she 💁🏻 sneaks out in the middle 🎯 of the night 🌃🌉🌠🌛 yeah 👍🏼 tight dress 👗 with the top ⬆️ cut low ⬇️ she’s 💁🏻 addicted to the feeling of letting go (let it go) she 💁🏻 walks in 🏣🚶🏼and the room just lights up 💡🆙 but she doesn’t 🙅🏻 want anyone 👫👬👭👯 to know 🙇🏼 that I’m the only one 1⃣ that gets to take her 💁🏻 home 🏡 (take her 💁🏻 home 🏡) but every time I tell her 💁🏻 that I want more 🙏🏼👅💦 she 💁🏻 closes the door 🚪🙅🏻😔 she’s 💁🏻 not afraid 🚫😱 of scary 👻👹👺💀 movies 📹 she 💁🏻 likes 👍🏼 the way we 👫 kiss 💏 in the dark ◼️ but she’s 💁🏻 so afraid 😱 of falling 🍃 in love ❤️💌💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💟💜💛💚💙

Light Up Teddy Bear Pillow

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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy

she is 17 – 18 years old now

(like always, she will have trouble remembering her new age and will say these words multiple times for the first few weeks. she has trouble remembering most things)

and she is young and scared and excited and loved.

she is singing along loudly to music in the shower, at home, all alone, thinking that hey, her brassy alto voice is pretty neato

she is ducking out of a room as quickly as possible after turning off the light because she knows she isn’t and has never been afraid of the dark but justincase there are, in fact, shadow monsters

she is driving in the jeep with her windows down, preferring the somewhat fierce summer wind to ac, anyway, her almost copper hair flying loose and free, hoping that maybe when she arrives, she’ll look disheveled in a lovely sort of way

she is trying to remember the left hand chords of a song she used to play all the time, occasionally pressing the wrong keys, wishing her piano teacher hadn’t moved away, remembering the aches in her back and hands, wondering if it would be worth it to learn again

she is getting unnecessarily anxious for new things, like making phone calls to the dentist and the university she’ll be going to, moving into an apartment in a different state with people she’s never met, but also simple, silly, everyday things, like correcting a restaurant employee about her order

she is a book remembered fondly, the author’s name escaping your memory

she is a child’s finger painting, joyful and messy and colorful, displayed proudly on the refrigerator

she is a smartphone camera roll filled with too many pictures of brothers and skyscapes because you just couldn’t bear to delete them

she is 18 years old and she is patient and kind and tolerant and good.

(or at the very least, she is trying her very best)

he’s all dark colors,
blacks, grays, scarlets;
painting the world in death
and destruction.

she’s pure light,
yellows, greens, blues;
keeping the world alive
and building.

he’s afraid of her light,
because this is how it happens;
he’s drawn to the light
and once he touches it, it winks out.

but when they come together,
oh, it’s like a supernova;
and he can’t ignore his feelings
and hopes this time will be different.

but once again,
yellow is shot through with black;
the blue fades into indigo,
and the green darkens too much.

and the red, oh, the red,
scarlet is all she can see;
it’s all she’s left with
coating her hands and face.

he tries to help her,
to bring her back to the light;
but he’s touched her too many times
and he can’t undo his curse upon her.

she leaves one day,
walking back out into the cold world;
and he’s left with green on his fingers
and a warped purple heart.

—  the curse of bellamy blake (a.h.)

I’ll follow you into the dark - a Swan Queen drabble

You idiot” She mutters the moment Emma disappears in a cloud of black smoke, leaving behind the dagger with her name written on it, but the tears forming in her eyes betray the façade of anger she’s putting up in front of everyone else.

It only really sinks in what had happened when she leaves the others to be alone, to figure something out, and she closes the door behind herself, the simple motion giving way to her true feelings. She starts crying then, sinking to to the floor, knees hugged to her chest, wondering what on earth she is supposed to do now.

After that she tries to pull herself together, for Henry, for her, but fails miserably as she turns the lights off at night and crawls under the covers, the dagger hugged tightly to her chest. She hadn’t dared to summon her yet, too afraid of facing what had become of Emma after the darkness had gotten a hold of her. After she had sacrificed herself for her.
She’s afraid and feels so terribly alone, a faint “Emma” slipping past her lips as tears start falling from her eyes once again, blurring her vision and soaking her pillow, not that she would care.

It’s then that the same black smoke from earlier that day appears in her bedroom but she doesn’t actually notice it until she hears a cracked voice saying her name in barely above a whisper.
Regina” Her head whips around at that, in disbelief, and there she stands, motionlessly. Emma.
For a moment uncertainty fills the air, Emma is hesitant to come any closer, the darkness constantly pulling at her from the inside, making it hard to concentrate on anything else.

When she sees Regina crying she slowly starts approaching her, almost insecurely, and after momentarily closing her eyes and taking a shaky breath she carefully lays down behind her, her entire body shaking when she drapes an arm across her waist.

