she's too deep in my heart

So much has happened the past few days. It was a roller coaster of emotions. Each day has been filled with different sorts of feeling. The euphoria only lasted for two days. And then, followed by a sudden turn of melancholic feeling.

I’m still trying to recover from all the things that has happened. Things at home are getting worse. I’m not there but I am aware of what’s happening. I feel sorry for my mom. I admit that there are times I don’t want to go home. I find it too chaotic there. I hated her nagging. It was annoying. But I do understand where she’s coming from. She sent me a message last Sunday and it broke my heart. She was telling me how tired she is with all that’s happening and how fed up she is with my dad and brother. At that moment, I felt a deep remorse. I felt like I haven’t been such a good daughter myself. I wish I could’ve done better.

I wanted to run into my mom’s arms, cry and ask for her forgiveness. I wanted to say sorry for being insensitive and selfish. For ignoring her feelings and just thinking about myself. I know it’s not yet late to make up for my past acts. I wish I could make her feel better. She has done nothing but goodness. She always think and care about us that she forgot herself. And now its my turn to take care of her. She has done more than enough. To my mom, I love you with all my heart and soul.

I commissioned matchallama to draw baby haddiyah with her sweetheart josephine and IT’S IMPOSSIBLY CUTE?!!!?? meet the knight and her princess at the tender age of 10 something uwu

“I like you,” she said. “No, I’m not expecting a reaction, I’m just stating the fact that I like you. I’ve been in major denial for months now, denying these feelings inside my heart but I’m done. I like you. There. It’s out in the world.”

She took a deep breath before continuing,“I like you, and if you don’t feel the same, that is okay too. I’m not expecting you to like me back, no one ever does.”

And he wondered how the hell someone could taste her lips, hear her thoughts, and look at her smiling, but not fall in love with her.

—  A.A // one unrequited feeling to another, and then bam you’re used to not being wanted

I lost someone special to me too. Her name was Costia. She was captured by the Ice Nation whose queen believed she knew my secrets. Because she was mine, they tortured her, killed her, cut off her head. I thought I’d never get over the pain but I did. By recognizing it for what it is; weakness.

I miss her. How is it possible to miss someone when they live not 10 minutes from you? I miss the texts that would last from sunrise till sunset. I miss the inside jokes and how she and I would laugh over things that no one else found funny. I miss the deep conversations and how we could talk for hours but yet somehow feel so at ease. I miss feeling like I have known her my entire life. I miss being able to trust her with my whole heart. And the shittiest feeling is not feeling that rare connection that we once had. I still wonder why it left, but all I know is that I miss it too.
—  L. L.
But Do Not Ask The Price I Paid- AU-

But do not ask the price I paid

I must live with this quiet rage

Tame the ghosts in my head

That run wild and wish me dead

Rukia could barely contain herself, taking a deep breath as she stood in front of the center, palms sweated and throat was dry but she was filled with too much excitement to really acknowledge the nerves, she was here and this was happening…. she let her brother do all the talking as the woman at the counter started leading them down the hallway of rooms, Rukia’s heart thundering like a drum as they began their trip, she was finally here, finally doing what she had wanted to since it became legal five years ago, she was finally getting a pet werewolf


Returning Home and There Are Much Worse Games To Play have the same theme.  Above, the former.  Below, the latter.

James Newton Howard is brilliant.  They survived the Games, they survived the war.  The music reflects that and shows that in the end, Katniss doesn’t just have Peeta and children, she has a home.  A home deep in the meadow.

Here is the place where I love you.

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Too much for my poor shipper heart to handle.

Sometimes I get really weak in my knees, and then when I get weak in my knees I fall head over heels. And like every other like you know cheesy cliché. Sometimes I get swept off of my feet, and then I have this thing…this thing where my heart it skips a beat. And there’s…so I really have one thing to say. What is medically wrong with me?

