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Office hours

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“Get to my office now.” You heard a raspy voice as soon as you answered your desk phone. You  already knew exactly who it was, and you didn’t want to keep him waiting. You stood up quickly got up from you desk and went to the office, with the door labeled , “CEO Tuan”.

You slowly turned the knob and entered. He was leaning against his desk. His jaw clinched. He didn’t look happy, and he seemed to be impatient so you hurried and walked over to him.

He stared at you for a moment. Your breath hitched, at his gaze. He was lightly biting his lip and as you moved closer he stood up and closed in the space.

“yes?” you asked as you. You tried not to show how effected you were by the look on his face.

“I asked you to come see me last night after work, why didn’t you?” he asked you sternly.

You thought about what you were doing last night, you clearly remembered it involving dinner with a handsome co-worker.

He offered to buy you dinner, since neither of you had eaten and you both worked late.

After a good steak and a bottle of wine you forgot the promise that you made to Mark.


“I kind of just forgot, I’m sorry.” You said. He didn’t say anything. He just started looking at his phone.

“you forgot or you were busy with your date?” he asked. He tilted his head to the side waiting for your response.

His jaw was clenched tightly and his arms crossed across his chest.

You and mark were dating for a long time. He wasn’t the jealous type but every since his promotion, he barely did anything; but work. It was stressing you out; but you didn’t let him know that. You blew him off a lot when he could see you. Loving him and missing him wasn’t the issue. It was just so much work to see him lately. You never wanted to loose him; but you just didn’t try anymore.

“it wasn’t a date Mark, just a bite to eat after work.” You said. You looked up at him, smiling softly.

A smirk stretched across his face, you knew that meant he believed you; but he was gonna play with you.

               You bit your lip, knowing exactly what was coming. It had been a few months; but your body was already reacting to his irresistible look.

Mark closed in the little space that was left between the two of you. His hand snaking around your hip, smoothly. His lips, slowly moving closer to yours.

He leaned in and whispered into your ear, “as much as I’ve missed you, you’ve been avoiding me.”

You didn’t say anything, your heart pounding with excitement.

He was really gonna do this in his office. You and Mark had certainly had made love in some wild places; but you didn’t think he’d be one to do it at work. Mark was very careful and professional. You didn’t know what had gotten into him; but it was already really sexy.

His hand carefully slipped down to your ass, lightly squeezing as he began kissing your neck. You shut your eyes and melted into his arms as rough kisses landed on your neck.

“Did you miss me, baby girl?” he asked between the kisses on your neck.

You nodded quickly, holding in a moan. You knew how good Mark could make you feel, and how loud you could get, when he did.

“Don’t just shake your head at me.” He said, his voice in a low growl.

“what if someone walks in.” you said gripping the bottom of his shirt.

“I told my secretary that I’m taking a break baby, no one even knows I’m still in the building. No one is gonna walk in on us.” He said.

He pressed a button on his desk and it turned the lights off. You were still able to see each other clearly through the light that shinned through the big glass window.

Thank goodness you were on the 23rd floor or anyone could look in on the situation.

“show daddy just how much you missed me baby.” He instructed. He walked behind his desk and sat down in his chair.

You followed him, unzipping your skirt carefully, and letting it drop as you stood in front of him.  

He watched hungrily, his eyes following you as you dropped down in front of him. You rubbed him through his pants as you unbuckled his pants.

He leaned his head back, letting you work on him.

After taking him out you heard a knock on the door. You  looked up at him with wide eyes.

               “shh…” he said, bringing his finger to his lips.

You looked around quickly, grabbing your skirt and moving under the desk.

He looked at down at you, too make sure you were okay, before he told the person they could come in.

The click of high heels rang moved into the room after the door opened. “Your secretary told me you were on break; but I was hoping you were still your office.” You heard.

You tried to recognize the voice; but you could just tell it was annoying.

“I’ve missed you since your promotion, Mr. Tuan.” She said.

You raised your eyebrow, was she flirting with him? You squeezed his leg softly, very much wondering why he hasn’t telling her to go away.

