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I want Aelin to be pregnant at the beginning of tog 6. I want her to be pregnant and to realise it while in the coffin. I want her to realise this and raise hell, I want her to realise this and burn her way out of her coffin because just encase she was raised in a cage and chains(I.e. the keep but also being horn tied to be queen of terasen) does not mean her child will be.

I want her to burn her way out if the coffin and give Maeve hell. I want the cadre to not even think twice about helping Aelin because they know that not only is she the better queen but because she is Rowans mate and they all think of Rowan as the grumpy father who would do anything for them.

I want her to escape and the cadre to follow her. I want them to hunt down her squad. I want Rowan to find her. I want their reunion scene to be the most heart wrenching thing I can read. I want them to admit that they are mates to each other. I want them to say it over and over again as they kiss and (coughs) have reunion sex. I want Aelin to take his hand and place it on her stomach. I want him to inhale her scent but notice something else mixed with it. I want her to look at him, with a shyness he has never seen her posses. I want him to just look at her and know. I want him to look down at their hands on her stomach and cry. I want him to kiss her, to kiss her stomach. To beg her to tell him she isn’t lying.

I want that baby to be born after they take back the Terresan castle. I want Lysandra and Manon and Elide to be there as her midwives. I want the males all waiting outside the room. Except rowan. I want him with his mate, I want him letting her break his hand in her grasp as she gives birth. I want that child to cry the minute their born and only stop when it sees there parents.

I want that child to be the most loved child. I want Dorian spoiling it and Aedion giving it a blunt knife whenever they leave the castle. I want that child to be the thing that makes the squad always return victorious from battle.

And when the war is won I want that child to grow up and rule Terasen. With its fathers hair and mothers eyes.

I want a happy ending.

Warriors, while an interesting series with tons of original concepts available, seems to be leaning back on the same plot points time and time again. I decided to make a list in my spare time of some different types of personalities and plot points for each rank that would be cool to see in the series.
If you have ideas please add onto the list!

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Bran: It’s snowing, beautiful like the night you were raped

Bran: You looked beautiful on the night you were raped

Bran: That white dress your rapist tore off you…. was beautiful

Bran: You were raped……. I’ve seen it because I see everything


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Prompt idea: trimberly hanging out at the coffee shop for a date and Kimberly's fake friends start talking shit. And trini's like :)))))) "square TF up son." And Kimberly's like "Tini, babe don't fight people" ya.

This was very hard, and is probably really bad but here you go!

tw: minor homophobia and racism

“No Trin! Get your hands away from it, the glazed donut is mine!”

Kimberly swatted Trini’s hand away, Trini giggling as Kimberly exclaimed, a small smile spreading across her face. They had decided to go on a a café date instead of going to Saturday detention, which they both knew would bite them in the ass later, but they couldn’t care less. They hadn’t been able to spend much time together lately, other than sneaking into each others rooms late at night. Trini and Kim both missed being able to see each other every day, but since Rita attacked Trini, leaving horrible marks across Trini’s skin, something that caused waves of anger and rage to flow through Kim’s body, and massive dents in Trini’s wall, Trini’s mother had buckled down on her, much more protective and manipulative. So they had decided to skip, and eat donuts and laugh, and just be carefree, a feeling that they cherished much more lately.

Trini went to pick up her fork, a mischievous glint in her eyes, a knowing smirk spreading across her lips. Kimberly squinted her eyes, a playful smile on her face, as she grabbed her fork with lightning speed, and stabbed at the donut, her hand being swatted by Trini, who in turn, started moving the napkin which the donut laid on top of sporadically, her eyes trained on Kimberly. Their little game went on for at least a couple minutes before Trini lunged at the donut, her fork lodging into the table, as she yanked back, and stuffed the entire donut into her mouth. Trini smirked victoriously, her cheeks popping out. Kimberly wanted to pout and act all sad but she couldn’t help but smile at how cute Trini looked, like a little chipmunk. Kimberly giggled as Trini struggled to swallow the donut, Kimberly giving her a look, which said ‘you deserved that’.

Kimberly was still smirking at how cute Trini looked when she heard the cafe door open, the familiar bell ringing, and shutting. Both girls didn’t pay much attention to it. Kimberly was to focused on Trini chugged her coffee, trying to wash down the donut, but then Kimberly heard the sound of heels hitting the hardwood, and the smell of overly expensive make up. Kimberly didn’t want to look up, she didn’t really care, but Trini started to become smaller in her seat, her defence mechanism, one that Kimberly knew all to well. Kimberly tilted her head slightly, and she could see her ex cheer mates, Rebecca and Amanda, her fellow queen bees, or at least the queen bees, seeing as nobody on the cheer team of football team would look at her, unless they were bad mouthing her. She made eye contact with Amanda, Kimberly’s eyes holding a fiery glint, her jaw tightening. They held eye contact until Amanda scoffed and looked away, her eyes setting on Trini, who was trying to make herself smaller, memories about mean girls at her previous schools washing over her. Kimberly clenched her jaw, taking Trini’s hand in her own, squeezing it, the other girl opening up a little more, returning from her shell. Trini could see the fiery glint in Kimberly’s eyes, but she could also see the guilt and remorse, remembering the horrible thing she had done. Trini started rubbing the pad of her thumb across Kimberly’s knuckles, wordlessly calming the girl down, reassuring her.

Kimberly and Trini both tried ignoring the other girls, trying to enjoy the time they had together, but that was quite hard when the two girls had super hearing, being able to hear all the rude and mean things the cheerleaders were saying about them, specifically Kimberly.

“Shouldn’t she be in detention, with all the other freaks?”

“How much do you think she hates herself after everything that happened?”

“Probably a lot considering she’s hanging out with the new dyke.”

With each insult, Trini’s could feel her hands clenching, and Kimberly wanted to say something, wanted to yell at the other girls, but she didn’t want to cause more trouble than she already had, so tried to stay quiet, she tried not to pay attention, but Trini on the other hand, she was not having any of it. Trini’s hands clenched once more, trying to conceal her rage, but her attempt failed as she finally said something.

“Try saying that to our face!”

Trini yelled, jumping out of her seat, her hands balled into fists. Luckily for them, the cafe was quite empty, but the few people who were inside bowed their heads away, trying to ignore Trini, who was radiating anger. Amanda turned towards Trini, tilting her head in curiosity, a devilish glint in her eyes. Kimberly knew that look all too well, she knew what was to come, and it wouldn’t be good.

“What did you say to me, bitch?”

Trini visibly shrinks, stuttering slightly, as she tries to step back, to get away, to run, to escape. Kimberly feels her hands clench, Amanda and Rebecca could taunt and bitch at her, but Trini was strictly off limits, Kimberly knew that Trini wouldn’t be able to take Amanda on, seeing as the cheer leader could ruin her life, but Kimberly wasn’t about to let that happen. She decided against smacking or yelling at Amanda, even though her entire body was telling her too, so she just grabbed Trini’s hand, pulling her away.

“Let’s go.”

She mutters, hoping that Trini would listen, neither of the girls wanting to stay near Amanda and her lackey, or start a fight. Trini pushed past Rebecca, who knocks Trini of balance slightly, another wave of protectiveness rushing through Kimberly. They are about to walk out of the shop, but Rebecca says something that makes Kimberly stop dead in her tracks.

“I wonder when she’ll get deported.”

