she's the cutest thing to ever cute

I’d like to draw your attention to several things:

1) “oh boy, no”

“Oh boy” if that’s not the cutest shit ever, I don’t know what is.

2) “Six months this Friday”

Jack is gonna celebrate their six monthiversarry. It’s gonna be cute as hell.

3) “So if we’re doing events…”

Six months is long enough that it’s “bring the boyfriend to events time” and Jack Zimmermann, who all but loathes parties, wants to go to team events with Eric Bittle.


4) George is so proud and grateful that Jack is sharing this with her, trusting her. And she’s going to be so good for him.


Zico singing with a fan is one of the cutest things ever 💖

(161210) super cute fan account from SEVENTEEN’s recent fansign

s.coups: how old are you?
fan: 15 years old
s.coups: heol 2nd year of middle school? you’re totally a baby… can this baby find her way home??
fan: eiii of course *laughs* i can find my way home
*fan got told to move on to jeonghan*
jeonghan: heol how old are you?
fan: 15 years old
s.coups: she’s a baby, a baby

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wait okay so I'm that same anon that sent in the headcannon about lena needing kara to help her pick out outfits cause shes color blind and kara having to bring lena different clothes when she messes up and I just thought of what if as kara and lena are going out lena slowly starts wearing more colors than just black and neutrals cause she has kara to help her put different things together and now im dying inside


  • <p> <b>What she says :</b> i'm fine<p/><b>What she means :</b> can you believe that even saw isak the first day of school he basically had a crush on him and it's only two months after that he started to talk to him and he ended up being the boyfriend of the cutest smol bean i've ever seen it hurts me so bad to think that season 3 is over i want to see them cuddle again and kiss in the kitchen oh this kitchen have seen so much i wish i could be one of the walls of this room to spy them kissing listening to gabrielle and saying cute things to each other even if i don't speak a word of norwegian please bring evak in season 4<p/></p>

I live for cute beronica headcanons like them attempting to make breakfast together but the waffles are burnt and there is flour everywhere and both of them having a sleepover, Veronica starting off in a sleeping bag on the floor (because we all know Betty’s mom doesn’t approve of two girls in the same bed) but in the middle of the night Betty wakes up to Veronica snuggled up so close to her she’s basically on top of her, and going on cute coffee dates together, and Betty coming home with Veronica’s lipstick literally all over her neck and lips and her mom just thinks it’s an allergic reaction
I made myself cry

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good luck on your blog!! it's amazing :'3 can I request RFA + V + Saeran's reaction of a short mc with white hair and blue eyes? (I used Terminus Est as my MC faceclaim. She's from Blade Dance of Elementalers) <3

thank you for the kind words <3 also bruh terminus est is so cute omg LOL


  • secretly thanks the gods that he’s taller than you LOL
  • you’re the cutest thing he’s ever seen in his life dear god
  • actually loves how tiny you are, since it makes it easier for you to fit in his arms
  • he likes to glomp onto you and snuggle you like a teddy bear 
  • one day you were wandering around with an oversized LOLOL tshirt of his and he was nearly deceased
  • “omg you’re so cute, please don’t wear something like this in front of others… i don’t know what i’d do if i saw someone setting his sights on you…” slow down there yandere
  • god help him the day you decide to cosplay in a LOLOL costume
  • will brag about how cute his girlfriend is 24/7 
  • seriously he talks about you so much all of his college buddies practically know you down to a T


  • will actually squeal at how adorably small you are
  • also loves your white hair
  • “babe, we match! this was meant to be~”
  • plays with your hair every chance he gets
  • sometimes he practices his lines while he’s braiding your hair which is kinda weird since he’s talking to your hair but at least he’s practicing
  • also teases you about your height by looking around and pretending like he can’t see you
  • always stops when you start sulking though, and whisks you up bridal-style
  • “sorry princess, you’re just too charming”
  • jokes that he could probably bench press you as a workout


  • pleasantly surprised, mostly by your hair it reminds her of zen’s
  • but she doesn’t make a big deal out of it, because she’s not one to over-exaggerate things except when it comes to zen
  • yoosung/seven always joke about what a funny contrast you two make standing next to each other 
  • which IS TRUE but she doesn’t mind and neither do you
  • guilty pleasure is when she sees your curled in bed like a little white ball
  • the temptation is real to just crawl in bed and cuddle with you
  • but poor baehee has work to do
  • so she’ll cover you with the blankets and make sure you’re comfortable before heading back to her desk
  • on the rare days that you two actually get to snuggle in bed with zen DVDs playing on the TV, she’s a very happy camper


