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The Best/Worst Wingman

Rating: K+

Word Count: 3232

Pairings: White Rose, Bumbleby (background)

Summary: The lesson here is to never take advice from Yang. Even if it works.

Notes: So about that secondary account where I’d upload all my non-LL fics? Eh, forget about it. It didn’t really go anywhere, so I figured: forget it. I don’t write a whole lot of non-LL fics anyway, so I’ll just keep posting them here.

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“Hey Weiss.” Yang was laying on the floor of team RWBY’s dorm room, playing around with Zwei. Both Ruby and Blake were out of the room, which left her alone with Weiss. It was the perfect opportunity to relay some important information. “I learned something really important yesterday.”

Weiss sighed and lowered the book she was reading, looking down at Yang. “And what might that be?”

“Someone has a big ol’ crush on Ruby.”

“Huh.” Weiss went right back to reading her book, though she felt less comfortable than before. Who had a crush on Ruby? They had some nerve, thinking they were good enough for her. It was probably some idiot like Jaune, or… or Blake. She knew better than to trust a member of the White Fang.

“In fact…” Yang set Zwei down and moved over towards Weiss, leaning in conspiratorially. “That person is in this group.” Weiss started to blush, getting a sinking feeling that she knew exactly what Yang was talking about. Like hell would she admit it, though.

“Well I hope she and Blake are happy, then.” Despite knowing that Yang could see the blush burning on her face, she kept reading her book and pretending that the truth wasn’t the most obvious thing on the planet. She couldn’t even concentrate on her book. “If that’s all you have to tell me, then please let me continue reading.”

“Oh Weiss, you’re adorable when you’re lying.” She ruffled Weiss’s hair, making her recoil in annoyance. “Between you and me, aliens could see your crush from space.”

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Your First Date with Peter Parker

So, I’ve never done this headcannon type thing before and it was a spur of the moment decision to write this so… please bare with me.

  • so, the Angel boy would be crushing on you HAAAARRD for YEARS!
  • Fell in love with you pretty much the second he saw you when you guys met
  • shameless staring at you every chance he could

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Sonia steps regally down the front steps holding Henrietta, Angus at her side.

Sonia: Hello everyone! So glad you could make it!

Chantal shrieks and claps, startling Henrietta.

Chantal: Sonia, honey! OH MY GOD. Is that Valentino? Oh my lord! Will you just look at her, Freddie? Isn’t she just the most adorable thing ever?

Sonia murmurs modestly as she and Chantal exchange air-kisses. She really shouldn’t like Chantal, who like most WAGs of Sonia’s acquaintance is loud and vulgar and uneducated and completely lacking in taste and refinement, as evidenced by her strident voice, garishly-painted acrylic talons and ridiculously inflated hair and breasts. She would actually be quite within her rights to hate Chantal, for the simple reason that Roy thinks Chantal is one of the sexiest women on the planet, and doesn’t care who knows it. Which Chantal thinks is hilarious. Sonia doesn’t think it’s hilarious, but it doesn’t bother her, at least not as much as it used to. The reason is that it is impossible to even dislike Chantal. The woman doesn’t have an unkind bone in her body, she’s bright and bubbly and always sees the positive in everything, and for someone so plastic she’s touchingly genuine.

Sonia: Shea and Stanley, did you remember to bring your swimming costumes? Wonderful! Angus, would you like to show Shea and Stanley where they can get changed?

Angus nods, reluctantly dragging his eyes away from Freddie, who winks at him. Shea and Stanley trail after Angus into the house. Chantal’s eyes twinkle behind spidery eyelashes.  

Chantal: So, Sonia. Where’s that hell-raiser of a husband of yours?
Sonia: I’ll take you to him. He’s just round the side of the house, busy with the barbecue. We’ve got enough food to feed an army. How are you, Freddie?

Freddie grunts and smiles and scuffs his feet.

Chantal: So, is anyone else coming?  
Sonia: We’re just waiting on Roy’s friend Joël and Anita and their son Jared. Roy told me that you’ve met  Anita before. When Freddie was, um…you know…

Sonia pauses. Chantal stares at her, eyelashes splayed in incomprehension. Sonia tries again.

Sonia: She used to be married to the Commish? Before he died? Anita Aitken?

Chantal snaps her fingers.

Chantal: Anita! Oh yeah! She was at The Oaks with Freddie! I gave her a lift into town once!

A deep laugh rumbles from Freddie’s tank-like torso.

Freddie: You didn’t give her a lift. You helped her escape.

Chantal gives a loud shriek, and Henrietta whimpers and digs her fingers into Sonia’s sternum.

Chantal: NO WAY! What are you talking about? Are you saying she lied to me? Well, that little so-and-so! She totally set me up! How do you like that! What a piece of work! Oooh, I’m going to give her hell when she gets here! How dare she! She could have got me into really big trouble with the authorities! I had no idea! Freddie, it’s not funny!

She and Freddie are convulsed with laughter. Even though it is not yet midday, Sonia thinks she might have a drink. Today feels like it might be one of those occasions.