Kimberly stoped, even as Trini tried to pull her away. Trini had heard the racist slurs before, the “go back to your own country” and the “just wait until he builds the wall” most of the time she ignored it, knowing that her retaliating would cause more trouble than good, but Kim didn’t know that, didn’t know how many times Trini’s family had faced the racist comments and threats, and how many times Trini had to walk away, making herself smaller every time. Trini could feel Kimberly’s hand clench around her own, she wanted to do something, to yell, to scream, to wipe the stupid smug look of the Rebecca’s face. Kimberly turned around, her eyes glaring daggers at Rebecca.

“What the fuck did you just say!?”

Kimberly yells, the astonished rage radiating from her body. Trini held on tight to Kimberly, trying not to say anything, but she wanted more than anything to retaliate. Amanda scowled at the both of them before brushing them off.

“Why don’t you just go run off with your girlfriend, lezbos.”

Trini didn’t know what she did next, she just reacted, all the pent up aggression shooting through her as she turned around, bringing her hand up, backhanding Amanda square across her cheek, the sound radiating through the silent cafe. Trini stared in awe at what she did, as well as Kimberly, who reacted quicker than Trini, yanking Trini’s arm, pushing them through the door, both of them running away from the cafe, but not without hearing Amanda yell something along the lines of “YOU’RE GOING TO HEAR FROM MY LAWYER” or something else a spoilt, white, brat would say.

The girls ran away as fast as they could at a normal pace, not wanting to look suspicious, once they were far enough away, they slowed down their pace. A quiet, astonished laughter erupted from Kimberly, as she commented, slightly out of breath.

“That was not how I expected our date to go.”

Trini chuckled slightly, still quite in awe of what she did, she had never stood up for herself like that before. Trini didn’t say anything, staring at the ground, which Kimberly noticed, asking her warmly.

“Are you okay?”

Trini just chuckled and stated, laughter bubbling in her throat.

“We are so utterly, fucking, screwed.”

Kimberly started laughing, a little surprised, but she couldn’t help the feeling of satisfaction she felt as Trini hit Amanda. She knew it was not the right thing to do, but she was proud that Trini had been able to stand up to the girl, knowing that Trini had never been able to do it before, as well as laugh it off. Silence filled the air around them, as they took in what happened. They knew that the following monday, they would face a lot of shit, but right now they didn’t care, so they just laughed it off, everything else fading away.

‘Either me or Harrison.’

Request:  can u do a kian imagine where you & kian are kinda a thing, but he’ll never really commit to it (like hooks up w other girls or something but still stays with u) & eventually you start to fall in love w Harrison & that’s when Kian realizes he’s in love with you. You can choose who she ends up with ;)

Warnings: Language and lil bit of smut

Word Count: 2,404

Kian Lawley x Reader

Hope you guys enjoy! xx

“Fuck you.” 

You pushed Kian away from you and slung open the door, bumping shoulders with Harrison on the way out.

“My bad.” You mumbled jogging down the stairs.

You walked outside to their pool and sat down in a chair, lighting one of the boys cigarettes, taking a long drag. You don’t normally do this but the stress that Kian brings you always made you take one. You flicked the ashes, rubbing your face with you free hand. 

You and Kian have been off and on ever since you both found out about each other. You obviously had feelings for him, the whole fucking house knew but Kian was busy hooking up with girls left and right making you feel like he couldn’t give two shits about you. You both cuddled, kissed, went on dates, and he still fucked around. 

You took another drag and put out the cigarette.

“Hey y/n.” You smiled at the familiar accent. 

“Hey Harrison.” You tossed the cigarette in the trash can nearby and sat back, letting out a big sigh.

“I assumed you and Kian got into another fight again?” He sat down beside you and pulled your legs into his lap. He always done this when you were frustrated.

“Yes,” you sighed and ran your fingers through your hair, “we did. I’m so fucking tired of trying with him and all he does is go around and cheat again.”

“I mean, you two aren’t dating but I understand where you’re coming from. If you two go on dates and everything I would be upset like you.”

You were fixing to speak until Kian came out.

“What do you want?” Anger was laced with your voice. 

“Get your fucking legs off of Harrison.” Kian walked over and shoved your legs off of Harrison, pulling you up by your arm.

“Mate, what the fuck is wrong with you?” Harrison stood up and shoved Kian back. “You don’t grab a woman like that ever.”

“Fuck off, Harrison. She’s mine anyways. Come on y/n.” Kian grabbed your hand and dragged you behind him. You looked back an saw Harrison shaking his head, running his long fingers through his hair. 

Kian barged into the house and dragged you upstairs.

“Kian you’re hurting me.” You mumbled trying to pry his fingers off of your wrist.

Kian didn’t say anything, making you more nervous. Kian pushed open his door and threw you onto the bed, making sure to lock the door behind you. You sat up and back up to the headboard. 

“You think you can go complain about our problems to Harrison?” Kian attacked your neck, sure to leave marks. You whimpered at the pain and tried pushing him back. He pulled back, his lips already plump. 

“K-Kian he said something first.” 

He let out a laugh and pulled your sweater off of you, leaving you there in your bra and panties. Kian licked his lips, eyeing you up and down. You covered your chest, letting out a sob when Kian undid your bra, shoving your hands off and letting the cool air attack your bare chest.

“Kian quit.” You sobbed trying to push him away.

“No. You’re mine. You gulped, tears were beginning to run down your face.

Kian laid you back, hooking his fingers around the waistband of your panties, jerking them down, the cool air making goosebumps rise all over your naked body. Kian leaned down, spreading your legs, making you whimper.

“Already wet for me?” He smirked.

Kian rubbed down your folds with one finger, making your breath hitch in your throat, earning a smirk from him. He leaned down and slowly licked up your folds, sucking on your clit making you whimper. He slowly pushed one finger in, going slow making you grab his hair.

“Kian just go.” You mumbled.

“As you wish, babygirl.”

Kian shoved his other finger in, making your mouth drop open. You gripped Kian’s hair, feeling him smirk against you. Kian pulled his fingers out and sat up, sucking on his two fingers. 

“You taste so good, babygirl.” He hovered above you and smashed his lips onto yours. 

You palmed him, making you smirk during the kiss. He pulled back and grabbed a condom from out of his wallet. He pulled off his pants and rolled the condom on, ramming into you, giving you no time to adjust.

“Mm Kian.” You moaned wrapping your arm around his neck and the other hand laced through his hair. 

Kian pounded into you, hitting your spot every time. You felt your high coming. Kian’s thrust were getting sloppier.

“I-I’m gonna cum.” You moaned out, gripping onto Kian harder.

“Do it babygirl.” 

Kian hit your spot once more, making you cum all over him. Kian grunted, thrusting one more time then pulling out, falling down beside you. 

You let out a sigh and pulled the covers over your bare body, turning away from Kian. You felt the bed shift, hearing Kian shuffling around from behind you.

“See you later, y/n” You looked over an seen that he was already dressed, tossing the condom in the trashcan.

“Where are you going?” You choked out sitting up.

“None of your business.” He scoffed and walked out, slamming the door behind him.

“Fuck you.” You whispered, grabbed your bra from the ground and standing up, automatically falling back down due to your legs being weak. 

You sobbed into your hand. Fuck him for making you feel like this and fuck him for doing this to you.

You finally had enough strength to stand up and put on panties, grabbing one of Kian’s sweaters from his closet, the fabric going past your butt. 