As she began to ramble on about how she’d come visit him, you began recognizing her voice. She was an employee that worked under you. She was one to date around the office, especially the ones in higher positions.              You knew she was always friendly to Mark but this was down right flirting with him.

               You decided he should make her leave. She was getting to giggly and you didn’t like it at all.

You slowly began stroking his still exposed member. He shifted in his seat a little. You slowly brought your mouth to the head of his cock.               You swirled your tongue around him, as your hand moved slowly. As he spoke his voice became unsteady as you worked on him.

You moved your hand up and down around him, as you took him deeper into your mouth. He reached down, lacing his fingers in your hair. He gripped lightly, pushing your head further down on his cock.

You relaxed your throat letting him in more.

“I-I have to get back to work.” You heard him say after clearing his throat.

“I guess I’ll see you late.” She sounded disappointed. You rolled your eyes, pulling away when you heard her heels clicking towards the door.

Mark’s foot tapped impatiently. As soon as the door shut he stood up and walked to it. He locked it as you made your way from under his desk. He walked back over to you, rather quickly.

“Back on your knees.” Mark demanded as you were getting up off the floor.

               You immediately dropped back to your knees, looking up at him.

“That wasn’t fair at all baby girl.” He said.

You smiled sweetly, “it wasn’t fair she was interrupting our time to flirt with you.”

He smiled down at you lovingly,  at you, “You being jealous is the cutest thing on earth.” He said moving closer.

He pressed the tip of his cock to your lips.

You licked around it slowly, before opening your mouth to allow him entrance.

               He slid into your mouth swiftly, rocking his hips back and forth, lightly, as you worked him with your hand.

He leaned his head back, enjoying the warmth of your mouth.

You hollowed your cheeks, sucking in a bit harder. His light grunts filling the room.

You loved the sheer pleasure over his face.

You bobbed your head faster. His hand gripping onto you hair as he moved his hips quickly, pushing  himself deeper into your mouth with each thrust.

he suddenly pulled you up, picking you up and wrapping your legs around his waist. His hands fondled your ass, as he laid you down on the desk.

He looked down at you, with dark eyes.

You were soaking wet through your panties, and as Mark ground against your  clothed pussy, your body shuddered.

You were so ready for him; but he was taking his time.

               He moved your panties to the side. One of his long digits slowly slipping into your entrance. Your back arched as it slowly moved in and out of you. He quickly added a finger. A moan slipped passed you lips.

His fingers stopped immediately. “Daddy needs you to stay quiet baby, or I’ll have to stop.” He said. You quickly nodded, wanting him to continue.

He looked into your eyes lovingly, as his fingers began moving in and out of you once more.

You gripped his biceps, biting your lip, trying to hold in your moans.

His thumb rubbed you clit in rhythmed  circled. Soft whimpers escaping your lips, you ground yourself on your fingers.

“fuck, you’re so beautiful baby.”

He used his free hand to unbutton your shirt enough to reveal your breasts.

He fluttered kisses down them, a soft contrast to the roughness of his fingers inside you.

               “Fuck me daddy, please.” You whispered to him. You wanted him inside you so badly, that you begged for it.

Just hearing those words from your lips, Mark was growling and ready to fuck you senseless.

He pulled his fingers from you quickly. He stood up straight, and pulled your body closer to him.

               In one swift motion his full length was inside you.

You moaned as softly as possible. You reached down and massaged your clit. You matched the swiftness of mark’s thrusts.

You threw your head back. Your eyes rolling back from the pressure.

“Yes daddy!” you moaned out breathlessly. He was fucking you hard, his hands gripping your ass. You contracted around him.

You could feel yourself being pushed over the edge, and marked seemed just as close. His thrust falling out of rhythm.

Mark suddenly pushed your legs to your chest, angling himself, now hitting your g-spot with each thrust.

Your loud moans were muffled by your hand covering it. Your nails dug into his arm.

“That’s it baby cum for daddy.” He growled into your ear.

He pounded harder into your pussy. You climax washed over you like a huge wave.

Your held onto him as he followed you.

He held your body close to his, gently caressing your thighs as you both settled down from your high.

               Mark watched you get dressed with a frown. “what’s wrong?” you looked at him with a soft gaze.

