It’s a power play! I love it!
—  Marisha Ray, giggling maniacally after Vex’ahlia opens the door completely naked to greet Percy

jokesterwrites  asked:

I hate reading (in my opinion) badly written smut/erotic where they use words like man meat or love sausage... just call it a cock, people. or a dick... or even penis... we could even go old style and use the word phallus....

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA! @jokesterwrites, you would! <3 you!


I can’t fully agree, because one of the best lines I’ve ever read was from a bad romance novel that still makes me giggle to this day. I love it solely because it’s so bad.

“And his Meat hook filled her with such delight, she basted him with her juices.” 

^ Yeah… let it sink in. 

But I gotta tell ya, replacement words for Penis can be funny… but alot of the time cringe worthy. If I see “engorged” one more time I’ll flip a desk. Just… Say… Penis!


Earlier today my mom told me about her WoW characters and their elaborate backstories and I’m delighted.

She doesn’t roleplay them with other people, they’re just like private OCs. She has thought about so many little things? I am genuinely impressed lmao


Akiko Higashimura (artist of Princess Jellyfish) on why she draws so fast.

Such an idol. Get it done!

can Lena Luthor’s storyline be Asami Sato-inspired? not this bs of will-she-won’t-she-turn-evil-because-she’s-a-luthor. 

We already have Lex Luthor as Superman’s archenemy. why not try something new and have Lena Luthor be one of Supergirl’s greatest allies and one of Kara Danvers’ trusted friends

because honestly, a Super and a Luthor working together for the greater good has the potential of being one of the most beautiful things that could happen in the show


Continuing with the “character study”, here’s Jason and Piper