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Sweet Misery (Wonho Scenario)

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Member: Wonho

Genre: Angst

Word count: 520

You stood in front of the apartment door with your phone in hand. It matched the address your friend texted you. You tucked away your phone and took in a deep breath. You knocked on the door. Footsteps started approaching and your heart sped up. The door opened to a beautiful woman around your age.

“Yes?”, she said in her smooth voice.

“Hi. I was wondering if Wonho was here?”, you asked already knowing he was.

“He is. May I ask who you are?”

“I’m a friend of his. I won’t be long! I just need a quick word with him.”

The woman invites you inside. As if on cue, Wonho enters the room. He’s drying his hair and wearing his pajamas. The towel he was using is now on the floor. His face drops and he tenses up.  

“W-What are you doing here?”, he panics.

“I came here to say goodbye. Have a nice life, Wonho.”, you turned away and walked out the door. You heard him call your name but you ignored it.


You hear him running towards you. He grabs your arm and makes you face him. His face is ghostly white and his body is shaking.   

“I can explain.”

“You don’t have to explain anything to me.”

“I never wanted to hurt you.”

“But you did.”

“And I’m sorry! I am so sorry!”, tears start to form in his eyes.

“I know.”

“I promise I’ll never do it again!”

“I believe you.”, you nod your head.

Wonho is baffled that you are so calm right now.

“S-So, you forgive me?”


He sighs in relief and perks up.

“You’re the best, babe!”, he takes your hand and starts kissing your fingers.

You harshly pull away. Wonho stares at you in shock.

“That doesn’t mean I’m going to take you back.”

He opens his mouth but nothing comes out. His face is turning red and puffy. He gets down on his knees and looks up at you.

“This is the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life. I wish I can take this all back but I can’t. All I can do is beg and plead for you to take me back. I’m on my knees, Y/N! I can’t lose you! You mean everything to me! Please! Don’t leave me!”, he sobs.

He looked so pathetic in that moment. He was trembling before you with his head hung low. His shoulders were slouched and tears were falling onto the floor.

“I love you.”, he breathes out.

You almost fell for it. Almost.

“Tell me what you want and I’ll do it. As long as I can be by your side again.”

You squat down and lift his chin up. You look at him pitifully. The confident and suave man you once knew was now reduced to a sad, crying mess. You cup his face in your hands and smile.

“Go back. Stay there. Never speak to me again.”

You stood back up and left. You were tempted to look back. But instead, you kept on walking with your head held up high.  

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I've got a Claire prompt for you - how about Brianna and Claire talking on the ridge, with Brianna finally understanding what Claire's life was like, and why it appeared that Claire was distant, back in the future. Maybe Jamie overhearing?


My granddaughter’s voice—God, what a delight it was to hear it—shrilled sweetly up the path behind me..

“Comm-onnnn, Grandda!!!“ she squealed. “Chase-sa-me! Chase-sa-me!”

“Non, Grand-père’s far too OLD! ” I heard Germain bait, making Fannie and Mandy giggle. “Un gros vieillard!

“Canna catch us!” Jem called exuberantly, making my heart twinge painfully, and eliciting an exhale of deep relief. Despite the terrible things our sweet boy had faced since leaving the Ridge, he was going to be alright, immersing himself wholeheartedly in the fun of the moment.

“Oh, I CANNA, aye?” came Jamie’s theatrical bellow, followed by the devious laugh of a fairy-tale troll about to come a-gobbling. Thundering (and quick) footfalls sounded in the pebbly sand, producing chorusing squeals of panicked glee, both male and female, I noted with a grin as I continued on my way.

Jamie and I had led the children on an expedition to the creek in hopes of giving poor, gracious Amy McCallum an hour’s peace and quiet in her own home. The small cabin that had belonged once to Bree and Roger was bursting to the brim, now that the self-same MacKenzies had returned to the Ridge.  As glad—overjoyed!— as I was to have my precious ones back on this side of the stones, the relief of escaping from the overcrowded quarters was palpable.  

