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A young, mute siren that refuses to lure people to their death meets a demisexual girl, and they communicate through sign language. After years, they become best friends and fall in love, but neither know. One day, the siren tells the girl that it’s dying, because sirens need to capture the souls of sailors to live. The siren tells the girl that she loves her, and as the girl holds the siren in her arms, right before it dies, the girl whispers, “I love you too.” The siren dies with a smile on its face.

Hae (Scarlet Heart Ryeo! Wang Wook)

Type: Angst Fluff

Request: i really really love your scarlet heart ryeo scenarios!!!! could you make Wang Wook, when he’s mourning his wife graves, and he decide falling in love with you but he’s in love too with Hae Soo, make it fluff / angst thank you !!!^€

You were Lady Hae’s sister. Decently younger one at that. You had once been rather close to Soo before her accident and her whole personality changed. That’s when you became rather withdrawn with it all. Your sister knew you had a crush on Wook even when she married him, the difference was you were too young to marry and she wanted happiness which you couldn’t deny her. But you soon realized that your brother-in-law was slowly becoming unfaithful to your sister for none other than your own cousin. And it disgusted you more and more.

Yet you found yourself comforting Wook over your own sister’s death. You would be admiring her grave as you never caught the moments Wook was glancing at you. It wasn’t until he grew bashful and attempted to kiss you. He knew since you were young that you had a crush on him but denied him and the loud crack of your hand connected with his cheek.

He looked shocked “have you gone mad?” you asked him “you were married to my sister” you hissed. “You were willing to do things with my cousin while my big sister was dying” you continued. “What would make you think it was okay to do that?” you whispered. “Y/N-I-I-I-” “no. Whatever you have to say. Never say it to me” you told him softly. You stepped away from him quickly and took off rushing away from him.


He watched you walk passed him quickly, you wouldn’t even acknowledge him anymore. “Y/N” he called as you stopped “I would like to eat with you” he spoke as you looked forward “please” he spoke offering you his arm as you took it questioningly. “About what happened. I apologize for being so forward” he apologized as you nodded. “Why?” you asked “you have Soo. You had permission from my sister to have her. Why would you try me?” you asked as he sighed. “You took care of me. I cried more than you did when she passed. I knew you cried when you were alone” he says as you stopped.

“When we visited your sister’s grave. Every time I looked at you-I can’t explain why but it changed the way I look at you” he told. As he helped you sit down. “It means a lot to me to have you even if you are not mine” he says. “You love Soo?” you asked him as he made a sound “I’m not sure anymore” he spoke “you were willing to hurt my sister at one point for her-” “I would not. No matter how much I wanted to” he told as you shook your head. He sat down beside you “you are jealous” he says seriously. “No. Why would I be?” you asked “because I would not fall for you first” he says.

You glared before you threw the rice in the bowl in front of you at him. He looked shocked “that was childish” he spoke flinging the rice off of him. You let out a breath before warmth covered your face as chunks of rice stuck to your hair and he let out a chuckle. In the matter of moments you two were covered in food before he stopped you before you threw meat “let’s stop before all the food is ruined” he told as your hand was caught into his. He looked at it before he linked them together. He smiled lightly “lets try to eat what’s left” he spoke as you went to pull your hand but he kept it tight in his. “I need that hand to eat” you tell him as he simply pretended not to listen. You sighed but smiled softly before attempting to eat with the other hand.

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ntamw tells his teenage daughter she's "too young to have an opinion" and that she's "his property until she turns 18". ntamw makes his daughter cut ties with her friend after he learns said friend is bisexual. ntamw gets angry at his daughter for crying bc of the pulse shooting. ntamw tells his daughter when she comes out to him that he's glad she's at least bi and not a "full lesbian" and that he'd "prefer for her to end up with a man".


Feel free, if you’d like, to cut off all contact with your father asap, he doesn’t deserve you and you deserve so much better ❤

Drunk Texting

AN: listen…you remember the Drunk Sasuke AU… He’s back.


Opal eyes jolted up by the tune of her cellphone going off. The young woman looked over her shoulder at the buzzing device. Annoyed beyond reason, she grabbed it to see Sasuke’s number pop up. She hadn’t actually saved it but she knew it by heart. Whenever Ino got too drunk that was the number telling her to come help peel her friend off the bar counter.

The call ended and her eyes narrowed at the number of missed calls from him. 15 missed calls from Uchiha Sasuke and 5 unread messages. She didn’t quite feel like talking, especially considering Ino was in a new relationship so that meant she was somewhere cuddled with her boyfriend. She tapped on the Message icon.

