she's trying to ruin my life

me, nudging my gf at 3am: it’s pretty fucked up that people only blame lydia bennet for almost ruining her family when she was a 15 year old girl who spent her whole life with parents who were equal parts disinterested and enabling and was preyed upon by a man who was quite literally twice her age all because he was trying to get back at his former childhood friend for not letting him extort the guy’s much younger sister lydia bennet was a child babe a child and

break the chain

happy birthday @carryonsimoncarryon!!

length: 3.7k

genre(s): angst+fluff

triggers/warnings: none

simon and baz get in a fight during 7th year and end up magically handcuffed together 

a/n: thank you @cherryonsimon for ur beta skills and brutal honesty :p AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAILEY!!!! ENJOY BEING OLD 💜💜

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“I don’t think we should see each other anymore.”

My jaw drops and I stare at Agatha. She doesn’t look like she’s joking, and I start to feel sick.


“I want to break up.”

“But–but why?”

“I just don’t think we’re good together,” she says, like her words aren’t devastating. Like she hasn’t just unraveled all of my plans for our future together.

“But…but I love you…” I say, a bit pathetically, and her face hardens.

“I’m not doing this because I don’t love you, Simon. I just don’t want to be with you anymore.”

I don’t know what to say to that, and she’s not listening anyway. She’s looking at something over my shoulder and I turn around quickly to see what it is.

It’s Baz.

He gives her a lazy wave and a wink, and when I face her again she’s gone pink.

“Him?” I say incredulously. “You’re breaking up with me for him?”

“What if I am?” she says, and I feel my magic starting to rise. She takes a step back, looking scared. I curse and try to force it back down.

“Agatha,” I say, but she’s still moving. “Agatha! I didn’t mean it!”

She spins on her heel and walks off, leaving me behind in the hall.

I’m sure I look like a fish out of water; students are leaving the classrooms and everyone’s giving me a funny look. I’m still fighting to keep my magic under control and I only have one thought on my mind: this is Baz’s fault.

* * *

Baz had somehow disappeared after my confrontation with Agatha, so I go looking for him. I eventually find him lurking in an unused corridor–the one with the room where the Crucible is stored. Surely Baz isn’t daft enough to try and mess with it. He must have some other scheme planned.

I don’t care what it is, I don’t care about anything else right now other than the fact that Baz has once again ruined my life.

I’m attempting to sneak up on him when the sole of my shoe squeaks, and he whips around.

“What do you want, Snow?” Baz spits, and I rush forward without thinking.

“This is all your fault!” I yell as I shove him, “if you’d just left Agatha well alone she wouldn’t have broken up with me!”

He looks confused for a second and then smirks. That makes me angrier, so I shove him again. Harder. This time his head makes a satisfying crack as it hits the wall. I rush forward with my arm pulled back, ready to punch him. He moves to block me and our hands collide in mid-air.

I feel a shimmer of magic around my wrist and my stomach drops. Baz must have cast something too low for me to hear, and now…well, I’m not really sure what he did until I look at my hand and see the shiny metal bracelet. I don’t realize what’s happened at first; Baz tugs his wrist and mine comes with it.

Merlin’s tits, I’m fucking handcuffed to Baz. What is he planning to do to me? This must be one of his schemes! He’s going to…he’s going to…

Well, I’m not sure what he’s going to do, but it probably involves me and a pair of handcuffs.

“What the hell, Baz!” I growl, “let me go!”

He looks indignant. “I didn’t do this!”

“Of course you did!”

“Crowley, Snow, do you really think I’d attach myself to you on purpose?”


The air starts to fill with smoke, and I realize it’s Snow. Shit, I should have known this would happen. He’s going to bloody go off. I’m tempted to poke him as I usually do–because I know he’ll just shield me–but I finally give into my urge to just…help him.

“Deep breaths now, Snow,” I say, and his head snaps up. He narrows his eyes at me, but I keep going; keep holding his gaze. “Let it go. Some of it. Before you start another fire. Whatever–fuck!”

Snow shoves me into the wall for the second time today, only this time he comes with me and I’m hit from both sides.

“What was that for? I was helping you, you numpty!”

“I don’t need your help,” he snarls.

“Fine!” I spit, “let’s go find you someone else then!”

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I’m not 100% sure but…

I’m thinking that Ashi had already realized at this point what killing Aku in the past would mean for her. Maybe she knew what Jack completing his quest would mean even before that and decided it was worth the sacrifice on her part. She and her sisters are the ones least likely to exist again in the new timeline, after all. Pretty damn heroic of her and actually, that was pretty much her choice to make a portal. Jack didn’t ask her for a portal at all, it was Ashi who realized she could make one and then immediately made the choice for both of them.

It’s still weird that she remained as long as she did after Aku died, though. It’s possible she was able to hang on through sheer force of will and lingering power from being Aku’s daughter(even though he had withdrawn from reality, I wouldn’t be surprised if some dregs of his power remained in her for a while. He’s a being powerful enough to manipulate time after all, and Ashi was able to do the same because of that). She wanted that happy ending too, she was hanging on as long as she did in the hopes that some miracle might happen that would allow her to stay, but in the end she was living on borrowed time and just couldn’t keep it up. Maybe she kept that knowledge from Jack because she didn’t want her final days with him to be marred with mourning over her inevitable fate(I mean, it must’ve taken a while at least for all the far-flung wedding guests to arrive, let alone getting Jack’s home to look as nice as it did after Aku destroyed it!). At least she got to see some of the Aku-free world’s beauty before she disappeared, and see that her sacrifice was worth it in the end.

