she's truly the best

Remembrance of Rose

When the Gems find another Hourglass while on a mission, Steven is accidentally sent back in time to when Greg first met Rose and the Crystal Gems. While Steven is excited at the prospect of finally meeting his mother, he quickly sees what she truly meant to everyone and decides it would be best to keep his distance and not risk revealing her fate. However, Steven is going to need help getting back to the present, forcing him to sneak into the temple to seek out Garnet and her future vision without alerting Pearl in the process.

Seven years ago today I was 18 years old, past my due date and scared out of my mind. The next morning, March 18th 2010 she came into this world screaming and motherhood engulfed me in the most beautiful way possible.
She is kind, sensitive, silly, and smart, she is full of empathy and gratitude, she lights up every single room she walks into, people automatically flock to her, the energy she emits is so pure and full of joy

Birthday’s are always so bittersweet, part of me wants to stop time for a good long while and preserve her being young for another year but the other part of me is so excited for another year of growth, and changes because she just gets better as the days go on. 

She truly is my best friend and I am so extremely grateful for her, for her mind, for her heart, and for her love. 

She is one of the best pieces of me.
Tomorrow you are seven, and although it doesn’t seem possible I love you more every single day.
Thank you for being you
and thank you for choosing me.

A Song of Ice and Fire: Sansa Stark [INFP]

SUBMITTED by littlebirdinthevaleofarryn

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Sansa is proud of who she is, as a Stark and a proper lady. She has trouble at first sympathizing on a deeper level with others because she’s so in tune with her own emotions. She’s is a very compassionate girl, even pre-development, but she truly empathizes best when she has some personal connection (ie Sandor’s talk about knights, his saving her, and knowing his tragic back story). In A Game of Thrones she’s very focused on what she values most: becoming queen and enjoying her Southron life, and is devasted when Ned says he’s taking it away. She doesn’t open up to her deepest emotions easily, and can be cold at times, if a matter isn’t important to her herself, leading her to initially be a bit self-centered. She tries to get Arya to visit the queen and princess by appealing to her with things Sansa personally likes (lemoncakes and music), not realizing her sister doesn’t necessarily like the same things she does. She’s sensitive and is very hurt when she hears criticism, even from Joffrey, in spite of knowing his petty insults don’t really have any power to hurt her anymore. Due to her upbringing, she plays the part of the obedient daughter usually because she’s good at it and likes the positive reinforcement she gets for it, but she generally wants to help others- like with Sandor, who was mean to her, and sickly, spoiled Sweetrobin, who none of the lords care about. Gentleness is important to her, and she decides she’ll rule with love instead of fear as Cersei advises, if she ever becomes queen. She finds it a bit hard to stay Alayne sometimes, because she has such a deep sense of self as Sansa Stark.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Sansa is at the beginning of the books is very dreamy and doesn’t entirely live in reality.  She sees life as a fairy tale like in the songs, sees things as they could be, her idealized version of them: King’s Landing being so magical, Ser Dontos as her “Florian”, Margaery being her ideal big sister (when she’s actually manipulating Sansa). She tends to see the good in people (at first), and later she often correctly guesses the motives of people under Littlefinger’s teachings. While Arya immediately dislikes the Lannisters without knowing any of them because Jon insulted them, Sansa senses that Jon is just jealous because he’s a bastard (which is true). She sees what’s REALLY going on that others miss, noting that Joffrey is much more of a Lannister than a Baratheon, something the adults never realized. She’s at first willing to ignore Joff’s behavior at the trident to keep her dream of a fairy tale life from shattering. Even after she drops the rose colored glasses, she does keep some optimism and always hopes for a better life later. She struggles to see where Petyr ends and Littlefinger begins, and is never sure of who is the real deal. She learns to make up convincing lies easily and adopt a new persona as Lord Baelish’s bastard daughter.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Sansa is proud of her Northern heritage and is always reminding herself that she is a Stark. She constantly refers back to songs, stories, and facts about people she’s learned and compares it to what’s going on currently. She sees Joffrey as the dashing prince who will marry her and fulfill her dreams because that’s how it works in the stories. She misses home badly, and at the Eyrie shows her remorse through making a little snow  replica of Winterfell. When in need of comfort, she goes for her favorite books, songs, or food. Sansa fits the traditional role of a noble lady very well and is happy with that position because it’s always been good to her.  It’s no secret that she tends to… remember things very subjectively. She’s again, very observant- she notices external details quite well (”[Littlefinger’s] eyes did not smile when his mouth did"). She’s worked at becoming an accomplished lady for years and has many talents as a result. She knows what society expects her to do and is able to fit the role of a lady well. She bases much of her Alayne Stone persona as a noble bastard on her half-brother Jon Snow (being fourteen years old, being brave, not liking to dance, etc.).