You went into the bathroom and looked at yourself; tears were stained against your cheeks, your hair was everywhere, and you had newly formed hickies showing up against your neck.

You turned on the faucet, splashing your face with water and quickly brushed your teeth. 


You walked out the bathroom and opened the door, revealing Harrison. 

“Hey…” You opened the door wider so he could come in.

He pulled you into a hug, making you smile.

“He doesn’t deserve you, y/n. He treats you like shit and all I want to do is fucking love you the right away.” 

You pulled back and looked up at Harrison. “You like me?”

He scoffed, “I always have y/n. I was too shy to tell you my feelings but I just assumed you were with Kian too.”

You smiled, standing on your tiptoes, leaving a kiss on Harrison’s cheek. 

“Let’s go watch a movie.” Harrison smiled, grabbing your hand and taking you downstairs. You two were the only ones at the house which was very surprising. 

You both decided on 22 Jump Street which was your favorite movie. You grabbed a blanket from the other couch and sat down, throwing your legs across Harrison’s lap. This was all that you wanted from Kian but he had other things in mind, like always. 

“Quit thinking about him.” You look over an see Harrison rubbing your legs, his eyes focused on the movie. “It’s very obvious, y/n.”

You blushed and turned your focus to the movie. Maybe Harrison was your escape. He was handsome, charming, tall, and he had an overall great personality and he’s treated you like a queen even though you weren’t his girlfriend. He always bought you things you wanted, he always watched your actions and he always made sure that you were happy or fed.

He was everything you wanted in a guy but your mind was too busy on Kian. Kian was probably out with Bobby, Corey, and Jc right now, probably getting grinded on my girls and probably getting drunk. If Harrison knew you were going to be alone he would stay with you.

Harrison was what you needed. He actually loved you and tonight you finally realized it. 

You let out a big sigh and began playing with Harrison’s hair. He leaned down and laid his head down your chest, not taking his eye off of the movie. You continued playing with his hair until the front door swung open, revealing Kian with a blonde headed girl. You glared at him and stood up, feeling Harrison rubbing the back of your hand with his thumb.

“What was earlier all about huh?” You jerked your hand away from Harrison and crossed your arms. 

He smirked and told the girl to go to his room. “Why does it matter? We aren’t dating anyways.”

“Oh, so calling me yours earlier didn’t mean shit? Fuck you Kian Lawley. I hope you get fucking STD’s from fucking so many girls a week. I can’t fucking believe you. All I do is fucking love you and all I get back in return is rough sex and then just get thrown to the side like i’m your little sex toy.”

Kian walked over to you but Harrison stood in front of you, making you feel safe.

“Get the fuck out of my way, Harrison! I already had to deal with your ass earlier.” 

“Treat her like a fucking queen then mate! She obviously fucking loves you and all you do is bring new girls home every other fucking night. If you don’t take her I will.” 

You looked over an seen Kian looking down at you, you cocked your head to the side and noticed that Kian looked sad. 

“Fine, take her. I probably couldn’t love her anyways.”

Kian turned around and walked upstairs, glancing back, looking at you. 

“Do what makes you happy, y/n” He mumbled and jogged upstairs.

You looked up at Harrison, earning a faint smile from him. You let out a big sigh and told him goodnight. You jogged upstairs and sobbed hearing Kian fuck that girl. That was you earlier, but you actually felt loved even though it was rough. Fuck.

You pushed open Jc’s room and laid down in his bed. You threw the covers over your body and turned towards the wall. You quietly cried, hoping no one would hear you. 

“Y/n?” You looked over an seen Jc rubbing his eyes. 

“Do you care if I sleep in here tonight?”

“Of course not.”

You just nodded your head and turned back over. You just listened to Jc shuffling around, getting ready for bed. You felt the bed dip, faintly smiling when Jc wrapped an arm around you. You watched as he played on his phone. You groaned and rolled onto your other side, facing away from the bright light.

“How’re you and Kian?” He mumbled, slowly rubbing your back.

“Shit. He brought another girl home while I’m here crushing my little heart away for him.”

“I’m sorry babe.” Jc kissed your head. 

You loved how comforting Jc was. He made you feel so loved. Hell, all the boys in the house made you feel loved, especially Bobby. 

“Good night y/n.”

“Good night Jc.”

Kian’s POV

I looked over at the sleeping girl in my bed, if I’m honest, I don’t even know her name. I just fucked her to get y/n off of my mind. Seeing Harrison protect her for the past couple of days has really opened my eyes. 

I sighed and grabbed my phone off the nightstand, opening up snapchat. I clicked on Jc’s name an seen y/n in his arms.

‘babygirl had a rough day :(’ 

I bit my lip. I hated knowing it was because of me. I hate knowing that one day she probably won’t be mine anymore but I can’t settle down. I really don’t even want to settle down but she’s a fucking goddess. 

I rolled out of my bed, shaking that girl.

“What?” She groaned rubbing her face.

“Get out.” I mumbled pulling a shirt over my head.

“Fine, dick.” She put on her clothes from last night and walked out my room. 

I watched her leave, all I wanted was y/n in my bed. I walked into Jc’s room an seen him leaning up against the headboard. 

“What’s up man?” I sat down at the end of his bed and watched y/n sleep peacefully.

“You know you’re gonna have to stop fucking around if you want her trust.” I glared at Jc, shaking my head.

“It isn’t none of your fucking business what me an her do. Okay?”

“Well, I hope you know she was mumbling Harrison in her sleep last night. Looks like he’s winning pal.”

“Just send her into my room when she wakes up.”



You rolled over, rubbing your face, seeing Jc playing on his phone.

“good morning y/n.” he smiled down at me.

“Good morning.” You yawned sitting up, running your fingers through your bed head. 

“Um, Kian told me to tell you that when you woke up to go to his room.” You groaned, rolling over Jc’s legs, getting off his bed.

 You walked across the hallway and pushed open Kian’s door. He was busy watching a Jim Carrey movie like always.

“Hey.” You mumbled shutting the door behind you.

He looked over, a small smile appeared on his face.

“Can we talk?” He mumbled sitting up.


You walked over to his bed and sat criss-crossed at the end, pushing some hair behind your ear.

“Y/n, after seeing Harrison love all over you and watching him protect you, I need to know who you love. It hurt me seeing you in his arm, it just proved to me more about how much I love you. You’re literally my world and I know I go an cheat but still. It’s either me or Harrison, y/n.”

“You can’t make me choose right now.” You glared at him.

“Either me or Harrison.” He growled.

You crossed your arms, glaring more. “Harrison. He treats me like a fucking queen. After being protected by him from you, I’ve realized how much I love him. I’m so tired of getting treated like shit when I actually have someone who loves me. So thank you Kian, for introducing me to Harrison Webb.”

You got off the bed and slammed the door behind you, going next door to Harrison’s room. Harrison was busy sleeping still but that was about to change. You jumped onto his side making him grunt.

“What the fuck?” He groaned rolling onto his back.

“Hey Harrison.” You grinned at him and crawled over to the other side of the bed.

“What’s up?” He mumbled. God, his morning voice was raspy as fuck.

“Just came in here to tell you to take me on a date tonight at 6 because I love you.”

His eyes shot open, a grin creeped onto his face.


“Seriously. See you tonight, Harrison.”

You left his room with a big smile on your face. You finally felt happy. no more wondering if Kian was going to bring home a new girl tonight. Thank god for Harrison Webb. 