Now it’ll be up to humanity alone to ruin things! :D

Loud shrugging.

Idk, just my thoughts on that particular matter. I’m trying to make my peace with the finale as much as everyone else is. I like to think that somehow, Ashi and her sisters will also be reborn in the new timeline but next time into a happier, fuller life.


“Kara’s gonna be mad, you know,” Maggie says softly as they walk down the aisle.

“Yeah, well, this was the only time we could both be here and she insisted she couldn’t get out of lunch with Lena Luthor.”

“But to be fair, you never told her what we were doing.”

“Whose side are you on??” Alex asks, scandalised. “I know you and my sister are best friends, but I’m your fiance. You gotta be on my side.”

“I’m neutral,” Maggie replies, playfully aloof. She walks further down the aisle and crouches down. “This one, Alex. This is the one.”

Maggie crouches beside a tiny labrador in a cage, and smiles widely.

“That puppy was dropped off a few weeks ago. Left abandoned on the side of the road, probably because she was born three legs.” Maggie makes a strangled noise, and grabs for Alex’s hand.

“Babe, she smiled at me!” Alex smiles fondly at her soft fiance.

“Of course you choose the underdog.”

The pound worker unlocks the cage, and the small dog starts yapping as it bounds into Maggie’s arm.

“I love her,” Maggie says, and Alex can swear she can see tears glisten in her eyes. She laughs softly.

“What will we name her?” Maggie asks as the puppy licks her face.

“We already decided on a name. Gertrude.” Maggie laughs loudly, until she turns and sees that Alex is serious.

She stops laughing.

“You can’t be serious.”

“You promised me we’d name our first dog Gertrude.”

“I did not!”

“You did, too! I was kidnapped and stuck in a tank, remember?” The pound worker’s eyes widen, but neither woman notices.

“That doesn’t count! We thought you were gonna die!”

“A promise is a promise, Sawyer.”

Maggie sighs, and pets their new dog.

“She’s gonna get bullied, babe. She has three legs and her name is Gertrude.”

“So what do you wanna name her?”

“I don’t know… Taco?”

“Stop hanging out with my sister.”

“Stop trying to ruin our dog’s life.”

“If we name her Gertrude, I’ll never cook in our kitchen again.” Maggie weighs up her options, thinking of their brand new counter tops and fancy new oven.

“Deal,” Maggie says, and they shake on it.

Maggie stands up, Gertrude safely in her arms, and they stand together for a moment, a tiny, perfect family.

“Just remember this,” Maggie tells Alex, “because there is no way you’re naming our children.”

Shameless Imagines 2- You Mean so fucking much to me (Lip Imagine)

Paring: Lip x reader

Request: Could you do an imagine where the gallaghers and Mickey find out you self harm.

Description: You werent like the rest of your Milkovich family, you were weak and you just needed something that made you feel alive again. Everything was fine until they found out and the look on Mickeys face was more than heart crushing.

Warning: Mentions of selfharm, please read with caution. i love you all.


Originally posted by mickeyandmumbles

lip looked at you, tears threatening to spill from his eyes. He didn’t understand how it got this bad, all he wanted to do was fix you, to put every fucking piece that your dad had broken back together.  

You two had been the only ones home in the Gallagher house and decide to have some fun, It had been a while. In the moment you had forgotten about the scars on your upper thigh and Lip was making his way down when he saw them. 

“Whats wrong baby?” you asked, looking at him. His eyes had become glossy and his face had gone pale, you still not realizing what he had seen. He shook his head not saying anything and told you he felt sick before running to the bathroom.

When he got to the bathroom he slid down the walls, so unsure of what he had just saw.He knew how bad things were at home and even with the love and support of Mandy and Mickey it wasn’t even to protect you from Terry and the horrible things he had done.

Lip felt horrible and useless, he couldn’t save you. Lip had protected you from so many things, people at school, creepy guys, Karen, all of it. But lip wasn’t enough to protect you from your own dad, no one was. 

After a few minutes he had returned from the bathroom making some bullshit excuse about food poisoning and how he just wanted to lay in bed with you, honestly you were perfectly okay with that. There was something about being held by Lip that made you feel like everything would be in life.


Over the next few days you had noticed that lip had been acting weird, he wanted to go where ever you were, constantly asking you whats on your mind or if you were okay, being more loving and gentile than he normally had been. You had gone home to spend some girl time with your big sister Mandy. You two had been best friends since you were little, Only being 2 years apart you both had so much in common and she was just easy to talk too. You had thought for a while about telling her how bad things had gotten. Even though Terry had once again been put in jail, things hadn’t calmed down for you yet. You had been having nightmares about him returning, about hitting you or hurting Mickey and him making you watch again. You had been so traumatized by one man and it made you feel so weak, and seeing the scars afterwords had made you feel even worse but you couldn’t stop, you needed release. 

