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Wolf of Spring Ch. 2

Chapter 2: “I didn’t think you would come back, lassie.”

Tamlin could rarely distinguish truth from reality. Sometimes, there are days when the two converge together, leaving him more confused than ever. Today  would be one of them. Then, there’s the matter of the women residing in his court, vying for his attention to marry him. Would he ever find a suitable woman to marry, let alone love?

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Prince Series; Junhui

- prince junhui… is a bit of a troublemaker
- he’s always going around pranking guards, dancing wildly in the ballroom and hiding in trees to avoid meetings
- he’s had hundreds of marriage proposals, but he rejected them all because he’s not ready for commitment and he wants to find love himself, not have it handed to him
- these proposals came in like a flood when news spread that he broke off an arranged marriage which was planned since his birth
- he broke it off WITHOUT telling the king and queen and they’re just so done with him because he drives them crazy
- “junhui do you realize what you’ve done?? now our kingdoms will never unite!!”
- “ok but….. they were so not my type”
- the villagers all know about this troublesome prince because junhui likes to go around the village when avoiding his responsibilities
- he helps the people with every day chores, whether it’s simple things like helping them carry groceries or even big things like helping them fix a broken wagon
- they believe a good ruler is someone who knows their people, so they do believe that junhui will be a good king someday
- junhui’s also really smart, like he knows himself that he can memorize the laws of the kingdom in like a week and he’d probably be able to negotiate trades and new laws with the neighboring kingdoms if he wanted to
- the problem is just that it doesn’t really interest him so he’s like nope
- you can find him taking a nap in the trees to avoid these responsibilities
- he’s also really gifted in archery and playing the piano which are pretty much the only two things that he would willingly do
- basically, prince junhui just wants a simple life, but that’s not possible when you’re expected to inherit the throne soon
- the king and queen are afraid that junhui won’t be able to learn the responsibilities and duties of a king in time, so in a panic, they hire you from another kingdom, who’s a teacher for royalty
- you are to teach junhui how to behave like an actual prince
- you’ve heard all about him so you’re like no way will he listen to me, a stranger, if he won’t even listen to you, the king and queen
- but they tell you that junhui’s past teachers have all left without being able to teach him and they really need your help
- you’re known for being one of the greatest teachers in the land so they believe in you and they even decided to increase your pay so you were like…… ok sign me up LOL
- day one, the first thing on your list is to actually get him to study the laws of the kingdom
- you’re supposed to meet junhui in the library, but when you get there, you see him laughing as he’s going from one bookshelf to the other on one of those rolling ladders
- you’re like THAT LOOKS SO FUN but the king and queen are right behind you so you can’t even laugh about it
- the queen clears her throat and at that, junhui slides down the ladder and says “oh whoops, i forgot i can’t do that when you’re around lol”
- you turn your head to look at the king and queen and they just give you a look that says “do you see what we mean?”
- junhui walks over to you and asks “and you are??”
- you bow and say “i’m (name), it’s nice to meet you, prince junhui.”
- the king says “(name) will be your teacher starting today. they’ll be teaching you the responsibilities of a prince. it’s about time you learn how to behave.”
- after a quick goodbye, the king and queen leave you and junhui alone, who looks so ready to climb the ladder again and roll from one book shelf to the other
- but you step in front of him and say “if you haven’t figured it out, lessons start today. take a seat.”
- he says “can’t we take a break just for today??” and you say “um we can’t take a break if we didn’t even start?? sit down.”
- junhui takes a seat on one of the desks in the library, and you take a seat next to him, slapping the huge law book on the table
- you sit next to him and say “alright, we’re going to go through the first chapter today. we’ll take things slow until—are you listening?”
- it’s been like two minutes and junhui’s already dozing off you’re like are you kidding me??
- junhui says “can we study somewhere else?? i mean…. i know the library’s the ideal study place, but it’s so gloomy in here….. it doesn’t motivate me to study”
- you cross your arms and ask “oh really? where would you rather study then?”
- junhui jumps out of his seat and holds out a hand for you to take and says “let’s head down to the ballroom!”
- you raise an eyebrow and ask “…ballroom?” and junhui says “yeah!! it’s a wide, open space that’s always so bright because of the sun!! let’s study there!!” and he nudges his hand for you to take
- you look down at his hand and push it away, saying “i’m pretty sure i can get there without having to hold your hand, junhui” and junhui is shocked because wow ANYONE would die just for a chance to hold his hand
- while walking towards the ballroom, he notices “hey wait!! you dropped the “prince”!!”
- you sassily say “you’re my student, so if i want to drop the “prince”, i’ll drop it”
- he has on a smirk on his face after hearing your words because you know what?? you’re pretty interesting…..
- you get to the ballroom, and your mouth falls open in awe because he wasn’t kidding when he said it was a wide, open space with the sun shining through the windows
- you turn to him and say “so is this better for you??” and he says “muuuch better”
- junhui gets some servants to set up a desk in the ballroom (they were like um what. but you know, whatever prince junhui says)
- while waiting for them, you take this chance to walk over to the grand piano sitting near the corner of the room
- junhui notices this and sits on the bench, saying “i know how to play a bit, do you want to hear??” and with a straight face, you say “we have some studying to do”
- but he says “i know, but while we’re waiting for the desk and chairs, let me play a little something for my wonderful teacher” and you roll your eyes at this
- his fingers run across the keyboard, hitting the black and white keys, and you’re actually so…. amazed by his talent….. and he’s playing a song that sounds so familiar
- before you know it, you’re singing along and junhui almost messes up because your voice is so beautiful
- the servants all enter the room to find you both by the piano and they just kind of look at each other like ohhhh this is going to be the start of something new isn’t it?
- when the song ends, junhui softly asks “would you…. sing again?”
- your face turns red upon realizing what just happened and you say “uhhh sorry nope, we have some work to do”
- the prince just looks up at you with a soft expression and asks “one more time?” and this gives you an idea
- you tell him “you know what? how about a deal? memorize two chapters in the law book and i’ll sing for you as you play the piano again”
- and junhui LOVES the idea, you’re nothing like his past teachers who were too serious to even have a decent conversation with…..
- he says “two chapters? psh that’s nothing, i’ll get those done in two seconds”
- the servants cough behind you, and when you turn around, they have the desks and chairs all set up
- junhui thanks the servants and takes a seat, saying “well hurry up then!! let’s get to work” and you’re like hmm well that was easier than i thought
- since then, you’ve been making deals with junhui to get him to study or learn anything required of a prince
- “i’ll teach you sword-fighting if you attend that meeting”
- “i’ll teach you horse-back riding if you study these chapters”
- “i’ll teach you martial arts if you attend that royal event”
- junhui always does what you tell him to because he at least has something to look forward to by the end of it
- by that, you think he means that you’re going to be teaching him something he actually wants to do, but no…..
- they’re just excuses to see your smile every time he gets a question right, to hear that you’re proud of him and believe that he’s going to be a good king one day….. those are what he looks forward to the most
- and eventually….. junhui starts doing things without having to make deals with you
- after another day of teaching, the king and queen ask for you and they thank you nonstop because junhui has been behaving like an actual prince and he’s thoroughly informed of all that’s going on in the country thanks to your help
- the queen says that he really is fit for the role of king now, but you say “your majesty, he always was”
- the next day, you tell junhui that you guys are taking a day off of studying as reward for his hard work
- junhui says “a day off?? so do i get to pick what we do??” and you say “oh yeah sure, what do you have in mind??”
- he says “we’re going to the village” but you say “THE VILLAGE?? BUT YOU CAN’T—” and junhui says “SH!!! i’ve been there a couple of times before, don’t worry” and you’re like omg so this isn’t the first time??
- you both sneak past guards and junhui senses your nervousness, so he tells you “don’t worry, a few of them know about me sneaking out, they’ll cover for us”
- when you get to the village, you’re so amazed to find out that EVERYONE knows him
- he’s greeting the bakers and the merchants, helping others with simple things like setting up their stands and other kind gestures
- he buys you humble pies and bread from bakeries, and shows you around, telling you stories about the people and himself
- you’ve never seen a prince or royalty for that matter caring for their people as much as junhui
- but what warms your heart the most is seeing him interact with the little children
- the kids are all climbing up his shoulders or asking to be carried by him or asking him to play ball with them, and you laugh at the sight because it’s so cute how happy he looks around the children
- and in that moment….. you know you’ve fallen for junhui
- one of the little girls sees you smiling at him and she points at you and asks “prince junhui!! who are they?? are they your s/o??”
- all the kids then turn in your direction and you can feel your face BURNING at her question
- junhui just smirks at you and says “if they’d accept me” and you’re like “JUNHUI I SWEAR”
- but he just laughs and tells the kids that it’s time to go home because it’s sunset and it’ll be dark soon
- while walking back to the palace, you say “junhui…. how often do you go to the village?”
- junhui shrugs and says “i go whenever i can, i usually sneak off when my parents are out of town or in a meeting”
- you ask “why do you go there?” and junhui hesitates before continuing “the villagers, they….. make me feel like i’m part of a family”
- you ask “what do you mean?” and he answers “i mean…. i know my parents are busy ruling the kingdom and all, but…. they left me all alone”
- you stay quiet and he says “do you know why i’m such a troublemaker?? it’s so that they’d notice me. before that, i was all alone. they actually started talking to me when i did crazy things. it took all this to get their attention.”
- junhui continues “if i did what i was told from the start aka act like an actual prince, i’d be ignored because i’d be doing exactly what they wanted. for once…. i wanted them to think of me.”
- after hearing his story, you hold out a hand for him to take, just like how he held out his on the first day of meeting you
- you smile up at him, and with a smile as well, he takes your hand and you both walk back to the palace holding hands
- neither of you say word….. your hand in his is enough to tell him that everything’s all right
- the next morning, you and junhui meet up in the ballroom, but the desk you both usually study on is nowhere in sight
- junhui asks “uhhh are we going to be sitting on the floor or what??” and you say “no, today’s lesson is ballroom dancing”
- he repeats “ballroom dancing??” and you say “that’s right. is there a problem?? trust me, if you can do that painful martial arts-looking dancing, you can do this”
- you get into position, placing junhui’s hand on your waist while the other is holding your hand
- you place a hand on his shoulder and say “okay, you lead. look down at my feet for a second, these are the steps….”
- junhui steps on your feet a couple of times, but he’s a fast learner so he perfects it quickly and you guys are gliding across the ballroom before you know it
- he says “hmm it’s a bit boring without any music…..” and you say “i agree, should we call the musicians??”
- junhui shakes his head and says “no….. instead…. i’d rather listen to you sing”
- and you do, you sing softly as you and junhui dance across the room and near the end of the song, junhui slows his pace and looks into your eyes as he moves closer and closer
- you manage to sing the last few words of the song before closing your eyes
- and in that ballroom, right then and there….. you and junhui kiss
- but you can’t believe how bad the timing is because….. tomorrow’s your last day…. you have to leave
- when you pull away, you’re about to say it, but somehow, junhui knows
- he says “don’t go. stay here…. with me.”
- you know that he’s a prince and that a love story between you two could never be, but….. you want to take this chance
- you ask “but junhui… aren’t you supposed to date royalty?”
- he just pulls you closer and smirks “when have i ever followed the rules?”
- and you just laugh as he kisses you again
- the servants who have been shipping you from the start smile at the scene because finally….. it’s been so long since they’ve seen prince junhui truly happy


