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Why Tuna No Longer Exist in My Setting

Context: My players paid a fishing boat to give them passage along a river to an Elven City that is up the river. The players meet the Captain’s daughter who, has never seen the ocean (this is important later).

Warlock: Okay I want to use my glassblowing skills to make her a glass animal. What’s her favorite animal?

Little Girl(DM): My favorite animal is a Salmon!

Warlock: Awesome. I like Tuna.

Little Girl(DM): What’s a Tuna?

Warlock(OOC): She’s never heard of a Tuna before?

DM(OOC): She hasn’t ever left this river that leads to a big lake! No she hasn’t seen a Tuna!

Warlock: Well It’s a cool fish. I also like dolphins!

Little Girl(DM): I also like dolphins


DM(OOC): Uh she read about it in a book



Warlock(OOC): NO!

One Piece 850 thoughts

Which can be summed up as: could we have seen this coming? Yup. Did I see this coming? Nope. But let’s say things in order. 

The request covers do not have an intended  meaning, but Oda never chooses them casually, I think.

The face Smoker, a heavy smoker, is making here, is just too relatable to the one face Sanji, a heavy smoker,  makes in the last page. And it doesn’t tell us anything more, but it underlines the concept, I think. 

As when we last saw them, Bropper - sorry, that’s his name officially now - and Carrot are doing fine. Forcing your enemies to do something you want is nothing new in this saga, though I think they’ll have more luck than Nami - essentially because WE NEED some luck right now. 

But things are being set in motion eventually. As you may know, Sanji is one of my favorite characters. And I’ve been hating this depressed version of him, even more so when he started getting all lovey-dovey around Pudding. Please. No. 

His cockiness, his nerve, his cunning mind are also what made him attractive to me as a character. And the last we saw any of tis was when he was confronted by hus brothers, when he stood up against his father, when he defend Cosette - a trait even Reiju appreciated, as they are closer than with the other siblings, though he wouldn’t admit it. 

Sanji ever refused to enter a fight? No way. He, who competed with Zoro all the time, now is discouraged and empty as a shell. I’m not saying he could have done much differently - of course not, that’s the whole point of the saga -, but … it’s the totally opposite of himself. 

This … is a mask. And the fact that what’s hidden behind is possibly worse, doesn’t make it any more pleasant to witness. I’ve always said since the very beginning of this now rightfully infamous “year of Sanji” that I hoped the Cook would now finally change his weakness for women into sensibility. Because there are two aspects to it:

  • the gentleman attitude, taught to him by Zeff, very likable, especially in these times when we hear every. single. killed. about women being killed by men. 
  • and the lovey dovey attitude, which is an expression of the mask above and which I personally mostly dislike - except, of course, when it involves my Navig… my ship. 

  Not to mention that Sanji never disliked making food for rats, being them metaphorical like Gin or actual animals… where does this newly found royalty-like come from? From the stressful situation and it’s not going to last. Thanks Kami-sama. Oda using the exact same expression is not a coincidence for sure. 

Then we get to my favorite part. Honestly, from the get go I’ve never liked Luffy as much as I’m doing now. The peak was the fight with Sanji, but it never gets any lower. This attitude he has here is actually quite trope-y: classic shounen hero. Take Naruto or Ichigo or Guts or Gon or whatever, he’s being any of them right now. But in particular, he reminded me of Gon, of when he said something along the lines of “I’m not going to die here.”

And speaking of “not going to die here”…

Pedro and Humpty Dumpty Tamago  are at their final showdown. Nothing to say if not that the Baron’s fghting style reminds badly of Sanji’s. Would like  showdown of the two of them - plus, a Cook against a Egg, lol. 

Well… would have liked it. But…

… nothing in bold is ever to be left  not analyzed. We know 

  • that Pedro risks to die very badly, both for the situation, for the fact that if caught a second time, Mama won’t let him go for sure, but especially, for the fact that he’s missing 50 years of lifespan. 
  • the situation overall is very bad - Luffy knew from the start that even he couldn’t dare face a yonkou by himself just yet, he promised to his crew on Zou that he wouldn’t fight Big Mom -: I am starting to think they may not make it all together in one piece - sorry, couldn’t resist - out of here. 