You Won’t Miss Much, Part 6

My laptop will be being fixed for a few weeks so I probably won’t be able to post much. *Sobbing* Also, many thanks to @huntress-of-velaris for supporting this fic!!

Anyhow, here we are!!

Summary: It’s been months since the war that changed every aspect of life in Erilea. Aelin Galathynius has survived against all odds and now is the rightful queen of Terrasen, but there are demons that still haunt both her and her court. And when she sends her king to deal with the rising tensions in Eyllwe, those demons begin their assault on everyone’s mind. And in the midst of it all, another surprise will either be the making or breaking of Aelin.

Chapter Five    Chapter Seven


Aelin felt giddy… She couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt giddy.

For a moment, she wasn’t a queen. She was a woman, with a husband, who was about to start their family. It was nice. But as soon as she heard the sound of a gentle knock on her chamber door and the words “Your Majesty” the mirage of a simple life faded.  

“Come in,” she called, placing a hand on her belly. A maid scurried in and gave her a deep bow, then placed a silver tray on the table before the fire.

“Thank you,” she said, walking towards the fire. The woman left without another word, and Aelin bristled. It would be strange, she thought, to raise a child as queen. Her parents had had the chance to raise her without much hindrance from nosy courtiers or the responsibilities she faced. They had also had the option of having someone help take care of their child when they were in meetings, or at a dinner. Aelin wouldn’t trust anyone to care for her child besides those in her inner court, and those who had any sort of maternal instincts were rather preoccupied with their own lands.

The mental image of Gavriel attempting to calm a squalling infant made her smile lightly.

She couldn’t insist that Lysandra or Elide stay in Orynth with her to help care for her child. She supposed she’d have to divide up the work with Rowan, not that she thought he’d mind. The idea of parenthood as both terrifying and exciting, and a part of her couldn’t wait. But another part was whirring with destructive thoughts that would help no one…

Aelin smoothed her hand over her belly, smiling down. A child was within her.

That thought was jarring enough that Aelin shifted in her chair. With a deep sigh, she glanced towards the clock on the mantle. She wondered what Rowan was doing. Most likely he was aboard the ship, bored out of his mind. Aelin envied his chance to see Eyllwe, the ship however, was a different matter. She’d spent enough time on ships the past two years…

She tugged on the glimmering bond connected her with Rowan and smiled as she felt a tug in response. She let herself send him a deluge of happiness and joy and peace. The bond was a blessing, but it was… Strange sometimes.

It was much different from the carranam bond. That was like a river in ways; flowing and steadfast and cool. But the mating bond— that was like a firestorm. Burning and chaotic, but also comforting and sound. It made her feel strong.

They’d accepted the mating bond a month after she’d been rescued from Maeve; after they had both finished healing and recovering. That had been nearly two years ago. 

Idly, she twisted the small band of gold that adorned her ring finger, admiring the shimmering opal. Rowan had proposed couple weeks after she’d been resurrected on the battle field, claiming that she deserved more than a shoddy wedding on a ship.

He’d taken her out to the overgrown garden inside the castle walls and rather sheepishly led her to a little blanket he’d laid out beneath a large oak, it had been laden with wine and candles and food.

She hadn’t suspected anything, really, until he’d reached into his pocket and pulled out a velvet box and got down on one knee. Aelin had cried as she said yes, and then she had cried when she tackled Rowan to the ground. 

They’d stayed out in the garden curled around each other, sharing lazy kisses and touches, until the sky had darkened and the stars had emerged. Then they had slipped back inside, tipsy because of the wine and drunk off each other’s kisses…

There was a sudden, soft knock on the door, but Aelin knew it wasn’t Lys. Silent, she walked to the door and pulled it open, and was met with the frowning face of Fenrys.

 Fenrys worried at his lip as he awaited Aelin to answer the door. He knew it would be her; she didn’t like having a maid service in her quarters at all times. After a moment, the door swung open, and Aelin stood before him.

He sketched a bow and ran a hand through his hair. “Your Majesty,” he murmured. There was a soft laugh as he straightened. A smile adorned Aelin’s face, and her hair hung down in loose waves of gold…

Fenrys quickly looked away.

“I told you, Fen, when it’s just us, you don’t have to call me that.”

He gave a soft laugh, then met her eye. She seemed… different. Happier— lighter than she had seemed that morning. “My apologies, Aelin.” His queen laughed again, and he smiled.

Aelin ran a scarred hand through her thick hair, and the scent of lemon verbena caressed his nose. “So, are you coming to ask why I was sick?”

Fenrys started. Sometimes he forgot how intuitive this woman was. Maeve had been brilliant, but Aelin… She could see through bullshit from a mile away.

“Actually, I wanted to know if you were feeling better,” he cocked his head and took her in. She looked fine, a bit tired, but fine. She’d changed out of the clothes she’d worn while training into a pair of fleece leggings and a dark gray tunic.

He met her eyes, “But, now that you say that, why were you sick?”

Aelin tensed, almost imperceptibly, and if Fenrys hadn’t been paying attention, he wouldn’t have caught it.

Aelin shrugged nonchalantly. “I ate a large breakfast, then did some strenuous activity. It was my fault.”

Lies. She was lying. Anger flared inside of him, and he couldn’t stop the words. “I don’t like lies, Aelin. I was just freed from a liar.”

Aelin flinched. She flinched— the Fire-bringer flinched at his words. Instantly, Fenrys wanted to take them back. “I—Aelin, I’m—”

His queen held up a hand, massaging her the bridge of her nose. “No, I understand. I do, and I swear to you I’ll tell you— tell you all very soon.”

Fenrys frowned and opened his mouth to say something but Aelin interrupted him. “Tomorrow. Tell the inner court to meet me in my chambers tomorrow at noon.” A little smile. “I have… News.”

Fenrys returned her smile. “I will, Aelin, and—”

He was interrupted by a large mass of golden fur slamming into Aelin and nearly knocking her to the ground. Fleetfoot.

He couldn’t help his laughter as Fleetfoot whined and yelped as she covered Aelin in slobber. Aelin cooed over her dog for a long moment, scratching the hound’s ears and kissing her head.

Something swelled in Fenrys’ heart. He didn’t know what it was, but he was sure Aelin would kick his ass for it. Then Rowan.

He gave himself a shake and glanced down the hall, where Lady Lysandra strolled, laughing a bit at Aelin and Fleetfoot.

“Fenrys, before you go,” Aelin chuckled as Fleetfoot plopped right down in her doorway. It was then that Fenrys noticed the lack of guards. Damn it. “How are the recruits doing, I know Connall and Vaughan were helping Ren.”

He frowned, “Fine, Aelin, they’re fine, but on the subject of guards—” Aelin sighed. “Where are yours?”

Aelin rolled her eyes. Fenrys looked back to Lysandra, who stood before the large windows that stretched along the righthand wall, admiring the sunset.

He glanced back at Aelin. “Fenrys, I don’t need guards, and earlier today I had matters to discuss with Lysandra and we didn’t need any extra ears.” Dismissed.

Fenrys bristled, and wondered if the “matters” she had needed to discuss had to do with the news she was planning on telling the tomorrow.

“Tomorrow, Fen. I swear to it.”

He gave her a half-smile, then nodded. It seemed to be enough for Aelin, who returned his smile and gazed down towards Lysandra. The lady still stood there, her eyes searching the horizon. The light provided from the setting sun and the flickering candles set Aelin’s hair ablaze. The strands of dark brown that intermingled with the golden hues. And her smile…

Fenrys cleared his throat. Aelin was… enchanting. 