Beast! Adam x reader

a/n: so this one was a lot of fun and i’m so proud of it.


Word Count: 1616

Warnings: Maybe language but I don’t think so. Maybe Hell . IDK

Hii ! I’ve seen that the requests are open :) may I ask a one-shot for beauty and the beast where the reader is a peasant and the village believes she’s a witch ( maybe bc she survived the plague while a lot of other people died ) so she refugees at the castle and starts to discover what is going on there and dunno … just let fly your imagination for me 😂😘

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half a yellow sun

Summary: “Do you come here often?” asks Gamora, tilting her head.

“No,” says the girl. “I’m just here waiting for my dumb friend Peter.”

The birds coo.

“Would you believe me,” says Gamora, “if I told you that I, too, am here waiting for my dumb friend Peter.”

I had this thought last night and after a month of writers block i sat down and wrote the whole thing in two sittings God Bless America. i guess like it’s set right before infinity war??? idk i took a couple details from the teaser trailer and also HOW PURE WAS SPIDERMAN HOMECOMING here have an obscure fic where gamora and michelle jones hang out on a bench. @ygrittebardots and @taxicabsandcupcakes u both shamelessly encouraged me to write this so im tagging you. title is from chimamanda ngozi adichie’s book which is have been meaning to read forever and sounds like something MJ would read. enjoy!

There’s a girl sitting on the bench beside her, her nose buried in a paper-bound book.

Gamora resists the urge to look over curiously and scope out its cover and pages; she hasn’t seen pressed paper since a mission on an old Xandarian moon outpost nearly ten years ago, and it’s not like she thinks back on that experience with fondness. It’s just – information is more easily stored in mechanized databanks. Everyone knows this.

Gamora cannot help but think that Terrans have a stubborn tendency to do things for the sake of sentiment instead of practicality. For the first time since they touched down on Terra, Gamora thinks that in this, Peter reflects his home planet absurdly well.

In other things – he’s been gone for a long time, is what Gamora has let her thoughts settle on. He hasn’t said anything, but – it’s Peter. He’s not an awkward person by nature, but she’s known him a long time by now, and she’s trained to be observant, and it becomes more evident by the second that he’s out of his depth. It’s in the erratic flick of his eyes, widening from point to point and landmark to landmark, skating up buildings and narrowing at transport vehicles. Cars, he’d called them, she remembers, and files away the knowledge that Terran technology advances swiftly. It’s in the way he holds his arms, close to his sides when he thinks no one is looking at him, and the exaggerated swagger to his walk that she stops herself from calling out because she’s had it mentally categorized as a defensive mechanism from roughly the third minute after she met him.

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Quiet Village

Gaston x Reader

This is the second addition to my little series. Here is the first.

Thank you all for your positive feedback, this is now my second imagine I’ve ever written I hope you all enjoy. 

I’m also accepting requests so don’t be shy. Please be patient with me for I am busy with work and other social commitments, Part 3 should be out around tomorrow night (maybe). 

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,280

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In search of the Aurora Borealis (pt. 01)

Pairing: Taehyung | Reader 
Word Count: 23.1k 
Genre: WildlingTaehyungAU, Angst, Fluff & Smut (in the next part)

A/N: So… Hehehe, this is the result of me getting a bit carried away once again. It was so long I had to part it in two parts (which I hate doing) The second part will be up soon ;)

Summary: In which a young Princess of Greyria has to exchange her freedom for the sake of her kingdom, and marry a quiet and mysterious wildling whose eyes were made for contemplating the Aurora Borealis.

Pt. 01  | Pt. 02  | Tales of Greyria

“Nan! Nan!” the young girl shouted, running towards her grandmother through the tall grass.

“Oh, I think it’s time to cut this grass,” the old woman said, seeing his granddaughter almost completely hidden by the grass.

“Nan,” the girl was out of breath when she arrived to where her grandmother was ploughing the land, preparing it for her small vegetable patch.

“What’s wrong, love?” the old woman said, taking off his gloves and focusing all her attention on the young girl.

“Nothing Nan, ” she said. “I… Well, I finished my tasks and I was wondering…”

The girl suddenly became shy. After that story her grandmother had told her, she wanted to know what had happened to Greyria. She hadn’t stopped thinking about it since then, and she couldn’t stop dreaming about those green fields and that magnificent castle her grandmother had described to her. She could sometimes even smell the freshly baked bread or hear the sound of the waves, at that secret beach.

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ldyglfr62  asked:

My birthday is May 16. I would love a fic that features Age!Gap Everlark with Katniss 5 - 10 years older than Peeta. M or E rating. Thanks for running this fabulous web site.

Originally posted by mister-pulido

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, @ldyglfr62! Your gift - the penultimate offering from everlarkbirthdaydrabbles, was written just for you by @xerxia31. We hope you enjoy!

When Irish Eyes are Smiling

rated M, for language and adult situations.

It’s not completely unexpected, but it’s still a shock to see it. Thick, expensive card stock, pale pink with roses and their names embossed in gold.

Madge Undersee and Gale Hawthorne, along with their families, request the honour of your presence at their wedding…

I’m happy for them, I truly am. I’m just still kind of shocked that after nine years together, it took Gale less than three months to marry my replacement.

It’s not like I thought Gale and I would ever marry each other, even if our friends all expected it. And our breakup was completely mutual. But that he moved on so fast is kind of a slap.

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Moondance - Cap Reverse Big Bang

Stucky, M, 30k words, A03. Canon compliant through CACW; canon divergent.

Artist:  @araniaart and on A03
Author: @flowerfan2 and on A03

Summary:  Steve and Bucky are faced with a new challenge after Bucky is poisoned during a mission; it changes his behavior and his body in increasingly perplexing ways.  Bucky struggles with telling Steve what’s going on, but when Steve finds out his secret, it seems like things will be okay anyway… until they’re not.

 Or the one where Bucky’s a werecat.  Steve thinks it’s hot, at least until he realizes he could lose Bucky for good.

Many thanks to Arania for working with me and creating the amazing artwork that inspired me, to @perryavenue for being the world’s best beta, and to everyone at @capreversebb for running this great challenge.


See Chapter 1 (NSFW) under the cut or read it all on A03.

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Do you want to build a snowman? ~Carlos imagine

A/N:I’m so sorry guys, that I didn’t upload anything for a long time, but school is really hard for me now. Although I just started a school year a month ago they already are preparing us to final exams, because it’s my last year of junior high school. I really hope you would like it, send me your feedback! I try to write some ships this weekend, and hopefully, another chapter of ‘I’m wishing’ series! ^^

Request by anon: Hey there new blogger! I like what you write, but could you maybe write something for Carlos? Idk, a daughter of Anna, which means she’s a princess, but since she is also daughter of Kristoff, she knows what it’s like to have to work hard for what you want, unlike most of the others princesses. And then, when Carlos meets her he thinks she’s a brat, but later he stops hating her and love happens. If you can do it, thnx! If you don’t wanna, thank you as well! 😘😘😘  

Originally posted by bahtwoman

Shortly after Carlos arrived in Auradon with his friends, all the children from the royal families irritated him. They were always smiling, they wanted to talk about senseless things and stubbornly tried to make friends with them. All the girls dressed in pink dresses made him sick.