I had helped Mandy make a daisy crown, had dozed in the sun for a time, and had gathered herbs while Jamie whittled and played raucous games with the children, all of us luxuriating in the freedom of a warm, spring Sunday afternoon. After several hours, though, I had kissed Jamie and left the revelers behind, eager to get the contents of my scavenging basket bundled and set to dry before darkness fell.

I rounded a bend in the wooded path, and suddenly stopped short. I held my breath and strained to listen again for the sound. Yes: someone crying, close at hand.  

She was sitting hunched on a low, flat rock no more than ten yards off the path. Her back was toward me, but I could see that she held her head in her hands. I took a step forward and uttered a quiet, “Bree?”

I hadn’t meant to startle her, but her head snapped up at once. Her eyes were red and swollen…she’d been crying for some time, then. To my surprise, she didn’t show any kind of embarrassment at being caught in this private moment of vulnerability. In fact, the most remarkable look of agonized recognition lit up her face.

“MAMA,” she choked out with startling violence, rising to her feet. “Mama, I’m…I’m so..sorry!”

I crossed the space between us in a flash, meaning to gather her into my arms, but she gathered up me first, crushing me against her chest and cradling my head like a child’s, dissolving into heartbreaking, convulsive sobs.

Shocked as I was by this, I held her back just as tight, rocking her as best I might and murmuring softly. “It’s alright, sweetheart…Hush…hush, it’s alright… I’m here.”

God, little wonder if she needed a moment to let down her guard. Last night, as she and Roger had sat by the fire, recounting to Jamie and me all the events of their time back in the twentieth century, Bree had maintained a façade of calm and composure that would have rivaled even Jamie’s stalwart masks. But such terrors could not be borne by rational control alone indefinitely. I let her cry for as long as she would, then, letting her be my baby once more, safe and protected.

When the sobs subsided into hiccupping gasps, I guided her back to the rock and sat down beside her, and offered her a handkerchief. She took it, but that stricken look on her face remained.

“Bree…sweetheart…?” I began, tentatively.

Her features contorted further as she gasped out, “I’m so sorry, Mama…So…sorry.

Bewildered, I ran a hand gently down the side of her face, trying to get her to meet my eye. “What ever do you have to apologize for, Bree? You can’t possibly have done anything to me.”

“N-no, not really—it’s just—” She inhaled deeply with a grating sound like tearing paper. Then, tears and panicked words began to tumble out of her. “Just that I understand now—I think—I think I do, anyway—but—Mama, when it—it all became—its all I could think about when—damn it, I UNDERSTAND,” she said, ending in a kind of frantic wail, the edge of mounting panic clear.

“Brianna,” I said, in a firm doctor-to-patient tone that made her look up at once, eyes wide. “Take a moment. Breathe. Then, tell me.”

She nodded once and turned away from me, bending at the waist to lay her arms and forehead on her knees. I could hear her marshaling her breathing back into rhythm, bringing her ragged voice back from the brink of hysteria.

I kept my hand on her back. I’m not leaving you, Baby. I’m here.

A long time later, she rose to her elbows resting her chin on her clasped hands, beginning at once. “When we thought Jemmy had been—” She cleared her throat, and resumed, low and hoarsely, but controlled. “When we thought he’d been taken through…we knew without even having to discuss it that it was Roger that had to go after him.”  

Had to go after Jemmy through the stones. My stomach lurched, hearing remembered screams in black oblivion.

Bree went on, gritting her teeth. “We made the arrangements at once, and I put on a brave face for us both, talking about when he’d come back. When they would both come back…”

She extricated a hand long enough to wipe a fresh tear from her eye, releasing a deep, stertorous gasp. “But in my heart, Mama…God, in that moment on the hill, I was saying goodbye to him for good. Sending him through to his death.”

