Once upon a time a had a reason for waiting to post this but it appears I can no longer remember said reason so I’M POSTING IT NOW (500 years later whoops). This is a commission done by the amazingly amazing @cindersart of my OC Joey!! She captured his essence perfectly. She is so wonderfully kind and a very talented artist and y'all should follow her if you ain’t because you’re missing out. So yeah tHANK YOU DRILLA FOR ALL YOUR AMAZING ART AND THE EFFORT YOU PUT INTO IT IT’S TRULY AMAZING.

Go check out her blog for more amazingness you won’t regret it 😉

Papi (markiplier x reader) (co-written)


Requested? nope, @katrodriguez1234 / @katidid-writes-stuff and i were texting and we came up wth this whole calling mark papi thing and at first it was a joke but then we turned it into smut so there you go

Pairing: markiplier x reader

warnings: not full smut but smutty make out session

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”Dean? Dean will you please let go of me you’re throwing me off balance…”




Collab with the wonderful @sarawh! She sketched, I did the rest, this was so much fun to do oh my god

Hello beautiful people. The one and only @everybodykpops and I were talking about wanting to do a collab of some sort. She does AMAZING moodboards (seriously go check them out) and I just started doing a whole bunch, so boom – here we are doing a whole collection of them together. Based on an idea of one of my moodboards prior, we came up with this designer x idol concepts, (because who doesn’t love pretty people in pretty things). We will update this collection as often as we both can and we both hope you guys like them! xx

@everybodykpops = *

@baebae-goodnight = +

(Updated as of 06/08/2017)

stupid boy; a baron corbin fanfiction

SUMMARIZED: Dolph is the stupid boy in this tale. Baron is the best friend of Dolph’s long time fiance, Stevie.. But Baron wants to be more. A car accident one night sort of takes this whole little story and it turns it on it’s head when Stevie wakes up from the accident and doesn’t seem to remember Dolph or their relationship.. But how will all of this end? (Disclaimer: if you happen to like Dolph, you will not like this because he is a total bag of dicks. Just saying.Further disclaimer: I am not a medical professional.)

[ fanfiction masterlist ] [ original works ]

And I’m starting this off by tagging @writergrrrl29 because she has been a huge help with this whole thing and one day I sincerely hope to return the favor somehow, fyi.. can we just talk about how one day you are going to finish your original story and I will be standing in line for a copy because yes.. I believe in you.. Also, her masterlist makes for some really, really good reading. Amazing reading.. I’m also going to tag my love, my sunbeam, Raini.. Because she got me to get off my ass and at least try to put this persistant plot bunny of mine to bed, @fan-fiction-galore you are truly an amazing person, you know that? Go read her work, she is the fluff queen and this is a proven fact! Always blowing my mind with her awe inspiring creativity.And where would I be without @panic-angel3314 and all our talks and her gentle nudges to not give up also. By the way, she has amazing things. Go check them out. And you really didn’t think I was forgetting you in this @theworldiscolorful? Because no. Never. You have been a huge inspiration for me and I greatly enjoy reading your Demon Finn au. You’re encouraging and that’s kind. It’s a rare thing, actually. In short, people.. These ladies above? A group of talented and kind souls who are and will remain my inspirations. And I wanted to say that, because I’m just having all these feels tonight. In addition, I am tagging @tvrnbvckle because she loves Baron and I think that while this first chapter or two might be rough, she’d still like to read. I just hope it’s good. Also going to tag the lovely @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @xfirespritex and @nickysmum1909 who I might not know well but I can’t wait to get to know you guys better.

Now, let’s get on with the actual story.

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Rune casting for @lunacyashes to gain perspective on their current health situation and clarify whether or not to take action (I am happy to provide readings but ensure you are seeing trusted health care professionals as well!) I have modified the process that @witchy-words uses and created a little portable rune casting box (she is amazing- go check out her blog and consider her if you’re looking for a much more professional reading than I can provide!). This is the first time that I’ve used this method for others and I was so excited about it that I asked lunacyashes if I could share!

I began by casting my runes in the box and then removing the ones that were facedown, leaving the remains runes visible in the top two pictures.

To prepare I lit some clove incense for healing and a blue candle for healing. Defining your current situation I drew isa, which represents a challenge or frustration. This rune says it’s time to turn inward and seek clarity. For your suggested actions moving forward I drew dagez, which represents change directed by your own will and transformation, and gebo, which represents gifts (both in the sense of sacrifice and of generosity.) Finally for the future outcomes if you follow this advice I drew uruz (freedom, energy, action, strength and tenacity), eihwaz (strength and reliability), and wunjo (joy, comfort, fellowship, harmony, and prosperity.) In short, I would definitely take action!


so the llama im tanning to be mounted slipped on his eye (the dude who shipped everything packaged it horrrible. everything had slip i swear) 

But were making the best of it and hes getting a blind eye in that eye! 

