she's too deep in my heart

Story time.
Last night I was so tired I got into bed with her and fell into a deep sleep, and what could only be 2 hours later I’m woken up by the sensation of someone on top of me and kissing my lips and cheeks I open my eyes to see my girlfriend I asked her “what’s wrong?” And she answered “I miss you. You’ve been gone for too long.” My heart literally exploded at that moment and I promised her she could always wake me up at anytime for anything.
I love you sm squint💜I’ll see you hella soon✨

How can she seem to have fallen from heaven
when I’m the one that has fallen,
the one that’s all in,
while her mind is a weapon

And God, I am already in too deep
because she is just too beautiful
and everything I seek
while I’m a fool

And while she is kissing all those boys
that appear to her as pretty toys
my heart tattoos cries of desperation against my ribs

How should I ever enjoy life’s sweet kiss
when she is everything I miss
and most of all her gorgeous lips?

—  // an actual sonnet

Captain Swan Mermaid AU

When Prince Killian Jones is caught in a shipwreck, he is carried to shore by a mysterious woman.  Emma, the mermaid who saved him, hears of his quest to find her, and takes on legs for a day to see what all the fuss is about.  Things escalate, and Emma, scared of what the future might hold, backs out before she falls in too deep.  But true love never fades, and when prince and mermaid meet each other again a year later, she is finally ready to give him her heart.

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I never knew her, but it feels like I lost her too, deep in my gut but feels like I lost an amazing presence from my life. And that’s what happens with incredible people. They leave an impact, touch the hearts, lighten the spirits of everyone that is lucky to know that they are a part of this world. This loss will leave such a strong impact on so many people, and those closest to her especially. She lived such a full and incredible life, and changed the life of many. This isn’t an easy loss by any measure.

Rest In Peace. You were truly a gift in this world.

Imagine your OTP

“What are we doing?”

“Cuddling?”, she offers.

“You know what I mean.” I looked at her, waiting for an answer. “What are we?”

She lifted her face and stared back at me. “I don’t know. I’m new at this.”

“We’re both new at this.” I countered. “Do you think we should have a label?”

“Do we really need to label it?”, she retorted.

“Please don’t answer my questions with questions. This isn’t tumblr.”

She chuckles. I like her laugh. It’s so genuine.

“Can’t we just enjoy each others company and treasure this moment?”

She put her head back to my chest. My heart beating in a perfect sync with hers. I know she can feel it too.

“But, what do we say to people when they ask?”

She took a deep breath and tilted her head to face me again. She directed those beautiful hazel eyes at me.

“We are love.”, she said. “When they ask, tell them that.”

The moment those word came out of her mouth, I knew then that there is no going back.

She gave me a reassuring smile. I smiled back. My heart was beating like crazy now. Looking at her, I realize something.

Love. Everyone knows it but not everyone can understand it.

But love is the universally accepted label that can perfectly describe us. We don’t need a specific label to validate what we have. Knowing that we have each other, being happy together is enough. Love is enough.

I took her hand in mine and planted a soft kiss on the back.

“Love, you are so fucking brilliant.” I said sincerely.

She kissed me then.


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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 1,310

A/N: I actually had two requests for a similar thing ; “Hi! Can you write an imagine where y/n and Shawn broke up but the fans love her and hate his new girlfriend. And then something goes wrong between the two of them and somehow y/n and Shawn get back together? Thanks!” from a super polite anon xx


“I don’t need to see that.” I say, pushing away my friend’s phone as she attempts to show me the latest photos of Shawn and his new(ish) girlfriend. I was heartbroken when we broke up and I thought he was too. 2 weeks later though with a new girlfriend, my heart was still in pieces but I guess his wasn’t. Deep down I know I still have feelings for him despite my constant denial and fragmented heart. It’s been about 3 months now since he broke my heart and I’ve managed not to read a single article about him or look at his social media, in an attempt to cleanse myself and move on. I must admit, though, when Mercy comes on the radio, I can’t bring myself to turn the channel over so instead I just belt it out at the top of my lungs with the pieces of my heart rattling around in my chest. “But Y/N, all of his fans are literally having a dig at his new girl and are saying they liked you better!” My friend explains. As much as I appreciate that they like me and all, I know Shawn’s heart will hurt for whoever it is that he’s dating. I ignore my friend, hoping she’ll drop the conversation because I won’t be able to handle the memories that intrusively flood into my brain.

