The best damn pilot in the galaxy.

Hera Syndulla pin-up tattoo by the amazing Matt Difa at the Jolie Rouge.

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Please take a moment to think about Sherlock picking Molly up by the waist, swinging her around, and kissing her while she giggles in delight after she causes him to have a mental breakthrough in a case.

Picture them stumbling into each other at the end when he finally puts her down, because they’re both a little dizzy… and Sherlock resting his forehead on Molly’s to steady himself…

that’s the way it is

Selina loves it when it rains. Her apartment isn’t very big and makes a comfortable space when Gotham is covered in cold and rain and storm. She turns on all the lights and has Celine Dion play from the tinny speakers of her iPod. She gets pizza and turns off her phone. She changes into jeans and the tank-top that says “PRINCESS” across the front.

This is Selina Kyle.

But she will pause everything when she hears the knock on the door. Tentative. Not Bruce. Quiet. Not Harley. Just a few taps. Definitely not Pam.

Not the doorbell so it can’t be a stranger.

But his hair is dripping and his coat is sparkling with the raindrops, and the blue eyes she delights in are looking up at her with a silent plea of take me in.

I have no where and nobody.

“Hey, Miss Kyle,” soft and sweet but fear and anxiety wrecking every part of Tim Drake-Wayne’s face.

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hey taylor. my name is cristiana. im 13 (HOLY GRAIL AGE THE MOST AMAZING) anyways, i love you to death. ive loved you for 9 years (!!) and have never trailed far from you. i made my tumblr this may and my instagram may 2 years ago. thank you for everything. youve gotten me through SOO much. through bullying, through friendship disputes, through everything. its so amazing and i cant describe to you how much it means to me. ive been to the fearless, red, and 1989 tour. i really hope to go to your next tour and all of the rest.

Fearless Tour:
At the fearless tour I was 7-8 i believe. it was so great. i had great seats and went with my dad. in front of us there was a girl with curly red hair (like abigal). she was delightful. she was probably 16 but she was just like abigal and wanted to meet you so badly (i hope she did, mama swift upgraded her to pit seats). she pointed out mama swift to me. she was waving at me, ANDREA SWIFT WAS WAVING AT ME. thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

Red Tour: the red tour was really special. i went with one of my best friends at the time. it was her first concert and we made posters,tees, and decorated my moms car. it was a blast and was one of the greatest times EVER!!! we were SO close to you. again, AMAZING seats.

1989 Tour: this is the one tour i will not forget. I had my tumblr&instagram at that point so i was really into it and knew about everything. I had made a really good shirt, headband, and poster. It was so much fun and i had dressed myself in lights. I really truly loved that. I also went with my cousin (my actual best friend). this was her first taylor concert. we danced and screamed and sang our hearts out. i wanted to get into loft 89 (of course i did, who wouldnt?) but i sadly didnt. although i didnt, i had the best day ever. thank you loads for that.

at the 1989 tour,one girl saw me and said “hey i saw you online!!” that made me cry. it meant so much to me that me, a 13 year old, could have people RECOGNIZE me places just from a group of online swifties (best friends). thank you for building us to be this tight, taylor. love you


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Star freakin loves Chicken Little okay. She bites her nails in nervousness during the game. She screams in delight when chicken little wins. She laughs when they argue about pee. She cries they mention his mom. She literally made a plushie of the alien baby with one eye thingy. For goodness' sake she confessed her feelings for Marco after watching it on her 16th birthday. Abby and Runt's cover of wannabe is her ringtone.

on pearl

I think what I love most about seeing Pearl at her most vindictive and petty is that it reminds me of one of the best bits of character advice I ever read, from the director of Revolutionary Girl Utena: that no one is ever just one person all the time.


Pearl IS a valiant knight. Pearl is someone who sacrificed absolutely everything for one person. Pearl is someone who loves to serve. Pearl is the one who, in Steven’s view, does make ‘the best mom’ of the gems.  At her absolute best she’s nurturing, delighted at the chance to help Steven understand his heritage, protective, and doting.