You felt kind of numb lately, feeling like you were floating through life, feeling worthless and used. You had wanted to talk to lip about it, but you didn’t want to see the look on his face. When you cried he felt broken. When he had found you on the floor after Terry had left he left broken, whenever you weren’t okay he felt broken. You could see it in his eyes and you didnt want that. You didnt want him to worry, to cry, to feel like he wasn’t doing enough because he was doing more than enough, it was just a phase of pain and once it was over you would be okay again. Little did you know that he was already worrying, already beating himself up for not noticing earlier and he had spent an hour after you left crying.

The next day Lip had called Mickey, Ian and Mandy over to the Gallagher house, he wanted to talk about this and see what they should do. As Ian and you had been best friends since you were kids which led Mandy and Ian to be friends which led Ian and Mickey to become whatever the fuck they were and Mandy and Mickey being your older siblings, those were the people Lip called, the ones who loved you and cared about you,

The 5 of you had become really close, almost like your own little family and lip knew that they needed to help you.

“Whats going on Gallagher” Mickey said taking a seat at the dinning room table next to Ian as Mandy had sat on the other side of the two love birds and Lip had sat on end, making sure he could see the 3 of them.

“Its about y/n” Lip said but then was cut off by Mickey interrupting him.

“I swear to god if you got my sitter pregnant i will fucking kill you with my cold fucking hands” Lip laughed and nodded before explaining that him and you were always safe and you weren’t in fact pregnant which gained a “Better fucking not be” from the carrot boy.

“Me and Y/n were doing some things when I noticed marks on her thighs, both of them. Some were old and some were fresh. I don’t know what Terry has done to her as she hasn’t told me it all but he’s fucking broken her and we need to fix her before she pulls a fucking Monica and I lose the love of my life” Lip said, tears coming back in his eyes.

“You love her?” Mandy asked, a huge smiling coming onto her face.

“What the fuck are you trying to say Gallagher?” Mickey asked, hurting flashing through his voice. Ian grabbed his hand under the table and Mickey laced his fingers with the ginger boys right away.

“I think she’s self harming Mickey, I think living in that house when hes there is toxic for her. He’s ruining her. She isn’t the same. Her smile isn’t as bright and her laugh isn’t as loud. Her eyes don’t shine like they use to” He said., finally allowing tears to fall again.

Who would have though, Lip Gallagher crying, He wasn’t the crying type.He drank when sad emotions came up, but not this time. You were everything to him, his whole fucking world and he couldn’t live without you.

“Ask her to come over, we will talk to her. Tell her we are here.. Maybe she can stay with us for a little. Do everything we can for her” Ian suggested, earning a nod from both the Milkovich siblings.

“Thank you for caring about her, I believe you are the best for her” Mickey said. Mick was hurt that he never realized how much Terry had broken you, he wished he could have done more to protect you from the bastard but there wasn’t much anyone could do when it came to Terry.

You had received a text saying that Fiona had asked Lip to watch Liam and the house was empty and he wanted you to come over. You loved Liam a much as Lip did and when everything happened with Fiona and the drugs and stuff you and Lip had acted like his mom and dad until she had gotten released and you loved it. Since you were a little girl you dreamed about being a parent and being a loving supporting mom, so different than both of your parents. That was your goal in life.

You and lip had talked about it once, saying that he felt the same. He then started talking the big house on the north side that you two would have with your kids and everything you had ever wanted. Thats when you fell so fucking hard for you. He was everything you had ever wanted and nothing could ever change that. 

When you walked in the back door of the Gallagher house you were confused to see Mandy, Lip, Ian and Mickey sitting at the table.

“Whats going on? You said we were babysitting while Monica was working an extra few hours?” You asked as you slipped off your coat and shoes, sitting down on lips lap. His arms went straight to you waist pulling you as close as possible.

“Baby we need to talk to you..” Lip whispered. He didn’t want to cry but you could hear his voice break and it caused you to worry. You stood up eyeing them all. 

“About?” You asked, something was definitely going on and you were scared. Was Terry out? What the fuck was going on?

“We know Y/n” Ian said, looking at you.

“About the cutting babygirl” Lip said turning to you, his eyes extremely glossy and his voice Breaking once again. Who knew one whole fucking sentence could make your whole world crash.

‘Guys please, its not a big deal and I don’t feel the need to talk about this with you. Im fine, its fine now drop it” You said, not letting your voice show the ashamed and sad feelings you felt deep down.

“Sis, we know he was the worst to you, we know you still have the night terrors, we know how broken you feel. Ive tired so many fucking times for him to leave you alone. Watching what he does to you breaks my fucking heart. But me and Lip and Ian, we are gonna protect you. We are gonna save you from him. He hasn’t broken you yet and we wont let him. We love you so fucking much Y/n and you have to stop please” Mickey said, his eyes becoming glossy. The face he made broke your heart.

“Mick.. Please don’t look at me like that. Im fine” You said, trying to make you believe him when you didn’t even believe yourself.

“No you aren’t Y/F/n, you aren’t fine and you need to stop! Do you understand that I cant lose you? How can we get married and have a family if you are dead!? I love you so fucking much and I wont let you do this to yourself anymore. Do you understand? You are worth so much more than that fucking asshole and I refuse to stand and watch you let him win!” Lip said, raising his voice at some point. You started crying, saying sorry over and over and you walked into lips arms, wrapping his arms around your shoulder and one around your head, him placing his hand on the top of you head. He started crying a little too, kissing the top of your head.

