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Forever | 25: The End

Summary: You and Sebastian Stan became best friends years ago, on the set of the first Captain America movie, and you couldn’t be happier that you had found someone just as witty and caring as you - but will feelings wiggle their way in and get in between your friendship and happiness?

Word Count: 3.7k

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Language - all the floof!!

Notes: POVS switch during this part, which are indicated in bold // flashback is indicated by date; PD means present day; italics indicate personal thoughts // all songs mentioned are by Ed Sheeran: Perfect and Kiss Me

A/N: THE END HAS ARRIVED!! Y’all, I cried when I wrote this, so I hope you all enjoy the end of this wonderful ride we’ve shared together (and please, let me know how much you like it!)

Forever | 24

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Who's Carlos?

Cameron x Reader (Real life and Descendants crossover) 

A/N: I didn’t proofread soooo….. Honestly I have no idea what this is and it’s kind of confusing but I really need more Carlos fics. I’ll potentially write a part 2 relating to this if you guys want one. With that being said, I hope you enjoy!

It was pitch black outside aside from the fireflies that lit up the night sky every so often. It was a bit windy and it hurt as you tried sitting up. You turned to the side to see Cameron who was sleeping peacefully. When did you guys fall asleep outside? Why were you guys by a lake? There was a castle in the distance that looked like the one from Beauty and The Beast. The lake glowed in the darkness and it compelled you to come near. As you got up to investigate, a hand gripped your ankle. “Shit!” You squeaked as you put your hand over your heart, hoping that it would slow down. Cameron was now awake and stood up next to you. “When did we fall asleep?” You shrugged your shoulders as you pulled him towards the lake. “Where do you think we are?” You asked as you ran your hand along the lakes surface. “Well I’m hoping somewhere on earth.” You gripped his shoulders as you turned him to the look at the castle, “I’m not sure that we are anymore…” You sighed as you made the statement before gripping his hand and making your way towards the castle. 

Cameron laughed before telling you not to let go of him for fear that you’d get lost. The leaves behind the two of you began to rustle and Cameron hugged you close as he let out a shriek and you laughed before saying, “Looks like I’m the hero that protects you from the villains.” All of a sudden a boy with a crown on his head appeared with his eyebrows furrowed. “Carlos what are you doing out here? What happened to your hair?” The questions from the boy were directed to Cameron and the two of you shared a confused glance. You tucked your head into Cameron’s neck before whispering, “Why is he calling you Carlos?” He looked down at you and gave you a quick, “I don’t know.” The boy now got closer to you and all of a sudden he mistook you for someone else, just like he did with Cameron. “You’re Avielle right? Jasmine and Aladdin’s kid!” He ran up and gave you a hug and you squirmed before telling him, “Who’s Avielle? Who are you?! My name is (Y/N) and where are we?” He chuckled before hitting you with a, “My name is Ben and I’m the King who’s parents are Belle and the one and only Beast. This is Auradon Prep but I’m pretty sure you knew that. Why are you guys messing with me?” The atmosphere grew uncomfortable as it was filled with a flurry of questions. One moment you and Cameron were in the middle of Chicago during the day, admiring the bean and next thing you know, you’re both asleep next to a lake in the middle of the night. Cameron smirked at me before asking Ben to show escort us to our rooms to which he complied although he thought it was weird that we didn’t know where we stayed. You lowered you voice before angrily asking Cameron, “Why would you do that?” He let out a chuckle before hitting his shoulder with yours and said, “it’s an adventure.” He followed up by saying, “Don’t worry, I won’t let you out of my sight. I’ll protect you and you’ll be with me every step of the way.” He pulled you in and walked with you while his hand lazily held your waist. You blushed and diverted your eyes. You and Cameron weren’t dating because he was interested in other people. The two of you met on the set of Mirrors, a horror movie, and you’ve worked together ever since. You two had chemistry when it came to the silver screen and everyone loved the two of you together. You were always cast opposite of Cameron in a movie. Each movie was something different and when people watched it they saw the new characters that you guys portrayed and not Cameron and (Y/N). You were pulled out of your thoughts as Ben’s formal voice said, “and here’s your room, Carlos. Now (Y/N), let’s get you to your room.” Cam’s arms immediately pulled you in and your head hit his chest, buried in his shirt. “She’s staying with me tonight. We promise not to do anything.” Ben laughed and nodded and watched you guys go into the dorm before leaving back to his room. Ben thought that the two of you were being weird and he couldn’t quite figure it out. Since when did Carlos have dark brown hair? Why was Avielle calling herself (Y/N)? What were the two of them doing by the enchanted lake? He knew that the two of them liked each other and they made it clear to one another, they were dating after all. But when he was there, they were acting funny and like they were just two friends. Avielle loved PDA and eventually Carlos warmed up to it but the two of you barely touched each other tonight. As Ben looked up from the floor a figure ran into him and it was hard to breath since the guy was running at full speed. “Ben are you okay? I’m so sorry man, I didn’t mean to hurt you!” Ben’s eyes met Carlos’s and then they drifted to his hair. He accepted Carlos’s outstretched hand before asking him when he dyed his hair back to white. Carlos looked at Ben like he was crazy. “My hair has always been white, did I really hit you that hard?” Ben brushed off his last comment before asking where Avielle was and it turns out that she was in her dorm. Something was off and Ben intended to find out what. “Could we hang out for a bit?” Ben asked as Carlos nodded and then they were off in the direction of his dorm. You and Carlos were behind the door, furiously whispering at each other and thinking of ways to get out of this world. “This guy is crazy! He thinks he’s the son of Princess Belle and the Beast! Those are fictional characters, Cameron. Obviously I’m not Aladdin’s daughter and your name isn’t Carlos!” All of a sudden there were hands cupping your face and Cameron leaned his forehead on yours. “Take a deep breath. We’ll get out of here soon enough but let’s enjoy this while we can.” You placed your hands on top of his, “Cam, why did we end up together? You could’ve been here with anyone else and yet you’re here with me. What does that mean?” His thumb ran over your cheek, he touched you as if you were a piece of fine china. Just as he was about to answer the door burst open revealing Ben and Cameron?!? The look-a-likes had their mouths agape as you glanced between the two of them. “Carlos?” You asked the boy with the white hair as you tilted your head. He came closer to you before asking, “Avielle, how did you end up in my room? I just dropped you off at yours.” You shook your head before stepping closer to Cameron and explaining that you were in fact NOT Avielle. You were Y/N from Chicago and you were an actress. Your parents were (M/N) and (D/N) and they were real people unlike Aladdin and Jasmine. “So you’re not my girlfriend?” You shook your head and that’s when a girl who looked exactly like you walked in. She was looking at the notebook in her hand and was talking about how Carlos left it in her room and that’s when your eyes connected. She screamed and the book hit the ground. You lifted your hands up and waved them at her to stop as you shushed her. “Why do you look like me?” You decided to be a smart ass and responded with, “the real question is, why do you look like me?” Avielle walked closer to you and ran her fingers through your hair, “you feel real. Where’s your tiara?” You chuckled at that question, “where I’m from, we don’t wear tiaras unless you’re apart of a royal family and we don’t have those in America.” She looked at you like you were the craziest person on earth, “Where is this America that you speak of?” Cameron moved forward and asked them, “do you guys know how we can get back?” Ben stood in the corner and took in the whole ordeal. There were 4 people in the room and the pairs looked exactly the same aside from the difference in hair color. So there was Cameron and (Y/N) from America and Avielle and Carlos from Auradon. What exactly was going on and how were they going to get Cameron and (Y/N) home? “It’s really late and we should all get some sleep so that we can figure this out tomorrow. Y/N, you can room with Avielle for the night while Cameron stays here with Carlos.” Cameron laughed sarcastically, “You’re funny! She’s not leaving my sight. Wherever she goes, I go.” He pulled you into him and you were overwhelmed with the scent of Jasmine mixed with peaches and a hint of rose. He had a habit of pulling you close to him so you were accustomed to the smell. “Are the two of you guys together or something?” Carlos questioned but you couldn’t see Cameron’s reaction, “Point is, she’s not leaving my side. So either we stay together in this room or we’re together in Avielle’s room. Pick one.” You’ve only seen Cameron be demanding a few times, he always complied unless it was important to him. “You guys can go to my room. (Y/N) if you want to borrow some clothes, you can. Cameron, I’ll get you some of Carlos’s pajamas. We’ll come over tomorrow to figure out what’s going on.” Avielle handed Carlos some sweats before you guys exited, following Ben to Avielle’s room. You decided to tease him, “I told you that my name was (Y/N)” He blushed and wore a shy smile while rubbing the nape of his neck, “I’m so sorry about that but you can’t blame me! You guys look exactly alike.” The three of you laughed upon arriving at the new dorm. “I’ll swing by tomorrow to check on the two of you. We’ll get you guys home, don’t worry.” The two of you smiled before you bid him a goodnight. Cameron entered first and you closed the door behind you before sliding down. “This is crazy. This is absolutely crazy. Where the FUCK are we?” Cameron got into a frog-like position before grabbing your hands and pulling you to your feet. “Don’t worry about it or you’ll give yourself a headache. That happens when you stress out to much. Go get changed and I’ll be waiting right here for you okay? I won’t move an inch.” You wrapped your arms around his neck and whispered, “Thank you for being my rock. I’m glad that I was transported to this unknown place with you.” You kissed his cheek before scurrying off to get dressed. Cameron touched his fingers to the area that your lips had just touched. This wasn’t the first time you’ve kissed his cheek, you’ve even kissed him on the lips before! But those were for movies and this wasn’t a movie. This was real, he was actually here in Auradon with you and he couldn’t have wished for anyone else. He was going to do everything in his power to get the two of you home. He was going to protect you every step of the way. He was completely taken with you and you were completely unaware. Cameron was often bombarded by girls and he didn’t have the heart to say no so he’s been on many dates and had a few girlfriends. They weren’t (Y/N) though. He crawled into his bed before deciding that he was going to make the most of this mishap. “How do I look?” (Y/N) spun with her arms spread wide, you resembled the famous Princess of Agrabah with the pajamas that you had on. He gave you a small smile before saying, “You look just like a princess, you always look like a princess.” You licked you lips before climbing into the bed and settling into his frame. Your head was on his chest and Cameron quickly wrapped you in his arms like so.

