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While in Super Vacation World, Samus eventually comes to be known as the old woman with an apex predator for a best friend, the baby having grown up into an Omega. She walks into town with it because it likes the metroid-friendly treats the local children bring for it

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Okay, but Fae!Arcee who just grows to love June so dearly??? She knows her leader has some sort of fondness for her and her halfling child, plus she was still reeling because of the death of her lost lover. But June was just so fierce and warm... Plus the way she saw how loving and protective June was around her son made her fall for her even more. But it was June who took the first step, since she found Arcee to be breathtaking and brave.

I’m so in love with this ship!  <3 <3 <3  ^___^

Morally, she was good. Nothing of a coquette, she was very sweet and almost ingenuous. Though but little blessed with natural wit, her gayety was nonetheless frank and full of spontaneity. She was not an enemy to pleasure ; but she preferred it simple and without ostentation. Criticism has often been levelled at the frivolous side of her character, but never did it succeed, even in its sharpest attacks, in citing a wrong action on her part.

Madame de Lamballe - Georges Bertin

soooo during a break from a commission i was working on i started to draw and i kinda made a new character??????

before anything shes not a part of any au or anything officially until i talk to sugar and raven about it i would like to make sure they are ok with it

she kinda goes with @sugartalesans​ underwater au  and @ravenpember-dtd​ underwater kingdom thingy? (its all kinda complicated cause there is a few ideas about the underwater areas)

anyway i think shes a guard of some sort to help protect the royal family that ravens character ron works under?

shes part killer whale but actually very sweet though when she is needed or at work she seems like a totally different person very straight forward and at attention

when shes not at work shes very bubbly and carefree she also seems to really love colors  maybe because shes mostly black and white

i also think she goes onto the surface quite a bit shell go to any near by towns and get new tattoos when she has the chance

when she goes on to the surface and gets legs to walk around the tattoos on her tail show up on the upper part of her hips the sides of her legs and her feet

the girl was sweet though. she was very willing to listen. she said that annoying “why do we have to have labels? gay, straight, bi… why can’t love just be love?” thing and i was like “oh girl like love is love for sure but like i need a word to tell other people that i exclusively wanna be with women. like that’s just kinda how words are, you know? i need a word for who i wanna date so i can tell other people easily” and she goes “oh! that makes sense. i take back my previous statement”

sometimes… some straights… are ok

William Nylander- Swedish holiday

Request:Hey! Can I have request with William Nylander, something like the reader is in Sweden with him for holidays? Thanks:)


“You must be (y/n).” Willis mom exclaims as we enter the Nylanders home in Sweden.

“Yes, mama. That’s me.” I reply, feeling Willys arm snake around my waist and pull me closer his lips meeting my temple.

“Please call me Camilla. After all you have made my son very love struck.” She says while pinching Willys cheeks.

“Mamma.” Willy says as he turns red, trying to get away from his mothers pinching.

“Willlllll!!” A smaller voice shouts soon after clutching onto him.

“Y/n, this is one of my sisters. How about we introduce you to the rest of the family before I get tackled?” Willy chuckles.

“Children!” His mother calls. Willys siblings and father following soon after.

“(Y/n) this is Alex.” She says as I am covered by the other Nylander brother.

“Good to see you again, (Y/N)” Alex chuckles.

“You too.” I reply as we separate.

“Hey, she’s mine.” Willy says hugging me.

“William.” His mother chastises.

“Sorry Mamma .” He says looking like a small child.

“Älskling, these are my sisters. Jacquline, Stephanie, Michelle, and Daniella.” He says pointing to his sisters.

“It’s nice to meet you.” I say with a smile.

“So, your Willys girlfriend?” His younger sister questions.

“That I am.”

“He looovvessss you.” She says drawing out the word love.

“I love him too.”

“Oh, (y/n) this is my dad.” William says.

“Nice to meet you Mr. Nylander.”

“You too, (y/n).” He says with a nod while sticking his hand out.I shake his hand, Willy still hugging me into his side

“It’s nice to meet the girl that can put up with this one.” He says as we let go, going to pat Willys shoulder.

“I’m not hard to put up with.” He pouts.

"Yes you are.” Alex replies.

"No I’m not, right, (y/n)?” Willy says bending down to look into my eyes.

"Welllll…….no. At least not all the time.” I reply with a small smirk.