Him saying this to you, it made you feel alive again, like when you closed your eyes you saw a future again instead on nothing. You realized that as soon as you and Lip got out you’d be okay. You made a promise to your boyfriend and the family around you that you’d do anything to try and stop and that you loved him.

After everyone had stopped feeling emotional and had calmed down, Mickey had told you that all of them thought it was best to stay at the Gallaghers, still having a room of your own in your house but none of them wanted you to be there when Terry got out. As Ian basically lived at the Milkovich house and Carl was gone to military school and Frank not allowed in the house you had Fiona room to yourself while fiona had Franks room and you couldn’t have to cram into Lips old small bed anymore. You loved the idea of waking up to the love of your life every morning and that lip would be there when you needed him even more than normal.

a month later things were slowly getting better, You hadn’t cut in 3 weeks, the night terrors didn’t come every night like they did at the beginning but when they did lip held you and kissed you and stayed up for a while after you slept to make sure they didn’t happen. You weren’t fixed, it was a slow process but you didn’t feel as broken as you did the night they had told you that they knew. You were so happy they had did what they did, they saved you that night. You couldn’t be more grateful for everything they did for you, they were all family and that would never change.

Pissed Off - Zach Dempsey



Word Count: 1,023

Warnings: Swearing

Plot Summary: You end up accidentally pissing off the one and only Zach Dempsey. Now you have to make it up to him.

A/n: I know I’m doing pretty much all Zach Dempsey imagines right now but I love his character. Feel free to request an imagine for any of the characters listed on my Masterlist (:

“So how was Biology?” asked Hannah seemingly stepping out of nowhere.

“I’d say hell on earth, everyone’s failing apart from Dempsey” you said as the two of you walked off towards the lunch hall.

“Zach doesn’t he play basketball?” asked Hannah looking at you with a confused expression.

“Yeah and just because he’s acing the class miss is expecting everyone else to, why can’t the guy stick to being a dumb jock and make everyone’s lives easier” you laughed and Hannah giggled.

Suddenly someone pushed past you crashing into your shoulder with force before storming off down the hallway. You were too concerned about your shoulder and not dropping the stack of books you were holding to realise who it was.

“Oh god I think he heard you” said Hannah as you looked up just in time to see the one and only Zach Dempsey storm off around the corner.

“What’s he going to do anyway” you said pissed glaring at the corner and rubbing your shoulder.

“Well considering he’s six two and built like a brick shit house, not to mention he’s one of the most popular guys in the school I would say there are a fair few things that he could do to make your life hell” she said taking some of your books from you in an attempt to help.

“Oh god” you said looking at Hannah who had a sympathetic expression on her face.

“Yeah” she said rising her eyebrows.

The two of you sat down on one of the empty tables in the food hall, Hannah placing your books down next to you as you rubbed your shoulder. You got your lunch out of your bag picked up your sandwich and as you were about to take a bite you looked over to Zach’s table. He was smiling then as his eyes met yours his smile faded and turned into more of a pissed off look before he looked away from you and back to his friend.

“Oh, you have really pissed him off” said Hannah as you looked at her; she had turned her head into the direction of Zach and had seen what had happened.

“Great” you said putting your sandwich down suddenly not feeling hungry.

“If you don’t fix this then he has the power to destroy you” she said turning back to face you with as serious expression on her face.

“What do you mean fix this, there’s no fixing this! No one messes with a Jock without their life being ruined, you just wait today its dirty looks tomorrow it will be slime in my locker” you said crossing your arms.

“Slime?” She said a smile creeping onto her face.

You couldn’t help but smile.

“It was the first thing that popped into my head ok” you said trying to keep your angry face but failing as Hannah starting laughing.

“Ok, ok but on a serious note we can’t let that happen all you have to do is go up and apologise for what you said” said Hannah trying to put on the most serious face she had.

“Yeah because marching over there right now is a really good idea” you said shaking your head. “I’m just going to have to move to Antarctica and live with the penguins” finished

“There aren’t any Penguins in Antarctica” laughed Hannah. “Wow you really are shit at biology” she said shaking her head laughing.

“Oh well then I will go find Santa” you said “Become an elf or something.”

“Look just catch up with him after baseball practice today, he usually practices alone in sports hall so apologise then” she said as the bell rang and the two of you stood up to go to your form rooms.

“Yeah and if he doesn’t murder me then I will go and get my feet fitted for little green pointy boots and find some stripy tights” you said with a laugh as you waved goodbye to Hannah as the two of you headed in different directions to your form rooms.

You spent the next hour of History thinking about what the hell you were going to day to Zach, but as you slowly walked towards the doors of the sports hall all the plans you had made faded from your head and you heart hammered. You stood outside the door reluctant to go in as you heard the ball smacking into the ground again and again along with the squeak of his trainers on the floor.

Suddenly the door opened scaring you half to death and there stood Zach Dempsey, in his shorts bare chested just inches from you.

“What the hell are you doing here Y/n” he said and you winced at how your name came out of his mouth.

“I’m here to apologise” you said trying to look at anything but his toned chest or his muscular arms.

His expression didn’t change.

“I’m sorry for what I said about you being a dumb Jock and all that” you said quietly as he stared down at you, his gaze making you forget how to England.

“Apology not accepted” he said with a smirk.

“What?!” you said his statement breaking you out of your trance as you looked up at him shocked and confused.