But at her worst she’s also possessive, uptight, demanding, has RIDICULOUSLY high standards and, yes, is quite selfish when it comes to her feelings for Rose.

She has a tendency to equate Rose with Steven in a very literal sense which, if you consider what we know of gem physiology, the fact that they are built around that gem, which is their ‘true self’, when their physical form dies they reform around that gem, Jasper calls Steven ‘Rose Quartz’ because he has her gem and therefore clearly MUST be her — it seems like this is actually an easy mistake for gems to make. It’s WEIRD for all the Gems because by their standards, Steven SHOULD be Rose. And Steven, being an insightful kid, has picked up on his. He understands ALL of the crystal gems, however subtly (or unsubtly) do in some ways hold Rose’s loss against him. He SHOULD be Rose. Her gem still exists. That gem should hold her identity. That gem IS her. And yet it isn’t. And that’s SO WEIRD TO THEM.

But that said we also see all of the Crystal Gems, Pearl included, clearly learning to love and acknowledge Steven in his own right.  It fits into the series’ other great thing: weird inhuman beings learning to actually like and respect humanity, but that’s a different ramble.

I appreciate that we do get two Pearls.

We get two Pearls in the same way we get two Amethysts:  one of them is the fun-loving ‘baby’ of the group, the one who relates to Steven as another kid, the one who likes a lot of the ‘fun’ stuff about humanity, having probably picked up an enthusiasm for humans and their pop-culture and weirdness from Rose.   But we also have Amethyst the bitter teenager having an identity crisis, the one who feels as though her origins are a strike against her, the one who feels lost and out of place, the one who was made as a weapon and TAKES OUT HER AGGRESSION ON HUMANS who she doesn’t really seem to acknowledge as equal beings, takes out her aggression on Greg who stopped being her favorite playmate, and is generally actually full of a lot of anger, resentment, and defiance.  Someone who Garnet is perfectly willing to ‘make a call on’ should she show ANY sign of falling back on her original nature.

We get two Pearls the same way we get two Garnets: ….In a few senses. But let’s just stick to the basics here. We have a Garnet who is deadpan, but sweet and loving. Who clearly just holds so much deep love and affection for Steven.  Who jokes with him. Who will do ANYTHING to keep him safe.  Garnet, who understands the nature of romantic love better than any of the other gems, who is quietly understanding and even supportive of Greg and Rose’s relationship.  But this is also a Garnet who is a soldier first and foremost, is quite ruthless and yes, violent. She really will do absolutely anything to keep him safe and she clearly doesn’t really care all that much about collateral. Well, none of the Gems do. But Garnet ESPECIALLY. She has a mission entrusted to her by Rose, and she’ll do it, but Steven has to work to get her to even TALK to people like they’re people.  They don’t mean terribly much to her. She’s someone who can show an amazing depth of feeling for her fellow gems but humans are a charge, they’re a mission, and they’re not really her priority and that ambivalence can show through at critical times. When her patience runs out, she will act, she will beat you down, NOT waste time with explanations.

We get two Pearls the way we get two Roses: …well okay, actually we get a lot of Roses, because we mostly see her through other people’s perspectives and THEY’RE ALL REALLY DIFFERENT? There’s Rose the rebel leader, Rose the general, Rose the warrior. Rose Quartz the protector of humanity. Who loved them so much she gave up her existence so she could, in some way, BE one.  Who gave up EVERYTHING for Earth.  Rose who brought the Crystal Gems together. Rose who they all love and obviously still mourn.

But Rose Quartz was also ruthless. Rose was full of regrets for these things she ‘had to do’ during the war. Rose who’s tactics the brutal Jasper ‘respected.’ Rose who kept secrets from everyone. Rose who was also a tourist when it came to humanity. Saw them as cute, as fun, as play things. Rose who LAUGHED IN HER LOVER’S FACE WHEN HE ASKED HER IF SHE RESPECTED HIM. Rose who had to learn to treat humanity as equals, not as fun playthings, not as pets – and a Rose who obviously learned not to. At least enough to recognize Steven HAD to exist – out of love yes, but also who knows how much of that was also a calculated move? Because Rose was wonderful and yes, Rose loved humans and Greg and Steven but Rose was also a REBEL and a GENERAL and she had to make a call. And so we know the two Roses came together at SOME point as a character. That’s how we got Steven.

