Sometimes I imagine little baby Slytherins being led down to their dorms on their first night at Hogwarts after the sorting ceremony. Eleven year olds clinging to each other as they traverse the damp, cold stone steps into the dungeons and their minds are racing with things like mum wanted me to be in Ravenclaw, she’s going to disown me, and I’m afraid of snakes and Billy Cavendish told me Slytherin first years get fed to the giant squid if they misbehave, and what happens when my head of house finds out I’m muggleborn?and I don’t want to turn into a dark wizard! They’re all terrified and thinking that there must have been some mistake made with the sorting, but then the student who’s been guiding them starts talking about what it means to be a Slytherin. About how darkness isn’t inherently evil, and how being able to survive against all odds is strength, not cowardice, and how those with the most power have the greatest ability to do the most good. They assure the first years that from now on, they have a family that will do everything to defend and support them them and that they are now beloved children will full rights to the inheritance of Slytherin, and then gradually, the lights go up in the common room and this soothing green glow is cast on everything and it’s so, so beautiful. The little baby Slytherins start  exploring all the treasures and artifacts and fine things Slytherin house has hoarded over the years, and there’s no torture devices or human bones or poison chalices at all. There’s books and leather divans and silver tea sets and a handful of upperclassmen who don’t look like they want to feed them to anything. They can see shadowy outlines of merpeople in the lake outside the windows and suddenly they feel inexplicably at home, inexplicably safe, and they realize that no mistake has been made after all. 


#i just had the worst thought #what if lexa isn’t really obsessed with candles #what if she needs them #what if when she was younger and first started getting nightmares that she got so afraid of being alone and scared in the dark #that someone like anya told her to have candles with her #that then she wouldn’t be alone in the dark anymore #that the candles would ease her nightmares #and that they would let the light in #even on the worst nights #and now she keeps them #she uses them now even when clarke is around because of old habit and #fear 

While I was watching Frozen I noticed some things..

Little Anna is wearing the same boots Kristoff is wearing during the movie

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You can see Elsa’s silhouette at the flags at the coronation day, so someone had to come to the castle, she had to dress up and someone had to paint her

Rapunzel did you went turbo?

Well, what does this remind me off?

Aaaahhh. I know..

All the dresses are blue, purple, green and pink.
And this is the same room where Anna’s accident happened

You can see Hans and Anna dancing in the light tower, but at the same time they are dancing at the boat.

Hmm, 1 thing they all have in common

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They all trip when they’re afraid..

Here it is 10:15 pm, cause it’s already dark outsight so it can’t be am.

And here is the sunrise when Elsa sings ‘Let It Go’.

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She didn’t sleep that night and she still looks like an angel..

And when Anna gets at Oaken’s place it’s 10:30 PM, no not AM but PM

Because when she leaves and goes to Kristoff it’s dark outsight.

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Anna has been looking for Elsa for a WHOLE day, without sleep, food, water.. 

'Whoaah boy, whoaah. Easy, easy..’

Sounds familiar?

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Elsa is done with Anna’s shit, look at that eyeroll

Elsa freezes Anna with her own heart

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When Elsa makes Marshmallow, Anna neither Kristoff knew what Elsa was making. But Kristoff grabbed Anna, without a doubt, to protect her.

Look at Kristoff’s face. He’s worried, when Anna say’s:’ Au!' 

Do you see Anna had to NOD her head to think again?

What does this remind me of?

Oh wait, I know!

I think Elsa’s ice castle repressed how Elsa is feeling

Red = Fear

External image

Yellow= Anger

External image


External image

Right here, when Olaf wants to close the window, the White Queen of the chessboard falls.
Elsa falls a minute later.

I just love the animation here..

Anna had her eyes opened just a split second before their lips touch, cause the last time she closed her eyes too fast it didn’t end up that well

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I ship reylo, but

Okay. I ship Reylo. But no, I don’t want them to be full of fluff.

I want Rey to despise Kylo, but still know the lonely sad part of his life, and know that he still has the light in him.

I want Kylo to be obsessed with Rey, I want him to chase after her and desperately trying to turn her into the dark side, but at the same time be afraid of her because of how strong the light is in her. I want him to try to see her as an object to use, but actually, deep down, he knows by heart she means to him more than that, he sees his lonely self in Rey, and how the temptation of the light side is strong whenever he is near her.

I want them to fight each other everytime they met.

I want them to almost kill each other everytime they fight.

I want Kylo to lure Rey to the dark side at the end of the fight, because he needs her to be on his side.

I want Rey to try to give Kylo a chance to redeemed himself at the end of the fight, not because she has feelings for him, but because Rey know there are people who need him to be Ben Solo again. People who need him more than her.

I want them to never give in to each other, but yet never give up on each other.

I want endless denial. I want endless pain.

And if it needs to come to an end, I want one of them to die on the hand of the other, and the one who lives being haunted by the other and by the possibility of them being together.