“I said that I don’t accept your apology, you’re going to have to do better than that to earn my forgiveness” he said smirking again, the look in your eye made your stomach fill with butterflies.

“What do you mean?” you asked frowning trying as hard as you could not to appear weak under his gaze.

“Well” he said as he stepped closer to you leaning down a little bit, he brought his hands to your face and then kissed you.

You felt the cool wall against your back as he pressed up against you, you kissed back the kiss becoming more and more heated by the second as one of his arms went to your waist pulling you closer still. The he pulled away, you opened your eyes and he was smiling.

“Well that certainly a start” he said and you smiled.

In 2002, the childhood of 7 year old Hannah Milbrandt was turned upside down after she was informed by her parents that she was dying of leukaemia. However, both Hannah and her father Robert remained completely unaware that the entire situation was a hoax devised by her own mother, Teresa.

For nine months, her scheming mother and distraught father planned fundraisers for their ailing daughter and raised a substantial $31,000 for the family- which was entirely the result of generous donations from businesses and people within the local community. During this time, Teresa shaved Hannah’s head to keep up the facade, as well as constantly plying her with sleeping pills and taping bandages to various parts of her body. She claimed to concerned relatives and friends that the bandages hid “medical ports’ through which Hannah received treatment. Just under a year later, the whole plot was revealed after Hannah’s school teachers grew more suspicious. In 2003, both Teresa and Robert were imprisoned for 6.5 year and 5 years respectively for the charges of theft and child endangerment. 

Robert to this day maintains his innocence by asserting that he was completely unaware as his wife took charge of taking Hannah to all of her medical appointments. Hannah herself has since spoke of how falsely awaiting her own death has triggered periods of depression and suicidal thoughts but is doing her best to carry on with life. She has spoken of how her own mother ruined her life, but has also acknowledged her father’s innocence by stating that his conviction “weighs very heavy on my heart.” Robert had not allowed Hannah to testify on his behalf, and so instead she has spent many years trying to seek justice for him since his release from prison.

I'm suddenly standing at the beginning with you

For @nerdyadventures Happy birthday my friend, I’m 10 days late and I made you beta this but this is for you and for keeping up with my texts all the time and humoring me and texting me back. You’re wonderful and I can’t it to be January so we can hang out in Disneyland.

This is the start of a hopefully 3 part story. I hope you guys like it.

Piper was applying lipstick to her lips while Sally and Hazel worked on her hair but Annabeth was hardly paying attention to them, her brain kept thinking about what was about to happen… in less than an hour she would stop being Annabeth Chase and she would become Annabeth Jackson. In less than an hour, she would be marrying the love of her life. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to keep the butterflies in her belly at bay.

It had been so long since Percy had caused her butterflies but it wasn’t a bad thing, after all, they had been together for almost eight years and known each other for eleven. Percy didn’t give her butterflies anymore but he gave her a feeling of safety, love, home, happiness and that was better than any butterfly. She felt weirdly calm, she never thought this was how she would be feeling moments away from her wedding, like any bride she had her bridezilla moments but they didn’t last long, not when they usually ended in Percy’s arms, his voice soothing the stress away, joking how they could elope in any moment, how the only thing that matters was their love.      

“You look beautiful, honey.” Sally’s voice brought her back from her thoughts, her future mother-in-law had tears in her eyes. Annabeth looked at her reflection in the mirror, two beautiful braids worked as a headband and they ended in a messy bun with small white flowers braided into it, Piper had given her a beautiful but minimal makeover, hints of gold framed her eyelids, her lips had a peachy color on them and her cheeks were covered in light pinks and she looked, well, she looked like the blushing bride she wasn’t. “But you are missing something.”

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Spirit in the House - chap 8/10

Modern!AU Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Reader is in a coma after a car accident. Bucky moves into your apartment and find your spirit still hanging around. (Based on Just like Heaven)

Word Count: 1,965

Warnings: Language, Mention of Cheating

A/N: Grab your bottles of wine ‘cause the last 3 chapters are going to be extra cheesy. Sorry for the wait, hope this is worth it. 

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10

Originally posted by dailyevanstan

In the fifth month of your coma, your spirits declined. So to speak. Your chances of survival were very slim.

Bucky didn’t visit you often, he was afraid he might run into Peggy. But everytime he visited, he always placed a soft, lingering kiss on your forehead and you could feel the gentle pressure of his lips against your skin.

He never mentioned that to you, so you never commented on it.

Bucky would read books to you, watch movies with you until he fell asleep on the sofa, too tired to move. Most of the time, he was trying to fight off sleep so he could stay with you a little bit longer.

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So I was listening to Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story, and I had a (literal) revelation. Eliza, our cinnamon roll, never really mentions her story anywhere until the very end of the entire musical. She puts everyone else before her. For example, in Burn, she says that he (Hamilton) has ruined “our lives”. Not “my life”, even though she’s the one who’s hurt most out of the whole situation. She still cares about Hamilton and his precious legacy. Then later in the show, in the song that sparked (haha get it cause Burn… Sorry, anyway) this, she literally tells everyone else’s story first, other than saying she puts herself back in the narrative. First Hamilton, then Angelica, Washington. “I speak out against slavery,” trying to add to Jefferson’s story. And then the orphanage, which is more about the children’s future legacies. Only after she mentions everyone else does she acknowledge her life, her legacy, her story. I just wanted to address that. Eliza is such a selfless cinnamon roll.