“You’ve been avoiding me, right? When I want to spend time together you always say you can’t, or you forgot about our plans.” He said. He looked very disappointed.

You sat in his lap, laying your head on his shoulder, nodding softly.

“You just got this job. You don’t have time to worry about me too. It’s too much work.” You said.

He wrapped his arms tightly around you.

“No matter how important my job is, I always have time for you baby girl. So let’s spend that time together when we have. Don’t avoid me again. “ he said sternly before softly kissing your cheek.

a/n: i hope you like it 

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Auston Matthews - Welcome to the Family

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Request: “ Hiii! Could you do an Auston Matthews imagine, where you’re a single mom to a little girl and he meets her for the first time? “

I honestly thought of this idea in the shower and then got this request. Freaky man.

Warnings: Single parenting (not that this is really a warning, all single parents are fucking amazing and I have nothing but respect for them)/ mentions of a parent leaving their family

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Girlfriend Sana

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She would be such an extra girlfriend. She would hold your hand while walking on the street and even if sitting on the couch watching something on tv. Sometimes she would try to cook for you but it would end up in a really big mess and you having to order food.

She would be so full of aegyo and would be constantly bugging you to do her shyshyshy thing. And she would almost die every time you did it because she found it the cutest thing on earth.

She would buy you two so many couple things. You could expect everything. From matching shirts to matching random accessories.

Your fights would be mostly over things you don’t agree with each other but wouldn’t be so serious. But if it was, some time after you two had argued Sana would come for you to apologize and try to make things right with you just because she couldn’t stand being without you.

Seventeen’s Ideal Type’s (in my opinion) Part One

Seungcheol - I can see him going for someone very motherly and mature. Someone who take’s on the role of a protector as well as being his girlfriend/boyfriend. I think he’d suit someone who’s very talkative and can carry on conversations but at the same time he wouldn’t mind if she just sat back and let things flow. A girl/boy who’s practical and well mannered and gives of the vibe of a classy lady/guy. Polite and plans things well yet would still trip and fall in public? Just a fun mixture of both I think would suit our Coups. 

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Jeonghan - A girl/boy who’s very mature yet knows how to have fun? Like, a girl/boy who’s daring and exciting and goes through life spontaneously. I think that would catch his attention. Bubbly and positive with a bright smile that blinds anyone who looks at her/him. Gives good advice and is always there for people when they need her/him to be. Jeonghan would be drawn to her/ him because she’s/he’s a mixture of everything and he’d be very attracted to that. 

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Joshua - I’ve always seen Josh going for the biggest sweetheart on earth! Someone who’s kind, selfless and the cutest little thing ever. A girl/boy who at first is shy yet as you get to know them, she/he comes more and more out of their shell. Not someone who’s in your face but someone who you can have a nice conversation with. Your traditional good girl/boy. Someone who can get along with everyone and is pure and innocent. I think Jisoo would be head over heels for a girl/boy like that. 

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Jun - For me Jun would go for someone who’s intelligent and quick witted. Someone he can have a deep conversation with and it never get boring. A girl/boy who’s comfortable being herself and expressing her/his views on certain things; I think Jun would find that quality very attractive. Someone with a good fashion taste who likes expressing who they are through their clothes. Open minded and creative. Someone who can handle Jun being on tour and still love him just as much as she always has as their relationship progresses. 

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Hoshi: This sunshine would go for the biggest dork on Earth! Someone who makes others wonder if they’re okay yet he’ll sit and find them the most adorable thing to ever grace this Earth. I think he’d go for someone who’s good at dancing like him, they don’t have to be the best dancer ever but have some skill so he can grab them to dance. A person who’s very polite and well spoken on the streets yet at home turn silly and makes our Soonyoung smile. 

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Wonwoo - A very reserved girl/boy who takes a while to get to know someone. Someone who could just happily sit there drawing or reading and let’s the world go by. I think Wonwoo would find their stability to be very enticing. A girl/boy who allows him to put them on a pedestal because I’ve always been one to believe Wonwoo would love his partner with all his heart. Someone quite chilled and laid back yet showers our Garden Fairy with all their love and affection. 