So, yeah. We see bits and pieces of all the gems at their best and their worst.  I don’t think seeing Pearl at her absolute worst makes her a bad character. I think that makes her a more interesting one. Her character is clearly going somewhere and I look forward to seeing where those two Pearls come together in future episodes.

So yes I met Taylor and she is pure sunshine. She is absolutely beautiful in person and she gives the BEST hugs. She smells delightful, and her voice sounds even prettier in person. I’m still forever grateful that she knew my name, and I will never forget this moment.

The Black Moon Lilith

advanced astrology 101

The black moon or the lilith signifies the dark sides of the mind, and mentality of an individual. The negative sides of your nature, character and personality are revealed by the black moon analysis or lilith analysis. The Dark Moon is associated with sexual energy, the taboo, the forbidden fruits are her deepest desire, which she surely will have.  

Aries Lilith: Lilith in Aries is sexually licentious and immodest, exploiting her physical body. She suffers from esteem issues, and she needs to be adored for her physical form.  Lilith in Aries subjects herself to unspeakable disrespect and degradation.  She hides her leadership qualities, opting to show her baser instinct.  

Taurus Lilith: Lilith in Taurus is sexually dirty, as her naturalness is embraced; she is no friend of soap and water.  She delights in sex in its most earthly, feral form.  She truly loves the smell of sex and money.  Her scent is alluring, whether it is her natural musky scent or artificial sweetness.  She is stubborn and will not be controlled.  

Gemini Lilith: Lilith is exalted in Gemini.  In this placement, Lilith expresses duplicity and is never sexually faithful.  She is two different people and hides beneath the Gemini mask.  She adores her make-up as it hides who she really is.  She is gifted with a snake’s tongue and a brilliant cunning mind. 

Cancer Lilith: Lilith in her detriment in Cancer.  Cancer Lilith is an unhappy placement, indicating hidden emotions coupled with traumatic childhood experiences that intermittently surface as unhealthy emotional outbursts.  Sexual abuse is likely in this position during early childhood.  She exploits the feelings of others to her advantage. 

Leo Lilith: Lilith in Leo expresses her sexuality in an animalistic way.  She tempts through her ability to feed one’s animal desires.  She hides her inner actress and opts for a more overbearing tyrannical personality.  She is controlling. She is creative when her art is released.  But, wasted talent can result out of fear of expressing this creation side of the self. 

Virgo Lilith: Lilith in Virgo expresses her sexuality in an inhibited way.  She may suffer from confusion between the Eve/Lilith Mary/Naughty dichotomy.   She hides her sexuality–a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  In early childhood, her day-to-day needs were neglected, possibly substituting a nurse or nanny.  As a lover, she is critical and sharp-tongued.

Libra Lilith: Lilith in Libra expresses herself through another person.  Relationships might somehow cause her to err, and her partner choice may cause much suffering.  She may choose violent partners who hurt her.  Her sweet persona is alluring.  She’s a real lady–flirtatious and charming.  But, beneath the exterior lies a jealous angry lover who seems forever involved in tempestuous relationships or marriages. 

Scorpio Lilith: Lilith in Scorpio is the devil incarnate. She exploits others sexually.  She delights in knowing other peoples’ deepest secrets, yet she will never admit her own. She is magnetic and sexually seductive more than any other Lilith placement. She is the succubus. She is the faithful keeper of secrets that will never confess to all her innumerable immodest acts. As a lover, she is manipulative, using her sexual prowess to gain the upper hand in any relationship. 

Sagittarius Lilith: Lilith is in her fall in Sagittarius. Lilith placed here makes unwise decisions and does not learn from mistakes. She is dedicated to her secret philosophies, and she judges harshly. This position denotes hypocrisy and lying. As a lover, she is spiritually and sexually free, offering release from inhibition. There may be distance between her and the one she loves.

