I’ll tell you what “Blücher” means in Yiddish. [Mel Brooks] told me a few years ago. It means “glue.” So all the horses were afraid that they were going to be sent to the glue factory.

-Cloris Leachman on playing Frau Blücher in Young Frankenstein. Turns out when Cloris Leachman agrees to walk you through her career, she ends up walking you through film and television history.

me to my friends
  • me:have you watched tyler's latest video, it's hilarious
  • me:did you know that tyler was on ellen? yea he was. you should watch the episode, it's amazing
  • me:there was a new psychobabble episode yesterday, tyler and korey talked about clubbing boys with club sandwiches, I nearly got kicked out of class for laughing too much while i was listening to it
  • me:guess what? tyler wrote a book, it's called Binge, I can't wait to read it, you can preorder it at
  • me:tyler's coming here in september, on his tour, you've gotten tickets right, you can book them at so we can go together
  • me:tyler got a snapchat, it's hilarious, make sure you're following him okay
  • me:tyler was on ellen, he was on ellen, did I say that he was on ellen, i can't believe it, he was on ellen
  • me:tyler-
  • friends:okay thats enough

Les Amis Demigods AU (2/?): Combeferre - Child of Prometheus

 Prometheus is the Titan god of forethought and counsel. He is the creator of mankind as he moulded the first humans out of clay, as well as their greatest benefactor teaching them the arts of the gods such as astronomy, navigation, medicine, metal working, mathematics and more. He further stole the fire from Mount Olympus against the will of Zeus and gave it to the humans for which he was punished to endure generations of suffering before the great hero Herakles released him from his torture.


Resident Evil Aesthetics - Rebecca Chambers {9/?}


PTSD Olivia turned into Rowan. She is very much NOT 'fine'. Sigh.

“In season 3 I had a scene where I sat naked in a bath with Brienne of Tarth. Since then Gwendoline keeps saying that at the end I told her: ‘You are very skinny, but strong!’ I don’t remember, but I say a lot of weird stuff. She remembers literally everything and she has been driving me crazy with it ever since, but in a good way of course.“ 

“Lena Headey is brilliant as Cersei. We know each other so well now that it feels weird every time when we have to do a kissing scene. So as soon as they yell cut we make faces of disgust, not seriously, but it does feel a bit wrong.“

- Nikolaj Coster-Waldau for The Red Bulletin USA [x]

Me after all of Wendy Mericle interviews at SDCC….

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I literally love how insightful and articulate this lady is. Everything she has teased is literally everything I’ve been waiting for…

- Exploring more of Oliver outside of his Arrow persona

- Letting Oliver relax

- Getting Oliver back in suits (political career coming up)

- Further establishing strong female characters

- More focus on co-leads Diggle and Felicity

- Exploring more of the family theme for the Oliver/Thea, Diggle’s and Felicity

- Exploring Oliver and Felicity as a couple and a team together

- Exploring Felicity’s ambitions outside of her relationship with Oliver

- More Diggle and Felicity centric episodes

- Exploring Thea and her Speedy persona

- Letting Oliver Queen be a kickass Green Arrow

Wendy, I think I love you girl!

Me (right) and my best friend and girlfriend of 3 years. She is my motivation and keeps me going every single day. I don’t know what I’d do without her. She is literally all I have and has been through everything with me. From depression to anger, and the chaos and madness. She never let anyone get in the way of our relationship. And now I’m living with her in our own home, falling asleep next to each other every night, pillowtalking about how we used to dream of this moment back when we were in highschool. If you love somebody, don’t give up, that day you’ve been waiting for will come.

Grey’s Anatomy.

To me personally, what made Derek’s death sadder than any previous deaths on Grey’s was Meredith. I love how she looked when the nurse pulled the plug off Derek. She just sat there whispering his name. Then the flashbacks came in. Their one night stand, their famous ‘just a girl in a bar’ and ‘just a boy in a bar’ were exchanged. She was remembering literally everything they had been through.

Meredith looked very strong about it. She can contain her sadness and in a way, she was being very strong about it. Her father left her when she was little, her mother died, she got miscarriage, she lost her sister, her best friend got hit by a bus, her person moved away, she had survived so many things. And now we got the privilege to see her watched the love of her life drew his last breath. Meredith Grey is one of the strongest female character i know on TV.

The story line is not everyone’s favorite, i’m sure. But Meredith Grey is one hell of a character. And just because Derek died doesn’t mean that the show will lose its spark or whatever. I will still watch the show. Because I understand now why the show is called Grey’s Anatomy. 

And yes, Mer. You and the kids will be fine. 

the dumb news is, i always set my schedule in advance and it changes daily anyway. the good news is, i got to come home early.