she's worked so hard

kevin: *jokingly asks karen if they still have a final 2 deal*

karen: oh shut up.  over my dead body. i’d never make a fucking final 2… i didn’t make a final 2 with anybody in this fucking house. don’t fucking try and create more fucking paranoia you arrogant fucking prick today. you’ve done enough. the only one that’s made five final 2s is YOU. you have made five final 2s. so go fuck yourself. even your fucking mother said she knows how hard you’re playing. don’t think i didn’t pick up on that as well. she knows how hard you’re playing. good. kudos. i told you, well played. what else do you want? BLOOD? good job. you made a move that even as a fan i appreciate. okay? let’s see how your five final 2s work out. 

Headcanons: The companions and their biggest fears

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Cait isn’t proud of her past and is afraid that she will one day dip back into bad habits. Sole worked so hard to get her clean and in her mind, the road back to using is very short.

Codsworth fears being forgotten or left to rot. He was built to serve, to maintain. But what use a robot if there is no one to serve?. After a century of waiting for his owner, Codsworth fears that loneliness.

Curie’s biggest fear is seeing the people she cares about being harmed and being unable to stop it.

Danse fears silence. Spending most of his life on the Prydwen, he’s accustomed to hearing a flurry of background noise, the ship’s engines, the murmured conversations of his peers. To have that comfort snatched away from him would be deadly.

Every time Sole brings up the topic, Deacon’s answer is the same: “The waste fears me, buddy.” But in truth, Deacon was terribly afraid of spiders.

Dogmeat can’t stand seeing Sole hurt or in trouble.

As childish as it sounds, Preston is afraid of the dark, of the slow moments before his body has fallen fully asleep. In those few seconds that feel like an eternity, he can hear the pained cries of his fallen comrades. He is forever haunted by visions and sounds that only find him at night.

Hancock is afraid of losing himself. While the case could be made that he lost himself the day he took his first puff of jet, the real Hancock was always there. The one that stood up for those that couldn’t. But the day he doesn’t do that… he’d be better off dead.

MacCready is afraid he’s going to lose Duncan; that the medicine he is looking for isn’t there. That there is no hope. That he has failed his family.

Strong was too prideful to ever admit it, but he was deathly afraid of seeming weak to anyone, especially himself.

Nick can’t remember a life before Diamond City. It scares him to no end that he can’t. He is a man without a past. He is afraid that one day, he’ll be a man without future.

Piper feared lies. While her articles sometimes ‘stretched’ the truth for the benefit of Diamond City residents, Piper was afraid of lies. Not the kind you told children so they’d sleep at night, but the dangerous kind, the kind that pushed men to draw their weapons and set off nukes.

X6-88 wasn’t programmed to feel fear, but as he spends more time with Sole, X6 realizes that his anger when Sole acts reckless isn’t a programmed response to preserve Father’s family. It was fear. He was afraid of losing Sole.

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                   MOMENT  #163925 where you’ll try not to cry & fail: when they’re in h///awai//i & Ann is Legitimately Okay™ with sleeping in a room with Ryuji, MC, & Mishima because ‘I trust you guys’


On the left is Amber’s most recent post and on the right is the post right before it

Obviously she is going through something right now and feeling who knows what

Please just send her loving messages and give her your support

We love you Amber
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Whatever you’re experiencing right now please stay strong, and know that we’ll be right by your side

Yeah, about that - INTP

INTP: *in a job interview*

Interviewer: So, as you might know, we have a get-together next Monday - …

INTP: Oh, yeah, I saw that on your website. Already marked it in my calendar!

Interviewer: Oh! Oh, nice. I like organized people :)



Getting to help stitch up a cheetah @ethicaltaxidermy is mounting for the Booth Museum! This cheetah died of abscess in her spine and jaw back in 1980, and has been sitting in a barrel in the museum ever since. Her skin is tough and brittle, as she is been in formaldehyde for 30 years - but she is looking good. So very soft too.

I’m really tired of people being hateful towards Kathryn or anyone in Teamiplier. There is literally nothing to hate! She is a strong, intelligent, beautiful woman who carries herself  s o  well. She works so hard and is an indispensable part of this team. I admire and look up to her and I know a lot of other people who do too. Please keep you nasty comments to yourself, no matter how much you dislike her.

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Prompto just wants a pretty picture of you with a pretty flower. It's such a rare opportunity to see that side of you.