Capricorn Lilith: Lilith is dignified in Capricorn.  Lilith in this placement is practical. Lilith is also ambitious and goal-oriented to the point of alienation of all others. Bad choices cause her to topple from the top, where she so badly wants to be. The reputation is somehow marred by sexual scandal..  She will exploit her personal power, using sex as her weapon. Her appearance that she has it all together lures lovers to her. 

Aquarius Lilith: Lilith in Aquarius suffers from thwarted hope and dreams.  Erroneous life choices cause disastrous change and instability.  Homelessness is commonplace.  Bad choices also cause loss of friends over the years.   There could be estrangement from children and relationships with in-laws will be disruptive.  She is stubborn and associates with the wrong type of people.  Sexually, Lilith in Aquarius is magnetic and experimental. She tempts with her experimentative sexual openness.

Pisces Lilith: Lilith in Pisces is secretive and suffers from martyrdom.  The perpetual victim exploiting the sympathy of others to her own delight.  Lilith here suffers from subconscious ailments and mental illness.  She hides her wounds as this placement denotes sexual abuse and trauma during early childhood.  Sexual inhibition and confusion is likely.  She ties herself to the dregs of society, allowing herself to be demeaned and used to satisfy the lower basic instincts of humankind. 

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a place so happily situated.

Elizabeth Bennet, Price and Prejudice 1995

They gradually ascended for half-a-mile, and then found themselves at the top of a considerable eminence, where the wood ceased, and the eye was instantly caught by Pemberley House, situated on the opposite side of a valley, into which the road with some abruptness wound. It was a large, handsome stone building, standing well on rising ground, and backed by a ridge of high woody hills; and in front, a stream of some natural importance was swelled into greater, but without any artificial appearance. Its banks were neither formal nor falsely adorned. Elizabeth was delighted. She had never seen a place for which nature had done more, or where natural beauty had been so little counteracted by an awkward taste. They were all of them warm in their admiration; and at that moment she felt that to be mistress of Pemberley might be something!

Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen


«We’re very pleased to announce that Florence + The Machine will play the Friday night Pyramid headline slot, which Foo Fighters were forced to withdraw from yesterday».

Says Emily Eavis: «Once we heard the sad news that Foo Fighters had been forced to pull out, there was only one person we wanted to call and that was Florence. Every time she has played here she’s done something spectacular and we always knew she would headline the Pyramid one day. I’m delighted she’s agreed to step up to it – she’s going to smash it!»

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Queen Serenity and #25.

Queen Serenity, #25: What other people wish they could change about them

I still have a lot of Silver Millennium details to sort out, so I can’t touch on every significant person in and around Queen Serenity’s life. But of those I do know, most of them would change her pride, which is not coincidentally what I see as Queen Serenity’s greatest downfall. The colour of it changes, though, depending on who we’re talking about and when.

For her Senshi (who are still very much works in progress), I see a mixture of encouragement and caution. Some of them feel that she’s completely in the right – obligated, even – to dispense justice however she sees fit. Others aren’t so consumed by Serenity that they can’t see the dangers ahead. For her to stop and think, to LISTEN, would be the thing they would most change.

For Pluto as well, though if you were to ask her and she felt of a mind to answer, she would point out how wishing such things is irrelevant. Serenity was how Serenity would be, and the only choice you could pretend to have was in whether or not you would love her. But Pluto, too, wished Serenity would listen. All the things Pluto left unsaid, and Serenity never once heard.

The Princess also wished her mother would hear her. The Queen was so certain at all times that her decisions were right. For herself, for her kingdom, and for her beloved daughter. Princess Serenity only wanted to be happy. Queen Serenity only wanted her to be safe. In the end, she was neither.

Queen Serenity watched everything she loved burn, and died demanding the universe bend to her will.

Had she listened, even once, maybe it wouldn’t have had to be that way.
VIDEO: Olicity, souvenirs de tournage... Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity) se confie en exclu à melty !
De passage dans la capitale pour la Super Heroes Con de People Convention, Emily Bett Rickards s’est entretenue en exclusivité avec melty au sujet de son rôle dans Arrow. Olicity, costumes, anecdotes de tournage... Confidences !