"See! I’m not hard to put up with.”

"No your girlfriend is just a saint.” Alex says slinging his arm over my shoulders.

Willys arm still wrapped snugly around my waist.

"No, he actually isn’t hard to put up with.” I defend making it sound more like a statement, causing Willy to kiss my temple.

"He’s just messing with me. Calm down.” Willy whispers into my ear. Planting a kiss on my cheek.

"Okay, dinner will be ready in about, ten minutes. Kids go wash up. That includes the young adults too.” Camilla says walking back into the kitchen.

"Do you need any help?” I ask before she disappears into the kitchen.

“No dear. That was a very sweet offer though.” She says with a smile before vanishing into he kitchen.

“Follow me,” Alex says his arm still around my shoulders.

"Umm….I think I will go with Willy. Thank you though Alex.” I reply when I feel Willys grip harden. While Alex let’s go.

Willy soon after leads me to a washroom. Letting me stand in front of him. His arms wrap around me as we wash our hands, his head on my shoulder. I’m pinned against him and the sink.

“I love you.” Willy says kissing my lips before drying his hands. He then grabs mine and drys them for me.

"I love you too. What has you all cutesy?” I ask, as we walk back to the living room, his arm back around my waist

"I’m just happy you came with me, Älskling.” He says as we sit on the couch.

"Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

"Like Sweden that much already?” He asks adjusting his arm to be around my shoulders. He pulls me into his side.

"I meant with you but, Sweden is very pretty.”

"Dinner!” Camilla calls.

“Lets eat.” Willy says with a smile as we stand up. His arm still around my shoulders.

We head to the kitchen and sit down to see the table full of different Swedish foods.

Willy and I sit together and his hand moves to sit on my thigh.

“So, how long have you and Willy been together?” His mother questions.

“Eleven months.” I reply with a smile.

“How did you meet?” One of his sisters asks.

“We met through a mutual friend. One of his teammates actually.”

“Which one?” Another of his sisters questions.

“It was Morgan. He set us up to meet him at a diner and never showed.” I reply with a smile, remembering how shy yet charming Willy was.

“So, do you all plan on getting married anytime soon?” His mother questions.

“Umm…..-"I start to reply my face going red.

"Sometime in the future. We are waiting for our sports to settle down.” Willy says rubbing up and down on my thigh in a calming way.

“Do you play a sport?” His father questions

“Yes sir, I play hockey as well.” I reply with a smile.

“What league?”

“Just college and worlds.” I reply and see Willy smile out of the corner of my eye.

“(Y/n) do you have any siblings?” His oldest sister questions.

“Yes, I have an older brother.” I reply feeling Willy tense beside me.

“What is his name?” His father questions

“Um Matt.” I reply feeling slightly uneasy.

“That’s nice, has Willy met him yet?” Willys mom questions a calming smile on her face.


“What’s your last name?” His youngest sister questions.

“Martin.” I reply.

“Dude, you never told me she was Matt Martin’s little sister.” Alex exclaims across the table.

“She’s Matt Martin’s little sister.” Willy says with a cheeky grin.

“How old are you?” Willys dad asks.



The boys and their mom chastise.

“It’s okay, I’m 20.” I reply feeling Willys hand tighten on my leg, so I place mine over his making him relax.

“mamma, can we go watch the summer lights?” The youngest one questions.

“Once everyone is done eating and the table is clear.” Soon after everyone is done and the table is clear.

Willy grabs my hand and leads me to the dock outside of there house. We sit and let our legs dangle off the end. Willys arm snakes around me shoulders and pulls me into his side, kissing my head, my cheek and finally my lips.

“William.” His father calls standing at the other end of the small dock. “I will be right back.” He says pecking my lips again.

“Planerar du att gifta dig med den här tjejen?” his father questions in Swedish. (Do you plan on marrying this girl?)

“Ja, jag vill gifta mig med henne. Det kommer aldrig att bli en annan tjej som henne. Hon är den.” Willy replies. (yes, I want to marry her. There will never be another girl like her. she is the one.)

“Okej, det är en bra sak. Din mamma och jag älskar henne. Dina systrar är ganska förtjust i henne också.” His father says making Willy smile.

(Okay, that’s a good thing. Your mother and I love her. Your sisters are quite fond of her too.)

“Har du fått sin brors välsignelse? Eller hennes pappas?”