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'To believe it is real is to believe Sam is a lot of not-good things as well as a terrible partner.' How much longer will you all peddle out this tripe? Nothing you believe is fact. It's all sketchy supposition that works for your narrative and conveniently pegs him as the villain so you can all play the victim. Just stopppp! It's not good for him or you. So much for being the happy, loving side. Sheesh.

If you believe this new narrative, here is a list of things that Sam has done, while having a girlfriend: 1. flirted with his co-star on SM about butts, boobs, oral sex, rough sex, nudity, and moaning, 2. turned his twitter account into a shrine for his co-star on her birthday and during the Golden Globes, 3. referred to not working with his co-star as something he does not enjoy and being like “a death in the family”, 4. posed on the orange carpet at the T2 premiere with his co-star’s hip in his crotch, whistled at her ass, and was jealous when hearing about a date she had when she was 16. 

Imagine your best friend was dating a man that did such things. She assured you, over and over that it was all for show, that he didn’t have anything going on with his co-star whom he spends 14 hours a day with, 7,000 miles away. Would you believe her? 

Now, pretend it’s you. You’d have to have that same conversation with every friend and family member that you told about your new boyfriend. Some of them might point out that the pics and videos of you and your boyfriend on the internet show him ignoring you, forcing you to walk behind him as not to be photographed with you. Imagine the dismissive, sad, and even pitying looks they’d give you.

Sam acts like he’s Cait’s biggest fan, treating her like she is the most valuable person to him on the planet. He can’t muster even half of that (whether it’s real or not) for his “girlfriend”. That’s why I say that to believe this narrative is to believe many not-so-good things about Sam. 

This was a happy place back when we we never questioned the quality of his character. He is obviously very talented and handsome and hard working. He stood out from other equally handsome and talented actors because of his adoration towards one woman. He isn’t showing that towards anyone else. So yeah, we used to be a happy, loving side. Today we are frustrated and disillusioned. If it bothers you that much, I suggest you take a break from this corner of the internet.

Goodbye- Poly! Hamilsquad x Reader

A/N: This is a trainwreck, but I wanted some angst.

Warnings: Very little French. It basically all means yes, no, my love, my angel, bye, things like that.

“Why do you do this to me?” she sobbed, falling to her knees, clenching her fists so her nails dug into her palm. “Why do you keep hurting me, Alex?”

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, tears filling his own eyes. “I’m so sorry.”

She narrowed her eyes, wiping at the tears. “Sorry? After you’ve done this to me? I’m done. I’m done with all of you!” she shouted this last part so all of the boys could hear her. “I-I’m just- I’m done. I’ll go pack my bags.”

“Y/N-” John said softly, openly crying, but she was gone. From the comfort of the master bedroom, Y/N took her suitcase and began to pack. She let the sobs wrack over her body, wiping desperately at her eyes. She knew Hercules and Lafayette were watching from the doorway, but she couldn’t care less. She ignored them, ignored Alexander and John in the living room. She ignored everything except her shaking hands throwing belongings in her bag.

“N/N, please, mon cheri,” Lafayette begged, striding over to her and taking her hand. She ripped it back, glaring at him and letting out a hiss.

“Get away from me!”

“Please, Y/N,” Hercules said, mirroring Laf’s words. “We love you.”

She softened, slowing her breathing and calming down a bit. “I know. And I love you. And I am so, so sorry, but I- I can’t be with him anymore. I know you want to stay with Alex, you’ve known him longer, and so I’ll make it easier on you- I’ll leave.”

“You do that a lot,” Alexander accused, entering the room. “Whenever things get hard, you leave.”

She turned on him. “Don’t you dare blame this on me- don’t you dare! This is you- if you wanted to be with me, you could have kept me. You didn’t- didn’t have to have an affair, Alexander. This was you.”

He furrowed his brow, getting closer to her. “You don’t have to leave like this! Maybe you have to leave me, but do they deserve it? Do they, Y/N?”

“No,” she breathed out, closing her eyes. “No. But that didn’t stop you. If- if they want to come with me, so be it. I would be so much happier with my boyfriends and husband next to me. But I don’t want to make this harder on them. I know they love you.”

Hercules put a hand on her shoulder, pulling Y/N out of her daze. “I would never leave you, princess. We’re here for you. You don’t have to leave.”

She faltered, tears spilling from her eyes again as she stared at him. “I- I don’t?”

Lafayette pulled her into him, and she felt his heartbeat pounding. She realized how upset he was. “Of course not, mon ange. We love you.”

Hercules kissed Laf on the lips, then the top of your head. Alexander watched, frozen in place. Herc turned to him.

“Go, Alexander,” he said forcefully, eyes narrowed dangerously.”Just- go.”

Alex tried to speak, then stopped. He picked up a messenger bag, threw some random items in it, and left. Y/N stared after him, falling to the ground, bursting into sobs. Lafayette bent down next to her, and Herc crouched beside them. They wrapped their arms around each other. Slowly, in a daze, John walked in. He was in the worst shape out of the four. With bags under his eyes, tear-stained cheeks, and a shaking form, he slowly slipped next to the three, letting Laf pull him onto his lap.

“It will be okay,” Hercules soothed, whispering in Y/N’s ear. “It will all be okay.”

