she's the perfection

Julie’s really following Even’s day with willhell….

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In the TMZ pics, she's wearing that bracelet. Guess we know who gave it her.


As much as we LOVE Captain Morgan, we do feel it is appropriate to point out that Captain Anderson is an Independent woman, in fact she is a 51% owner of this boat because she doesn’t like  to let a man be in charge!

Captain Morgan is in charge of sunscreen, gelato and picking out his own turtle pants, but the stuff Captain Anderson wants? She buys it.

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Unlike most people in the Hillary fandom I don't want her to have long hair. With short hair she looks hotter and more powerful. Hope she will get a shorter haircut soon🤞

well her hair is pretty short at the moment and she seems to be keeping it that way so I think you’re in luck! 

I understand why everyone loves her really long hair and I do too, but what I really wish is that she’d grow her hair to the length it was in 2010 again because that was definitely my all time favorite - when it was just starting to get a little longer on her shoulders but not properly long and curly yet and it was all layered still. I think she suited that so much, I might try and dig up some pictures later because it was such A Look™ 




what happens when a fairy princess falls for an actual greek goddess:a lesbian love story coming to theatres near u