh wala nmng update na nakasulat, pati yung tumblr nya tinignan ko wala din. Tapos finollow ko nadin sya sa twitter. Fan na fan ang dating eh. Lels. Pero ayun nagustuhan ko talaga, naiyak pa nga ko sa SDTG eh as in iyak kulang nalang pumasok sa ilong ko yung laptop kakasinghot. LOLS. O.A much. Pero ayun bitin talaga, wala naman akong alam na hahanapan pa ng magandang story katulad nun. Natatamad din akong maghanap kasi di ko alam kung saan maghahanap. Kaya eto magpapahinga na muna ako. Ilang araw din akong inumaga kakabasa, naadik eh. BB.

Chapter 14. (SDTGT)

Chapter 14

The phone has been ringing for a while. Who the heck would call this early in the morning? I’ve been sleeping late for the past few days since hell week is getting nearer. Couldn’t I get some more sleep for trying so hard? I had been working hard, both piano and academics. This was my only leisure, and someone ruined it.

“Hello?” I answered with a groggy voice and still half-asleep.

“Gumising ka na, may soccer practice ako ngayon.” The voice from the other line said.

“Ano naman? Wala akong practice~” I ended the call and went back to sleep.

His soccer practice didn’t have anything to do with me. I heard a loud bang from my door. Why am I so unfortunate? All I wanted was a long good sleep. Why did they have to ruin it?

“Ate~~” I heard Sunny’s voice. “Nandito si Jaejin pati si kuya Jaeho!”

I’m doomed. The grim reaper came to pick me up.

I went inside the bathroom. I took a bath, brushed my teeth and wore a tee and a pair of shorts. I dried my long hair and tied it after. Finally, I put on my wig and glasses. This is how I do it whenever we have some visitors. I don’t want them to see the real me. But I do go out without the wig or glasses sometimes, too.

“Ate~!” Sunny called again, “Maligo ka na! Bilisan mo raw sabi ni Mommy!”

I opened the door and greeted Sunny. She gave me a sweet smile then we went down together. She was skipping happily, probably because Jaejin’s was down stairs.

I saw Jaeho carrying a bag with Jaejin. They were both watching T.V. Sunny sat beside Jaejin excitedly.

“Morning,” Jaeho greeted me with a smile. It was one of those sweet smiles that have meaning behind it. He’s faking it, he definitely is.

“Bakit ka nandito?” I asked him rudely. “Sabi mo may practice ka?”

Someone hit me on the head, “Bakit ganyan ka sumagot?”

I frowned while rubbing the harmed part of my head, “Bakit mo ko hinampas?” It was a light hit but my reflex stroked it on its own.

“May usapan pala kayo ni Jaeho na sasamahan mo siya sa school bakit hindi ka gumising ng maaga?” Mom said. She was a bit pissed, I think.

And what did she mean by usapan? Wait, he didn’t say anything. Why do I have to go with him at school on my rest day? How could I agree on such appointment?!

“Wala kaming nipag-usapan!” I noticed that Jaeho was giggling.

“Si Sunny ka ba? Bakit nagbe-baby talk ka?” I got confused suddenly. “Pinag-usapan hindi nipag-usapan! Ang tagal mo na sa Pilipinas ganyan ka parin!”

Then I saw the two kids laughing. Wait, make it THREE kids. I swear I’m gonna kick his butt anytime soon!

“Pareho lang yun!” I protested.

“Oh siya, wala nga kayong nipag-usapan, pero kelangan mong samahan si Jaeho!” She said, emphasizing the ‘nipag-usapan’part.

“Nega wae yo?!” I asked valiantly. [Naega wae yo - Why should I!? - with respect]

“Because I said so! Do you have any objections?” She said scarily. “You can’t just leave my future son-in-law alone, you loafer.”

Loafer?! Did she just call me a loafer? After working my ass off for how many freakin’ days, then this is what I get?! What part of my personality can you consider worthless?! I did both extra-curricular activities and academics at the same time! And for the record, not too long ago she also called Andy her future “son-in-law”. She also said that she didn’t want me to date yet because of my age.

“Akala ko ba ayaw mo pa ko magka-boyfriend?” I asked.

“I will allow you, unless I know that person personally.” She looked at Jaeho and smiled at him. “Jaeho, don’t you think Jaehee’s pretty?

He nodded, “Opo. She’s exceptionally pretty.”