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Sansa is able to be proactive- Father backing out of his promise and says he’s shipping the girls home? Go ask the queen, the authority figure, to stop him. Father on death row? Go to Joffrey at court, charm him, and appeal for her father’s life. At her worst, Sansa can be bossy and rude when she perceives something as incompetence, unfair, or irrational. When she and Sweetrobin must cross the narrow snowy bridge alone, she is able to keep herself and the boy calm, coach him and keep him focused until they’re safely across. As Alayne Stone, she is able to run a household efficiently by herself and be more blunt in her views with people. She sets goals and works to meet them (get Cersei to convince Father to let her stay, do what she wants to keep the betrothel, win over Harry, etc).

Note: This is for book!Sansa, whose TV counterpart has become wildly different from. I do think Sansa values social harmony to a degree, but because she’s been taught to and because she personally dislikes conflict ruining her good time. Westerosi society values the Introverted Sensing a lot, especially in its women, so Sansa’s been taught to exercise it more- and it helps that both her parents are Si-doms, I don’t think she uses it enough to be an ISFJ, and she gets bored or tired of people’s company when she’s around it too much and lives inside her own head, ruling out an extroverted type.

As much as I adore the idea of Maryse and Magnus arguing and Alec defending Magnus, I kinda want Maryse to come to her senses and see how happy her son is with Magnus. Like of course I doubt she’ll ever really truly be okay, but at best I want her to smile at Magnus and be a mother Magnus never got the chance to have.

kitchen tiles

a/n: I know this is super short, but I thought it was kinda cute. 

I strutted to the beat of the song, as I turned my back to the stereo having just pressed played. I waved my arms in the air and moved to the rhythm before I was back at the sink. My hips slowly swayed side to side as I muttered the lyrics, dipping my hands into the warm bubbly water.

“Isn’t she pretty, truly the angel’s best” I heard Shawn sing from behind as he entered the kitchen. I turned round and dried my hands on the cloth, smiling from ear to ear as he walked in with his guitar, strumming along to the song. “I can’t believe what God has done” he sung through the typical huge smile, making his way over to me. He tapped his foot and swayed forwards and backwards as he continued to play along, with me dancing circles around him. During the instrumental part, Shawn stopped playing the guitar and placed it down on the kitchen counter. Before I knew it, he pulled me closer to him, placing one hand on my waist as the other took my hand. Our feet made light patterns across the kitchen tiles, as if we were in a gigantic ball room as apposed to our average sized kitchen. He stuck his arm out so I could twirl under it, before pulling me back close to him so my head could crash against his chest.

I could feel the vibration against his chest when he sung once again, to the top of his voice. He gently pushed me off his body, holding both hands as his eyes connected with mine. “Life and love are the same” his face full with glee as he sung. He placed his hands at the sides of my face, bringing it in so his lips could touch mine. My heart skipped a beat the moment I felt him smile into the kiss, making it that extra bit special. As he pulled away, he tucked my hair behind my ears.

“(Y/N), it could not have been done, without you who conceived the one” he smiled as he looked down. “That’s so very lovely made from love” he sung softly. I smiled as I looked down too, placing my hands over his, as he embraced our small little bump.

The Perfect Fit - Part 4

Pairing: Model!Sam x Reader AU

Part 4 Summary: After Charlie interrupts an epic moment, Sam offers to help you out with your career aspirations

Word Count: 1239

Warning: Fluff, Smidge of Angst, Charlie’s still cool

A/N: I missed writing this series so much. Things are going to change in a good way in the next part. Feel free to send me any feedback. I’d love to hear from you!

The Perfect Fit Masterlist



You loved Charlie. Truly. She was your best friend, she was an awesome roommate, and she’s always been there for you… even in those moments when you wished she didn’t exist, like now. Charlie had the worst timing for calling you in the middle of what could’ve been an epically romantic moment between you and Sam.

If only the two of you didn’t get interrupted by the muffled tinny echo of a pop chorus, that inevitable kiss would’ve been so perfect.