As time passed, when he realized that these people only wanted to help and didn’t have bad intentions, all of this stopped disturbing him. He understood that they were raised differently than he and that he wanted to be good. So when they gave up their plan of giving the wand to their parents, and Mal’s mother didn’t threaten the kingdom anymore, Carlos was almost friends with everyone. Except one person.

Among all the people who once irritated him, he still couldn’t stand one person. Princess [Y/N]. Worst, most smiling and most joyful of all the girls Carlos has had the pleasure to meet so far. There wasn’t a single day for this girl to stop smiling. And she never give up. She set herself the main goal of making friends with the children of the island, even if not all of them wanted to.

Carlos had no idea why the girl was so attached to his pack. Her family was known throughout the kingdom and the girl was proud of it. Her mother-princess Anna, red-haired heroine. Father, Prince Kristoff, who if he hadn’t married a princess, he wouldn’t have got that title and would continue to sell ice. And finally the most famous of the three, Queen Elsa. A solid but warm woman with the magical power that everyone were jealous of.

Carlos did everything he could to avoid the princess and it was getting easier when autumn came. On the outside was getting colder so he could stay with Jay in his room without any excuses. Sitting on his bed with a laptop on his lap, he tried to focus on his homework until someone knocked on the door and didn’t wait for an answer, went inside.

“Hi guys!” You greeted boys cheerfully, holding hands in pockets of your waistcoat. Carlos looked at you and rolled his eyes. You ignored his gesture and nervously walked up to the boys, knocking the heels of your boots with joy. “Ben and Chad are on the field and they decided to do extra training - I thought you might like to join us?”

Jay already wanted to answet when Carlos closed his laptop loudly. He quickly licked his lips and looked at your hair, braided in two braids. He laughed ironically, thinking about how much you wanted to be like your mother. “I’m surprised you can think of anything at all, but do it more often, because sometimes it’s good to wait until someone agrees to get you in.”

“Carlos” Jay hissed softly, glaring dangerously at his friend. The boy ignored his warnign and got up from his bed taking his dog to his hands, saying further. “And besides, no, thank you, I will not join you. What are you doing out there anyway? You’re just a messenger, or a good friend who’s been cheering on her friends? ”

Your cheeks were red, but you hoped the boy didn’t notice. You were accustomed to his boorish and annoying comments, but you still felt that if he wanted, he could have been more sympathetic. You just have to show him that you don’t have bad intentions.

“No, I play with them. Evie and Mal will join us in a moment, so I didn’t want you two to sit here alone.”

Carlos laughed briefly and sat down on the couch, turning on the TV. “I wouldn’t refuse to spend time with such a beautiful girl like you [Y/N]” Jay quickly took his jacket and moved his mouth, to gave you a sign that you don’t have to care about his friend is behaviour.

“Have fun! Watch your nails so you don’t have to paint them again later.” Carlos shouted at the end. Jay slammed the door loudly and gave you a shoulder so you could lean on him and you two together walked up the stairs. “I have no idea why he is so stubborn,” he said, improving his long hair. “But give him time. I’m sure he’ll change his mind about you soon.”

“Hopefully,” you answered, smiling gently. It was very harmful that even though you made no mistake, Carlos never changed his behavior. You were damned stubborn and wouldn’t let go until all the children from the island didn’t feel in Auradon like at home.

At lunch you quickly dressed up your scarf, fastened your vest buttons and held a box of chocolates in your hand. It wasn’t cold, but in spite of all, you shook in the wind looking for your friends. Somewhere in the middle of all the tables in the grass, you saw Mal, who waved at you with a hand in a purple glove. You quickly defeated the path that separated you, waving all the way to greet your other friends.

Carlos was watching you all the time and couldn’t refrain from malice. “The Queen in her natural environment, she couldn’t just sit elsewhere and not pay any attention to herself. It wasn’t you Mal that talked about how much you wouldn’t like to be in the company of any of the pretty pink princesses?” The freckled boy asked his friend, slightly tillting his head. Mal opened her mouth to answer him when she notice that you was standing behind him. Carlos turned his head and snorted. “Please remind me why we agree everyday to have lunch with you.”

You bite your lips tightly, pretending that his words didn’t hurt you. “Because,” you started talking, sitting carefully on the bench next to Carlos. “Except of you, nobody mind my company, and I always bring something sweet.”

You smiled sweetly and opened a plastic box full of chocolates. Evie, Mal and Jay immediately reached for sweets, accustomed to being able to take them without asking.

“Come on.” you said, rolling the box closer to Carlos, seeing his eyes shining for chocolate. “My aunt sent them recently from Arendelle. I specially asked for a little more than the last time.”

Carlos reached for one chocolate and held it for a long time in his fingers. “Great.” he said. “You don’t only make my life unhappy, but now you claim that I’m undernourished.”

He threw the chocolate back into the box and took his things off the bench. “For your mind princess, my mother may not have been a good parent, but she fed me well enough that I didn’t die of starvation, although not every one of us could eat sweets every day.”

He finished his sentence and went away, leaving all four of you stunned.

The next day you decided to stop. Give yourself a moment to try to make friends with Carlos. You decided that you would give him time and you would stop trying so hard to spend time with him, or maybe he would get accustomed to your presence among his friends. In the morning you only greeted him, and then you went to class with Evie. You sat together in a bench, still yawning. You leaned your head on the girl’s shoulder, listening to the teacher’s chatter when something catch your attention at the end of the lesson. You raised your head and whispered quietly to the girl. “Evie, look. Snow. It’s snowing.”

It was only a matter of time when all the students looked out the window and saw the light white flakes falling slowly to the ground. Everyone stood up from the benches and ran to the windows, looking at the first snow this year. Evie squeezed your hand “My first winter in Auradon, oh my god, I can’t wait.  Do you know how to ice skate [Y/N]?” she asked, pulling one of your braids behind your back.

“Of course!” You answered with a smile. “I know it sounds pathetic considering my family background, but I love winter, sleigh riding, ice skating, building snowmans and God, of course I love Christmas! I wonder if my mom knows that snow is falling here. I don’t know about the weather in Arendelle, but I hope it’s as beautiful as here. ”

Evie listened attentively until Carlos stood beside you, saying “Why it doesn’t surprise me?”

You turned to him and nearly hit your friend with your braids. “Excuse me?”

“Come on, go get your jacket, gloves and go do the igloo, or have fun with something else you’ve been doing all your life. You know how Evie and I spent the winter on the island? Worrying about whether we would be warm in home and how we would steal food. While you were running around the palace, riding down the railing of the stairs, we were worried if we would survive, but you have no idea about it, and you will never have. ”

You stood by the window stunned like never before, unable to believe what Carlos had just said. You were very happy that none of the students except your three didn’t listen to the conversation, because in every second your heart beat faster.

“Why are you always doing this?” you ask. “Why do you always think that everything I say to you is insulting or harmful? I never wanted to offend any of you and I would never do that. You’re right, I have no idea how it’s to live on the island, but I want you to know how it’s to living here.”

“And who are you to make our lives better, huh?” Carlos stood up against you. “You pretend to be holy and you want to be a big heroine, just because your mother went off to the top of the mountain with a village idiot to bring her crazy sister to the palace. Are you proud of your family? Your mom is a living failure, father- uneducated, ordinary salesman, and your aunt- let’s face it. She is just a witch, who should land on the island by law.”

Silnce reigned in the room. Nobody spoke a word. You knew everyone would surely hear what Carlos had just said. The school bell rang, so all of them nervously walked away from the windows, took their stuff, and began to leave the room. “What have you just said about my family?” You asked in shock. Tears flowed to your eyes. Carlos took his bag and left you alone with Evie under the window, shouting at you from the door “Don’t pretend you didn’t hear.”

You felt anger flowing in your veins. That was too much. You liked this boy, maybe you had a little crush on him, but now he definitely exaggerated. Furiously, you took your things fast and ran out of the classroom as Carlos walked slowly down the corridor. “I asked what you just said about my family?"You  yelled and pushed Carlos on the school lockers.

There was a bang and the boy looked at you confused. "Let’s explain something” you started dropping your bag to the ground. “Maybe my mother is a princess, but she hasn’t put her nose out of the palace for all her life. She lived imprisoned and didn’t know the world at all, and yet she went out alone to bring her sister home. ”

Carlos swallowed loudly as he watched as you approached him more and more. “My dad didn’t grow up in the royal family, but your mom didn’t too. He was raised away from the people, so he take any work, to make some cash. He was working really hard and despite that he never had enough money he never felt worse from anyone.”

You were now so close to the boy that you could freely count the freckles on his nose, but you continued talking. You have unleashed all your frustration and anger that you’ve been holding for weeks. “My aunt is not a witch, she is the queen, who was only twenty-one years old, unable to cope with the power that no one else knew. She didn’t want to hurt anyone, and certainly not her people and her loved ones.”