I grimaced at his answer. What he said was really scary. He usually calls me ugly, four-eyed, A-cupped and now he just said that I’m “exceptionally pretty”. I got goosebumps after hearing that—I felt that the grim reaper appeared suddenly.

“Kung tatanggalin lang niya yang manang glasses niya, she’ll definitely look gorgeous.” She said it with a sigh. What’s wrong with my glasses? What did she mean by manang glasses?! “Why don’t you try dating her? You’ve known each other since you were young right? I’ll approve, if it’s you.”

“Kahit naman may glasses maganda parin siya eh.” That totally made me blush. How could he say it as if it was a normal thing for him? Hello? If only his rude comments could make a person die, then I’ve already died a long time ago. “Hindi pa po ba niya nasasabi sa inyo?”

“Ang alin?” My Mom asked curiously.

“Na ayoko pa magka-boyfriend! You were the one who said not to have one yet!” I lied. Actually I really wanted to have a boyfriend, but her candidate was not on my list. I looked at Jaeho, “Teka lang, mag-pipiano lang ako tapos tara na.”

It became a rule that every weekend, before I go out, I must play the piano. I’d rather play a song than go to academy and spend two hours there just playing the piano.

I started hitting the keys. I tried to play it as mellow as possible. It would be a waste to play it without any feelings in it. I have to put my angst aside and feel every note.

“Wow~ Bogoshipda~” Sunny said then started singing the song. [I Miss You]

Everyone was watching me. I tried to peak at Jaeho, he was focused on watching. I smirked at him. I gave him the “aren’t I good” look. Sunny sang the whole song. She was swaying her head while singing it with feelings. Jaejin followed her head swaying step. After I played the song, the two kids clapped their hands.

I stood up. Sunny ran towards the piano and sat down, Jaejin sat down beside her. They started banging the piano but suddenly Sunny played something seriously.

“Teka lang,” I ran upstairs and went in my room. I had to get my bag before going out with him. I couldn’t believe I even used ‘going out’! I went back downstairs since it’s already 8:30 am. “Tara na! Baka pag na-late ka pa ako sisihin mo eh!”

“Jaeheeya!” Mom shouted. I just puckered my lips, took my sandals put it on and then went out of the house.

How did he get my Mom’s heart in just an instance? Well, with his looks, he can get out of any trouble easily. It’s the same with having an approval from someone you haven’t met for a long time. You’ll just have to suck them in your shinning aura. Too much use of pheromones will have it done in no time. I guess he did that method.

“Ihahatid tayo ni Kuya Elmer sa school.” He said while guiding me to the car.

When we got in, Kuya Elmer stepped on the gas and then off we went. I had to go to school on a Saturday morning just to watch him practice. I wasn’t even part of the team but I had to go.

Soccer is the sport I detest the most, as of the moment. I got admitted to the hospital because of it. After playing that cursed sport, my ex-boyfriend and I broke up. And now, I have to watch soccer against my will for two good hours. I’m still at the stage of forgetting the bad memories but why am I not moving on? Why couldn’t I move on?!

“AAAAH! Towel please.” I looked at the tired Jaeho. He really is a sinner. Why did he have to act so cool even though he’s sweating like a pig?

I put out the towel from his bag and then wiped his face unconsciously. We were both astounded by my actions. I pushed him the towel and tried wrapping his face with it.

“Ano bang problema mo!!” He shouted after taking the towel off from his face.

“Hindi pa ba tapos!?” I asked. “Bored na ko!”

“LQ na naman ba kayo?” One of his teammates asked.

“Ganito lang kami maglambingan!” Jaeho proudly answered. “Diba Polka?”

“Polka ba pangalan ng girlfriend mo?” He obviously didn’t know me. I don’t blame him, though.

I was about to answer but Jaeho suddenly replied, “Nickname ko sa kanya yun. Cute ‘no?” Then he suddenly added, “gusto mo bang malaman yung meaning?”

The boy nodded in curiosity.

Jaeho was about to say something but then I covered his mouth, “I think that’s enough, love love. Too much information.” I smiled at his teammate, “mawawalan kasi ng saysay pag nalaman na ng iba yung meaning eh.”

“Ah ganun ba?” He said while nodding then he sighed. “Gusto ko rin ng girlfriend!!”

I just smiled at him.

I whispered on Jaeho’s ear so that his teammate wouldn’t be able to hear it, “Ya! If you say one word, I swear, I’m going to rip your mouth open!” I slowly uncovered his mouth after that.

Jaeho ang I were both drinking water when suddenly his nosy teammate blurted out something unexpected.