Chapter 93 Thoughts.

Le writer is happy because this was such a good chapter.

I will be using Mangastream since it is on the point and Crunchyroll translation is not out yet. I will make corrections after I read Cruncyroll translation.

Ah, I am really living for chapters like this! Many things I learn, many things I crave. New info. Yay! To sum it up cursory, in this chapter we saw:

  • Isayama really did reversed the map, call it a brand new world and gave half of it Marley. Really, Marley is putting British, Mongols and Romans to shame while Alexander the Great is crying at background.
  • Marley is relying too much on Titan power, that is why they don’t have an advanced army and navy.
  • Mads Mikkelsen is their marshal.
  • Mid-East Union is now Fab-Kebab Union who lost the war but also got all the praises and that made Marley jealous.
  • Zeke can get even more interesting every month. He also has a Zekeret.
  • Marley is not aware that Zeke is royal blood. Bruh.
  • We found out how Zeke is able to control titans. With injecting his own spine fluid. Reasonable.
  • Cartman is actually a cartwoman and she stole my heart. Unlike roast master Galliard.
  • Reiner “I must protect the smol ones” Braun. Enough said.
  • The smol ones are also winning my heart more every chapter. Gabi, Falco, Udo and Zophia are 14 year old cutie pies.
  • Paradis is doing well, Paradis is doing great.
  • Ackermans are actually lab rats.
  • Ymir. Beautiful. Willful. Dead.
  • Le writer is wishing next month to be a Warrior chapter as well to get a Warrior volume and her chapter thoughts are under the cut.

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Oh my god just discovered all the jaal/ryder fanworks and I g0tta ask for some cuddling headcannons PLWASE

Here ya go!

Not hard to believe, but Kosta was a physical person. Touches, light taps of reassurance to his team members of tough missions, a consoling hand on their shoulder after a loss. Liam liked closeness.
And he also was into big ass bear cuddles. Just enjoying being splayed out on the scuffed up old couch while holding Ryder close, shielding them from the outside world and all the problems they have to face, because everything in their little space and on that beaten up couch is normal and explainable.
And they could use a bit of normal every now and again.

Cuddling is a little hard when you’re mostly made up of metal exoskeleton. But Ryder and Vetra make do. Leaning on each other. One arm wrapped around their middle, sweet nuzzles every now and again. Ryder would sometimes forget about her spiky girlfriend’s metal carapace and pull Vetra on top of her in a tight hug, but after some mild bone bruising on Sara’s sternum, they learned that some cross species relationships need a little imagination.
It’s hard when it’s cross species, but the closeness, the love radiating off of each other as they simply just be together is enough. Laying Sara’s head in Vetra’s lap, and being the big spoon to Vetra were a good work around.

Awkward, tangled limbs all the way. Surprise cuddles are the best, but sometimes painful. Getting jumped on from 8 ft above you may leave you with a little back pain or a bruised tailbone, but Ryder could care less.
Peebee is not shy about her affection and enjoys showing off to everyone that you are hers, and if she has to tackle you on your way to the bridge until everyone knows it (which they most certainly already do know) then so be it.

She’s a bit more reserved in her hugging in public.
Most of the time it’s Ryder who starts in with much needed cuddle time. Suvi will usually continue to work away on her data pad but a warm and please smile will grace her features.
But when you’ve got alone time, it’s tender cuddles and kisses. She enjoys being enveloped in Ryder’s embrace, burying her head under Sara’s chin and wishing they didn’t have to part and return to the real world.

Jaal has no idea how to NOT be by Ryder’s side, but still leave enough space to be comfortable. Jaal understood (kind of) that some human (mostly Sara) required some personal space (what the skutt even is that?).
Small touches here and there, hands brushing together, pushing her hair from her face. Such acts could keep him happy. For a while.
Time together in Sara’s room were their designated ‘affection lessons’ as Jaal put it. He would take it upon himself to hold her close, teach her how to be a bit more open with her affection. Jaal was much bigger than her and enjoyed how tiny she was, scooping her up in his arms and trying to get rid of any space between them.

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: Why does Niles’ critical quote have to be ‘Oh yes’? Why does he have to say it with such intent relief? It haunts my sleep, I think I’ve finally freed myself from the grasp of his voice and then just as I’m about to drift off I hear it again and my eyes dart open. This is unfair. Nothing about the Fates localisation has had this much effect on me but that one critical quote has ruined my ability to function. I haven’t touched the game in a good couple of months but all I hear is his voice when he annihilates an enemy. I’m trying to get on with my life but Niles has ruined my ability to function as a human being, I find myself mimicking him when my peers ask me a question. Niles the Outlaw is ruining my life and I cannot run away no matter how hard I try.

No college and shattered dreams

So my sister hates me for no apparent reason and it’s been going on all my life. She tells me that she hates me, she slept with the boy I thought I loved, she fought me, she pushed me causing me to break my arm, she kicked me in my stomach multiple times yet I always seem to find the strength to be the bigger person and never done anything back to her. So one day she was smoking and had a ton of weed in her room and I called the police, changing my voice a little. I told the cops that some young girl was selling drugs and trying to get me to buy it, they came so quickly. I just sat on the couch and waited for them and when they did come I watched as they searched the house then watched as they took my sister out in hand cuffs. She only spent a few nights in jail before she got her trial. She got off with just a felony so which means she can’t go to college or do any of the things she wanted. Bitch ruined my life so I ruined hers and till this day they still don’t know it was me. Is that beyond petty? Did I go too far? Idk but I sleep good knowing her life is ruined now

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ive come to the conclusion that i only know how to write dad shawn

“and that’s how you ruin a life. congratulations.”
“mom?” your 14 year old daughter wanders into the kitchen where you were working, she was holding a giant package of forms for you to sign.

she sat in the chair across from you before explaining what the papers were.