If you don’t speak French, don’t let the website scare you. The actual video is of Emily speaking in English during an interview with the entertainment website melty during the Superheroes Con in Paris — and she’s delightful as always ;)

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41*media*tumblr*com/bc7b097f1f02d0bb68f7c51374bb2b10/tumblr_nq8u3rfkho1t7rwuxo1_540*jpg Felicity tweeting from the Merwest Wedding Reception: "My husband and my husband's husband"

“I’m pleased to know you’re not the jealous type, Mrs. Queen,” Oliver teases when Felicity comes out of their master bathroom. He’s lounging on the bed, resting back against the headboard with his legs crossed at the ankle in front of him. His phone is in one hand as he stares at the Instagram picture Felicity posted from earlier that night.

It was just past midnight and they had only now gotten back from Tommy and Iris’ wedding reception which was just as beautiful as the actual ceremony and brought back wonderful memories of their own wedding. 

Felicity sauntered over to the bed in her silk nightgown, taking a seat on the edge beside Oliver who was still dressed in his slacks and dress shirt. And the suspenders; much to Felicity’s delight. She placed a hand on his chest, letting her fingers trail down the front before wrapping around the black elastic suspender and giving it a playful tug, pulling it back slightly and holding it in front of his body.

“Should I be jealous, Mr. Queen?” she asks innocently, batting her eyelashes at Oliver who smirks in response.

“Well…,” Oliver starts, tilting his head and staring at Felicity, a teasing look in his eyes. “Tommy and I did share one hell of a dance that I know I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.”

Oliver doesn’t even have time to bask in his own joke before the sharp sting of the elastic band is striking his chest, right above his heart. He gapes at Felicity in shock, narrowing his eyes in mock anger but the darkening in his blue orbs is evident. She smirks at him before getting off the bed. 

“Oh. Well if that’s the case then I guess I’ll go find another bed to sleep in for tonight.” Felicity stalks off towards their bedroom door, turning back to look at Oliver over her shoulder. “Maybe our son will let me bunk with him.”

She doesn’t even make it through the entryway before a pair of strong arms are banding around her waist, lifting her off the floor and tugging her back into the room. She giggles as her body gets thrown onto the mattress, Oliver quickly following as he towers over her. He leans down until his face is just centimeters above hers. 

“You may not be the jealous type, Mrs. Queen,” he says, lips ghosting over hers as he speaks. “But I am.”

Without waiting for a reply, Oliver crashes his mouth to hers, coaxing her lips open and delving his tongue into her mouth, his hand snaking into her hair as he continues to drink her in, kissing her with the same passion he as been for the last six years. It’s not long after until they’re lying naked beneath the covers, gasping and moaning each others names in a way that tells them both they have nothing to be jealous of. 

They belong to each other; now and always.

Idina Menzel: the most beautiful and precious of all cinnamon rolls

You know you hold real power when you can sing about the sun coming out tomorrow and still have everyone clapping in genuine enjoyment.
You know everyone in that audience loves you when the entire concert sells out in days.
You know everyone in that audience loves you when a large portion of the show is you prancing around the stage enjoying all the extra space to perform interpretive dance and sipping tea and they love it even more.
You know you’ve got a good eye when you get a 20-something week pregnant woman up on stage and she’s owning it like everyone paid to see her instead.
You know you’ve succeeded as a wonderful human and performer when no one questions you pausing several times mid song to chat to a little girl in the audience to one side of the stage about how you messed up the words, whoops! It’s okay though! Then spend several minutes admiring her outfit.
You know you’re doing things right when people hang on to your every word when you speak.
You know you’re Idina Menzel when you are all of these things and so much more. Seeing Idina live tonight caused me to ascend to the beyond. My life is complete now. She is so incredibly talented and well rounded, but so humble, still confident in herself to a refreshing degree, so wonderfully, delightfully human. If there is a God, let them bless this beautifully talented dork of a woman. Let her be protected from any that might wish her ill (ew why would you though she’s way too precious for that), now and in the future. God bless.