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Have you ever met someone who you can’t get tired of seeing everyday?” she asked. “Someone who makes your heart smile and puts a sweet shiver to your spine. Someone who can sit with you all day even if you talk about nonsense things. Have you ever known someone who never asked for you to change yourself? Someone who accepts you just the way you are. Someone who never wants you to lose yourself just by loving them. Someone who treats you in the best possible way without expecting too much from you.” she paused and thought of that someone she’s been talking about. It all comes to her mind. The way he genuinely smiles as if there are millions of fireflies that suddenly showed up at the night sky. The way he looks at her as if she is the most stunning person in the universe. Her heart seems to love everything she feels. And for that, she is grateful to know a person like him. She smiled and continued, “Haven’t you met someone you thought—will never exists in this world? Someone you thought you will never meet. Because I have met someone who I thought will only appear in my dreams.
—  ma.c.a // I want to describe you longer than this
He’s Dangerous, But Not Around You: Part 3

A/N: This sort of ends abruptly, but if I didn’t end it here the imagine would have been extremely long so I’ll be posting part 4 within the next three days x 

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Three months after Harry called off his relationship with Y/n, it was his birthday, and just like every other year for the past five, the boys decided to spend his birthday weekend at Louis’ family lake house. It was one of the few times a year they’d go- only saved for special occasions. It’s secluded, far from the city, but close enough so that it’s not too much out of their way.

Their tradition when it comes to Harry’s birthday weekend has remained the same for years now. A bonfire, a couple of poker games, countless amounts of beer, and occasional midnight skinny dipping. However, this year, the only change in tradition is Y/n not being there.

The second Harry steps foot out of his car, the whole idea of spending his birthday without Y/n makes him feel sick to his stomach. This was their favorite place to be together. They didn’t know why, but something about the privacy and the exclusiveness of it enhanced their relationship in unimaginable ways. They have had many occasions where they would flee from London without a word and spend a couple days alone here. 

The guys scurry out of the car in excitement, absolutely stoked to be back in the grand Tomlinson lake house. Harry sighs, slamming his car door shut before half-heartedly making his way inside.

He can’t blame their excitement when it came to the celebration weekend, however, they hadn’t seemed to notice how off Harry became the first couple of hours upon their arrival. But what else did he expect? He didn’t tell them, he didn’t tell them any of it. He didn’t want to. He knew they knew, anyways, but he had constantly beat himself up, blaming himself for destroying the one thing in his life he felt was genuinely worth fighting for. If he had told them what he did, he would never hear the end of it. He didn’t need anyone else to remind him of how much he had fucked up.

But ever since Y/n had left, something in him changed. He had no desire to fight anymore. Three days after he broke it off, he was worse than ever. Getting himself into numerous fights multiple times a day. It was his way of coping the loss of her, the loss of his only true humanity. However, when the fourth day came, and Harry started to really understand the fact that he was never going to see Y/n again, was when the pain really set in. He felt himself suffocating in a horrendous amount of guilt. 

She had tried so hard, she pushed him harder than anybody else had. Nobody put as much faith in him as she had. She stayed with him in times he truly didn’t deserve it. Hell, there were even days where she was so mad at him that all she could do was yell and yell and yell, and even then she still slept in the same bed as him. He couldn’t live with letting all of that go- letting her go- so he decided to prove himself wrong

It was the biggest fight of his life, the one against himself; when half of him wanted to inflict his pain onto other people and the other half wanting desperately to change himself for the sake of his relationship with Y/n. But he knew he was stronger than the monster inside of him, even though he believed he was weaker. What made him strong was Y/n’s relationship with him, he would stop at nothing to get her back.

It didn’t take Y/n more than a couple days to tell Zayn what had happened. He called her, asking what was going on since Harry had been a complete wreck with no sign of her in his life. She explained, in the best that she could between her harsh sobs and broken whimpers that Harry had left her. He broke up with her, tried to convince her that they didn’t belong together, and eventually confessed that he wasn’t willing to change for her. 

Y/n made him promise not to tell anybody else because she felt that this was Harry’s responsibility, not anybody else. Of course, Zayn kept his promise and never said a word about it to anyone. 

The rest of the guys tried to get it out of him, though. They never forced it, but occasionally mentioned her to see what he would say or do, but he just ignored them. The mention of her name killed him on the inside, and he, truthfully, still couldn’t face the reality that they aren’t together anymore.

To say the guys have been concerned for him is an understatement. Yeah, he’s stopped fighting, but he’s still not the same Harry he was when he was with Y/n. He’s constantly thinking, his mind always somewhere not where it’s supposed to be. He drinks more, too, which used to spike up his anger, but now only spikes up his sadness. He has no motivation to do anything besides stay in his house and dwell on the guilt he’s carried.

Getting him to the lake house is one of their ways of getting him to heal. They just don’t know how much this place kills him, though. God, he can’t even look at a single square inch of it without seeing her in his head. How the hell is he going to get through the weekend?

The boys begin to notice how hurt Harry is when he begins to prepare for the bonfire they planned on having later that night. This is Harry’s first birthday after his break up with Y/n, and instead of telling them how truly heartbreaking it was for him, he avoided that topic of conversation completely. He was already depressed enough, he didn’t need to bury himself in it on his own birthday.

While Harry sets up the firewood needed for the bonfire, he’s distant. He’s distracted, not consuming himself in any of the boys’ conversations. They know Y/n’s already on his mind, she’s the only one who gets him daydreaming.

Harry sighs, lifting heavy piles of wood and constructing them into a setup for later. He’s finished now, has been finished for a while, but he just can’t stop. All he can think about is how Y/n isn’t with him, how she’s probably in her new home, sulking, hating him for ruining her life. It’s his birthday, and she probably hates him.

He sighs, placing his hands on his knees and leaning forward, eyes trained on the ground. He just can’t get her out of his head, no matter how much he tries to distract himself, almost every waking moment he’s thinking about the first time they met.

They were at a party Zayn’s aunt decided to host. It was a casual-formal event, just something special for her close friends to feel welcomed to upon their return to London after being in the states for a while.

Zayn was, obviously, invited. His aunt even insisted on him bringing his best friends, which he probably would have done anyways because he wasn’t too familiar with the family the party was for. The only member he’s ever really talked to was Y/n. She was super shy, very introverted, but was extremely sweet nonetheless. She had talked to Zayn a couple times when they stayed at his aunt’s house simultaneously. Other than that, they didn’t talk much.

“C’mon, you’re just gonna stand in the corner all night?” Zayn approached Harry, a glass of vodka held loosely in his hands.

Harry was pissed he was even in the situation he was in. Social events weren’t his thing, never something he found entertaining. He didn’t care about this stupid family’s return, he didn’t even know them.

“This is the last goddam place I want to be right now” Harry seethed, “I’m pissed off at you for even fucking forcing me here, don’t force me to try and mingle too.”

He let out a slight grumble in Zayn’s direction before making his way to the mini bar. On his way, in the midst of his aggravation, he felt a body collide with his. He groaned, a slight growl in the mix, definitely not in any mood for people to get in his way.

“Watch where you’re-“

“Oh, sorry” the girl gasped, “didn’t see you there.”

Harry’s body immediately froze at the sight of her. She was the most stunning woman he’s ever seen. Her eyes were sparkling with sorrow, lips parted slightly due to the impact. Her outfit complimented her body shape beautifully, leaving him absolutely speechless.

“I- It’s okay” he stuttered, eyes never leaving her, “are you okay?”

She nodded slightly, completely captivated by the most handsome man standing in front of her. God, how he was so beautiful, she would have never known a man like this could ever exist in this world.

“I’m okay” she softly spoke, “thank you.”

Harry insisted on buying her a drink as a way to apologize for not exactly paying attention to where he was going. They chatted for a while, mainly about the party. Come to find out, she was the daughter of Zayn’s aunt’s friends. She hadn’t gone to the states with them, however, she didn’t really make too much of an effort to go and see her in her stay in London.

They were talking quite well, considering Harry definitely did give her an attitude at times and somehow made her feel extremely intimidated whenever he did so. But he had to admit, it was one of the best conversations he’s had in a while, despite his unfriendly character.

“What’s your name, by the way?” Harry finally asked.

She blushed slightly.

“I’m Y/n. And you?”


“Oh, you’re Harry.” Y/n said quietly, a hint of realization in her tone of voice.

Harry didn’t like the way she said it, as if insulting him in a way. Which, for him, was a bit of a let down considering there was a moment where he genuinely believed she was different.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” Harry snapped, his voice somehow rougher and more raspy than how it was before, “Like you’re any better?“

His fierce stare upon her made Y/n feel belittled. When he spoke to her, he made her feel as if her existence was the dirt beneath his shoes. No wonder Zayn had warned her, no girl like Y/n could survive five minutes with such an intimidating man.

“Oh- um- I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just that Zayn had told me to stay away from you.” She stuttered, her voice barely above a mumble.

She still refused to make eye contact with him, only for the sake of her safety. She was too afraid to look at him now, when his body seemed tense and eyes filled with aggression. She was an easy pray for people like him to feed on- to get a good kick out of.

“I should go” she muttered, “It was lovely to meet you.”

Almost too quickly, she grabbed her bag off the bar and began to make her way back to where she was before. However, before making it too far, she felt a hand grab ahold of her wrist.

He didn’t know why, but when he had seen the fear set in Y/n’s eyes, an overwhelming feeling of guilt set upon him. It was strange, to feel so much of it hit him over one girl’s reaction. He had done this many times to many people, all of which having a moment of complete vulnerability during his encounters with them. But they didn’t necessarily make him feel anything more than the slightest bit of regret.

“Hey” he whispered softly, delicately pulling her back to where he was standing, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.”

Y/n looked into his eyes as he spoke, giving her the reassurance she needed. He was genuine, she could tell, his eyes screamed sympathy.

“It’s oka-“

“But Zayn is right,” Harry continued, slowly letting her arm go “you should stay away from me.”

Before she had any time to react, he had walked away from her.

The rest of the night, Y/n was determined to speak to him again. After meeting him for the first time, she had an innumerable amount of questions she pressed Zayn to answer. Why is he always angry? Is he dangerous? But why was he so nice to me when I walked away?

Zayn explained that Harry wasn’t someone she should be concerned about. All he told her was that he had been hurt one too many times and it caused him to become violent towards those who threaten potential pain. He doesn’t apologize to anybody, and told her that it was quite strange how he had to her.

Harry couldn’t stop thinking about her. He didn’t know what it was, exactly, that intrigued him so much. Besides the fact she was the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid his eyes on, she was so easy to talk with. She was quiet, and apart of him liked that about her. The moment he hurt her, he just felt so bad, like it was the last thing he ever wanted to see.

Which is why he walked away from her.

When he saw Zayn later that night, he had asked about her. He asked how they had known each other, asked about her life and where she lived. He was determined to know more about her. It wasn’t even that he just wanted to, but it felt like he had to, like he was being compelled to feel this way toward her.

Right as he was about to leave the party, he had heard her voice behind him


He slowly turned to look at her. She was looking as shy as ever, fingers fiddling together, cheeks blushed, eyes unsure. She didn’t know exactly what she was going to say, but she wanted to try.

“I want to get to know you.” She spoke softly, her hand reaching up to tuck some of her loose hair behind her ear.

He swore his heart melted. The second the words fell from her lips, he was willing to do whatever it took to get to know her.

“I know you said I should stay away from you, but I don’t want to.”

“Harry,” Zayn mumbles, snapping Harry out of his thoughts, “do you want to talk about it?”

