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    Heart fluttering unevenly, she waited by the door of her room; her hands fidgeting with the floor-length dress she was wearing. Obviously, Kiara had never attended any kind of royal event before, and she was more than a little nervous. It didn’t particularly help that this would be the first time she and Mark were seen out in public, either - all kinds of rumours would spark up overnight. That wasn’t enough to stop her from accepting his invitation, of course. A moment later, there was a knock at the door and Kiara skipped over to open it, revealing the very attractive prince.

      “Hello!” she smiled, her nerves lifting considerably now that Mark was with her. That was certainly a large change; not so long ago just being with Prince was enough to make her stutter and shake! “I’m ready to go,” she smiled, grabbing her handbag with one hand, and linking her fingers through his with her other. With a small squeeze, she held onto his hand tightly - knowing she would need his help if she was going to cope with all the attention and paparazzi that would undoubtedly follow them around this evening.

He was not too proud to admit his nervousness for this evening – it would be the first time that Kiara and himself had been seen together in public and this would, undoubtedly, be splashed over every morning paper for the next day.

With a lick of his lips, a hand knocked at Kiara’s room and he waited for it to be answered. But as the door swung open and he gazed at her with wide eyes; never had he seen anyone so beautiful! Mark gulped and could not even find it within himself to neither reply nor respond to her holding his hand.

“You— wow,” he stuttered, his gaze trailing from her face down her body before simply staring at her once more, “I… uh… yeah; wow. Bloody hell, you’re beautiful. I don’t think I want go anymore…”


I want to take a moment to thank Sarah, who recently sent me what has got to be the most amazing Writer’s Care-Package ever. I am not kidding. She packed that little box with so many goodies I was speechless :0

It contained…

  • An awesome card
  • A pen with like 9 million different colors
  • Sticky notes! I love sticky notes
  • 4 owls with inspiration and writing awesomeness!
  • 2 scrolls with creative writing prompts!

And, like, if that wasn’t enough– at the bottom of them all there was a little envelope, and inside of it I found…

  • 5 of the most BEAUTIFUL tarot cards I’ve ever seen! ♥︎! No, you don’t understand, I love the tarot. And Sarah picked some of my favorite cards! I was in shock when I found them, no kidding!

So, consider this a big THANK YOU to you, Sarah! This was seriously once of the best things anyone has ever given me– and I am very touched that you would send me something so wonderful~ ♥︎

Companions react to pin up art of protagonist

(Assuming romanced) 

Preston: Gets a little flustered at first but tells them how beautiful/handsome he thinks they are. He’s also impressed by the art. (for some reason I headcanon Preston as being a really good artist) 

Piper: Giggles. “Oh my god! Is that you? Blue!” Her face is really red but oh, she enjoys the view. 

Danse: Goes redder than anyone else. Is a little speechless and eventually manages to stutter out a compliment. Once he recovers he tells them that while the art is wonderful..he prefers the real thing. 

Cait: Wolf whistles and makes a lewd comment. She loves it, demands that they let her keep it and refuses to let anyone else see it ever. The picture is her’s now. Just like the SS 

Deacon: Deadpans, looks the protagonist right in the eye and tells them that he could wear it better. Honestly he’s probably right. 

Hancock: Same as Cait. Wolf whistles and makes sure to let them know how much he likes it. Asks them to find a similar outfit and give him some copies of said art for when they’re away. 

Mccready: Is a little embarrassed and more than a little aroused. “Damn..lookin good.” He affectionately teases them about it later.

Curie: “Oh! You look so beautiful/handsome!!” She doesn’t really understand why she feels so warm all of a sudden.

Nick: Is smooth as fuck. Slides an arm around their waist and proceeds to compliment them. Jokingly asks if they have a secret life he needs to know about. Maybe he needs to put his detective skills to use. if you know what I mean

X6: Compliments the artistry and them. He’s a little irked at the idea of anyone else seeing it though even if it is just a picture. 

Maxson: He’s pissed that someone drew such lewd art of them. They are his and he makes sure to make them say just that later that night. Multiple times. Very loudly.