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Woozi - A very stable girl/boy who knows what they want from life. A person who could help Woozi stay on his feet and stay’s his rock and his safe place no matter what. I could see him go for someone quite curvy and petite like himself. Someone intelligent and shares their views. A person who’s skillful at many things but prefers not to showcase their talents from shyness. Just your average girl who’s open to loving Woozi. 

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The Bright Sessions Ep 39






but real talk I am so worried about Caleb like all of his progress is out the window and he’s gonna be worried about hurting someone again and I am so concerned for him right now also Adam is scared shitless and probably even more so now and CHLOE what on earth is a concussion gonna do with her powers?? Will she not be able to hear things well??? Also when Joan almost started crying my feelings were out of control BUT MARK AND SAMS BANTER IS THE CUTEST the talking between characters was so good this episode 

I am  just so worried about all of them

except for Damien

I hope Caleb broke his fucking face 

Some doodles of me and Skelly, my Doedicurus, before I go to bed.

Whenever we travel out to the open desert for supplies for our base in Scorched Earth, I play a game of tag with her bc her running animation is the cutest thing in the world, and her favourite thing to do (completely unprompted) is to waddle over to rock formations and smash them to pieces to get sand and stones and she’s my FavTM, goodnight.


@egggplannt : is a great friend and a great artist!   They’re super sweet to talk to and know just what to say to make you feel better!  I wish all the good things for her!

@egggplannt :  is one of the sweetest people on Earth! She’s so considerate and nice and knows exactly what to say when you’re feeling sad. She’s also an amazing artist, has so much talent and draws APH England the absolute cutest! I wish I could flood her with happiness and hugs!!

The 100 - First Kiss Preference

Heyo do you think you could do a The 100 first kiss preference with Bell, Murphy, Jasper, Monty, Octavia, Clarke and Raven. You falling asleep preference was so cute I asdfghjkl c: you also write really well x


Bellamy: You and Bellamy have been dating now for about a week since you got to Earth. He’s your first ever boyfriend so you’re a bit nervous about how to act around him and you worry about what he thinks about you. One day he called you into the dropship in the early evening. It was quite dark inside so you couldn’t see him. Suddenly you felt strong hands grab you round the waste as he pulled you into him and placed a soft kiss on your lips. Little did you know this was to be the first of many.

Murphy: Murphy was strongly disliked by many of the people that came down in the dropship so you kept your relationship very lowkey to avoid confrontation. One day you were in your tent together talking about so many different things both funny and sad. In the middle of one of his stories he stopped randomly and just looked you dead in the eye. He took your hands in his and leaned in towards your face. You leaned in as well and he slowly pecked you on the lips and whispered softly “I think I love you y/n.”

Monty: Monty has always been one to hide his emotions and never say what he’s actually thinking. You two had ventured into the woods for a while making up the excuse that you needed more fire wood. Secretly you had been wanting your boyfriend to kiss you for some time and whilst you were absent mindedly walking amongst the trees you decided to yourself if he wasn’t going to kiss you then you would have to make it happen yourself. You ran off slightly further ahead and waited for him to catch up. As he approached, you swung yourself around a tree so you were now facing him, quickly kissed him and then ran off again back to the camp leaving him slightly shocked but secretly thrilled.

Jasper: Jasper had been your boyfriend now for about a fortnight but because you two were both slightly nerdy and awkward you had never really done more than hold hands. You were still quite nervous around him and never really knew how to have a conversation without coming across as awkward and weird. One day you started telling him a story from when you were on the Ark and, being as nervous as you were, you began to babble. You kept on talking and talking and it was obvious you weren’t going to get to the point of the story any time soon so, as a way of shutting you up, he cupped your face in his hands and crashed his lips clumsily onto yours and kissed you passionately ignoring the far off wolf whistles and cat calls of the others around you.

Clarke: Clarke is a bit of an introvert so when it comes to the subject of kissing and PDA and all things related, she’s definitely not one to discuss how she really feels about the whole situation. Because of this, the two of you had never really had any conversation about kissing yet. However, one late night you were helping her come up with a plan of action to prepare against the grounders. It was beginning to get late and as everyone was leaving the dropship to go to bed she asked you to stay behind. She held your hands close to her and thanked you for helping her make plans and keeping her calm. In the spur of the moment you leaned into her and placed your lips on her and kissed her softly. After a few seconds you pulled away and replied “No problem.” as you left the drop ship.