(Have you gotten her brother’s blessing? Or her fathers?)

“Ja” Willy replies a smile still on his face.

“(Y/n)! Please Come here.” Willy calls.

I get up and walk back toward Will and his dad. His mother and siblings coming over soon after.

“(Y/n) I love you so much. I love how you always smile, how you laugh, I even love how you breath. My point is I love everything about you except your last name.” Willy says getting on one knee and pulling a ring out of his jeans pocket.

“Vill du gifta dig med mig?” Willy asks grabbing my left hand.

“Ja” I respond, Willy putting the ring on my finger. Soon after hopping up and kissing me on the lips deeply.

“Will, your family is right there.” I reply breaking away from his addicting lips.

“Welcome to the family!” The Nylander’s shout pulling Will and I into a group hug.

the clock ticks very fast

there was this young boy in my class
when children we were
who suddenly away, alas
had died :that made a stir

very ill she was , my sis
though full of life and sweet
hard to know she’s gone, it is
so very cruel indeed

a car, the driver drunk he was
clashed with a car , my friend
who drove the other one, alas
it meant for him the end

my best friend lives with one lung left
the other cut away
he says it is a doctor’s theft
but thanks him for each day

we often want these thoughts to hide
that life’s not meant to last
without forgetting those who died
the clock ticks very fast


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The Edge of Seventeen Tag

Rules: Reimagine your founder (or a sim you made as an adult) as a teen! maybe even on prom night?

I was tagged by my love @calisimgirl <3 <3 <3 Love you babe~!

I did the Loomis Legacy founder Adelynn Loomis <3 
Adelynn was very popular in school. She was always very friendly and sweet. She did have a jealous streak though. Adelynn loves fashion and is obsessed with her favorite Kpop bands <3

I love how cute she is with short hair. I certainly miss her <3

The lovely banner is by @our-dazed-sims and you can find it here~!

I’m tagging @108sims @ghostbouquet @simazinblr @pxelmango @glitchysims @bonehildaslair @simatrix @berrysweetboutique @mrslushiegamer @plumbobus @plumbobpixel @coliswonderland @plxo and anyone else who wants to do it~! (Tag me I’d love to see all your simmies <3) But don’t feel obligated to do this <3


Ok but really why dont people pay more attention to Soon-Duk and Wang-Eun like how can you not be totally in love with them and their relationship?

  1. unconventional romantic relationship
  2. Soon-Duk is a strong and independent female character
  3. Wang-Eun has no shame in showing his emotions despite being a man in a conservative society
  4. Soon-Duk takes care of Eun eventho its usually “supposed” to be the other way around and she doesnt give a shit because she loves Eun just the way he is
  5. Wang-Eun is not apologetic to be what is considered quite unmanly and childish and always relies on her without feeling undermined in his manliness or some shit, he just accepts (or more like doesnt even think about the fact) that their relationship is different from the conventional path
  6. he often doesnt understand when hes overstepping the lines and crossing borders but he’ll be sorry as soon as he gets aware of the fact that he was hurting other people with his behaviour
  7. Soon-Duk is a warrior but she is also very sweet and though she doesnt really understand Wang-Euns soft ways and rather sensitive personality some times, she is always trying her hardest to get his point of view
  8. she loves him wholeheartedly
  9. she was basically the one curting HIM
  10. Wang-Eun is more often than not a total diva but you can see even in his nagging that he cares for her alot and is just showing it in different ways which Soon-Duk is totally okay with and seems even fond of
  11. they are basically the polar opposite on how they should be regarding traditional gender roles
  12. and despite being literally on opposite sides of the spectrum they still have a really caring and understanding relationship and are always trying to look out for the other in their own ways
  13. they are basically like bestfriends

The Question here is not why someone would love this couple, the question here is more like why wouldn’t you love this couple and why doesnt it get the recognition it deserves



I actually have 3 girls, I haven’t been able to really work on them much, but here’s all I’ve came up with ;P

Names: Audrilie Carillie, Aoife Calla, Soleil Pax

Heroine names: La Roo, Swana, Mink

Ages: 18, 16, 15

Family: (Aud) Kcked out when 15, live with Grandmother (Aoife) Rich and neglectful Mother and Father (Sol) Mother and father, own a flower shop

Miraculous: Chatelaine, Torc, Belly chain (Publicly wears it under clothes)

Kwami: Jian, Ivar, Aziz

Recharge Food: Fruit, Breads, anything edible

Transform Phrase: “Lets hop!” “Wings out!” (Idk)

Weapon: Bombs/rope, javelin, baton

Public Personality:
Aud: She’s pretty sarcastic, but means it in a playful way. She’s pretty charming and LOVES to dance. When something bothers her she’s pretty open about it, which sometimes can get her into trouble.