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Under the midnight sky, she whispered these words to me…

I didn’t become
This beautiful overnight.
I was broken,
Bruised by life’s unexpected
Hate for me.
There was a time
I dwelled in darkness
Simply because the pain
Felt too good,
But I could no longer take
The endless nights of tears
Raining upon my pillow case,
Nor the loneliness that dwelled
Within my heart.
I could no longer take
The emptiness
That drained my soul
Each day.
And so,
I became the other part of myself.
The part I knew could emerge
From the darkness
With a bursting light.
So, like I said, I didn’t become
This beautiful overnight.

—  @cjdexter
Late night poems

I feel the weight of all of this
Your emotional distance
My own cravings and desires
I am hungry for you
But I can’t have you
So I stay home and sink into myself
Late nights, poems, door closed to my room
I am tired
Trying to open up
Trying to be good enough to see inside your heart
I ache when I think of you
Because you are so good
You are so true
But I don’t know if you are ready for me
I am a flood
A vast sea
I am a well, falling deep into the curves of the earth
I am always almost certain
That I am too much
And your heart is loving and gentle
But your heart is also scarred and bruised
My heart breaks when I think of your pain
But she is also cautious
She has her own breaks and cracks
And I have to protect her

I’m standing on this tightrope
Leaning, swaying
Over a great lake
Tightening every muscle
Trying not to fall

I want to place my heart into your hands
But you are not ready-
Every time you reach for me
Your hands tremble
I can see it
I can feel it

I am so afraid
I know you mean well
But is that enough?

Daisy Oracle

She’ll sleep on your lap across the backseat of the car when you’re travelling the distance far too far between each other’s hometowns

She won’t always sleep well but you’ll find out that you’re like monster spray and the beat of your heart can keep terrors away

She’ll love coffee and strawberries and making pancakes at midday cause you laid in too late to catch breakfast at 8

She’ll never ask you to make her that coffee however she’s delicately perched on independence even together with you so just ask, read her eyes and then make it for two

She’ll love you in a way you never thought was real, like you fell asleep in the middle of watching a rom com and dreamt up a girl with a heart made of song on infinite crescendo

She won’t hurt you she can’t bear to hear you have hurt at all, when she sees your scars she will kiss them all she will hold you and cry for the blood red brick walls you built out of pain and then installed her a door.

She’ll be everything to you

She’ll never be nothing to you

I just REMEMBER something from around 8 years ago when my sis was playing Kingdom Hearts.

You know how Sabor like to randomly ambush you everytime you roam around the Deep Jungle? Well there’s lot of times my sis should’ve ended up GAME OVER. But she thought of the easiest way in dealing with that leopard.

One time when she came back to the campsite in extremely low HP (she ran out of healing items and her party members ran out of Magic Points too), she realized Sabor is nearby. She forgot to save her game and she didn’t want to risk running into the tent to do that so…


When Sabor’s HP is almost gone, she climbed down and made one final swoop, defeating him! Since then, she repeatively used this strategy in defeating Sabor. 

If that’s not the smartest game strategy, I don’t know what it is

she told me that im not enough
and she left me with a broken heart
she fooled me twice and it’s all my fault
she cut too deep, now she left me scarred
now there’s too many thoughts goin’ through my brain
and now im takin’ these shots like it’s novacane

Dear Jim, won’t you fix it for me?

Mustn’t forget that Jim Moriarty is a consulting criminal.  

While it’s entirely possible that he developed his own perverse interest in Sherlock, I find it more likely that someone tipped him off from the beginning, and that’s what sparked his interest. 

My bet is that that someone is Eurus, and that she is the inciting incident behind not only the entire game with Moriarity, but, as Mycroft says, Sherlock’s entire character. 

She did something to Redbeard, they had to put him down, and perhaps their parents realized how dangerous she was and locked her away. Mycroft needs regular updates to assure that she is secure. My belief is that Sherrinford is a place, not a person, and that Sherrinford is where Eurus was.

