Can I just. Imprint the picture of the peaceful and happy family on my soul and keep it there forever. 

How long before CLAMP tears it apart. 

Why am I reading this again. 

But I absolutely love that the reason that other countries want to invade this land is because of their grass.

a moment of appreciation for these girls <3


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let me say nice things about people | accepting

listen. LISTEN. Ronnie is my goddamned best friend in the entire universe. I’ve known her for almost a decade (omg we’re so old) and she’s been by my side through literally??? everything??? And I love her so much she is like my sister and I think I would be totally lost without her she is so strong and smart and funny and she puts up with me when I’m being dumb or overemotional and I know she’s an amazing friend to so many other people

and she’s the most talented designer like you should SEE her work it’s fucking fabulous and she is GOING PLACES  let me tell you

And her characters are so vibrant and wonderful and she always manages to sneak a little of her own snark in there which I love! And even Oliver who is a bonafide joke is just so great and even though he started as something really silly I know that she loves him so much and it shows in the passion she puts into her blog

I just think ronnie is one of the best people I know tbh ilu babe


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ZAZA I've been dating a girl and I have no idea what she sees in me but so far it's been rad and she's been literally my First for everything but I feel so comfy with her that it doesn't feel like a first time for any of it, it feels like I've been dating her forever. Zaza!!! Being liked is so exciting!??

i saw a couple posts mentioning it and i’m rly happy for you. you so deserve this Rachel. i’m thrilled she’s able to see what’s obvious, tht you’re amazing, worthy of love, and beautiful inside and out. wishing you all the best!<3 <3 <3 

  • Akane: Is that what you call justice? Ignore the law, involve anybody you can, and continue to fight in order to satisfy your self-centered pride?
  • Shinya *smirking*: You sure learned how to talk back.

sweet feelings about @a-simple-note‘s fake ah crew trans michael and jack. really hope i did right by these characters, let me know what you think!

It had only been a few months. Michael had only just earned himself a spot at the table, his “trial period” over and Geoff and Jack were finally starting to treat him like something other than a “temp.”

It was stupid. He was stupid.

He was a wanted criminal, for God’s sake, locking doors should come as naturally to him as breathing. Granted, as a criminal, he knew locks meant little when someone was really trying to get somewhere, but he knew as well as anyone that when someone might be looking for you, when you have something to hide, locking a door should be second nature.

Michael, at this point in time, definitely had something to hide, which is why he felt like maybe he was dreaming when the doorknob suddenly turned while he was halfway through taking his shirt off and Jack strolled in without so much as a knock.

His heart immediately thundered in his chest, arms too tangled up in the shirt he was removing from himself to even think about covering himself, and it was too late anyways. Jack had stopped mid-sentence, right in the middle of asking about something stupid, dinner maybe, and stared at him, eyes wide.

Michael was paralyzed, unable to move as everything came crashing down around him.

He’d been so careful. Sneaking into the police station in his town in Jersey and destroying any records from his past. Keeping himself distanced from anyone he worked with for more than a few hours. Requesting his own room in the penthouse and making sure they knew never to come in when he had the door closed. Locking those fucking doors.

And for nothing.

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me to my friends
  • me: have you watched tyler's latest video, it's hilarious
  • me: did you know that tyler was on ellen? yea he was. you should watch the episode, it's amazing
  • me: there was a new psychobabble episode yesterday, tyler and korey talked about clubbing boys with club sandwiches, I nearly got kicked out of class for laughing too much while i was listening to it
  • me: guess what? tyler wrote a book, it's called Binge, I can't wait to read it, you can preorder it at
  • me: tyler's coming here in september, on his tour, you've gotten tickets right, you can book them at so we can go together
  • me: tyler got a snapchat, it's hilarious, make sure you're following him okay
  • me: tyler was on ellen, he was on ellen, did I say that he was on ellen, i can't believe it, he was on ellen
  • me: tyler-
  • friends: okay thats enough
PTSD Olivia turned into Rowan. She is very much NOT 'fine'. Sigh.

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If you're not the romantic type, would that stop you from dating someone?

Yup! Right now, to me, there is literally no difference between a significant other and a best friend. What makes a significant other different from a best friend when you remove all the romance / sex? Not much, in my eyes. 

And honestly, having an significant other is like owning a dog. The dog wants to hang out with you all the time and needs attention and needs to be pet and walked and fed and you have to exert so much energy to keep the dog happy. Which some people like! They’re dog people!