Regina” She whispers once again, her voice breaking, and Regina starts sobbing then, guilt and grief overwhelming her.
Emma simply holds her until she calms down again and tries her best to ignore the darkness threatening to overtake every fibre of her very being, threatening to pull her away from her.

The darkness might be strong, but her love for Regina will always be stronger.     

I saw the pic! It had to be drabbled


She looks, smells and sounds like Emma but there is something hard in her eyes and the way she grips his lapel that is not Emma. His Swan would never tempt him like this, never ask him to become a villain.
“Killian. Please.”
Her breath is hot on his lips and he wants to close the distance; to try and kiss the Darkness away like Belle encouraged but he is afraid. Afraid that if he kisses the Dark One he won’t bring light but get swallowed whole by her darkness.
It’s not a risk he will take.
He pulls away.

ouatdrabbles are 100 word stories. Take the challenge and write one!

She would fill the world with it, with her light-her gift. She would light up the darkness, so brightly that all who were lost or wounded or broken would find their way to it, a beacon for those who still dwelled in that abyss. It would not take a monster to destroy a monster-but light, light to drive out the darkness.
She was not afraid. 
She would remake the world-remake it for them,those she had loved with this glorious, burning heart; a world so brilliant and prosperous that when she saw them again in the Afterworld, she would not be ashamed. She would build it for her people, who had survived this long, and whom she would not abandon. She would make for them a kingdom such as there had never been, even if it took until her last breath.
She was their queen, and she could offer them nothing less.
Aelin Galathynius smiled at her, hand outstretched.“Get up”, the princess said.

anonymous asked:

Do you think Emma as dark swan will be more possessive of her loved one esp as one gets more possessive and jealous when it's romantic. So I guess asking for Emma and Hook? Will Emma act possessive and jealous?

I don’t really anticipate much jealousy, per se, but possessive…yes and no. Dark Swan has been described as passionate and sensual, so to an extent I think that’ll apply into possessiveness. 

But as I’ve also said, i foresee the darkness preying on her as a lost girl, which applies to insecurities with abandonment, and will likely enhance them and will make her want to push her loved ones away. 

So basically—I think the longer she has the darkness in her, the more childlike and sociopathic she will get, so she’ll be a mix of possessive and afraid of her own feelings. Dark Swan/Light Swan are opposites, so Emma’s going to be a jumble of actions. But I really have no idea; I’m not a writer, and I can only go off my own theories. 

I feel like this might not make sense, but, there we are. 

SQW Day 6: Act of True Love

Now or Never

The mid-day sky darkened over like a solar eclipse, followed by a swarm of fog and gale force winds. The people of Storybrooke fled to the nearest buildings to seek cover from the epic storm rising up from within the town in only a matter of seconds. Just moments before, the sky was a spotless blue, with birds whisking through the air spreading joy with ease. Now the town was under attack, but it wasn’t a natural storm. Emma had uncovered a trap to conceal her so that her loved ones could perform a rare and incredibly difficult purifying spell on her to remove her dark powers. No one expected the once Savior to act so drastically though, she had controlled the Dark One inside her with ease up until this point, the light within her never yielding to the dark. But her parents had kept the purifying spell a secret, afraid she wouldn’t be able to handle it. Regina had argued against keeping the secret, saying that Emma had proven to be in control of the dark forces inside her. She warned them of what could happen, and now they were all paying the price as she feared.

Several Dwarfs were lifted off the ground and tossed into the nearest structure, Archie only managed to stay upright due to the impressible strength of Pongo pulling him from the storm before it could engulf them and even Ruby and Granny had a hard time blockading the entrance to the diner as debris crashed into their front window. After shedding part of the town hall, Emma used it to seal Belle and Gold in the library, her magic overpowering everyone around her. The only ones safe were Henry and Neal. Somehow she was able to hold back until they were ushered to the manor by Regina who now stood in the middle of the street, her arm shielding her face as the wrath of the Dark Swan ripped up building after building searching for her parents.

“You’ve lied for the last time mom and dad,” Emma bellowed through the storm as if she had a megaphone, but Snow and Charming were nowhere to be found.

