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As promised, a master post of my fanbot cosplay. Her name is Key-Lock, and she was built in 1899. She is, like the Walter robots, a singing automaton, though she does not write her own songs, so she sticks to making covers, at least for now. The reason behind her name, is because she really like keys and locks, and she has a rather big collection of both different keys, and locks, she even wears necklaces with keys and locks. She glitches a lot, but only when she speaks. It is, however, not something she minds all that much. 

Key-Lock only stands 5′3′’ tall, so she is a rather small automaton, but she usually wears heels, so she appears an inch or two taller. She also has various, different outfits, but you can always count on her wearing her black gloves, that are decorated with paintings of a key, and a lock. 

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Pearlet) - The Cub

A/N: This is a gender bender fic, Violet is cis female - Marilyn Monroe and Matt is cis male. The fic is based loosely on Marilyn’s life, but I changed some things to fit the story.

This story is dedicated to my dearest friend Kiwi who has supported me through the two month process, from the second the idea came to me and to proof reading it for me. You are an angel, I could write an essay explaining how thankful I am for you every day but I’m trying to keep this short and cute.

I spent a long time on researching 50’s slang, so if you don’t understand a word scroll up to see the list of words I explained here below!

~the Cub

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I like to think of what happens after Trespasser and how the relationships with the Inquisitor and their romance lasts long term for all the companions. It’s often hard for me to imagine what would happen in each relationship. Since my canon Inquisitor, a female human mage romanced Iron Bull, the answer came
almost immediately. Luckily I spared the Chargers so he didn’t betray her, outside that… Though I feel honestly that (between my Inquisitor, the way she is and Bull how he is) their romance couldn’t last the long term. To put it brutally really the only thing keeping them together after the main story line was the
Inquisition despite the very passionate love they had for each other (also due to the unrest with other nations regarding the Inquisition’s growth). 

So I head-canon my Inquisitor sadly breaks it off with Bull, marries a Chevalier and former Grey Warden (kinda the default male Warden from Awakening), moves back to the Free Marches and has a kid. The reason she did this was because she wanted things she couldn’t have with Bull, putting official marriage aside, a family being one of many reasons. In the Trespasser slide regarding the romance, Bull seems as if he’s never around. (I picked the Inquisition serves the Divine so this could be different for other people). She still wears the necklace out of reflection.

She couldn’t spend her life waiting for him to return, it was painful, so she decided to move on after three years of this. Bull was her first love and she’ll never forget him but she had to take the romantic “distance makes the heart fonder” blinders off her eyes, and realize that in the long run, just for her, it wouldn’t last.
She does sound selfish only thinking of herself though, but she really did think about it and all other alternatives were worse. By thinking about this and considering the feelings of both my Inquisitor and Bull, I feel this makes my romance with Bull much more realistic than it had been despite the fact they aren’t together. They are on good terms.

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03:First Kiss
note; based after the events after The Last.



“Wait, Sasuke-kun was here?”

Kakashi nodded his head, somehow drinking his tea through that mask of his. He placed the china cup down and clasped his fingers together. He watched Sakura who, obviously, was shocked by this information.

“He’s gone though,” Kakashi said, “he must have heard about what had happened here. It seems that he really is an ally of ours.”

Sakura looked saddened for a moment, placing a hand over her chest. She took a deep breath. She should have known that he would have not stayed to even say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’. That was just the way he was, and she doubted that would ever change. Besides, if she saw him, she would have wanted him to stay. It has been a long two years of waiting for her, after all.

“And Naruto’s wedding?” Sakura asked, peering at her teacher underneath dark lashes.

“No, it seems he won’t be present for that either. He has sent his regards to Naruto, but… he seems to think he doesn’t deserve to be at something like that,” the hokage said, leaning back in his chair, “I understand what he is saying, but…”

“But he should have said something himself,” Sakura finished, “How’s Naruto taking it?”

“You know Naruto. He’s too busy with that Hyuuga of his,” Kakashi chuckled, “Though, it’s clear that he wanted Sasuke as his best man.”

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Emma knows it is not Mary Margaret or Snow White or whatever she wants to call herself talking to her now. She knows the woman hurling accusations at her with no feelings in her eyes is not her mother, that this is the spell pitting them against each other - but it still hurts.

All of Emma’s worst nightmares come true as Mary Margaret shouts one word after another at her. Monster. Freak. Damaged.

If I had to choose between going with you in the wardrobe and sending you on your own, I’d still send you by yourself.

It gets hard to breathe as fresh tears spring into Emma’s eyes. She’s been called worse by foster parents, been treated worse by the system. Her mother has never been so cruel to her.

She knows she’s not a little girl anymore, no longer desperately hoping for the approval and love of parents she didn’t have. She’s not a little girl anymore, but she’s still a lost one.

Sobs wrack her body as her father chimes in with her mother, both of them yelling at her as she cradles her baby brother to her chest. She knows she should leave, go confront the Snow Queen with Elsa and Anna, who are content to wait as long as they have each other, but she just can’t bring herself to leave. 

It’s like she wants to hear all of her worst fears confirmed.

