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Daddy! Wonwoo

for @wxnhao , thank you for all the love you’ve given us here’s father Wonwoo, yes it sounds kinky, sorry, it’s also rushed, I apologize in advance

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  • okay, i feel like Wonwoo wouldn’t mind either, but his first child would probably be a daughter
  • would he have another one in the future? probably, but only one more
  • for some reason I see Wonwoo as a slightly confused parent
  • although he’s confused, he’s trying his hardest
  • i don’t know, those feature just look really nice
  • but, whoever looks he gets, he will always tell his child that she’s the prettiest
  • and if she doesn’t like her features he’ll feel sad that his cute ass child doesn’t like it even though she’s probably one of the cutest kids EVER
  • but he’d try to convince her that she’s still pretty
  • I mean he ranks himself pretty far up the visual list in SVT
  • I feel like his child would like to wander around a lot so he always holds onto her
  • probably because she got lost once and he was like, FUCK, WHERE IS MY CHILD, SHIT, MY WIFE CAN’T FIND OUT
  • but your daughter probably ran to you while Wonwoo wasn’t looking
  • when he found you guys he probably grinned at you sheepishly
  • i feel like whenever his daughter would do anything girly he would be so lost
  • he would probably take her out for cheeseburgers, just saying
  • and if she isn’t a big eater he will probably do his best to make her eat
  • but she probably will because she’s a good (???) child
  • although Wonwoo is kind of confused with all the girly things
  • he’d be a pretty good dad
  • like he’d be so conscious of what’s around her
  • like he probably didn’t let Mingyu hold her for the first two months because he was scared he’d drop her
  • I also feel like he wouldn’t want her too be lonely so until her future brother (??) arrives she meets up with the hip hop units kids
  • like he’ll pick her up from school and take her to Baby Cheol, Baby Mingyu and Baby Vernon
  • they’d be like a squad, the cutie squad
  • okay, but her first day of school
  • he’d probably be a nervous wreck
  • l can imagine him giving her like 1243085 warnings about school, but it’s because he just wants the best for her
  • he’d probably pick her up later and invade her with questions
  • I also see Wonwoo as a really patient parent, so he wouldn’t be the strict one, but if she doesn’t listen to you, he would either calmly talk to her about what she did wrong and not to do it again or would raise his voice a little
  • but he’s still pretty calm
  • apparently he’s also really clean so i feel like he would always clean up after her
  • or when you go out she has chocolate on her face, he would probably wipe it of her face
  • how cute :)
  • when it gets cold he’d probably carry her so she can keep warm in his arms
  • so like say you guys went out somewhere in winter and it was hella cold because apparently its cold af in Korea
  • she would probably start shivering
  • and father Wonwoo would come to the rescue
  • he would pick his princess up and keep her in his warmth
  • Wonwoo would be such a caring parent
  • like if she was sad he’d probably sit her on his lap and talk to her about what happened
  • he probably wouldn’t say much
  • but he’d try to cheer her up in some way
  • and whenever she’s happy he’s at least 10x happier
  • tl;dr Wonwoo as a dad would be so cute, he would always try his hardest to keep his baby happy no matter how hard it is.

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( sexy photo meme ) bc nothing better out there than a shy Wentworth smiling <3

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“Aw, Len! You need to smile more when you’re sober. You’ve got a nice smile!”

I can’t wait to get home and cuddle her, not just cuddle her but hold her so close that she doesn’t think about anything that bothers her. That she feels so safe that she could sleep so sound as there is no fear in the world. Kiss her forehead, cheek, and lips while she sleeps in my arms, and watch the cutest smile cross her face even though she’s still sleeping. To stay awake just a little longer even though she is sleeping, just to appreciate the amazing beautiful woman I have in front of me.
These are certainly the moments I look forward to in life!


She said “hey, don’t expect anything too amazing” and then took me on the best date I’ve ever been on.

Defying Gravity
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Defying Gravity - Emma Hatton Wicked, Apollo Victoria Theatre 12/09/15. (more audios).