You lowered your voice as you said, “I appreciate you so much, Cam.” You quickly said a good night and something along the lines of “I love you” before you were engulfed in your dreams. Cameron didn’t notice the last part but he surely retaliated your feelings for him. He ran his fingertips along your arms and smiled at your peaceful figure asleep in his arms. He traced the details of your face and sighed, he could stare at you all day if you’d let him. He knew how you were feeling before you even told him, he knew that in between intense scenes that you needed to call cut to regain your composure because you get so into character, he knew that when your nose twitched and scrunched up that you were going to cry, he loved the way that your hair felt in his hands, he loved how  over dramatic you could be and that you would never show when you were jealous (although he was able to catch on since you’ve spent your lives together), he knew your favorite flowers and why you liked to watch the stars in the sky. Cameron loved it when you ranted on different topics, mesmerized at how passionate you could be, his favorite thing was when you sang, drew, or danced because even though you thought you were bad, he thought that you were amazing in every single way. He was well aware that you had flaws, we all do. He knew that getting close to you would be hard and he knew that you didn’t back down from a fight even when you were wrong. He knew that you were a major procrastinator but he didn’t mind because so was he. You were the one person who understood him on a deeper level. You knew stuff about him that his family didn’t know. He was smitten and so were you. Cameron let out a big yawn before announcing that, “Tomorrow is a new day and we have investigating to do,” He paused before smiling down at you, “and if we have the time, maybe even a date.” 

Touch (Ashton Irwin) *

Warnings: Kidnapping, mention of abuse, needles



Maybe he should have taken you home. Maybe he should have asked you to stay the night. Maybe he should have just not asked you to go out at all. Maybe he should have…

A lot of ‘Maybe I should have’s ran through Ashton’s mind over and over again the morning he found out you went missing, and they never ceased plaguing him for the six months you were gone.

Where were you? Who took you? What were they doing to you?

Ashton didn’t know.

But what he did know was that he couldn’t force himself to face your family. He knew they didn’t blame him – God, they loved him so much, they treated him as their own – but… He just couldn’t do it.

When he looked at your mother, he saw you. When he heard your dad speak, it was like listening to the jokes you always seemed to come up with on the spot. When he looked at your older brother, he saw the strong-willed woman he fell in love with… And that was just it; Everything about your family reminded him too much of you. And he just couldn’t bear to see them and know that you weren’t there.

So your family went on with life with both you and Ashton no longer around. Sure, it was hard, but they couldn’t help but feel for him. They knew they were all messes no knowing where you were or what was happening to you, but they also knew that Ashton probably felt like they were somehow mad at him for being the last person you were with. He loved you more than anyone else and having not seen him in the last six months, they knew he was taking it hard.

That is… Until five days ago…

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Of course I can! Wow I am so happy this is in such high demand! I’ve worked so hard on this fic! I hope you guys like it, and I recommend re-reading the last one because I was a little late writing this! I hope you enjoy!

Read the last one here!

Marco darted off down the hall and tried not to look at all the windows filled with memories. He didn’t need to feel more guilty for something he had no control over. But seeing every single one of those happy memories of Marco that Tom cherished made the human feel more desperate to find Tom and get him to wake up. “Marco! Slow down!” Star called, chasing after him. Marco kept running and she grabbed his shoulder. “We don’t even know where we’re going! This place is like a maze!” She pointed out.

“We have to find him!” Marco cried. “He’s somewhere in this dream, and he’s never going to wake up if we don’t go get him. He’s hurt, Star!” He nearly was in tears. Star hushed her friend and gave him a hug.

“He’s fine, he can dream up anything he wants!” Star reminded. “No wonder he doesn’t wanna wake up.” She grinned. This was the wrong thing to say, and only made Marco look away, more sad and anxious. Star bit her lip. “Hey, we’ll find him, Marco.” She promised. Marco smiled at his friend and they stayed there for a moment, until Marco stopped looking at Star and started looking at one of the windows past her.

“Hey, why are some of these brighter than the others?” He asked.

“I was wondering that too.” Star admitted. “I think that has to do with how important they are. The memory of Paris was so bright, but the one of you two with the bunnies wasn’t as bright.” Star explained. Which explained why the entire dream took place in Paris, and the bunny field was just a surrounding.

“I think I know how to track down Tom.” Marco brightened up. “The brighter memories will probably be closer to him, like Paris and the bunny field.” He suggested. Marco looked down a different hallway and saw windows lit up more and more the further it went. “This way!” He grinned, and the two took off.

They came to a big door and Marco at once started jiggling the knob. “He’s in here, I know it!” He exclaimed. Star pushed Marco aside and lifted up her wand.

“WARNICORN STAMPEDE!” She cried, and goofy zombie-like horses trampled the door down. Star and Marco charged in the room and took a fighting stance, with Star’s wand raised and Marco in a ready fighting position. “Tom! We’re here to save you!” Star cried. The dust settled and Marco’s face lit up when he saw Tom was standing with a confused look across the room. He ran to the demon and tried to pull him away.

“Thank god we found you! Now let’s go! You have to wake up Tom!” Marco begged.

“Marco I… what’s going on?” Tom asked, removing Marco’s hand from his cheek. He looked up curiously at Star. “How did you get here?” He asked.

Star tapped on the magical tiara that both she and Marco were wearing. “We inspected your dream! To save you!” She beamed. At hearing this Tom ripped away from Marco and his expression went from confused to hurt and anger.

“You guys are real?” He cried.

“Tom, is everything okay?” A voice asked. Star and Marco whirled around and gasped when they saw another Marco standing in the doorway.

“What the hell?” Marco cried. Star tapped his arm.

“This is Tom’s dream, remember?” She asked. “He fell asleep heartbroken, of course he dreamed of a version of you who still loves him.” She explained. Marco shoved her away and bit his lip.

“I DO still love him!” Marco cried. He whirled around to look at Tom. “Tom please! You have to believe me!” He begged. Tom looked away, out the window of his little dream world and at the Marco who was at his side.

“Even if I do believe you still love me… why would you say those things?” Tom asked.

“It wasn’t me! I wasn’t in control I promise!” Marco explained. This made Tom look over curiously, but the dream Marco pulled him away.

“Don’t listen to him Tom, you made this world to be away from it all. I’ll take care of this.” He promised. Marco growled at his counterpart.

“I hate you so much.” He grumbled, as dream Marco pulled him away.

“Wait! I want to hear what he has to say.” Tom told him. “What do you mean you weren’t in control?” Tom asked.

“Don’t believe him, he’s lying, he’s trying to hurt you again, they’re always trying to hurt you again. Don’t fall for it.” Dream Marco told him. The weather outside the window in Tom’s dream version of Paris began to get dark and a bit scary. The room felt like it was spinning and rain started out of nowhere, what concerned Marco most was Tom HATED rain. It scared him. Dream Marco grabbed Tom and pulled him away as he made another move to be closer to Marco. “Don’t be stupid! You’re so stupid! Why do you go crawling back to everyone that hurts “you!?” He demanded. He didn’t sound like Marco anymore, in fact he was beginning to not look like Marco anymore either.

“Tom I didn’t want hurt you!” The real Marco assured. Tom looked over at him and the weather outside seemed to calm a bit. “It was a puppet spell, I was being controlled!” He admitted.

“I don’t believe him.” The dream Marco hissed.

“A puppet spell? Who put a puppet spell on you?” Tom asked.

“Dave!” Marco told the demon. At this one word everything in the dream froze. Dream Marco’s eyes lit up and he grew to be some sort of monster. Tom just stood there, totally frozen and numb. “Tom? What’s happening?” Marco asked, as black shadows began to fill the dream world up around them.

“I told you not to break the rule.” Marco whirled around and saw the same six-year-old version of Tom. He looked over and saw Star was getting tied up by the shadows, trying to fight them off.

“Star!” He called, but young Tom kept speaking.

“Mentioning him is almost as bad as… the other one.” He whispered. Marco looked confused as he tried to pull Star free.

“The other one?” Star asked. “You mean Tom’s dad?” She asked. As soon as she said that everything picked up more as everything began to get more and more horrific and chaotic. The younger Tom began to look scared too.

“Now look what you did.” He pointed to Tom, who was still standing frozen as chaos amounted around them. “This isn’t a dream anymore… you made it a nightmare.”

It’s Sunday, and I’ve gotten very used to posting a story on Sundays.  I still don’t really know what I’m doing with all of this, but hey, stories.  Anyway, last week someone requested a story about Sheldon proposing to Amy.  I posted a snippet from one of my longer stories, but I have also written a stand alone.  This story is longer than what I would normally post here, but I hope you don’t mind.  Please enjoy!

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It’s like the postal service always knows when I need a pick me up. I’m considering this a reward for writing the end to Alignment finally. Did you guys know I love Frank? Have I said it enough? Probably not cause look at how dope she is! She knows just what kind of nerd I am 😹 Thank you @imamotherfuckingstar-lord and @brownartfeminist your art again has me giggling. The detail on Jar Jar is amazing and the little Ewok was a perfect touch.