Octavia: You and Octavia were the by far the cutest couple to land on Earth. You two were prone to going out into the woods late at night despite the danger. You would run through the trees laughing and giggling the whole time. One night she took you a different route through the forest telling you she had a surprise for you. After a few minutes of walking you saw faint glowing in the distance and saw, as you got closer, you were surrounded by hundreds of faintly glowing butterflies. It was the most beautiful, stunning thing you’d ever seen. You turned to look at her and realised she was a lot closer to your face than you’d thought. She took you in her arms holding you around the waste and whispered “You’re so special to me y/n.” before leaning in to your face and kissing you passionately on the lips. She was surprisingly good.

Raven: You and Raven had been working late into the night to make amo to use against the grounders. It wasn’t the first late night you’d spent in the make shift workshop and to be honest at the rate the grounders were attacking, it wouldn’t be the last for quite some time. In all honesty you didn’t mind working with her for hours on end because it was often the only alone time you got with your girlfriend. The two of you had been working for hours on end and decided to take a break for a while. You messed around a bit dancing stupidly around the workshop. You swung Raven around by the arms in circles spinning and spinning until the two of you could hardly stand because of the dizziness. Before you knew it Raven lost her balance and crashed straight into you knocking you over and landing right on top of you. Her face crashed into yours and her lips fell perfectly aligned to yours. She pulled away in shock apologizing to you over and over but you ignored her and pulled her in for a second gentle kiss.  


AN: I really hope this is okay. I struggled on this one quite a bit but it’s done now and I’m quite pleased with it. This is quite embarrassing for me to admit, but I’ve never actually had a boyfriend or a girlfriend, so I’ve never actually had my first kiss which is why I struggled describing it because I have no idea what it’s like to kiss someone. Anyway, thank you for the request and feel free to request anything else anytime! :D

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//MY// favorite ship is ducky x Fishy. Flying feathers, was it?

It was Feather Fins! 

But yesss!!!!! I love my finacee so much have you seen her selfie? Oh my gosh she is the cutest thing to ever grace this earth, ahhhhh she is the definition of perfection. 

Early Summer

A/N: Ok, so here recently I was thinking about the “damsel in distress” trope, and thought, “Wouldn’t it be funny if the girl dipped the guy instead?” and when I thought about it, NaLu instantly matched up to this. And I had to write it. I didn’t proof read this so there is probably typos, but I hope you enjoy!

Author: SirDragneel

Pairing: NaLu

Summery: Lucy hasn’t been having a very good day, but sprinkle random chance with a REALLY good looking guy, and you have a recipe for an early summer.

Today had been another fabulous day for Lucy Heartfilia.

Of course by fabulous, she mean shit-tastic.

First she was late for her job at the coffee shop, had a guy flirt with her for 30 minutes straight as she tried to usher the man to please take his beverage and leave, and had coffee poured on her when she denied the jerks advances.

What was with guys these days? Lucy would never fully understand, and it’s why she had sworn off guys for the past few years, since her last boyfriend, Loke, had cheated on her a million times. The two had remained friends, but just friends was all Lucy every wanted to be, at this point.

Luckily for Lucy though, she didn’t have to walk home with a coffee stain on her shirt, as her friend, Erza Scarlet, lent her one of her shirts, since she always seemed to have spare clothes.

Lucy had been so wrapped up in her thoughts, she barely registered the shout from the guy in front of her, as he tripped on the curb.

He had his hands in front of him, probably to catch himself on the floor, but both Lucy and the guy-who was wearing a red beanie-practically screamed as his hands caught her shoulders instead.

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MY GIRLFRIEND IS THE CUTEST, PRETTIEST PERSON EVER TO WALK THIS EARTH!! I just can't, I really want to hold her close, and kiss her face and nose and tell her she is the best thing ever, while cuddling with her, damn it distance, but doesn't matter bc I am screaming at a picture of her rn and how pretty and perfect she is, and idk I am not going to get sad about distance rn but aaaaa

This is my mood 24/7

What would dating Jisoo be like...