And he knew that the others felt it too. Connall had asked him one night if he felt as drawn to Aelin as he did. Fenrys had only replied yes, but now— now he felt it even more so. The queen had pulled him in the first moment he had met her; the irreverence that came from skill and confidence, and her magic was a whole other story.

That day they had slaughtered the Ilken on the marsh… he had seen it on Gavriel and Lorcan’s face as well. The sheer magnitude of her power had been like a cord tied to them, tugging them in every moment.

He looked back towards his queen. The sun shining upon them set the gold in her eyes on fire. For the first time in a while, his queen looked alive.

He gave Aelin a deep bow, then murmured, “Goodnight, Aelin.”

She turned her smile on him and dipped her head. “Goodnight, Fenrys.”

He used every ounce of restraint in his body to keep himself from looking back towards the female at his back as he walked away. She was his queen and his friend, and she was mated.  And Fenrys knew it was simple infatuation. But no matter what, Aelin Galathynius had ensnared him without even realizing she had done so. It was going to be a long eternity.


He tore his eyes away from the spot on the far wall he’d made himself keep his eyes on. He made himself lose the tension that had been limning his body and gave Lysandra a smile that came naturally. “Lady,” he said as he inclined his head. The woman gave him a dazzling smile and turned back to the window.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Her voice was thick with awe. He found himself nodding and stepping closer to the window. “In Rifthold,” Lysandra began, “The sky was almost always gray. It was very rare that we got such a sight.”

He scanned the horizon, admiring the way the pinks and golds and reds made the mighty mountains stand out against the darkening sky. “We are…” Fenrys allowed himself a moment of weakness to look towards Aelin, who was scratching Fleetfoot’s belly.

“We are very lucky to be here, aren’t we?”

Lysandra smiled again. “We are.”

 Sitting with her legs crossed before the pale green settee in her bedchambers, Aelin sighed as Lysandra finger-combed her hair. As soon as the shifter had stepped into the room, she had demanded that Aelin allow her to try to recreate a hair style she had seen one of the ladies wearing. Aelin hadn’t protested.

Lys worked and Aelin enjoyed the comfortable silence for a while, her mind wandering as she stared into the flames writhing inside the hearth. She wondered for the billionth time what Rowan was doing at this exact moment. He hated boats, and she heavily doubted that he was enjoying the tedious company of Lord Clancy, Nic, and Tyrel. He was lucky to have Gavriel and Aedion with him.

Aelin tugged on the sleeve of her tunic and turned her head to meet Lysandra’s eyes, ignoring the woman’s huff at her moving.

“How have you been Lys? How’s Evangeline?”

Lysandra placed a firm hand on the side of Aelin’s head and nudged at her until she was facing straight forward. “Eva is…” There was a loud sigh. “A teenager.”

When Aelin chuckled, Lysandra kicked at her side. “You laugh now, but wait until that bun in your oven starts to rival your smart ass! I swear, Aelin, if it weren’t for Aedion, I swear we’d kill each other,” Lys sighed heavily, “She’s pissed because I wouldn’t allow her to come to Orynth, but she had her lessons.”

Aelin tried to nod, but Lysandra hissed at her for the motion. “Sit still.”

Aelin smirked, “Yes, your majesty.”

She could almost feel Lysandra rolling her eyes.

Aelin quickly fell into the lull of the fire and the calming way Lysandra was brushing and braiding her hair. She closed her eyes and let her mind wander. It immediately wandered to the life currently growing within her.

Pregnancy was something that Aelin had never given much thought to. It had always been something she would have to do when she was queen. Though she never would have thought she would have been able to do it with the male she loved.

Aelin opened her eyes and stared up at the darkened ceiling.


The shifter slid a pin into Aelin’s hair. “Hmm?”

“What’s it like… Raising a child?”

Lysandra laughed softly and squeezed Aelin’s shoulder.

“It’s scary, Aelin.”

Then Lysandra went back to her braids.

Aelin made a distressed noise and craned her neck to look at Lysandra. The shifter seemed unfazed.

“It’s scary? That’s all?” The shifter just nodded.

“That’s all. It’s not as if there’s a detailed set of steps when it comes to children, Aelin, and any way, I’m not the best person to ask. I’m still figuring it out.” Lysandra ran a free hand through her onyx colored hair. “You and Rowan will just have to find your own way.”

Aelin sighed. She was right, Aelin supposed. But still, Aelin had always needed a plan when beginning something, whether it was attacking an enemy camp or getting Rowan to sneak out with her.

Lysandra slid another pin in the chuckled. “Done!” she proclaimed happily.

Aelin stood, groaning as her knees strained after sitting for so long. She walked toward her vanity and examined her hair. Lysandra had done an intricate braid that was pinned around the crown of her head, the rest of her hair falling in loose waves.

“It looks beautiful, Lys.”

The woman gave her a smug grin. “Well of course.”

Locked in the Dark - Rowaelin Fanfic

This is the first fanfic i’ve ever written. Hope you like it :)

Rowan’s POV

The sun danced across her golden hair, a small smile playing across her lips. She is Aelin Ashryver Galathynius. She is my fire breathing bitch queen. She is my Fireheart. And I will bring her home.

Aelin’s POV

The darkness had engulfed me. I panted through my teeth, as I desperately tried to stay conscious. Blood dripped from my slashed back, the wounds like a gaping cave of cursed rubies. Maeve had won. But I let a sliver of hope reside within me. A sliver of hope that I would escape this god forsaken iron box, and return home to Terrasen. Terrasen. Terrasen. The word echoed in my brain, intending to lift my spirits, but all it did was put a weight on my heart. For the darkness had engulfed me. And there was no turning back.

Rowan’s POV

As I flew, memories of Aelin wriggled into my mind. The time we went to the Assassin’s Guild to have dinner with Arobynn. When I took an arrow for her. The days that she trained at Mistward. My body shuddered and I threatened to break down and let tiny droplets of salty water drip down my face. Nevertheless, I kept going.                 

Many would say, that a King’s duty is to rule the people. Many would say that I should’ve returned to Terrasen. But I chose to do this, not as a king, but as a blood-sworn, as a carranam, as a mate.

Finally, the majestic buildings came into view. The place I used to call home, and the territory of a heartless, cold, evil goddess. I had reached Maeve.

Aelin’s POV

I knew we were in Maeve’s fortress the moment the silence turned into cheering. Those fae assholes didn’t know who was in the box. I could turn them into ashes with a blink of an eye if I chose to. I could burn them into oblivion. I could boil their innards. If I was out of this goddamned iron prison.

Wallowing in self pity and grief, I didn’t sense my mate. I didn’t sense my carranam. I didn’t sense my husband.

Rowan’s POV

I was so close. Aelin was suffering somewhere in Doranelle. And I was here. Captured and locked in another iron box. It was no use struggling. I would be here forever. Never seeing her smiling face. Never hearing her laugh, tinkling like wind chimes. Never stroking her hair at night. I closed my eyes and let out a harsh cry of sorrow. Aelin. My Fireheart. Locked in the dark.

Aelin’s POV

I jerked my head up as I heard a harsh cry of sorrow. Rowan was here! But I dismissed it as a hallucination.

No one was coming for me.

I was a monster.

I was a creation of hell.

I didn’t deserve to live.