Harry didn’t realize he was near tears until Zayn snapped him out of his trance. He didn’t look at them as he returns to placing the logs in piles, contemplating whether or not to disregard his statement or not. Of course he wants to talk about how much mental pain he’s in from not being with Y/n anymore, but he just can’t talk about it. They know that, too, because if he were ready, he would have already.

“Can you stop asking about her, please?” He groans, tossing the last piece of wood onto the top of the pile, “I know you guys know, so please, don’t make me say it.”

He doesn’t bother to look at them, instead, wiping off some of the sweat off his forehead with the sleeve of his flannel before making his way inside the house to change out of his sweaty clothes. He didn’t want to seem rude, but he’s completely and utterly broken, if he has to be questioned about her again he swears he’ll actually become ill.

Half-heartedly making his way to the bedroom, Harry opens up the duffle bag that sits on top of the bed, that he has yet to unpack, searching through the folded clothes to find his plain gray t-shirt he plans on wearing for later that night. Slipping off his flannel and sliding off the now dirty white tank top underneath, he puts on the t-shirt, throwing the dirty clothes into the laundry bin.

Once changed, Harry begins to unpack the remaining clothes out of his bag. His hands are shaking as he does so, breathing heavy when he sets his clothes down on the bed. His stomach twists with sick at the idea of sleeping in this goddamn room.

This was the first place they made love. It was within the first month of being with each other, filled with beautiful romance and bliss. It was the best night of his life. It was the first time he had touched someone so delicately before. The first time his violent hands spread love throughout her body. He said words he never thought he’d say again. Words that he actually fucking meant, words to express how his once cold heart felt warm for what felt like the first time in his life. 

It was her first visit to the lake house. She had just finished cleaning up the remaining dishes, insisting that even though she was the guest, she had to contribute to the clean up after having a barbecue. Harry was sitting by the kitchen table, just watching her, observing her as she hummed an unknown tune, her hair messily tied up on her head. He could hear the boys playing poker in the living room, which he would have played if Harry hadn’t already planned on taking Y/n out near the lake after she had finished cleaning up.

“Alright, Harry, all done.” she smiled, “Now what was it you wanted to show me?”

She made her way toward his sitting frame, taking a seat right on top of his lap. Combing her fingers through his hair, she planted a delicate kiss on the tip of his nose, making Harry’s face blush the color of roses. He reached his arms around her waist, nuzzling her body against his.

“Hm,” he hummed, kissing the exposed skin on her shoulder, “was gonna show you the lake, but almost considering just cuddling you all night long.”

Y/n smiled as Harry leaned in to press a hard kiss against her soft lips. She breathed out heavily, fingertips moving to caress his cheeks, his unshaved stubble scraping against their pads.

“Gross!” they heard Niall call from the living room, “I call the room farthest from yours!”

They both laughed, Harry rolling his eyes at the comment.

“As fantastic that sounds” Y/n smirked, raking her fingers on his back under his shirt, “this is my first time here, and it’s your birthday weekend. I want to explore it with you.”

She leaned down to quickly peck his chapped lips, which soon turned into a wild smirk. His green eyes looked into her brown ones, his fingers dancing along the nape of her neck.

“I can do that for you.”

Once they were by the lake, they sat in silence together. She was cuddled into him, sitting in between his legs, her head rolled back onto his shoulder, his arms wrapped tightly around her waist. They admired the nature they were surrounded by, overwhelmed by the feeling of each other’s company under the moon. It felt like a dream, every bit of it did. It was such a surreal moment for them. They didn’t need to speak about anything for a while, being this close to each other, feeling each other’s bodies against one another was enough for them. They felt closer than ever.

They kissed, and kissed, and kissed. So much so that Y/n ended up on top of him. Her legs were straddling his waist, hands roaming under his shirt, nails scratching at his ribs. Harry had his hands all in her hair, as if trying to pull her closer to him, as if it were even possible.  Her lips traveled down to his neck, kissing every bit of the exposed skin. She just couldn’t get enough. They both couldn’t.

“Y/n.” Harry whispered.

“I love you, Harry.” She muttered against his skin.

“So in love with you.“

It was the first time it was said. They both knew they loved each other once they met. Hell, it was obvious. It didn’t need to be said, but she said it anyways. She said it like she meant it, too, like her heart was blooming as she spoke. God, he even felt her tears against his neck. She was so overwhelmed by their love, the words just slipped out in the moment, but oh how she meant them.

In that moment, he was a weak man. He completely surrendered himself to her love. He was willing for it to have all control over him. He made a promise to himself, to devote his life proving his love for her, proving that he will be the man she deserves in her life, not the man he had other people see.

“Y/n,” he whispers again, fingers gliding down her waist, “I’m so in love with you. I always will be.”

That night, once he had taken her to their room, they made love over and over and over again. It was their first time, opening up to each other in a completely different way than they usually did. His lips captured hers perfectly, his hands fit in hers as if they were, quite literally, made for each other. His name became a mantra, her body became a temple. It was an entirely new level of trust. It was a night that they could have re-lived every day for the rest of their lives, easily, with not a complaint in the world.

Fuck” Harry spits, reaching the back of his hand up to eyes in an attempt to wipe the tears threatening to spill.

He can’t sleep in here, there’s no way he could, not without Y/n. Not without her in his arms, not without making love to her beforehand. His bed at home made him sick enough, but here? He just can’t fathom it.

He begins to shove the clothes he’s started to unpack back into his suitcase. He can’t stay in here another minute. He’ll lose his goddamn mind.

While zipping up his bag, he hears the front door open. Niall’s laugh fills the silence in the house upon his entrance, which gives Harry an idea on how to fix his sleeping situation without raiding the couch.

“Niall!” Harry yells, slinging the bag over his shoulder.

Niall makes his way up the steps toward his voice.


“We’re switching rooms!”

“Oh hell no!”

Niall goes into the room Harry’s in, his face strict and serious.

“You and Y/n have fucked on that bed way too many times. I don’t even think you washed the sheets last time you guys did it on there, either. Pretty sure this room has a permanent stench of sex because of you two.”

Harry’s jaw clenches. Normally, he’d have a rational conversation until he got his way, but he isn’t taking this situation lightly. So, instead, he grabs Niall’s wrist harshly, eyes narrowing down at him as he takes a threatening step closer to him.

Niall’s eyes widen as he looks up at him. Not even because a small part of him felt intimidated, but because this is the first time Harry has shown aggression toward anybody within the past couple of months. There is a chance the part he’s been hiding is becoming unleashed, but Niall knows it was easily set off by Harry’s many failed attempts to get Y/n out of his head.

“I don’t think you understand, Niall” Harry seethes, “I may have not laid my hands on anyone in months, but missing Y/n doesn’t only make me sad, it makes me dangerous. I will not hesitate to do whatever it takes to be as far away from this room as possible. Now I will not tell you again, we are switching rooms.”

Niall rips his hand out of Harry’s grip, shaking it around a bit from the amount of pressure Harry was gripping it with.

“Alright, Jesus,” he groans, “but you better wash those fucking sheets. I refuse to sleep in a bed full of sex.“

Harry lets out a breath he was holding in, somewhat relieved that he doesn’t have to be spending three nights in his own personal hell. 

Adjusting the strap of his bag onto his shoulder, Harry slowly nods as he continues to look at Niall. He feels bad for treating him in the way he just did, but the idea of becoming more hurt than he already was is something he wouldn’t be able to live with. 

“Yeah, yeah I will.” He mutters. “I’m sorry, by the way, for that. I didn’t want to hurt you, but I can’t be in this room for another second without losing my mind. I really can’t.”

Niall sighs, slowly reaching up to wrap his arms security around Harry. Being like his brother, he really has felt so bad for what he’s been going through. He can’t imagine the heartbreak, or how he’s even surviving the breakup as well as he has. 

Harry reaches his arms around Niall’s body, hugging him back.

“It’s okay, bud. I get it, you don’t have to apologize. I’ll even wash the sheets for you.”

Harry lets out a slight laugh, shaking his head briefly before detaching himself from Niall and making his way into his room.

Once settled, Harry makes his way down to the kitchen to grab a couple of beers and take some time to himself. If this weekend is going to haunt the living shit out of him, he might as well try to make himself relax the slightest bit.

With a bottle of beer held loosely in his hand, he opens the sliding door that leads to the porch. Leaning his body against the doorway, Harry admires the sun setting on the lake, watching as the wind moves the leaves in small dance.

For the first time since the breakup, he actually feels at peace.

“She broke up with you, didn’t she?” Liam asks, suddenly joining Harry on the porch as he sips on a bottle of beer, slinging his arm around Harry’s shoulders.

Harry rolls his eyes, the accusation of her leaving him must have been the topic of all their conversations. Of course that’s what they thought, it must have been so convenient for them to think Y/n could live a great life without him while he would be a danger to the streets. That’s how much he needed her, but they never seemed to notice how much she needed him, not how Harry noticed.

“Why is everyone so convinced that if we were to ever break up, she’d be the one that called it off?” Harry snarls.

“I was the one who ended it.” He continues, “It wasn’t working out.”

He takes a swig from his beer, eyes still trained on the view of the lake. He doesn’t want to continue this conversation, doesn’t want to relive the night that tore his life apart. Most of all, he doesn’t want to talk about it here, at this stupid fucking lake house, and have to dwell on the pain he wishes he could erase. He doesn’t want to be reminded that he was the one who did this to them.

“C’mon,” Liam sighs, “she was the only thing you had. She was the only one to get this Harry back. You were just afraid she’d leave you first.”

Harry decides not to answer, not knowing how to respond. Of course that’s why he ended it, that’s how he operates. He pushes those away just so that nobody pushes him away. He could deal with anybody else doing it, but if Y/n had left him first, there was no way he’d ever make it through that. Not a fiber in his body doubts that for even a second.

“Have you spoken to her at all?” Liam breaks the silence.

Harry looks down at his beer, circling it in his hands. Why does he keep asking him questions he clearly doesn’t want to answer?

“She said she never wanted to see me again.” Harry mumbles, “I haven’t spoken to her since she left.”

Jesus, Harry.” Liam whispers. “Are you okay?”

Something about that question makes something inside of Harry twist. Is he okay? How can he be okay? He hasn’t seen the love of his life, hasn’t talked to her, hasn’t even heard the sound of her breathing in months. Every part of his body hurts every time he thinks about her because the feeling of being away from her is the most painful feeling in the world.

His life was consumed by her love. His entire world changed when he met her. Nobody else could he lay his hands so sweetly on, could his voice speak so softly to, could his heart swell so greatly for. She changed him, even though he was too scared to admit it to her, she changed him. She gave him hope- gave him a reason to hold onto himself.

Since she’s left, in times when he’s at his all-time low, all he can think about is how his arms felt holding her, how his lips felt kissing her, how fucking relieving and beautiful it was to talk to her, and how he let all of that go.

How can he be okay?

Tears cloud his vision, his hands begin to shake. Oh, God. He thought he was over this. He thought he was over the emotions, he didn’t deserve them. He did this, he caused all this, this was his decision. Yet here he is, again, fighting back the tears that have been so desperate to be released.

“I mean” Harry begins, his voice shaking as he speaks, “I mean, I fucked up everything. I had everything I ever needed and I was the one who let it go. I was starting to think that her leaving me would be worse but now-”

He’s choking back sobs, face wet with unwelcomed tears, “now I can’t stop thinking about how much she hates me right now. She has a home without me, she lives her life without me, she is falling asleep at night without me. And the worst part is that she didn’t want it that way. That was all me, everything is because of me!”

Liam rushes to wrap his arms around him, pulling Harry’s head down onto his shoulder so that he has a place to cry. Harry’s holding him like it’s his ever last bit of hope, almost as if grasping for reassurance for his relationship with Y/n.

“Harry.” he whispers.