Tell Me Pt. 1 {Stelena Fan Fic}

I am so so happy that the Stelena fandom has been reading my SE one shots because I have so many different scenarios that I’ve wanted to write for a while and this one is one of them, this is one is sort of how I picture what a SE reunion could’ve realistically looked like on the show. It’s very angsty and dialogue-heavy but I really hope you guys like it and reblog it and comment on it :D stefan4president stefansplaidshirt ashamelessfangirlforever stefan-is-too-sexy-for-you beccacupcakesxo bonkais-witchywoo (I know you don’t really care for Stelena but still) wasabicakes l0nd0ninnit much-lemons kissmebluesexyvioletsme

“I’m getting married tomorrow.”

Elena stood in front of the mirror and stared at her reflection. Her cheeks were flushed red from the tequila, there was glitter in her hair, and she was wearing a flimsy gold tiara that curved into the word ‘bachelorette’ at the top. She was in the ladies’ room at The Mystic Grill and could hear Bonnie, Caroline and Jo laughing raucously even though they were outside at the bar doing more shots and perhaps paying for more lap dances. Elena shook her head and tried to concentrate. She said the words again.

“I, Elena Gilbert, am getting married tomorrow. To Damon Salvatore.”

She waited. Waited for a little flutter to tickle her chest, for an uncontrollable smile to possess her mouth, waited for nervous excitement to wreak havoc on her body, waited for some sort of unruly eagerness to overtake her, eagerness for the night to be over just so it could be tomorrow, just so she could finally finally be married. She waited and she waited some more but none of those sensations came. Instead her stomach squirmed uncomfortably, her heart thudded anxiety into her veins; she almost felt sick with misgiving, with uncertainty. But this is what you want she told herself. You love Damon. You. Love. Damon.

And it was true. She did love him. It was why she was still with him, why she couldn’t pry herself away from him … so then what was the problem? Why did she feel this way? Exhausted and worried and insecure — not in herself but in the relationship as a whole, in what the relationship could and would bring.

She put her hands to her face and took a deep breath then she moved her fingers away and closed her eyes and tried to picture the fantasy she’d painted for Damon once; tried to picture the bar, the loft, Tribeca. But the same thing happened that always happened when she attempted to envision that future; the loft morphed into a house, Tribeca blurred into a suburb and instead of seeing Damon, she saw herself coming home to Stefan — she saw the visions the travellers had tortured her with a year ago. Actually, it was as if she was reliving the visions, reliving the thrill of the moonlit kiss, the heart-stopping shock of the accidental proposal. And she felt it, felt it with her entire body; a longing for that fantasy, a longing so intense it was almost painful to experience, a longing she had silently suffered from everyday since the fantasies had come to her. Elena squeezed her eyes shut for a second time. It made sense that she felt that way, she thought to herself. It made sense because that was the point of the visions, they were impossibilities meant to seduce both her and Stefan with the promise of true love, with the promise that they could and would find true love in each other. It had been a spell to bring the doppelgangers together. It wasn’t real. The feelings weren’t real.

Except …

Except …

It was everything we wanted … it was a spell, showing us what we wanted to see …

Elena thought back to when she’d been Elena Williams for a day and Stefan had been Stefan Cooper. She thought back to the dramatic way Stefan Cooper kicked a chair out of his way and stooped down on one knee, Elena’s daylight ring in his hand and she couldn’t help but grin at the memory. She pressed her lips together in an attempt to stop the grin from transforming into a goofy smile but her mouth wouldn’t cooperate. Stefan’s words echoed in her head: You have always been my best friend … I have always loved you… and Elena felt her skin burn and roil as if she were about to convulse into a fit of giggles much like she did when she’d accepted Stefan’s “proposal.” None of it had been real and even so Elena remembered how natural it felt to say “yes” to marrying him, how excited she’d been at what that would mean and the disappointment that chilled her blood when she’d had to remind herself that they were merely pretending for the day. She remembered the profound loss that plagued her thoughts when she’d hugged him and said goodbye at the end of their make-belief new life, the devastation that shook her when he’d told her that she was in fact in love with Damon, which only meant there was no fathomable way for their make-belief life to become real.

She thought back to the night she transitioned, the night she became a vampire … the night she and Stefan spent on the rooftop of the Salvatore Mansion. She’d promised him forever and he’d produced her daylight ring from his pocket, slipping it onto her finger like an oath and she’d felt an instant calm soothe her, a sense of certainty that everything would work out as long as she’d continued to have moments like that one, moments with Stefan. Even the memory was enough to relieve Elena in present time — enough to still her mind and inspire her with faith that she’d be OK, that she’d feel certainty again as long as Stefan was in her life.

It was how she always felt when she saw him, heard his name: total serenity and the kind of hope that thrilled, that exhilarated. Her entire day would be made better just because she saw him for an instant, a ghost of a smile pulling at the corners of her mouth hours after being near him and the urge to touch him, to hug him, to hold him, forever agitated her body. There were times when the impulse was too much to contain and she had to throw her arms around his neck and feel him against her. Three years since they’d been together and she still felt everything she did when they’d been a couple and Damon … Damon … Damon …

Elena peered into her reflection’s eyes, comprehension dawning her face. She understood now. And she had to go. Right away. Right this second. And no one could see her.

It took Elena no time at all to reach the Salvatore Mansion and she’d managed to slip out of The Grill undetected. None of the lights were on in the house but as Elena listened closely, she heard only one person inside, one person breathing, one person’s heart beat. It was Stefan. She could tell.

Quietly, she skulked up the driveway and opened the door, creeping into the shadowed darkness of the foyer. The sound of glasses clinking came from the sitting room and Elena followed the noise until she saw Stefan sitting on a couch in front of the fireplace, his head lowered and a glass of whiskey pressed to his forehead. He looked … conflicted. Something Elena hadn’t seen in years. She shifted her weight, making the floorboard creak and Stefan snapped his head toward her, putting his glass on the coffee table and standing up when he realized she was standing in the archway leading into the living room.

“Hey,” he said, furrowing his eyebrows at the sight of her. “Shouldn’t you be at your party?”

“Shouldn’t you be at Damon’s?” said Elena, walking down the steps. “Aren’t you the one that planned it?”

“I was there. I left early. One of us has to be sober for your big day.”

Elena smiled. “Right.”

“Did you come here looking for him because—”

“No, Stefan. I…” Elena laughed nervously and sat down on the sofa. “I came by to see if you were here, actually.”

Stefan took a sip of his drink and sat down next to her, the orange flicker of the fire throwing both of their seated shadows against the wall. “What’s up?” he said.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I guess it kind of felt necessary to see you tonight, like I had to thank you.”

“For what?”

She looked at him and opened her mouth hesitantly. “Well, um. Hmm. OK. I want to thank you because I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you, if I hadn’t met you.”

“Well yeah. It’s because of me that you met Damon.”

“No, that’s not what I’m saying. How do I explain…” Elena shook her head quickly, clearing her throat. “You know I keep saying that you saved my life? And I don’t mean that literally even though you’ve done that so many times too.”

“Oh I know what this is,” said Stefan. “You’re taking this time to pay me back for all of the times I’ve kept you from dying. Now what kind of monetary value do you put on your own life?”

“Stefan,” said Elena in playful reproach. She shoved him gently to the side and he grinned.

“OK sorry,” he said. “What were you saying?”

Elena tilted her head affectionately and sighed. “I’m saying that I don’t think I really knew what it was to love someone until I met you,” she said. “And before we met … I didn’t think my life would be anything but misery. But then you came along and …” She could feel her voice thicken, her eyes start to shine with unshed tears. “I could enjoy things again, laugh again, I wanted to be alive. You make me want things. You bring me hope, you know? You never stopped doing that for me. I can love because of you, I’m happy because of you.”

Stefan’s lips quaked and he pulled them into a smile. “And it led you to Damon,” he said, nodding his head. “I’m glad that I did that for you, that I brought you what you really wanted because that’s all I’ve ever wanted. For you to be happy. Really, Elena. And now you can love like that with Damon.”

“No I can’t, Stefan,” said Elena. Stefan turned his head sharply toward her. “I can’t love anyone how I love you,” she continued. “It’d be impossible to try but still I’ve been trying, I’ve been trying for three years and it just can’t happen. I just can’t feel that way with anyone else, about anyone else.” 


She looked Stefan square in the eye, her expression resolute and timidly hopeful. “With Damon. Everything feels right for a moment and it’s a beautiful moment. It is. I need you to know that because he’s your brother and you love him and you’re protective of him so I want you to get that. Everything is right for a moment. But then I’m, I don’t know, burnt out? Just empty and tired from trying to hold on to that one moment because I love him, you know, I love him enough to try and stick it out, to try and find another moment. I love him enough to pretend I’m not unfulfilled but I am. Being with him isn’t just right. It’s right now. It’s for a little while. But you? You are always. You’ve always been always. I’ve never not been in love with you.”

There was a pause in which Stefan stared at Elena, his expression unreadable. He then looked up to the ceiling and then lowered his head, pinching the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger, his jaw tightened and Elena watched him as he wrestled with whatever he was about to say. Finally, he looked back at her, his eyes pained and blazing with anger. “So is what you just said supposed to make me happy?”

“What I just said is supposed to be the truth.”

“Are you sure, Elena? Are you sure that you aren’t just freaking out about the idea of marriage and you’re self-sabotaging just like Damon would do?” Elena tensed at hearing the anger in Stefan’s voice. He continued. “Has his personality rubbed off on you that much that you would do this?”

 “I’m not self-sabotaging.”

“Sure,” said Stefan sceptically.