“Oh, my love,” I murmured, my heart breaking for her pain.

“All I wanted was to snatch him back, beg him not to go…” she took a deep breath, shaking her head as if to dismiss the memory, “but of course—Jemmy—he had to go, R-Roger—I knew that….but all I could think about after he’d gone—the thing that had me on my hands and knees in front of those fucking stones, breaking apart… was you.”

“Me?” I breathed, completely taken

She met my eye earnestly. “In that place—those stones—God, everything came to me like a lightning bolt. In that moment…I was you.”

“I don’t under—”

She gulped slightly and took my hand. “All I could think about were those memories from my childhood, my young adulthood. Looking up over breakfast and seeing that coldness toward Daddy in your eye; or how you got that far-off look for long periods of time when you thought no one was looking; those months when you’d stay late at the hospital when you didn’t strictly need to—”

She suddenly blinked and started, realizing the effect her words were having on me. “Oh, no, Mama! No, I don’t mean to say it was like that all the time; not even most of the time. “ She paused for a moment to squeeze my hand tightly and kiss my cheek, though it did little to lessen the excruciating lump in my throat.

“Just…from time to time,” she went on, “I’d…catch glimpses of you in those moments, you know? And I just couldn’t understand what it was…why you were separated from us…from me.” She squeezed my hand even tighter, this time in emphasis. “I wanted so badly to have all of you, all the time; and when I couldn’t, without even understanding why—” she dropped her eyes, “I—resented you for it.”

Now it was I who squeezed reassuringly, though my voice was hoarse. “You had every right to. I’m so ashamed, Bree. I should have been better able to handle my—”

She cut me off, eyes wide. “But that’s just it, Mama—I do understand now. I understand why!

My voice was barely audible. “You do?”

You had to live without your heart.Tears were flowing once again, thick and fast, down her cheeks. “You had to tear it out yourself and leave it behind, knowing that there was no other way…for the sake of your child…and because you knew that’s what he wanted.”

I couldn’t speak. My careful shell covering those memories and years, had been cracked open. I wept, the emptiness dragging me down.

She reached out and touched my cheek, eyes boring into me in a kind of a questing, tormented wonderment. “You had to carry on though empty…aching, and grieving for him… knowing you could never see or touch him again. Had to pretend, and put on a brave face, and find ways to be happy without going mad….but sometimes the control would slip and you’d just— FEEL it. The terror and the agony of having him gone….” She choked suddenly in a fresh wave of anguish, her words painful and grating against a ragged throat. “And you had to bear it alone. You couldn’t ever really explain to anyone….about Da…why he was gone….You had no one who completely understood you. Not anymore…and you wouldn’t ever again.” She was breaking down. “You felt so fucking desolate and…so alone…and sometimes you needed to…to not be strong.”


We dissolved into sobs, holding one other as if to never let go. We, each of us, were both breaking apart and holding one another together by the bonds of memory…of grief…of love…and yes—of understanding.

Another pair of arms encircled us both. Jamie. Neither of us had heard him approach, but there he was, kneeling on the ground beside us, his presence a warm, solid, unyielding shield. He murmured soft, sweet things in Gaelic, and leaned forward to place a kiss in Bree’s hair.

“But your mother wasna alone, a leannan,” he said, leaning his head against hers. “She had—”

“MAM-MAM-MAM-MAM-MAM-MAM!!!” Before any of us could move, three-year-old Mandy (daisy crown hanging down over one ear) hurtled into view, apple-cheeked and brandishing a fistfull of plant matter in triumph. “Mammmmm, look whadd-I-found down at the at the—”

She froze a few feet away, and—good Lord, the child could have been plucked right from the silent pictures—broke into the most breathtakingly stricken expression of concern. “Whadds-tha-madder, Mam? You’re sick?” Her chin quivered and tears welled up in her eyes. Dear heart.