Aoife: Her parents always ignore her and treat her as a doll, so she’s pretty quiet. Though she looks like she’s mean (rbf), she’s very sweet and easily excitable.

Sol: Charismatic, clever, Empathetic. She was raised in a peaceful family and is a very sweet girl. But just because she’s sweet, that doesn’t mean she won’t stand her ground

What Are You? Part 5

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader (Friendship) Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Swearing so far.

@chrisevansthedoritobastard   @143amberrose   @mayfeather27 @impossiblealice  @coley0823  @chrisevansthedoritobastard   @holahellohialoha  @thejameebond

A/N: This is more about what (Y/N) is and how she got that way. Also my mini X-Men crossover. 

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The two newest members to our flock. The cinnamon pearl is Pixie a 1 year old rehome. She will be will my aunt and cousin and their birds. The lute is Spikie (Though we’ve been calling her spice). She’s a 5 year old special needs tiel. She’s blind and had a bad foot as well as arthritis and liver disease. She’s very sweet though. She will be with me at my place and a friend for Molly (especially when I start work).


I drew some kiribakudeku Babs

Kaioh is the troublemaker. Always getting into things she shouldn’t. She’s always exploring and running off and she’s already giving her Da, Dad, and Pops gray hairs. She’s very sweet, though, if mischievous

Kenta is hella athletic and is super adventurous. He loves sports and goes along with whatever plans Kaioh hatches. He has terrible fashion sense (which all his das cry over) but he just likes bright colors

Aito is the oldest and is v grumpy like his Pop. He’s sassy af and backtalks all the time, but also has his dads’ strong moral compasses. When Bakugou found out he was quirkless, he started having a lot of flashbacks to how he treated Izu as a kid and decided to make sure this kid wouldn’t feel the same.

2p hetalia x reader chapter one

“Once you meet someone, you never really forget them.” There it was that one famous line, well not the most famous but just the one that you seemed to remember the most. Yes,studio Ghibli 2002 movie Spirited Away, you loved all the movies,so when traveling to a new home across the country you decided might as well buy them all online and watch them all on the seven hour trip, but then you realized there is no way you could watch all the movies in seven hours. Still it was going to be a big trashion form a Apartment in New york to a beach House in Oregon. It was a East coast to the west coast type of situation.

“Excuse me passengers we are deceiving please, place your tray tables up,and you electronics off” the stactice intercom said, but you could barely understand it, still you shut your laptop down and put it in your bag. You shaked your Dad awack

“Hey old man we are landing soon put your tray table up.” you said, he was still snoring, you rolled your eyes and took his water cup placing it in the garbage of a passing Flight attendant trash bag. Then placing his tray table up, you opened the window you could see the Dark clouds covering the city as the plane started to go down you felt your stomach twist, as you saw the ground getting closer and closer to you. It took about thirty minutes before the plane landed , it was not smooth, this caused your dad to finally wake up, he grabbed a barf bag and threw up.

“OH god, my first time in Oregon and i throw up.” He said, as he barfed in the bag again, you lightly patted his back.

“Ughhh i shouldn’t have eaten all those Peanuts!” he said, once they told you it was time to Deplane, you grabbed your bag that was atop your head for the flight and slung it over your shoulder. Getting out going threw the Jet bridge and your dad said you two needed to get your luggage from carousel 4B, you two walked threw the large crowd till you saw the blue sign reading 4B. You waited till you saw your bags that took about 40 minutes to find all six, you put them all on a luggage carrier as your dad placed all five of his on there, you two pushed them.

“So who is this weirdo that is picking us up, he isn’t like a murderer is he?” you asked

“He is not a murderer, and he is my co-worker who got me this job so please be nice to him, he has done a lot for us”

“You ever see his face?” you said

“Yes over the webcam.” Your dad said “see i am hip i know how technology works” he said

“Well don’t break a hip…and what does he look like, name, date of birth, blood type-”

“(name) calm down, his name is Sergei, he is 24 years old, he came here from russia, he has two sisters…one that is your age I think.”