Make the best out of slip guys! doent have to mean the end of a pelt. tho i may paint it up to look neat once i get him back. 

btw getting him mounted by Kady Rose on facebook and She is amazing! go check her out if you need things soft mounted. 

Okay, now that I’ve done a fanart for the cherick fandom, LEAVE MY MIND ALONE ! Drawing done between midnight and 5am… when I was supposed to work. *sigh* Curse this ship. Curse this movie. Curse everything.

(Drawing inspired by the beautiful work of @zandraart ! She has an amazing style, go check her out, it will brightens your day !)

anonymous asked:

Hello, I am fairly new to tumblr. What blogs would you recommend? Thank you! Btw love your blog




Ok let’s see who would i recommend

imma tag a whole lotta ppl so under the cuT ALSO WHO THE FCK ARE YOU GIMME UR URL I WANNA KNOW THIS if you are comfortable

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Pleasant Mornings | Bucky Barnes | Birthday fic for mattymattymerduck! ♥

Prompt: Mornings with Bucky were to be cherished. After all, things are never guaranteed to stay the same. That’s how life is, unfortunately. Not to mention, he gives the best kisses. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader , Steve Rogers x OC (Roslin Bellerose) but only if you squint 

Genre: Romance, Fluff | Warning: None it’s really cute and I’m not sorry 

Words: 515

Author’s note: I wanted to write something for @mattymattymerduck​‘s birthday because she is precious and deserves something nice for all the amazing writing she does! Go check out her work, you won’t be disappointed!  ♥

Happy birthday! I hope you like it! 

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Cold metal fingers slowly traced down the curve of your back, eliciting a soft giggle from your plump lips as your eyes fluttered open, shifting on the bed as the cotton covers curled around your body, clinging to the curves and naked skin as you shifted onto your back. A smile crossed Bucky’s lips as his deep sapphire orbs softened on your form.

“Good morning.” You purred out, gazing over your shoulder at the man you were lucky enough to call your lover, messy tendrils falling into your face and over your soft, rosy cheeks. A warm palm cupped your cheek, tucking the soft locks behind your ear before he leaned down, pressing his lips gently against your own causing your eyes to close once more.

“Morning.” Bucky breathed out, parting from the soft kiss. All he wanted was to kiss you every second of the day. Your lips, God, your lips. So smooth and plump, fitting perfectly against his own. His heart fluttered underneath his chest as his human hand ran through the tousled locks, smoothing out the tangles before he shamelessly tugged you back into a passionate lip lock. You weren’t at all complaining.

A soft moan slipped past your connected lips before Bucky’s metal arm wrapped around your waist, instantly pulling your body flush against his own as the kiss deepened. Grinning against your lips, pearly white teeth nipped playfully at your bottom lip, making a laugh flutter past as noses bumped against one another.

Knock. Knock.

The knocking fell on deaf ears as your hips straddled the soldiers hips, fingers running across the metal arm that was snugly wrapped around your waist, refusing to let you out of his grasp. Although it was pretty evident you weren’t going anywhere.

Oh?” A playful and seductive voice fluttered through your ears, instantly breaking the connection of yours and Bucky’s lips. “It looks like they’re busy.”

Turning your head, you spotted the duel haired fox leaning against the door frame beside Steve, who looked equally as amused. A small grunt left Bucky’s lips, hating that the perfect moment was ruined by the patriotic couple. He couldn’t help but adore the blush that crossed the apples of your cheeks. The rosy color clashing with the color of your skin was gorgeous.

“Well, I guess we’ll leave you guys alone.” Steve interjected with a smile on his lips, his baby blues sparkling with mirth. “Have fun… fonduing.” He teased, turning his gaze towards Roslin, who smiled coyly.

“Remember to use protection, kids.” She purred out, winking before she slid the door closed behind her. The sound of heels disappeared, allowing you to breathe easier before a soft giggle slipped past your pink lips. A hand cupped your cheek, brushing a thumb against your flushed cheek before he pressed his forehead against your own and tilted in for another kiss. 

“… I love you.” He mumbled out with a loving smile as he closed his eyes. 

I love you.” 

Times like this reminded you that things were alright. Normal.

And for that, you were grateful.