she's trying to gain his trust

Ya’ know how there’s supposed to be, like, 9 seasons or something of Gotham?

Well imagine this.

Imagine Wayne befriending a majority the Gotham villains. Yeah, Wayne’s already friends with Selina, but imagine him befriending all the other villains as well.

Imagine Wayne gaining Ivy’s friendship– imagine him growing on her, because a friend of Selina’s is someone Ivy decides she can trust despite having trust issues.

Imagine Oswald having a soft spot for Wayne and Wayne actually growing on him because Oswald knows what it’s like to lose a mother and he can sympathize.

Imagine Wayne actually trying to answer Nygma’s riddles and even finding them fun rather than rolling his eyes and saying he doesn’t care for riddles. Imagine how impressed Nygma would be when Wayne actually manages to figure a few out.

Imagine Wayne befriending Harvey Dent, because hey– he’s genuinely a good law attorney, and there’s not many of those, so they automatically click and Harvey even gets a bit protective of him in a brotherly sort of way.

Imagine Wayne becoming a friend of Jonathan Crane despite Jonathan having random terrors. Imagine Wayne helping calm him down when he’s freaking out.

Imagine Wayne even befriending Jerome. Imagine Wayne going against his better judgement and helping Jerome get away from Hugo Strange in Blackgate, and imagine the only reason Jerome doesn’t kill him is because he doesn’t have enough energy to do so. Imagine them actually eventually growing on each other as time and seasons went by, and Jerome actually gaining a soft spot for Wayne despite never admitting it.

Now imagine what the last season of Gotham would be like.

Imagine everyone Wayne became friends with becoming even colder criminals.

Selina would cross the line and kill someone innocent in a robbery gone bad– it would be an accident, and someone she didn’t mean to hurt, but she did and that was that.

Ivy would push Wayne and everyone around her further and further away while a teacher (as in the comic origins) isolates her and convinces her to let him do biological tests pertaining to plant life on her because he ‘loves her’ and guilt trips her into agreeing, and eventually he’d mentally break her down so horribly that she’d stop trusting him along with everyone else.

Oswald would grow convinced that his mother’s death was something that had to happen for him to get where he was, and eventually there would be a day he just didn’t even care– he’d be ruthless.

Nygma would use the job Wayne gave him at his Enterprises (as is done in canon) to make a weapon of mass destruction and not see anything wrong with his intellectual invention.

Harvey would develop the Two Face personality, and Two Face wouldn’t look out for anyone but himself because, hey– that’s what gangsters do.

Jonathan would one day stop feeling fear because the treatments would work… but along with the loss of fear he’d lose every other emotion with it.

Wayne would be forced to go up against everyone he’d befriended. He’d have to go up against Selina for murder, against Ivy for blaming everyone and waning to make humans rot, Oswald for becoming a mob king who had no more empathy, Nygma for going rogue, Scarecrow for deciding to put everyone through what he’d gone through… but he wouldn’t be able to do it as Wayne.

Wayne would have to do it as someone else– someone neutral to knowing these people he’d once cared more than anything for.

Wayne would have to do it as Batman, and that would be one of the major reasons he’d become batman.

Despite having seasons of showing Wayne befriending these villains, in the end he’d have to go up against him as all vigilantes must.

In the games Scarecrow says Joker was created because of Batman– if Batman had never existed, then neither would Joker.

So imagine Jerome seeing the bat vigilante and being the only one who fits the pieces together and he finds it funny– he finds it REALLY funny that the one kiddo he ended up getting a soft spot for is turning on everyone.

Imagine Jerome turning on Wayne before Wayne can turn on him– imagine the Joker and Batman having a dreading feeling they know who the other is, yet rather than daring to find out they never even try, because Jerome’s not sure he wants to know if Wayne is the bat and Wayne’s not sure he wants to know if Jerome is the jester.

