she's the fat cat

The Pet Wars

Neil is leaving for a game and he and Andrew have the suitcase out on the bed and they’re packing together and Neil is telling Andrew he does not need a second jumper it is not going to be that cold and he will be inside most of the time anyway and Andrew is telling him that yes he does need the second jumper. 

And as they’re arguing Sir and King just kind of slink into the room and Sir decides to go sit on the pile of nicely folded clean clothes that’s about to be packed because no way is the human leaving it is not allowed. And King is just like pft. Pathetic. If you really want to stop the humans leaving you have to do this. 

So then after arguing for a good two minutes about this jumper Andrew turns around the add it to the pile and there is Sir. And Andrew just kind of glares but instead turns to put it straight into the suitcase, at least then Neil is less likely to unpack it.And then, sat in the suitcase, is King. Looking very smug and proud as he just stares at Andrew as if to say ‘and what are you going to do about it?’

And Andrew just kind of throws his hands up in the air and Neil is laughing at the Mexican stand-off type situation so Andrew just walks away

And Neil picks up Sir and places him in the suitcase with King and takes a photo of them both and sends it to the Foxes group chat because yes they have a group chat and types 'the cats love me more’

So then Andrew, not to be out done, goes and gets his own suitcase out and puts it in the living room. And since Neil has removed the cats so he can pack they kind of wander to Andrew and are like um nope and instead of just sitting in the suitcase they decide they are going to sleep in there because then Andrew really won’t leave

So Andrew takes a photo and sends it and types 'no’

And so begins the Foxes war of whose pet loves them the most (Andrew always wins, much to Nicky’s chagrin) 

Inspired by my cat doing this

Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY @asquareinverona I very much hope you like this

That last episode fucked me over, nothing is okay. Boo Boo got arrested, Mylene moved to California and may never come back, The Get Down Brothers are over, Shaolin went back to Fat Annie to protect the boys, she fucking killed the cat… And Dizzee and Thor last scene? They were running from the cops, Thor gotta caught and Dizzee was running in the tunnels and a train was coming. I don’t care how much the show cost it better be a second season and they all better be alright or I’ll sue Netflix for making me cry like that.

I just reblogged a Millicent Bulstrode aesthetic which actually used a fat woman as a fc (Sharon Rooney is the ultimate Millicent to me). 

I know Millicent physically wrestles Hermione at one point, but I love her because she is fat and quiet and loves cats, and that is who I am. But then most of the Millicent edits include some quote about thick thighs and a model who is just barely plus-size, and only ever the face. God forbid an actual fat person is seen on an aesthetic post. Thick thighs are all well and good but only when they’re hidden away…I’m only a little bit bitter

I know edits take effort, but how much more effort could possibly be needed to find a fc of a fat person? This doesn’t just go for Millicent, but Neville and Molly Weasley, too. Fat people are allowed to exist openly. We do not ruin aesthetics or whatever just by existing