“Ggggrrrreeeeaaaaatttt” you said

“Hey come on i bet you two will become good friends”

“Or you know hear me out, we will not.” you said as you two pushed the cart outside, your dad took out a piece of paper.

“Ok said he would meet us over….there” he said as he pushed,the cart over, you saw a very tall man waiting there, you dad also seemed a bti taken back by his height.

“Ahh Mr.(last name), it is great to finally meet you in person.” his voice was just so monotone like there was not a hint of emotion in them, but he stuck his hand out, your dad shook it, he turned to you, he towered over you, he stuck out his hand

“You must be his daughter (Name).” he said, you shook his hand and despite him being a giant, surprising his hand shack didn’t hurt you.

“Here i will help you with your bags.” he said as he pushed the cart to the back of his car,

“You sure he isn’t a murder” you whispered to your dad

“(Name) please he is nice” he said you conversation was cut short when the car honked

“SERGEI YOU ALMOST DONE BACK THERE I WANT TO GO HOME WHY DID YOU DRAG ME OUT HERE AGAIN!!!” you heard a whiny voice yell from the car, then a girl with really light brown hair with a pink hair band poked her head out of the car.

“ONce second Anna.” Sergei said

“….one!” she said

“Well she seems like a delight.” You said to your dad, he just rolled his eyes

“Anna,please go sit in the back.”

“What! No i called the passenger seat”

“And we have guste, you and (Name) can sit in the back endless you want to help us load up the luggage.” Sergei said as he placed another one of the bags in the car.

“Ugh fine, but only because I don’t want to break a nail!” she said, as she opened the door but slamming it before going to the back seat, she crossed her arms.

“Well go make friends.” your dad said

“Or i will help Mr.Sergei over here with the luggage” you said as you walked over and putting some of the bags in the back. Once you two finished he closed the door gave you a thank you and you sat in the back, you put your seatbelt on, and looked at the girl, she seemed really bratty to you, but first meeting can be deceiving so you decided to strike up a conversation.

“So what is your name?” you asked, she looked up and down at you

“Annastashia…why do you wanna know.”

“That is a really pretty name.” you said

“I know…what is your name?” she asked

“(name).” you replied

“Oh…ok nice name.” she said as she pulled out her phone that had a fuzzy ball connected to the phone case. She started to text someone, you pulled out your phone and checked to see nothing was there well except a request to candy crush, you swiped it and got rid of it. You twiddled your thumbs.

“So…what do you like.”

“Shopping.” she said bluntly “you.”

“Uhh dose online shopping count.” You said

“…well that explains your outfit so i guess.” She said, you examined her outfit, it was very pink and long, you could only see her shoes from the long pink skirt. You looked down at your flats that had a hole in the side you covered them.

“God she is really rude, who dose she thinks she is!” you thought, the car drive for the rest of the way was very quite you looked out the window and the city was very pretty it in own way, still had tall buildings but not as tall as New York Until sergei took a right and the city was soon replaced with the look of the sea. You saw a few families in hoodies around a campfire. Till you saw the line of house coming up, then the car stopped in front of a light blue house, you opened the car as the moving truck was in front of the house, you stepped out and gave Sergei a quick Thank you as you ran up the steps.

“Come on dad hurry up you have the keys.” you said, your dad fumbled with the keys, but finally unlocked the door, you ran threw the house and unlocked the back door, you ran outside and it was true, your house was at the end of clift, a white fence surrounding the edge only a staircase leading down to the beach.

“It really is Beautiful isn’t it.” you dad said “Your mom would’ve loved the view.”

“Yeah she would of….WHAT THE HELL IS THAT” you screamed as you pointed at a very large dog was in the back of your neighbors yard taking nap, it didn’t look like a dog but more like a bear. Sergei walked out, and patted it head,however being next to that big of a dog made sergei height look normal.

“Uhhhhh sergei why do you have a bear in your backyard” your dad froze with fear as the dog woke up.

“Oh no this out dog, her name is princess and she is very sweet.” he said

“…princess” you though, just as anna walked out.

“Sergei when is dinner.” she whined

“One second anna i am having a conversation.” he said, he turned his head back to you.