2:45AM: Heyo Hyuuga
2:51AM: I’m thinking of your hair.

Hinata rubbed her eye at the messages…just to make sure she was reading them properly.

3:06AM: Eye know we be friends but listen…if you’re down then I’d be down too.
3:14AM: Are we even fries?
3:23AM: i wanna be white you

Hinata sat up and read the drunk messages again and again. What in the world? It was almost four in the morning and Sasuke was legitimately texting her…this. She went to Snapchat upon seeing ‘MacDaddy Sauce sent you a snap!’ Naruto gave him the name there was no way to change it.

Her finger hovered over the red icon for a moment. Honestly…Uchiha Sasuke couldn’t be that drunk. She tapped it and damn near threw her phone off the bed.


“I don’t remember anything,” said Sasuke. He pulled the strings from his hoodie tighter, and slouched on the couch. “I woke up with vomit in my hair.”

Ino’s nose wrinkled. He had passed in the hallway at his apartment door. His phone in his left hand and an empty bottle of expensive vodka in the right. She literally had to drag him inside and wipe his face and shit, considering he’s done it for her.

“I don’t think it was my vomit,” he confessed.

Ino sat on the opposite side of the couch eating ice cream that she hid in his freezer. “Well, you drunk texted Hinata – a lot.”

He stared at her. “What?”

She nodded. “Yup, even sent a picture of your little katana,” she motioned towards his lower body. “I’m kind of jealous. You’ve never sent me a pic-”

“I did what?” He repeated, his head pounding from the hangover and the addition information.

“She called me, which is how I found you. You sent her your location and everything,” she pointed the spoon at him.

“…what?” He checked his phone. They were still there. There was an open snap that he sent to Hinata last night. He had no memory of anything pass taking those neon shots. “…the fuck?”

Ino shrugged. “So I told her to come over so you can apologize-”

“What?” He hissed. The Uchiha glared at his second, more evil blonde friend when knocking started at the door. She smiled and pranced to the door. Hinata greeted her and walked in.

“I’ll leave you two,” Ino called, enjoying the way Sasuke flinched in pain. “Oi, and Sasuke keep your pants up!” With that she shut the door.

Hinata stood there awkwardly. Her entire face was read. She couldn’t even look at him in the eyes. “Is there anyway you can forget last night?” He asked, slowly standing.

“Yes.” She nodded quickly, just as embarrassed as he was. Her eyes dropped to his sweatpants for a split second. She turned on her heel and headed out the door only for Ino to almost fall through.

Sasuke’s jaw clenched. “I hate you.” He said, before walking towards his room.

“I told you to talk to her,” she called. “You decided to send dick pics!” She waited until his door slammed to start laughing. “Let me see it, Sasuke! Hey! Sasuke!” She walked after him, clutching her stomach.

Poor Hinata, she’s been scarred and honestly it was Ino’s fault. She paid Naruto to get the stoic male drunk beyond coherence. She didn’t know he was going to go that wild.

“Come on!” She knocked on the door.

Things My Family (And I) Have Said Since My Coming Out
  • Mum: You've never been with a girl, you don't know how you feel.
  • 💜
  • Nan: I promise, I won't tell anyone, until you've ready.
  • Also, Nan: *2 hours later* *tells my mum, aunties (2) and cousins (3)
  • 💜
  • Aunty: You're too young to understand how you feel.
  • 💜
  • Cousin: That's cool, you love who you love, can't change that, right. As long as you don't support Theresa May, we're all good.
  • 💜
  • *watching TV with my mum, Gal Gadot comes on screen*
  • Mum: *looks at me* Do you fancy her?
  • Me: She's pretty, yeah, I guess.
  • Mum: *scoffs* See, you don't even know you feel?
  • 💜
  • Mum: I don't want you inviting (my best friend) over anymore.
  • Me: Why not?
  • Mum: I don't trust you to be in the same room as her, alone, anymore.
  • Me: You do realise I've been queer for a while, right? It didn't just happen overnight. And, she's straight, you know that, too, right?
  • 💜
  • Aunty: Why can't you be more like (cousin's name)?
  • Me: I am like him.
  • Aunty: *scoffs* How?
  • Me: We both like girls.
  • Aunty: Well, at least, he has the decency to only like one gender, don't be so fucking greedy.
  • 💜
  • Aunty: You can't be, I've known you all your life, I'd be able to tell.
  • 💜
  • Mum: I support gay people, they have the right to love who they want, and know how they feel.
  • Also, Mum: You're not gay, I know my daughter.
  • 💜
  • Mum: Everyone deserves the right to express their opinion.
  • Mum: Being gay is the same thing as bestiality, because being gay used to be against the law, it's the same thing.
  • Me: I don't agree with that.
  • Also, Mum: You're wrong. It's the same, fucking, thing.
  • 💜
  • Aunty: Tell me that again when you're dating a girl, maybe then I'll believe you.
  • 💜
  • Cousin: *to mum, nan and aunty* What's the big deal if she likes both?
  • Mum: The big deal is, (cousin's name), that I know my daughter, if she was gay I would have known before her.
  • 💜
  • There are so many more, but if I mentioned them, this post would be way too long, let me know what you think and if you have any advice or anything. Also, I might do this for "things my friends have said since my coming out", although they were/are much more supportive.