“Och, no, mo chridhe,” said Jamie at once, reaching out an arm to pull his granddaughter close into our little huddle. “Your mam isna one bit sick, never fear; just having a bit of a cry. Ye ken how that is, aye? Sometimes ye get to thinking on sad things, even if they were only in a dream, say, and ye just need to cry. Naught for you to worry over, wee love.”

Mandy stood looking pensive for a moment; then removed herself from Jamie’s embrace and hauled herself into her mother’s lap, throwing her arms around Bree’s neck.

“I’ll stay wi’ ye, Mam,” she said decisively. “Until-dose bad dreams go ‘way, okay?”  

Bree fell to pieces, then, pressing Mandy tight against her, too overcome to speak. She looked over the top of the curly head to Jamie, then at me. She could hear the words clearly, though my lips couldn’t form them.  

No, I wasn’t alone, Bree…

I had you.

Crushed Heart

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17,18 + 21With Isaac please

I was sitting in class when Isaac Lahey walked in. Gosh, he was so attractive. Especially at Pack meetings because he looks so focused on what we are talking about and it was so adorable. I wanted to ask him out but I was scared he would say no. Maybe he wouldn’t. Lydia told me that she thinks he likes me too, hopefully she was right.

After class, I decided to confront Isaac and ask him out. Walking over to his locker, my heart was beating so fast, I thought that it was going to jump out of my chest. I’m sure he could hear it even before I turned the corner.

He was getting the books that he needed for the last two classes of the day. I took a deep breath and walked up to him. “Hey, Isaac.”

He looked over and smiled, “Hey, Y/N! What’s up?”

“Well, I was wondering,” I began, “if you wanted to go out and get a bite to eat sometime?”

He looked at me for a second and was quiet. This was like an awkward silence and it seemed to last for an eon.

“Um, I don’t know, Y/N. I just-”

“It’s ok. I’m not forcing you to.” I reply, trying not to cry.

“I’m sorry. Are you okay?” He asked, probably seeing the tears swell up in my eyes.

“Yeah. It’s just that I guess you sometimes need to lower your expectations.” And with that I walk off, heading to the girl’s bathroom to cry.

That night at the Pack meeting, I never looked once at Isaac, but he was looking at me.  I could feel his eyes boring into the side of my head, and to be honest it made me feel uncomfortable.

This continued the next day, and the day after that. It was really starting to creep me out.

After school, he was still looking at me and I had had enough, I look over at him and say, “Stop looking at me!”

That night, I was doing homework, and I heard I knock on my window. Looking over, I saw Isaac crouching down, looking at me. I rolled my eyes and stomped over to the window. Opening it up, I whisper yelled, “What are you doing here?!”

He whispered back, “I’m here to see you! Can you move aside so you could let me in?”

I didn’t want too, but he did climb up onto my roof, risking falling and being seen by dad, so I felt bad and moved aside. Mumbling a thanks, Isaac crawled through the window.

“Whatever.” I muttered, getting back to my homework.

“Why do you hate me? Is it because I said no to going out with you?” Isaac suddenly asked.

I stop what I’m doing and looked up at him. “Isaac, I don’t hate you. It’s just that you’re the first boy that I have ever really liked, and to have gathered up all of the courage to ask you out, and then have my heart crushed, it makes a person feel very insecure. I just didn’t want to talk to you or look at you because I felt like I was going to cry if I did.”

“Y/N, I said no because I’m a werewolf, and a lot of bad things happen, and if I dated you, I didn’t want you to get hurt. I didn’t say no because I didn’t like you.”

“Isaac, I’m part of the Pack remember? I can take care of myself.” I reply.

“I know I just didn’t want to take the chance.” He whispered.

“Wait. So are you saying that you like me too?” I wonder.

He looks at his feet for a moment, and then back up at me. His head bobs up and down, causing me to laugh. “Really?”

“Yeah.” He smiles.

I stand up and kiss him. I’m so happy I could care less if he pulled away. No. I take that back. I would be really hurt if he pulled away. And guess what? That’s what he did.