“Will he be back?” Y/N asked softly the moment she entered the kitchen. Herc, Laf, and John were all congregated, sipping coffee at the table while the breakfast cooked. John looked down at the table, and Lafayette focused on him. John did look better, he had calmed down, but he was broken inside.

Hercules was the one who answered. “I don’t know, princess. I don’t know.”

Breakfast was lonely without Alexander. They talked in hushed voices about whatever they could, carefully avoiding the subject of Hamilton. But there was little to speak of, and they soon fell silent.

“How did it get like this?” John whimpered, causing Lafayette to pull the smaller man into him. “What did we do wrong?”


She smiled at the young man behind the counter.

“Hi, welcome to Starbucks, how can I help you?”

The man nodded, running his fingers through his short black hair. He furrowed his eyebrows and looked at some smudged writing on his hand.

“Um, I don’t know much about this,” he said with a chuckle. “My boyfriends- boyfriend, I mean boyfriend- they- he- like coffee a lot, and they- he-”

“It’s okay if you have more than one boyfriend, sir,” she assured him, giggling.

He nodded and sighed in relief. “Great. So, um, they told me their orders, but I decided to write them down on my hand, and-” he showed her the writing. “I have no idea what that says.”

She playfully squinted, studying it, before scribbling something down on a pad of paper. “Got it. Can I have a name?”

“Hercules.” He laughed, impressed. “How do you do that?”

Y/N shrugged. “Practice. I know the menu like the back of my hand.”

“Can I see you again-” he looked at her name tag. “Y/N?”

She was about to answer before her boss forced her away. With a sigh, Y/N moved onto her next job. As she prepared Hercules’ drinks, she suddenly had an idea. With a smirk, she jotted something down on one of the cups and handed it to the man, pointing at it and giving him a look. He grinned.

“Your number?”

She nodded. “Yep. Need anything else?”

“No,” Hercules said happily. “See you soon, Y/N.”

“He left,” she sobbed, returning to the present. “He’s gone.”

“Ssh, ssh,” John mumbled into her hair, stroking it. “It’s okay.”

She tried to believe him, but she couldn’t. She put a hand on her stomach, more tears escaping.

“He left us,” she said pointedly, gazing at John, the only boyfriend home. “He left the baby, and he doesn’t even know.”

John nodded, kissing her forehead and squeezing her hand. “It’s okay.”

She wished she believed him.

“This is John,” Hercules told her, gesturing to the boy next to him. John had long, curly hair that was currently smoothed back into a ponytail. He was adorable with freckles and a cheerful face. He stuck out his hand.

“I’m John,” he introduced with a laugh.

“I’m Y/N,” she said, shaking his hand.

“Herc has told me so much about you,” John said excitedly, giving his boyfriend a quick peck. “Laf and Alex are at work today, but you’d like them, they’re so nice and I love them!”

Y/N giggled, making Hercules smile. She didn’t notice how he studied her, how he felt his heart flutter when he saw her. She didn’t see the way he looked at her like she was the cutest, most precious thing on the planet. How she should be protected, and he would protect her.

“Want to see my turtle?” John asked randomly, taking her hand and dragging her away. She shot a look at Hercules, a huge smile on her face. He grinned back, chasing after them. He would do anything to make her happy.


“Alex texted me,” she said suddenly, her eyes widening. Laf quickly ran to her, looking over her shoulder.


She looked at Laf helplessly. He nodded for her to reply.


They stared at the screen for a while, but no reply came.

“Come on, mon petit,” Laf whispered. “Let’s bake, non?”

She nodded slowly, biting her lip. “Oui.”

He laughed and scooped her up, easily carrying her to the kitchen where he propped up one of his grandmother’s cookbooks.

“Something French, yes? Reminds me of home.” He got a dreamy look in his eye, wistful and far-off. She brought him back to reality with a kiss on the cheek. “What did you have in mind?”

Laf found the page easily, feeling more comforted with every touch of the familiar, worn pages. He smelled the scent of hundreds of baked goods before him, and he inhaled it.

Y/N studied the page, then turned to him with a smile. “Ready to bake?”

He grinned. “Oui.”

He put his hands over hers, guided her through every move. When they were finished, he wiped the flour off her cheeks and kissed her nose.

“Love you, mon cheri.”

“Love you too, Laf.”

“Hi, what can I help you with?” she asked cheerfully, a cup in hand, ready to write down the tall man’s name.

“Um, oui, can I-” he struggled to find the words, frowning a bit. He pulled out his phone and read a text, reciting his order. “I apologize, I am fluent in English, but sometimes it’s hard to find the words.”

“Oui,” she said in perfect French, surprising him. In French, she told him it was no problem, and asked for a name. He grinned.

“Merci. Um, Lafayette.”

Y/N nodded, scribbling the name on the cup. She bit her lip a bit as she wrote, concentrating as she wrote down a little note.

She quickly prepared the drinks and handed them to Lafayette.

“Merci,” she said.

“Merci,” he looked at her name tag, then up at her. “Y/N? You’re the famous Y/N?”

“Famous? I’m flattered.” she giggled.

Laf grinned. “I’m Lafayette, you know my boyfriends John and Hercules?”

She nodded. “Ah, that Lafayette! I meet so many.”