Rowan’s POV

I was blinded by a startling white light as the iron lid slid out. Arms lifted me out. And I saw the faces of Lorcan, Fenrys and Gavriel.

“What in the name of Erawan are you doing here?” I growled at them. My former cadre. “Especially you Lorcan!” “And Fenrys, you do know what Maeve will do to you if she finds out you’re helping US don’t you?!” - he responded with a subtle nod.

“SHHHH!” Gavriel replied. “We’ll tell you later.”

“You have no idea, how bad I feel Rowan” Lorcan gritted out. “I need to make this up to you and your flaming queen. Elide hates me. DO YOU KNOW HOW THAT FEELS? DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE IF THE ONE PERSON YOU CARE FOR ABOVE ALL OTHERS, WON’T EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR EXISTENCE!!!” I don’t care if I turn my back on Maeve. I don’t care if she makes Cairn torture me. But I will help you find your wife.”

I blinked stupidly at his remark. I bit back a retort and stuck out my hand. A gesture of peace and welcome. He shook it and our Cadre became one again.

We started searching in the dungeons. Finding nothing, we wound our way up the levels. Every room was empty. WHERE WAS SHE? I shifted into a hawk and flew around the stone fortress, peering through windows and peeking through doors.

Finally, Lorcan found it. A swirling mass of fire and destruction. I looked to him in confusion and gasped. His skin, burnt and mangled. His hair singed off and left in clumps. He looked as if all the moisture in his body had been sucked from him. He read the question in my eyes and answered in a raspy voice “I can’t get throu-  too hard- only yo- can.”

Aelin’s POV

Searing pain shot through my back and racked my body with agony. I was dying.

Rowan’s POV

So close. I was so close. I looked at the vortex, gave it the middle finger and jumped in.

It burned. It burned so much. But I would not give up now. Not after coming this far. I would not let my queen down. So I welcomed the pain, knowing Aelin was enduring something far worse.

I slammed into the stone floor, breaking my ribs in the process, but thanks to my ‘enhanced’ fae healing system, they got better fast.

I had intended to run to Aelin, but was transfixed by what she had created. Walls of fire, flickering with the bad memories she had shunned. I saw her in the Assasin’s Guild, being beaten to a pulp, while a fair haired man screamed for her (I assumed that he was the one and only Sam Cortland). I saw her, wild and feral eyed in the mines of Endovier. I watched her scream and wail at Nehemia’s mangled corpse. I saw her drag her jagged nails down Chaol’s cheek leaving a river of cascading blood. But it was the last memory that made drop to my knees. I saw myself getting shot that day on the bridge through her eyes. I felt the mating bond snap into place from her point of view. But the one thing that made me cry, was that this was her most horrible memory. This was the one she hated the most. And that’s what spurred me on. The thought of my wife suffering in endless pain. And that’s when I saw her.

She had broken the iron lid and was hanging out of the iron prison. Her arms, skinny and weak. Her waist, thinner than a Victorian lady using a corset. The shackles around her wrists and ankles dug into her skin with spikes, and oh gods, her back. Lacerated and slashed open in the most brutal of ways. Flesh hung out at random places. She had been butchered. My queen. My mate. My wife. Butchered.

I tried to use my strength to crack the manacles open. But nothing would work. Not even my magic. Aelin craned her neck to look at me. She smiled sadly and shook her head.

I realised in that moment, that only fire could open her shackles. Only Aelin’s fire.

I closed my eyes, and dug up all my rage and sorrow. I built it up, higher and higher, and poured every ounce of it into the shackles. Months of despair and bitterness, all transformed into a blazing flame. I strained and strained and exerted myself to open those cruel, iron shackles. And they unlocked. Just like that.

Aelin slumped - unable to walk -  into my arms, and I carried bridal style (so as to not touch her back) back across the hallway. She nestled into my arms and for the first time in months, had a restful, deep sleep.

As we passed Aelin’s shunned memories, they became happy ones.

Me getting shot turned into our many telepathic moments.

Nehemia’s death turned into the day of the tournament (to be the King’s Champion), when she gave Aelin her wooden staff.

The memories of Endovier turned into the feeling of joy when she was released from that vile place they call a prison.

And last of all, the memory of Sam. It turned into images of mischief that the two got up to.

And at last we re-entered Maeve’s territory. But we had made it out. Aelin Ashryver Galathynius was back and she was going to rattle the stars.


It was different now. Mal could always feel his eyes on her. Sure, that hadn’t changed, but the way it felt sure had. She felt it all the way up her body, the pressing sensation of his considerations.

When they first starting dating in earnest it had been a whisper. It was as if his fingers would have been playing along her form in their wonderfully chaste, adoring way. His warm smile would brush against her cheeks and hair. It had been so innocent and sweet. Almost naive, in retrospect.

Since the cotillion, as disastrous as it was, his look had shifted. It had become more intense, more real. The feather like wonderment was all but gone.

She almost felt scandalised, at times. He would lean his head back and his eye lids would dip. That was when she would feel them, his hands, as if they were physically on her. His gaze would start at her ankles, an odd fascination she’d been slightly startled by. Then it would begin its slow, agonising journey up her calfs, thighs and pause at her waist.

There her breathing would hitch, involuntarily, as she pictured his hands gripping her firmly. His sure, large hands, so warm and worshipping. His lip would pull up in mischievous delight before falling back into his damning smirk.

After making her nearly hyperventilate, he would be on the move once more. It would ghost over her ribs, the only time he was as cautious as before. Sadly, she had enough sense in her not to taunt him into more unsavoury consideration and didn’t dare taunt him.

So, when she would feel the heavy weight on her shoulders and back, she would nearly gasp. Her face would heat and chest constrict as he moved up her neck. Her scalp would tingle as his eyes focused on the light that played in her hair.

The worst? When he would focus on her lips. The very thing he had declared he’d wanted to taste since they’d met. The desire to claim them was becoming so singular she was sure she could feel it even when they were lands apart.

“Audrey.” She was at her wits end and wanted some answered. “Can I ask you a quick question?”

Audrey glanced up from phone for a moment and opened her mouth, a slight frown playing at its corners. “Sure. I have a minute, I think.” Her phone dinged and she held up her finger before raising her gaze and waving her hand to the purple haired fairy. “You have 30 seconds to peak my interest before I have to get to something more interesting.”

Mal swallowed her groan. “Did you ever kiss Ben?”

Audrey blinked before sniffing dismissively. “That’s a silly question. Of course not.”

The girl rolled her eyes at Mal’s look of confusion. “You shouldn’t be that surprised, Mal. You do know about the power of true love’s kiss. I heard about Ulla.”


Audrey closed her eyes in frustration. “Yes. That’s it. I don’t know why I can’t remember that one.” Mal laughed nervously with the girl and tried not to let her annoyance show. “Anyway, well, some people still believe that’s actually the only real magic still running unchecked by Fairy God Mother. You know, true love’s first kiss?”

“Ben believes in that?”

Audrey let an indulgent smile grace her lips. “Yeah. I tried to talk sense into him, but he’s old fashioned, I suppose. He’s an old soul. He solidly thinks that real, true love is magical. No kissing unless the love is real.”

Mal thanked her distractedly and began to leave before a thought struck her. “Not you, though? You kissed Chad like it was nothing. That wasn’t real?”

Audrey gave her another indulgent lift of her lips. “Are we still together?”

“But he’s still following you around like a lost puppy.”

Audrey’s smile dipped for a fraction of second before brightening. “He’ll get over it. It’s just because it was his first longish relationship.”

