she's wearing floaties

Growing Up

Prompt - Dan and Phil’s daughter is getting ready for her first school dance and everyone is nervous and they both get emotional at her growing up.

Genre - fluff, parent!phan

Warnings - maybe some swearing but who knows


“Are you ready?”

“Yes! We’ve been ready for the past two and a half hours.”

“Oh shut up, it’s her first dance get over it.”

Phil rolled his eyes at the sarcastic remark Louise had just said to him and gently rubbed his hand up and down Dan’s leg, his knee hadn’t stopped shaking ever since Louise arrived over three hours ago. He knew that his husband would be nervous, but he underestimated just how nervous he was; and he wasn’t even going to the dance. A few minutes passed and Louise came rushing into the lounge smiling from ear to ear, clearly pleased with the outcome.

“So where the hell is she?”

“Be patient! Brooklyn, come in.”

Phil hadn’t said much all day, and in all honestly Dan was worried. He hadn’t been this nervous since the day Brooklyn was born, and that was 16 years ago. This dance almost signified their little girl growing up to them, although she was only 16 she was starting to make her own decisions and had already taken her GCSE’s and gotten results of which both of them were extremely proud of her for but they weren’t anywhere near ready to let go. But life didn’t seem to want to slow down for them, it seemed to have a problem with the ability to do that. Eventually Brooklyn came into the room and the two men got to their feet instantly, both left speechless by her. She was wearing a floaty deep blue dress with a silver band across the waist and her hair was curled at the ends with odd curls being clipped into place.

“Brook, you look amazing.”

“It-it’s not too much?”

“No baby, you look stunning.”

“Dad, are you-are you crying?”

“No! I just have an eyelash in my eye.”

Brooklyn grinned at the sight and carefully walked forward and pulled him into a hug. The familiar buzzing sound sounded throughout the flat and Brooklyn froze, it was Tate, her ‘date’ for the night (although Dan protested at calling him this and referred to him as a partner rather than a date). Louise left the room to let him in and left the three in the lounge with tears streaming down Dan’s face and Phil just smiling at his daughter. He just couldn’t believe how grown up she looked, she really did.


“I just don’t want her to grow up.”

“I know baby, I don’t either.”

It was now an hour after Brooklyn and Tate left and Phil was currently sobbing on Dan’s shoulder. If we’re being honest, Dan was glad Phil opened up to him because if he hadn’t he would just have had to drag it out of him later and he most certainly didn’t enjoy doing that. But he didn’t exactly enjoy his husband sobbing to him about their daughter growing up because if he carried on Dan would most certainly end up in tears too. And that wouldn’t be a sight for Brooklyn to come home to.

“Do you remember that time when she was 15 and we had to do something for the BBC and we wouldn’t be back till the early morning?”

“Yeah, she threw a house party and invited so many people and then the thing got cancelled, she was grounded for a month, what about that time when she was 12.”

“You mean the one where she told a viewer to fuck off and you had a go at her about her language?”

“Yeah, and you just stood behind me laughing.”

“Hey, I can’t help it!”

And that’s how they spent their night. They sat there talking about their many memories of their 16 years with their daughter, only moving to get each other cups of tea. And they couldn’t wait to make move memories.