They laughed, and he reached for her hand, kissing her knuckles. “It was a pleasure to meet you, Y/N. Au revoir.”

“Au revoir, Monsieur Lafayette!” she called after him as he left the coffee shop.

Alexander was last. She thought of him alone in the master bedroom, thought of him as she read through her letters, the paragraphs he had masterfully crafted for her and only for her. She thought of him as she tore up the letters, throwing the remains in the fireplace and smiling, tears dripping down her face.

“I hope that you burn,” she sang, throwing the last of the letters she had written to him in the flames. “I hope that you burn.”

“You’re Y/N,” Alexander breathed out, looking her up and down.

“You’re Alexander,” she teased, raising an eyebrow.

He shook her hand. “I’ve heard so much about you-the girl who stole my boyfriends’ hearts.”

She shrugged sheepishly. “Sorry.”

He kissed her hand, raising it slowly with a smirk. “It’s no problem. I wouldn’t object to you stealing my heart, Y/N.”

She blushed, grinning. “I might just take you up on that offer.”

“Goodbye,” she mumbled, her eyes shiny with tears, her vision foggy. He smiled sadly.

“I always said you’d steal my boyfriends’ hearts,” he told her, taking her hand. She let him have this one moment to redeem himself. “I always knew it would be you they loved and not me.”

“Don’t try to turn this on me, Alex,” she begged, squeezing his hand. He set down his bags and placed his other and over hers, enclosing it in his warmth.

“Sorry, my love,” he whispered. “You do know I love you, right?”

“Not as much as you love Maria.”

He frowned. “That isn’t true. You will always be first in my heart, Y/N.”

She shook her head. “But you chose her, Alex. You can’t- you can’t undo that.”

“But I would if I could,” he said, closing his eyes.

“Goodbye, Alexander.”

He looked into her eyes again, and she found herself helpless- lost in his eyes. Maintaining eye contact, he kissed her hand, imitating the way he did so when they first met.

“I love you.”

She nodded once. “How I wish that was true.”

With that, she closed the door- on Alexander and on her future. She put a hand on her stomach, swallowed, and opened the door once more, staring down at Alex, who was on his knees on the steps of their townhouse. He looked hopefully up to her.

She took a deep breath. “I’m pregnant. It’s yours.”

He inhaled sharply. “What?”

“This is what you left,” she said sadly, rubbing her stomach. “Me, our boyfriends and your husband, and my child. Your child.”

“If I had known, I never would have-” he breathed, but she shook her head again.

“I love you.” She closed the door again, and this time, she forced herself to walk away. To walk into the arms of her boyfriends, John and Laf, and Hercules, her husband. She walked away from Alex, the man who had hurt her beyond repair, and towards the men who could fix her, who would never hurt her.

“Goodbye,” she said under her breath. “Goodbye.”

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Besides their mutual obsession with waffles and hometown being in Indiana, I’m convinced that Eleven would start to use completely nonsense but totally adorable compliments for her friends like Leslie Knope does with Ann, y’know? Because she’s still learning how the English language works, sometimes she comes up with non-sequitur things like “Dustin, you beautiful tropical fish” “Mike, you’re a beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk-ox” “Lucas, you beautiful, rule-breaking moth” and the boys just go along with it because…heck, it’s El

The Old Paladins and Little Allura

Alfor was the first one to get married and likely the first to have a child so the other paladins instantly adored her.

  • Trigel was the secret favorite because she spoiled Allura the most. She would do thing like give Allura sweets from varying planets or buy her things.
  • Allura found playing hide and seek with Gyrgan the best beause he would pretend that she disappeared out of thin air and she actually believed she had him tricked.
  • Allura once made finger guns at them while making sound effects. Blaytz won the most dramatic death, thus, was dubbed the best for playing pretend with. 
  • Zarkon, well… Allura wasn’t sure about him at first because he seemed too serious, but later she found Zarkon was actually a pretty great story teller.
  • Alfor loved seeing his close friends and his daughter making each other happy. It’s all he could ask for.

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Twice reaction where their s/o have like a dark past

❄Warnings: swearing, triggering content (ptsd, depression, suicide, anxiety, etc.)



You told her everything. All of the pain that came with the past. What did she do? She listened. Nayeon didn’t say a single word as you talked, letting all of your deep, dark secrets come out. It felt both relieving and scary to tell her these things. You didn’t know how she’d react, and god, you were hoping that she would still love you the same way she did before you opened up yourself to her. When you had finished, you both sat in silence. The silence was neither comforting nor awkward. It was just silence. Nayeon didn’t know what to think. You didn’t either. Letting out a sigh, you began to stand up from the couch the two of you were sitting on. ‘Maybe this was a mistake,’ you think to yourself. Before you leave the room, however, you feel a hand grip the hem of your shirt. It was Nayeon.

“I don’t know what to say to you right now, but please don’t leave. It’s okay. I still love you.”