Mal watched the girl return to her phone, marking the end of the exchange and leaving her more confused than before. She was left to ponder the situation as she made her way to her dorm. She was so distracted, she walked right into a dress rack Evie had unceremoniously pushed into her path.

“What on Aurodon?”

She struggled out of the garments and looked frantically for her room mate. She met the bored gaze of Evie Queen, who stood unabashed on the end of the rack. Her fingers tapped against the rail she’d been gripping moments prior.

“You are completely in your own head. What’s going on?” Mal tried to play it off unconvincingly before lowering her head. “Okay, see now "this” is a problem. Last time this happened you ran away.“

Mal played with Ben’s ring on her finger in thought. "I’m not sure. I just-.” She shuddered as the disembodied ghost of Ben’s lips pressed against her. “Ever since the cotillion, things have been different.”

Evie’s look was embarrassingly unimpressed. “Honestly, Mal, sometimes you can be so blind.” She huffed and sat at her work station. “Of course things are different. Engaged, to be engaged to be engaged? Yeah, that’s out the window.”

Mal blushed and felt her ire rising. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“True love’s kiss, sweetie. The rawest form of magic is true love, in all its forms.” She shrugged and pointed to Mal with a steady, accusing finger. “You are feeling true love for the first time in all its forms now. There’s our love for each other, you, Jay, Carlos and I. The true love of family and friendship we have. And then, there’s Ben and you.”

“Well, sure. There’s that, I guess.”

Evie sighed and began absently comparing fabric swatches. “The love you feel for yourself. Your true self that you’re getting to know better every day.”

Mal nodded in understanding. “Sure. That all makes sense. That’s beside the point! Ben is-.”

She visibly struggled to form the words. Evie looked lost for the first time that afternoon before it finally clicked. It was her turn to blush as she signalled her friend to cease her attempts to explain.

“I get it. Please, don’t tell me.” Mal looked relieved, then pleading as she collapsed on her bed. “Well, I can tell you one thing, it’s why Doug and I are waiting.”

“Why should a kiss have that much power? Audrey was unaffected when she kissed Chad. Why me? I’m not even technically from Aurodon.”

“It’s true love, Mal. Do you think something like this happens everyday?”

The next day, Mal was still contemplating Evie’s words. She tried to tuck them away as she marched up the castle stairs to meet Ben. The royal castle had become the only safe place for them to meet since the cotillion.

The heir of the Beast and the heir of the Dragon. There was no stopping the paparazzi after that had come to light. If they knew how truly beastly his nature could be, her literally transformation into a dragon wouldn’t be so news worthy.

Thus, she was blushing furiously as she hastily greeted the staff she passed. She could make the journey to his study blindfolded, so it was rather easy to do so with her head down and face shielded by her her purple locks. Her fingers instinctively gripped the ornate golden handle firmly.

“You’re early.” The door was swung open and she stumbled against him. “Not that I’m not happy.”

She looked up and smiled warmly as his friendly, loving golden eyes met her pale green ones. Adoration. She sighed in relief and buried her head into his chest. His arms gripped her tightly to him as he ushered her in and closed the door.

They passed the afternoon like usual. He worked some until lunch and then they played cards and she accused him of cheating repeatedly. After an early dinner they selected books for each other and settled onto a seat in front of the fire place.

“I’ve missed you.”

Mal looked up from her book, the relaxing afternoon having lulled her into a satisfyingly warm normality. “You saw me yesterday.” She leaned her head against his shoulder, snuggling closer on the love seat they occupied in blissful innocence. “We had lunch together.”

That was when the air shifted. “I saw you more than that.” She lowered her head and watched as his fingers steadily tightened on hers. “You know that.”

His hand felt larger, somehow. “Do I?”

He snorted and she didn’t dare raise her eyes from their joined hands. His nose had begun to skim her hair, the warmth of his lips scalding through the purple barrier to burn her skin beneath. She saw the book placed on his lap as the hand took up a new task of burying itself in her hair.

He never forced her. He would never force her. He could. She shuddered at the thought. The control he had so unnerving and it stirred up a craving so raw it terrified her.

“Ben.” He hummed for her to continue as she raised her head a fraction so his lips and nose could could skim her face. “What is this?”

He paused before releasing a breathy chuckle. “How can you not know?” Something that sounded tantalisingly like a growl escaped his lips. “Mal?”

She closed her eyes and bumped his nose with her as their lips met. His chest rumbled in pleasure as he bore down on her. She gasped and he revelled in the newly gained access.


He chuckled and moved his lips down her neck. “Mal?”

She regained some of her faculties at his sarcastic reply. “Seriously. Please?”

He pulled back and met her gaze. His eyes were so dark. She wondered what hers looked like.

“I love your eyes.” She blinked slowly, the world seemed distorted and hazy. “Your true green eyes. I can see your soul when they’re like this.”

She suppressed a whimper. “Why did we change?”

His eyes softened at her inquiry. “We were bound to. This? This was meant to be.”

She let out a weak chuckle, pulling up some sarcasm from her frazzled mind. “Okay, sure. Should I call you Ben Charming now?”

He huffed and pulled away a little. “You just can’t let me be romantic, can you?”

She rolled her eyes and shoved his shoulder playfully. He leaned back into his previous position, allowing her to snuggle into his side once more. He didn’t pick his book up, though. It remained on the floor next to hers, forgotten as one hand resumed its hold on hers and the the other ghosted up and down her arm.

“I was being serious, though, Mal.” She jerked in his arms but her held her fast. “I love you. I’ve always had my future laid out before me, but none of it made sense until you. I’d always felt trapped in this life until you became a part of it.”

“But why is it suddenly like this?”

He lowered his head to look her in the eyes. “It sounds so cheesy, I know. So fairy tale cliche that even I don’t like voicing it.”

“True love’s first kiss?”

He smiled in relief, an unashamed glow of love lighting his eyes. “It’s the most powerful magic of all. There will only be you, Mal. For me, marriage is a formality at this point. I’m yours and yours alone.”

She would never tell anyone how deep her blush was when she was escorted home that night. He was undeterred, a totally unkingly grin splitting his face nearly in two. He pulled her into every hidden alcove, shrubbery and nook and cranny the couple came across on the way back to the dorms.

“You’re rather late, tonight?” Evie blinked sleepily as her friend quietly entered their dark dorm. “Are you okay?”

“Uh huh.” She mechanically slipped into her bed and turned away toward the wall. “Tired.”

“Aren’t you going to change?”

She didn’t reply, afraid her teeth would chatter at the rate her pulse was bounding. She gave an exaggerated shrug and burrowed further into her comforter. Evie sighed, barely hanging on to her own marginally awake state.

“Okay. I wanna hear all about it tomorrow.”

Mal vowed to never tell.


I’ve been obsessed with bees and did a solid year of research on bees. I looked at mythos, folklore, biology, politics, misogyny, anti-beekeeping, poetry, literature, global trade, and anything that was remotely related to bees.

And now, I’m actually interacting with the real bees. Sometimes when I think of the ravages of capitalism, the raw mythological evil of Monsanto, and the hungry ghosts across the globe I feel so small. I don’t know how to stop these machines. I can, however, work on continuously divesting from these machines in baby steps. Hopefully I’ll have my first bee nucleus by the end of May. I won’t be using a Langstroff Hive like the adorable garden hive featured my my afternoon visiting and learning. I’m probably going to use a Warré box which is bee-centered rather than beekeeper-centered.

