she's the most adorable thing on the planet

Besides their mutual obsession with waffles and hometown being in Indiana, I’m convinced that Eleven would start to use completely nonsense but totally adorable compliments for her friends like Leslie Knope does with Ann, y’know? Because she’s still learning how the English language works, sometimes she comes up with non-sequitur things like “Dustin, you beautiful tropical fish” “Mike, you’re a beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk-ox” “Lucas, you beautiful, rule-breaking moth” and the boys just go along with it because…heck, it’s El

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Do you follow any artists on Youtube? :)

I do! There are some really amazing artists on youtube :D I think some of my favorites are:

1.  BananaJamana: Jamie is literally the most precious human being on the face of the planet!!! She’s an amazing painter (like actual oil paintings, not digital) and crafter of many cute/adorable things :D Seriously I watch her videos when I need a dose of sunshine in my day. 

2. Fran Menses: Fran is legitimately the reason I keep on trying to paint with watercolors. Like her drawings are so whimsical and pretty. Also, she give A+ advice to artists :D 

3. DrawingWiffWaffles: I am honestly jealous of this girl’s ability to make entertaining drawing videos. She’s very quippy/funny and always manages to keep my attention with her videos! (which is a feat for someone like me who gets distracted by the littlest things)

Those are really my top 3 favorites at the moment. But y’all should definitely let me know if there are any other awesome youtuber-artists I missed! I really should subscribe to more artists  :D 

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Okay so umm I'm kinda confused. You call Jolly your wifey/love and you guys even talk outside the Tumblr sphere but recently you said you're not looking for a committed relationship?!?! Are you guys NOT in a relationship? Or are you? Or you're just friends with benefits?

Hi anon. I’d say the whole situation is quite complicated. I consider @hollyashton as my soulmate, one of my dearest friends and I adore her from the bottom of my heart. She is one of the most amazing human beings I’ve ever met and I am glad to have her in my life. The thing is that fate can be quite a bitch sometimes: someone thought it would be a good idea to put us on different parts of the planet. There are basically 10000km separating the two of us. 🤷🏻‍♂️
It took some time to get used to that but we are cool with the situation now.

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How would Sai react to their s/o telling him they're preggers and his first time holding his baby?

yasss more sai love <3

Originally posted by narutoshippuudenart

  • Sai does not know how to react when his s/o tells him she’s pregnant. He’s read countless books on how to interact with people in varying situations, but that was not one of them.
  • He stares and stammers and cannot form a sentence to save his life, and it’s honestly the most adorable thing on the planet.
  • He immediately goes to the library and finds all the books he can on pregnancy and parenting and he sits there reading them until he has to be kicked out. When he goes back home to his s/o, he feels a lot more prepared and will grab her, kiss her, and tell her he’s overjoyed (because, despite his earlier lack of reaction due to not knowing what the hell was going on or what he should do, he is. He’s elated. Over the damn moon.)
  • He’s even less prepared for meeting his child, but that goes away the instant the baby is placed in his arms. 
  • Despite his worry to the contrary, he doesn’t drop the baby - it’s instinct to cradle this small new life to his chest, to stare, entirely bewildered, down into the baby’s eyes and whisper “hello, I’m your father.”
  • He’s crying, and he doesn’t entirely understand it but he’s just so damn happy and he can’t stop.

Ok. So after re-watching the Anti Palooza of halloween episode, my mind went and asked, “If the boys have a Dark Version™, does that mean the girls have a Light Version to go hand in hand?” But then I said that’s stupid because Wiishu is literary the sweetest most adorable thing in the planet. (I can even forgive the puns) But then after some cake and milk I said fuck it and started sketching and thus THIS was born! 

For Anti, he is fast and nimble. One blink there, the next he is laughing right next to you. So for Wiishu, she is as fast as the light of the sun! Fast enough to catch up to Anti and give him a smooch to heal his cut and turn him back into Jack! 

Much to the ire and annoyance of Anti. 

I just picture Anti as Wild E. Coyote and Wiishu as the RoadRunner but Anti is trying to get away from Wiishu. 