Originally posted by pikachenbythesea


Similar to Nayeon, Tzuyu wouldn’t interrupt you as you told her about your past. It was obvious to you that she was slightly uncomfortable in the situation, but that was only because she didn’t know what was okay for her to say. She didn’t know what was going to make you break even more, and she didn’t want that. As you were talking about your abusive past, a few tears formed and threatened to slip out of the corners of your eyes. Tzuyu brushed them away before letting you continue with your story. Hearing what those people had done to you in the past… while she wasn’t particularly mad, she was more worried about how you were doing. This was the most broken Tzuyu had ever seen you, and it was tearing at her. When you had finished telling her about your past, Tzuyu looked at you in the eyes, flashing you one of her gorgeous smiles.

“Don’t worry, (Y/N). You’re okay now. You’re safe. I won’t let those people come close to you ever again.”

Originally posted by twicesonce


“W-well, it all started…” It was hard for you to find the right words. You wanted to tell her about your past, and you felt like you had to in order to keep your relationship progressing. Having this secret of yours act as a barrier between the two of you was hard. Jeongyeon had a general idea of what your past was like, and more than anything she wanted to help you. Pushing you into telling her, however, was not something she wanted to do.

“It’s okay, (Y/N). You don’t have to tell me right now.” You shook your head before continuing to tell Jeongyeon about your past. Your father, the bullies, everything. As you told her, she couldn’t help but stare at you in awe and admiration. From what you were telling her, it sounded like you had a pretty rough past, and the fact that you were able to continue smiling as brightly as you did and be as optimistic as you were… she admired you for it. For how strong you were, and for how brave you always are.

“Don’t say anymore, (Y/N). You’ve been through enough today. We can finish this another time.” I love you, (Y/N).

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She gripped tightly onto your hand as her other hand rested on your thigh. Midway through telling her about your past, you had broken down, yet you still continued to tell her about the part of your life that troubled you so much. Every now and then, she would let out a soft “mmhm” or “yeah” or “i get that” to let you know that she was still listening to you. Reacting to such serious situations was difficult, and Momo honestly didn’t know what she was going to do or say after you had finished.

“I’m sorry if this all made you uncomfortable or anything. I felt the need to tell you, though. I wanted you to know.” You look up to see Momo with tears in her eyes. You’re startled by her reaction. The grip on your hand is much more firm, yet it’s shaky at the same time. Momo takes a few deep breaths, trying to calm herself so that she can get out a proper sentence.

“You’re never alone, (Y/N). Whatever happened then, whatever happens now, those things don’t matter. I will always remain by your side. I love you too much to let you go.”


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Mina was downright angry with all of the shit those bullies had put you through. What kind of people would be so heartless as to completely take away, shatter, and drop the heart of the most adorable human being on the entire planet. It was hard for her to sit there and listen to what you were saying. Mina wanted to set things right with those crude people, but she knew that wouldn’t help you right now. So instead of beating the crap out of those jerks (although, Mina’s way too nice to do that), she sat there and listened to everything you had to say, making sure you were not alone during such a hard time. She never knew you had such an upbringing, and she wished she was brought into your life sooner so that she could have ended your suffering sooner. At the end of your painful memories, she hugged you for a long while, basking in the sweet feeling of your arms around her. Only when she felt your form trembling did she realize you were crying.

“They’re gone and out of your life now, (Y/N). How about you take a nice bath, and I’ll make you some dinner, okay? You don’t have to say anything else. Just know that I’m here for you.”

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“And that was when she started abusing me…” Telling Sana about your past reasons for not wanting to date was tough, and the entire time, she sat there with her mouth agape. No wonder why you were so hesitant when you two first started dating. Now that Sana was thinking about it, she wondered if she had pressured you into dating her. After all, she was a bit persistent, as were your friends. Sana like you a lot,, however; you were different from the rest. Your smile illuminated her entire being, your laughter captured everyones hearts, and you cared so much for people that, at first, Sana didn’t even think you were real. You were beyond beautiful, and she didn’t want anyone else but you. Hearing what your ex had done to you made her mad, there’s no denying that. However, when it comes down to it, she was glad that you worked up the courage to break if off with her. If anything, Sana was incredibly proud and way more attracted to you. It just proves how strong you really are.

You weren’t able to look Sana in the eyes at all as you told her this. Only when you felt her hand on your did you look up at her; she had tears in her eyes, but she wore a small smile on her face. 

“I won’t ever treat you like that. I promise, so don’t run away from me anymore. I won’t hurt you.”

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If I had to describe Dahyun in five words when you told her about your past, I would choose “she looked ready to fight.” How could anyone hurt such a lovable, caring, and extremely nice person such as yourself? You were lovely; you were everything to her. Dahyun wasn’t oblivious. She knew you had some sort of trouble with your past; there was a reason why you were diagnosed with ptsd, after all. 

“Is this why you sometimes lock yourself in the bathroom?” Dahyun asked. You nodded your head. Your memories flooded your mind, making you want to scream and cry. In fact, you almost did. You were able to control yourself a little, however, but you still let out a little squeak. Dahyun’s heart shattered at the sight; she brought you in for a huge hug and stroked your back, shushing you from saying anything else. You didn’t need to. She knew what went on, and she was glad that you at least made the effort to tell her. 

“Whatever happened back then is in the past. I don’t like seeing how badly it’s taking its toll on you, but I know how hard it is to move past such a traumatic event. Rely on me a little more from time to time, okay? It’s okay to not be strong all the time. I still love you more than anything, and that will never change.”