After reading it all over again, I think there’s something wrong with me. But, oh well.


favorite fictional girls: Aelin Ashryver Galathynius [Throne of Glass]

She would not let that light go out.
     She would fill the world with it, with her light—her gift. She would light up the darkness, so brightly that all who were lost or wounded or broken would find their way to it, a beacon for those who still dwelled in that abyss. It would not take a monster to destroy a monster—but light, light to drive out darkness.
     She was not afraid.
     She would remake the world—remake it for them, those she had loved with this glorious, burning heart; a world so brilliant and prosperous that when she saw them again in the Afterworld, she would not be ashamed. She would build it for her people, who had survived this long, and whom she would not abandon. She would make for them a kingdom such as there had never been, even if it took until her last breath.
     She was their queen, and she could offer them nothing less.

‘What if the devil doesn’t know he’s the devil?’

I saw a dead deer by the side of the road this morning. It
looked like someone killed it on purpose.

I tell my thoughts to shut up. I break through my brain like
a trap door in the floor & fall into it. I sit on my hands
to keep them from doing things I don’t want them to do.

Say again that I could never do a cruel thing. Would never
swerve to kill, not me. All the bad I’ve done was an accident.

Nightmare: a hundred different versions of me trapped together
in a room. I lose teeth. I lose limbs. I keep my cool.

Let the version of me that never left you as a chalk outline on
the sidewalk be the one to come out unharmed. She’s good.
She deserves it.

Another me was afraid of the dark but I’ll tell you something 
new and terrifying: all the see-through and light, the walls made 
of glass, no curtains to hide behind. All the time I was scared 
there was someone watching me, but.

Knowing no one is watching me is pretty scary too.

she likes black coffee,
long walks on the beach,
and breaking hearts. 
don’t stay for too long.
we all know what’s coming. 

i watch boys trip through the galaxies, 
smashing into each other like asteroids, 
racing to get to the sunlight in her smile.

when they say they love her,
i tell them, i know. i know. 
i tell them, 
she wants to kiss you raw.
she wants to make you
afraid of the dark.

i tell them, 
there’s something holy about
all that light, something dangerous.
be careful. 
sometimes the monsters break 
free of the shadows. 

i tell them,
stars like her are more than just light.
touch her and you’ll blister. 
love her and you’ll burn.

—  Light Source by Auriel Haack

Get to know me meme: [4/5] female characters - Alex Benedetto (Gangsta.)

♫ “When the night has come, and the land is dark, and the moon is the only light we’ll see. No I won’t be afraid, just as long as you stand, stand by me.” ♪

Reylo/Hades& Persephone AU:
(special thanks to @elviriel)

It was much too cold for her.  That’s how she could tell she was no longer on Jakku. Opening her eyes, Rey found she was lying on snow on the ground. She was in a dense forest with withered dead trees leaves.  As she stood up to observe the area, she noted the irony of it.  One extreme to the next.  From desert to snow, it seems that no matter where she went, she would be missing out on green.

It was dark on this planet despite all the white snow.  It was almost as if she could feel the darkness surround her.  As though the darkness was not the absence of light but an emotion. Something that was trying to claim her.

“Don’t be afraid,” a voice said behind her.  “I feel it, too.”

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The romantic part wasn't exactly just the CPR

The romantic part was that in Gajeel’s last moments filled with darkness, in which he could not move and was loosing hope a sudden light appeared.

That light was Levy, the girl who he once hurt and later protected. A girl who forgave him and was willing to stay by his side. Levy who is afraid of the dark decided to forget that and get to him.

The romantic part was that she was willing to give her last breath to him, if it meant he would be alive. 

It was the selfless action Levy did that was special. It was selfless love.

It is also the fact that she has developed this faith in him, she knowing that even if its just a bit he would be able to do something. 

It was the fact that she could hear his voice.

The romantic part was also Gajeel realizing Levy’s sacrifice towards him, a man she was supposed to hate. 

How the relationship progressed to those types of actions, to love.

And of course beside the “kiss” the fact that he called her levy and said hands off was like the cherry on top. 

She’s so hurt. She is one who does not know what she suffers from, or why, or how to overcome it. She is all unconscious, motion, music. She is afraid to see, to analyze her nature. She thinks that nature just is and that nothing can be done about it. She would have never invented ships to conquer the sea, machines to create light where there was darkness. She would never have harnessed water power, electric power. She is like the primitive. She thinks it is all beyond her power. She accepts chaos. She suffers mutely.
—  Anaïs Nin, Ladders To Fire

honestly I love b ½ korra so much–not because I think she’s literally without flaw, but because she is so deeply and complicatedly flawed; she is a mess of emotion and vulnerability and a tangle of power and bravado and a tightly woven basket of bravery and sweetness and genuine love for her world and people

I’ve never connected to a character as much as I did when korra broke down in tenzin’s arms and told him how afraid she was, I’ve never cried as much as I have for anyone but korra as she fought herself and her deepest fears and the darkness within herself in the spirit world, I’ve never felt the kind of triumph I felt for anyone but korra when she trusted her instincts, rejoined with raava, and ushered in a new world, I’ve never loved anyone as much I love my 17 year old baby, my love, my light, who was me and was not me, who showed me that I could be a mess and hurt and afraid and vulnerable and still be brave, strong, unyielding, kind

I’ve never loved anyone as much as b ½ korra, I’d never seen myself in anyone else until b 1 korra, I’ve never connected to anyone as much as this sweet and earnest 17 year old, this beautiful, wonderful girl who was just like me, complicated, contradictory, angry, earnest me–and no one can take that away from me, no one.