This entire game to burn the heart out of Sherlock and ultimately destroy him seems too deep-rooted and personal for Moriarty, the consulting criminal. 

Because yes of course, while Jim Moriarty is a deeply disturbed and unhinged criminal with many connections, he is still the consulting criminal. He is not like Culverton Smith, who kills because it makes him happy. Jim doesn’t get his hands dirty. Jim plays a game. The great game. The long game. 

And it makes sense that he would latch onto the opportunity to get so close to the infamous Sherlock Holmes and help someone who’s equally disturbed and unhinged to bring him down – whatever form that takes. 

I don’t remember when we became like this. We were always holding hands and hugging , but now we are sitting next to one another, while the emotional distance between us grows.

We talk everyday, mimicking our old patterns denying that anything is changing. Our conversations showing a lack of interest. Our time together seeming forced. Our time spent apart becoming enjoyable.

I’m overly emotional, while you’re emotionally distant, how could I ever think we would work. You lock parts of yourself away, pushing me farther and farther from you. Causing me pain in a way I didn’t know you could cause. We avoid our problems hoping they disappear, while actually making them worse.

They say if you want something bad enough there are no excuses, because you do whatever you need to do to make it work. But you are always making excuses. Does that mean that you don’t want us anymore?

“I like you,” she said. “No, I’m not expecting a reaction, I’m just stating the fact that I like you. I’ve been in major denial for months now, denying these feelings inside my heart but I’m done. I like you. There. It’s out in the world.”

She took a deep breath before continuing,“I like you, and if you don’t feel the same, that is okay too. I’m not expecting you to like me back, no one ever does.”

And he wondered how the hell someone could taste her lips, hear her thoughts, and look at her smiling, but not fall in love with her.

—  A.A // one unrequited feeling to another, and then bam you’re used to not being wanted

“It looks like you will never gonna change so maybe it’s time for me to change”.

-From my ex of four years. I cheated on her and came back to her three times. All those times she accepted me despite knowing I am still with the girl I cheated with.

I know deep in my heart that I love her but I can’t make myself to fight for her.

I hurt her too much. This is the price I have to pay. She deserves to be happy without me.

Does this ever get easier?
Tell me that this will hurt less.
Will my hand ever stop twitching to hold yours when it’s near me?
Will my head ever stop wanting to rest upon your chest?

My head is filled with I miss yous.
My heart is filled with nostalgia for what we once were.
My arms are vacant because their favorite tenant is gone, gone, gone.

You’re gone.
You’re gone.
She’s gone.

Does she miss me?
I want to know if you think about me, too.
I don’t know how to fall out of love with you.

My love isn’t based on comfort.
It’s based on experiences like your warm hands or your deep kisses.
My admiration is rooted in the complexity and beauty of your mind.

It’ll never stop.
It’ll never stop.
I’ll never stop.

I know that you don’t love me anymore.
It’s hard to believe, but I’ll take your word for it.
I understand that my significance fades like yours never did.

You’re free now.
You’re free from me.
You can ride on the wings of happiness.
You can swim in seas of peace.

You can swim.
You can swim.
She swims.

—  This part hurts so much 02.16.17

anonymous asked:

Do you have any Rory/Jess fic recs?

oh my god totally! 

i’ve already written up two lists from awhile ago: here and here. some of them do overlap, but the second one is just a more extensive list. all of my favourites are on those lists and they’re separated by “incomplete” and “complete” with a full summary and rating and some of my individual thoughts. i hope you enjoy! :D

a few more that i’m reading recently (hence they are incomplete) that haven’t been put on there are below:

3:47 AM by Eutony: Post-series Literati. “Take a breath,” he intoned. His heart clenched again. He heard the deep, unsteady, broken breath she took, and the watery exhale, too. “Are you alright?” … “No, I’m…I’m not.”

(i know, not a lot to go of of in the summary, but trust me, it’s really good. it’s a more broken much darker Rory than we’ve seen on the series and Jess is the one there taking care of her and it’s kind of a beautiful set up.)