florence last night was so lovely. she has this timeless and instantly soothing presence, and she walks up onto the stage and sits on her chair and you can’t keep your eyes away or your smile away. she was wearing this floaty flowery dress and these velvet heels and ah she looked like a dream. her and vincent (the director) were answering questions about the odyssey movie and the record in general and it was so interesting, like learning about their approach and florence’s approach to songwriting and how she just wrote the record and the songs without trying to fit a concept or anything and it came out so great and all worked out together. they were talking about the references they used in the movie and it was so lovely like things you hadn’t picked up before and then they say it and it’s like ohhhh. and they were speaking about poetry and how florence wrote a poem for the queen of peace video and what she said about it resonated in me so much, she was saying how she hates just seeing her lyrics without music because it takes even one more layer off and makes you so vulnerable and how poetry was so much more terrifying in that way. it all got me thinking about how i could be more honest in my songwriting because i always get scared about writing too much about sad stuff and not being able to forgot about it ever when actually it should be my way of recovering. like florence wrote this whole heartfelt and so honest record about the wreck and the storm that her old relationship was and she came out of it as a different person and i think it’s so much better dealing with the pain that wrapping it up in my weird metaphors and trying to make things prettier. she also said about dancing and how it’s such a great way of expressing yourself and i could feel it so much watching the movie and when i went to see her live, she would move a certain way and my heart would be touched deep to the core. and she is so honest with her dancing and as she said you can’t fake it it’s just your body speaking, and she is so honest with her words and her accepting some events in her life were just a big ship wreck and dealing with it rather than yeah hiding. also i am so glad i got to go with andrew and sophie because they are hilarious and i just have a great time with them and i am so glad serena could come i hope she had a nice time. it was a beautiful evening and the movie was such a beautiful piece of art and i kept thinking how truthful it was depicting how a relationship can wreck you so well. i felt so inspired from the whole thing. and florence just moves me in so many ways. cosmic princess.

ellie-oxen-free  asked:

Hi! You mentioned a little while ago in a post that you renamed some of your characters, specifically Kami. Now I'm just dying of curiosity! What was Kami's original name? Thank you! (P.S. I love your books!)

Thank you m’dear!

Kami’s name was Cat, short for Catherine. (A very common fantasy heroine name, as it turns out! I didn’t know when I was sixteen.) She wasn’t Kami at all, though, really: she wasn’t a reporter, she had red hair, she didn’t have her brothers or Angela and her father was a nonentity, having an imaginary friend had made her a SUPER HIPPY into ALL THINGS MAGICAL, and she wandered around wearing floaty skirts making noises about Wicca and Things Beyond Our Ken. I liked her, but I think many people would have found her annoying (that dread word people so often use about girls which strikes fear into hearts!) and I admit, I did not love her like I love my Kami. 

NAMES. I always meant Nick of the Demon’s Lexicon to be a placeholder name, since I thought ‘Nick’ was WAY OBVIOUS as a name (Satan is sometimes called ‘the Old Nick’) but somehow it stuck. ;)

And ‘Carwyn’ in Tell the Wind and Fire, COMING TO YOU ALL IN APRIL, both suggests the ‘Carton’ of Sydney Carton, but also means ‘beloved, blessed.’ Which is ironic considering he is considered widely to be a dark spirit! And also, I hope, sad. His mother named him. 

Choosing a name is part of building a character, and it’s fun to talk about how characters evolve and change, but can be unsettling too. ‘I remember when that character didn’t like reading,’ I said about a friend’s character to a reader, and the reader looked dismayed, because of course to her that character had always loved reading.

It’s a conundrum: the people we make up in our heads are very real to us, but in another way a character can never be as real to a writer as they are to a reader, since they can be delivered to a reader fully formed and a reader can really get to know them, whereas writers have to build them and go ‘They’re like that/named that/did that because I made a choice.’ But thinking about and talking about those choices is interesting, I hope!

bardofwaterdeep  asked:

(modern AU) Dayn hadn't expected Nienor to show up at his place this morning, but it wasn't like he was busy. He rather liked having her drop by; she was sweet, friendly and pretty. On the other hand, he hadn't expected to keep noticing that last bit; he still didn't usually pay attention to girls. But if she was going to wear floaty little summer dresses how was he supposed to /not/ notice? Finally he muttered, as they cleared out his kitchen shelves (a job he kept putting off) "You look good."

She had heard he needed help with some home stuff; or maybe she just guessed, since he was very good at procrastinating such things. It was no like she had anything else to do anyway. After throwing her back and jacket on the chair, Ninny chatted with him a bit before moving to the kitchen to help with the cabinets. 

A small giggle fell from her lips, and she looked up at Dayn from under thick lashes, “Thanks, you do to– Still going to the gym on a hourly basis?” she jested with a grin.