He pulled back and looked me in the eyes, “Y/N, I like you, but I don’t want to be in a relationship right now.”

My eyes widened, and my mouth opened just a tad bit. Can you believe this guy? I was about to yell at him, but then he said, “I’m just kidding, come here.”

And then he pulls me closer to him and he kisses me.

And then I hear my dad walking calling my name, and walking towards my room.

The Hand (Quinn/SW AU)

Mild violence warning!

This was entirely inspired by @semper-draca‘s absolutely stunning art.

Purposely written with no detailed descriptions or names for the SW.

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The droids fell quickly. Almost too quickly.

She pivoted, throwing one against the wall even as she sliced through the legs of the other. It fell in a pile of scrap metal at her feet and she paused, taking a deep breath in an effort to calm the inferno that roared through her veins, demanding torment, suffering, enough to match the anguish in her heart.

Pain, red-hot and sharp, lanced through her side. She stumbled, body curling in on itself instinctively, as she turned. Quinn stood, near enough to touch, his blaster stowed but the flash of silver in his right hand caught her view. A vibroknife, its blade still dripping with blood. Her blood.

She moved without thinking; one second, he was staring at her with a mix of agony and horror, and the next, her arm was already slashing in its downward arc before she even realized she had swung, her cry of rage drowning out any noise of pain that might have escaped his lips.

His hand, still grasping the knife, fell to the floor.

It was over.

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The drilling goes on for hours. Merlin begins keeping count of how long. It echoes deep in the earth, trembling the glow-faint crystals around him.

Clarke does not back down; Clarke has the heart of ten warriors and the grin of a hungry, cunning wolf. She is the endless mysteries of stars and space, and then forced to the ground. She’s become the earth beneath her nails.

“What?” Nagisa argues, leaning back and appearing entirely satisfied with himself. “It’s just a innocent kiss. Makoto looks like he needs one!”

@cipherthis cont. from here

              “Mhmm, mhmm.” Mabel nodded skeptically with narrowed eyes. The wounds were still far too deep to heal, as were the scars he cut in raw flesh when he threatened to be her doom. The demon was a trickster! A lowlife being that was DEAD wrong if he thought he was forgiven after all he put her through. 

               “Allow me to put on my SKEPTICALS and SINCERELY doubt you right now,” She snapped with a snarl she wished was more menacing, alas the teen still had a heart of gold. No matter how big the grudge on him was (and trust me, it was unfixable), she still didn’t have the strength to showcase the bitterness and spite she ached to spew at him. Bring him to his knees with her venom and leave him there to rot. That potential negative energy was too frightening for her too feel, it would eat her wholly and never let her see the light of day again. 

              Mabel leaned in, one foot stepping in front of the other as the gap between them shortened and shortened. With a finger she jabbed, HARD, against his chest, like a sharp little dagger, speeding up in strength as she advanced on him. “If you THINK you’re gonna get AWAY with it just because, and I QUOTE, you’re a CHANGED DEMON,” she stopped her poking to gesture bunny ears. “I’m afraid I’m gonna have to ruin whatever SICK FANTASIES you may have and say NO! And WIPE that smirk off of your face!”

                                       “… It’s creeping me out.”

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                                                         –why do you fight?
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I fight because I didn’t fight. Because I let words beneath my skin and anger in my veins. I fight because I never want to be that girl again, the one who let others bury her so deep that she couldn’t blossom. I fight so that no one else will ever again feel that worthless and dismantled by the people that pretend to love them. I love too much and I can’t let go. My shoulders weigh heavy with the troubled thoughts of those dear to me. I fight to soothe those aches, to drive back the shadows drawn to the light. For days filled with sun instead of storms, and hearts that heal instead of hate.”