Grace Helbig (describing falling in love/quoting Chester’s “God Damn You’re Beautiful” aka the time she got too deep in Chester See’s Not Too Deep episode) (X)(X)(X) (via itsdannanotbanana)

EDIT: It was 7:40am (I was half asleep and sick) when I was listening to the podcast, and I couldn’t come up with the title of Chester’s song. I noticed this while I was in class and nearly cursed out loud in the lecture. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Friend:Tell me something about your girlfriend?
  • Me:*takes a deep breath and grins*
  • Me:She is funny and very very sarcastic. It's like sarcasm is her first language. 😁😁😁. And she has the most beautiful and amazing eyes I have ever seen. She has a big heart which gets her into trouble. She cares too much. And I am an asshole. I don't deserve her but I am trying to get my shit together for her. She is such an angel.
  • Also Me:*still talking about her for the last two hours*
Walls built higher as we grow backwards, kisses on the forehead in deep sleep for the last time, I’ll miss you in quiet car rides and empty summer sheets, you were summer. I’ll miss you from outside the cab when you’re leaving, you’re leaving and my heart is spilling out of my mouth, I’m sorry I’m not as beautiful as she could have been, I’m sorry I caught you. I’m sorry I loved too hard sometimes, scars under sleeves and tears in eyelashes, “you cry too much,” and you’re right. Skin swelled around the ring on my finger, a permanent memory in the shape of a promise, I’m sorry my lungs were too clouded to breathe under water, I swear to god I was trying.
—  Riley Lynne
[TRANS] EXO :: Exodus

Please don’t repost or translate without permission!
Translated looking at the lyrics people typed here and here. Some parts in the lyrics they typed are pretty different, so I tried to piece it together. ;;

Even if I yell for you step back, in the end your answer is no.
The broken shards of my heart sparkle.
I’ve already fallen too deep and there’s no way out.
In the end I’m stuck in place, losing my way once again.

The sun sets and I fall*, and you’re that much more blinding.
Before I even realize it I’ve gone blind.
I can’t even see the rising flames in front of me. I slowly begin to burn.

This is all a dream, you’re a cruel queen, there are thorns hidden behind your beauty.
Dangerous, dangerous, she’s so dangerous.
An unwaking dream, and I’m just one of your pins. I’ll break out of this lasting loneliness and escape.
Exodus, exodus, it’s my exodus.

Even if I yell for you to step back, my heart is like a domino.
It falls right over, and I just nod my head.
No matter what I do now there’s no going back.
With a deep sigh my strength begins to leave me, girl.

In my mind you’re a shock, no matter where I can hear you.
Before I even realize it’s like I’ve gone deaf.
No matter what I do I can’t hear anything but you. I’m caught without a hope for escape.*

This is all a dream, you’re a cruel queen, there are thorns hidden behind your beauty.
Dangerous, dangerous, she’s so dangerous.
An unwaking dream, and I’m just one of your pins. I’ll break out of this lasting loneliness and escape.
Exodus, exodus, it’s my exodus.

You’re like a wall of clear glass,**
sparkling like a jewel as you trap me inside of you.
I’ve gone crazy for you, and like this I’ll go insane,
like catching an unavoidable sickness.
She’s dangerous.

In your sweet arms I’m a weak king, because I’ve lost everything I had aside from you.
Dangerous, dangerous, she’s so dangerous.
Trapped in your arms, and the path laid out beyond you, I will escape you and head for that light.
Exodus, exodus, it’s my exodus.

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“Could you come over this afternoon? We need to talk.” 

And just like that, Daichi had turned Suga’s bright school morning into an anxious hell of ‘oh god he found out that I’ve loved him ever since he walked into my life like all I never knew I needed’. Suga spent the day by not eating anything, thinking about everything he’d said to Daichin within the last few weeks and playing so horribly in practice that coach Ukai put him on the bench. 

But there was no way around it, and so Suga went over to Daichi’s place right after school, his chest so tight and dark that it hurt deep into his heart. Daichi’s mother let him in with a soft smile that looked like she knew too much about something, and Suga hurried up the stairs, taking a last deep breath before opening the door. 