But I am a cat person. Friends are like cats. They’re there when you want them to sit in your lap and just exist but you can also just like, throw them off your lap when you have to get work done and the cat is like ‘okay whatever’. Cats poop in a box and eat their own food and do their own thing without needing you there all the time.


but basically i am busy and highly value my free time so adding an SO into the mix just complicates things in my eyes. Yeah, I’m sure that ~all changes when you find the perfect dog~ or whatever but no puppy has barked up this tree that i’ve wanted to adopt

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Bellarke + 1 or 11 or 25 please?:)

I have another request for #1 so that one will be coming very soon!  But in the mean time here’s 25: During a loud fight in public I yell ‘I DON’T KNOW WHY I’M IN LOVE WITH YOU.’  Thanks for the prompt!
This can also be known as the one where Bellamy and Clarke get in a fight in the middle of IKEA.

Clarke really hated furniture shopping.  She especially hated furniture stores.  IKEA, Bed Bath & Beyond, warehouse stores, all of them.  They were always crowded with too many happy couples cooing over bedspreads and mattresses and faucets and fridges.  Fridges.  Appliances were nothing to coo over.

Because of all these things there really was no good explanation for why Clarke was in IKEA on a Saturday among droves of irritating families and couples with her roommate’s older brother looking at office furniture.

It was also worth noting that Clarke was beyond exasperated.  She’d always known that Bellamy was detail-oriented (she’d watched him grade enough papers) but she’d never expected him to be so anal about everything.

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If you think about it, seeing Lexa cry as a result of Clarke kissing her must have had such a huge emotional impact on Clarke. I mean, Clarke spent 3 months isolated from the vast majority of people, and once coming back the only really big expressions of emotion directed at her had been anger and disappointment. Lexa crying must have served as some sort of reminder to Clarke that "oh yeah, I can make people feel good too. I don't just hurt people." Her heart probably exploded. Mine too though

I knoooooow like I think about it all the time? like… Clarke’s literally been told she destroys everything she touches and then like she pulls back from kissing Lexa and it’s so clear like? Lexa loves her so much? the fact that Clarke cares too brought her to t e a r s that must have been so intense for Clarke ugh


Hello All, I hope everyone is well. I guess I got a bit of inspiration with all of the commotion in the ballroom last night. So here’s a small short. I apologize, as always, for what will probably be a typo-ridden, all over the place piece because I was too impatient to proofread it more than once. 

Also, I’ve sort of indulged and decided that this story and my two previous Valdaya stories all exist in the same universe. So, go with that how you will. Thanks for reading, everyone!

It was one thing having a boyfriend in secret, but her situation was an entirely different animal that even she couldn’t explain.

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that one thing

nalu week day five: need
summary: the thing she really needed was closer than she thought.
notes: happy nalu week! i hooope this is any god because i just (this afternoon) got rid of my writer’s block (i hope).

We may think that there are many things in life we actually need, when in fact, when you really think about it, it all comes down to so few.’

Need, huh?

Lucy sat in a booth in her favorite café, staring down at the book and reading the sentence repeatedly She completely forgot about the rest of the book.

Just as the first part said, she thought she needed many things in her life. All of the things she thought she was missing.  

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You're gonna hate this but listen... I used to hate freelee too, but then I actually listened to her videos instead of me just taking everything she said literally and bluntly. She's been on both ends of the spectrum, fat and skinny.

I don’t care, that’s not the reason to hate other people. She is not a God, who is she to judge others? And if she was ever overweight  she could at least try to help others, she knows that fitness is a mental game and bashing them won’t make it easier. I am gonna be completely honest: I don’t find her inspirational. Her attitude is nasty, there is a big difference between being honest and being nasty, she has to take b12 shoots and she hasn’t had her period in years which she promotes as something that’s okay, so I don’t find her healthy either and I don’t think she is the one who should be a vegan/raw vegan advocate. Fitnika and funeralformyfat are just an example of healthy, positive and amazing vegans :)

Grey’s Anatomy.

To me personally, what made Derek’s death sadder than any previous deaths on Grey’s was Meredith. I love how she looked when the nurse pulled the plug off Derek. She just sat there whispering his name. Then the flashbacks came in. Their one night stand, their famous ‘just a girl in a bar’ and ‘just a boy in a bar’ were exchanged. She was remembering literally everything they had been through.

Meredith looked very strong about it. She can contain her sadness and in a way, she was being very strong about it. Her father left her when she was little, her mother died, she got miscarriage, she lost her sister, her best friend got hit by a bus, her person moved away, she had survived so many things. And now we got the privilege to see her watched the love of her life drew his last breath. Meredith Grey is one of the strongest female character i know on TV.

The story line is not everyone’s favorite, i’m sure. But Meredith Grey is one hell of a character. And just because Derek died doesn’t mean that the show will lose its spark or whatever. I will still watch the show. Because I understand now why the show is called Grey’s Anatomy. 

And yes, Mer. You and the kids will be fine.