Elena sighed. She knew what he was doing. He was hoping, wishing for this to simply be cold feet. Cold feet he could fix. The truth he couldn’t.

 “Stefan,” said Elena, her tone gentle but determined. “From the minute Damon and I got engaged I’ve been reliving those visions the travellers made us fantasize about, remember? And just the joy that they brought … that’s what speaks to me.”

“So move to Ithaca instead of Tribeca. Buy a house. Maybe you can adopt—”

“It’s not about the location, Stefan, it’s not even about the kids. It’s about you. It’s about a life with you and how happy I was at seeing that life I built with you. I’ve been saying since we saw those visions that it was all a spell, a fantasy, I don’t know, but the way I felt about the spell … that was real and I thought that it couldn’t be real because it wasn’t hard and what Damon and I had to be the path that I should go on because it was so hard and there had to be a reason why every day was a struggle but —”

“But what? What are you saying? That you love my brother but you love me a little bit more?”

“It isn’t like that.”

“How do you expect me to react to this?” Stefan was yelling now. He stood up and gesticulated furiously. “It’s the night before your wedding!”

“Timing was never really my strong suit,” whispered Elena.

“And that makes this OK? I’m just supposed to forgive you for doing this to me? To Damon?”

“No.” Elena stood up too and stepped toward him. He moved away from her but she grabbed his arm and he stilled, his body half-turned away from her.

“I hide from things,” she said. “I avoid. I always have. I’m not proud of it it’s my biggest fault. But you… you would never let me hide. Or avoid. Not when I started feeling something for Damon, not when Alaric died, not when I got my humanity back. So being with Damon, I think I avoided you, I hid from you so I wouldn’t have to face that choosing a life with Damon wasn’t choosing a life I wanted for myself. I couldn’t face that. Not after everything we all went through for me to make the choice that was Damon.”

Elena watched as the hostility left the etches of Stefan’s face; watched as his expression became anguished, devastated, as his eyes started to water. There seemed to be a tremor beneath his skin, causing his face to tremble. Elena felt her own eyes well once more with tears and she tightened her grip on Stefan’s arm, easing him to her so that he slowly started to move so that he was turned completely to her. Their faces were inches from each other and Stefan swallowed hard, his eyebrows furrowed and his jaw clenched. Elena placed her palms on the sides of his face and immediately, Stefan grabbed her wrists; it was a warning but he did nothing to move her hands away and stared at her, his expression raw.

“I shouldn’t even be here,” he said, his voice gruff with emotion. “None of this would happen if I just stayed at the party.”

“Why didn’t you?” said Elena, her eyes moving back and forth, forbidding Stefan to look away from her gaze.

“You know why I didn’t,” he said.

“Tell me.”

“Elena, I can’t.”

“Yes you can.”

“No, I…”

“Stefan.” She gently gripped his face with her hands. He squeezed her wrists and closed his eyes.

“Please don’t make me say it,” he whispered. “Please don’t make me hate myself more than I already do.”

Elena sniffed. “You don’t owe me a thing,” she said. “But please. I need to hear you say it.” She pressed her forehead against his so that their noses touched, their lips only a breath away from each other. Stefan moved his hands from Elena’s wrists to the sides of her face as well, feeling her tears on his palm.

“I couldn’t be there any longer,” he said quietly. 

“Tell me,” she said softly.

“I don’t want you to marry him, Elena.”

And with no hesitation or preamble, she brought his lips to hers.

End of Part I


I put in this vid I made because I made it the same time I wrote this so it’s like a visual companion piece :)

Outfit Soulmate!AU - Calum 5SOS Imagine/Preference

Two years ago, your parents explained to you the bizarre way soulmates worked. People would go through their life, but at some point they would meet someone wearing the EXACT same outfit as them. Now, you’d think that would happen pretty often, but it didn’t. It would happen once in your life, everything would be the same, right down the shoelaces, and that person was supposed to be your soulmate. For that reason, you were always very careful about what you wore. You always made sure to add little details to your outfit, a necklace or a plastic bracelet, that way it would be easier to know it was your soulmate.

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BTS, daughters or sons?

who in bts would like to have girl as firstborn and who would prefer boy? :D

Okay so, I think all of them would be extremely happy regardless of the gender of your baby, I doubt any of them would be disappointed in any way if it was one gender or the other. I genuinely think they would be far too happy to care. But this is what I believe.

Girl: Jin, V, Suga, J-Hope.

Boy: Jungkook, Jimin, Rap Monster

And this is the explanation to my thoughts (because every theory must have an explanation)

Jin: Pretty much I based this off the idea that he would love to have a little daughter to spoil, someone to be HIS princess. He would have every excuse in the world now to buy everything pink for her, and dress her up in the cutest clothes.

Suga: I don’t know, I think he would be cool with both genders, but I can imagine him wanting a baby girl to spoil and look after, and he would always proudly state that he was going home to HIS girls. I can totally see him fawning over his little girl, and finding even the most ordinary things she does, to be completely fascinating.

J-Hope: Same thing, I can totally see him as a great father to both genders, but I think he already spends most of his time surrounded by guys, and he probably would want a little daughter to look after, someone to resemble you a little more than she resembles him.

V: He’s a sucker for aegyo. I can totally see him being completely wrapped around his daughter’s fingers, playing princess tea parties, wearing dresses and tiaras and make-up just to make her happy. I can imagine him smiling down at her small figure every time she did something cute, and he would probably let her get away with anything just because she is too cute for him to punish.

Jungkook: I think the problem I have here with Kookie is that I see him as too young right now so my opinion isn’t objective, but I think he would be a bit awkward with a daughter. It would be a lot easier for him to raise a boy, to play with him, and teach him to sing and dance like he does, I think he would have fun with a little boy.

Jimin: This one was quite hard to do, because I can actually see him with a daughter, being the totally adorable goofball he is, but I can see him more excited about a little boy to teach how to be a man, someone to follow in his footsteps, and someone who will protect you when he is away.

Rap Monster: Finally this one was the hardest to decide, because I think he would be super excited about either. I wanted to put him in both categories, but I feel that he would be slightly more excited about a little boy, someone who looked just like him, and looked up to him. Someone who would tell you he wanted to be just like Appa. I can see him buying all of the toys in the world, but also being strict on him, teaching him to be a good man, someone smart and independent.

Mike's lovely story about his 'Tiara-Grandma'

Mike’s lovely story about his ‘Tiara-Grandma’

This happened on May , 2013 when Mike wasn’t in the lime light all over Asia as now but I translate this in order to let you guys know how precious this man is.

There was a topic on (The big online communication in Thailand) from a lady, who is not his fan generally) mentioned that she found Mike with the anonymous old woman at Siam (one of Thailand’s biggest business quarter).He talked to her and sit on knees without any disdain. She might be a beggar and she’d got many wounds all over her body.

When fans went to Mike’s Instagram, There was a photo he posted asking for help including the direction where did she usually be and he also said that ‘for whoever thinking your life is desperate , please don’t forget to realized that there are many people who’s still suffering more than you and don’t ever give up’.

Also on his own twitter account, Mike did post many texts asking for help seriously, mentioned about her symptom included diabetes, Bone diseases, gastritis and many more. One important thing is she has the Memory Disorders. After that , this incident became a hot topic on social-networks so many people and fans help spreading this news , then anyone who came to Siam and found her would donate some money. Soon, the government-official decided to co-operate to help this woman. Finally, she had got into the government’s caring center authority (called Prachabadee Center) and got a medical treatment.

As I mentioned before that he’s got a heart of gold, the truth is that Mike had helped her 2 years ago but she’s gone. Then he found her again unintentionally and this time, his willing to help her was succeeded. Mike felt much appreciated about this. He said thank you many times on his Instagram and twitter (do many netizens and fans who kept up with this  felt very happy that we could help her too.) 


He also posted on Instagram finally after the happy ending to say thank you for everybody who help this old woman and he called her ‘Khun-Yai-Mong-Kut’ (Tiara-Grandma) as she loves to wear a little tiara while being a beggar at Siam bofore.

At first she can’t memorize Mike, she just said that there was one very handsome guy always came to where she was and talked to her, often brought some foods and drinks which made she felt so happy. But when it comes to the end while she’s on the caring center’s car heading to the center, she said to the officers that she could memorize Mike already.

This lovely story about Mike is just one of his precious things. I didn't write this story to make-believe that Mike came from heaven or something like that, but he’s truly a good guy who worth for the admiration, indeed. 

anonymous asked:

AAAH ask box open YAS I love your dark & wild series so far!!! It's so good, ohmygod. How would V, Jungkook, and Jin react when they see old pictures of you your mom found when you were small? (are you able to do it related to the daddy scenarios with the kids reacting too?) My mom was looking at some of me right now XD

haha :D Oh  thank you soo much! <3 I saw your other message, thank you for complying~ So I did V and Jin since you asked for them :> (OMO my biases)


Taehyung would find your pictures to be absolutely adorable. Let’s face it, everything in his eyes is adorable and with you being his wife, i’m sure a picture of cute little you in diapers would be the most precious thing for him ever. 

You’d fine them in the living room, Taehyung and your twins (Taegeuk & Taekwon) huddled in a corner on the floor, whispering and chuckling with one another.

“What are you guys doing–” once you see the little box filled with your baby pictures, you raise your eyebrows in surprise. “What the–where did you–”

“Yeobo!” Taehyung looks up at you with a smile  as your daughter climbs onto his lap. “Look at you! You look so cute. Aigoo~!"Your children nod in agreement and you couldn’t help but chuckle as you sit yourself on the floor beside him. "I should be embarrassed.” you state as you grab a picture of you in a really weird Halloween costume.