Carlos moved his hands nervously, clutching the lockers to which he was pressed. “Maybe they are not perfect” you countinued “But no one is. Instead, they taught me everything that is important in life, and I regret that your mother couldn’t show you what my family showed me. ”

You stepped back to the boy and you were glad to find that it was the first time he blushed with embarrassment. You had a great hope that you were the one who made him foolish by what he did. You took the first person at hand and walked down the corridor to your room.

It was almost lunch time when the snow covered the entire school yard. By lack of willingness and a lot of duties, you kindly asked the service to bring dinner to your room. You were sitting at your desk doing homework, occasionally looking at the picture in a frame on which Aunt Elsa kissed you on one cheek, and your mom on the other. If you could only now let them know how great you stood today in their defense, you would have already listened to how proud they are both. A knock on your door knocked you out of your thoughts. Confident that it was your meal you opened the door wide with a smile, not expecting to see Carlos there.

The boy stood in front of you, nervously licking his lips. He saw you in simple black t-shirt, gray tracksuit and dissolved hair. Without braids, waistcoats and boots with royal designs of Arendelle. He blushed and wasn’t able to tell if it was embarrassment or because he especially liked what you looked like.

He opened his mouth to say something when you closed the door to his nose. He was the last person you wanted to see in your room. “Come on [Y/N]!” Carlos moaned steadily. You stood on the other side of the door leaning back against your back, listening to what he had to say. “I just want to talk.”

“So let’s talk.” you said, crossing your arms to your chest. You heard a boy sigh on the other side and you could swear that he is improving his hair because of his frustration. “Look, I know I acted like an asshole. I have no excuse for what I did, or why I was doing it, I just … I don’t know I thought you were different.”

You continued listening, pressing your ear to the door, because the boy started spoking quietly. “So far I only consider you as a dissolved brat, but today you showed that you can fight like a real villain. Just give me another chance okay? I can go with you anywhere you want, eat with you any chocolate, just please open the door.”

You chucked softly, covering your mouth with your hand so Carlos wouldn’t hear you. You couldn’t believe that boy finally changed his mind. You held your hand on the doorknob, wondering if you could actually give him a chance until Carlos asked. “Damn, I can even go build a snowman with you!”

You immediately opened the door, staring at him with wide open eyes, smiling slightly. “Did you really say that?”

“It worked?” The boy asked smiling wide.

You wondered a moment, then quickly began to dress your boots, while binding the scarf with one hand. “Go for your jacket.”

“What?” Carlos asked confused.

“I told you to go for a jacket, and of course, for gloves. If we want to make a snowman, it’s probably not a best idea to do it with bare hands. ”

You closed the door from your room and hurried to the stairs, leaving Carlos alone in the corridor. You didn’t know that he had the biggest smile on his face, since a long time.

anonymous asked:

Omg I'm in love w/ Readerxgaston❤Could you do one where gaston gets into a fight and he and his opponent agree to a truce but then the opponent suddenly turns back and shoots an arrow and gaston. But the reader jumps in front of gaston and pushes him out of the way taking the hit herself saving his life. Gaston is furious that someone would hurt the reader and terrified she won't wake up and feels guilty cos he feels he should be protecting her. She wakes up, he confesses his feelings. Thanks! X

Pairing: Gaston x Reader
Fandom: Disney / Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Warnings: mentions of blood

A/N: gaaah, thank you for liking the gaston stories my love, I hope you’re happy with what I wrote for your request as well!

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT!!! My best friend decided to beta read my stories because she’s awesome and a talented beta reader so if any of you were annoyed by my grammar mistakes (because lbr, wtf is grammar) fear no more, my bestie will do her best to find all the mistakes I made <33


They’ve been at it for at least two hours now, fighting back and forth. And it didn’t look like they’d stop anytime soon.

The villagers had gathered around them, so the two of them were standing in a circle, surrounded by so many prying eyes.

You just wanted it to stop. You didn’t want anything to happen to Gaston, even though you knew that he could take care of himself.

“Come to an end, for god’s sake. We all have things to do!” one of the villagers yelled.

You rolled your eyes. No one forced them to watch, after all.

Suddenly, Gaston’s opponent put the sword back in his sheath and nodded.

“I think he’s right. Truce? At least for today?” he held out his hand for Gaston to take.

He hated leaving fights unfinished, but the best strategy right now was to retreat and end the battle another day, so the two of them shook hands and Gaston turned around, same as his opponent, both of them walking in different directions.

Back to back.

While Gaston tried to make his way through the barricade of the villagers, his opponent suddenly turned around again, with an evil smile on his lips that made you shudder.

Everything that happened next felt like a blur.

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Fluff Friday, May 26th| fox fire

tfw when you crawl out of hell to participate in @thefreckledone and @vesperlionheart ‘s Fluff Friday(s) 

(I have so much respect for them it’s not even funny, every time someone asks me how/why I started writing I tell them a super exciting story about three brilliant writers and if you read their work, you will be BLESSED and inspired its like MAGIC) 

Prompt(s): ghibli, runaway

Pairing: madasaku

there was only one thing in my heart while writing this and that was Kamisama Hajimemashita :((

She was a terrible person, she was sure of it.

Sakura pulled her knees in tighter, trying to merge with the rough bark of the tree that sheltered her from the rain. Her eyes were wet, not from the raindrops but from the guilt of what she had done.

 A tiny part of her told her she hadn’t had a choice, that Ino would be out of there soon enough and Ino was the one who told her to run. Her fingers curled around a broken arrow. It was better than nothing.

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The Other Side of the Ocean


Rhode Island is for … friends

Taylor stops at the crosswalk, the two handles of the stroller firmly in her grasp, as she looks both directions for the absence of approaching cars. Blake stands next to her in a flowy white peasant dress, her hair tucked under a large wicker sunhat.

“Okay James,” Taylor says, as she pushes the two-year-old into the street, “we’re almost to the horsies!” Two-year-old James is curled up in her stroller, sucking on her thumb, wearing heart-shaped pink sunglasses, hair in a short ponytail, and a matching two-piece skort and t-shirt.

“Haw-sies!” James cries out, her thumb coming out of her mouth just long enough to cry out. “Haw-sies!” she says again, pointing across the street at the spinning carousel.  

Blake laughs and turns to Taylor as they reach the other side of the two-lane road. “It sounded like she said ‘hussies’!”

Taylor giggles and her eyes dance from behind her red-framed sunglasses. “That is on the *other* side of town,” she smirks. “I can take you there later if you wanna go…”

The two women laugh again, and as baby James overhears, she joins in with her mother and friend, giggling loudly too.

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Valhalla is where you are - Part 3

Imagine: You and Björn are childhood friend who have separated ways when Lagertha left Ragnar. Years later you and Björn reunite and your love for eachother as friends starts to take a turn.