Zepo, Pedro’s former companion and I’m betting my Christmas gifts also Bepo’s relative, died for 70 years of his lifespan being taken from him. In OP there are exceptionally old people like Kureha, but most have normal lives, of 80 years  in average. And if we can assume the minks to have indeed similar lives to humans, as Pedro must be 30 at the very least, he could die anytime now, if 50 years were taken from him. And yes, I know I’ve been repeating my whole life that Oda never kills anyone - but I’m changing my mind. So, Pedro may not mind dying - just not there. In front of the Poneglyphs maybe? I can very easily see him delivering the precious stones to Robin with his last breath - and I can even more easily see myself shedding rivers of tears at this. 

And speaking of “changing my mind”, someone is about to change his very abruptly …

And in particular

Cook? After all the time and ink I’ve spent to defend you? After I’ve answered in detail to questions such as “how can you, as a woman, like Sanji”*? STOP IT NOW. 

*yes, it really happened. A dude on reddit, geez. 

I can’t wait for this scene to be animated. I love how she seems to be crying and then

SO COOL. I mean, yeah, hating her and all - so much, especially for hurting my two favorite Vinsmoke kids -, but it’s cool. I can’t wait to know what her powers are and how she was able to reduce Reiju, who must obviously be very strong, in that state. I’m hypothesizing hypnotization - sorry again - with that freaky eye of hers, something that maybe makes unable to fight back. 

And here everybody was thinking she would kill herself. Like seriously: I read the comments on r/OnePiece when 848 came out and everyone was so sure of it. Personally I thought it would be too dark … well, the reality isn’t much brighter. 

Unfortunately Sanji did nothing to her… YET.

As I said, I hope he finds some kind of contract clause in his promise with Zeff so that he can give her what she deserves. 

Reiju! That face in the penultimate strip kills me. She, the strong woman, reduced to this…? And how? And why does she have blood on her legs only? Is it the Jello that makes her bleed? Why did Pudding have to toy with the two only deserving-to-live Vinsmokes? I would have been enthusiastic to hand her Niji or Yonji. 

I like this choice, though, because even if it wasn’t for Nami and Luffy, I’m sure Sanji wouldn’t let them harm the first person who ever helped him - not to mention that his sister is a woman, so it falls perfectly within Zeff’s code. 

Now, for all the rest: we knew something shocking had to happen. It would be shocking. It had to be. But this shocking?

It’s true that a lot of people had anticipated this. At its time I had brought forward that Pudding’s third eye would have to do with a second personality of her,  related to her eye, which is … Kinda the case here, but not really, because she’s fully aware of it apparently. Rather than a double personality, a double façade.

It did seem strange to me that out of all the people they could randomly meet in Choco Island, they’d find the fiancée of their friend. Way too lucky, even for a manga. And that out of all the mad children Big Mom has, she’s the only one not crazy= I had advised against it majorly because it would be JUST TOO CRUEL TO SANJI. well, guess what, past-me? Oda is a jerk to Sanji. Even more that I already thought. 

I’ve heard some suggest that Sanji will change, like he did with Viola.

 First of all, he didn’t change Viola: she was a good person to begin with, forced to do bad stuff. But Pudding’s no good person and she  does no good stuff at all and enjoys it quite a bit too. But even if this weren’t the case… no need to change it. 

Good, then bad, then Good again? no, this isn’t a character meant to be that complex, and it would make so utterly  pointless all the shock of today’s chapter. Whole Cake Island is made in its entirety of irredeemable characters. I think that’s just the point, they are bad to the core. The little girl wanting knives to amputate her stuffed animals? That kind of bad to the core. 