Wae?” Taehyung looks at you incredulously before grabbing the picture from your hand and showing it to the kids. “Does omma look weird?”

The kids smile and shake their head. “Appa is weird!” Taekwon cheers.

“You got that right.” you say as you raise your hand to give your son a high five.

“Hey, I wasn’t the one dressed as a pumpkin.” he teases and you poke him in the rib, causing him to chuckle. “It was a one time thing!”

“Omma and appa are weird!” Taegeuk giggles and Taehyung smiles as he kisses the crown of her head. “Omma and appa matches, no?”

The twins nod before moving away from the two of you, running around the house, leaving you alone with your husband. You were silently browsing through the picture, when his arm suddenly wraps around your waist, pulling you onto his lap and kissing you softly on the cheek. You blush, “What was that for?”

Taehyung shrugs and leans his chin on your shoulder, looking at the pictures. “I’m just happy your my wife.”

“You say the weirdest things.” you comment with a smile.

“But it’s always the truth.” he counters as he kisses your shoulder.


He would have that cute smile on his face when he finds your baby pictures along with your daughter. He’d be really curious about all the photographs, staring at each of them with inquisitive eyes and a small smile. “Appa is this omma?”

“Yes, dear.” he says as he pats her head. Your daughter grabs one of the pictures and tilts her head to the side. “She looks like me.”

Jin chuckles as he leans over his daughter to take a look. It was a picture of you wearing a pink dress, complete with white ballet shoes and a tiara. “She does doesn’t, she?" 

"Hey guys time for dinner–” you stop in your tracks when you find them going through your photo book. You cross your arms, looking at them slyly. “What are you two up to?”

“Just looking at your photos, honey. How come you never showed this to me when we were still dating??”

You chuckle as you approach them, overseeing the photo book. “I don’t know, should I?”

“Yes.” he says. “I definitely want a little you on my phone..”

“Omma, I want to dress up as a princess too.” your daughter says as she shows you your picture. “Of course darling.” you smile as you run your hands through her hair. “I’ll even curl your hair and buy you a tiara.”

“Yay!!” she cheers before running to her bedroom to prepare her “princess things”

Jin chuckles beside you and you look at him questioningly, “What?”

“Nothing. I just remembered. When we were dating, you hated it whenever I called you princess. But then I see this–” he points at the picture in your hands and you realize that you were actually dressed up as a princess in the photo. “Explain yourself, yeobo.” he teases.

“Because I’m not a princess.” you say.

“You are to me.” he says a matter of fact, a small smile gracing his lips. “Well now you’re my queen, and <daughter’s name> is my princess and we are living in this beautiful kingdom–”

“Okay Mr. Disney.” you snort as you stand up. “Dinner’s getting cold, come on.”

Jin stands and bows dramatically, “Yes milady. As you wish!” he says before giving your hand a kiss and twirling you around. You giggle as you land on his chest and as you smile up at him, he smiles back before leaning down for a kiss; just like a prince and princess would. <3

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This was cute omg. <3 hope you liked it!


lock up

the 100 modern au, 1/?

in which clarke gets thrown in jail because bellamy threw a punch.

This had to be a joke. A sick, twisted joke, but a joke none the less. Because Clarke Griffin - straight A student, the aspiring artist who was going to med school next year, golden girl of Arkadia State High - did not get arrested. 

She wanted to strain against the handcuffs as the officer led her to a holding cell, but she knew it would be better to just do as she was told. That didn’t mean that she couldn’t plead her case, though. “Honestly, this is all a big misunderstanding, if you’d just -”

“Save it,” the officer said as he shoved her into her cell. 

She obediently held her hands through the gap in the door so he could uncuff her. “But I wasn’t drinking, honestly.”

He rolled his eyes at her and walked away without another word, leaving Clarke locked in the holding cell. With nothing better to do, she took the chance to properly observe her surroundings. The cell was small and grey and dirty, and she did not want to stay there; she shouldn’t have even been there in the first place.

Yeah, she’d been at a bar underage. But she hadn’t been drinking, so did that even count? She didn’t think so. Everything had been fine until that slimeball of a guy had started hitting on her, persisting even after she’d thought of at least half a dozen different ways to tell him to fuck off. To be fair, if that stranger hadn’t come from nowhere and punched him in the jaw when he did, she probably would have done it herself. But that wasn’t the point.

The point was the fight had escalated into a brawl, and Clarke had gotten caught in the middle and lost her friends and was now in jail.

She huffed and kicked the bars, cursing at the bolt of pain that shot up her foot.

A small chuckle came from the back corner of the cell and she spun around, panicked. “Hello?”

Her eyes immediately landed on a guy in the cell beside hers. He was sitting with his back against the cement wall, head lolled back as though this was a casual occurrence. He looked like the type of guy who wouldn’t be phased by getting thrown in jail, Clarke thought.

He had a strong jawline, high cheekbones and mussed up dark hair. It was hard to tell because he was sitting, but he looked like he’d be tall - tall and toned. He was wearing dark jeans and a leather jacket over a grey v-neck, and with the way he was sitting she had a perfect view of the column of his neck. 

Jesus, he was like a walking embodiment of tall, dark and handsome.

When he spoke, his voice was a deep, lazy drawl. “What’d they get you for, Princess?”

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Bright lights, Big Trouble

Summary: The Winchesters and the reader hit up Sin City to solve a case, but contrary to the popular saying, not everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Author: fvckinpayno
Character: Dean x Reader
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 3358
Warnings: Mild language, mentions of alcohol use.

A/N: Decided to start something new after this idea popped into my head. If anyone is up for it, I’m planning on writing a second part :) x

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“I had a really great time tonight,” Kate said, biting her lip shyly as she stood at the front door of her brownstone. Her date, Josh, had his hands in his pockets, smiling warmly at her.

“So did I,” he said. “And I’d really like to do it again sometime if you’re—“


Both turned as the door burst open and a tiny body wrapped itself around Kate’s legs. Josh’s eyes widened as Kate, who’d never even mentioned having a child, reached down and pulled the little black girl, with three ponytails and multiple missing teeth, into her arms, settling her on her hip. Looking back up at him, she blushed.

“I can explain,” she said.

“Um, I hope so,” Josh replied, forcing a laugh. “I mean, you never even told me you’d been married before, let alone had an adorable kid. Hey there.”

“Hello,” the little girl said, shyly, burrowing into her mother’s chest.

“I’ve never been married,” Kate admitted. “But, um, it’s…kind of complicated.”

“Daveigh?” a deep, decidedly masculine voice called from inside. Suddenly, a man appeared—tall, broad-shouldered, with a tiny, redheaded girl on his hip—and his eyes widened. “Oh, you’re back. How was it?”

“Still not over, Rick,” Kate informed him and the man’s blue eyes seemed to widen as if he’d only just now noticed Josh standing there.

“Oh, hello,” he greeted. “Sorry, I’ll just take her.” He plucked Daveigh from Kate’s arms and the girl went with little more than a pout. “Come on, Davy,” he said. “We’ll wait for Mommy inside.” The door closed behind him and Kate turned to Josh with a nervous grin.

“Really, I can explain,” she said.

“I’m waiting.”

“Okay, well I grew up with a lot of foster kids coming in and out of my house because my parents ran this group home.” She motioned to the brownstone. “I was their only biological child, but they loved all of their kids like their own. I even have four adopted siblings who live here as well.”

“Is he one of them?” Josh asked.

“No,” Kate sighed. “My mom died when I was nineteen and my father kind of formed an…addiction. So all my foster siblings were going to get kicked out if we didn’t find a suitable guardian to help us. That’s what Rick is. He answered an ad, was already registered, and is independently wealthy, so he was, like, the perfect candidate. And he met the age requirement to keep all of the kids in our home.”

“Do you not meet it yourself, yet?” Josh asked.

“I do,” Kate said. “So do my siblings. But he’s become, like, part of the family. And now we can take in as many kids as we have beds in the house. We give them all a good home.”

“How many is ‘all’?” Josh asked, his eyebrows disappearing into his hairline.

Kate took a deep breath. “A little over a dozen,” Kate said, her heart already sinking in her chest as her date’s eyes widened. “Yeah, I know. It’s a lot.”

“And they all call you Mommy?”

“Just the little ones,” Kate said, shrugging one shoulder. “They actually call me and my sisters Mommy. They also call all the guys Daddy. It’s cute.” Josh was dubious. “The older kids call us by name and it’s not as weird as you think, alright? We’re a family. This is just how it is.”

“This all sounds amazing, Kate,” Josh sighed. “It really does. But I don’t think I can deal with it.”

“Your loss,” Kate said, shrugging. “It was a nice night, anyway, Josh. Thank you.” She offered him a kind smile and he returned it, leaning down to press his lips to her cheek, before turning and walking down the steps to the street.

Kate inhaled deeply as she watched him, then turned and walked through the door, smiling as Daveigh was once again at her feet. Kate scooped her up and pressed a kiss to her cheek.

“Hey, Davy Jones,” she said. “How was your day?”

“Great!” Daveigh exclaimed. “Mum and Mama and Gram had a tea party! And Maia and Faye and Alexis and Michael and Chase and I all got to dress up and talk all fancy. Like Mum!”

“Mum is British, sweetie,” Kate laughed. “Not fancy.”

“Hey!” Hayley, Kate’s sister, popped her head out from the kitchen as they walked towards it. She was wearing a plastic pink tiara. “I heard that! And I am very fancy, thank you very much.”

“Okay,” Kate snorted, rolling her eyes. “Where are the guys? Didn’t they get in on this very fancy party with Moms and Gram?”

“No, they had a horror movie marathon with Jack and Tyler and Simona. I think I heard Daddy Kevin scream.” The little girl giggled, pressing her smile into Kate’s cheek.