“Trust me, Liam, I didn’t want this, either” he continues, words scrambling out of his mouth, “but what else was I supposed to do? And now I’m at this stupid fucking lake house where we talked about getting married and she’s not here with me and I can’t do this anymore!”

He’s completely helpless now. His body is weak, shaking against Liam’s tense frame. He’s in so much pain, so much heartbreak that he’s almost screaming, begging God for some mercy because he can’t take this anymore. The constant thought of her, the constant reminder that he’s never going to see her again rips his heart out every second of every day.

“I just really don’t want to know what it’s like to live another day without her” his voice quivers, “I never do.”

Harry’s wet eyes meet Liam’s sympathetic ones. Liam opens his mouth, preparing to say something, but Harry simply shakes his head. He can’t do this anymore. 

He pats Liam’s shoulder- thanking him for being by his side- before turning around to walk away. He slides the glass door open, walking inside the kitchen to replace his now empty bottle of beer with a new one.

“Wait,” Liam mumbles, “wait, Harry, I have to tell you something.”

Harry stops in his place, slowly turning his body around to look at him. He cocks his head to the side, eyebrows furrowed, seeming confused.

“Y/n- she’s- she’s coming here tonight.”  


















































someone gimme a hug pls

Jughead X Fem!Reader- Pool Party

My first requests! Pretty much what it says in the title! Thank you to @ficbucket ! I combined the two because I thought they worked as a pair haha Hope you enjoy! (I know I said they’d take longer but I couldn’t resist)

Flips between Second and Third person, dependent on point of view again so yeah, so I hope it makes sense! Tips, pointers and constructive criticism is always welcome ^^

Warnings: None!

Words: 1588


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Keith’s Family: A Theory

( in response to @paladinspride‘s post about Keith’s family)

Tbh I’ve had some theories thinking that maybe Keith was somehow related to Lotor in some way / other galran royalty. I’m not entirely sure how all that would be explained but.. I’ve had a few thoughts..

So we know Zarkon is Lotor’s father – but we don’t know who his mother is.. so I’m assuming she’s (at least half) Altean because Lotor’s appearance does resemble Haggar’s (who is Altean herself).. I personally don’t think Haggar is Lotor’s mother, though, I think we’ve still to see her. But where would Keithy boy come into this?

Tbh this is where it gets a little confusing I guess, because there’s no way to tell.. but I suppose you could argue that Lotor and Keith have the same mother? Since it doesn’t look as if Lotor has extended his life for 10,000+ years via Quintessence, it would be safe to assume that his mother was around recently.

  • I’m thinking that maybe Lotor’s mother (or I’ll just call her Galra Mom/GM for now) is part of the BoM..and she’s one of their top members. For a huge infiltration mission, she goes in and tries to take the empire down from the inside or gain information, and so she goes by trying to gain Zarkon’s trust. It’s a bit difficult at first since she’s Altean (or at least half) and she needs to really work at making Zarkon (and others close to him) think she’s not a threat. However, it does work and they get (the galra equivalent) of married… skip a few years and Lotor is born.
  • As a small kid, Lotor’s learning under Haggar and other people who are fiercely loyal to Zarkon’s regime. Galra Mom isn’t too happy because she loves her boy but if things continue he’s going to end up just like his father (which she does not want) and so she tries to teach him about how wonderful the universe is and all of the different planets and cultures.
  • Small time skip (Lotor’s around 5/6) and GM is sitting in a playroom or something watching little Lotor playing with his toys thinking about how people are becoming more suspicious of her and she knows that she probably doesn’t have a lot of time left before her cover is blown.. so she knows she will have to leave soon. It breaks her heart because she wants to keep her son safe from Zarkon’s influence but she could end up getting killed and harming her son and the mission.
  • Meanwhile, whilst little Lotor has been growing up, Zarkon somehow managed to acquire the red lion of Voltron. GM knows that, above anything else, she needs to try and keep Voltron away from Zarkon or there really will be no happy future for anyone in the universe. So one night, she’s in the hangar where the red lion is kept and pleads with her (i hc red as a girl btw) to allow her to pilot her to somewhere safe. Red refuses however and reassures her that her paladin will come for her. So she takes an escape pod.
  • When she lands, GM has no idea where she is, all she knows is the planet is called Earth. She wanders around and doesn’t really know what to do now, the empire will know of her betrayal, so there’s no going back. Might as well explore the planet then before settling down somewhere she knows she will stay safe.
  • As she wanders the planet, GM tries not to think too much about how much she misses her boy - the thought of him growing up without her just pains her so much and she longs to go back and see her son. But now is not the time. She can only hope he won’t be like Zarkon.
  • Another time skip and GM decides to stay in a desert-like’s pretty much barren, so there’s no chance of someone coming here. Except there is. And that guy is ..

Keith’s dad. (I also think that he may have gotten that scar from either doing some dangerous exploring, or getting attacked by GM when she thought he was going to hurt her – but again, that’s a really minor side-theory)

  • ANOTHER TIME SKIP, and GM is falling love with this human man (and he teaches her about life on Earth, and she eventually tells him of her home and shows him her space pod and stuff). Lucky for her, he’s falling in love with this awesome galra lady
  • She gives him her BoM blade to remember her by (because she knows again that she can’t stay on Earth forever)
  • Anywhooo, they end up together and *insert time skip here* they have a little boy, Keith. She adores her little boy, and hopes that one day that Keith will get to see his half-brother
  • One day, when Keith is like 2/3, GM gets a warning from her pod that Galra are approaching and locking on a signal in the Milky Way Galaxy about Galra tech there.. and yikes she knows that’s time up for her.
  • She tells Keith’s dad that night that she needs to leave. There are tears (just like the night she left Lotor) and she promises that she’ll come back one day and that she’ll reunite all her family. But for now, she needs to complete her mission and keep Voltron out of Zarkon’s hands and keep the universe safe.
  • That night, Keith’s dad and little Keith watch as GM’s space pod flies into space
  • From that point onward, GM travels through space, planet to planet and galaxy to galaxy doing what she can to resist Zarkon’s regime. She does this for many years until one day she finds herself trapped in the belly of a welbum whilst in the middle of an important mission. She’s gotten herself out of lots of tricky situations, but not entirely sure how she’ll get out of this one. 
  • It’s been well over a week now… She’s still trapped in the worm and her pod is running out of resources to keep her going. She thinks maybe this is it and she’ll never get to see her family again. She’ll never get to see Lotor, Keith, or Keith’s father. The three people in her life that she truly loved and cared for. She begins to lose hope…until someone opens up the pod and gets her out. 
  • She’s stunned at first, because the boy’s eyes resemble Keith’s eyes..but there’s no way it’s him. It looks as if he has black hair too, but there’s no way of knowing… Once she escapes, all she thinks about how That’s impossible..There’s no way my little boy would be out in space. Not now…could he?

(aaand that’s everything i got for now..i don’t think there’s much more i could really say.. if you have anything to add to this or discuss, feel free! :) )

His Light

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To my Katniss, my Stich, and my Sully….TQM!! Happy Birthday @everlarkingjoshifer a little Peeta drabble, un betaed, but sweet and fluffy…

The day was warm and bright. Peeta sat quietly reading his book, though his eyes trained on the girl with the scowl on her face. His light. Her braided hair looked silky soft. His fingers itched to run through the silky strands. As a child he was made fun of by his brothers for crushing on Katniss Everdeen.

His love was so innocent and tender that he pictured them playing in the playground for an eternity. As he matured he learned love was not so simple. He overheard her tell her baby sister she wasn’t interested in marriage  or a family.  He vowed to love her from a distance and respect her decision, he rationed that her happiness was paramount.

Then The Hunger Games changed all that. They were forced to be together as The Star Crossed Lovers, and he became determined to be her friend. He knew she didn’t love him. It hurt worse than losing his leg. With this pain he endured, and his childish infatuation grew as he got to know her.

Katniss became more than just a huntress with amazing aim. He discovered, she loved to ruin tea with sugar, she loved a combination of the savory with the sugar like dipping her cheese-buns in hot chocolate. She was ticklish, she was a horrible liar, she always had a smudge of dirt on her cheek, and snorted when she laughed. He also recalled how she complained excessively about having to shave, he laughed at her righteous indignation.

All of these memories were like prizes to him now, it took The Capitol months to distort his memories of her but he’d fought back. Slowly picking away at the shiny confusion to rediscover the girl he’d loved from afar. What surprised him the most was that his love wasn’t one sided. She too pinned for him, she too loved him from afar and made careful study of all of his habits and quirks.

It was was a stunning to learn the breadth of her love for him. She’d patiently waited for him to recover, steadily holding the candle, lighting the way for him to find his way back to her.

Years later he sat watched her approach with her face wrinkled with disgust over something Haymitch said. He counted the seconds until her saw it, the moment she spotted him on the front porch of their home. The way her lips softened and her steely gallium eyes converted into a liquid like mercury substance, at the sight of him. He hid his smile as all the love she possessed for him radiated like the radiance of a spring flower.

Peeta grinned, and mouthed, ‘Hi.’

She his huntress blushed before inviting him shyly to bathe with her. Book forgotten he rushed inside he’d never again love her from afar.  

“I Want You”--Imagine #15

Anonymous asked: Request for an imagine where he gets is angry/upset and you are the only one that can really calm him down, maybe someone has to come get you from class or whatever and you calm him and everything. thanks :)

A/N: Did this from C/n’s POV. Hope you don’t mind. Sorry that this one was so long. I couldn’t help myself. ;) If you guys want a part 2 to this I would love to write one. Just let me know!!! :)) Keep dreaming!~Logan

C/f/n: Crush’s friend’s name

C/n’s POV

“Come on, boys! Get your heads in the game!” I heard Coach yell at us from the side of the court. “C/n, stop fooling around! You think we’re gonna win a game if you keep missing the net?”

Sometimes, I hated practice. I mean, don’t get me wrong, basketball was a sport that brought me lots of joy. But Coach wasn’t exactly someone who went easy on you if you were having a bad day. And I had a lot of those. 

Not that I was particularly in a bad mood a lot of days, but I was hard on myself a lot. So, it didn’t help when Coach nagged me about the things I already knew I was having a hard time with. Sometimes, during practice or even a game, it became extremely hard for me to hold in the anger and frustration that I felt towards myself. No one seemed to understand why my eyes would get red and watery during a game, even though I tried telling C/f/n that I got so mad at myself I felt like crying. I thought he’d understand but when he messed up he wasn’t affected by it, so he didn’t understand the anger that bubbled up inside me when I made a mistake, no matter how great or small. 

I flung the ball towards the net the way I’d learned to do it, but instead of making a whooshing sound, it banged against the backboard and fell to the floor with a mocking echo. 

We were practicing free-throws, and the rational part of me knew my team wasn’t paying attention to how badly I was doing, but I couldn’t calm down. The mounting frustration was gaining momentum inside of me. 

As I was waiting for C/f/n to finish his turn at free-throws, Coach marched over to me. He pulled me away from the rest of the boys.

“C/n, what the hell’s going on with you, huh?” He demanded.

“I’m sorry, Coach, I guess my concentration is a little off. I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night thanks to studying for exams,” I explained, pleading with my eyes that he’d let me off easy. 

“Well, I understand that studying can take a long time. But we’re not worrying about that right now. When you’re on the court, you’re supposed to be one-hundred percent focused on the game. I’m not seeing that from you. I need that from you, c/n, okay?” 

I nodded, feeling myself start to lose control of my emotions. He slapped me on the back, signalling me to get back to practicing. 

I thought I could get myself to do better. But throw after throw was either a little too much to the left, or too much to the right. My anger was now coursing through my veins. 

“You’ll get it, man, don’t worry,” C/f/n encouraged. 