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Is you redesign Mida a non romantic rival? Any headcanons about her?Also something about Asu or Osoro? There is hardly anything about them. PS: You and your AU's are amazing, love Kamiko <333 Best of luck with your VN

(thanks for all the sweet things :”3c) 

Mida is still a teacher (a very young one tho, she’s like, only graduated from university) but not a pedo, she’s super outgoing, sarcastic and funny, lots of pupils find her hot (without her looking lewd >: |). I based her on my english teacher so she teaches english too. Mida also gives goood advices so students also go to her for help.

Osoro is not the king of criminals she’s just a rude badass who kicks someone’s ass only when they deserve it. Loves violence and acts pretty tomboyish. Also has rivalry with Kamiko, they often tease each other and even got in fight once (resulting with Kami being sent to hospital and Osoro being suspended from school). Megami tries to make their relationship at least a little milder. 

And to describe Asu…I would love to quote my mutual @type-silber

“Asu dramatically runs into the classroom, that was immediately disrupted by her loud entrance and the whole class curiously looked at the young blonde, with fire in her eyes and sweat running down her cheeks she screamed “I LIKE SPORT!” And gracefully ran off. The teacher was baffled but then continued teaching like it was nothing. Asu would repeat the process at every class in this school. At the end of the day, nobody remembers Asu and her weird antics, so she repeats the process the next day. Until one day, a classmate pulls her on the side to tell her to stop, because he wants to focus on his studies. Shocked and in disbelief she wonders how he remembered her and he replied like it was nothing special “Like gee, anyone would remember someone like you”. On that day Asu stopped disrupting classes, she didn’t care if others forgot about her, she was happy as long as this boy, named Taro Yamada, remembered her.”

“ Someone: “Asu, what do you like?” Asu:“Sport!” Someone “…I was talking about food.. What food do you like” Asu: “S-sport….?"”

“ Ayano at the end of the week, thinking she won senpai, realizes in horror that Asu was still a person that existed, and cries as she sees her beloved senpai be taken by a fucking bland slate“

basically she’s a joke character

@amayapuppy said: Where’d you get your coloring? :D

Sophie @weekly-lit-vaporeon  said: OHHHHH!! ANOTHER ODD POKEMON!! Ok I have a very important question to ask you. Why are you pink? I’ve seen green and blue, but never pink. Are you a hybrid maybe, or are you just pink! (Let’s just ignore the fact a M!A made Sophie pink for now)

Cherry’s not exactly too sure how she got her colour, she just knows she was born this way. She’s not a “shiny” as trainers like to call it or a hybrid, but where she grew up everyone had different colours! Of course some of the ralts she hung out with when she was young were “standard” colours, but others were all sorts of colours! Cherry just happens to be pink and blue! Cherry thinks it might have to do with the food from where she was born? But she doesn’t really know. All she knows is that different colours were common in all the pokemon from that area.

Marsha and Dallis | 20 | 5'5” | Anemone and Banggai cardinalfish |

Marsha is a young college student who majors in art. She usually keeps to herself and is too shy at times to approach others. She often talks more to Dallis who is like a sister to her. Marsha spends lots of time in her dorm splashing paint on large canvases. You’ll often see her with paint splattered on her clothes or smock. Dallis has a strong personality and is very protective of Marsha. Both look out for each other a lot.

Fanfiction: Training

Another morning dawned, and it was a warm day of spring. Most people were already awake, already working. But Hareth had a different mission. She had to train her sons. She had to teach them how to fight. Because Hareth knew how to fight. The women of the Haladin were skilled warriors, and Hareth had to pass that knowledge to her sons, even though Hurin and Huor were still too young to know how to fight.