“Actually, my love,” Hayley replied, poking her in the side. “I believe it was Papa Javier you heard.”

“It was not!” a voice called from the second floor.

“Was too!” three prepubescent voices countered, all snickering when Javier grumbled something unintelligible.

“Well, I’m glad everybody had a fun night,” Kate laughed. “Where’s Daddy Rick and Gram now?”

“Rick is giving Alexis the usual scrub down,” Hayley informed her, falling into step as Kate sat Daveigh down on the counter. “And Martha is teaching the tea party posse how to hold their pinkies up when they sip tea. It’s caused quite a mess in the dining room.”

“I can imagine,” Kate snorted. “Just make sure they clean up when they’re done, okay?” She pressed a kiss to Daveigh’s cheek and handed her to Hayley. “Go with Mum to the tea party. I have to change my clothes.”

“Okay,” Daveigh groaned, receiving a poke to her side from Hayley.

“I’m sorry I’m such a chore,” she teased as she toted the tot into the kitchen.

Kate chuckled and started up the stairs, plucking toys off the floor, left and right. By the time she reached the second floor, her arms were filled and she carried them right into the playroom, dumping the load of them into the playpen, where Lanie, her other sister, was sitting with a few of the other toddlers and Abby, one of the older girls. They both looked up as she entered.

“Hey, girl,” Lanie greeted. “How was it?”

“It was good,” Kate sighed. “But apparently not good enough.”

“Didn’t he like you?” Abby asked.

“He did,” Kate affirmed. “But he definitely did not like what I do.” She reached down to run her hand through Abby’s short blonde hair. “Who needs him, though, you know? I’ve got everything I need right here.” Abby gave her a sweet smile. Kate was reminded of the shy eight-year-old that had come to her just a few short years ago; the girl who’d refused to so much as look at any of them, let alone smile. She didn’t call any of them ‘Mom’ or ‘Dad’ like the younger children did, but she was more open now.

“Maybe now you’ll wise up and go after—“

“Lanie!” Kate hissed, frowning at her.

“I’m just saying,” Lanie said, picking up Mason and cuddling him against her chest. “It would be a good match.”

“What would?” Abby asked, looking between them. “You and Rick?”

Kate flushed bright red. “I—wha—how?”

“Oh please, Kate,” she huffed. “You two aren’t exactly subtle with all the flirting. I think you would make a cute couple.”

Kate rolled her eyes. “Okay, one: we do not flirt and two…just…shut up.” Their cackles followed Kate as she walked out, making her way to her bedroom. As she did, she passed the bathroom, where Rick was just toweling off his daughter—his biological daughter—Alexis. The tiny redheaded girl was the product of a fleeting relationship with a flaky actress, who had bolted almost as soon as she’d given birth to the adorable, chubby-cheeked baby. She was four now and was forever getting herself into sticky situations. Literally. Rick spent a lot of their time together wiping something off of her cheeks and hands.

And considering the size of the man, it was always a little…endearing to see him be so gentle with such a tiny person. He loved Alexis more than anything in the world (his foster children a close second) and Kate knew he’d protect her with his life. Honestly, she felt the same way about all of her kids—Alexis included.

Kate knocked on the bathroom door and Rick turned, giving her that warm smile that sent butterflies fluttering in her stomach. “Hey,” he greeted. “How’d it go?”

“As well as all of them do,” Kate sighed. “But it’s for the best, I guess. He would have found out eventually.”

“If it’s any consolation, you’re, like, three times hotter than him,” he said, giving her that teasing, flirty grin he always gave her. They’d been doing this for the last couple of years now and Kate could never tell if he was joking or not. She chose to pretend that he was.

“And he’s a gremlin compared to you,” she replied, returning the flirt.

He chuckled. “Well see then,” he said. “He would not be up to par on your midnight snacking. And I know you can’t resist that.”

“That happened, like, twice. Max. And it was only because the Bolognese you made was so good.”

“Then why were you halfway through a pint of rocky road when I walked in?” he asked, lifting one brow. Kate rolled her eyes, but had no response. He laughed. “Anyway, you’ll find somebody. If not, at least you have us, right?” He gave her a big grin, lifting his daughter’s face right next to his and Alexis mirrored him, making Kate laugh.

“I guess that’s true,” she said, suddenly feeling shy as her heart fluttered. “I do have you.”

They shared eye contact this time, blue meeting hazel-green for a long moment, before she broke it and started to step out. “I’m just gonna…get changed,” she said. “And check on the kids. Make sure the boys didn’t scare them.”

“Are you kidding?” Rick laughed. “If anybody’s going to need their hand held on the way to the bathroom tonight, it’s going to Javier. His pitch puts Mariah Carey to shame.”

“I HEARD THAT!” came his voice from the other room and both Kate and Rick chuckled.

“I’ll see you later,” Kate said, then leaned down to press a kiss to Alexis’s cheek. “You too, Red.”

“Bye, Mommy,” Alexis giggled, tugging at a brown lock and Kate felt her heart flip in her chest. She’d long since stopped correcting Alexis on that (it would only confuse her since nearly every one of the children called everybody some variation of Mom and Dad) but it still put a smile on her face, even as she worried that it would irk Rick.

But it never seemed to.

Kate straightened up and didn’t miss the soft look on his face, which made her bite her lip and give him a smile, before practically bolting to her room down the hall, her heart pounding.

This was not—could not happen. Ever.


Summary: Phil works as an Internet security officer whose job is to read flagged emails and send out warnings for a magazine company. Little did he know, he’s about to get hooked on emails from a certain someone. Based loosely on Rainbow Rowell’s Attachments.

Genre: AU

Word count: 1.4k

Beta: Lily

A/N: Little secret; I’ve finished writing this entire fic! I’m so pumped to share it with you guys. The next chapter will hopefully be up Saturday night! 

« Chapter 2

Chapter 3

From: Daniel Howell
To: Louise Pentland

I saw him leaving the break room yesterday just before I got off work, and, excuse me sounding like a 14 year old horny teenager again, but DAYUM. I think he’s a new guy. 

«Louise to Daniel» Ohhh, juicy! What’s he like? 

«Daniel to Louise» He’s probably only a bit older than me, he’s really tall (quite lanky), and he has dark hair. I only saw a glimpse of him though. He was wearing a plaid shirt that makes his chest look all nice and it makes me want to just rip it off him. God, he is so sexy.

«Louise to Daniel» Whoa. Easy there, tiger. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Which department does he work in?

«Daniel to Louise» Don’t know. He’s not on my floor for sure, otherwise I wouldn’t be getting any work done. Any new guys on your floor?

«Louise to Daniel» Nope. Although, I did hear something about the marketing department hiring some new people. Could it be one of them?

«Daniel to Louise» We shall see. Want to take lunch break together? I heard that the vending machine in the top floor near marketing has just gotten restocked. Seems like something we must check for ourselves, don’t you think?

«Louise to Daniel» You think you’re so sly, don’t you? Alright. I’ll meet you in my office at noon.

«Daniel to Louise» Deal. I’ll pay for your drink this time.

I hate the new guy in marketing, Phil concluded sourly, without a shadow of a doubt in his mind. He then proceeded to send warning mails to people in marketing first, just because he can. He tried to ignore the way his stomach was now twisting uneasily, it was probably the expired yoghurt he had for lunch, because really he should’ve known better than to trust those vending machines - especially the ones on the top floor. Stupid marketing department.

From: Louise Pentland
To: Daniel Howell

Can you come over for dinner tomorrow night? We’re celebrating Darcy’s 3rd birthday and I need you to bake some cupcakes for the lot of us. Plus, Darcy said she misses you. And I know you’re not into big crowds, so I only invited a dozen people or so. Plus Darcy’s friends.

«Daniel to Louise» I know you’re secretly after my super cupcakes recipe and not really me being there. Although I do appreciate your thoughtfulness. 

«Louise to Daniel» Please, Dan? Her favourite is the red velvet cupcakes with vanilla buttercream. Also, she really likes it when you put a little bit (or a lot) of glitter as decoration. And maybe make some extra chocolate cupcakes too, just in case.

«Daniel to Louise» Is this really Darcy’s request, or are you just tricking me into baking a couple dozen of your favourite dessert?

«Louise to Daniel» You caught me. Darcy really likes glittery things, though. No clue where she gets that from.

«Daniel to Louise» Hmmm, I wonder. But alright, I’ll be there. What does my sweet goddaughter want as a gift? A gift card for New Look, perhaps? Superdrug? An entire basket of scented candles from that really expensive shop down the road?

«Louise to Daniel» She’s been eyeing the massive Peppa Pig plushie for a week now. But if you already got the gift cards and the basket of candles, I guess someone else would just have to take it. I hear her Mummy’s going to appreciate those.

«Daniel to Louise» Fuck off, Lou. Massive Peppa Pig it is, then. Expect me around half six tomorrow night, as I’ll be the one carrying boxes of cupcakes and a fluffy pink creature. Just in case you can’t see my face behind all your - sorry, Darcy’s - requests.

«Louise to Daniel» Okay. I’ll tell Matt to give you a couple tickets to Paramore’s concert if you swear less and bake more. Also if you’re nicer to me.

«Daniel to Louise» You sure know how to blackmail me. But I will do it for Hayley Williams.

«Louise to Daniel» Who wouldn’t? (On a different note, want to go with me to pick up my present for Darcy after work?)

«Daniel to Louise» True. (Okay. Meet you in the lobby as soon as we can leave.)


There was no update about “Cute Guy in Marketing” for a few days, so Phil assumed that they found him, pondering that maybe he was uglier up close, so Dan had potentially lost interest in him. Either way, it wasn’t like he could do anything about it…especially remembering the fact that he wasn’t supposed to know any of this in the first place.