“Fuck this,” I mumbled, throwing my ball to the side, not caring where it landed. 

“Get back on the court, young man!” I heard Coach yell after me as I stormed away, eyes watering from anger and disappointment in myself.

Fuck him. Fuck this. Fuck me. 

I slammed my way into the locker room, sitting on one of the wooden benches. Tearing off my shirt, I slammed my fist down onto the hard wood in anger. What was wrong with me, why couldn’t I get anything right? My breathing was shallow, my eyes threatening to water my cheeks with tears. Roughly, I rubbed at them, and took pleasure in the sting it left. Hunched over, I gave in. My body shook from the sobs that escaped my mouth. 

“God, I hate this. Stupid, stupid, stupid,” I croaked out, rocking back and forth, eyes squeezed shut. 

That’s when I felt a pair of arms wrap around me from the back, followed by soft lips caressing my neck. I knew those lips, those gentle hands that wrapped around my bare, quaking body. 

“Shh, c/n,” she whispered to me, her hot breath warming the back of my neck. 

I stopped my rocking, and turned to face her. 

“What are you doing here,” I rasped, my throat hoarse from trying to contain my loud sobs. 

“C/f/n got me from class. Told me you were having a rough day,” She said, stepping over the low bench and crouching between my legs. 

Those sweet e/c eyes penetrated my soul when I looked down into them. It unsettled me but in a good way. She saw me for who I was when she looked at me. She saw past all the walls that I built up. My walls weren’t strong enough to resist her gentle ways. She never judged me. We were best friends, but sometimes, the way she held me and comforted me made me feel like she was trying to tell me something she was too scared to say out loud through her actions. The same thing I was too much of a coward to say to her.

The soft pads of her fingertips glided over my temples, and rested on my jaw as she propped her elbows on my knees. 

“Practice was just–I–” I almost started crying again but she ran her thumb over my bottom lip. 

The gesture felt so impossibly good, I almost forgot my frustration. Almost.

“Hey, hey. Shhh. Take a deep breath, okay?” She crooned, stroking my cheeks, brushing away the tears that had fallen before she came. 

I took a deep, shaky breath and immediately felt a lot better. 

“Now, tell me why you got so angry at yourself?” She pushed gently, concern clear in her shining eyes. 

The fact that she understood immediately that I was angry at myself and not the actual thing I was doing made me want to wrap her in my arms. Not that this was the first time she calmed me down. In fact, she’d done it ever since one game when she had caught me sniffling in the hallway of the school we were playing at, waiting for my mom to pick me up since we had a shortage of cars. 

“I was doing horribly at free-throws. And the last game I played was one of my worst. And yesterday night, I stayed up until four in the morning studying for exams, and I feel so drained, y/n,” my voice broke at the end. 

Instead of telling me to not cry she took my trembling hands and pulled me gently to the ground. She situated herself so she was straddling my lap, my back pressed against the lockers. As I began sobbing, she wrapped her hands gingerly around my head, pulling me to her chest. Even though she was on top of me, I felt like she was the one who was protecting me. I let my body lean into her and, after a few minutes, my sobbing ebbed away. I looked up at her, my tear-stained face probably looking blotchy as hell. 

“You are so,” she seemed to be trying not to cry herself. “So–precious,” she forced out with a breath that fanned my face, engulfing me in the sweet mint smell of her breath. 

My grip on her tightened, pressing her body even closer, if that was possible, to me. I memorized the way she felt against me. Her soft curves caressed my bare torso in the most heavenly way and I closed my eyes in pleasure. She placed a kiss to the top of my head, rubbing circles on the back of my neck gently with her fingernails. 

I buried my face in her chest, hoping she wouldn’t mind the intimacy of the position my head was in. Her ministrations to my neck faltered for a moment and I thought I felt her shiver.

“I”m so tired of trying to be perfect,” I mumbled, my voice muffled by the fabric of her shirt.

“But you already are. You’re perfect to me. Without even trying,” she whispered, her voice raspy and a bit unsteady.

Was it because of the way I was holding her to me? No, that couldn’t be it. There’s no way I could have that effect on such an amazing girl like her. She was far too good for me, and way out of my league. Still her words stunned me. 

I looked up into those ethereal eyes of hers again, knowing that if I wanted to know what she truly desired I would have to look into her eyes. Her eyes had betrayed her on so many occasions. Like when I asked if she wanted more ice cream as we hung out at my place, and she refused but I gave her more because there was no mistaking the want in her eyes. Or when we watched movies at her place and even with a pile of blankets on her, she was still cold. I asked her if she wanted me to cuddle her to warm her up and of course she shook her head with a bashful grin. I cuddled her anyway, because her eyes told me, dared me to come closer. And I knew by the contented sigh she let out after I did that she wanted it. 

“Do you want me as much as I want you?” I whispered, my voice barely loud enough to hear over the hum of the heating system. 

The intensity in her eyes, the burning passion and desire that simmered in those e/c orbs was what gave me the courage to do what I had dreamed of doing since the day I saw her cheering me on at one of my games. 

I sneaked a hand to the back of her neck, pulling her down, stopping as she was centimeters from my lips. We shared one glorious moment. It was fleeting but it felt like we stayed frozen there for years. In that moment, her mint breath mingled with my own, the baby-soft skin of her neck trembling beneath my hand, our eyes glazed with need, piercing into each other’s souls, me savoring the way the fingertip of her index finger left a trail of fire down my jawline.

And then it was wet heat, and labored breathing, and hands that hungrily explored the planes of each other’s bodies. 

My body shook with pleasure as her warm palms dragged down my naked, firm chest to my abdomen. I couldn’t hold back the moan that escaped my lips as she applied her fingertips to my sensitive skin, gently grazing down, down, down. 

“Holy shit, y/n,” I croaked out in a gasp, before she hastily took my bottom lip into her mouth and grazed it with her teeth, then moved her lips back over mine impatiently. 

I loved this side of her that was showing itself, the side of her that took what she wanted.

“Yes, oh god. I want you,” she moaned into my mouth.

 Oh god, I needed more of her. I wanted to swallow her whole. She was so sinfully enticing, so heavenly pleasurable to feel against me. I couldn’t stop my selfish hands. They were greedy with the need to feel her. All of her. 

They traveled down her arched back, stopping just above her ass. A strangled whimper vibrated into my mouth from hers, and that’s all the encouragement I needed. My hands flew to her ass, grabbing the soft, but firm cheeks, and giving them a hard squeeze. Her lips parted from mine, as her head lolled back slightly in pleasure and a raspy moan flew from her lips. Her nails–those fucking nails–scratched me hard, leaving angry red marks on the skin above my sport shorts. Pleasure and pain made me capture her lips again, gently asking for entrance again to the hot cavern of her mouth. She obliged immediately, and I ran my tongue over hers, tasting like I was starving, her minty tasting tongue fighting against mine for dominance. I always did find her stubbornness sexy. 

As if she wasn’t torturing me enough already, she arched her back and pressed her chest into me more. The movement made her grind into me, and I couldn’t help moving against her, a loud gasp falling from my lips mixing with her own, my head banging against the metal locker behind me in pleasure. 

“Oh–oh, oh god, y/n, we have to stop,” I forced out, my body trembling with the need to feel her. 

Her fingers started playing with the waistband of my shorts, and I forced myself to open my eyes. 

Big mistake. Her cheeks were flushed, her mouth hanging open slightly, still wet from our tongue war. But that wasn’t what made me go insane. No, it was when she raked her eyes over my nude torso, to look at me. Her pupils were large and her irises were darkened by lust. She was giving me full-on bedroom eyes. 


That was it. I was certifiably driven insane by her. Her eyebrows were raised, and she cocked her head to the side. The tone of her voice was so innocent, too innocent, while also thick with lust and desire. The combination of the two was too much for me. But I wished I could listen to her talk to me all the time that way. Her voice was already naturally sexy, but that. That was dripping with a silent command to take her to the bedroom. 

“Jesus fucking christ, y/n,” I croaked, my voice shaky with desire. “We have to stop, because as much as I’d like to take you back to my house and continue what we’re doing in my bedroom, I don’t want to treat you like that. You’re so important to me. And I want to start this relationship out like a gentleman and continue being a gentleman all throughout it. So, we have to stop, because I’m gonna take you on a proper date,” I finished, knowing I’d have to take, like, an hour long ice-cold shower and listen to that hour-long loop of cotton eye joe before I could get my body under control again. 

She leaned in, giving me a sweet and sensual kiss, her lips slightly swollen and soft as ever.

“You may think you still have to reach perfection, but baby, you’re already there,” she whispered into my ear, nipping my lobe before pulling back and rising off me. 

She reached out a hand, and I embarrassedly rose, realizing the lower half of my body was no longer hidden by hers and she could see full well the effect she was having on me.

I lifted my eyes to her, my cheeks flushed. Her eyes flitted to mine, but not before I saw she was looking exactly where I was hoping she wouldn’t be. She cleared her throat, a smile tugging at her lips. 

She circled her arms around me, and I immediately did the same, burying my nose in her hair, as she laid her head on my bare chest. I was glad she wasn’t scared off. I was afraid she might be, once the realization hit her of what we’d done. But here she was, gentle as ever, stroking my back. Even her hugs were sensual. I laid my head on top of hers, feeling so safe and protected in her arms.

The whole rest of the day we kept sharing knowing smiles and winks as we passed each other in the hall.

And that evening when I showed up at her door, and asked her out like I’d said I would her face lit up brighter than the sun. I spun her around as her infectious laughter filled the air and my heart up with contentment. 

As much as she kept whispering in my ear how perfect I was as we stood there holding each other, she was the one who was flawless. 

She was perfection itself.

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Headcanons or Preference – never really can’t tell those apart: How would each member of the squad react if you grabbed them to steal a kiss for luck before heading to what seems like your certain death this time for sure ~

Originally posted by b-h-s

Harley: You sneak up behind her and as your arms snake around her waist, she turns around. With a smile, you leave a soft peck on her lips and start walking away. But she quickly grabs your hand and turns you around, her lips crushing on yours, a kiss so passionate that makes you hear fireworks and see stars. She leaves you without a breath and winks. “If you wanted a kiss, pumpkin, you should have just asked.” She giggles and leaves you stunned and a blushing mess.

Originally posted by radlion

June: She is staring at the screen, her hands fidgeting as she plays with the end of her suit. You look at her, with love dripping from your eyes. It was sad that it would end this way. But at least you got to give it a shot. You approach her and cup her face, giving her a soft and loving kiss. She blushes and you smirk as you leave. “I am gonna miss you, buttercup.” You say making your way out the facility. She is stunned but you don’t look back.

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Tatsu: You make your way towards her and extend your arms to wrap them around her waist. But before you even know it, a sharp blade is way too close to your carotid artery. A death glare is piercing your eyes. “I-I-I know it might sound silly.” You said gulping. “But, I just wanted to give you kiss. You know still it’s like the end of the world.” You whispered. As quick as it came, the katana was away from your neck and Tatsu’s lips were on yours. “Good luck.” She mouths and you just nod, being a huge blushing mess.

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Rick: You load your guns and wear your suit. You see Rick by the corner of your eye doing the same. An insane idea crosses your mind. An idea you had since you first met him. You walk towards him and he turns to look at you. “(Y/N)! Is everything ok?” he asks. You just nod and cup his face, bringing his lips towards yours. You kiss him, showing your ever-growing love, he responds with eagerness, until you break the kiss. “For luck.” You explain and leave. “I shall need more luck, then!” he quickly catches his breath.