“Naka-anong base na kayo? One, two or three?” Jaeho and I spitted out the water we were drinking. We were awed by this nosy person’s question. “Wag niyong sabihing… homerun!?”

People that heard him were looking at us. They were also curious about that question.

I wanted to shout at him but I was still suffering from the cough. Good thing it didn’t come out from my nose. That would totally gross him out. Instead of having an intense atmosphere, I will be the laughingstock for the whole day.

“Anong base ang pinagsasasabi mo!?” I reacted as soon as I could. “Walang—”

Jaeho did the same thing I did to him earlier—covered my mouth. He winked at his teammate, “Ipapaubaya na lang namin sa imagination niyo yang tanong na yan.”

The whistle blew. It was time for them to practice again. There wasn’t any time for me to shout at him! That guy just ruined my image.

That good-for-nothing guy had nothing to do to his life. He kept on lying to everyone, even dragging me into it! That kojitmaljengi!!!! If it wasn’t for his looks I would’ve killed him a long time ago already! [Liar]

I waited for a long time again. Their coach has been drilling on them since the beginning. He looked like he was in a bad mood. i got really bored watching them practice so I went for a walk. Not really, I wanted to go to the music room and just play the piano. That’s what I am good at; I can show off my skills by playing it. I tried opening the door but it was locked.

I walked slowly back to the covered court. As I was walking, I spotted Jaeho waving his hand at me. I didn’t know what he wanted but I waved back. For a moment, we looked like a normal couple that time. It would be good if we were, but then it wouldn’t last long.

Finally, the practice ended. Jaeho took a shower first before going. I was expecting for us to go straight home, but Kuya Elmer drove us elsewhere. I didn’t have a single clue on where we were headed so I curiously asked him.

“Saan tayo pupunta?” I questioned.

He made a slight gesture using his head, as if he was pointing on something. “Diyan lang. Sa bahay ng kaibigan ko.” He gave me a vague answer.

Where the heck is “diyan lang”!? He could’ve as least given me the name of the place we were going to. A hint will do, too.

I didn’t bother asking anymore for I know that he won’t give me a clear answer. I didn’t want to waste my effort on the obvious. After a long drive, I couldn’t recognize the place we were in. I couldn’t even tell if we have passed by Makati already or not. It was a road that I wasn’t aware of. It was a little bit traffic and really killed my butt.

I am obviously clueless when it comes to directions, unless I’ve memorized the place by heart. Paranaque, Las Pinas and Muntinlupa are the cities that I love; near and convenient. South is freaking love! I don’t have a single clue about the north but I don’t mind exploring it.

Then I saw an unfamiliar school, a really big campus. I was amazed by how big it was but then Jaeho told me a shocking revelation.

“School ko dati.” I looked at him with my mouth still half-opened. “Pupunta muna tayo dito kasi nandito pa daw sila.”

We entered the campus. I was in awe while entering it. Imagine, a girl from the south coming to the north and entering an exclusive school for boys! Not just any other school, but one of the most amazing schools in the Philippines. So I totally praised his school, first timer eh.

“Tara, nasa may field daw sila.” He pulled me out of the car and guided me to where the field is. “Ayun sila.”

My heart started thumping nonstop. I’m going to meet his long time ‘brothers’ and I didn’t even prepare myself for it. Everything moved so fast that I couldn’t even think properly!

What would the outcome be!?

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Chapter 13. (SDTGT)

Chapter 13

I started playing the piano with full of intense. Mom was wondering about my strength today. I think this was the first time she saw me play without any hesitation, well, minus the days when I was still younger.

I still couldn’t believe that I did that. I’ve been keeping my peace for a long time and then he ruined it. I built a different character at school since I don’t want any attention from everyone. I hid myself for a long time. I was just a normal student, a normal high school student. I don’t get involve with the popular ones except with Andy and I don’t really like arguing with anyone. I usually go with the flow to avoid complications. I don’t get bullied but I am definitely not your “miss popular” type, so it is understandable if I don’t or won’t get any boyfriend inside the campus.

Everything that happened this school year was all my first time. Having a boyfriend at school, being classmates with him and arguing with him in public, they were all my first time. Well, we’re not really a couple, but the image that we were trying to build was somewhat like that. Complicated, I know. Not only the situation is complicated, but also the feelings. This was the first time I got provoked. They heard me, I voiced it.

I unexpectedly got out of the situation. Just when he was about to answer the door suddenly opened, thanks to Ms. Cuvin. The tension lessened when our Guidance teacher arrived. I sat on the other side to avoid him, thankfully I didn’t get noticed.