1 | 2

Words: 1862

Timeline: Situated around S02E05

Request by: Anonymous

Tags: Violence

Björn pushed open the heavy, wooden doors. Music and the smell of ale drifted towards the both of you as you entered the room where the feast was being held. “Björn, my dear friend.” You saw Floki running towards you and you raised an eyebrow in suspense. Floki giggled and leaned towards you to touch your face before he turned to Björn. “Why are you so late boy? The feast doesn’t wait for latecomers. Not even the first son of Ragnar Lothbrok.” Björn looked at you before he answered Floki. “We were..” But he didn’t even get the chance to finish his sentence. Floki grabbed the cup of ale which Helga brought and pressed it into Björn’s hands. “I don’t care, boy. Drink.” Again that typical giggle. Björn grinned and put the cup of ale to his lips. “All of it.” Floki commanded and Björn did so. Helga put her hand gentle on Björn’s shoulder. “We are so happy you are back.” She said and stroke over the back of his head. “Aren’t we, y/n?” Helga turned towards you and smiled sincere. “Ofcourse we are.” You said and nodded your head. It was strange, having people such as Floki and Helga talking to you. You weren’t a servant, but you weren’t a famous villager either. The influence Björn had on you and on your surroundings was unimaginable, even although he just got back from being gone for years. “Your father is waiting.” Helga said and pointed towards a long table at the end of the room. In the middle sat Ragnar, to his left sat Lagertha and to his right there was Aslaug. Björn looked at you and nodded in the direction of the table. “Are you coming with me?” he asked as he leaned towards you. “If you want me to.” - “Don’t be so crazy. Ofcourse I want you with me.” He said with a smile and started to walk towards his father. There was a certain distance between the both of you. A distance that hadn’t been there a few minutes ago when you were still in your bedroom. But you understood it, it wasn’t easy for Björn to show it to the people of Kattegat so fast. First he had to make sure some things for himself before he could focus one hundred percent on you. But the way he looked at you, the little smiles, the subtle touches, it made you feel warm inside. And maybe, very maybe it was even more exciting this way. It was a secret, your secret.
You arrived in front of the table where the tree high-placed people sat. Respectfully you bowed your head a little and felt how Björn was watching you when you did so. “You must eat Björn, if you want to become as fierce as your father.” Ragnar said with a grin on his face. On his lap sat Ubbe, munching on a chicken leg. Hvitserk was sitting with Aslaug. “I will, father.” Björn answered and smilled. After that he made preparative to walk to the table next to theirs. “You did well today.” Ragnar said at last and Björn looked over his shoulder to his father. You could see the little smile appear on his face, the way he looked up to his father was unimaginable. “But like I said, you have got a lot to learn.” Lagertha sighed and looked aside towards Ragnar. She had an irritated glance on her face. Lagertha gestured to you and Björn to walk further, and when the both of you were out of hearing distance you saw her talking to her ex-husband. “What is she saying?” you asked Björn carefully. “My mother doesn’t like the things my father already is expecting of me.” You hummed in an understanding way. “And what do you think?” Björn shrugged his shoulders as he took place at the table. You sat right next to him. “I don’t care what I have to do. I just want to make my father proud.” He admitted and started to fill his plate. “You did Björn. And you will make him even more proud when the time comes.” Björn turned his head towards you and smiled. “Time will tell.” He said and put a hand beneath the table on your leg. Softly he stroke over the edge of the skirt you were wearing and felt some of your bare skin. When he saw you shiver he raised his eyebrows in a teasing way and took his hand back. “Now eat.” He commanded you in a gentle way and put some food on your plate also.
The tables with food had emptied as the time passed by. Just as the barrels with ale had. The mood in the room had become much looser than before. People were dancing, yelling, making music and making out in the corners of the room. There were even some fools running with their bare feet over the smoldering coals of the fireplace. You and Björn were laughing with an elder viking who told a stupid joke. A joke that wouldn’t have been funny if he’d told it an hour ago. But the alcohol in your veins worked in his advantage. Björn held a fork in his hand and stabbed it into the oaken wooden table from laughter. “Aslaug is watching you, Björn.” It was a voice you recognized, but Björn didn’t. “And I don’t think she likes you ruining her furniture.” Behind you had appeared a tall guy. He held his firm arms crossed over each other as he watched Björn. You held your breath an stood up from the bench you were sitting on. Immediately Björn looked at you in a questioning way. “This is..” you tried to say with an unsteady tone in your voice. It was quite clear you weren’t at ease. “Oh, you didn’t introduce me to him yet? Am I not important enough, y/n?” Björn also stood up which made the bench move a little backwards. You could see he felt intimidated by the appearance of the boy he didn’t knew, so he wasn’t planning on staying put. “Y/n?” Björn said to you with a frown on his eyebrows as he looked at the guy in front of him. He wanted to know from you who he was. “Kettil.” The guy introduced himself before you could do so. “And why are you worth introducing?” Björn asked Kettil with a deep, raspy undertone in his voice. Kettil laughed and put his hand on your shoulder. “Well..” - “Get your filthy hands off me.” You snapped at him immediately and pushed his hand away from your body. Kettil frowned his eyebrows and did a step forward towards you, obviously not entertained by your gesture. But before he could lay any finger on you again, Björn stepped in between. “Walk by.” He warned Kettil, even though he didn’t exactly knew what was going on. “You really think you can just appear back in Kattegat after all these years and immediately claim everything as your own?” Björn shook his head when Kettil spoke those empty words. “I am not claiming anything.” He snarled and made himself taller to protect you. “You are claiming y/n.” Kettil scoffed and pushed Björn to his shoulder in a warning way. Björn had to take a step backwards by the force Kettil used. So he bumped into you but prevented you from falling by wrapping his arm around you. When he stood stable on his feet again he looked at you in a questioning way. “Don’t listen to him Björn. He is manipulating you just as he manipulated me.”
“He did what?” Björn asked, felt the anger flood through his veins. Anger that was all pointed to Kettil. “He assaulted me.” You whispered quite ashamed. There was no time for details. You saw how Kettil’s eyes filled with rage when you told Björn. “Watch out!” You yelled to Björn, warning him for Kettil that stormed your way. Björn immediately responded by bursting his shoulder in the sternum of Kettil. The young Viking gasped for breath and grasped for his neck searching for fresh air. But Björn didn’t stop, there was a sort of rage in him you’d never seen before. It looked like he was going to protect you as if it were the last thing on eath he’d do. He grabbed Kettil by his troat, threw him backwards on another table filled with food. The people who sat there jumped aside and the cutlery and food flew round. People were starting to gather around the fight. They were clapping their hands, shouted encouraging. Eventually Kettil managed to crawl on his feet again and looked at Björn while trying to catch his breath. “Leave.” Björn commanded with a raw voice. “Or you are going to regret it.” Kettil laughed sarcasticly from the other side of the table. “Are threats all you have got, Björn Ragnarsson?” And that was the trigger. Björn ran towards the table that stood in between him and Kettil. Agile he jumped on it and ran towards his enemy. You turned away your face, tried not to look what was going to happen. Kettil grabbed a knife from the table and held it up at the same time Björn jumped upon him. The blade cut shallow in the skin on Björn’s flank. He muttered softly, but didn’t stop attacking Kettil. He pushed the guy to the ground, sat right above him as he clenched his hands into fists. It was after he gave him a few firm hits with his fists he felt someone pulling him away from the guy. Vidar “Björn.” He yelled to get some sense in him and stop him from whacking Kettil. Björn growled as he was pulled him away from his enemy. “Let go of me.” Björn shouted and tried to escape Vidar’s grip on him. In the meantime Kettil got back on his feet. His eyes were swollen, from his nose ran two trickles of blood. You took a few steps back when you saw him look at you with his face full of blood. “He harmed her dignity.” Björn told your brother. Immediately he released his grip on Björn and looked at you. “Is this true, y/n?” For a second you looked at the ground, ashamed that this had become so public. “Yes.” You whispered. Vidar laughed full disbelief, a dark smile as he turned his head to Kettil. “You’re going to pay for this.” And with those words Vidar threw himself on Kettil. In the meantime Björn came towards you. Carefully he put his arm around you to made you feel safe. “Let me get you out of here.” You nodded and felt a tear run down your cheek. Björn tried to sooth you by pressing his lips to the side of your head. You buried your head to his chest as you walked towards the way out of the room. Björn looked over your head and caught the look of his father. Ragnar was standing up, Ubbe still on his arm. On his face there was a lopsided grin and slowly, almost invisible he nodded in approval.

Mexican Gold

Today was your last day of being a weapons buyer. You had taught your apprentice all she needed to know, and she had done you proud. A quick learner that oozed confidence was what you needed to replace you. However, as it was your last day, it meant it was your first day of being an actual Blackwatch agent.

Luckily it had come in time quick enough for you and Jesse to go on that bloody mission together. From studying the brief, it wasn’t too complicated; you had to travel to Dorado to take out a couple of Los Muertos members as they had been stirring up quite a bit of trouble. You, of course, have never killed anyone before. You bought in weapons. Not used them. Reyes had comforted you, saying you were supporting Jesse more than anything. That made it slightly better, but you still needed to prepare yourself for the worst. You are a part of Blackwatch after all.

You and Jesse had decided to meet in the mess hall to go over any final details before taking the dropship tomorrow to a small village outsite of Dorado.
“But what if we set up a trap here?” You emphasised, pointing at the map.
“Darlin’. That’s dumb. A doorway?”
“Yes, a doorway. What’s wrong with that?”
Jesse chuckled and sighed at the same time.
Because that is where we’re set up. I understand that y'all don’t want anybody coming in to where we are, but how’re we supposed to get out?”
You re-looked at the map, your finger still hovering over the doorway. You slammed your hand down on the map in exasperation.
Okay then, where would you put the trap?”

McCree brought his eyes up to meet yours. “I know you’re new to this.” His eyebrows furrowing slightly.
You raise an eyebrow, lips pursed.
“I know. I’m trying to understand all the strategies and tactics and-”
“It’s okay, doll. Really.”
He placed his hand calmly on top of yours. You felt comforted, as his hand engulfed yours. Your shoulders relaxed; you hadn’t realised how tense they were.
“So.. where would you put them then?”
Jesse grinned, gently brushing your hand towards you so it fell onto your lap. He pointed at the back entrace of the building your gear was to be stationed in. You cocked your head.
“Darlin’, think ‘bout it. If they find where we’re set up, they ain’t gonna be chargin’ through the front door, are they?”
You huffed. Annoyed that he was right.
“You’ll learn soon ‘nough.” A half smile forming on his face.
“Jesse..” You warned. He had gotten the hint plenty of times that you despised being patronised. He exaggerated rolling his eyes at you, still smiling. You tapped his hand lightly with yours, a slight frown forming on your brows.
“Okay, c'mon. Got'cha weapons set up?”
“Yes, sir.” You replied. You saw Jesse recoil slightly, cheeks tinged with pink. Amusement lit up your face. “Well I never though you would be into that.” You smirked.
Now it was his turn to frown. “Not now, (Y/N). We’re try'na work on a mission.”
“Not even trying to deny it?”
Jesse looked up at you, both hands flat on the table, you now having his undivided attention. “I can show you.” He growled.
“No, Jesse. We’re trying to work on a mission.” You stifled a chuckle. Your smile, however, faltered when you saw how dark his eyes had become. He was half standing, your positions making it so he cast a shadow from the fluorescent light in the room, towering over you.
“Now lil’ missy, are ya gonna listen or sit there gigglin’ like a schoolgirl?”
Your eyes widened. The palms in your lap became clammy as the laughter was wiped off of your face.
“I’m try'na help you. This is officially your first day in Blackwatch and you’re already attempting to take the piss outta ya superior?”
Your eyes became downcast, mouth downturned.
“Sorry, Jesse. I didn’t mean to-”
“Darlin’, look at me.”
You cautiously brought your eyes up to meet his. Your lips snarled and eyebrows creased when you were faced with a shit-eating grin.
Fuck you.”
Suddenly standing up, you pushed the bench out from underneath you. It screeched, even making Jesse flinch.
“I have had enough of your shit.” Your index finger pointed right his nose, him flicking between looking at you and going cross eyed to look at your finger. “The only reason I’m supporting you is because the head of Blackwatch asked me to.”
“Darlin’, I’m sorry-”
“Don’t you ’darling’ me.”
You snatched your hand back, face the epitome of thunder.
“I’ll see you at dawn.”
You stalked out.