Industrialized honey is a disaster for many reasons and the laboratory artificial insemination process of the queen bee almost gave me nightmares. Pesticides are killing bees & butterflies, our pollinators, and they’re poisoning our farm workers and their children. The water wells in agricultural lands are being declared officially unsafe for consumption where crops are grown. We’ve turned the idea of organic agriculture from a human, earth, and animal rights mandate for industry into a signifier for wealth. The fight for organic agriculture standards IS a battle for human rights. I think shaming an individual for not being able to afford organic food is wrong, demanding that organic standards be used in industrial farming for farm worker safety is imperative.

Excited to have honey and beeswax to share with my community time bank in a year’s time if I manage to keep my hive going.

Cool facts: swarming bees may look the scariest but are least likely to sting. Every sting is a fatality for a bee and a swarm cannot afford to decrease the population nor do they have a hive or babies to protect. Learning to catch a swarm is a great way to start a new hive.

Before a swarm, a queen starts a swarm cell inside the hive for the DNA of each drone she successfully mated with and those queens will duke it out for the role of the next matriarch. It’s common to see 10+ cells from her royal gangbang when she took the throne. Swarm time is determined when a queen has filled a hive to capacity with many daughters and a full honey supply. She’ll leave half of her hive behind to continue under a new matriarch and leaves with her flight to forge a new successful hive. It’s a brilliant way to keep disseminating strong genetics for each habitat.

Also: reading essays from dudebros throughout history INSISTING that there must be a king bee running the hive and not a pathetic female makes for the best hilarious feminist theory ever.

The Riders of Pern AU y’all didn’t know you wanted?

Alright my dudes, it’s HC week for 007 fest so here are some of my personal favorite headcanons for Dragon Riding 00Q

-James is one of the Riders from Before that came forward and went to populate the South Weyres. 

-His Bronze is a lazy little shit in it’s down time and James literally has to bribe him to just about anything. 

-Q was an apprentice healer who also tinkered with everything from instruments, to gear, to tools for fighting thread. The Harpers kept trying to steal him too because he plays one hell of a pipe. 

-Q was at a Hatching when a Queen hatched and she near about killed three of the Candidates to try to claim her when Q came running down because, “For the love of the little green dragons, move! She’s startled.” And he Impressed her and no one knew what to do. The other weyr women were in a frenzy over the scandal. 

- They don’t know what to do. They couldn’t kill the queenlet or her rider. So Q gets to keep her and she him. They grow together and soon his queen is old enough to mate

- But she wont.

-  Every bronze that comes for her she beats off and their riders have just as much trouble navigating some kind of courtship or even alliance with Q.

-  They start bringing in Bronzes from other wyres. None of them can catch Q’s Gold. But then this James from one of the Southern Wyres is there with his skin almost the same shade as his dragon. He’s older and scarred by Thread and his dragon is stropey and sassy and just as flirtatious and dangerous as his rider. Q and his Gold both agree that these idiots will not fly them. They swear.

-  But then the flight starts again and the bronze tries something different. He out flies the Queen easily, brushes her wings with his then takes off in another direction. It’s a game. She quite likes games and is a little bit charmed enough to let her guard down. In the Wyre Q and Bond are exchanging barbs at breakneck speed, each leaning towards the other over Q’s work table in his private quarters.

-  As a weyr leader, q is always going to be on the front lines, always there helping when a rider is struck by thread. He patrols outer settlements, helps everyone he can. He is in constant contact with the other riders, making sure they’re scouring for Thread that got past them, making sure they’re not injured. He loves his Weyre mate, he does, but James is a reckless idiot and he’s going to be the death of Q yet.

- When he comes back to the Weyr with thread burns and quick field patches Q glares at him and throws him into the baths then sends him to Felix because “I don’t want to have to be the one listening to you moan about how much it itches.”

- James always worms his way out of trouble though.

- Well he gets his Bronze to do it for him. 

- Q and the Bronze get along swimmingly and James doesn’t know what to do with it.

-I thought you were on my side.

-I serve at the pleasure of the Queen Dragon. 

- Lout.

- Q wants you to make sure the herdbeasts are all in for the next Fall.

- They run their Weyr pretty fairly and even start building a Hall for Q to teach other tinkerers and healers. James takes Moneypenny on as his second wing. She brings with her new tactic formations that are meant to cover for those riders who need to slip Between to snuff out Thread hits. 

- Anyways, they ride dragons and kick some ass. It’s great

After the queen tears her mates to pieces, she spits a strange green liquid onto their corpses. This green liquid is called gutterslime, and that gutterslime will use the meat from the dead gutterhobs to sustain itself until the slime grows into full gutterhobs. Each pile of slime on each corpse will usually grow into three or four gutterhobs, depending how healthy the corpse was in life.

After the queen mates, all the other gutterhobs run away by climbing out over the walls of the breeding grounds. The queen is not a good climber, so she will not follow them. If they didn’t run away, she would tear them all apart too. 

You notice something strange though. One of the gutterhobs hasn’t ran away yet. And worse, you notice that it is your own gutterhob. You try to call Jahryk over, but he cannot hear you over the queen’s laughter. Oh yeah, she laughs as she tears apart and spits on corpses by the way. You always found it kind of cool, but that is not how you feel right now.

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why do you like cassandra though? she's such a 2d "warrior woman" character she's just so boring i don't get why everyone kisses her ass. there's nothing to her

you come into my house, insult my wife

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Could you please tell me about all of your favorite historical ladies who did all the things that people always say women didn't do "back then"?

Oh yes, yes I can. Sit down and buckle up because you’re in for one hell of a ride.

If there’s one thing that makes me mad as hell, it’s people misunderstanding the role of women in history. It’s an easy assumption to make that in the past “women didn’t have the power to control kingdoms” due to the confines of gender roles. But it doesn’t change the fact that that is an erroneous assumption which is harmful to our contemporary understanding of women in history.

Why am I referencing an interview about a fictional television show set in a fantasy world, you may ask? I’m not here to complain about the various problems I have with Game of Thrones as an adaptation or the fact that it’s still being touted as “feminist” television. But this interview is a prime example of how these assumptions influence us as a society and our interpretations of the past as well as the damage these confined expectations of women can have.

Obviously this isn’t going to cover every woman everywhere at every point in history, that would be impossible. Also specifically this will be about MY faves so if anyone else’s fave isn’t here, it’s just purely due to personal preference, not that they didn’t contribute to history. (Also I only chose a few of my faves because I just got out of hospital and I’m having complications, sorry) For the sake of brevity, let me state that I am specifically dealing with some women from history who achieved a great deal in their respective times by crossing the traditional boundaries imposed upon them by men. This is not to say women who achieved a great deal within traditional gender confines are not important or contribute nothing to modern understanding of women’s history. The focus of this is specifically women who may have done that which was/is seen as specifically male in its domain.

Now that is all said and done, let’s get to the best part aka the ladies.

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The Court that Changed the World: "Sleepless"

Summary: A collection of shorts, not always in chronological order, set years after the end of the war, showing the everyday life of Aelin Galathynius and her court in Terrasen and beyond. (Spoilers for all books, including Queen of Shadows.)

Fandom: Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas
Rating: Teen
Archive: More to come.
Also on: AO3

Beware, this series will be rife with domestic fluff and the occasional perilous adventure. Also, Rowaelin.

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