she's too cute bye

[She smol with war paint look how cute]


replied to your quote

“˜She likes to shock,’ a Downing Street source says. ‘Her mindset is…”

Have you read the article this is from? It’s very thorough, and when I say thorough I do mean THOROUGH…covering everything from how she does her make-up to wear she buys lingerie. ;-)

OF COURSE I HAVE i even went as far as googling the lingerie shop because i’m the actual wORST

Ok so I’m on the same flight to New York as Adrienne C. Moore (Black Cindy/Tova in Orange is the New Black) and we were going through security at the same time and I was like ’!!!!!!!!! Hi, not to be annoying but you are so talented and I just really had to tell you’ and then she smiled real big and said ‘you are so sweet thank you. I love your hair!’ and I’m SHOOK.

i saw this cute picture on Facebook today with the caption;

- “Goofy young kids! I still remember what he was saying here…. ‘Can you believe it…. We’re married!!’ it’s been almost 35 years and I love him even more than I thought I could.” -

That’s what I like about the relationship that they’ve made on the show. It doesn’t feel specific to gender even, it’s just they…she loves her. It’s meant…they’re meant to be together, and you know, I like that they just make it that they’re a relationship. It’s not really talked about in a way of anything other than these two people love each other and should be together, or at least that’s my character’s standpoint and it seems like Shaw’s coming over to my side a little bit more. Or at least Sarah is.