  • um hello??
  • blue eyes, white hair? just like elizabeth the 3rd???
  • goodbye, you’re never leaving his sight
  • loves loves playing with your hair whenever your head is on his lap
  • lowkey doesn’t like taking you around in public because he doesn’t want other people seeing his girl
  • but he’ll do it since he wants to take you to the best restaurants and whatnot
  • one day he saw you and elizabeth the 3rd snuggled next to each other on the sofa and he immediately called jaehee and said he wasn’t coming into work today
  • sits and watches you two until one of you wakes up 
  • also tries to take pictures but they look like they were taken from a potato, to his dismay
  • at least he tried


  • “seven, no it’s me”
  • jk he’s seen you before since he had to do a background check on you
  • also through his CCTVs 
  • will 110% get distracted everytime he sees a flash of your white hair passing by on a security camera
  • literally obsessed with your hair he thinks it’s more magical than elly’s
  • once bought a white wig and tried it on so he could match yours
  • “what do you think? do i look magical?”
  • “seven your red hair’s peeking through at least have it fit properly”
  • “don’t be jealous that my white hair looks better than yours~”
  • but he’s actually weak af when you ask him favors
  • like if you give him a front hug and give him puppy dog eyes he’s gone
  • will actually turn as red as his hair
  • zen calls you two the Candy Cane couple


  • it’s difficult for him to see, but he can still make you out at times
  • even if it’s blurred, he always says your hair’s the most beautiful thing he’ll ever see
  • likes trying to take photos of you at any given moment
  • so he can preserve them and keep them with him even if he does eventually go blind v just deserves a lot of love okay
  • one day he said that if he had his normal eyesight, you’d be too radiant and captivating for him SOMEONE JUST GIVE ME A V ROUTE ALREADY
  • you’re so small that he’s always slightly surprised when he feels small arms suddenly wrapping around his stomach
  • but then he grins and reaches around to pull you closer


  • momentarily stunned when he sees your hair because wow who knew white could look so nice on someone
  • he’ll never admit it though
  • slightly pleased that he’s a lot taller than you 
  • the one who would always shamelessly stare at you but look away when you make eye contact
  • “did you need something, saeran?”
  • “what?”
  • “you were staring at me”
  • “was not”
  • “….our eyes met i saw you”
  • “don’t know what you’re talking about”
  • he’s protective (possessive) when he needs to though
  • especially if you’re both walking around outside
  • your hair and eyes make it nearly impossible for passing guys to not stare at you
  • god help them if they accidentally make eye contact with him after staring at you
Their kid wears their matoki as a onesie (B.A.P)

Yongguk: -he would instantly run to his daughter and cuddle her close thinking she’s the cutest thing ever- “you’re daddy’s #1 fan right?”

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Himchan: -he felt proud that you went through all the work to get one for your infant son- “that’ s my little man”

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Daehyun: -instantly touched by the fact your son was wearing it even if it was though it didn’t fit him well- “looks like my boy will grow into his onesie”

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Youngjae: -he was so shocked that you had bought your daughter something so cute- “jagi, pass her over she looks perfect”

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Jongup: -he wouldn’t show it right away but he was so happy that you one made for your young son- “he looks perfect baby”

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Zelo: -he found it so cute that you got it and put it on your new born son- “where did you get that? It’s perfect!”

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I've got a cute story for once. This tiny girl tries to buy one of our bread rolls, which are free when you buy soup, but even if you don't we technically can't ring it up anyway. She hands my AGM a $5 and it was the cutest thing ever because she could barely reach the counter to put the bread roll and money there so she just raises her hands. My AGM and I just looked at each other like our heart was going to burst lol

Okay so I was re-reading the Alma-Yuu arc when I noticed this!

This is the cutest thing ever!!!! Look at Road’s face! Look at how happy she is that Allen grabbed her! It’s absolutely adorable that Allen just grabs Road after getting freaked out by the sudden shift in surroundings.