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  • girlllll, prepare your heart because this girl is the cutest human being on Earth
  • or just the cutiest girlfriend, idk Earth is so big
  • she always makes you laugh
  • she likes to tell jokes to people, that’s a fact
  • she always tells jokes to you
  • even the worst ones
  • so it’s a fact that that’s one of the reasons why you love her so much
  • except when she starts to tease you
  • and it happens 9/10 times in a day
  • but when she’s doing any work with Blackpink, you miss all the teasing stuff

Originally posted by essentertainment

  • another thing she loves to do is put her hands around your neck
  • and play with your hair
  • lots of nicknames
  • cute nicknames
  • horrible nicknames just to tease you
  • Jisoo is a little into PDA
  • like, holding hands
  • hugging you
  • quick kisses
  • eye contact is really important to this relationship
  • because Jisoo talks using her eyes, sometimes
  • and that’s how you know if something is wrong
  • don’t expect her to tell you if something is wrong
  • Jisoo is really hard to deal with in these times
  • when the problem is jealousy everything gets worse
  • she will start to be cold
  • so you have to act really calm
  • make sure that you love her
  • and how fucking much you love her
  • or things will explode
  • don’t you wish to see her mad
  • Jisoo is cute
  • but she is also a devil

Originally posted by misamo

  • there is something that can solve any problem with her
  • food
  • for preference, chicken
  • it drives her crazy
  • not as much as you do but…
  • talking about crazy things, it was really crazy when you met BlackPink members
  • because Jisoo didn’t tell them about you
  • she just kept saying about how in love she was
  • they ran after Jisoo across the room
  • and you just stood where you were
  • they caught Jisoo and started a pillow fight
  • after that, they would start talking to you
  • they were very nice to you
  • and you became friends

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  • dates always envolving food
  • you eat at restaurants or fast foods
  • when you’re at home:
  • she likes to lay her head on your lap while you are watching TV
  • at bedtime, you keep talking until one starts to sleep
  • you talk about everything
  • starting with something like “my new MV is so nice! We have to dance and things are on fire!”
  • ending with “but what if sponges didn’t exist?”
  • because, even if you are a cute couple, you are crazy too
  • when you sleep first, it’s the time she likes the most to play with your hair because you have a serene expression that she loves
  • when Jisoo sleeps first, you better hug her, because she hates to wake up without your arms around her

He didn’t know her.

Well, he did know her but he didn’t recognize the person that she’d become. She was different.

Tony couldn’t pinpoint exactly when it happened, but it’s like he woke up one morning and the person he fell head over heels in love with over the course of the past couple of years was just gone. She was different. The kind of different that he couldn’t put his fingers on.

For the past few weeks now, she’s been snapping at anyone who dared to breathe too close to her. At work, she remained professional and got the job done flawlessly. She was great at what she does- incredible even but that’s as far as it went. Tony was certain that he wasn’t the only one sensing the change in his wife. Their co-stars were starting to become alert too and when asked on the side by their closest friends if he knew what was going on with his wife, he had no answer.

Tony was past concerned at this point. He was worried. Kerry is literally a cinnamon roll wrapped in a ball of sunshine. She’ll be that one person on set who’s smiling and keeping it together after sixteen long hours of shooting when everybody else is beat. This sudden change in her was the exact reason why it was so disconcerting. Nowadays, when she didn’t have work to use as a blanket, Kerry (the cinnamon roll, the ray-of-sunshine) was often miserable, moody, sad, even bitchy at times.

Something wasn’t right. His KerBear wasn’t acting like herself and the guilt was gnawing at his stomach. Tony wasn’t sure if it was something he did and if it was, he didn’t know how to fix it because lately, he couldn’t even talk to Kerry for more than two minutes without having her snapping at him for one reason or another and wanting his head on a silver platter. In all honesty, it felt like whatever was wrong with her was all on him and he was failing as a husband because he couldn’t get to the root of the problem. She wasn’t ready to talk about whatever it was and if there’s one thing Tony knew for sure, it’s that he’d quicker have his balls shoved down his throat, before he forced Kerry to talk about anything she wasn’t ready to discuss.