Mom clapped, “You finished 2 pieces without any mistakes!”

I looked at her in amazement, “I did?” she nodded her head. I still couldn’t believe it. I was wondering why my left hand wasn’t painful at all. I didn’t get hit, that’s why. She made me practice a couple of times more, I didn’t object.

“Since you did well today, you may go home now.” She took the piano pieces and handed me some money. “Para sa taxi yan, okay?”

I nodded then went ahead. I took a cab because I was too lazy to walk farther just to ride a bus. First long test is coming so I must start studying now. I went to Andy’s house instead of mine. He promised to tutor me this whole week since next week would be our LT1. I rang the doorbell and Jaejin was the one who opened the gate for me.

“Hello~!” He said while waving his hand. I still couldn’t believe that he’s Jaeho’s brother! “Wala pa po si Kuya dito.”

“Di pa umuuwi?” he nodded. “Sabi niya mga five thirty daw nasa bahay na siya. Bakit wala pa yun?”

He raised his index finger, “AH! Soccer!”

So he was talking about Jaeho. It’s better if he’s still not home because it means peace. I couldn’t face him right now. With what just happened at school? No way, there’s no way I could look at him without turning my head.

“Si Andy nasa loob?” He nodded.

“Gumagawa ng cake! Chocolate cake!” He excitedly said.

Andy looks manly on the outside but he also has his feminine side. I’m not saying that he’s gay, having a girly hobby doesn’t mean you’re gay in my vocabulary. It means he is a responsible guy, that he can even do the girliest things that other men can’t do. Whatever, he’s just that kind of guy.

Jaejin and I went to the kitchen to help Andy. Andy was wearing a pink purple apron and he was mixing the ingredients already. Jaejin watched Andy happily; he looked pretty excited about the cake. I bet his brother never baked a cake for him before. It’ll be laughable if he did, because he’s Jaeho.

“Jaejinah chocolate cake-eul jo ah?” I asked him. [Do you like chocolate cakes?]

He looked at me with a big smile on his face and then he nodded.

“Di siya marunong masyadong magsalita ng Korean, pero nakakaintindi siya.” Andy said. “Si Jaeho ganun din ata. Ewan! Marunong ata yun. Tamad lang mag-salita.”

“Aren’t you going to bake it yet?” Jaejin asked Andy.

“We will eat dinner first before eating the cake. Algesseo?” He nodded obediently. “Go watch TV first.” [Understand?]

“Opo~” Jaejin obeyed Andy and went to the living room.

“Ayokong makita si Jaeho, anong gagawin ko?”

“Edi wag mong tingnan.” I just stared at him. “Look, hindi ko alam kung anong nangyari sa inyo. At wala rin akong balak kampihan ka. Best friend kita, pinsan ko naman si Jaeho. Wala akong pwedeng kampihan.”

“Wala pa akong sinasabi! Sino ba ang nagsabing nag-away kami?!”

“Away lang ba ang pinag-uusapan pag sinabing kampihan?” I was caught in his trap. He is really a sly one. “You’re so easy to read, you know that?”

“So I’ve been told.” I pouted my lips. “A couple of times, actually, by the same person.”

“That person must be smart.” He snickered.

“I won’t object to that.” I smiled. “He’s handsome too, if I may add.”

He nodded, “Since he’s aware of that attitude of yours, then he must have been looking after you for the past few years.”

“Pansin mo? He has been taking good care of me for the past nine years. Can you imagine that? He was the one beside me for the past NINE YEARS.” I emphasized the ‘nine years’ part. We both giggled. We do this often, taking a detour to change the topic. “Stalker ko siya.”

He grimaced, “Wag ‘kang feeling.” I chuckled. “Nine years, he must love you that much.” He said while transferring the mixed ingredients to the cake tin.

“Edi okay! Mutual!” I proudly said.

He baked the cake and we went to his room. I saw his chemistry book on his desk. He has been studying already! What a nerd. How could a guy like him have it all? I mean, some guys are really handsome but that’s all they can do, to show-off their faces. Some are really smart but they are still lacking on some parts. Well, some weren’t blessed to have anything at all. But how could he have both? What can I say? Life isn’t fair.

“Madali lang naman yung chem eh, kung nakikinig ka.” I shifted my eyes on him.

