she's thinking about the 80's

wanted to draw frances laurens as warm up sketches and she ended up being the drawing I guess?

I like drawing age progressions

And now Sayaka is having some kind of mental break while she is fighting a Witch and even after Kyoko jumped in to help her she still insists that she’s fine and she’s yelling about feeling no pain. SOMEONE HELP THIS POOR CHILD. 

I blame the OPM Tumblr fandom for...

eventually dragging me down to shipping hell with Saitama x Genos like wtf I was happy with just friendship and familial ties but no I suddenly see shipping fanart and whoops there I go to the seventh circle of our hell and ooh Genos x Sonic actually looks cute no wait I shouldn’t ah wHAT THE FUCK LET’S SHIP IT

Reasons for Inactivity

1. My Mawmaw (Grandmother) has been getting kind of forgetful the last few years. Didn’t really think anything about it because a. She’s pushing 80, and b. has had two concussions within the last two years.

Still healthy and walking around I might add, she’s a tough ol bird! XD

But now….its getting really bad. She’s started hallucinating, she called me hysterically cause she thought my grandfather had been kidnapped and already had the neighbors looking for him.

Guys, we had to call him to come home from work before she would calm down. The my neighbor, who had been helping her look and then helping us try to calm her down, had to go and told her to take care.

They had not even made it out of the driveway, when my grandma turned to me and said “Who was that?”

That was her neighbor, that she had known for over 20 years.

So, you can imagine, its been a bit hectic. 

We think it could be a sideffect of one of her medications, she just found out about a non lethal blood clot a few months back, and one of its sideffects is hallucinations, so really hoping to switch her to a generic and maybe things will get better.

2. Just found out my dog Dougal, “aka “Doogie” is positive for heartworms. Which, according to the Vet, will cost about 800 to 900 dollars to cure given his large size.

Now for those who don’t know, heartworms can clog up his arteries and cause some serious health issues, even death.

There are no adult worms, or babyworms yet, and we have been keeping him on heartworm prevention medicine that we get from our vet, so he said his gonna send of another test, really really hoping maybe something was just wrong with the first one.

Like most of the middle class, I don’t have 900 just sitting around the house. And I can barely afford my own insurance, let alone pet insurance.

So, if the test does come back positive, I might be looking between the options of giving him away to someone who can afford his healthcare needs, or euthanize him.

*Deep breath* now you know why I’ve been inactive for awhile. 

when u relaxing and then remember u have homework

Concerning Manwë...

Never have I posted any fandom Silmarillion thoughts, mainly because I prefer to discuss them with friends instead ((actually what I should be doing is writing long overdue answers to said friends but I am a horrible person who won´t be able to do anything remotely productive until I get certain things out of my chest))

I´m pretty sure some melkorslegacy´s post inserted itselft so deep in my skull, my dear, lovable brain didn´t stop mulling over it until I´m indeed posting it. (And certainly lastest givenclarity´s Melkor/Manwë pic did NOT helped!) ((not tagging anyone even if metioned ´cause I don´t wanna force anyone into reading this just to know why they were mentioned -_- ))

So, here it comes:

“Manwë is scary as fuck

Now now, that was just the conclusion (albeit expressed in a more comical way, because as always today I was in a very comical mood apparently). 

Please I beg you, let me elaborate a little.

*warning: I may be even get a little philosophical ((yeah, it´s happening))  o__o

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Chapter 70

Chapter 80

I’m not the only one seeing similarities in these panels. I’ve noticed that @plot-armored-titan,  @akira1love and @ningen-suki are over on their blogs writing excellent meta surrounding them. But I had one thought to add to the conversation.

Looking back at the Crunchyroll translation, Erwin tells Levi that he’ll decide who should use it. Erwin isn’t suggesting that Levi inject anyone. I’m curious if this is consistent in the Chinese and Japanese raws.

It makes me wonder if Levi’s pained “I will make the choice” has a double meaning. Perhaps he makes the choice for Erwin to ride into battle, but at the same time the choice to hand the serum to Erwin to use as a last minute distraction/attack/secret weapon against Beast Titan.

We aren’t shown the entirety of Levi and Erwin’s conversation. The pages that follow are a mix of timelines - the suicide ride, Erwin’s speech to the recruits, and additional details of their private conversation are all portrayed. Levi is still kneeling in this panel where they are discussing his approach to the Beast Titan.

I’m very open to the possibility that the serum was also part of this larger conversation. If so, Erwin has the serum and plans on using it. Maybe it’s no accident that the design of the titan serum syringe is perfect for one-handed operation.





little fitzsimmons things #709

*talks about each other with the others all the time*

*talks about the others with each other all the time*

*but does not talk about themselves with each other*