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Chaeyoung wasn’t the kind of person to say anything in order to comfort you. If anything, it was the silence that she brought along with her that comforted you the most. You told her everything: the lies they had told you, the feelings you had felt, and all of the insecurities that arose during that time. Every morning, you would take anxiety and depression pills, and every evening, you would have to go check in with a counselor. She understood that what you were going through was serious, but she never imagined such a harsh upbringing. You had no family, your friends betrayed you, and everyone you went to for help would ignore you, acting as if you were a ghost. 

“I sometimes wonder if everything was just one huge mistake. Maybe… it would’ve been better if I had never been born.” This snapped something inside of Chaeyoung. How could you say something like that? How could you say something like that in front of her? You meant the entire world to her, and hearing you say such a thing made her want to slap you back into reality. She didn’t, though. Instead, she simply tackled you with a hug. Tears streamed down her face.

“You are everything to me and so much more. I don’t know what I would be doing if you weren’t here. Twice loves you, and so do I. Never forget that there are people out there who care for you. Even though those people in the past didn’t treat you right, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t people here today who won’t. I love you more than anything. Always have and always will.”

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“I guess you could say everything started to fall a part when I heard that my mother passed away.” Jihyo didn’t know when she began to cry. All she knew was that she was definitely not leaving you alone ever again. She pulled you into a hug with a death grip. Jihyo was never one for pda, but right now was an exception. You needed her there, and she understood that. Coming out about such sensitive topics wasn’t easy for anyone. Learning about what had happened to you… How you were kidnapped, sold to a madman, and treated like a caged animal… how could anyone do that to you? She held you tighter and tighter as more words came out of your mouth. No one should have to go through such an experience. Nobody. When you finished speaking, none of you said a single word for quite a long time. You and Jihyo sat there, crying together and basking in the pain from the past. Jihyo managed to calm down, wiping her tears away, and wiping away yours as well. 

“If anyone comes for you like that ever again, cry for me. I swear to god, I will never leave your side ever again.” She smiled a weak smile towards you. “I love you, (Y/N). I love you so much. So so so much.”

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Thanks for the request, anon! Sorry about the screw up last night. Hope you enjoy!


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Apples to Pumpkins

By Skyler10

Summary: Tentoo and Rose take their toddler apple picking at the best farm in the galaxy, but Piper is a bit too young to appreciate the experience.

Notes: For @doctorroseprompts fall fic fest: Fall picnic and picking apples

Read on Ao3

Sometimes trying to compare other planets to Earth was like comparing apples to oranges… no, something even more different. Pumpkins, perhaps. But parenting was surprisingly consistent across the galaxy. Rose and the Doctor were still learning, in many respects, when it came to raising their two-year-old. So when the Doctor found a travel channel on the TARDIS’s telly with an autumn episode about an alien apple farm, he brought it up to Rose and she agreed with excitement, already envisioning the picture-perfect family moments there.

They packed up for an idyllic weekend away and landed on the right farm in the right kingdom on the right alien planet on the exact weekend they had the TARDIS book for them. Rose coaxed Piper’s dark blonde hair into two pigtails. And yes, perhaps they were a bit lopsided, but that only made them all the cuter. The last step was to button up the tiny navy and pink plaid flannel, making her daughter the most adorable thing she had ever seen, if she did say so herself.

“Button!” Piper echoed. Rose tapped the girl’s tiny nose.

“Yes, sweetheart, all buttoned.” She picked up Piper and headed for the console room, where the Doctor was figuring out directions from the forest where they parked the TARDIS to the farmhouse where they would check in and pick up their designated basket.

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Do you follow any artists on Youtube? :)

I do! There are some really amazing artists on youtube :D I think some of my favorites are:

1.  BananaJamana: Jamie is literally the most precious human being on the face of the planet!!! She’s an amazing painter (like actual oil paintings, not digital) and crafter of many cute/adorable things :D Seriously I watch her videos when I need a dose of sunshine in my day. 

2. Fran Menses: Fran is legitimately the reason I keep on trying to paint with watercolors. Like her drawings are so whimsical and pretty. Also, she give A+ advice to artists :D 

3. DrawingWiffWaffles: I am honestly jealous of this girl’s ability to make entertaining drawing videos. She’s very quippy/funny and always manages to keep my attention with her videos! (which is a feat for someone like me who gets distracted by the littlest things)

Those are really my top 3 favorites at the moment. But y’all should definitely let me know if there are any other awesome youtuber-artists I missed! I really should subscribe to more artists  :D 