“Ikaw na matalino. Anong magagawa ko kung wala talaga akong maintindihan?” I dropped my bag on the floor and lay down on his bed. “Pwede bang mamaya na tayo magsimula? Kakatapos ko lang magpiano. Masakit pa ang mga phalanges ko.”

“Akalain mong alam mo kung ano yung phalanges?” I glared at him. “Nakikinig ka pala tuwing bio.”

“Nakakatakot kaya si Sir Manatan!!” I exclaimed. “Mabait siya pero nakakatakot.”

“Kelangan matakot ka rin sakin.” He handed me his notes in chemistry. “Memorize mo yung mga naka highlight. Pag namemorize mo na, bibigyan kita ng test.”

I stared at his notes. It was easier to memorize than what I have copied. I have always known that he’s strict when it comes to studying, but why do I always feel surprised every time he does that? Am I not used to it yet?

I started memorizing it. Everything was going smoothly until I whined.

“Pagod na ko!! Kanina pa ko nag mememorize! Isang oras na!!” I complained. I put his notebook down, “Break time!”

He glared at me, “Fifteen minutes pa lang ang nakakalipas! Anong sinasabi mong isang oras?! Ituloy mo lang, kelangan mong maka line of eight sa chem.”

“Fifteen minutes pa lang?! Pakiramdam ko isang oras na ‘kong nagbabasa eh!!” I continued reading it. I don’t want him to punish me by doubling the pressure. “Di pa ba tapos yung cake?”

He kind of gave me the look so I looked back on the notebook. He’s really scary. I thought he would go easy on me since we’re childhood friends, I guess I was wrong.

“Okay, break time na. Fifty minutes ka ng nagbabasa diyan.” I threw the notebook on the bed and ran down stairs. He might change his mind if I stayed there for a couple of minutes. If he have seen what I wrote on his notebook then he will definitely change his mind.

“Jaejinah~” Jaejin was watching Naruto. “Gusto mo yan?”

His eyes were fixed on the show while he nodded. “Pero mas favorite ko yung Pokemon!”

“Ah talaga? Si Sunny rin!” He agreed by nodding.

“Si Kuya favorite Naruto!” he blurted out. I almost laughed but I controlled it. It would be rude of me to laugh in front of him. He’s still his brother.

“Super favorite niya yun?” He nodded “Talaga ha.”

He put his index finger on his lips, a ‘don’t tell’ gesture. I nodded with a grin on my face. So he is that childish. I never thought of that. I thought he was the mature type since he was eating a mint candy and not a sweet one. I saw him a couple of times acting like an adult but then it was just me. Poor judgement, I know.

“Jaehee,” Andy shouted. “Nagtext sakin Mom mo sabi niya mag practice ka daw. I-record mo daw tapos i-checheck niya mamaya.”

“Mo ya~!!!” I whined. He just snickered. [What the..]

Mom is seriously sick. How could she do this to me!! She said that I did good today, but why does she want me to practice right now? Did she realize that I wasn’t at loss that time? I have a test later with Andy, and now Mom’s going to check my take home test! Shyang!

“Geunyang hae!” He snarled. [Just do it]

I pouted as I went towards the piano. I started playing the basics. Jaejin stood beside me while watching me play the piano. “YA! PRINT MO KO NG MUSIC SHEET NG TEMPEST SONATA!! THIRD MOVEMENT!”

Andy replied with an “oh” sound. It’s a Korean thing, it means yes.

“Jaejinah,” He looked at me. “Can you take a video of me while playing? I’ll play a really cute song after, okay?”

He nodded excitedly. “Ate, si Sunny rin ba magaling?”

“Mm,” I said while nodding. “Gusto mo bang matutong mag piano?”

He nodded again, “Pwede mo po akong turuan?”

“Kaya lang strict ako. Okay lang ba yun sayo?” He nodded. “Sige, tuwing weekend tuturuan kita, okay?”

“Okay~~” He said happily.

Andy entered the room with the music sheets and handed them to me. I gave Jaejin my cellphone to take the video. The two boys were at the left corner watching me. “Game!”

I started playing the piano. I suddenly stopped in the middle because I realized that I was playing it too fast. “Mom, I was too fast. I’ll play it again. Jaejin sorry.”

I played the piece with the right tempo so I was a bit contented with that. After playing it, Jaejin clapped. He gave me my phone and showed me the video.

“Pasado ba?” I asked the two boys. They nodded and gave me an O.K. sign.

I played Flight of the Bumblebee next for Jaejin. He was so amazed with the fast tempo. He even asked me to play it again. After playing it for the THIRD time, Andy called him for help.