Imagine Wayne having to go up against everyone he cared about and hoping one day his once-friends will actually get better in Arkham Asylum if he just keeps putting them back in there, and until then he can’t afford to hope so he simply shuts down and carries the burden of knowing he’s going up against the ones he spent seasons seeing as family, yet they wouldn’t know the one fighting them is the fourteen year old kiddo they had once cared about.

Imagine that being why Wayne makes up the 'no killing rule’– because he forced himself to believe it’s ethics, when really he just can’t bring himself to kill the people that looked out for him as a kid.

Imagine Wayne shutting down and being the cold law enforcer he is because he doesn’t want to face the fact he can’t save his friends, because if he did then he knows that would be where Batman met his limits– that would be where Batman broke.

Imagine Wayne realizing it’s Gotham, and Gotham doesn’t have happy endings.

Imagine that :)

Because I get tired of all the double agent talk.

Natasha didn’t play Tony. She was caught in between people she cared about and tried to make the best out of the situation she found herself in. Tony threw that double agent jab at her because he was hurt. He thought it was Iron Man 2 all over again, where she got close to him to gain his trust. But that’s not what happened. All of it was genuine: Natasha noticing Tony’s odd behaviour and worrying about his health. Natasha joking with him about Banner, them trying to keep the Avengers together, and her warning him to look out for himself.

G e n u i n e.

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What is Tibs' sexuality, and does he ever try to hide aspects of it from public view? Does he have/want a family? And finally, totally off the theme, What is one thing that could be done to gain his trust?

Even though he’ll joke around, he’s entirely heterosexual. He’s never been interested in another male more so than just friendship, and I don’t see that changing for him. No need to hide it from the public, as I’m sure all Stormwind knows about it. 

He kiiinda has a family, a daughter, Nepenthe Winterscar. Though she is his life, he still finds the family thing incomplete, and could see himself settling down with someone else. He does not want his daughter to grow up like he did, with one parent absent for the majority of their life. 

As for the trust, while it is easy to earn his confidence and aid, it is much harder to secure trust with him. The last few years have steeled him, and he picks and chooses whom he lays it with. I suppose working with him and opening up with the Lord is the surefast way to, as he does wish to connect and understand everyone he works with.  The best results are earned when people want to give their all, and he knows that. 

C e r u l e a n N i g h t

Pairing: reader x hoseok

Series: 7 NIGHTS << Jin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Namjoon | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook >>

Genre: vampire!au, supernatural

Word Count: 3.5k  

Summary: Jung Hoseok is part of a renowned vampire clan. While other vampires treat humans no more than livestock, Hoseok treats them with care; gaining hate from fellow clan mates, he is banished from his homeland, only to be found by you (reader). Can he really be trusted?

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How could the end come so soon? || Closed

Tauriel stormed from the throne room, angry tears streaming down her pale cheeks. She had been the Captain Of The King’s Guard for centuries now, and yet he still didn’t trust her? The red haired elf knew she would face serious repercussions for the way she had just spoken to her king, but she currently couldn’t bring herself to care. If he would not allow her to do her job, why should she even have it?

The Silvan elf found herself wandering around the forest that surrounded and hid their kingdom, trying to find peace within herself. Tauriel knew she had allowed her temper to get the best of her, as she often did, but King Thranduil’s coldness towards her and his lack of trust if her ability were infuriating. When would she gain his good faith?

“Probably when you stop shouting at him like a spoiled elfling.” She muttered to herself wryly. Perhaps it was time to swallow her pride and go apologize. ‘Not yet, the stars will be out soon. Might as well see then lest he has me locked away.’ She thought, scowling.

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Avery was no kind spirit as demon blood coursed through her entire being; however, she had a purpose to fulfill, which was to protect Danny at all costs, so when she was granted a human vessel to take form as, a sinister smirk danced across her facial features. Avery had been assigned to the male for three years now, making sure nothing put him in harm’s way and always took the repercussions or consequences in order to keep it that way. The female was a tough one and would do anything to protect him, but she knew that things would have to be a bit different now that she was in human flesh instead of lurking in the shadows like she usually did; therefore, she knew that she would have to gain his trust in order to be able to protect him like this. 