“so since we’re graduating grade 8 in june, the school takes us on a graduation trip to celebrate. i was wondering if i could go?”

she slid the papers across the table so you could read through the forms. you remembered going on this trip when you were her age, you had the time of your life and made some memories on this trip you wouldn’t forget.

the trip would take them to another province of canada for a new nights, which you didn’t mind and you were sure shawn didn’t mind either. after all, she’s been almost everywhere already.

“it seems fun, i think it would be okay for you to go.”

you signed a few of the forms before your daughter spoke up again.

“really? it’s not too expensive?”

you looked at the bottom where the total price was displayed, you were surprised at the low cost. for everything that they were going to be doing there, it was a good price.

“no sweetie, you can go.”

part of you felt guilty making this decision without shawn, but you knew he would be okay with it.

“thanks mom! i love you!” she exclaimed, hugging you before pulling out her phone to call her friend. you heard her excitedly talk to her friend while she made her way up the stairs.

about an hour later you heard the front door open, meaning shawn was home.

“it smells good!” he yelled, walking into the kitchen to greet you. he was referring to the dinner you started to make, tonight you decided on homemade pizza.

“thanks, we’re having pizza. the kids will be happy, we haven’t had pizza in a while.”

shawn nodded, “i’m hungry.”

“you’re worse than the kids,” you chucked, handing him the cheese to grate for the pizza. “they haven’t complained that they were hungry yet.”

he started grating the cheese, occasionally sneaking some cheese while he went.

“where are the kids anyways?” he asked, “haven’t seen them all day.”

as if he was on cue, your 5 year
old son came running down the stairs to greet his father.

“daddy!” he exclaimed, running into shawn’s open arms.

“he’s got some news,” you said, “tell him.”

the little boy smiled proudly, “i’ve got a girlfriend now!”

shawn smiled, “well that’s great, what’s her name?”

he continued to tell shawn about his ‘girlfriend’ while you continued making pizza.

you called your daughter down as soon as the pizza’s were done, she came running at the mention of pizza.

you could hear her still talking on the phone with her friend as she entered the kitchen, she was telling her she needed to go.

“okay, i’ll talk to you later. i know i know, i’m so excited! bye.” she hung up the phone and stuffed it into her back pocket before greeting her dad.

“hey baby, how are you?” he asked, kissing the top of her head. even though she was just entering her teen years, she was definitely daddy’s little girl. no doubt.

you grabbed some pizza for your son who was struggling to reach it as you listened to the conversation between shawn and your daughter.

“can i have three pieces please mommy?” your son asked, taking a sip from his water bottle.

“start with two, then we’ll see.” you handed him his plate and he happily took a bite from his pizza.

“oh mom, the first sheet for the trip is due by friday.” you daughter said, “it’s the first payment.”

you nodded, “you can bring it tomorrow.”

“what trip?” shawn asked, “where are you going?”

she explained the trip exactly how she explained it to you hours before. shawn didn’t seem as interested as you were.

“you aren’t going.”

you looked at your husband, “i already told her she could go on the trip shawn. she’s known these people since kindergarten, it’ll be fine.”

“yeah dad, that isn’t even fair!”

“you’re not going. especially since it’s overnight and there are boys there.”

both you and your daughter rolled your eyes. of course shawn would bring up boys, he makes a fuss anytime she mentions a boy.

“really shawn, calm down. when you read the form you’ll see, they separate them.”

you crossed your arms over your chest as shawn did the same thing. your daughter looked at you pleadingly, hoping you could convince him to let her go.

“no y/n, she isn’t going and that’s final.”

your daughter stormed off to her room, you heard the door slam moments after she left the table.

“come on shawn, it’s her grade 8 trip. it’s only four days, she’ll be okay.”

you and shawn argued back and forth for a bit, you really wanted her to go on this trip but he had other thoughts.

about an hour later, you were sitting on the couch watching tv with your son when your daughter entered the room.

“mom, is he really not going to let me go?” she sniffled, taking a seat next to you.

“i don’t know honey, i couldn’t get him to change his mind.”

shawn was in his office, he had enough of fighting so he went there to think.

“you have to talk to him mom, please.”

she was on the verge of tears, she had always been quite the emotional one.

“i’ll try my best, but you know how he is.”

she placed her head in your lap, paying attention to the show on the tv.

minutes later, shawn joined you all in the family room, taking a seat next to you two.

“i hate you,” she grumbled, turning her head to face your stomach so she couldn’t see her father.

shawn’s face dropped at her comment.

“and that’s how you ruin a life. congratulations.” you mumbled, directing it at the both of them. you know your daughters comment must’ve broke shawn inside. she’s never, ever, said she hates him.

“baby, you don’t mean that.” you said, trying to get her to take what she said back. she was a stubborn girl, and you knew shawn was going to cave before she apologized.