I just realized something about the “darkness” 

When it was separated from Rumple it immediately attached to the apprentice, it went inside of him without swirling around him. When Emma blasted it with her light magic it flew away, almost like it was afraid of Emma’s power. Notice how when it attacks Regina it doesn’t try to posses her immediately, it’s swirling around her, slowly sucking the light out of her.

What if it did that not because it was after Regina but because it was trying to force Emma to sacrifice herself. Maybe it wanted Emma but because of her great amount of light magic (and no darkness thanks to Snowing) it couldn’t just “take her”, she needed to sacrifice herself. When Robin ran to try and help Regina it just whacked him away, it wanted Emma.

What if it attacked Regina because it felt that she was the best person to use in order to get Emma to give herself to the darkness. I mean why Regina? of all the people there it chose to use Regina. Could it be it sensed a strong connection between Emma and Regina?

When she’s finally free of the dark magic and home where she belongs, she is greeted by a flood of family and friends. They engulf her, her parents at the center of the huddle, holding her tight as if they are afraid she’ll slip right through their fingers. 

He waits at the edge of the huddle, eyes fixed on her with an intensity that almost burns, his mouth set into a trembling line. He dreamt of this moment so many times in the past few months that she hardly seems real, edged in light and blurred from a suspicious sheen in his eyes.

Her eyes find his over the top of the crowd, bright and anxious. We’ll talk later, they seem to promise him, and just like that he is overwhelmed. The last thing he sees before turning on his heel is the surprised (and maybe hurt?) flicker in her eyes as he takes long, brisk strides away. 

He goes to her empty apartment and angrily sheds his clothes in a pile on the bathroom floor, laying his hook aside and turning on the water. He steps under the spray of water and then simply stands there until it heats up and surrounds him with steam, forearm braced against the tile and his head hanging low. 

He knows he will forgive her anything because the taste of life without her was not life at all, but his heart now feels wary. He loves her nobility, her heroism, how willing she is to sacrifice herself even as he begs her not to with his heart in his hands. She’ll always do the right thing, even if it means leaving him without any bloody say in the matter.

Why you? Did you even stop to think about me? Did you mean those words? You left me, just like that. You put me through Hell. 

You put me through Hell.

But he’ll bite his tongue for her, always.


:O I try this writing thing again. I’m still not great at it, so be gentle. Anyways, yes, have an obligatory shower scene and angsty, angry Killian. My personal opinion is that s4 finale would have left him with all sorts of conflicting emotions (and he was all over the place in s5 premiere lol) that weren’t all forgiving towards Emma. She put him through a lot! Don’t hate me for this lol.  

He stands at her side as she draws her sword. The planks of the weathered ship creak beneath his feet, uneasy, protesting and moaning as the sea swirls to life around them, dark waters growing darker, frothing, snapping at the hull.

Above, the heavens crackle, sentient starlight blooming, changing; a kaleidoscope of colourful faerie-light dusted across the night sky. 

She inhales, determination flashing in her eyes, widening her stance as the deck pitches and shifts, rising and falling beneath their feet at the whim of the cresting waves. 

“Emma,” he whispers, wanting to tell her - needing to tell her, afraid that if he doesn’t…

And she glances back at him for a second, her gaze softening, flickering over his face. Then she smiles, and it’s a small thing, just the slightest bit unsteady, but it’s bright and warm like the sun fighting its way through the clouds after a sudden summer rain.

“I know,” she says, reaching for him, gloved fingers curling around his hook.

“I know.”

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She says, “come here”, and I do, because even though my hands are shaking like autumn leaves and my blood is freezing in my veins like the curse of winter, she is flowers in the spring, she is the heat of summer, she is the wind, she is the sun.

She says, “follow me”, and I do, because I could never let her walk away. I would go to the ends of the earth before I lost her. Finding her was the luckiest I’ve ever been. When people climb mountains, or explore the bottom of the ocean, she is what they’re looking for.

She says, “kiss me”, and I do, because I was afraid of the dark but now she is the light, she is everything beautiful. I am afraid of sin, but she tastes like heaven, her bones are relics, her skin is holy.

She says, “love me”, and I do, because the crescent of her smile is enough to make the moon jealous, her eyes could make the stars weep. She finds things in me I never could have found on my own.

She says, “love me”, and I do, because it’s impossible not to.

She says, “love me”, and I do. God knows I do. #B #WCW

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