She had been trying to come up with excuses to approach Danny, but was having trouble figuring it out when she had accidentally bumped into him. Well, I guess that will have to do. Avery thought as she covered her mouth with her hand. “I’m so sorry, I wasn’t paying attention. Are you alright?” she questioned, trying to act upset even though she wanted to laugh at the ridiculous plan that just took place. “I didn’t mean to bump into you,” Avery added as her brown hues gazed up to meet his. 

okay but imagine.. thorin has known dwalin all his life- so dwalin has known fili and kili all their lives. dwalin, the head of the royal guard, a sort of uncle figure to kili as much as he is a brother to thorin. now take into account kili’s love, tauriel. the captain of the guards. imagine dwalin and tauriel sitting down for drinks to discuss her relationship with kili. imagine dwalin trying to use that iron will of his to chase her off, and tauriel using her silver tongue to turn it back on him with a smile. imagine them getting into heated conversations and arguments. imagine dwalin becoming highly fond of and respecting tauriel. imagine them coming to be closer as she gains his trust and permission to be with kili. imagine tauriel bending at the waist to kiss the top of dwalin’s head and calling him a thickskulled old fool with the softest smile. imagine dwalin crying at kili and tauriels wedding. imagine.

Okay the “despite the plots of the many movies that you tell me are good, which are in fact not good, bomb-makers don’t built tests of electrical engineering skill” line has been making my brain go and like??

Joan and Sherlock have a movie night?  Is it just Joan watching something and Sherlock wandering in and then being that person that gets sucked in and refuses to leave even though they keep insisting they ought to because the movie is crap and then they watch the entire thing anyway?

Is it Sherlock being bitter about how much shockingly useful general knowledge Joan has from interacting with pop culture and thus torturing himself to try and gain his own?

Is it Sherlock trusting Joan’s opinion to the point that when she says a movie is “good” he will begrudgingly attempt to watch said movie with her even though the last ten “good” movies were, in fact, “not good?”

There is no way I can think of that this scenario doesn’t please me.

Let me break this down simpler for yall

-What Bellamy knows of the grounders is that they threw a spear through Jasper’s chest, infected them all with a virus, attacked them, came for Finn, forced Clarke to kill him, tortured Raven, and almost had his sister killed.

-He went into MW and got tortured. Almost died trying to save EVERYONE.

-He helped Clarke pull that lever so she wouldn’t be alone

-He took care of the 44 on his own so Clarke could go off like she needed

-The moment he heard she was in trouble he went through hell to find her

-Got stabbed in the leg trying to save her and literally kept going 

-He found out his sister wants to leave

-Found out his girlfriend, along with many others he was responsible for, got murdered

-And then Clarke refused to come back

So basically 

a) everything going on is pretty in character and makes sense. Bellamy, unlike Clarke or Octavia, has not had the time to gain trust in the grounders. And for good reason when the last time he had anything to do with the grounders, he was in mount weather left with no choice other then to irradiate the level because Lexa backed out of her end of the deal.

b) the kid was bound to break eventually. For 3 months he was busy taking care of everyone in the camp. He was busy picking up Jasper off the floor, he was busy being strong for Monty, he was busy watching out for Raven and Octavia. And then everyone started leaving him and that’s when he cracked. Coincidence? No it’s not. 

Lets not forget, Bellamy has been taken care of others his whole entire life. Literally since the day Octavia was born, it has been about someone else. But when he needed someone to take care of him, they weren’t there. Bellamy said it. “You left me.” Bellamy needed Clarke to keep him together. He needed someone to open up to the way the two of them do. He needed someone to talk to about Mount weather, about getting chained up and tortured, about Jasper, about Raven and Monty, about Octavia, about Gena, about all of it. 