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Wheebyul, 6

There’s a lot of things Wheein does that happen when they happen.  She’s been a free spirit for as long as she can remember.  Raised and brought up in an easy going manner, never coddled, never restrained.  Now she’s stuck in the middle of some dirt road, the lights of her car flashing into the inky darkness of the country night.

Even with her spirited ways she can’t help but be startled when she hears footsteps behind her, heart stopping when a face gets illuminated by her car.

“Hey,” the girl says, long hair combed neatly, “are you ok?”

Wheein nods, taking a deep breath to calm herself, “car stopped working though.”

The other girl smiles at her apologetically, “well…if you don’t mind you can spend the night over with me…I’m just a bit away from here, saw you from my window.”

Wheein thinks about, then decides she’s thought about it too much and decides to follow the other girl.

It’s still too dark, especially since her car has been turned off, nothing but stars lighting their way.

She stumbles forward, hand going out to hold on to something, catching the other girl’s.

“I’m Moon Byulyi,” the othe says, pauses enough for Wheein to introduce herself.

She can’t see where she’s going, doesn’t notice when Byulyi stops, when she keeps walking and her mouth somehow ends up clumsily along Byulyi’s.

Byulyi backs away, the dirt under them kicking up with her fast movements.

“It wasn’t supposed to happen like that,” Byulyi says mostly to herself, voice awed.

Wheein can’t say anything wondering if this counts as her first kiss.  

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hey my dude u got anythin abt someone u rly like usin u for smth? in my case it was attention/affection :^)

Got you covered x


Either reel me back into your arms or cut me free
How dare you play the fool and then put it all on me
She said “I am infinite as far as the eye can see”
She stretched 1000 miles but was just 2 inches deep

Why did I think you had a heart?
There’s nothing between your lungs
Why was I begging for a second chance
When I didn’t blow my first one?

For such an advocate for honesty
You’re quite the exceptional liar
I never claimed I wasn’t flammable
But you’re throwing fuel on the fire

If I never asked then I guessed she’d never tell
But I suppose she could just lie and put us both through hell
She said “This is too much it was like I couldn’t breathe”
You can catch your breath now that you’ve stopped lying to me

Why did I think you had a heart?
There’s nothing between your lungs
Why was I begging for a second chance
When I didn’t blow my first one?

For such an advocate for honesty
You’re quite the exceptional liar
I never claimed I wasn’t flammable
But you’re throwing fuel on the fire

I’m not going to forgive myself in a hurry
It’s your claim of innocence that I think is funny
This is my fault and I know now what that means
But don’t try to tell me that your hands are clean

Why did I think you had a heart?
There’s nothing between your lungs
Why was I begging for a second chance
When I didn’t blow my first one?

For such an advocate for honesty
You’re quite the exceptional liar
I never claimed I wasn’t flammable
But you’re throwing fuel on the fire

Episode 7. Spoiler alert (I'm posting from phone so I can't hide it)

It’s just INSANE. I mean, oh my god, she admit to him that she loves him. And he kinda look “my god, me too” but without proper words, Sir, I still not convinced 100%. Tho I do believe his stare at her, soooo deep that my heart burst. I literally crying on my work desk when she said she loves him. And then they kissed. A REAL kiss. Good job. And then they married. MARRIED. As in wearing wedding ring, everything is coupled from toothbrush, to bathrobe. Omg I’m so thrilled that I giggled myself like a lunatic. Ad so does Yeon Joo. But she screams. I don’t. Well, almost. And then, the lovey dovey, cute scene. I just love it. Hey, at least he learned how to please his woman. But all of that cut reaaalllll short when the creepy message appears out of nowhere. I thought it was Dad. But no. Much worse. He asked Chul, how the hell he got back into manhwa world. That means Mr. Real Killer is still trapped in the real world, right? How he got out in the first place? And how the hell he contact Chul? So many questions that would be answered next week, if I’m not dying first out of heart attack (because Chul asks Yeon Joo to forget him. NO!!) Until next Wednesday, I’m gonna lay on my bed and cry my heart out.

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