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Chato: You are seated across him on the plane that leads you to –probably your death- your mission. Chato is nervous as always, his eyes are closed so you can stare as long as you want. You admire his tattoos that embellish his face and wish the universe would give you more time. You curse in your head and get up from your seat and kneel in front of him. Chato opens his eyes taken aback from the sudden movement. You put your hand on his shoulder, “Relax. We are going to be alright.” You say and before he can reply your arms are around his neck and your lips on his. You let go just the moment he started to comprehend what you just did. You were ready to leave but he grabbed your hand, bringing you in his arms.

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Digger: He wouldn’t shut up! He was talking all the time, saying irrelevant things like how he had named his boomerangs. You liked him but he could be annoying from time to time. Well, considering what your mission was, he was right to be nervous. But, you had to shut him up. You approach him and he has this smug smile on his face. You grab his face and give him a loud, smooching kiss. He takes his time to understand what just happen and then shouts, as you walk away “That’s all I get? Oi! Come back!!”

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Floyd: He was checking if every single one of his guns was loaded and fully working. He is so concentrated, that he didn’t listen to you approaching. You sneakily appear in front of him, giving him a small peck on his nose. He is surprised at first, but laughs, cupping your face for more kisses. You were going to miss his kisses after this mission.

Originally posted by ericscissorhands

Waylon: He is curled in a corner of the plane and you seat next to him, resting your head on his shoulder. He growls and raises his head to see who was bothering him. You smiled at him and he just nods. He is ready to put his head back in his arms when you act faster and manage to leave a small kiss on the corner of his mouth. He shoots his head back up again, but you act as if nothing happened and put you head back on his shoulder. KC smiles and rests his head on the top of yours.

Admiring From Afar {Park Chanyeol}

Note: Thanks for requesting, anon. Enjoy~

Disclaimer: I don’t own any gifs/images used.

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

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{This is written in Chanyeol’s point of view}

I don’t know how long I’ve liked {y/n}, far too long probably. But it’s hard not to love her, something that my band mate Oh Sehun also found out.

She’s beautiful and bright. She’s the physical form of happiness and love itself. She’s kind, a heart of gold and loving eyes that glitter when she’s passionate. It sounds like a romantic cliche, the way I describe her, but it’s all the truth. The way she speaks is like a charming story, and her voice is angelic and musical. I can’t even fault her anger, because even in those fiery moments, she’s stunning, the way her usual kind eyes turn dark, and the way her pearly white teeth bite into her lower lip.

But like I mentioned, she’s not mine and there doesn’t look as if a future with her for me is possible.

She’s in love with one of my best friends, and that in itself is heartbreaking.

Sometimes I’ll watch her when she comes to the dorm. The way she hugs the members after not seeing them for a long time, and how she talks to them with that breathtaking smile. I wonder how I’m still breathing, when she’s so good at stealing my breath.

I shouldn’t be allowed to look at her like this, or to think about her in this way, but it’s impossible not to.

Her words are like candy floss, and I can’t help but want it all. When she sits next to me it’s almost like time stops. It’s just us. She’s smiling, a hand running through her alluring hair. You can smell her, the mixture of strawberries and cream.

But even when she’s sat right next to me, we can’t be more distant.

To me she’s a beautiful figure, a light in a dark room, she reminds me of happiness and heartbreak.

But to her, I mean nothing at all… 

Turning everything right (Bay!Donnie x reader)

When she walked in the living room, his cheeks went red as Raphael’s bandana. She had a pop-tart in her hands. 

Donnie stared at her, his cheeks burning, but he just couldn’t look away. The way (Y/n) ran her tongue over the left overs of the toppings of the tart was just too sexy, sweet and cute. Even though there was only left the tiny taste of the topping.

“Where do you buy these pop-tarts?” (Y/n) glazed the tart “They don’t have toppings at all!” she shrugged and walked next to Donnie.

He felt awkward. She was in a way kissing him! Frenching actually!

He had to raise his glasses so they wouldn’t fall off, he was so stunned by the way she ran her tongue over the sweet tart.

“Wow! You should not be eating those, (Y/n)!” Mikey laughed, his voice suddenly startling Donnie and (Y/n). “Donnie licks the toppings off and then puts the tarts back in!" 

(Y/n) froze, her tongue on the sweet while her brains worked. AWWW GROSS!! 

"Leally?” (Y/n) mumbled, her tongue moving while she talked, still having her tongue out of her mouth.

Donnie just blushed. He didn’t know what to say. Damn Mikey!

He swallowed hard and laughed nervously. 

(Y/n) blushed at him, pulling her tongue in her mouth and smiled awkwardly back.

“I never actually liked the toppings…” She mumbled then. 

Donnie blushed even more.

“I think they taste better this way” She whispered and bit the tart.

Donnie’s brains exploded. Damn. She really knew how to turn everything right, did she?


Vidya Balan for cineblitz

Copy Paste Love

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Request: the reader acting as bait for some sort of shifting creature that takes Sam’s form so she’ll go with it?

Sam x Reader

Triggers: Mentions of blood, some light swearing

Word Count: 5947

Y/N = Your name  Y/E/C = Your eye colour Y/H/C = Your hair colour

This might not be exactly what you wanted anon, but the idea just came to me when I was working on your request. Hope you like it!!

“Women have been killing their lovers with no explanation at all,” You said, looking down at the books in front of you as you repeated the case details once more in the small motel room.

“And they all say basically the same thing; a man approached them, at first he seemed like nothing special, but when they looked closely at him he was good looking,” Sam said. Looking down over your shoulder as you looked at the case files you had “borrowed” from the local police office.

“Yeah, except, their descriptions of the guy are all completely different,” You say, tensing a bit at the proximity of the younger of the Winchesters. His hand was on your shoulder as he leaned over you to read through the report once more. Sensing his touch with every single nerve in your entire body you tried to force your heart to calm down.

You had been in love with Sam since he saved you back during a hunt. You couldn’t even remember what you had been hunting, but you could remember the warm, concerned eyes of Sam as he leaned over you after finishing off whatever it was that had attacked you. The perfect balance of hazel and green in his eyes had almost hypnotized you once he looked into yours and made your heart believe it was drum solo time by the way it almost beat its way out of your chest.

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There Isn't Room for the Both of Us (You x EXO Kai)--PART 2

Hi!! I recently discovered your blog and I love it^^ Could I please request a scenario where you and Kai are childhood best friends but you like him. However he has a girlfriend who is like two-faced and treats you horribly when he isn’t around and one day he finds out. Angsty but fluffy happy ending please??


“I really don’t understand how you managed to break your wrist riding a bicycle. I seriously left you for five minutes!”

“I don’t know what happened. I must have hit a rock or a stick or…something.”

“Yeah, right. Well, it’s a good thing Boram was there to help you.”

“Sure—Ouch! Easy, Kai!”


You wince as Kai presses an ice pack to your knee, trying to get the swelling to go down. The doctor at the emergency room had said that ice every eight hours was the best way to get it back to normal, and you were lucky you didn’t have any breaks. Kai was under the impression that you had fallen. You, and Boram, both knew the truth.

If anything had become painfully clear, it was that you were under Boram’s control. The little witch had lied easily about your fall, as well as a number of other incidents, including dousing you in soda and forcing you to make excuses when Kai wanted to spend time together. It was truly awful, but what could you really do?

“Hmm. No answer still?”

Kai’s attention turns to his phone, one hand carefully balancing the ice pack on your knee. “What?” You look over at his phone, but he pulls it away. “Chen just did his first movie and asked us all to come to the premiere with him this weekend. I asked Boram to go with me three weeks ago, but she still hasn’t given me an answer.”

“Maybe she’s busy?" Yeah, busy ruining other people’s lives.

"I don’t know.” He shakes his head, looking at you. “Do you want to come with me?”


This was a huge step. Going wit Kai to a celebrity event meant that there were going to be photographers, and fans, and eventually speculation about the two of you. Kai was asking lightly, and he was waiting expectantly for an answer. You’d have to make sure you played the part of his childhood friend, as much as it irritated you. Were you ready for this?

“I guess so.” You nod. “I mean, since Boram hasn’t responded.”

“Awesome.” He grins. “I’ll pick you up at six.”


Even though rain pours down the night of the premiere, you feel exceptionally fabulous tonight. Sera had loaned you a beautiful, gold cocktail dress from her college graduation, and done your hair just for the occasion. Your mom had even slipped you a pair of her pearl earrings. The only thing you had on that actually belonged to you was your underwear, but tonight, that didn’t matter!

When Kai shows up wearing a stunning black tuxedo, his hair slicked over his ear, you swear your heart skips a whole beat. “You look beautiful.” He gapes, holding his arm out.

“Thank you.” You blush. “We should go.”

He fastens something around your wrist. “Here. Sera noona told me that you were wearing gold…” A beautiful set of gold bangles hangs around your wrist, connected by a small white-gold ribbon. It was a bit big, but perfect for tonight. “Kai, you shouldn’t have!”

“I’m your best friend.” He grins, opening an umbrella. “I totally can.”

The lobby of the hotel is filled with people already, and you greet the other members and their dates shyly. Wow, they were definitely more intimidating in person. Everyone is dressed seriously, and Chen is the center of attention.

“Oh, excuse me-”


You collide with two other people, sending a tray of champagne to the floor. They crash like high-pitched explosions and you immediately stoop down, offering a hand to the waitress you’ve just knocked over. “It’s you.” No. That voice. It couldn’t be-


You gasp. She gets to her feet, eyes taking you in all at once. Her hair was piled on top of her head, and a beautiful glittering red gown touched the floor around her. “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there-“

"Are you okay?” Kai comes over, his voice thick with concern. 

“Fine.” Boram chirps. The two of you accept napkins from a waiter who rushes over to sweep up the broken glass. “I’m fine.”

“We’ll just go get cleaned up.” Boram says quickly, snatching you by the wrist. Truly you had planned to mop up the small spot on your dress with a napkin and move on, but it didn’t look like that was going to happen. She drags you around the corner, out of earshot. “What are you doing here with him?” She demands.

“He invited me!”

“I told you to refuse him if he did that! All you had to do was stay out of the way!” Boram snaps. “Now look what you’ve done!”

I’m the one who’s in the way? I was here before you were ever around!” You shriek. “You should be glad Kai took me and not some other girl!”

“Right. I should be glad.” Boram’s voice reaches a dangerous low, and she grins. “You think we all can’t see that you have a crush on Kai? It’s so obvious. You’re telling me that I’m the one in the way when you can’t even confess your own feelings.”

You open your mouth to argue with her, but you’re too stunned. No words come out.

"I knew I was right.” Boram cackles. “Kai would never like someone like you. Why do you think you two are still friends and nothing more?”

Ouch. “That’s not true.” 

“It is.” She says. “I told you to stay out of the way for your own sake, and now you’re the only one who got hurt. You did this to yourself. Now you should leave, and let my enjoy the rest of the night with my boyfriend.”

She snaps her compact closed and turns on her heels, her gown flying out from behind her as she heads back. Hurt didn’t even begin to describe what you felt. Boram had known about your crush the whole time…and she had to be right. If it was that obvious, why hadn’t Kai acted on it. He could have acknowledged you…or stopped you. And here you were looking stupid.

Tears streak your makeup, and you brush them away, squeezing your clutch in your palm. You shouldn’t have come her tonight. The hallway seems empty, but as she turn to leave, something…or, rather, someone, catches you eyes. Kwanghyun. Hiding behind a tall vase of water lilies. You should have known Boram would have someone spying on you.

You make your way back to the ballroom, where Kai stands outside of the doors, Boram at his elbow. “I’m leaving.” You tell him, not even stopping. You can’t look Boram in the eyes. “Wait, what?” He frowns in confusion. “I thought we were all going to go in together.”

"I changed my mind. I’m not going. You should take Boram.”