Your duffel bag had been packed with the necessities for at least three days now. You were jittery from excitement, or was it nerves? You weren’t entirely sure. It was too early for your brain to be functioning properly; you needed a coffee and you needed it now. You still had to wait for McCree to turn up at the meeting point though before slipping off.

Yesterday’s meeting left a bitter taste in your mouth. It was all that kept running over in your mind.

Was I too harsh?

No. Maybe?

Should I apologise?

Absolutely. No, wait-

He should apologise to me!

He should, but come on, will he?

“Mornin’.” A heavy thud snapped you from your internal battle. McCree’s head was tilted to one side, eyes searching your face, hand loose by his side from where he had been holding his bag.
“G'morning,” you yawned. “Look, about yesterday-”
“I should'n'ta done what I did.”
“Tease me? Prank me?”
“I thought Reyes said you could handle me?”
“Don’t answer a question with a question.”
“Don’t avoid my question’ by try'na correct my grammar.”
You threw your hands up in mock surrender.
“I can’t be doing this now.”
You hastily bent down and grasped the handles of your bag, walking down the hangar hallway.

The dropship had been prepared for your four hour flight. Everything from nourishment to take with you on the mission to cards as entertainment. Your shoes clicked on the steel ramp to the entrance of ship.
“(L/N), (Y/N).”
“Welcome, Agent (Y/N).”
“Thanks, Athena.”
Your heart fluttered at the sound of hearing 'agent’ before your name. Athena had perked you up a bit.
“McCree, Jesse.”
“Welcome, Agent McCree.”

You scanned around the interior, finding a place to store your luggage. Jesse had the same idea, coming up behind you and waiting for you to be done. His hand brushed on top of yours to stop you from closing the locker so he could place his on the bottom shelf. You tutted, and made way for one of the seats around the edge.
“Agents, please secure your seatbelts. We will be lifting off in approximately two minutes.”

You pulled a belt from above your left shoulder to lock in between your legs, the same for above your right shoulder. You then pulled down the over the shoulder restraints and clipped them in, something you would describe similar to what they used to have on rollercoasters. Jesse had of course decided to choose the seat to the left of yours. Out of the corner of your eye, you could see him mimicking your actions.

Stop it. He’s only following the procedure to securing himself in. He isn’t copying you to annoy you.

You rested your head against the padded headreast, closing your eyes.

“Take off initiated.”

Your hands gripped the handles on the restraints. The jets started up, the ship lifting. It was such a unique feeling when your stomach dropped. You hated it.

Something warm covered your hand, the feeling making you open your eyes to look. Jesse’s hand was placed on top of yours. He could clearly see you were not used to flying in the drop ship. A small smile graced your lips. You shut your eyes again and succumbed to blissful sleep, the coffee you wanted and your spite with Jesse forgotten.


Coffee. The sweet smell of coffee. You opened one eye hesitantly. You saw Jesse by the makeshift kitchen station brewing a pot. A crick in your neck was sorted by cracking it; you must have slept at an awkward angle. Unclipping your harnesses, you stretched your legs.
“Mornin’ again, sunshine.”
“What time is it?”
It’s high-”
Before he could finish, you had lobbed a pachimari that was by your foot, hitting him square in the face.
“Forget I asked.”
His mouth hung open slightly, shocked.
“What’s the matter? Pachimari got your tongue?” You giggled.
He tightened his lips, however, he gave himself away by the corners of his lips resisting to turn up.
“That was terrible. Have some coffee.”
You gladly accepted, grasping a mug and tilting the coffee pot to pour it.

“We clash, don’t we?”
Jesse looked up from blowing on his coffee to try and cool it.
“Wouldn’t change it for the world.”
You hummed in agreement. That was a shorter conversation regarding that subject than what you thought.
“How much longer?” You pondered, taking a sip.
“Around an hour. We’ll have to make a bit of a trek before we reach the village.”
“That’s fine.”


The last hour passed quickly, you and Jesse making small talk. You learnt a bit about him, nothing that everyone didn’t already know. He seemed hesitant to talk about Deadlock, or anything before he joined Overwatch. It was a change to hear it from him, rather than rumours around the base.

“Agents, please prepare for landing.” Athena’s voice echoed.

You and McCree strapped yourselves in, bracing to land. Looking out the window, you could see the crests of the waves of the ocean, with a brown, grassy edging. Clinging onto the handles, the ship landed without any problems. You couldn’t, however, see any villages nearby.

“So how long is this 'trek’?”
“Did you happen t'even so much as glance at the brief?”
Jesse looked at you.
“It’s about four clicks out.”
“I have no idea what you just said.”
“Clicks. Kilometers.”
“Oh,” you paused, “Yeah, I still don’t really know how long that would take?”
“Around forty to fifty minutes.”

You unbuckled your harnesses and made your way over to pick up your bags. Hopefully the walk shouldn’t take too long.


After countless times of you blaming Jesse for being lost and him arguing back, you finally made it to the safehouse in the village nearby Dorado. It was perfect for setting up an inconspicuous base. Jesse had gone to set up the traps at the back door; you just had to remember to never go out that way. There was a spare room on the top floor where you would unload your equipment: laptop, hardcopy files, weapons. You had all day to scope out who you were looking for, and decided it would be best to attack under the cover of darkness.

A rental car had been prepared for you and Jesse, posing as a tourist couple here for the Festival de la Luz. Jesse thought it would be better for him to drive. You agreed as you weren’t sure if he knew if you didn’t actually know how to drive. You should probably tell him at some point.

“It’s so pretty!”
“Yeah, doll. It is.” Jesse spoke fondly.
The town was covered in lights, piñatas and streamers. You’d never been to a festival before and the sights amazed you. Jesse managed to sneak into a parking space near the centre of the town, allowing you a quick getaway should you need it. The odd thing was that there weren’t many people around. You brushed it off; it was the middle of the day and was probably too hot to be out in the glaring sun.

A loud bang brought you out of your daydream. You and Jesse exchanged looks and were on high alert. You sighed in relief as you saw it was just a market stand that had fallen over, a couple of apples rolling down the cobbled street. Jesse grabbed your arm and pulled you to the ground. What you hadn’t noticed was the terrifying group of men harrassing the stall owner, waving rifles around.

Ah. That’s why there’s no people.

They were shouting at the owner in something what you assumed to be Spanish, appearing to be threatening him.

“Crawl.” Jesse whispered.
You were happy to oblige. Everyone else around had scarpered or were hiding. You had some stalls covering your position, but wood wouldn’t stop bullets. Your bare knees bumped against the cobbled lane. A pair of well polished black boots appeared in front of you, and you squeaked from surprise.

“Turistas!” The voice above you exclaimed. You made the mistake of looking up, greeted with a horrifying sight. The man’s face was covered with brightly coloured tattoos.
To be fair, he fit in with the current decor of bright colours but it still shocked you. It must have shown on your face, as the stranger released a dark chuckle.
Hermoso turista.” The man scoffed.
You sat back on your feet, still looking up at the man in shock. A strong grip on your arm made you stand to your feet, and a voice in your ear commanding you run. Your legs were wobbly, having come face to face with someone no doubt part of the gang you were sent to eradicate.

Gunshots were fired. Whether it was from Jesse or the gang, you don’t know. Twisted lanes and stairs to nowhere. The pretty town had suddenly become a nightmare to navigate. You tried to think where the car was but you were in too deep to try and remember.

“Keep running!” A southern voice shouted from behind you. You had no plans of stopping.

Unless of course you ran straight into the same stranger that scared you before. You think you had accidentally ran full circle, but you had no way of knowing as you were seeing stars from running into what seemed like a brick wall. You were spun around and your hands came up to your face defensively. A harsh grip came around your arms and torso and a hand covered your mouth.
“Shh, cariño.” A voice whispered darkly into your ear.
You were panicking. The shorts and tank top you were wearing to deflect the heat now provided absolutely no protection. You tried struggling, small whimpers escaping from you.

“Darlin’, don’t.” Jesse panted. He had one hand resting on his knee and the other hand pointed his gun at the man behind you.