A person can only hold so much in before they break. 

Temporary Bliss (Part 2)

Back by popular demand here’s chapter two for all you lovelies out there that read the first part! This one is less about marichat and more Marinette figuring things out with Alya, but trust me the shipping trash will return in later chapters. I’m going to try to finish this before the end of break so stay tuned.

Part one

Part three

Part four

Part five

Part six

Part seven

Day one.

Marinette walks into class the next day with her head still spinning over the night’s events as she messes with the scarf she has tied securely around her neck. She doesn’t  know what to do as his words keep replaying in her head over and over along with the little red mark he made on her neck that keeps itching in order to gain her attention. Looking up she sees Alya waiting for her at their desk and rushes over to her friend’s side.

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I Still Want To Know Why

- Toby’s house blew up when it was announced Bethany was the one in the grave

- Someone kept trying to kill Jenna in S4, though backed off in S5

- Who Jason was hiding in his house

- If Ali ever set up the girls to be in dangerous situations, so that she could gain favor and trust by saving them

- Why a red coat, black hoodie, and black veil

- What Shaunna meant when Alison had no clue who Jenna was

- Who the beach hottie is

- Is Tippi still alive

- Why the Paris/Eiffel tower theme

- Was Melissa always where she said she was

- How many girls were wearing a yellow top that night

- Where is Eddie Lamb

- Who was in the barrel

- Where does all of A’s money come from

- If A is Charles, or someone in Radley with him, how did they get a chance to become so good at computers/spying, etc

- Was Charles the reason behind it from the beginning

- How Ezra is affording everything if he has been cut off from his family

- How those cliff paintings fit in

- How much Ali knows, though isn’t telling

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Do you think Jamie would ever have told Claire how be felt about her if they hadn't been forced to marry? And why do you think he didn't try anything with her? He says himself that he'd kissed and courted other women before, so why do you think he was so reserved with Claire? :)

1. Yes, Jamie would have eventually told Claire even if they hadn’t been forced to marry. Jamie would have still looked for any opportunity to keep Claire safe. And I think he would have come up with the idea to marry Claire on his own - though he wouldn’t have told her his feelings right away, because he never would have wanted to pressure her into feeling the same way.

2. Jamie didn’t try anything with Claire because he profoundly respects her. Sees her as a whole person. Is very sensitive to who she is, and what she wants (and doesn’t want). He knew he would have to court her, to gain her trust, because nothing would easily sway her. Unlike just about every other woman of his acquaintance, Claire could take care of herself and wasn’t afraid of men. Therefore, Jamie’s approach with her had to be very, very different than with other women. So he’s a bit shy and tongue-tied around her – not the brash, confident young man Annalise de Marillac says he was.

Also - he knows that had he made an advance at her, and she didn’t want it - she’d probably geld him.

You know the thing that pisses me off about the hate that Nat/Bruce gets? I that everyone’s like “it ruins Nat, it reduces her to a love interest.”

But I’ve shipped it since the first Avengers, and after seeing AoU, I think that if anyone’s the love interest, it’s Bruce. After Natasha’s conversation(s) with Steve in the Winter Soldier, I think Natasha reaching out to Bruce, and her interest in Bruce is her trying to decide who to be as a person. A person who can feel love for another person after all she’s gone through.

If you think to her conversation with Loki about Clint, the way she said, “Love is for children, I owe him a debt,” and the way she treats love up to Age of Ultron (i.e. flirting with Tony in IM2 to gain his trust, trying to set up Steve, almost like it’s a joke, asking him if she was his first kiss since the ‘40s after kissing him without his permission), it’s clear that she views love as something for other people, maybe in part because of the way she views her infertility.

But it’s also clear that she views Bruce as safe. A safe place to try out romantic feelings. Because he doesn’t/can’t want kids and has to be careful with getting close to people. I think that Nat developing feelings for Bruce makes absolute sense with the journey her character had taken.