“maybe i do, you don’t know that.”

shawn shook his head, shutting his eyes. you saw a single tear escape before he quickly wiped it away.

“you can go on the trip, i read the forms. it seems fun.”

he smiled at you with sad eyes and you wanted nothing more but to comfort him too, but your daughter was currently on top of you and she was making it hard.

“you’re only saying that because i said i hate you.” she said, sitting up again. she shook her head before exiting the room.

shawn opened his mouth to speak, but you stopped him before he could.

“go talk to her shawn, she didn’t mean it.”

“but what if she did?” he asked, running a hand through his already messy hair. “i don’t know what i would do with myself.”

“shawn.” you interrupted him, “just go talk to her, please.”

he nodded before heading up to her room, hoping to make things right with his daughter again.

Just my thoughts here after reading the two chaps...don't mind me

Man no matter what happens Please…. for the Love Of God Keep Jellal Safe At All Costs. I also hope Erza since she seems concerned when he told her “ill buy us some time” hopefully she tags along with him i don’t want them to be separated again I seriously don’t want anything to happen either way this is gonna hurt really fucking bad at this point we don’t need any of that heartbreaking angst. You can keep it. We just wanna see them together married and finally gain that happiness those two truly deserve because that’s all they need. I understand Jellal is doing his best and hardest to protect Erza and also helping them out since they are in trouble I appreciate it a lot but as soon as I read that I started to stress out…. my heart dropped like we got acno chasing their asses I wanna think positive and count on them but I have mixed emotions right now. Even all the things Erza has gone through, don’t make her suffer anymore, not even the Love Of Her Life.

“I wasn’t there.” *Trigger Warnings*

Written by: @ilovebeingjoyful
Posted: March 17th, 2017
Pairing: Dad/Tony x Teenage Daughter Reader
Warnings: *Trigger warnings* This is a fic based around the reader being in an abusive home. The abuse includes Verbal abuse, hitting, slapping, hair pulling, and pushing.
Requested by anon: “Hey there! I was hoping to request some dad tony fluff..he has a teenage daughter but her mom has custody and he kept in touch to make her she had everything she needed. He finds out that she’s being physically abused by the mom and new husband so he fights for custody and wins.”
AN: If you are in an abusive home, PLEASE SEEK HELP!!! 

The fic starts off with abuse. I didn’t want to risk triggering someone as they scrolled passed, so that is why the “keep reading” tab abnormally soon.

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(requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 3 541
warning : smut
summary : (based on the song ‘’Fuck Away The Pain” by Divide The Day)
* not my gif
keep reading after the cut 🔥
note : (to the anon who requested it) it’s the first time i am writing something like this 🙈 hope you like how it turned out 😅…

Y/N sat on the bar , her finger tracing the edges of the glass in front of her. It wasn’t how she had imagined spending her evening but having your entire life turn upside down in an instant demanded drastic measures. Usually drinking would never be her solution for dealing with pain , only this time it was all too much for her to handle with a pile of rocky road ice cream. No. The events from the past few hours had broken her in ways she never thought existed.
“Seven months.” she said gulping her third glass with bourbon at once , motioning to the bartender for another. Her left elbow resting on the bar as her fingers rubbed her tempels. “You date someone for seven months. This person - becomes your entire life. You move in together and everything is perfect… He tells you he loves you and then all of the sudden - he starts fooling with other girls behind your back as if you are nothing but a - a toy to be used and thrown away until you want it again. A slave , not a human being. ” The bartender kept drying the glasses , only raising his eyebrows and nodding from time to time. “Not to mention the way he chose to break up with me ! Absolutely unbelievable that guy …” said Y/N pulling out her phone. “Listen to this ‘Sorry babe. It’s over. What we had was fun but I’m not into it anymore. P.S. I’ll be coming to get my xbox tomorrow.’ … Fun ?!? He talks about our relationship as if it was a trip to Disneyland ! Who knows , maybe to him that’s exactly what it was.”
Y/N left her phone on the bar smashing her fist angrily on it. “Hit me again. Something stronger … whiskey , tequila. Mix it up I don’t give a damn what it would be. ” she said starting to slur her words. “I need it all erased from my head otherwise I might feel sorry for smashing his precious xbox to bits with a hammor and buy him a new one…and that idiot doesn’t deserve anything from me or anyone else.”
“I think you’ve had more than enough to drink.” said the bartender.
“You think ?!” she said incrediously. “My life is over. O-V-E-R , over ! He ripped out my heart from my chest without even blinking and trust me , I’ve seen that happen more times than you can imagine. Only then when those idiots lost their hearts - they died permanently the second time around. Instead I am stuck living with the pain of everything he had done.”
“Yep. You are cut off.”

Kai sat at the far end of the bar , listening in with his vampire hearing. It appeared Y/N was going to try and drink her way through every single bottle with alcohol in the bar and wasn’t planing on taking a ‘no’ as an answer. He was all for it except she was a human and he wasn’t planing on letting her ruin her life because of some ass who couldn’t appreciate her for the kind person she was and broke her heart. No. Y/N reached behind the bar grabbing one of the bottles , slapping the bartender’s hand away as he protested and tried to take the bottle away.
“Oh-kay. That would be my cue..” muttered Kai , briskly shortening the distance between him and Y/N.

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