All that’s left is give her a name. Could it be Pro? Maybe Priishu like “oh she’s so precious!”? Meh, I’ll figure it out eventually! 

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27 Alex/Astra

“I’m pregnant.” 

Alex drops her spoon and stares at Astra. Alex waits for a punchline. Alex tries not to remember that Astra isn’t exactly known for her standup comedy.

“Is that not the word?” Astra frowns in confusion. “The doctor at the DEO used it more than once.”

“It’s… a word,” Alex admits. “So is there some kind of boyfriend on the side here, or did you just get curious about Earth men one night? Because I’ve done a lot of fairly amazing things in bed with you, Astra, but I’m pretty damn sure I didn’t knock you up.”

“Knocked up!” Astra crows. “She used that term, too.”

“You’re kind of missing the point,” Alex fires back, gripping the table like it’s the last thing stopping her spinning off into orbit. “How are you pregnant?”

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Just saw a post quoting Harry's "wake up each day & choose love" then his airport tshirt & ugh! He LOVES his fans so much he toys with them by showing LOVE for his LBGT fans with Xander & Grimmy, then contradicts that by showing LOVE for his hetero fans with Kendall & Townes. He pretty much LOVES & adores everyone on the planet with one big exception, Louis Tomlinson, who he chooses to hate not love. He couldn't have even platonic love or respect for Louis & do the things he does so willingly.

Pt 2 He had time of his life in Jamaica while L’s mom ill, happily shopped day she passed, made sure promo does the most to sabotage L while using HL for promo, etc. H seems to show love to everyone even strangers, but not L because he has to show the world he is so over & above that friendship/relationship. So pardon me if wearing that tshirt makes me roll my eyes instead of finding it endearing H. You may still be that great guy I thought, but promo says different & you lost me at “Good Girl”.

Anon, “but promo says different” is exactly how I feel. I’ll never know what kind of person he is in private, but I sure as fuck don’t like who he in public-public and fandom-public.


harry once tweeted “preaching to the convinced” or something. well, this is exactly what his team is doing. those who have turned away and saw this mess for what it is will always be skeptical & unconvinced. and his harries already thinks he’s the feminist of all time don’t need convincing obviously. in short, a t-shirt changes nothing.


Women are smarter. Well, yeah. DUH 🙄so why choose an all men team to write songs for this album? and may i also shove back the lyrics to Woman to their faces? i need a full revision.

With the wave of her hand

Title: With the wave of her hand.
Fandom: DCU - Suicide Squad
Pairing: Rick Flag/June Moone.
Rating: T
Warnings: Spoilers from the movie, of course.
N/A: I literally got home to write this after seeing the movie, it was like 4 am when I finished and was too tired to edit and publish, until now. I fell in love with this couple, so I will be writing more about them soon. I hope you guys like this little one!

Title from The Beatles song, ‘Here, there and everywhere’: “Here, making each day of the year. Changing my life with the wave of her hand. Nobody can deny that there’s something there…”, because I think that’s how Rick feels about June.

(On AO3)

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I have never made gifs but I couldn’t help this time :P … This was such a sweet moment ! The way she goes rushing for him. It’s adorable and sweet and special and now I’m gonna cry because my ship is the best and it’s making me emotional !