Phil was just about to leave for the night when he remembered his boss’ request to drop off a folder up on the second floor for the receptionist. He stood up begrudgingly, dreading the task of going up the stairs (the elevator’s broken again, they should really get that fixed properly) before he remembered that Dan worked in the second floor. He quickly grabbed the folder and headed up the stairs, before realising that he had no clue what he was even looking for.

It was nearly midnight, so the office was pretty much empty, aside from a couple of janitors and some other late night workers. After he dropped off Ryan’s folder, his curiosity peaked, he ambled around the Sports department and into the Entertainment area where he knew Dan’s cubicle would be. The first few that he walked past were covered with movie posters (film critics), photos of celebrities (gossip column), and an overwhelmingly large stack of YA books (book reviewers). He was just about to give up when something at the cubicle near the end jumped out at him. 

It was the cover of Muse’s legendary Origin of Symmetry album, which he could safely say, was his favourite album of all time. This one is most likely to be Dan’s, he guessed. He walked closer, only to discover various concert tickets pinned to the bulletin board, an overwhelming number post-its (Review for Imagine Dragon’s album due Wednesday, Meeting with All Time Low’s manager Friday noon, Ask Matt about tickets for Ed Sheeran just to name a few), and a near empty mug of something on the desk top. He would’ve assumed it was coffee, like what everyone else has, but it just didn’t smell of it. 

Even from a few feet away, Phil can clearly recognise the smell of his favourite drink. Ribena, he thought as he let out a small chuckle. So this Dan person writes for a prestigious magazine, works in a fancy building, goes to meetings with fancy celebrities, and drinks Ribena. When he was about to walk away, a clutter of photos near the mug caught Phil’s attention. 

The photo at the very top was of a young girl wearing a tiara and a dress smiling widely, her blonde curls flying all over as she smiled, clearly excited. The next photo that he could see was of a boy of about 16 playing basketball with a concentrated look on his face. Definitely not young Dan, Phil quickly realised as he recalls an email from a couple days earlier from Dan to some guy named Chris (sports illustrator, if he had to guess) rejecting football tickets because I fucking hate sports and if you force me to go I’ll fucking hate you too, the mail had said. Dan really needs to tone down the swearing because most of his mails ended up in Phil’s inbox from all the flagged words. Even if Phil did secretly, or not-so-secretly, enjoy reading his emails everyday.

As soon as he snapped out of his Dan-induced daydream, he walked away and descended the stairs, feeling somewhat guilty. He wasn’t sure why he just did what he did. Looking at his emails was one thing, because he can blame his job for that, but snooping around his possessions and observing his photos? That was just stalker-level creepy and he facepalmed himself in shame. What was this Dan guy doing to him?

Chapter 4 »

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Hey!!! First of all, Thursday can't get here soon enough!!! Also when you have time, could you write a short one in which Amy wears the tiara while she and Sheldon have sex (still feel surreal saying these words). Hope you don't think I'm creepy lol:)

Hi! First, only three days till 9.10 YAY! Also when you have time, could you write a short one in which they both want to have sex but they don’t know how to ask. So maybe they googled “how to seduce your partner”. Then they tried to act sexy in front of each other and failed hysterically. Like Amy tried to do a sexy walk but tripped over her own feet or Sheldon awkwardly showed his muscle resulting in almost throwing his back out. Of course in the end they had sex lol. Thank you.

It had been thee weeks since Sheldon had given Amy her birthday gift. The first week after had been christmas and he had been so busy being carted around to her relatives houses and shown off like a prize horse. The next week Amy went away for her conference.

Sheldon had never so acutely felt her absence before. They had dated for five years snd she had gone out of town before. He had been apart from her for seven months. Yet this time her being gone bothered him immensely. He wanted to be able to pop into her lab and see her face.
Have her over for dinner, take her out for date night. Kiss her good night.

Sheldon could not stop thinking about kissing her good night. Or kissing her anywhere. Before she had left he ate lunch in her lab. Before leaving he went to give her a goodbye peck in the cheek. Somehow it ended up with them in passionate embrace. Making out like teenagers against her lab table.

He just could not trust himself around her anymore. It seemed that when it came to Amy his thoughts and actions were not his own. At night he would be haunted by dreams of her. The image of her lying beneath him her dark hair fanned out on his pillow. He could feel her fingers exploring the skin of his back. Then he would wake up as she called out his name. Wake up to an empty bed and an achy feeling in his belly.

One night he had a dream so randy that he made him blush every time he thought about it, which was often. In it Amy had come into his bedroom wearing nothing but her tiara.

“Are you crazy! Leonard could have seen you!” He admonished her as he got up to cover her with a blanket.

“Don’t worry, Leonard’s not home there is no one to hear us.” She says shrugging off the blanket. Then she kisses him pressing her body flush against his. Her hands are busy ripping at his clothing until they are both naked and panting with desire. Then Amy pushes him down onto his bed and climbs on top of him. Riding him like she was a cowgirl and he was a wild stallion. A princess cow girl since she was still wearing her tiara. When he woke up he felt so stiff and achy that it was almost painful. The unfulfilled feeling lasted all day and made him testy at work. After barking at the guys for the fourth time during lunch Howard looks at him and asks

“When does Amy get back from her conference?”

“On Friday why?” He snaps.

“Because since she has been gone you have been acting like a huge jerk.” Howard tells him.

“Yeah maybe if you give he a coming home gift you will be nice again. The entire week after her birthday you were so nice we thought you had been clubbed over the head.” Leonard says sniggering

“He was in a way. Clubbed over the head with love.” Raj says pointedly giggling.

“Yeah if you get laid again ,then maybe you will be nice for a while.”

“I am sorry gentleman but you are wrong. I think I am coming down with something and that is what is causing my ill humor.” He told them as he grabbed his tray and stormed out of the cafeteria.

Then as he closed the door to his office and sat down at his desk he thought that they may have a point. His nightly dreams were leaving him distracted during the day. The week after their first coupling he had felt free. Like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. Now that weight was back and he knew Amy was the only one who could get rid of it.

Only he had no idea how to tell her what he wanted, what he needed. He thought Amy would be more than amiable to the request. If only he could figure out a way to ask her without feeling like a fool.


Amy rides in the cab on her way back from the airport thinking of Sheldon the entire time. It had been a week without him and she felt like she was going to burst. She did not know how she was going to act around him when she saw him again.

What she wanted to do was jump on top of him wrap her arms around him and never let go. She wanted to drag him back into the bedroom and have her way with him. Make him moan and sigh like he had on their magical night. Knowing now how he tasted, what tbe skin of his back felt like under her fingers, what his face looked like when he reached the moment of release. Made it even harder to think she may have to go without it for awhile. For who knows how long.

There were no parameters set up for their newfound intimacy. No document that states that when sex should occur. All week long she had been researching various women’s magazines online and their ways to seduce your man articles. She had even gone down to the bookstore near her hotel and picked out a book on the art of seduction. Only to chicken out and place it back on its shelf before hurrying out empty handed.

The truth was she knew none of those tricks would lure him back to her bed. Innuendo was lost on him, even overt gestures sometimes sailed past him. Amy doubted showing up at his office in nothing but a lab coat would sway him. He would probably declare her crazy and have her tested.

It was time to face the facts Gerad would just have to do until the next time Sheldon felt amourous. If that was a year away she could wait. She had dealt with the gnawing hunger in her belly before and she could do it again.

Sheldon told her to call him the minute she got home. A request she found quite endearing. The moment she gets into the elevator she dials his number. He picks up on the first ring making her smile.

“Hello.” He answers pleasantly.

“Hello, I am back home. So I am calling you, just like you asked.”

“You are not home yet.” He says and Amy is confused. What in the world was he talking about? Even if he was looking at her phones GPS somehow be could see she was home.

“Sheldon what are you talking about ? I just walked in my building.” Amy says getting off the elevator and walking down the hall.

“You are in the building but you are not home yet.” He answers and Amy wonders why he is being so cryptic as she unlocks her door. “Now you are home.” He says and Amy nearly drops her phone when she sees him standing in her doorway. Smiling at her with an impish grin that makes him look years younger. Amy fights the urge to jump on him and kiss that smirk off his face.

“Sheldon! What are you doing here!” Amy says happily.

“Well I missed you…” He starts but before he can finish she can not help herself anymore. She launches herself at him almost knocking him down with the force of her hug. He surprises her by wrapping his arms around her and pulling her tighter against his body and burying his face in her hair.

“I missed you, too.” She tells him reaching up to touch his face. Relishing the soft smooth feeling of his cheek and the way he is gazing at her like she is the most beautiful creature in the world. Part of her still did not understand how he could look at her like that. All her life she was made to feel like the ugly duckling and he made her feel like a swan.

“Amy, being away from you for such a prolonged period of time brought up some uncomfortable feelings for me.” He says gulping and looking serious.

“Oh?” She asks him nervously. Worried he will bring up the break up and accuse her of trying to have a hook up with some stranger in a bar. “What kind of uncomfortable feelings?” She asks and before she knows it his mouth is on hers. His kiss eager and hungry like he is trying convey something wordlessly. He sucks her bottom lip gently , when her mouth parts he darts his tongue inside.Amy kisses him back and then breaks away for air. They stand there staring at each other for a moment.

“I am not sorry to admit that I have been thinking about doing that a lot.” He tells her biting his lip and looking shy.

“I have too.” She tells him wrapping him back up into a hug which he returns.

“Amy there is something we need to discuss.” He says breaking away and looking serious. He walks over to the couch and sits down. Patting the seat beside him so Amy sits beside him.