His entire body is facing her’s and, judging by her legs, he actually pulled her. Okay so new headcanon: Allen is a total scaredy-cat and whenever he gets jumped-scared he grabs the closest person to him for protection.

oh my god i got the cutest commission ever from @sludgge LOOK AT IT, LOOK AT THE CUTENESS HE MADE (i like that the tongue piercing matches his watch it’s such a nice little detail)

it’s my trainer oc and guzma (remember how I said she wore a big jacket? probs got ruined somehow, being the champ is dangerous work, guess she stole guzma’s while she gets a new one <3)

he’s probably bragging about something and she’s like, “mhm sure you’re cute” (lookit them sassy brows)


Such a fun night celebrating jordansblah09 and alyciajasmin’s birthday! #somuchfun #the20club

  • <p> <b>What she says:</b> I'm fine<p/><b>What she means:</b> Byakuya Togami used an honorific on Makoto Naegi after all throughout the show never once using an honorific for anybody, and nonetheless used -chan for him which basically means Naegi is the cutest thing togami has ever seen<p/></p>
Daddy! Wonwoo

for @wxnhao , thank you for all the love you’ve given us here’s father Wonwoo, yes it sounds kinky, sorry, it’s also rushed, I apologize in advance

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  • okay, i feel like Wonwoo wouldn’t mind either, but his first child would probably be a daughter
  • would he have another one in the future? probably, but only one more
  • for some reason I see Wonwoo as a slightly confused parent
  • although he’s confused, he’s trying his hardest
  • i don’t know, those feature just look really nice
  • but, whoever looks he gets, he will always tell his child that she’s the prettiest
  • and if she doesn’t like her features he’ll feel sad that his cute ass child doesn’t like it even though she’s probably one of the cutest kids EVER
  • but he’d try to convince her that she’s still pretty
  • I mean he ranks himself pretty far up the visual list in SVT
  • I feel like his child would like to wander around a lot so he always holds onto her
  • probably because she got lost once and he was like, FUCK, WHERE IS MY CHILD, SHIT, MY WIFE CAN’T FIND OUT
  • but your daughter probably ran to you while Wonwoo wasn’t looking
  • when he found you guys he probably grinned at you sheepishly
  • i feel like whenever his daughter would do anything girly he would be so lost
  • he would probably take her out for cheeseburgers, just saying
  • and if she isn’t a big eater he will probably do his best to make her eat
  • but she probably will because she’s a good (???) child
  • although Wonwoo is kind of confused with all the girly things
  • he’d be a pretty good dad
  • like he’d be so conscious of what’s around her
  • like he probably didn’t let Mingyu hold her for the first two months because he was scared he’d drop her
  • I also feel like he wouldn’t want her too be lonely so until her future brother (??) arrives she meets up with the hip hop units kids
  • like he’ll pick her up from school and take her to Baby Cheol, Baby Mingyu and Baby Vernon
  • they’d be like a squad, the cutie squad
  • okay, but her first day of school
  • he’d probably be a nervous wreck
  • l can imagine him giving her like 1243085 warnings about school, but it’s because he just wants the best for her
  • he’d probably pick her up later and invade her with questions
  • I also see Wonwoo as a really patient parent, so he wouldn’t be the strict one, but if she doesn’t listen to you, he would either calmly talk to her about what she did wrong and not to do it again or would raise his voice a little
  • but he’s still pretty calm
  • apparently he’s also really clean so i feel like he would always clean up after her
  • or when you go out she has chocolate on her face, he would probably wipe it of her face
  • how cute :)
  • when it gets cold he’d probably carry her so she can keep warm in his arms
  • so like say you guys went out somewhere in winter and it was hella cold because apparently its cold af in Korea
  • she would probably start shivering
  • and father Wonwoo would come to the rescue
  • he would pick his princess up and keep her in his warmth
  • Wonwoo would be such a caring parent
  • like if she was sad he’d probably sit her on his lap and talk to her about what happened
  • he probably wouldn’t say much
  • but he’d try to cheer her up in some way
  • and whenever she’s happy he’s at least 10x happier
  • tl;dr Wonwoo as a dad would be so cute, he would always try his hardest to keep his baby happy no matter how hard it is.

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sorry in advance for the following cw: heterosexual behavior but this girl in my science class has the cutest smile ive ever seen and the way she talks is cute and every thing about her is so cute but she would never be interested in an ugly like me :/

BTS Reaction: S/O having a naturally awkward/aegyo personality


He’d love it so much. To him it’s what makes you so approachable, so he really appreciates it. It makes him very comfortable to be around you.

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He would find you so adorable! Like he basically fan boys about how cute you are.

“Ahhh! Why are you so cute?”

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Your personality is probably one of the original things that attracted him to you. He loves anything adorable. It’s the best.

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Such a fan, often gushes over how cute he finds you.

“Look at her! Isn’t she just the cutest?”

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He enjoys your personality, but doesn’t voice it often. He’ll often just smile at how cute you are.

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He thinks you’re the most precious thing ever. He’ll wish he was as cute as you, often mimic you’re adorable expressions.

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He finds your personality incredibly charming, especially how awkward you can get sometimes. Will often, on purpose, make you blush.

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