Emma has been waiting for her perfect little world in Storybrooke to fall apart, curses aside. She has it too good here. She has her parents, her son, her - whatever Killian is. 

It’s too good to be true, and Emma knows it. 

You don’t deserve a happy ending.

Emma agrees, but each word drives into her with astonishing force until she is doubled over, crying almost hysterically on the floor of the sheriff’s station.

Someone approaches her, and at first Emma thinks it’s Elsa, until she realizes that Elsa doesn’t wear leather jackets and five different necklaces and a hook

Oh, God.

She can’t look at him, she can’t, not when he’s going to be looking at her with the same disgust and disappointment that her mother and father are. She waits for him to speak, to tell her she’s not worth it, that he doesn’t really care about her.

Killian’s arms go around her and hold her tight as she manages to stop sobbing. She tries to stop crying altogether, but finds that she can’t, and his mouth is on her ear, telling her it’s okay, love and that’s not what they really thinkthey love you and I’m here now. She doesn’t know why the curse didn’t work on him - why didn’t the curse work on him? - but she doesn’t care, really, because he is here and he hasn’t been turned against her and she’s not alone.

Emma has to keep reminding herself that she is not a lost girl, but the Savior, and it’s up to her to save everyone in town, including her parents. Especially her parents. She lets herself relax against Killian before she takes a deep breath and gets to her feet. 

“Let’s go take down the Dairy Queen.”

Dual Nature

The Klaroline Vacay fic I wrote for thedenimofrose, now posted here for your reading pleasure.  And yes, this is a second dragon!Caroline AU that I’ve written.  I offer no apologies.

When he first arrives in town, he can tell the girl is different.

                When he finds out from Maddox that Katerina had tried to turn her, and failed in the attempt – the woman didn’t hold the pillow over her face long enough to actually smother her, she just passed out – Klaus knows without a shadow of a doubt that there is something unique about Caroline Forbes.

                Simply put, Katerina Petrova does not fail when she decides to murder someone.  At least not a high school junior with a reputation for being a bit of an airhead, but eyes that see far more than anyone realizes.

                Like when she looks at him, in her history teacher’s body, and her eyes narrow and…

                He blinks and curses Alaric’s deficient eye sight, because he could swear that was a lick of smoke that curled out of her nostril.

                He finds himself watching her with increasing regularity.  It angers him, because she isn’t the one he’s supposed to be observing.  He’s here for his Doppelganger, and to determine the threat level of the Bennett witch.  He has no time for a perky blonde cheerleader who has shown no signs of being anything other than what she projects to the world…

                Except she is.  And he knows she is, though he can’t figure out what.

                “Miss Forbes” – he calls to her as she makes to leave, and she raises a brow at the address.  He realizes a second too late that Alaric very likely calls her Caroline, but she hasn’t been part of any of the little war meetings that he has gone to with the Salvatore brothers, and so he had assumed that the teacher wasn’t particularly close to Elena Gilbert’s friend – “would you please stay?”

                She remains in her seat as her classmates empty the room.  Elena shoots him a questioning look as she walks out, accompanied, as always, by the Bennett witch.  When it’s just the two of them left, Klaus rounds the desk, mind whirling quickly for a reason as to why he kept her.

                “Your essay,” he says after a moment, his eye catching on the pile of papers he has yet to truly look at.

                “What about it?” Caroline replies, and Klaus has to bite back a smirk at how her back immediately stiffens.  His little cheerleader, it appears, might be a bit of a perfectionist.

                “It needs improvement,” he replies, simply because he wants to needle her, to see what her reaction is.

                To force her into more of a reaction than she would normally give – because she is something, and it will drive him mad, unless he can figure out what.

                “What’s wrong with it?”

                He pulls out the paper with her name carefully typed at the top, and his eyes quickly dart over it, searching for something to nitpick.  It’s difficult; Caroline is very thorough.  But then he sees it – the tiniest of errors.  One that no one would likely pick out; in fact, it’s very likely not her fault at all that the information is false, more likely it’s the fault of the referenced text book.  But still, he slides the paper across the desk and taps the date.

                “Right here.  I hope you do more thorough research in the future.  This didn’t happen for at least another three years.”

                “You backed this up in class!” she growls, her eyes flashing in anger, and Klaus narrows his gaze, because this time he knows he didn’t imagine anything.  That was smoke.  Light, and almost unnoticeable, but very much there.

               His mind whirls.  He has been alive for a thousand years, and somewhere in those thousand years he must have seen a creature like her.

               But all that crosses his mind is vampires, werewolves and witches… and a hundred old folk tales that never seemed to have any bearing in truth.

                He watches her take a deep breath and close her eyes, releasing her crushing hold on the paper.

                “I’ll find another source,” she says after a moment, pasting on that fake smile she wears so often and getting to her feet.  “Was there anything else I could help you with?”

                “Not at all.”

                “Have a nice day, Mr. Saltzman.”

                She’s still wearing that smile, though it’s looking more pained, as though she’s grinding her teeth together.  And when she leaves, she moves quickly – almost too quickly.

                Curious and curiouser.

                Klaus doesn’t have time for this, not with a witch to kill and a sacrifice on the horizon.

                But perhaps… perhaps he will find a way to make the time.

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