He grabs your arm and pulls you to him. Normally you wouldn’t think anything of it, but right at this moment, it’s the last thing you need. Your face flames, pink crawling up your neck and ears. “You’ve been crying.” He says, his voice low. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

“I need to go-”

“Not until you talk to me.”

This was just like Kai. You rip your wrist away from him, causing the bracelet he gave you to crash to the floor. It breaks into four pieces, and you stoop down to collect them. People are looking at you now. “I’m sorry. I can’t.”

You give him one last look before ducking outside into the rain.


Just sleep. You can stay at my place for tonight. I’ll call and tell mom you’re not coming back.

You crack open an eye, almost not believing the sunshine peeking out from between the curtains in the living room. Was it morning already? Why were you sleeping on the floor? Sera had put you here last night…the rain…it was freezing…the movie premiere…oh. 

Great. You roll yourself into a burrito, moaning in misery. So many things had gone wrong last night. Fighting with Boram (for what was probably the last time…you didn’t have it in you to fight anymore), abandoning Kai, and now having to figure out how you were supposed to deal with that.

The sound of Sera rustling around in the kitchen stirs you more. Her ruined cocktail dress hangs out on the porch in the wind, still dripping rainwater and gold glitter. Another thing to add to the list: the money you owed her for that. You moan again, but the sound of a yawn a lot closer to you steals the sound from your throat. 

“Awake already?”

You’re shocked to see a messy-haired Kai snuggled up on the couch, blinking at you. “What are you doing here?” You demand, your voice throaty from sleep. 

“Your sister let me in last night.” He whispers. “I was worried about you." 

His deep morning voice squeezes your heart. “You shouldn’t be here. I’m fine.”

He looks you in the eyes. “Kwanghyun told me what happened.”

"He what?!”

“Between you and Boram.” Kai says quietly. “Last night…and over the past couple of months. Why didn’t you tell me, ______-ah?”

“I didn’t know how.” You whisper back, defenseless. “I didn’t want to come between you two…and it’s not a big deal.”

“It’s not a big deal?” His voice is harsher, angrier. “A broken wrist isn’t a big deal? Throwing drinks on you isn’t a big deal? Threatening you isn’t a big deal?”

"Kai, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to hurt you. What would you have done?” You protest.

His face softens. “Sorry. I just…I’m so angry. I thought she was better than that, and now she’s hurt you instead.”

“Well, I’m fine. At least, I will be. You should go back to her. There isn’t room for both of us in your heart, Kai. She was right about that much.”

“I know.” He says flatly, and your heart sinks. So he thought that, too. You close your eyes, waiting for the inevitable rejection to come. But instead, soft lips press against yours, your body being pulled forward by the blankets wrapped around it. “I already chose you.” Kai whispers into your mouth.

“But Boram-”

You open your eyes, flustered and confused. “We broke up last night.” He says. “After I found out the truth. I could never be with someone like her. I hope you know that.”

“I know now.”

“It was always you, I think.” He smiles, laughing to himself. “My company kind of pushed Boram on to me because they thought we were good for each other. Clearly they were wrong.”

"And you think we’re right together?” You whisper testing yourself to see if this is a dream.

"I know we are.” He pulls you into a hug. “We always have been." 


Scenario finished! I hope you enjoyed it! It was actually really long, so I broke it up like this! Thanks for reading! ~Jjangpanda

I Hate You, I Love You

Hi, I absolutely adore your blog, you’re such a great writer. I was wondering if I could request an spencer Reid imagine based on the song ‘I hate you I love you’ based on season 8 just before meaves death.

I can most certainly do this!  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 2  Part 3  Part 4)

Feeling used, but I’m still missing you, and I can’t see the end of this, just wanna feel your kiss against my lips.  And now all this time is passing by, but I still can’t seem to tell you why it hurts me every time I see you.  I realize how much I need you…

Sitting on a bench as you hold your newspaper to your face, you slip your gaze up above the crest of the fluttering paper, peeking over at the man that had stolen your heart and soul.

The man you had kissed a few months back.

You watched as he stood, his hands jammed in his pockets as he rocks back and forth on his feet, waiting anxiously for the payphone to ring just so he could hear her voice.

Her voice that held all of the knowledge in the world.

His lifeline.

I hate you, I love you…I hate that I love you.  Don’t want to but I can’t put nobody else above you.  I hate you, I love you…I hate that I want you.  You want her, you need her…

You feel your jaw clench as the phone begins to ring, watching as he hastily picks up the phone before the first ring resounds, his lips curling up into the brightest smile you had ever seen.

A smile with the lips you had kissed.

They never smiled at you like that.

…and I’ll never be her…

You wonder what they are conversing about.  The topics you would never understand, and the humor you would never find funny.  You wondered if he was still asking her for help with his headaches that you knew had been plaguing him for some time…or if maybe they were chatting about how her day was going.

You watch as his entire posture changes: his eyes growing bright and his back standing tall.  His shoulders rolling back and his smile growing broad.  His hand moving at a million miles a second as he fills her in on his days, drinking in every drop of her voice as you watch him close his eyes, trying desperately to conjure her in front of him.

A her that wasn’t you.

You could never be here.

Not to him.

I miss you when I can’t sleep, or right after coffee, or right when I can’t eat.  I miss you in my front seat…still got sand in my sweaters from nights we don’t remember.  Do you miss me like I miss you?

You feel tears cresting the back of your eyes as you watched his stunned expression.  The way his body stopped moving.  The way he stumbled hanging the phone call back up.

The way he almost forgot his bag walking in the opposite direction for work…

She said it.

That word.

That word that you craved to say to him.

Did she feel it as vast as you did?

Did she offer no strings attached like you would?

Did her love has stipulations?

Would he even care if it did…?

Fucked around and got attached to you.  Friends can break your heart too, and I’m always tired but never of you.  If I pulled a you on you, you wouldn’t like that shit.  I put this reel out, but you wouldn’t bite that shit.  I type a text but then I never mind that shit.  I got these feelings but you never mind that shit.  Oh oh, keep it on the low…

You felt anger grow inside of your chest as you watch him walk away, his attention elsewhere as you watch him take out his cell phone at the corner, his body instinctively waiting for traffic to die down as he tries desperately with his shaking hands to send a text message.

You know who he was trying to contact.

And it boiled your blood.

You’re still in love with me but your friends don’t know.  If you wanted me you would just say so, and if I were you, I would never let me go.  I don’t mean no harm, I just miss you on my arm…wedding bells were just alarms…caution tape around my heart…

Watching him as he shoves his phone back into his pocket, you watch his long legs…those legs you straddled with your own as you cupped his face oh so many months ago…glide him across the intersection just as you feel your phone vibrate at your hip.

You felt the bile rise to your throat as you put your newspaper down on the bench beside you, drawing your phone from the clip on your hip as you see Spencer’s name flashing on your screen.

Always the best friend…

You ever wonder what we could have been?  You said you wouldn’t and you fucking did.  Lie to me, lie with me, get your fucking fix…now all my drinks and all my feelings are all fucking mixed.

Opening your phone, you take in a deep breath through your nose as you open the text message he sent you, the one sentence drawing the tears from your eyes, magnetized by your chin as they flow down your face.

She said ‘love you’.

How do you respond?

How do you tell him the drunken kiss so many months ago was the start of something new for you?

How do you tell him that you would give him the world just to see him smile at you the way he does with her?

How do you tell your damsel in distress that you want him to be your knight in shining armor?

How do you stop being so angry?

Always missing people that I shouldn’t be missing.  Sometimes you gotta burn some bridges just to create some distance.  I know that I control my thoughts and I should stop reminiscing, but I learned from my dad that it’s good to have feelings…

Clicking a text message back to him, you shut your phone as you wipe at the tears streaming down your face.  You needed coffee, as well as your makeup bag, in order to patch yourself up for work.

No need to be profiled today.

You didn’t know what else to send him, except for a congratulations.  You knew that this was monumental for your friend, finding someone akin to himself in mind as well as someone that captured his soul.

You would never be able to capture his mind.  Not with barely skating along in high school and just scraping by for a BA in Psychology.

You know the reason you were hired onto the team was because of your physical prowess anyhow.

But it still didn’t stop the tears from forming.

And it still didn’t stop your heart from aching.

And it still didn’t stop your mind from whirling.

And it still didn’t stop the jealousy from boiling.

You were here.

Not her.


When love and trust are gone, I guess this is moving on.  Everyone I do right does me wrong, so every lonely night I sing this song.

Cranking up your car as you pull out onto the road, you feel your phone vibrate again as you pull into the drive-through line of your favorite coffee place.

Here goes nothing.

Swiping your screen as you slowly inch ahead, you place your coffee order before looking down at the message Spencer had returned.

Grabbing coffee.  Want anything?

Does Spencer count?

When he asks you what you want…is it appropriate to say his name?

Probably not.

No, you reply as you slowly pull up to the window to pay, I’m grabbing something now.  See you soon.

All alone I watch you watch her like she’s the only girl you’ve ever seen.  You don’t care, you never did…you don’t give a damn about me.  Yeah all alone I watch you watch her.  She is the only thing you ever see.  How is it you never notice that you are slowly killing me.

Sipping your coffee mindlessly on the way to the office, you are lucky enough to find a spot on the first level of the parking garage across the street.

Deciding to take the time, you reach into your go-bag and pull out your makeup case, flipping your mirror down as you begin to cover up the red blotches and the sunken in eyes from numerous nights of staying awake, fearing that if you go to sleep, you would see him.

Him and you.

Tangled up in each other.

Smiling at you the way he smiles at her.

And you didn’t want a broken heart.

Not any longer.

I hate you, I love you, I hate that I love you…don’t want to but I can’t put nobody else above you.  I hate you I love you, I hate that I want you.  You want her, you need her…

Finished with your facade, you take in a deep breath through your nose just as you ear a light knock at your driver-side car window.

Flipping your mirror up as you slowly pan your gaze over to the window, you plaster on your best smile as your friend and colleague, Spencer Reid, waves at you from the other side.

“Morning!” he beckons, a broad smile peeled across his face as you reach for the rest of your go-bag, pulling it into your lap as Spencer opens your door.

“Need help?” he asks as he grabs for your coffee so that you can put your make-up bag away.

Why couldn’t he just be an asshole?

“Thanks, Reid,” you muse, climbing out of your car as you lock the door and shut it closed with your hip.

“So…?” Spencer asks as he hands you your coffee after swinging your bag strap across your chest.

“Mhmmmm?” you hum mockingly, trying to match his playful tone as you brace yourself for a conversation you didn’t want to have.

“What do you think she meant?” he asks sheepishly.

His tone of voice both melted your heart and churned your stomach.

You wanted him to be talking about you.

“I think she meant what she said, Reid,” you say as the two of you dash across the street, standing at the foot of the steps to the FBI building.

“So you think she meant it?” he asks.

“I mean, why would she say it otherwise?  Has she lied to you before?” you ask.

If she ever lied to him, you’d kill her.

“No.  No she’s-…she’s never lied,” he breathes.

And as you turn towards him, your hand reaching out and rubbing his arm comfortingly, a thought that hadn’t dawned on you before crosses your mind.

Maybe this women doesn’t wear make-up.

“Then there’s no reason to stop believing her now,” you muse, your smile sliding down to a grin as you try to keep your resolve, just until you could peel out of his vision.  Make an excuse to take a different elevator.  Slip into a bathroom.

Anything to free you from the fiery pits of the hell you had succumbed to.

“Thanks, Y/L/N,” Spencer muses before he wraps his arms around you, giving you a giant hug as he holds you close.