Your widened eyes desperately looked at McCree, frowning as a thought flew through your head. You managed to bash your head backwards, catching the chin of the man holding you. He faltered, giving you enough time to smash your elbow into his ribs hard. He retreated his arms, trying not to double over from the sudden lack of breath. You managed to take one step before you were grabbed again and flung to the side. A sickening thud filled your ears. Your head hurt. You had connected with an actual brick wall. Your knees gave up, collapsing to the ground and your hands came up gingerly to your temple. Your eyelids managed to pry open, staring at your shaking hand that now had blood running down it.

There was a thump next to you, and McCree was on his side trying to push himself up.
“J.. Jesse..” You tried reaching towards him.

The tattooed man stepped in between you two and gave Jesse a hard kick to the ribs, even you shied back. The man now turned towards you, bending down and snatching your outstretched wrist. Pulling you up, a large hand fit snug around your throat.


You tried kicking, but his body was just out of reach. Your breath became shallow. Your sight became blurred. You looked at McCree who was struggling to recoup, and his eyes met yours. A tear escaped the corner of your left eye. You had faced death before.

You were suddenly back on the ground. Jesse had managed to sweep kick the gang member, making both of you fall over. Voices and Spanish words flew through the air.

“C'mon, sweetheart, stay with me.” A calloused hand briefly touched your cheek before disappearing. Your body was screaming for oxygen, your head pounding. You couldnt see properly, as it was blurry and you couldn’t focus.

It’s high noon.”

Six shots rang in your ears and then there was deathly silence.

You closed your eyes, and felt your body slump. Before your head hit the ground an arm caught you.

“It’s alright, darlin’. I got you.”

A warmth you didn’t expect and suddenly you were floating, welcoming the darkness.


((A/N: Sorry this took so long so write! Please excuse/let me know of any errors. The only proof reader I have is myself. Will try to update weekly. Continuation of Cowboys and Angels or can be read separately!))

Servants ~ Chapter Two

A Zhang Yixing Royal life AU series

Not requested

Genre: Angst // Romance

Summary: (of this series) As an upcoming king, Zhang Yixing has always had many pressures and expectations as the only heir to the royal throne. As his servant, he never acknowledges you. What happens when he suddenly does?

Summary: (of this chapter) Um, not much. It’s pretty fluffy though.

{Chapter one} {Chapter two} {Chapter three, coming soon}

A/N: Okay I lied there’s no smut. Also, I’m not too confident about this chapter. I wrote it over the course of about a month, so near the end is where I get a little iffy about it…but I hope you enjoy it!

“Stay here. Clean the windows or something. Just stay here.” he says firmly. The last sentence he says is full of desperation.

He wants you to stay with him.


“Your high-”

He smirks. “You never seem to listen. Defy me. Disobey me. I dare you.”

“I apologize…your highness.” you say. “I’ll be right back.” you bow your head and scurry away, your face starting to flush. That look he just gave you back there…

A look of mixed annoyance and desperation.

And something else.


You saw it. You swear you saw it. In that moment he told you to disobey him, to defy him. It was a small window to how he really felt. But you know it was there. Even if it was for a split second, you know for sure you saw fear take over his eyes for a short time.

Nervously coming back into the room to clean what’s already spotless, you walk by Yixing, his eyes following your every step. As he focuses on your body moving across the room, you see his date glare at you, causing you to look down.

“Don’t be afraid to look up,” you hear him say with slight amusement in his voice. “You listen to me. Not her. Don’t look down at all while you’re here, my commands.”

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Part 9 of Raymond de Merville x fem!reader drabble series.

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France 1209AD

Your heart was breaking as Raymond purposefully tried his best to keep out of sight of you. You sincerely loved this man and would cry yourself to sleep on the nights you were without him. Etienne, however, knew that something was amiss. “Come and talk to me about what bothers you,” he said one morning, holding out his hand to take your arm and sit you down by the fire. “I lost my family many years ago, and you have become like a daughter to me. The least I can do as a father figure is listen to what is upsetting you.” 

Etienne was not a stupid man, not by any means. He had noticed your behaviour the last six weeks; you were hardly ever at home and would work longer hours, and sometimes he would hear you sneak out of the small house when it was close on midnight. His instinct told him that this was all connected with Raymond de Merville. Ever since he had asked for you personally to the barn and then you had been rescued by him from the outlaws, and his concern for your disappearance, Etienne knew that there was something going on beneath the surface. Every small thing about this whole issue pointed to one person and that was Raymond. 

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A very annoying women.

Summary: Sakura was always annoying, not Naruto annoying, she’s her own kind of annoying, but after sasuke comes back from his travels he finds that sakura became very annoying. ( this also feautures their first date, I justs dind’t know how to fit it into the summary)

He knocked twice on door, but nobody answered, so he opened it a little and peered in.

Sasuke just came back from his journey, he knew he should go to the hokage’s first to report his presence in the village, but he spent three years resisting coming to see Sakura, and he really was looking forward to seeing her.

He expected to find an empty office, but instead, he found Sakura asleep on her desk under a pile of paperwork, she was barely visible if not for her pink hair.

He smirked at the scene in front of him.

She was always a workaholic, he thought, remembering the time she fell asleep against the wall just after the war, he carried her an laid her down on his bed and she slept for three more hours without noticing that something changed.

He decided not to wake her up and wait a while for her to rest, but the piles of paperwork over her head seemed to make it hard for her to breath, so he moved and stood in front of her desk to remove them.

She seemed exhausted, judging by her unresponsiveness to the movement around her.

But as he was removing the last paper off her head, her eyes tore open and she looked at him for half a second before aiming a punch to his gut.

He really couldn’t blame her, she woke up to find a man’s hand right above her head, she probably didn’t even look at his face.

“What the hell you think you’re doing you  perv—Sasuke!”

It was almost comical how Sakura’s expression turned from one of anger to surprise to guilt.

“Oh  my god I’m so sorry.” She said as she ran towards the hole his body made in the wall.

Sasuke didn’t know if should be proud of how strong her punch was or feel annoyed cause she knocked him into the wall, but happiness at finally hearing her voice mixed with his annoyance.

She helped him stand on his feet and regain his footing and she checked him for any injuries as he tried to regain his breath, after that she clasped her hands together and apologized.

“Annoying women.” He said as he looked up from the hands she was clasping to her eyes.

Then he smiled, a barely noticeable quirk of his lips, but she noticed and she smiled back.

Sasuke turned his gaze away from her, suddenly flustered.

“Okaeri Sakura.”

“Tadaima Sasuke.”

He raised his head again expecting to see her smile, but instaed he saw a flash of pink as she hugged him, after a momeent, he wrapped his only arm around her.

“I missed you.” She said, voice muffled by his cloak.

Sasuke breathed a sigh of relief, glad to be finally home, to experience the familiar feeling of her arms wrapped around him

“Sasuke! ” Naruto screamed as he entered Sakura’s office, “You didn’t come to my wedding you bastard datteba— hey Sasuke get your hands off Sakura-chan!”

Sakura’s face turned red, from anger or from embarresement, Sasuke didn’t know, but he knew the idiot is going to be in pain in a couple of seconds.

“Naruto! How many times do I have to tell you not to barge into my office you fucking idiot!” she scolded as she punched Naruto on his head.

Sasuke sighed again but this time out of annoyance at the blonde idiot for ruining the moment.

“But Sakura-chan Sasuke didn’t come to see me yet and I wanted to give him a piece of my mind for missing my wedding dattebayo!.” The blonde man whined.

“I don’t give a shit Naruto, next time knock or I’ll knock your teeth out shanaroo!”

Naruto moved behind Sasuke to shield himself from the pink haired women.

“Idiot.” Sasuke muttered.

“Well hello to you too bastard.”

“Language Naruto! This is a children’s hospital.”

“Do you even hear yourself talk Sakura-chan.”

Something told Sasuke that there’s going to be another hole in the wall soon.




After Sakura made another hole in the wall ( which he predicted happening)  they agreed to meet up at Ichiraku’s at seven.

Sasuke arrived first, so he took a seat, his seat, the seat he would always sit on when they were genin.

“This place is pretty nostalgic huh?” questioned a voice from next to him.


Sakura sat next to him, on her usual seat too.

“Oh my god he’s even more handsome than the last time I saw him.”

Sasuke looked behind him to see that the remark came from a girl sitting at the booth at the far left. She looked away when he looked at her.

Long ago, it would be Sakura sitting in the same chair she is sitting in now, saying those things, and Sasuke’s lip twitched at the thought.

“What are you smirking about?”

Sasuke tore his gaze from the table to look at the green eyed beauty sitting next to him., he never noticed how beautiful she is until now, sure he once thought of her as pretty when they were genin, but, as someone who roamed the world, he can say that Sakura is a very beautiful women.

“That girl, reminded me of you when we were young.”

“ I was never so loud.” She defended, slightly embaressed of the way she used to act.

“Yeah, you used to shout it from the other side of the academy.”

“ Since when do you talk so much? And besides I’m a whole other person now.”

“No you’re not.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Sasuke opened his mouth to answer when their third team member intervened.

“If you guys wanted to have a double date I would have brought Hinata with me.” Naruto remarked, upon seeing his teammates close proximity to each other.

Sakura was about to deny this being a date but she noticed Sasuke’s confusion.