But why is is shocking? Because Oda is the master of foreshadowing, of leaving tips here and there like marzipan crumbs. And he left us this:

which was meant to make us feel empathic towards her. This is a scene only the reader could see, not from a character’s internal POV, let’s say Sanji’s for exaple, but also Nami’s or Luffy’s could do. Oda doesn’t usually do this, he doesn’t directly involve the reader’s POV in the understanding of the plot.  Others do - let’s say Togashi again? Kentaro Miura? Kishimoto? -, but him…  which is why I am not scrapping the double personality theory just yet. 

And given this, it’s just another reason Pudding won’t change: if she has a second evil personality, it stays dominant, and if it’s her whole horrible personality, it stays that way just the same. This scene above was drawn explicitly to make us feel bad for the poor girl and then super shocked today. It couldn’t be wasted ink. 

Geez, It was a while since I last wrote so much,and I still have so many half thoughts and ideas in my mind. It’s just what One Piece does to me and that’s why I love it. 

EDIT: forgotten thought n#1. There’s always lighting when Sanji and damsels are involved.

It was Nami who created the lightning…

… by whose light it seemed that his engangement to Pudding

would be a good thing - NOPE.

And there’s a lighting now that he breaks it. 

Yup. This pain is cathartic cook. Overcome it and kick asses already please. All the good ladies require you do it. 

anonymous asked:

Why dont you like Moffat who?

Why? Well here goes

Here’s what each companion taught me:

·         Rose Tyler

Rose taught me that it didn’t matter if you weren’t the best at school. She taught me that it didn’t matter if you were “ordinary”.  She taught me that women can be just as awesome (if not more) than men. But overall Rose taught me that I could seem like the least important person on the planet, but I could mean so much more.

·         Mickey Smith

Mickey taught me that being a bit silly is ok. He taught that the person you think is soul-mate, maybe isn’t, and that’s ok. But overall Mickey taught me you are important and capable, no matter what other people say.

·         Jack Harkness

Jack taught me that you can be extroverted and confident. He taught me that you can do bad things in life, but in the end things get better, But overall Jack taught me that eventually, no matter how out of place you feel, eventually you will find somewhere you fit in.

·         Martha Jones

Martha taught me that brains can be a good thing too. That if you do manage to get a good job and are a nice person, it will be rewarded. She taught me that you can love someone and still be badass. She taught me you can be feminine and still be just as good as everyone else. She taught me that wisdom is important.  She taught me that knowledge is important. But overall Martha taught me that being a good person, and knowing your value, is the most important thing.

·         Donna Noble

Donna taught me that knowing yourself is important. She taught me that knowing that you are important, and letting others know, is very important. She taught me that in life you should do what you want, and not what other people want. She taught me that the most important thing in life is to believe in yourself. She taught me to see the lighter side of life. But overall Donna taught me that bravery and kindness and appreciating yourself are so important in life.

·         Amy Pond

Amy taught me to get anywhere in life you must be pretty and good at fighting and slim. She taught me that you have to be special or different for people to notice you. But overall Amy taught me that you should wait for people no matter how long they leave you.

·         Rory Williams

Rory taught me that unless you are “hot” or clever or witty you will be forgotten. He taught me that if you’re not perfect you become “the side-kick”. But overall Rory taught me that being clumsy or un-interesting means you will be a failure

·         River Song

River taught me that if you are in love with someone, your whole life revolves around them. She taught me that you should have blind faith in people. She taught me that breaking the law is cool. But overall River taught me that no matter where in time and space you are, your life will always revolve around the one you love

·         Clara Oswald

Clara taught me that to be interesting you must be “the chosen one” or something similar. She taught me that staying with a mental abuser is ok. She taught me that you must be “different to other girls”. She taught me you must be pretty or quirky or feisty. But overall she taught me that to get noticed or to find a friend, first they must be obsessed with finding out every aspect of your life

·         Danny Pink

Danny taught me that sometimes in life you do wrong things, but you will never be forgiven. He taught me that you shouldn’t have an opinion really. But overall he taught me no matter who you are now; the past is all that matters

So yeah, that’s why I don’t like Moffat who.