Anna needs another intervention

I just got news from Blue ( @jemcolins ) that my girlfriend isn’t accepting her awesomeness. This needs to be mended immediately.
Reasons Anna is actually the best:
-So soft, so kind.
-Personable beyond compare. She befriends everyone of all sorts, truly an icon.
-Has this amazing talent where she can actually separate people from their actions, we need more humans like that.
-The most creative human ever. No conversations with her will ever be boring. Ever.
-Lovable!!! Go ask her wives ( @childof-olympus @icanneverbesatisfied ). If you have two wives and a boyfriend plus a fake Norwegian boyfriend, you’ve gotta be super lovable.
-Her face is a blessing to this planet.
-Really good with children, it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.
-Responsible. She’s essentially raising her three year old brother and succeeding
-Very patient (how else would she be able to put up with me)
-Did I already mention that she’s adorable? She’s adorable.
-Great sense of humor
-Her voice is? Amazing. She sounds like an angel when she sings.
-Talented. Woweeeeee. My girl can do the things. She plays so many instruments, sings, is a level 9 gymnast dang girl save some for the rest of us
-Super smart, she’s already done with all her high school credits.
-Selfless. She always puts others needs before her own, hence the beginning of the last intervention #annaneedstotakecareofherself2k17
-Just an all around amazing person the world needs more people like her.
Anna, my love, you’re the best. I love you a lot. @get-me-some-oranges
Everyone go spam Anna about how great she is.

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here's your chance to spread some love! tag your top ten mutuals and name a few things you adore about them!

i don’t have a ‘top ten’ wachu mean?? i lov everyone ;; notice how there is no order to this

@9yoong is the queen yoongi stan and i love her to pieces. she’s the most beautiful girl on the planet and honestly?? in my opinion?? yoongi is so damn lucky to have someone as gorgeous as her stanning him. he’s blessed to have her.

@04seokjin is my soulmate in literature and one of the sweetest people in this world?? every time she calls me ‘sweetheart’ i actually melt for i am Undeserving

@miumogu aka mrs park is my russian homie and an irreplaceable part of my daily routine k thanks you have no choice boo

@taehmily is the literal sunshine of my life and the cutest being ever ;; the world doesn’t deserve her,,, i certainly don’t deserve her

@chimchimpink is the sweetest person ever and i saw her develop from being an ot7 stan to finally realising that she biased jimin,,,no other journey in my life will compare to that

@evhime is such an interesting person and i have valued every single damn conversation i’ve had with her….amazing?? amazing.

@kristelligence is a new mutual but has already helped and influenced me so much like?? wisest person ever?? deserves the world??

@y0ungforever is ma gal ;; but i’ve missed her a lot recently,,deprived

@hobikookie is,,,oh man,,,my first friend on this site omg Throwback,,,i remember feeling like i was being so annoying but she was so so lovely and that gave me so much confidence

@rainmyg @rainjhs @rainknj @rainpjm @rainkth @rainjjk are a package deal and mean the world to me,,,,y’all count as one person, okay?

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Okay so umm I'm kinda confused. You call Jolly your wifey/love and you guys even talk outside the Tumblr sphere but recently you said you're not looking for a committed relationship?!?! Are you guys NOT in a relationship? Or are you? Or you're just friends with benefits?

Hi anon. I’d say the whole situation is quite complicated. I consider @hollyashton as my soulmate, one of my dearest friends and I adore her from the bottom of my heart. She is one of the most amazing human beings I’ve ever met and I am glad to have her in my life. The thing is that fate can be quite a bitch sometimes: someone thought it would be a good idea to put us on different parts of the planet. There are basically 10000km separating the two of us. 🤷🏻‍♂️
It took some time to get used to that but we are cool with the situation now.

Ok. So after re-watching the Anti Palooza of halloween episode, my mind went and asked, “If the boys have a Dark Version™, does that mean the girls have a Light Version to go hand in hand?” But then I said that’s stupid because Wiishu is literary the sweetest most adorable thing in the planet. (I can even forgive the puns) But then after some cake and milk I said fuck it and started sketching and thus THIS was born! 

For Anti, he is fast and nimble. One blink there, the next he is laughing right next to you. So for Wiishu, she is as fast as the light of the sun! Fast enough to catch up to Anti and give him a smooch to heal his cut and turn him back into Jack! 

Much to the ire and annoyance of Anti. 

I just picture Anti as Wild E. Coyote and Wiishu as the RoadRunner but Anti is trying to get away from Wiishu. 

All that’s left is give her a name. Could it be Pro? Maybe Priishu like “oh she’s so precious!”? Meh, I’ll figure it out eventually! 

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27 Alex/Astra

“I’m pregnant.” 

Alex drops her spoon and stares at Astra. Alex waits for a punchline. Alex tries not to remember that Astra isn’t exactly known for her standup comedy.

“Is that not the word?” Astra frowns in confusion. “The doctor at the DEO used it more than once.”

“It’s… a word,” Alex admits. “So is there some kind of boyfriend on the side here, or did you just get curious about Earth men one night? Because I’ve done a lot of fairly amazing things in bed with you, Astra, but I’m pretty damn sure I didn’t knock you up.”

“Knocked up!” Astra crows. “She used that term, too.”

“You’re kind of missing the point,” Alex fires back, gripping the table like it’s the last thing stopping her spinning off into orbit. “How are you pregnant?”

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With the wave of her hand

Title: With the wave of her hand.
Fandom: DCU - Suicide Squad
Pairing: Rick Flag/June Moone.
Rating: T
Warnings: Spoilers from the movie, of course.
N/A: I literally got home to write this after seeing the movie, it was like 4 am when I finished and was too tired to edit and publish, until now. I fell in love with this couple, so I will be writing more about them soon. I hope you guys like this little one!