((I doodled today and then I had an idea)) She hops off her dragon gracefully, her long golden plaits streaming behind her. Her feet hit the ground and her skirt bounces with the impact. Her racing paint is a little smeared from the stress-induced sweat caused by the weight of competition, but it’s otherwise flawless. Hiccup smiles at her as she approaches him. She returns the gesture and together they lean on the fence to watch the adult dragon race, the large, older Vikings mounting their rides. Among them are Stoick and Astrid’s father and Spitelout. The first horn blows and suddenly there’s a windstorm from the wings of racing dragons. Astrid stands on her toes the get a better view and puts a hand on Hiccup’s shoulder to balance herself. Hiccup glances at her pale, small, freckled hand, and even though it’s a common gesture, he reddens slightly. Her fingers are splattered with blue and orange paint. They’re slender and deceivingly strong, able to form a fist hard enough to knock your nose into your forehead. Hiccup follows the contours of her arm with his intelligent green eyes. Her arms are like her fingers: thin but strong. They’re pretty arms, covered in freckles and scars and, on occasion, spattered with blood from the fights she tends to get into. Hiccup’s eyes move to her shoulder and then to her face. It’s round and angelically imperfect, with intense blue Bambi eyes and freckles and a small round nose and thin red lips and a crooked smile and currently tattooed with racing paint, a blue and orange design scrawled across her forehead and cheeks like alluring graffiti. Her eyes are locked onto the competition above, the reflections of dragons flitting in and out of her glassy irises. Hiccup gives a small smile and looks back to the race. Suddenly it’s the final lap. Stoick is in the lead. And now Astrid’s cheering, booing her own father and cheering for Hiccup’s. She hardly refers to Stoick as “Sir” anymore. She calls him “Stoick” and, on the odd embarrassing occasion, “Dad”. She spends so much time with Hiccup that he may as well be part of her family, and she part of his. And he likes it that way. Astrid cheering for his own father is something that’s happened before. But to Hiccup it feels good every time to hear it. To hear proof that Astrid favors his father over her own in at least one aspect. There’s an uproar. Stoick wins! Astrid’s nearly pulling Hiccup over, she’s leaning on him so hard. Her fist pummels the empty air around it in glee and her high, melodious voice creates a symphony of happy praises that would shame a Valkyrie. Hiccup laughs with her and smiles at her ecstasy. His cheeks are warm in his adoration of the girl. She stops cheering with a grin on her face and catches the way Hiccup’s looking at her out of the corner of her eye. Her cheeks flush slightly and she averts eye contact, savoring the fact that she actually has someone looking at her that way. Looking at her like she’s the most precious thing on the planet. Looking at her like all he wants to do is hold her in his arms all day. Looking at her like she’s his entire world. Hiccup looks back to the celebration and puts an arm around Astrid’s waist, pulling her to his side. He laughs a little. “You’re so cute when you’re excited,” he observes. Astrid smiles and leans into him, slipping her hand into his. “Thank you,” she responds. She wants to kiss him. But he doesn’t seem into that at the moment. He only wants to hold her right now, not have her lips pressed to his. And they’re both okay with that. Because they know what they each want and they respect the other’s wishes. Because they love each other.

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Your art is the most adorable thing on the planet and I'm completely in love with tiny Mercy. Where did she go? Is she with Winston? Did Tracer find her and showing her off to 76 and Reinheart? Poor Genji

[[Her adventure continues!]]

[[Technically she’s not a missing child…? She’s in good hands anyway.]]

[[Thank you!!]]

Storytime With Whitney:

Okay so I was at the airport flying back to LA from the Pheonix victory tour game against China. I was an hour early for my flight and was wearing my Hope Solo jersey w/ a Nike jacket over it (you couldn’t see the name on the back) and I notice a little girl had been eyeing me for about 10 minutes. Since it was a little girl (about 6 or 7) I thought nothing of it and continued to check my phone/listen to music. As we board the plane it turns out that I was in the same boarding group as her and her mother. I’m standing in line to board (Im basically in the back) and she was standing behind me. Her mother kinda nudges her and whispers “Go on. Ask her.” So she lightly taps me on the shoulder and shyly asks, “Do you play on the US Womens National Team?” At the time I was really confused just kinda chuckled and answered “No but I went to the game last night.” She was absolutely adorable but noticeably embarassed but looked me in the eye and went, “Can I still have an autograph?” and I was immediately filled with confusion and my face scrunched up but I went “Why??” She was the most precious thing on the face of the planet and said “You like the USWNT and so do I but my brother doesnt and says that girls can’t play soccer. I want to show him this and tell him that girls CAN play soccer and that other girls like watching it too.” I kid you not I almost shed a tear right then and there. I look up at her mother and asked her if it was okay and she said ‘of course.’ So i knelt down and look a piece of paper and a pen from my backpack and signed it. Next to it I wrote ‘Girls can play soccer too!’ This altercation was the sweetest thing I’ve ever witnessed or been apart of and it has truly restored my trust in the next generation. It had me smiling for the entire flight. This really shows how the USWNT and really all female athletes have impacted the younger generation and shown them that girls CAN be atheletes or do a “man’s work.” So ladies keep this in mind when your daughter wants to be like that soccer player or basketball player they saw on tv. Let them know they can be anything they want.