His warmth was intoxicating…

“I’m gonna wait until we see each other face to face.  I want her to see how genuine my response is,” Spencer smiles as he pulls away, starting up for the doors as you stand, rooted to your spot.


Spencer Reid was in love with a ghost.

A ghost that was better than you…

…and I’ll never be her.

anonymous asked:

Could you Write a Kit and Emilia fanfiction? Something cute? I'd love you forever!!

Aw thanks sweet Anon, always wanted to write some Kemilia :) 

here you go!


His strong feelings towards his beautiful brunette co-star were by far no secret, not around the rest of the cast. Peter kept thanking George for not having Daenerys and Jon Snow meet in the books so far, because he is most certain that if Kit and Emilia actually get to shoot scenes together they won’t be able to separate them anymore. The little man had been joking but it did have some truth to it. Despite the fact that they’re mostly shooting in different countries, different continents even the two Brits were always hanging out or making jokes at photoshoots, press conferences and award shows - any event they got to be around each other really. While it was always entertaining to see the two of them having fun, everyone knows what happens when co-stars get closer… a lot of drama.

“What? There is no way you’re better at dancing than I am! You even suck at watching Dancing with the stars, remember?” Emilia exclaimed in disbelieve. She couldn’t believe that Kit had just accused her of being a bad dancer. He had never even seen her dancing cause if he had he wouldn’t even think about criticizing her talent, she mused to herself, still in admittedly fake rage upon his comment.

“I was tired and it was boring and you can’t seriously take that as an argument!” Kit pretended to be offended but in reality his single intention had been to push her a little. He was an awful dancer and he knew that but if discussing it would make her prove him otherwise it would be bloody worth it.

They were at one of their favorite clubs in London joined by some mutual friends who had mingled under the crowd leaving the two of them alone. To be honest Emilia and Kit hadn’t really noticed in between their inside jokes and playful chatter.

“At least I have any points.” His co-star countered, failing to keep her tone serious. Of course her fellow Brit might be just kidding but the couple cocktails she had already sipped made her confident to just show him how right she was with her claim. His mocking glance was almost challenging her to.

As the brunette opposite from him was slowly getting up from the place Kit was way too stunned to react. With a smirk on his features he lend back into the lounge seat and simply watched her swaying her hips to the music.

She was wearing a strapless red dress you’d probably categorize as “simple” if it wouldn’t be wrapping around her curves in such a delicate way. It was flared just at the beginning of her hips but that really didn’t make it any less revealing.

The way she moved to the modern music was so different from how he had experienced her so far. When she was usually more of a lady, the humorous and delicate type Emilia was now letting loose. The smile on her lips was the same radiant and enchanting one but her movements were a lot bolder, dirty even. We’ll as dirty as sweet Emilia Clarke could get, Kit thought to himself, his smirk unintentionally turning into a dazzled grin.

She was truly gorgeous.

“You gonna show me your legendary dance moves or what?” He suddenly heard her saying and focused his eyes on noting but her face again.

Kit really wanted to say no but he couldn’t refuse her, it almost seemed physiologically impossible.

The hunky man got up from where he was sitting without complaining and made his way over to Emilia, who by now was giggling from excitement. She had never seen him dancing and the simple thought of him granting her that wish voluntarily sent a warmth through her whole body.

When Kit started moving rather awkwardly in front of her Emilia couldn’t help but reach out to touch his hands. It felt weird to touch him in such an obvious manner but it came so naturally that she couldn’t stop herself from acting on impulse.

Even though she could sense her co-stars hesitation Emilia gently placed both of his hands on her waist, helping him sync his movements with hers.

The little challenge that had brought them to the dance floor in the first place had long been forgotten as she caught him staring just as intense as she had seconds before, his dark eyes so different from how he’d usually look at her. Not that his usual glance hadn’t already charmed her but this was different. He was driving her crazy.

The worst part was that it felt as if she couldn’t speak. She was so caught up in the moment that even the thought of moving her lips couldn’t possibly result in words so in order not to risk another option she gave up trying altogether.

The silence wasn’t even awkward, it actually felt… Erotic.

God, she really shouldn’t even think about stuff like that with Kit in a bar but she couldn’t help it. His hands on her hips, his eyes on her lips. It was way too tempting.

Milow’s ayo technology playing in the background didn’t exactly help the situation either.

“See I’m such a dance pro you’re speechless.” Kit whispered in such a low voice, for a moment Emilia was sure he had noticed her strange behavior and was merely teasing her now.

“If you wanna convince me that swaying is some kind of talent I’m not quiet there yet.” Emilia said with a slight shake of her head, acting all mockingly unimpressed. She didn’t mean to challenge him cause she was quite optimistic that if he took just one step closer she would lose control over her senses but on the other hand it seemed a risk worth taking.

Following her comment Kit watched her closely for a second. Especially as she slightly sucked and bit down on her lip. How could such an innocent action have so much control over him? Upon watching her he felt his jaw tensing and a significant part of clothing noticeably tighten.

He couldn’t control his movements anymore. He wasn’t used to being so close to her and for a brief moment he wished that he had never experienced how it felt to be near to her cause it was bittersweet. So good but so very self-destructive. It would be ridiculous to believe that she felt the same way yet he had to take it a step further, literally.

As he moved closer to the brunette his grip around her changed. His hands weren’t loosely and helplessly resting on her waist anymore - one was wrapping around her to pull her closer before taking her soft hand in his while the other dared to brush her hips.

Kit too wasn’t swaying anymore as she had accused him of. He was doing actual dancing now, leading them as he spinned her around just to pull her close to him again. His grin was replaced by a more longing glance, directed at her and only her.

Emilia couldn’t explain how she suddenly got so attracted to her Game of Thrones co-star , she had probably always been to be honest, but the slow dancing thing was definitely heating things up.

She didn’t even dare to look into his eyes anymore knowing that she’d rip his clothes off right there on the dance floor, how over dramatic it may sounded in her head, she knew it was true. The alcohol and dancing wasn’t really helping her stopping herself from stepping even closer, if that was possible at all.

They were lost in the moment. It was as if they were acting and the music was their script. Only that it didn’t feel like work or pretending to be someone else - on the contrary they could finally let loose and be themselves.

As she felt his hand touching her backside she could see the hesitation written all over his face, which she finally brought her self to look at again. There was an electric tension between them that made it impossible to think clearly while not being able to act upon ones desires. Bittersweet.

“Christopher. Catesby. Harrington.” The brunette said, the significant breaks between each name functioning as a warning. A warning that if he’d get any closer, let his hands wander any further she couldn’t guarantee for anything she’d do next. A challenge he was going to accept as the reoccurring smirk on his lips gave away.

“Yes?” He asked with a husky, teasing voice that meant the final cut for her. Emilia pulled him off the dance floor with the hand that was already in his and to the edge of the club. While she looked rather perplexed his amused smile was irresistible in the dark.

In that moment it was practically impossible not to lean in and kiss him, but she was too dazzled to move. She just gave him a crocked smile and shook her head at him. “You’re doing this on purpose!” She noticed giving him a soft slap on the shoulder. “You’re not even denying it!!” Emilia continued pushing him slightly. She wasn’t mad at him though cause she had been the one to start the dancing and after all she was enjoying it. Nevertheless she was giving herself a hard time letting those feelings in. They were friends, co-stars and she definitely didn’t want to ruin that.

Without even noticing she was already on her toes, just inches away from him but she couldn’t. By kissing him she would definitely overstep all boundaries left and she wasn’t sure she was ready to go there.

Oddly enough Kit sensed her sudden discomfort and instead of lowering his lips on hers he wrapped one arm around her small waist. “Let’s get you home.”

“I don’t want to…” Emilia said quietly, observing every little twist on his face, anything that might give him away. “…go home.” The brunette continued carefully but earned a small smile from Kit. She pressed a small kiss to his lips and cuddled up in his arms.

He didn’t say anything. He didn’t need to. He just nodded cause he understood.

And that was what she loved about him. 

My best friend doesn’t love herself..and I just wish she would. That she’d love herself as much as I do. I’d do anything I could for her. I’d try my hardest to make her smile when all she wants to do is but a bullet in her head, and oh god..that smile. It makes my life so much better, I wish she could see how beautiful she is.

She hates herself so much, and she thinks I’m crazy because I don’t see what she sees. All I see is someone so perfect they make the world stop spinning, jaws drop and fall off, and someone who hates their body so much that they want to kill themselves. That’s not okay because she shouldn’t feel that way, if she saw herself from my perspective I think she wouldn’t hate herself anymore. I don’t think she’d want to cut open her skin, jump off a bridge, or hurt herself in anyway.
I think, if she saw herself from my perspective.. she’d love herself and be amazed of how stunning she actually is.

She’s my best friend, my whole, my world. Somewhere along the way of our friendship..I fell in love with her. I don’t think I’ve ever told her that, and I wouldn’t want to. She’d see me different, like someone who is way too attached and suffocating her. I don’t want that, so it’s going to stay a secret. She makes me so happy, and I wish she was as happy as I am when she talks to me.

—  My best friend

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Prompt: Hood/Mills and/or Charming/Mills family: When the food in Camelot isn't as good as Regina's cooking

Thank you Laura for sending this prompt, have some fluffy sugary fluff in response darling :D Dimples Queen and Hood Mills family in this one mainly. Set in Camelot, after 5x02, unbetaed, all mistakes are mine

A Spoonful of Sugar

She notices it as early as their second day in Camelot. Another feast and Roland and Robin- miraculously so and she is still not sure if she can believe that he is really alive and well, no conditions, no strings attached, and she keeps looking at him every few moments just to be sure- are sitting by her side and it feels like the infamous Missing Year all over again, except Henry is on her left, and it makes all the difference in her world. This time the looks thrown her way aren’t ones of fear or suspicion or distrust but of wonder and awe, she is the Saviour here and the notion is still so very strange to her.

Desserts are being served, and just as for the rest, there are too many to choose from but she smiles as she watches Roland’s eyes lighting up at the sight of an apple pie. Both she and Robin chuckle when he eagerly takes the first bite with wide, avid eyes and they go back to their own pastries. She turns back to him however when the boy seems slow to take a second morsel and her eyebrows raise at the sight of the frown marring his little face as he chews slowly.

“Is something wrong, sweetheart?” She asks but Roland shrugs, still munching, still frowning. Once the first bite is finally swallowed, the little outlaw gives a plate a push, uninterested in more. It’s so out of character that Robin and Henry stop eating to look at the boy. Regina has three ravenous boys, can never put up together enough food to fill their bottomless stomachs, at least on the very few occasions she had been able to have them all together sitting at one table, so when one of them refuses to eat, it is cause for concern. Now that she thinks about it, even Robin and Henry don’t appear to have gobbled down the various tasty dishes as they usually do.

“Roland, don’t you like the food here?” She asks and the boy shrugs again and mumbles something they can’t hear. “Speak up, honey.”

“It doesn’t taste like yours. I like yours better,” he answers and she is about to say that she doesn’t see what the problem is, it may be a bit blander to what she likes but Storybrooke has given her access to all sorts of spices and condiment that the people from Camelot and Enchanted Forest have never tried, but Henry and Robin both give approving nods and she looks at them quizzically.

“You’ve got to admit, love, that you can do much better than what their cook has to offer,” Robin declares, grinning, squeezing her shoulder.

“Yeah, Mom, even Granny has been sniffing at her plates suspiciously and she’s been serving frozen lasagnas for years,” Henry adds, nodding towards the end of the table where the old woman is indeed getting a whiff of a piece of chocolate cake and then looks at it as if it has personally offended her.

A thought strikes Regina as she looks at the werewolf, and she is forming a plan in her head while trying to stay focused on the conversation. “I think it has more to do with her distrustful nature than the food itself,” she says and receives three snorts in response.