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who is your best friend? what do you love most about them?

in GA: undesirableheroine (carly has always been there for me no matter what… rough, easy, sad, happy.. many firsts with her as well) c1ggy (carly shevlin, met her once briefly but even though we haven’t actually hung out I know so much about her and vise versa and she makes me so happy) eclecticdoll (Lyda, such a doll and I love her positivity and she lights up a room no matter how dark)
in VA: foreverunamused (randi…. MY FAVORITE PERSON…. ugh love her, she’s made it living her so much easier… makes me laugh constantly) sadhunty (kris, he is my daddy and i fucking love him w/ all my heart) @sailorfreddiemercury (ray, even tho he was afraid of me ;-) im so glad i met
him and got to know him and luv him lots)

4:08 AM

Why the fuck do you have to make me so damn happy.. Isn’t even the word. Theirs no metaphor or poem that could describe the love this girl has for me , as I have for her. She makes me ecstatic to be living in this corrupt world as long as I have her by my side nothing else matters , I will never forget her , smile lights up the darkness inside of me & the way my memory is set up you would think I have amnesia but how could you forget such an unforgettable person? & the way she looks into my soul. Forgives me and loves me unconditionally, it’s been 2 years now & you would think feelings fade but our connection is only growing stronger and I’m afraid I will never find love like this again. Then again I don’t want what we have with anyone else. Most people are afraid of the inevitable but my biggest fear is loosing her because when she leaves their will be a permanent void inside of me that only she could fill. & my smiles will no longer be real

One Drink please(closed rp with littlepinkneko)

    In the darkness of the tower, under all the light, the little bar stood in a rupture of laughing and booze. The usualy quiet corner was now roaring with words, many came from a well known exo.

    They called her “Coward” for how she acted; not afraid to kill her self just to win a fight, calling out many beings, and “cheating” her way in life. This Exo is a disgrace and a walking darkness to most. But this day was not for her, it was for another.

     Alisa and Mira have came back from a successful mission to the Vault of Glass and have bested Atheon. Having got great gear, coward envied the one called Alisa, how dare she get something so great…

dizzy || lyra &

She lives in her secret sort
of way with that look on her
face that says, maybe I can
do anything I want
, and they
all look at her and believe 
her because, Jesus are they

She thinks of herself as a 
walking metaphor, veins 
flowing with words and poetry
that can’t be read by all. But,
when someone can, it’s dark.
Oh, she is darkness disguised
as light but, nobody is paying 
enough attention.

What are you afraid of, darling
girl? You smile in that way that
makes them believe that you
are felicific but, you feel nothing
but heavy. Your mother started
sending you to that doctor years
ago but, you are still so empty
and you don’t know why. Is it
funny that you don’t feel? Or,
maybe that you feel so much
that you block it all out.

Smiling girl, made of her pretty
lies, she does as she does but,
she knows that she isn’t doing
the right thing. But, she pretends
that it is alright because she knows
that nobody likes suffering girls. Not
really. Oh, they can romanticise
them all that they want but, really
and truly, nobody wants to see you
when you are broken in two.

Now, she sits there with her legs
crossed and she twiddles her thumbs
and that empty feeling takes over but,
she smiles anyway. And she is always
smiling because it is so much easier 
this way. No questions, no nothing. 
And without the questions, she is so
much…happier? Well, not really
happier, just superficial without actually
lying. And nobody noticed her until she
felt as though she was going to pass-out.
Did it really look that bad?

“Oh, it’s nothing. I’m just a little…”

Thx for tagging me locked-up-freak ;)


NAME: Miguel
HEIGHT: 174cm


CAN YOU JUGGLE: badly but yes
DO YOU LIKE DANCING: Only when I’m excited
DO YOU LIKE SINGING: yes even tho I suck T_T


DREAM VACATION: : South Korea, Brazil and
DREAM GUY/GIRL: My dream girl would be pretty cute,confident, very happy wouldn’t get sad easily and also a forgiving person; she would laugh at my jokes even the bad ones, smarter than me, couldn’t be a lot more taller than me and shouldn’t be afraid to tell me if im doing the wrong thing even if it meant the world to me
DREAM WEDDING: Don’t have one
DREAM JOB: Race driver


EYE COLOR: Brown/Light Blue
HAIR COLOR: I would prefer not too dark, normal brown or that blonde who has some brown hair (idk how to explain :/ )
HUMOROUS/SERIOUS: Humorous but serious is hotter
TALLER/SHORTER: Same height or shorter but not too short
BIGGEST TURN OFF: Being depressed
BIGGEST TURN ON: Eye contact


LAST THING I GOOGLED: How to steer in Besiege

TIME AND DATE AT THE MOMENT: 29/07/2015 3 pm

I tag losteraable, kjw124, minsho13 , rise-and-shinee Have fun!

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Dream/Nightmare: Lorelei wakes up blind. How does she manage, being the WoL and all? How does she get by the next twenty four hours in the dream without sight?

Lorelei was confused by the dream she was having. Everything seemed dark, almost as if she couldn’t see. From an outsiders perspective, her grey eyes now appeared foggy with no visible pupils. At first she felt afraid. How was she going to manage her duty as a Warrior of Light, and her life even, without sight? After a great long pause she began to realize that she could use her other senses to get around. Her hearing seemed to be heightened, as well as her sense of smell. She would just have to lay low until she got use to having no sight. She was sure with time, she could learn how to move by using sound to pick up the distance of obstacles.