she's the shadow broker but no one can knows it

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I had a dream last night that for some reason Spock had been captured and was being tortured for information. Sarek found out and proceeded to maim/kill everyone in his way to rescue Spock. I just thought I'd share Enraged Dad "how dare you!" Sarek.

Yeah, but what is Sarek is like the kind of person (alien) that gets super angry and emotional and Amanda is like “the silent shadow”? I mean, she prefers to ruin the lives of those who harmed her precious child in other ways. Maybe spreading their terrible secrets, or making everything possible to destroy their reputation/business/relationships… and no one can track her steps (one of the many advantages of marrying a vulcan who know a lot about computers)


No but can you imagine Wrex’s kids and Shep’s kids growing up at the same time. Like having play dates and and Kaidan has to be there and cast barrier when the little Krogan starts to headbutt baby Ashley? And Ashley thinking it’s awesome and doing it right back? And Shepard having to explain to the daycare center why her child runs around head butting everyone in sight?

Or Zaeed taking her to the arcade and playing literally every game so it takes 4 people to transport all her stuffed animals back to the apartment.

Tali running around Rannoch with her, exploring the quarian home world together.

Garrus not really knowing what to do with a human child so sitting there awkwardly for a few minutes before baby Shepard climbs in his lap and asks for a piggy ride. Discovering he rocks with children.

James being really awesome with kids, because he took care of all the little ones in his neighborhood. Shepard coming home to him passed out on the couch with her daughter on top of him, both of them covered in crumbs.

Kasumi catching all those really important moments on video camera. Recording all of it for posterity’s sake and giving the footage to Kaidan every year so they always have it.

Liara disconnecting herself from all the Shadow Broker stuff for a few hours, just to sit around and play with the baby. There are no life ruining secerts, just laughter.

Miranda dancing with the baby and as she grows up teaching her to dance the more complicated ones. Because lord knows neither of her parents can.

Joker letting her fly the Normandy. Joker not being even a little surprised that she’s good at it.

Grunt being baby Shepards partner in crime in all things.

Jack consciously watching her language around baby Shepard, and cooing at her when she thinks no one is looking.

Jacob and Brynn bringing their own over for dinner. And having the two kids hit it off and bond over cartoons. Having that normalcy after everything that has happened.

Koylat teaching her to swim. Discovering she’s quite the little fish.

Hackett being completely won over by tiny hands and bright green eyes. He finds he enjoys playing the doting grandfather, even if it’s just by association.

Kaidan using his biotics to entertain his daughter with streaming shimmers of light. Listening to her giggle and demand more even after its bed time. Kaidan able to deny her nothing.

And Shepard so unsure of herself when it comes to being a parent. But having her daughter run into her arms everyday. Taking her to the park and the shooting range. Teaching her to have no fear.

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OH my GOD i'm sorry but if we're talking about miranda now like one of my fav things about her is that sure she has this image of this ice queen who's literally perfect in everything and in control 100% but she is also AWKWARD??? like her email exchange with Oriana from the Shadow Broker's dossier gives me life. And her dating app records. like i feel like u rly get to know her so much better throughout the game, and i think her opinion of shep changes a lot too! i rly feel like its one (cont.)

(cont.) of the best relationships in the game, tbh. I mean if u take her to the last battle in me2, she throws away cerberus which meant so much to her in support of shepard, and i think u can rly see miranda becoming loyal and getting attached to shep. honestly i go talk to her even when the only thing she has to say is “there’s a lot going on shepard maybe another time” just to hear her voice because i loVE HER

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I feel like Miranda really respects Shepard as a true equal. Some of the companions (understandably) get a little hero-worshippy around Shepard but I feel like Miranda really respects Shepard, you know?