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‘Well, now, listen,’ she began at last, ‘this is what I have thought of…imagine a magnificent ballroom, a summer night and an astonishing ball. It is being given by a young queen. Everywhere there is gold, marble, crystal, silk, torches, diamonds, flowers, incense, all of the delights of luxury.’

'Are you very fond of luxury?’ Lushin interrupted her.

'Luxury is beautiful,’ she replied, 'and I like everything beautiful.’

'More than beauty itself?’ he asked.

'That’s too clever for me, I don’t understand it. Stop interrupting me.’

Ivan Turgenev, First Love

haha, hey. it’s your boy, uhh skinny pen*s. if you haven’t watched that vine i suggest you do, because it never fails to make me laugh every time. anyway, my name is didi ( she/her, 19 ) and i’m excited to be here!!! so underneath the cut there are some head cannons about junho and they’re not really detailed, but soon i’ll make a more detailed background for him. if you’re down for plotting or just talking, feel free to im me or on discord too!! or if you like this post i can come to you!!

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You’ve Got a Big Storm Comin’ (Part One)

Hi yes, I am back with more Character Creation AU stuff, because this is ruining my life. Anyway, I made an OC named Hayley Raintamer, and she’s a storm wizard who’s too curious for Ambrose’s likings. (I’ll make a post abt her later lol)

“Just what exactly are you hiding, old man?” Haley muttered as she slowly opened the door, making sure it wouldn’t creak. Her usually smirking face was cold. Blank. 

Haley could hear the faint, soft trills of Gamma snoring in the tower next door. She smirked, knowing she’d have plenty of time. Seems like bribing that gullible potion brewer to make a sleeping potion wasn’t such a bad idea after all. 

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hey can i ask something? i have a green cheek conure who ive had since i was 8 (im 12 now) and i haven't been able to care for her consistently because of depression, lack of energy, and forgetfulness. i keep asking my mom to care for her, since i know the responsibility of exotic animal care should never be put on a kid, but she keeps telling me to do everything. if i tried to rehome her i'd get super guilt tripped and id miss her so much.. what should i do? is my mom right?


this is a hard question to answer.

really as you were 8 when you got your conure you would have been too young then to understand the commitment and time taken to look after your bird. So your Mum should have taken responsibility then to teach you about how to care for your conure properly & not have gotten you a bird if she thought you would be unable to commit to caring for it.

I do believe your Mum should help you more. But it sounds like she is not willing to.

so my advice is either:

1. sum up whether you can give the conure enough attention, love, toys etc to keep her happy OR whether it would be better for your conure to go to a new home. If deciding to rehome her its important you find the right home and someone who can give her the attention she needs as you don’t want her ending up in a worse situation.

2. if you feel you can’t or don’t want to rehome her and her care is your responsibility because your mum wont help them maybe you need to think of ways to make caring for her easier.

I understand how you feel as i too in the past have felt sometimes my pets don’t get cared for as well as id like due to being too busy or not having the energy but I have to remind myself that my animals are a very special part of my life that make me very happy, they are worth the time and effort & that sometimes my guilt or fear that I’m not giving them enough  attention is not true as I do have enough time and i can make time.

so if you need a few tips that will help you fit your conure into your life easier here is what I do to manage my pets while having lots of other commitments.

1. Set reminders in your phone to give fresh food and water every morning. Wake up 10 minutes earlier for school so you have the time to say a quick hello and feed your conure.

2. When you come home from school before you decide to sit down and watch netflix or do something for yourself take 15 minutes to go spend time with her. 15 minutes is better than nothing. 

3. Have a set day that you clean her cage every week. For me this is usually Saturday. Set a reminder in your phone or write yourself a note in your diary. 

4. if she’s hand tame and you like to get her out of her cage let her come and sit with you while you read a book or watch tv! 

The Time I Pushed a Jerkface off a 35ft Cliff(With Good Reason)

Before we start off let me be clear. I did not murder a man by randomly shoving him off a cliff. Technically, I actually had permission, but still not murder. Chill.

Here we go.

So this is back in Mexico, at the same park as the Sting Ray Incident, just an hour later. Id already recovered from my near death experience and moved on from my friend nearly drowning me. I faced it, i survived, im good and not concerned.

One of the many attractions at this park was the Cliff of Courage. It’s a 35ft cliff that plunges into the water. Now, by my standards, 35ft is low for a cliff jump. Ive done way higher (adrenaline junkie) but obviously i was gonna jump just to say that I did. My parents, grandparents, and Jamie didnt want to jump. No surprise, so they went ahead to meet me on the other side of the river.