Fine. Here.

shit his fucking smile

The Pepsi Marketing Team: A dialogue

Scene: Three white dudes sitting around a meeting table, at Pepsi HQ. 

Marketing dude 1: So guys, I’ve been thinking, protests are huge right now. How about we integrate protests into our commercial concept?

Marketing dude 2: Great idea, Chad! Man, what is all that protesting about anyway?

CHAD: I have no idea Bryce, but its HOT.

Marketing dude 3: You know what else is HOT? The Kardashians.

CHAD: Good thinking, Brad. So how can we put it all together?

BRYCE: I’ve got it guys. So here’s the scene, a protest , right–

CHAD, interjecting: — not political though, like, just a protest

BRYCE: (excitedly) yeah, yeah exactly. A protest is going on, and then switch scenes– Kendall is doing a photo shoot— 

BRAD: –You know she’s a model? 

CHAD: Wow, so hard-working.

BRYCE: –anyway she sees the protest. And she’s like, so “woke” right–

BRAD: –Woke?

CHAD: That’s a hot phrase right now.

BRAD: What does it mean? 

BRYCE: It means like, “trendy”, but with politics or whatever.

CHAD: That doesn’t sound quite right.

BRYCE: Whatever. ANYWAY, So Kendall is like “oh a protest!” and the crowd of protesters approach a wall of police–

BRAD (excitedly) : in riot gear???!

CHAD: No no, not riot gear, we don’t want to make the police look bad.

BRYCE: Ok yeah. they’re monitoring peacefully. and the protesters are all happy and dancing.

CHAD: yeah man, I went to Coachella once, and that’s totally like a protest, so we can do like a Coachella aesthetic.

BRAD: Nice.

BRYCE: OK ok guys so here’s the kicker right? Kendall joins the protest, and she’s got a Pepsi, right? And so she walks up to one of the police, and she gives him a Pepsi- and then like, the protest is solved!

BRAD: OH man that is SO good

CHAD: Bryce you are a genius.

(A manager pokes his head into the meeting room)

MANAGER:  Hey guys, what have you got for me so far?

CHAD: Well, we’ve got a kind of “Pepsi solves World Peace” vibe going. 

MANAGER: That sounds pretty good– hey make sure you throw some “diversity” in there, ok? Our market testing numbers show that people like that.

CHAD: Yeah of course- already on it!

(Manager smacks the door frame twice, then leaves)

BRAD: Well…. Kendall is like… not white, right?

BRYCE: I’m not sure dude, but “Kardashian” doesn’t sound white

CHAD: “Jenner” does though….

BRAD: ok ok, we’ll find a way to get some diversity in there. We can ask Areeb from product management!

BRYCE: Nice. 

CHAD: Ok so the idea is; An apolitical protest is going on– for world peace or something– and Kendall sees it while she is modeling. And she’s so “woke” so she leaves her shoot to join the cause. She’s like, just another person, “just like everyone else” type of deal. 

Cut in Coachella scenes- but like– with diversity– she moves through the crowd, she’s got the Pepsi, and she brings the Pepsi to the police.

BRAD: The upstanding professional “serve and protect-ors”

CHAD: Exactly. So she brings the Pepsi to the police and the vibe is, like, a peace-offering 

BRYCE: World peace is solved

BRAD: World peace is solved!

CHAD: nice work everyone. I’ll make a powerpoint. 

Chloe will now have  backup other than Sabrina when she’s dishing it out against people.

I like to imagine they combine bee puns with their insults


#kdramawomensweek day 2: rent’s due

kang hye soo & the things she does for her daughter


charmed appreciation week | day 1 ⇒ favourite character: phoebe halliwell

↳ ❝ i am light. i am one too strong to fight. return to dark where shadows dwell. you cannot have this halliwell. go away and leave my sight, and take with you this endless night. ❞


my oc : Amara the bear 

( my English is not ok )

- age 16

- she work hard in her family restaurant

- get angry so fast but she have a big kind hart 

- not really good at fighting 

- get annoyed when someone leave a mess when they eat * cough * * cough * (Sonic) “ they have the best chili dog “ she look at sonic as her ideal but she dont want to say it to him because she know he’s going to annoy her for ever about it

- love sweet so mush 

- love reading books about  Adventure , bad at drawing

- cream love to hang out with her 


every time lexa says clarke’s name: 3/?