“Would you two like to come over for dinner?” he asked your dad

“Sure why not, will the dog be joining us?” your dad laughed

“Yes,” sergei said, “come over in like twenty minutes dinner should be ready by then.”

“Will do.” your dad said, as sergei gave one finally nod and went into the house

“He is totally a murderer, this is just like in those horror movies when a new family moves to a new place only to find their neighbors are satan worshipers and become a human sacrifice!” you said

“I am putting a child block on netflix and your computer.” Your dad said blankly

“Nooooooooooo!!!!!!” you said

“Yes.” your dad laughed

“You shall not take me away form my horror movies!” you said

“Watch me” he joked, you huffed as you looked down

“Hey dad i am going for a quick walk down the beach.” you said

“Ehhhhh alright be back in fifteen got it.” he said

“Yeha yeha.” you said already walking down the steps, the dark blue ocean getting closer. You stepped on the beach, it was a chilly,the waves were coming in closer you walked down the beach for a bit.

“So this is going to be my new home, Awesome!” you thought as you looked at your phone seeing that time was almost up, you started to head back, you kicked your shoe on the stairs and got most of the sand out of your shoe. You saw your dad urging you to hurry up, that only made you go slower.

You finally made your way to the top and you two headed to Sergei’s house, you knocked on the door, Annastasia opened it.

“Take your shoes off first please.” she said, you slipped them off and walked in, and the house was very incantation, something straight out of a fairy tale. A white chandler commanded the dark brown wooden walls, classical music was playing in the background, sergei was in the kitchen and what you saw next almost made you burst out laughing, btu you bite your tongue, sergei was wearing a pink frilly apron, your dad was also trying not to laugh but he was showing it more, annastasia let you two to the living room, she sat on the couch, you sat next to her, well on the other side of the couch your dad sat in the chair, it felt as awkward in the car. Tell your dad broke the silence

“So anninastha-”

“Just call me anna, thanks.” she said

“Oh anna,sorry, so how old are you?” he ask

“Eighteen.” she said

“OH so it (Name) just turned eighteen last month.” He said

“Ok.” she said, your dad was sinking.

“So Anna i heard you have sister a where is she?” you asked

“At some random guy’s house, at work or in her room passed out.” she said

“What does she do for a living?” you asked

“….Sergei said i shouldn’t say.” she said

“…oh sorry.” you said

“Anna dinner’s ready can you get Klase.” you heard sergei say from the kitchen.

“On it~” she chirped and got up walking up the stairs, Sergei walked out, you two walked to the dining room and sat down next to each other.

“Uhh sergei who is klaus?” your dad asked

“He is my assistant who lives here,” Sergei said “don’t mind him, he is very nice, a bit shy so don’t take offence if he dosnt look at you, or talk to you.”

“Ok good to know.” your dad said, as sergei seat the lates down, anna came back down the stairs and took a plate of food off the table

“Klaus says he wants to eat alone.” she said as she grabbed her plate

“I thought you said alone.” Sergei said but anna just ignored him and went up stairs.

“Please excuse those two, she means well.” Seregi said, but you were to interested in the food, your dad and sergei continued to talk till your dad brought something up

“So are there any other kids around (name) age, she is a bit of loner.” he asked

“I am right here!” you said

“You analized disney movies instead of celebrating your sixteenth birthday party”

“Well excuse me…not.” you mumbled

“Ahem.” sergei said getting your dad attention.

“There are some i know but i would not recommend hanging around a few them, they are troubled.”

“What do you mean by troubled?”

“I mean they are not a good influence…especially-no never mind sorry”

“Well now you have to tell me!” you said

“He is nineteen name is Yang wang.” he said

“,pffftttt.” you laughed

“(name) don’t be rude.” your dad said

“Ahhh sorry but wang really,only one….ok.” you said and went back to your food, Sergei looked at your dad.

“My point is just don’t get involved with him.”

“I will try.” you said, as you took your plate to the kitchen washing off the rest of the food.

“Well thank you mr,Sergei for the meal i am going home to set up my bed.” you said

“Ok thank you for coming over.” he said.

“I will see you in a second i still need to go over some things with him.”

“Ok later.” you said as you shut the door, you walked over to your house and opened the door, you saw all the boxes scattered around the house, you went up to your room, and opened a box pulling out a picture of your mom.

“Well looks like this is my new life.” you said

-end of chapter-