Session 5 Post-Script

Sometimes it’s frustrating knowing something your character doesn’t. But it can also be fun and lead to some dramatic irony. I hope you all enjoy! If this sparks any ideas for you, feel free to tell me! I love hearing everyones ideas :) 

After her conversation with Istara, Byronny could have skipped back to her rooms, she was so delighted! She had thought she would never teach again, never have a padawan. And now she had two potential students!

She made her way up The Great Tree, the old, wooden stairs creaking under her feet. Nez and Istara both showed great promise. Honestly, only taking in students as toddlers was wasteful and stupid. Why shouldn’t older students be taken in, be taught to hone their gifts? Perhaps they would never fully realize their talents, but that was no excuse not to try.

For instance, what if they had refused Anakin Skywalker membership to the order? He was the most talent, most gifted of the Force. The Order would be lesser without him.

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Continuing with the “character study”, here’s Jason and Piper


Happy Esther Day 2014! || Happy 20th Birthday, Esther Grace Earl!

Just be happy, and if you can’t be happy, do things that make you happy. Or do nothing with the people that make you happy.” 

-Esther in a letter she wrote at 14 to her 17 year old self.