So sixteen year old me wanders over and there’s this big group of burly looking men.

Like huge

They’re all standing at the edge jostling each other around. And just by looking at them you can see they’re american. I dont even need to hear their texan accents to know.

So they’re pulling the whole macho act of “you jump i jump” “ohhh but then you wont jump” bs and just generally being chickens and not willing to show it.

And because of this they wont let anyone else jump. Like ten people came and left because these jerks wouldnt let anyone else go.

Eventually i get annoyed and snap “either jump or get out of my way!”

And the dude who is obviously the leader just turns and grins at me.

He assumed what i call the “douchebag alpha male pose” hands on hips, crotch foreward, you know the one, and you know the body language that goes with it.

He thinks he’s superior. Now this guy is the biggest of them all.

Massive biceps, raging six pack, the works. The Hulk would probaby do a double take at this dudes size.

And little me is not intimidated in the least.

I learned to fight at a very young age, especially men larger than me. I know if things turns south i can take him no problem. A few hits here and there and he’s out for the count.

He starts walking towards me, and i step forward too. He may be alpha male, but he just crossed an Alpha Female who doesnt back down from a challenge.

Strike one.

He looks over at his pals and says,

“Ohhhh, the little lady’s going to jump, is she?” And he just sneers down at me, all arrogance and misplaced confidence.

Strike two.

“Tell you what, sweetheart.” Ohhh he did not just say that. “You jump, we’ll let you push us.”

Three strikes he’s out he just made the biggest mistake of his life.

I just grin and go “ok” and turn and immediately dive over the edge. Im soaring through the air, enjoying the fall. I turn just in time to see his face go from 😏 to 😧

I smack down into the water grinning. Originally the plan was the swim across the river and meet up with my family, but i am cashing in this bet. Except there’s only one way to get back up to that cliff from here

I scale the side of the cliff with the rope and I can hear them chatting nervously up top

I pop up over the edge and prop myself up on the ledge with the sweetest, most steel-lined smile I can manage and say, “who’s next?”

So Alpha laughs and stands at the edge as I haul myself up. He’s laughing and assuring his buddies he’ll be back in a second cause I wont really do it and–

I straight arm him and he goes flying

He flails and plunges over the edge, shrieking in the most high pitched, terrified shriek Ive ever heard a dude bro make. He sputters to the surface and gapes up at me as I grin like a hellion down at him. I turn to the rest of his jerk buddies and smile.

Oddly enough they all jumped of their own accord

ask and you shall receive | pt 2 (m)


pairing: jung hoseok x reader, sugar daddy! hoseok
genre/warnings: smut, oral, dirty talk, (cute) dom! hoseok
words: 15,413
summary: your sugar daddy says you don’t have to sleep with him if you don’t want to…trouble is, you do want to. You’re just nervous and a little inexperienced, but he catches on quick and begins to teach you the true pleasures of sex, and boy, are they good…

» pt 1 | pt 2 |

a/n: my blood sweat and tears omgg! Thank you guys!!

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So lemme get this straight. Clarke has all these reasons for putting people on the list and for leaving them out. Her reasoning for Harper not being on the list is because there’s the SLIGHTEST possibility that she might inherit a genetic illness and wasting resources on her is just too much. That is literally enough to keep someone off. Harper is her friend, and yet it’s not enough. Clarke also picks a young female guard over a male one because logically they’re the ones that will have children and continue their population. These are Clarke’s strict standards and reasoning.

NOW INSERT ARK MAN QUESTIONING BELLAMY BLAKE. Clarke’s thoughts automatically do not go to why he should be on the list! She does not think about how great of a leader he is or how resourceful he would be. BECAUSE THAT’S NOT WHY CLARKE PUT HIM ON THE LIST. She literally thinks she can’t defend herself without sounding “self serving.” WHY?? Because she wrote down Bellamy’s name FOR HER. Not for the others, not so they could survive. Clarke wanted Bellamy to LIVE. She didn’t think about what he could or couldn’t do for their people. She wrote his name down because she knew she NEEDED HIM AND WANTED HIM THERE AND THAT’S THE TEA. 🍵🐸


“You looked at me,” Rhys said, “and I knew you had no idea who I was. That I might have seen your dreams, but you hadn’t seen mine. And you were just … human. You were so young, and breakable, and had no interest in me whatsoever, and I knew that if I stayed too long, someone would see and report back, and she’d find you.

So I started walking away, thinking you’d be glad to get rid of me. “But then you called after me, like you couldn’t let go of me just yet, whether you knew it or not.