I started playing a song, I’ve been wanting to play it but kept on forgetting. So this will be the right moment to play it.

“I’ve known you for so long, you are a friend of mine.” I sang while playing it. “But is this all we’d ever be? I’ve loved you ever since you are a friend of mine. But babe, is this all we ever could be?”

I continued playing the song until the last part. “But then again, I’m glad~”

I closed the piano because Andy called me for dinner. I saw Jaeho at the dining table. He looked at me but I looked away. I sat down beside Andy. Andy took my plate and put some rice on it. Jaeho kept on glaring at me. What the heck does he want?

He kicked my left leg and that made me flinch, I kicked him too. He made a little movement before glaring at me again. I started mouthing ‘joogoolae’ at him but he just showed me a poker face. Andy returned my plate with rice and chicken on it.

“After ng dinner pumunta na tayo sa kwarto ko.” Andy said in front of Jaeho. He just realized what he said after saying it. “Jaeho, ikaw rin kelangan mong mag-aral! Sabi ni Tita mag-aral ka raw ng mabuti kung hindi, di ka raw niya bibigyan ng allowance. Pumunta ka sa kwarto ko pagtapos ng mga gagawin.”

“Bwiset talaga yun. Hanggang dito pa ba naman ba didiktahan niya ako?” He said before putting the spoonful of rice in his mouth. “Kung ayaw niya akong bigyan ng pera edi di wag! Hindi lang siya ang pwedeng mag bigay sakin ng pera, marami pa dyan.”

What? Is he going to sell his body to some perverted people? He still couldn’t work because he’s a minor. If he can do that in Korea or America well he can’t do that here in the Philippines. Has he ever heard of DSWD?

Andy smiled, “Suggestion lang naman yun pero kung ayaw mo talaga, okay lang rin. At least may privacy kami.”

Their conversation ended there, then Jaejin did the talking. He told Jaeho how good I was when it comes to playing the piano. He also told him that I am going to teach him play the piano during weekends.

After eating dinner, Andy and I went to his room. I started reviewing again his notes. It has been a long day so I felt pain on my shoulders. I kept on hitting my shoulders with my fist. I would be like Imang if I don’t get a massage. I don’t want to be called the Hunch back of Alabang.

“Aigoo~~ aigooya~” I said while hitting my shoulders. [OMG/Sigh/Hay nako]

“Masakit? Masahe gusto mo?” I nodded while still hitting my shoulders.

He pulled the computer chair and started massaging my shoulder. It was so good that I couldn’t control my voice.

“AAAHH~!!” I groaned. “Sige pa~~”

“Didiinan ko pa?” I nodded. He put some more force on it that made me moan again in ecstasy. “Tama na?”

“SIGE LANG!! AAhh.. ahh!” He was becoming rough!! Is he trying to break my shoulders?! “Masyado kang rough!! Teka… Dahan dahan lang! Masakit!”

“Dumapa ka! Bilis.” He ordered. I didn’t object since I was enjoying the massage privilege. “Didiinan ko ng konti okay?”

“Sige lang~” The force came back again and made me scream. “AAHH! ANDY!!! TAMA NA!!”

“Wag ka ngang maingay!!” He said, trying to calm me down. “Maririnig nila tayo!”

“Maawa ka na sakin! Ayoko na talaga!” I cried.

“HINDI PA KO TAPOS!” I was already trying to make him stop but he still kept on pressing my back. I was grunting in pain. “Malapit na talaga! Saglit na lang Jaehee!”

“Hindi ko na kaya!! Tama na!! ARAY!! AAAH!!” I grunted. I shouldn’t have let him touch my back!! If only I knew he would do this then I wouldn’t have let him do it! “Andy tama na!!”

“Eto na~ eto na~~!” The door suddenly opened.

“ANONG GINAGAWA NIYO?!?!” He was glaring at the two of us, Andy and I were both confused. My bones suddenly cracked after moving a bit. They both heard it. “Ah.. a-a-anong ginagawa niyo?”

“Masahe..” We both said.

Jaeho’s face was priceless. He suddenly changed his expression when he realized the situation. Wait—did we sound that wild from the outside?!

“Akala ko ba ayaw mo mag-aral?” Andy was confused because of Jaeho’s actions.

“Sinong nagsabi?” He pushed Andy aside because he was still on top of me. “Mag-aaral ako kaya bilisan niyo na.”

He’s scary eyes are still looking at Andy. Andy just smiled on that thought. Are they really cousins?

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