“Uh-oh she thinks this could be bad. “ She thinks as he turns to her his face grave.

“Amy, I know I told you that we would… Be intimate again on your next birthday but that timeline is just not possible.”

“Oh, well it is okay Sheldon. I know this was a big change for you. Whenever you are ready again is fine with me. “ Amy tells him giving him a weak smile. It was true though, after being without him for long she felt like she could wait forever for him. Amy knew now that there would never be another man for her.

“Excellent.” He says the serious look on his face disappearing and a smile spreading across his face. Slow;y he leans into her kissing her softly on the mouth as he presses her softly backwards against the couch. Kissing her deeper as he moves over top of her hitching her skirt around her waist as he moves between her legs. His hands start exploring her body, making quick work of her cardigan before starting on the buttons of her blouse.

“Sheldon.” She says as he kisses a path down her neck making her shiver all over. “ Not that I am complaining but , you might want to stop now or I may not be able to control myself around you.”

“What do you mean?” He asks pulling open her blouse and kissing the tops of her breasts.

“I mean if you don’t want to have a physical relationship that is fine, but when you do stuff like this it is very confusing for me.”

“I thought we agreed we were moving the timeline of physical intimacy up ?” He asks confused.
“Up to when?” Amy asks though she thinks she knows the answer.

“To now…is that okay?” He says looking into her eyes, His blue eyes look so intense that they dazzle her. She is not even able to form a coherent thought so she just pull his face back down to kiss hers again. She nibbles on his bottom lip then moves her mouth to his jawline where she has learned he likes to be kissed. “Amy I need an answer.” He hisses as she licks his nack as she pulls the hem of his shirts up.

“Sheldon, you never have to ask. Anytime you want me you have me I am yours.” She sighs pulling his shirts up over his head.

“Figuratively that may be true…” He begins but Amy silences him with a kiss as she works on the waist band of his pants.

“I’m yours.” She repeats as he removes his pants and pulls her panties off from under her skirt. Moaning in pleasure as he slides inside her once more. Going slowly at first but gaining speed as her sighs of pleasure egg him on.

“I think you have it wrong.” He tells her as he reaches his breaking point. “ I’m yours Amy. You own be completely.”

alright, so something clicked earlier bc i was thinking abt why characters like riker bug me so much…….. it’s because everyone knows a riker. (@rikerhateclub this is for u <3)

EDIT: went through and tried to remove some binary-gendered language. ik this is about misogyny but a lot of this applies to feminine-presenting people as well because cis people will assume they’re also Girls rather than Feminine Nonbinary People. but a lot of these are personal experiences of mine that did involve girls so.

if you’ve presented femininely in public (online or offline) you’ve come into contact with obvious misogyny. it’s everywhere you go. it’s the guy in high school who won’t take girls’ experiences with pedophiles seriously and calls them “not that bad”. it’s the subsitute teacher you had in middle school who looked at you all and told you that every woman should marry an italian man, that invalidated womens’ anger as being irrelevant because of their gender, who was proud of making the girl who’d lost a cousin to cancer cry in the middle of class. it’s walking around school officials and feeling like they’re staring at your ass, trying to see if your skirt or shorts fit the dress code, when it’s 88 degrees out. it’s the guy who cheats on you and tries to make you feel better by saying “she was just a side bitch, you were my main girl.”

it’s toddlers and tiaras and kids’ gymanstics and figure skating and dance and hearing comments people make about how those girls shouldn’t be wearing skirts that short and need to cover up more when those girls are less than ten years old. it’s the guys who whistle at you and ask you for your number while you’re walking down the street. it’s grown men invalidating your sexuality and your mental illnesses on the basis that you’re a teenage girl. it’s men and boys saying they “just didn’t like the ghostbusters movie”; it’s every female main character recieving higher critique than men.

it’s male sexuality being encouraged and womens’ sexuality being shamed. it’s trans boys being dismissed as female “tomboys” and trans girls being mocked for embracing feminity, and it’s nonbinary people being expected to present masculinely as if men are the default human being. it’s lower pay; it’s the pressure to have kids and be a good housewife instead of recieving any pay at all. it’s the constant expectation that you’ll be inferior, before you’ve even introduced yourself.

the fact is, riker is someone we all know in our life. we all know a man who expects to be, by default, better than women; we all know a man who categorizes women into different boxes instead of recognizing them as people, in order to boost his own ego; we all know men for whom one of those boxes is “fuckable”, and anyone in that box can never be redeemed to him as smart or worthy of respect. we all know a man who takes up as much bodily space as possible while expecting women to shrink. we all know a william t. riker.

riker is not painted as an enemy, but he is one. he’s an enemy we all face in our daily lives. a man who’s redeemed as “respectable” because to other men, he is so, while any woman in a 30 mile radius knows he’s despicable. but he’s still seen as respectable because womens’ views are devalued and worthless.

Prompt: Judy’s brothers and sisters are climbing all over Nick at playtime

“Nick! Nick! They’re here!”

The first thing Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde experienced when they pulled up to Judy’s parents’ house was the sight of the Hopps children bounding off the front porch and shouting excitedly.

Judy’s brothers and sisters were overly excited to see the two of them as they emerged from the police cruiser.

“Nick! Judy!”

“Hey, guys!” Judy laughed as half of the young bunnies jumped on top of her. “What a greeting! I haven’t even shut the car door yet!”

“I’m not doing much better, Carrots,” Nick said as the other half of the group tackled him. “Hi, kids!”

The little bunnies remembered Nick from his visit last Christmas, and they had been hoping he would get a chance to play with them.

“Nick, do you wanna build a fort with us?”

“You can shoot catapults at the bad guys!”

“Pew! Pew! Pew!”

One of them mimicked a gun.

“Um, actually,” Nick started, glancing helplessly over at Judy.

“Children! Inside!” Bonnie Hopps came out to gather them, carrying two tall glasses of her fresh-squeezed lemonade.

The little group surrounding Nick started pulling him towards the house, chattering eagerly.

“Mom! Hey!” Judy called, attempting to handle her team.

“Hi, Judy! Hi, Nick!” Bonnie held out the glasses at them and they each took one.

“Hey, Mrs. Hopps,” Nick said, smiling. “Nice to see you again.”

“Boys! Girls! Stop it!” Bonnie scolded the youngsters. “Your sister is probably exhausted! I’m sorry, you guys.”

She flushed apologetically.

“It’s okay, Mom,” Judy insisted. “I didn’t think they’d be this excited, but I guess I was wrong.”

“Well, you do remember last Christmas,” Bonnie reminded her. “They were all over you. Come inside, please. Cool off.”

She did her best at keeping the little ones off, coaxing them inside the house. Nick managed a nervous smile at Judy, and Judy shrugged.

“Siblings,” she responded.

The youngsters started up with climbing all over Nick again the moment they stepped inside the house.

Judy chuckled.

“Someone obviously likes you,” she commented.

“Nick, c'mere! Come see the fort!” one of the boys begged.

“All right,” Nick laughed, bending down to pick up the small bunny. “Where shall we go, my good sir?”

Judy lingered behind and watched with amusement. The entire brood was surrounding her boyfriend, chattering in jumbled voices.

“I have an army!” shouted another boy. “Beware! Cuz Nick is on my team!”

He pretended to brandish a sword.

“Whoa, what?” Nick was stunned. “Since when do we have teams here?”

“You can be on my team,” said Sword-Boy. “We’re fighting the bad guys. You’re the knight and we’re your army. Sara’s the princess.”

He nodded at one of the girls, who was wearing a tiara and a pink princess dress.

“What about your oldest sister?” Nick asked truthfully. “Don’t you think she’s suitable enough to be a princess?”

He glanced over at Judy and made several beckoning motions with his head.

“Get over here!”

“Me?” Judy pointed to herself.

“Yeah, you!” Nick insisted. “Come over here! We need you to be the princess!”

Judy blushed. “I thought Sara was the princess,” she stated, tossing a glance at the little bunny in the tiara.

“That’s okay,” Sara stated. “We can have two princesses!”

She rushed over and gripped her sister’s paws, pulling her towards the action.

“Gosh, I don’t know,” Judy insisted. “You’re such a prettier princess than me.”

“Nick’s the knight!” Sara said proudly.

“Oh, no!” cried another girl. “The fort’s under attack! Hurry! Gather the army!”

Sword-Boy raised his arm. “Our brave knight will come to the rescue!” he shouted. “The princess is locked in the tower!”

“Better get in there, Carrots,” Nick told his girlfriend seriously. “Before the dragon eats you up.”

“I think the princess is already prepared for anything,” Judy announced, straightening Sara’s crown. “Go get ‘em, girl!”

“Yay!” Sara ran to the chair that was being used as the tower and jumped up on to it.

“Who’s the dragon?” Judy asked.

“Me!” Another one of her brothers came forward with a cardboard dragon hat on. “Rrrrrarrr! RRRARRRR!”

He walked around the setup, snarling and holding out his arms menacingly.

“Aaahhhh! The dragon! Kill the dragon!”

“Hey, Nick! The princess needs your help!”

“Don’t worry!” Nick spoke in his best knight’s voice. “I’ll protect you!”

Judy laughed at his imitation.

“Having fun, Nick?” she asked playfully.

“Oh, always,” Nick responded.

“Princess! Your brave knight is coming to save you!” called Sword-Boy. “We must keep the bad guys out of the fort! Get the catapults!”

Nick stood up and wrapped his arms around Judy.

“A brave knight must always protect his lady,” he said with a very determined expression. “Judy will help me slay the dragon!”

“Yes!” Judy insisted brightly. “I will help your knight! I’m the tops at catching bad guys! Gimme a sword!”