Title from The Beatles song, ‘Here, there and everywhere’: “Here, making each day of the year. Changing my life with the wave of her hand. Nobody can deny that there’s something there…”, because I think that’s how Rick feels about June.

(On AO3)

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She frowns. Not because of WHAT he said, necessarily. In fact, the way he said I’m not okay was quite possible the most innocent & adorable way anyone could say such a thing, without REALLY saying it. But it was the fact that she knew what he meant. Jack—–from what little Alana had gathered from him in the short amount of time they had gotten to know each other, she knew that he was the most ENTHUSIASTIC person on the face of the planet. He radiated joy & life. He————much like herself, was probably too stubborn to admit they weren’t okay. Or to even take it seriously.

That’s fair. Sometimes I do that too. I mean, when is there not something inside of us screaming aaaaaa at least once a week? she’s smiling now. Deciding not to READ into the situation until she had to. Sometimes, she really did wish she could turn off DOCTORBloom. What’s got you screaming today?she asks. Nonchalant. Non invasive. Good.

     That’s the thing with most people; there’s always a part of them that’s screaming, controlled by a little meter; at the bottom end of the scale was a small aaaaaaa that’s so distant it may as well be shouted from the bottom of a canyon, heard only barely by those at the very top. Then it climbs the scale, and the internal screaming gets so loud that it forces its way out of the person’s mouth and becomes audible to everybody around. Jack was probably at the stage of aaaaaaaaaaaaa, which is not quite enough to to be of concern to anybody else, but enough that he might just fall from where he was standing and muffle it into whatever flooring was beneath him, probably because he broke his nose on the way down.

     ‘I haven’t slept in two days,’ he replies. The words are slightly slurred through his apparent excitement and sleepiness, but Jack tries his best to keep himself in tact. ‘I might have fallen asleep for half an hour some time this morning but if I did my dream was so realistic that I can’t be sure anymore. I’m on the verge of something, Alana, and it’s too early to say what, but I’m afraid that I’ll lose everything if I let myself give into sleep before I’m done figuring.’

((I doodled today and then I had an idea)) She hops off her dragon gracefully, her long golden plaits streaming behind her. Her feet hit the ground and her skirt bounces with the impact. Her racing paint is a little smeared from the stress-induced sweat caused by the weight of competition, but it’s otherwise flawless. Hiccup smiles at her as she approaches him. She returns the gesture and together they lean on the fence to watch the adult dragon race, the large, older Vikings mounting their rides. Among them are Stoick and Astrid’s father and Spitelout. The first horn blows and suddenly there’s a windstorm from the wings of racing dragons. Astrid stands on her toes the get a better view and puts a hand on Hiccup’s shoulder to balance herself. Hiccup glances at her pale, small, freckled hand, and even though it’s a common gesture, he reddens slightly. Her fingers are splattered with blue and orange paint. They’re slender and deceivingly strong, able to form a fist hard enough to knock your nose into your forehead. Hiccup follows the contours of her arm with his intelligent green eyes. Her arms are like her fingers: thin but strong. They’re pretty arms, covered in freckles and scars and, on occasion, spattered with blood from the fights she tends to get into. Hiccup’s eyes move to her shoulder and then to her face. It’s round and angelically imperfect, with intense blue Bambi eyes and freckles and a small round nose and thin red lips and a crooked smile and currently tattooed with racing paint, a blue and orange design scrawled across her forehead and cheeks like alluring graffiti. Her eyes are locked onto the competition above, the reflections of dragons flitting in and out of her glassy irises. Hiccup gives a small smile and looks back to the race. Suddenly it’s the final lap. Stoick is in the lead. And now Astrid’s cheering, booing her own father and cheering for Hiccup’s. She hardly refers to Stoick as “Sir” anymore. She calls him “Stoick” and, on the odd embarrassing occasion, “Dad”. She spends so much time with Hiccup that he may as well be part of her family, and she part of his. And he likes it that way. Astrid cheering for his own father is something that’s happened before. But to Hiccup it feels good every time to hear it. To hear proof that Astrid favors his father over her own in at least one aspect. There’s an uproar. Stoick wins! Astrid’s nearly pulling Hiccup over, she’s leaning on him so hard. Her fist pummels the empty air around it in glee and her high, melodious voice creates a symphony of happy praises that would shame a Valkyrie. Hiccup laughs with her and smiles at her ecstasy. His cheeks are warm in his adoration of the girl. She stops cheering with a grin on her face and catches the way Hiccup’s looking at her out of the corner of her eye. Her cheeks flush slightly and she averts eye contact, savoring the fact that she actually has someone looking at her that way. Looking at her like she’s the most precious thing on the planet. Looking at her like all he wants to do is hold her in his arms all day. Looking at her like she’s his entire world. Hiccup looks back to the celebration and puts an arm around Astrid’s waist, pulling her to his side. He laughs a little. “You’re so cute when you’re excited,” he observes. Astrid smiles and leans into him, slipping her hand into his. “Thank you,” she responds. She wants to kiss him. But he doesn’t seem into that at the moment. He only wants to hold her right now, not have her lips pressed to his. And they’re both okay with that. Because they know what they each want and they respect the other’s wishes. Because they love each other.