“Hinata is Naruto’s wife, she graduated with us remember?” she told him,

Sasuke vaguely remembered a hyuuga girl hiding behind a pole when Naruto was around.

“Now all that’s missing is Kakashi-sensei.”  Naruto said.

“Well then it’s a good thing a black cat was blocking the other way to my house.” Kakashi said as he took his usual seat.

“Always with the perfect timing Kakashi sensei.” Sakura remarked.

“You guys should stop calling me sensei, I stopped being your sensei in the war.”

Both Naruto and Sakura opened their mouths to interject, but surprisingly Sasuke was the one who spoke.

“You will always be our sensei Kakashi.” He said, while stirring the ramen in his bowl like he just commented on the weather.

Kakashi smiled, “You really matured Sasuke.”


Naruto and Sakura both smiled, glad of what team 7 has become.

A half hour later Sakura announced that she has to leave cause she has work early in the morning.

“Actually Sakura I have a mission for you, I’ll relieve you of your duties tomorrow in exchange.”

Sakura sighed, “What’s the mission?”

“It’s rather simple, I just need you to deliver something to a village nearby, It’s a C rank, but I can’t send genin on such short notice and the chunin are all either busy or on break, Sasuke can come with you to keep you company.”

“That’s not necessary.”

“I’ll come.”

“Okay then it’s settled.” Kakashi said as handed Sakura a scroll, which contained the mission info and object to deliver.

“I want to come too!” Naruto demanded.

“Naruto, you have a wife, you shouldn’t leave her alone all night.” Kakashi reminded Naruto, and besides his other two students needed some time alone.

Kakashi knew Sakura loved Sasuke from all her heart, and he had a lingering suspicion that Sasuke cared about Sakura more than just a friend ever since they were genin, but now, it’s no longer a suspicion.

It was obvious to him since the moment he walked into Ichiraku, the way they were sitting so close to each other, the way Sasuke’s eyes sparked every time Sakura looked at him and the way he turned his head away from her to hide the redness of his face every time she’d smile.

Naruto sighed.

“Yeah she’ll get worried, then I’m going home now.” Naruto said as he turned around and waved his teammates goodbye.

“And I should head back to work before shizune drags me back to my office.” Kakashi said as he poofed out.




“That mission was way too easy.” Sakura said  as she ran beside Sasuke.


“Hey Sasuke?”


“Back at ichiraku, you said I haven’t changed a lot from when we were genin, what did you mean by that?”

“I meant what you heard.”

And he calls me annoying she thought

Sakura stopped on a tree branch and pouted, which actually earned her a chuckle from Sasuke.

“Did you just laugh!?” Sakura asked, surprised since she rarely head him laugh before.

Sasuke didn’t acknowledge her question, instead he answered her former question.

“Ever since what happened in the forest of death, I viewed you as a warrior, and you still are, a lot of things changed about you, but you’re still the girl I knew since back then.”

“Sasuke…” she muttered

“The sun is almost rising,” he remarked, “ follow me.”


“Just come.”

After a couple of minutes they arrived at what Sakura presumed to be their destination since Sasuke stopped.

They stopped on a hill that overlooked a vast surface of water, there was a strange glass tower behind a stone bench.

Sakura looked at her wristwatch, suddenly remembering that she has a therapy session with a ten year old boy in an hour, it was 5:27a.m now her alarm is going to go off in two and a half minutes, she was about to ask Sasuke why he brought her here but then she noticed it, the orange hue that filled the sky behind the sea.

Sasuke moved towards the bench and sat on it, when he saw that Sakura didn’t move, he patted the spot beside him.

Sakura and Sasuke watched as sunlight filled the dark sky, it was bright and captivating, as it was impossible for both of them to tear their gaze from the beautiful view in front of them.

Sakura unconsciously leaned her head on Sasuke’s shoulder, drowsiness taking over her senses, but she could still feel Sasuke’s warm hand hold her own.

The black haired man watched as Sakura’s eyes slowly closed, and the green jewels he loved so much disappeared from his sight, he would have raised his hand and got her hair out of her face, but he quite enjoyed her light gripe on his hand.

This… this is what he dreamed about these past three years, this is what kept him going on his journey, to have this amazing women by his side was another incentive to seek redemption, to be able to enjoy her company without lingering guilt of what he did.

Of course, he will never forget what he did, what he almost did to her, and he’s ready to spend the rest of his life atoning for it if it means he can enjoy these moments with her without the devil whispering in his ear that he doesn’t deserve this.

He interlocked his fingers with hers, as he felt her grip on his hand become harder, like she was afraid he will let go and run away.

Never, never will I do that to you again, he thought as he leaned his head on her own.

He shifted his gaze from the pink haired women to the now fully risen sun.

This is perfect

And that was his last thought before he heard a beeping noise and Sakura’s head jerked upwards violently, colliding with his nose.

“Ow!” the pink haired women screeched, she looked up to see on what she hit her head only to see Sasuke’s bloody face.


If there wasn’t searing pain pouncing in his skull right now, he would’ve appreciated the irony of the children’s hospital director having such a potty mouth.

“I’m so so sorry , Sasuke, my alarm just surprised me.” She said as she healed his bloody nose.

This is the second time she physically hurt him in the last 24 hours, but this time annoyance is winning over pride.

“Sakura?” he said, voice a little squeaky since she’s holding his nose.

She looked up at his eyes guiltly.


“You’re a very annoying women.”

Moondance - Cap Reverse Big Bang

Stucky, M, 30k words, A03.  Canon compliant through CACW; canon divergent.

Artist:  @araniaart
Author: @flowerfan2

Many, many thanks to Arania for working with me and creating the amazing artwork that inspired me, to @perryavenue for being the world’s best beta, and to everyone at @capreversebb for running this great challenge.


Chapter 1

“Holy shit, Steve, that feels good.”

Bucky is sitting on the edge of the bed, his head thrown back and his hands clutching the mattress, while Steve kneels on the itchy hotel carpet in front of him.  He slides off Bucky with a satisfying pop and grins when Bucky quickly looks down at him, eyes blown wide with lust and one eyebrow raised.

“You gonna finish what you started?”  Bucky asks, voice low.

“I could,” Steve says, giving Bucky’s cock a teasing lick, “but I really want something else right now.  Unless you object.”

Bucky responds by grabbing Steve with both hands and tugging him up on to the bed, meeting his mouth in a fierce kiss.  “No objection here,” Bucky mumbles against Steve’s neck, starting to kiss down his bare chest. 

 Steve lays back and lets Bucky play, squirming as Bucky takes his time worshiping Steve’s pecs and sucking on his nipples.   He lets the fingers of one hand tangle in Bucky’s hair, and smiles as Bucky pauses to look approvingly up at him through his long eyelashes, then continues his ministrations.

Sure, not everything has been smooth between them since Bucky came out of cryo in Wakanda, finally de-triggered and slowly gaining confidence in himself.  But recently this – the sex – has been awesome. 

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Gentle Relief by dearltachi

a sasusaku fanfic - the story of their first loving encounter. 

~ by rebecca haley sigmon ::  

TIMELINE | after the war 

RATING | sfw 

I watch Sakura momentarily as she crumbles into her pillow, eyes squeezed tightly closed as she grips the white sheets. Sweat beads appear across her forehead and I wonder what she’s so upset about.

“Sasuke!” she cries. I flinch in the doorway and immediately come to her bedside, almost falling from my own hindering wounds, but catch myself and sit softly down next to her restless body. I place my hand on her face, she’s still fast asleep and tossing. Did she really say my name?

“Sasuke!” she yelps, and curls back on her side. I’m sure of myself now, I reach out and gently nudge her shoulders. Her sleepy green eyes open slowly, searching the dark hospital room for clues. She focuses on me and her face lights up; she’s breathing so heavily.

Sliding up in bed, she pulls away, as if she’s scared to touch me. I don’t know how to tell her I’m not an illusion, I’m not leaving her again. “Sasuke, what’re you doing here,” she rubs her eyes, careful of the IV, “is Naruto okay? Did something happen?”

I look at Sakura and gratitude floods through me. She blushes, looking down, then bravely back into my eyes. “Sasuke..?”

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Would anyone like some flustered Hiccup? How about some Stoick being an embarrassing dad? Or maybe Astrid, relieved she won’t have to spend the rest of her days hiding out behind a wooden bench?

Sort of following RTTE cannon-verse hiccstrid-wise, but it has to happen sometime, right??

Hiccup wasn’t entirely sure how it had happened.

He and Astrid had been discussing his plans to extend the stables to accommodate more dragons. Now that more and more Berkians were welcoming dragons into their homes they needed more space to house them. They were going to take some ideas to his father when he returned in a few hours.

That was why Astrid was at his house.

Sitting on the bench beside him.

The fire was roaring, keeping the deep winter chill at bay.

But how had it come to this?

Astrid’s fingers were tangled in his hair. He had his hands on her waist. Their plans were scattered across the floor.

Lips had come together, slow and tentative at first then more insistent as months of nervous anticipation had finally come to this blood-pounding resolution.

Lost in each other, only Hiccup had caught the sound of the front door crashing open and in a knee-jerk reaction pushed himself away from Astrid, sending her tumbling off the bench backwards.


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