When Roland starts to fall asleep at the table she sends the boys to bed and approaches Granny. She is surprised at how little convincing it takes, probably because the other woman is too stunned that Regina actually bothered to ask for permission to refuse her, but whatever her reasons are it works for Regina.

Early the next morning, she slips from Robin’s embrace -and isn’t it absolutely ridiculous that they were given separate chambers when there is no way in hell they will ever let anything keep them apart ever again, especially not this King they’re still not sure they can trust?-, has to spent several minutes loosening the hold of his arms around her to do so. She finds the way he scrunches his face absolutely adorable- though there is no way she will admit to it- when there is no one for him to hold anymore and he burrows deeper into the warm spot she has left behind.

She tiptoes to the next door and wakes Roland with soft caresses and whispered words until the boy blinks up at her, confused because the first rays of sunlight are barely out and he is an early riser but not that early, and he blinks until his eyelids are less heavy and he can focus on her face without it being blurry, and then he smiles at her.

“I had an idea and I think you’re going to like it my little knight,” she tells me, booping his nose making him giggle. “Get dressed, we’re going on an adventure.”

They walk down the corridors in silence although Roland has to keep an hand pressed to his mouth to stifle the occasional excited giggle that threatens to escape. Regina has thought about including Henry too but ultimately she decided to surprise her son and Robin.

This is for Roland, little Roland who has been tossed around between worlds for weeks, months now, who has been lied to and threatened, even if he doesn’t remember all of it, and who still smiles and laughs and can be amused by the smallest things, and she may be the most resilient but she has a serious contender in this dimpled wide-eyed child.

They are out of the castle and heading towards the dinner now and Roland is more and more amazed with each step they take. When they finally enter Granny’s, Regina leads him right to the kitchen.

“What do you say we show Camelot what real food tastes like?” She asks him and his huge smile splits his face as he eagerly nods.

They set to work, Granny gave her free reign over her kitchen for the morning and Regina is taking full advantage of it. She congratulates herself for putting a preservation spell on the various ingredients in stock when they landed.

Apple pies, waffles, pancakes, chocolate cakes, anything Roland asks for, they make, and when Robin and Henry burst in mid-morning looking quite relieved to have finally found them, they are covered in flour and sugar, Roland has war paint made in chocolate smeared on his face, they are both smiling and laughing and there is enough food on the table to feed a small army.

They gather their little party, and even some of the castle’s inhabitants come by to see what the commotion is about, and all their hard work is devoured in a mere minutes, people calling out to each other to try this rather than that, and Roland is wolfing down his plate as if he had been starving for weeks.

Robin encircles her waist, squeezing her against him, kissing her cheek, whispering “Thank you for doing that for him,” in her ear, Henry grins at her widely while offering the girl from the ball, whose name he still hasn’t told her, half of his own chocolate chips pancake, and Granny is looking at her approvingly, even Grumpy asks if this will be a recurring occurrence.

It’s not much, she thinks, but for a few moments they forget about the darkness looming over them, they forget that they don’t know anything about this new, strange place or its people, they don’t know who to trust, they don’t know what the cost of finding out will be. For a few moments, her dysfunctional family is happy and she clings to those precious memories while she can.

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sorry if this is a bit weird, im still trying to workshop the sabertooth bbys personalities so theyre more accurate. (translation – this is a little rough)

aka yukino and the quest for friends


Rogue looked up tenaciously. “Hm?”

“…What’s the matter?” Yukino asked, sensing his broodiness despite the emotionless façade he wore over it.

“Nothing. Why?” He said monotonously.

“Well, you look…upset?” Yukino answered, not wanting to upset him further.

“I’m not.” He responded. “…but…if you really must know…I can’t find Frosch.”

“Oh,” Yukino exclaimed, surprised that he had confided in her. He didn’t seem like he trusted her all that much, maybe he was just hard to read.

“Well…I could help you look for her, if you’d like?” Yukino asked testily, digging her shoe into the floor of the guild hall.

Rogue looked up. “You don’t have to do that you know.”

“Oh no, I want to!” Yukino gasped. She had always felt that Rogue was rather closed off, and she’d jump at the chance to get him to like her, as a comrade, at least. Minerva said that she didn’t have anything to worry about, that Rogue already cared for her as a friend, but she wasn’t so sure.

He looked at her quizzically. “Uh…ok. Well, my first guess was Minerva’s room, because she likes to lock the cats up in there-“

Yukino nodded. Minerva really did horde the exceeds, even though she claimed to be annoyed by them.

“-but, I didn’t want to go into the girl’s dorms, because-“

Yes, the last time rogue entered the dormitories without permission, Minerva broke his finger, ‘as a warning’, she’d explained. Yukino had a suspicion that Sting frequented the dorms much more often than Rogue, and had much more sinister motives as well, but Minerva seemed to not care about that. Probably because each of his visits were directed to her.

Ever since they’d started dating, it seemed that Rogue would be left alone more and more, with Frisch, and sometimes Lector as company. Yukino didn’t like to admit it, but with the lack of Minerva, she’d been a bit lonelier too. Perhaps the search and find was an excuse to get closer to Rogue so that they’d be lonely together from now on.

“Then I can help you!” Yukino said excitedly. She’d be his ticket into the dorms, they’d get in no problem.

“I guess so,” Rogue said nonchalantly, standing up from his chair so that they could travel to the dorms.

“Great! U-um, just so you know, Minerva doesn’t hurt them or anything, she just thinks they’re really soft and uses them as pillows.” Yukino explained hurriedly.

“Apparently she makes them food, too.” Rogue pointed out.

“E-er yes! That does sound like her!” Yukino said, feeling her heart thump. This was going better than she expected! Rogue was almost more talkative when Sting wasn’t around! (Although, with that logic, everybody was more talkative when Sting wasn’t around, he sort of talked enough for everyone around him).

The dorms were drawing closer and Yukino almost pinched herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. She actually got along well with Rogue – he was easy to talk to, and wouldn’t screech or destroy something at every opportunity, like Minerva.

Suddenly, a wayward explosion triggered both of them to gasp. The girl’s dormitory was now smoking towards the east wing, where (of course) Minerva’s room was, and coincidentally, Yukino’s as well.

“Oh no,” she lamented, all of her things were in there, if there was a fire-

“Come on, let’s go make sure everyone’s ok.” Rogue’s calm voice interrupted her frenzied thoughts. She nodded and gulped.

Inside, a few of the other girls were looking towards the east wing curiously.

“Yukino, do you know what happened?” One girl asked her. Yukino shook her head and ran forward to catch up with Rogue, his strides were much bigger than hers, and he was practically sprinting.

Minervaaaaaa!” Somebody roared.

Rogue stopped short and Yukino crashed into his back.

“Sorry! I-I’m so sorry!” She cursed herself. She was so dumb!

“It’s fine,” he said, rather calmly. “I should’ve known.”

Minerva suddenly turned he corner ahead of them, racing straight towards them and using her magic to blow up shit behind her.

“Not again,” Yukino moaned, stepping aside swiftly for Minerva to pass. Lector and Frosch soon followed her.

“Frosch! There you are!” Rogue celebrated, hugging his frog-suited exceed.

“What happened this time?” Yukino asked Lector.

“H-m, I think Sting accidentally bit Minerva.” Lector mused. “So she broke up with him again.”

Of course – again. Lately, the only incentive Minerva had been using over Sting was literally breaking up with him, to which he would respond with destroying something and chasing her, and then they’d get back together again. ‘Lover’s spats’, Orga would call them, but Yukino thought they were a bit more like ‘Lover’s brawls’.

“Ah,” Yukino said, sensing Sting coming this way. “We should probably get out of the way then.”

“Yup.” Rogue agreed. “We should definitely go!”

Sting crashed through the hallway like a god of destruction. Rogue grabbed Yukino by the waist and pulled her against the wall.

“Have you guys seen Minerva?!?!” He asked wildly, the lights flickering behind him like the scene from a horror movie.

Yukino was too stunned to say anything.

“She went that way,” Rogue offered, removing his hand from her waist and pointing down the hall. “Maybe you should find other ways to express your creativity – you know, besides biting your hazardous girlfriend.”

Yukino blinked. Poking the angry bear was not on her to-do list, but Rogue seemed more than happy to.

“Hey! Just cuz your girlfriend isn’t temperamental doesn’t mean you have to take it out on me!” Sting griped, before disappearing in search of his runaway girlfriend.

Yukino blushed, even though Sting did have a tendency to call her Rogue’s girlfriend, but it struck a chord with her because one of his hands was still wrapped around her waist.

“God, he’s annoying.” Rogue said, a wry smile plastered across his lips.

“Ah-hm, I wonder how Minerva-sama puts up with him.” Yukino answered. Her eyes didn’t leave his hand, it felt like it was burning a hole in her skin. Was he not moving because he just forgot? Or did he like having his hand there?

“I just can’t believe no one’s been killed,” he marveled.

Finally fed up with confusion, Yukino jerked away from Rogue’s hand anxiously.

“W-well I should probably get g-going!” She stammered, using her hands to make vibrant hand gestures.


Yukino jumped at the feeling of Rogue’s hand on her wrist.

“I-I mean, you don’t have to go. You can…I dunno, we could go get…something to…” Rogue trailed off like he expected her to follow him with ease. The sense Yukino got from him was ‘please don’t leave’.

She had done it. She had made a friend. Success!

“…Eat?” She finished for him. She was sort of hungry.

“…Yeah.” He finished, his bangs ducking low so she couldn’t see his eyes. She wouldn’t tell him, but she liked how he wore his hair in a ponytail.

“Then let’s go.”


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I Wanted to See You Again

Even as the word why slips past Alec’s lips he knows it’s a lie. He knows why Magnus wanted him here–Magnus has been less than subtle in his flirting. But the real question–the one he doesn’t ask–is why me?

Jace is charismatic, strong, determined and much more fun than Alec will ever be. Izzy is stunning, intelligent, observant of little details, with a loyalty that is loud and unquestionable. Even Clary…he doesn’t trust her yet, but her red hair mirrors the fire in her soul. She is fearless in her own way, and viciously protective of her own. Alec doesn’t quite like her, but he sees so clearly how someone would be drawn to her.

Magnus should want any of them more than he wants Alec.

And yet, he doesn’t.

Alec knows he’s way too innocent for his age when it comes to attraction and sex. But he’s not naive. He sees the way Magnus looks at him and he knows exactly what Magnus is looking for…he just doesn’t understand why me.

He stays to finish his drink. Lingers at Magnus’ place for a second, then a third. He’s light-headed and and he keeps licking his lips, but it’s not the haze or the sweetness of the alcohol effecting him…. It’s Magnus.

Three drinks turns into a whole night, but even when it’s just the two of them alone in Magnus’ loft, Magnus doesn’t ask for more. Alec can’t even get the words why me past his lips, so there’s no way he knows how to ask Magnus to just kiss him already.

I’ll see you soon, Alexander, Magnus says at the door when Alec feels duty pulling him back home.

Alec blushes, stammers, wants to find exactly the right words to say in response, but Magnus’ presence leaves him shaken. Why me is running in a loop through his head, it sits on the tip of his tongue.

Soon, Alexander. Promise me, Magnus pleads, his face etched with worry, his lithe, talented fingers wrapped around the door as if he needs its solid support–because he’s just as affected as Alec is.

And maybe asking the question doesn’t matter quite as much as he thought. Maybe the answer is as simple as this sense of the world being set right when he’s with Magnus.

Get some rest, he says to Magnus, then leans forward and places a soft kiss on Magnus’ forehead, leaving his lips pressed to Magnus’ warm skin for a heartbeat longer than he should. I promise I’ll see you soon.

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