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Hey guys! I just got my copy of the Danny Phantom: Complete Series DVD in the mail today, which means I’ll be able to get some better quality screenshots to use for this blog~

To celebrate, here’s some lovely shots of my girl Sam in her signature prom look~ 💜

10 Reasons to Love Princess Tiana

1. She was the cutest kid.

Just look at her!

2. She has the best outfits.

She just has. And she looks gorgeous in every single one of them.

3. She also has the prettiest smile.

And she has dimples! Look at these cute little dimples!

4. Her relationship with Naveen is adorable.


5. Even as a frog, she was still determined, sassy and awesome.

Try having attitude when you’re an amphibian!

6. She doesn’t take anyone’s sh**. 

Don’t mess with her.

7. She’s ambitious, and she’s not afraid to show it!

And Almost There is an awesome song. That girl can sing!

8. She never gives up on her dreams…

9. …And she actually works to achieve them.

She’s determined, resourceful and resilient. 

10. But despite everything, she never forgets the importance of family.


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(1/3) Okay Disney Princess Harry AU where Louis' lil daughter is dying to see him, but when she got of the flying Dumbo ride (on which she saw Harry's area while in the air) she started running towards it and trips and busts up her knee, so Louis has to take her somewhere to get cleaned up, and by the time they are done Harry's signing session is over and he’s being ushered away to get ready for the day’s parade. Of course Louis’ daughter is crying because her knee hurts and Princess Harry

(2/3) is leaving, and Louis is stressed because being a single parent with a little girl in the middle of Disney for the first time is exhausting and she’s sobbing and he doesn’t know what to do, but then this absolute angel of a human being Princess Harry, who is being urged by a Disney worker the he needs to go now, waltzes over and scoops up Louis’ little girl and sweet talks her by telling her that the tiara she is wearing is the prettiest he has ever seen

(3/3) and that she is too beautiful to cry. Louis’ daughter tells Harry that she was crying because she fell and got a booboo while trying to come meet her favorite princess. Princess Harry coos at her and asks her if she would like to be his special guest and walk and in hand with him in the parade, and she squeals out a yes, but Princess Harry says “lets ask Daddy first” and Louis might be a little bit in love because Harry is beautiful and good with kids and sounds really good saying “Daddy”.


HONEY. this is a masterpiece oh my goodness bless you for sending this

This is the sweetest thing ever




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I thought I was straight, then I thought I was bi, then straight, then I saw this girl at school. I don't know her name, I saw her exactly 3 times, but she's the prettiest girl I've ever seen and the sun shines in her hair and her smile. Fuck I'm bi

That’s wonderful!!! And dude little psa sexuality is super fluid and some times you may feel only attracted to guys and others only girls. All in all your identity is real nd valid and I’m so happy for you and I wwish you luck on your journey!!

Lydia Martin- “The Banshee”

Here’s to the prettiest and smartest girl. <3 She really is “something.” XD

I love Holland. Just seeing her photos for references is amazing and ugh she’s so so soooo pretty.
Her hair is always so perfect, her makeup flawless, and the way she dresses is <3

Yeah, I had so much fun looking for refs. XD It’s always nice to see little details. One thing I particularly worked hard on the most are her lips. It just has that look. I kept editing and editing because it doesn’t seem right. OTL But I do hope it’s fine now! <3
Also… How do you even Lydia Martin hair asdafghjkl;k

ANYWAY! This is available for prints! But only friends from my country can get them because I have no idea how to sell them to other countries.

You can send me a message if you want a print! It’s on a 5 x 7 matte photo paper and it would be nice if we met up irl. (●´□`)♡

Check out the others here! o(≧∇≦o)

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Hello. What is your favorite manga scenes of Kagome? (please, post the images)

this is so hard to answer because i want to include every single kagome moment lmao. but i’ll talk about 5 moments here and then make another post another day talking about the other moments (there are just way too many!!). because kagome. :)

1. kagome vs naraku

this scene is just so great because kagome has always attempted to fight when she can, but the only other time she’s been this furious was when kikyo tried to drag inuyasha down to hell with her. i love this because she surprised everyone and even though she was the one who almost destroyed naraku, she’s just like “yeah, well, he made me angry so.”

2. “sometimes you look at me with desire in your eyes.”

KAGOME TEASING INUYASHA IS THE BEST THING like this is just after kaede tells shippo that they should leave inuyasha alone for a while so obviously kagome is gonna do the exact opposite. plus LOOK at that smile! she has the prettiest smile :’)

3. the jinenji chapters

i’m pretty sure i’ve said this a thousand times but i’m gonna say it again: the jinenji arc is my favorite arc because it’s kagome-centric. she’s just so nice and sweet and she doesn’t need to think about helping others, friends and strangers alike. she just does it. jineji wasn’t used to that being a half-demon and all, and then kagome came and changed all that. both her and jinenji are both angels and ahh, i loved seeing them interact.


in the 10+ years i’ve been a part of the inuyasha fandom, i always see someone ask “why didn’t kagome just drop out of school?” like we see her struggle to keep up and she barely attends school as it is but honestly it’s almost inspiring that dropping out was something that she never considered? and that really shows here. obviously she’s frustrated - how can she NOT be with the whole jewel and inuyasha nagging at her - and she FIGHTS (aka sits) inuyasha to let her go to school and she basically just goes back to fail her tests but she still carries on and wants to balance her two lives and wants to go to school, and this finally leads to….

5. kagome graduating from middle school!!!

okay yes she only got into high school because of a vacancy but all her hard work paid off and i was so happy for my baby! 

and also:

a sweet moment between mom and daughter ;u;