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Hi! I have a lot of feelings about how much hate Jemma's getting about the whole wanting to fix Skye thing. She wants to fix her, because that's what literally EVERYONE HAS BEEN TELLING HER SHE HAS TO DO WITH EVERYTHING ELSE. "You have to fix this" "It's on you. Get it done" "Find one" "Stop talking, just fix it" I get that that's maybe not the most sensitive way to phrase what she wanted to do, but still. Thanks, I just needed to vent because Jemma is traumatized and doesn't deserve this hate.

ahhh i know, buddy. i know. the hate’s been pretty rough, hasn’t it?? i relate to jemma more than any other character ever, i think, and to see people dragging her through the mud for being afraid and wanting to keep her friends safe?? just incredibly difficult to stomach, to say the least.

what you’re saying about people telling her to fix things is actually really interesting though, and i’m almost certain i’ve written a meta about it at some point, but the crux of it is that she already puts that pressure on herself. this has been true all the way through. people ordering her to fix things has mostly been redundant, because she already takes on all the responsibility. which is largely what we’re seeing now, except she’s taking on the responsibility for EVERYTHING. everything bad that has happened. especially trip. 

and look, honestly, i don’t even have an issue with the language she’s used at this point??? because with what she knows, with the evidence at her disposal, that’s still acceptable. skye’s in excruciating pain - that many hairline fractures is excruciating, make no mistake - and jemma’s trying to alleviate that. she’s not entirely in the right (which we know as viewers, but none of the characters do. not even fitz.), and speaking from a place of fear, but she’s going to see that eventually. eventually, she’s going to be less scared, and she’s going to have more information, and she’s going to get her FIGHT back. but she’s getting shitty treatment by the narrative and an unfair amount of hate in the meantime, which is difficult to see.

SO!! since i’ve been getting quite a few despairing messages about this, here’s some things to do to help yourself get through it:

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I’ll tell you what “Blücher” means in Yiddish. [Mel Brooks] told me a few years ago. It means “glue.” So all the horses were afraid that they were going to be sent to the glue factory.

-Cloris Leachman on playing Frau Blücher in Young Frankenstein. Turns out when Cloris Leachman agrees to walk you through her career, she ends up walking you through film and television history.


There was no in-between for her. It was either all or nothing. She wanted everything but settled for nothing. (insp.)


Why am I doing this? I’m not even their real mother, not even his real wife, but why am I doing this? We’re not even in love but the reason why I stepped in, the reason why his firm hand felt so warm, the reason why I felt such heartache and sorrow while looking after him, the reason I cried without realizing… The reason is because…


PTSD Olivia turned into Rowan. She is very much NOT 'fine'. Sigh.

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THANK YOU FOR YOUR TAGS? Cause NOBODY gives Kairi credit for surviving and enduring as much as she has. Wanna talk about hurt? Lose everything. Lose everything TWICE. Lose both your best friends in the span of minutes to self-sacrifice and the darkness and have no power to change it. She's so fucking protective of them its not funny. Like, don't dangle the boys over her head, not unless you want to see a wrathful Princess of Heart punching your teeth in.

tumblr user corruptedseventh knows what’s up tbqh 

i just sat down and watched this is us with my entire family like even the ones that make fun of me for liking them they just stopped talking and we all watched it collectively in silence while tears kept falling from my face this is the closest ive ever bonded with all of them

Some puppy pics would be nice.

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What do you think about what happened with Westallen in tonights episode? I used to love Iris but because of Westallen, she's been bumped to one of my least favorites. They literally compromised everything I thought she was about for Barry and I thought it was nasty. IDK. I used to ship it, but now I really don't like it at all.

I’m disappointed.. I share the same opinion as you do pal. I still love Iris and Barry as individuals but I can’t ship these two for literally cheating on their partners. It’s inconsiderate and rude. I feel so bad for Linda and Eddie—they don’t deserve this kind of treatment. I’m going to keep an open mind and wait until the season finale. However.. right now I just can’t accept westallen. I can’t. I was rooting for you guys and they blew it.  

one of my dream trips is japan, mostly harajuku and kyoto

i’d loveeee to be able to go there, with my girlfriend, and actually learn and talk japanese instead of asking for things in english

i think japanese’s such a cute language, i love it, and i sound really cute (at least i think so) talking in japanese!

i’d also love to have money to do all these things though pfff

ok ok this is v late I realize but:

definitely ahomeboyslife and nervousbreakdance because they’re literal cuties

downbeatt—where do I even begin? she’s been there for me through everything, literally everything, from petty crushes to talking me out of self harm. she’s everything wonderful i. the world and I love her.
sarcastic-and-sleepdeprived—she radiates elegance and sophistication. she’s so beautiful but she’ll brush you off if you say anything. she’s taught me a lot. from dance to life, she’s literally my best guide and I look up to her every day of my life.
theasianempress—for being a really amazing friend, putting up with me and my lame jokes, bad fanfiction, and just general pervertedness. plus, she’s got the best music taste and talent of anyone I know.
get-born-again—they’re so nice to me. unnecessarily nice. it’s the best thing you can do for someone, and it warms my heart to know that people like them still exist
janiehen—she’s amazing. her art, her persistence, her accepting nature. thank you for accepting me into queer crew, btw
heshtagswegmoney—she’s so PRETTY!!! like it hurts. and she’s funny and she’s smart, so she’s a triple threat.
amerrickan-psycho—A LITERAL GEM. if you ever get the chance to talk to her, cherish it. forever. she’s definitely on of my favorite people, up there with ryan ross (I’m not even kidding). her friendship is something other people should envy.
gayisasynonymforryanross—for putting up with my ryan thirst. it can get really strong but he just rolls with it and it’s great. he makes me laugh, and that’s something I need more of in my life.

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i remember when i was following meeko a long time ago on her old blog when her alter ollie was running it she claimed to b a trans girl... lol she was literally faking the whole time

yea shes been fakeing everyone and everything for a while now

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good lord my mom has been pulling this thing where she's been dropping hints about knowing everything (bcuz like literally my entire life is secret from her like who I talk to and my blog and my plans) and it is freaking me o u t

I’m sorry wtf is she doing?

today I finally figured out that my “best friend” since I was like fetus has been lying 2 me abt literally everything. Like she said things to me and the truth was literally the exact opposite of what she said. Like years ago she said things like “bah I hate ppl who party and get drunk 24/7” and stuff like that to me. Meanwhile she was getting drunk in school (not in an alcoholic way) and telling me stories of how the ppl she did it w were so “dangerous and careless” bc they did that and she just watched them do it. Like I don’t even care abt drinking or whatever it’s just the fact that she went out of her way to create a fake version of herself to me like I don’t understand