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Marry Me?

song that inspired me:

{ numbers by the cab •acoustic• :cover by KASA: }


Newts about to propose to the reader but when he reaches into his pocket the rings not there and sees Niffler out the corner of his eye and has to apologize to reader and chases after the ring 😂✨

•this is cute as shit, thanks for the request anon :) •

i got a little carried away too :) sorry about that haha


Taking a sip of my white coffee in the cold heart of London, I held hands with my love, (Y/n). We had stumbled into a snowy woodland area, which she was eager to explore with passion and creativity.

I loved her imagination for things, she was truly an artist. Always discovering the best of things in the worst of moments. She would always make the the best of cakes, which I had quite the appetite for. (Y/n) liked trying to teach me how to bake. Usually ended with a smashed bowl, ingredients staining our clothes or a burnt outcome. It was always a laugh though. She always cared. For me, her mother and father, her friends and even strangers if they didn’t look well.

That’s when I realised I desired to spend the rest of my life with this marvellous woman. Also the reason I had brought her out today in a magical place. It has to be memorable, doesn’t it?

I glanced at my love, she was quite the one with animals. She held a red squirrel that parched itself on the top of her shoulder, leaving a small snowy trail of foot steps on her (F/C) coat that reached just above her knees. It was truly magnificent to watch.

She was quite fantastic when it came to meeting my beasts. She was a natural. Especially Pickett my bowtruckle and my many moon calves. It truly filled my heart with love and made me long for her even more.

I was so lucky to have such a miracle in my life. I just had to do one more thing to fulfill my life.

Propose to her.

“Darling? Newt? You alright there?” (Y/n) kindly said, chuckling as her rosy cheeks brightened as she smiled.

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I be?” I dreamily sighed. She took my hands in hers and put them on the sides of her face, snuggling into them making me smile too. I rubbed the pad of my thumb across her cheek. Her eyes. Oh her eyes.

Her long eye lashes and her (E/C) eyes made me crumble, grow weak. So pretty was completely and utterly in love with this girl.

This was the moment. I reached into my pocket of my long lazuli blue coat only to not feel the black box. Panicking, I studied the area in hopes to see that all too familiar black velvet box within this winter wonderland.

In less than a few seconds, I saw a mole? scuttling about in the heap of snow. I observed it for a little longer, it was all to familiar!

“That bloody Niffler!” I muttered. How could I be so stupid?! “Oh deer. Love, I won’t be a moment. I am truly sorry.”

Holding her cold hands that covered them with (F/C) mittens, I let them go and softly planted a kiss on her forehead.

I sprinted towards the creature, stumbling even. Once I had clumsily toppled over my own two feet, I made eye contact with my crafty little beast and swiftly grabbed his foot. “Aha! Got you, you little bugger!”

Jumping to my feet, with the surprised Niffler in my hands, I began tickling it. My love started giggling at the sight. She knew my Niffler, just hadn’t had many moments together. After, the black box had fallen out of his stomach and I had shoved the creature back into my case, her sweet laughs had immediately stopped.

I looked at her. She looked blank. Or as if she was thinking, surprised. Gulping, (Y/N) murmured just so I could hear, “W-what was that? The small black box?”

“Oh. Oh, y-yes, that. Of course.” I shyly stuttered, straightening myself out in front of her. Why was I becoming so nervous? I’ve known this woman for years! Since I was young, even. Sighing and smiling, I got down on one knee, took her hand in mine, and began my speech devoted to her and my love for her.

“ (Y/N) (Y/L/N) I love you. With all my heart. We’ve been inseparable ever since we met in Hogwarts and my love grows for you each second of every day. You are so pretty. Flawless, even. You are such a sweetheart, a caring lady that has been there for me when I pushed others away. My family utterly adores you and I cannot imagine or bare my life with you in it. Now, would you make myself complete and make me the happiest man alive by marrying me?”

Opening the small box and lifting my arms a little more upwards for her to see the ring a little clearer. Her petit hand cupped her mouth and eyes became glassy, filled with tears. (Y/N) nodded her head rapidly. “Yes, yes! Of course! Yes!”

She outstretched her arms for me as I got up, a smile so big that it hurt my cheeks but I couldn’t feel the pain. I was beaming at this very moment. She jumped into my arms and wrapped her legs around my waist. I to wrapped my arms around her little figure and hugged her tight. As if she was the light in this dark world. And the only escape

She’s the one.

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