Celestial Cove by oywiththepoodles22: AU. Lorelai raised Rory in California instead – Rory Gilmore is looking forward to one last summer in her hometown before heading off to Yale, but her plans are derailed when her mother offers Jess, a young runaway, shelter and a job. As she grows closer to Jess, her relationship with her boyfriend and her certainty about her future wavers.

(no her boyfriend isn’t Dean. and also, from what i can remember, Jimmy still does show up, but it doesn’t work out and he makes his way across CA. there’s a detailed summary in the first chapter. it’s definitely different, but not out of character imo.)

Eight and a Half by ImagineBackstory: Set in present day, eight and a half years after the Truncheon kiss, Rory and Jess unexpectedly reunited in Stars Hollow after Rory impulsively sends Jess an invitation to her wedding. When the wedding is suddenly postponed and Rory moves to New York, they are left with eight and a half years of suppressed feelings and one one outlet: each-other.

(this one legit hurts me to read. haha. like it’s super drama and angst ridden, but Rory and Jess are both with different people in the beginning. and it just ugh it hurts but so far, in chapter 22, it’s getting back to Literati territory. the only thing i’d say be wary of is that she tends to write Jess very hipstery, so if you don’t like that, don’t read. but overall it’s not a bad story.) 

Sweet Misery (Wonho Scenario)

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Member: Wonho

Genre: Angst

Word count: 520

You stood in front of the apartment door with your phone in hand. It matched the address your friend texted you. You tucked away your phone and took in a deep breath. You knocked on the door. Footsteps started approaching and your heart sped up. The door opened to a beautiful woman around your age.

“Yes?”, she said in her smooth voice.

“Hi. I was wondering if Wonho was here?”, you asked already knowing he was.

“He is. May I ask who you are?”

“I’m a friend of his. I won’t be long! I just need a quick word with him.”

The woman invites you inside. As if on cue, Wonho enters the room. He’s drying his hair and wearing his pajamas. The towel he was using is now on the floor. His face drops and he tenses up.  

“W-What are you doing here?”, he panics.

“I came here to say goodbye. Have a nice life, Wonho.”, you turned away and walked out the door. You heard him call your name but you ignored it.


You hear him running towards you. He grabs your arm and makes you face him. His face is ghostly white and his body is shaking.   

“I can explain.”

“You don’t have to explain anything to me.”

“I never wanted to hurt you.”

“But you did.”

“And I’m sorry! I am so sorry!”, tears start to form in his eyes.

“I know.”

“I promise I’ll never do it again!”

“I believe you.”, you nod your head.

Wonho is baffled that you are so calm right now.

“S-So, you forgive me?”


He sighs in relief and perks up.

“You’re the best, babe!”, he takes your hand and starts kissing your fingers.

You harshly pull away. Wonho stares at you in shock.

“That doesn’t mean I’m going to take you back.”

He opens his mouth but nothing comes out. His face is turning red and puffy. He gets down on his knees and looks up at you.

“This is the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life. I wish I can take this all back but I can’t. All I can do is beg and plead for you to take me back. I’m on my knees, Y/N! I can’t lose you! You mean everything to me! Please! Don’t leave me!”, he sobs.

He looked so pathetic in that moment. He was trembling before you with his head hung low. His shoulders were slouched and tears were falling onto the floor.

“I love you.”, he breathes out.

You almost fell for it. Almost.

“Tell me what you want and I’ll do it. As long as I can be by your side again.”

You squat down and lift his chin up. You look at him pitifully. The confident and suave man you once knew was now reduced to a sad, crying mess. You cup his face in your hands and smile.

“Go back. Stay there. Never speak to me again.”

You stood back up and left. You were tempted to look back. But instead, you kept on walking with your head held up high.  

36 hours I’ve been awake.

I think I understand everything now…and nothing at all.

Time is relative, fatigue for the weak hearted. I am but a speck among other specks and together we form a beach, eroded by the tides of time…many lost to the deep.

People don’t realize their impact on each other. Like this lady nearly killed me because she wore too much perfume and my lungs began to ache. She had no clue and even now my chest hurts.

I’ve reached the beyond. I know exhaustion, blackout tired, and then too tired to rest.

This is my new record and I’m seeing the world in a whole new way.

Go the fu k to sleep, kiddies.