lilearthfaerie: I’ve just recieved a very special picture from someone very dear to my heart. @wilberzippah and I were talking in Kenya about our adoration for Demi Lovato and all of the amazing things she has accomplished to create her positive imprint on our lovely planet. Finding out she was in Kenya again I sent a message to Wilber asking him to pass on my best regards if he happened to cross paths with @ddlovato. Sure enough he did, and only in the most perfect moment did he happen to send me a few photos. I am in love. I can only pray that I will one day again end up in the land that sparked the fire within me to travel and explore life to its fullest. ❤️
I have seen Demi in concert this past August 2016 in Toronto and one day hope to cross paths with her beautiful soul and touch base on more of a personal level. Sending my best wishes out to her, Wilber, and Calvins - my baby boy I sponsor out there. I will be back again some day 🇰🇪🖤❤️💚

Yes I made a Dom n Hater kid. I told yous I was shipper thrash. XD Thanks for helping me decide on her name. :D


Name: Pandemonium.

Nicknames: Pan, Panny

Age: 10

Pan is happy, awkward, energetic, goofball of a kid. She very intelligent and loves to invent things. She inherited her dads electrical powers and levitation powers. She’s actually better at using them. And though she’s the daughter of the two most evil people in the galaxy, Pan, herself, isn’t. She’s actually a real sweet generous little kid. She does love to blow things up though. Pan tries to be evil, she’s just really bad at it. Because of this she feels like a real disappointment to her parents, especially her mother.

Pan is a real daddies girl. Hater absolutely adores her and spoils her rotten. He’s also ridiculously protective of her. The two of them are best of pals and love hanging out together. They both play the guitar and sing together whenever Hater organizes a concert on the ship or a random planet they conquer. One of their favourite pastimes are they’re maniacal laughter contests. Dominator used to take part in those contests but always won. Now the contest between Hater and Pan is mostly to see who comes in second after Dom.

She adores her mother and has great respect for her. They were a lot closer when Pan was younger but as she got older, they started to drift apart and their relationship at the moment is really strained. They’re polar opposites and they can’t seem to relate to one another. They never really hang out together unless Dominator is training her in combat or Hater is with them when they do a family activity.

She doesn’t have many friends either. Since she’s the daughter of Lord Dominator and Lord Hater, a lot of people don’t want anything to do with her. She is friends with all the Watch Dogs and her closest friend on the ship is Captain Tim who is also quite protective of her, but she does wish she had friends her own age. Pan is friends with Wander and Sylvia but her parents aren’t aware of that little fact.

Hidden Kitten

*Gif creds to whoever made it as I just searched on google! 

a/n: i’m rusty on writing and very sensitive. enjoy :))

You were sitting at the back of Finstock’s class with your backpack sitting atop your desk. Both of your hands were shoved inside to let your fingers run smoothly over soft fur. You kept your eyes focused on Coach, who was pacing at the front and ranting about something one of the older students had done, to keep him from getting suspicious. About halfway through class, your pack starting meowing. A few pairs of eyes glanced over at you curiously. You gave them an awkward smile and pulled a hand out to wave them off. You ducked down to look inside your pack to catch a tiny ball of fur wiggling around, trying to slip its head out of your bag.

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Okay hear me out!!

I don’t know why but I just can’t stomach Stalia and it’s sad cause I really really really don’t want to be a hater. And the thing is I’m not just some bitter Stydia shipper because a part of me liked Jackson and Lydia and I loved it when Erica admitted she had a crush on Stiles (the possibility of Sterica was so cute) and I adored the idea of Cora and Stiles especially after that scene in the ambulance. But I literally gag whenever I see Stalia because it is the most forced ship on the planet and seeing them together makes me upset and ruins the episode for me and I hate that I feel that way I’m sorry.