I’m hurting, baby, I’m broken down
I need your loving, loving, I need it now

Suga hadn’t know that Daichi could play guitar, and he had much less known about the fact that his crush had a rich, warm voice that sounded so goddamn perfect in English that Suga couldn’t do anything but lean back against the door -and stare. 

When I’m without you, I’m something weak
You got me begging, begging, I’m on my knees

He knew that song. Oh God, that was - Sugar. It was called Sugar, and his cheeks were heating up, bursting into fire, his knees giving in so he sunk down against the door. Suga swallowed and dropped his bag so he could bring both hands to cover his mouth, and then he stared some more at Daichi’s long fingers thrumming the guitar, his soft voice singing its way right into Suga’s heart, where the rest of his stupid everything already loved Daichi more than he could say. 

Your sugar
Yes, please
Won’t you come and put it down on me
I’m right here, ‘cause I need little love and little sympathy

When Daichi hummed the last note and looked up at Suga, the soft smile on his lips immediately faded. “Oh God, was I that bad? I’m - I’m sorry - “ 
“You are an idiot,” Suga said, grinning like an idiot, and didn’t bother to wipe the tears off his cheeks when he stumbled over to Daichi and caught his lips in a kiss. “You could’ve - could’ve said somethin’, God, I l-love you.” 

Daichi’s eyes glowed when he pulled Suga closer, and kissed him again. “I’m sorry, sugar. I guess I didn’t know how to tell you other than - well, this. And I love you, too.” 

The guitar made a sad, dissonant squeak when it was kicked off the bed, and Suga allowed Daichi to find out just how sweet his lips were, over and over again. 

Daryl loved Beth, and his heart is broken.

& it doesn’t have to be romantic for that statement to be true.

“Saving Mr. Banks holds a very special place in my heart. When PL Travers says to Walt that she doesn’t have to forgive her father I really understand how she feels. My father, too, was an alcoholic through my early childhood and I still look at him in such a positive way even though I feel deep down I shouldn’t. I’m glad that Disney should be the thing that helped my come to terms with these feelings.”

Exes are kinda like the characters from How I Met Your Mother. That one ex that’s kinda like Lily who actually ends up being one of the closest friends you’ll ever have, someone who will let you call her at 2 in the morning and rant about life. Then there’s this ex that reminds you of Barney, the ever provocative and always horny but deep down has a good heart kinda ex. Let’s not forget Marshall, the “committed” ex. He woulda been perfect if he wasn’t too committed for you. Then there goes Ted, the ex who would go an extra mile just to win your heart even if that would make him look stupid and cheesy sometimes. And then there’s Robin, the person that you loved very much, but cannot be with. And whoever you’ll meet, whatever you’ll do, nothing will be like it would be with Robin.
—  Me (She’s my Robin)

“And then she arrived,
Like day break inside a railway tunnel,
Like the new moon,

like a diamond in the mines
Like high noon to a drunkard,


She made my heart beat in a now-now time signature.

Her skinny canvas for ultarviolet brushstrokes

She was the sun’s painting
She was a deep cognac color
Her eyes sparkled like lights along the new city
She lips pursed as if her breath was too sweet
And full for her mouth to hold”

Photographer: leboditibane

I don’t remember when we became like this. We were always holding hands and hugging , but now we are sitting next to one another, while the emotional distance between us grows.

We talk everyday, mimicking our old patterns denying that anything is changing. Our conversations showing a lack of interest. Our time together seeming forced. Our time spent apart becoming enjoyable.

I’m overly emotional, while you’re emotionally distant, how could I ever think we would work. You lock parts of yourself away, pushing me farther and farther from you. Causing me pain in a way I didn’t know you could cause. We avoid our problems hoping they disappear, while actually making them worse.

They say if you want something bad enough there are no excuses, because you do whatever you need to do to make it work. But you are always making excuses. Does that mean that you don’t want us anymore?

anyway do u want to know how i know i’m in too deep w lance

literally yesterday my mom said ‘lance armstrong’ and my heart skipped a beat and my stomach did a Thing before i realised she wasn’t talking abt like. lance