He’s always joking about how that trait was something she shared in common with Olivia Pope, the character she plays on Scandal. Now, he wasn’t so sure that he liked that because for the first time in a very long time, Anthony Goldwyn found himself utterly helpless. He wanted his wife back but he wasn’t sure how to get her back.

Today was Sunday and they were currently at her parent’s house for dinner. Her parent’s house was relaxing and given that she had a great relationship with them, Tony thought that it might be exactly what she needed to snap out of whatever funk she was in.

Big mistake!

They hadn’t even been at her parent’s for more than an hour when she blew up on.

“You had one job! One job… I asked you to do one thing for me and you couldn’t even do that!” She fumed at him as she furiously searched through Isa’s bag for a pacifier to quiet down the crying toddler.

He’d forgotten the wipes and Isa was currently in need of a diaper change.

“Give her to me.” She snapped her fingers at him. Literally.

“No.” Tony said as he continued to bounce the crying toddler in his arms.

“Anthony, I don’t have time for this.” She huffed, impatiently. “Give her to me so I can clean her.”

“I got her.” Tony replied. It was one thing for her to be upset about something and not want to talk about it. But it was another thing when she was being a straight up bitch about it to everyone. Tony could take her wrath, he could and he has so far without so much of a complaint. But there was a limit to her bitchiness and he was close to his limits with her. “Clearly you’re upset about something and right now, I need you to go - take a minute and just let it out cause you’re being a-”

He hadn’t even finished when she took the words out of his mouth. “A what? A bitch?” She let out a dry, humorless chuckle. “Great. Just what our child needs to hear you call me in front of her. Nice one asshole.” She walked out of the guest bedroom, slamming me the door behind her, hard.

Dinner was a tense affair and awkward as hell. If it wasn’t for Isa and her cute little blabbering enthralling her grandparents, all hell would’ve broken loose.

“I’m still not sure who she looks like the most.” Kerry’s mother said as she played with Isa’s hair. “Most days, I could swear you spit that child out.” She addressed her daughter before looking at Tony. “… and then on days like today, I look at my grand baby and all I see is you, Anthony.”

“Well, she is a daddy’s girl.” Tony boasted proudly.

At that same instant, Isa begin babbling, and smiling like the happy child she was. She was such a good baby; absolutely nothing bothered her. As long as she was fed, cleaned and well rested and taken cared of, she was the most laid-back baby known to earth. Such a cute cinnamon roll. Just like her mother.

“Yes you are, baby girl.” Tony cooed. “Aren’t you, lil munchkin?”

She smiled even wider, her little teeth the cutest thing you’d ever see in your lifetime as she bounced in her high chair. She was stuffed with her grandma’s famous blended sweet potatoes. Absolutely stuffed and so damn happy.

Tony picked her up from her high chair and put her on his lap. He bounced her on his lap while pretending to eat her chubby little face. Isa laughed and cried, wiggled and surrendered when her father then begin to tickle her tummy. “Tell nana you’re a daddy’s girl baby. Tell nana.”

For the first time since they arrived at her parent’s, Kerry finally cracked a smile. Isa loved her daddy and with reasons too, because Anthony was a damn great father. It’s one of the many things Kerry didn’t have to worry about with this man. He was a great man, an amazing father and an incredible husband. And she felt so shitty for the way she’s been treating him lately. No matter what was going on with her, he didn’t deserve to be treated that way by her, but even though she knew that, for some reason, she couldn’t seem to make herself stop being such a huge… urgh!

After dessert, Tony and Kerry’s dad had retreated to the living room with Isa to catch a college football game which left Kerry in the kitchen with her mother doing clean up and washing the dishes.

“Dinner was interesting.” Kerry’s mother pointed out subtly as she handed her daughter a clean dish to dry off.

Kerry swallowed. She knew this was coming. Her mother’s observant of everything but for just this once, she wished her mother didn’t bring up her supervisions.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t pick up on that.” Kerry mumbled under her breath.

She could feel her mother poking a hole into her and when she finally looked up, the elder woman was indeed staring at her.

“What’s going on with you?” Her mom asked.

Kerry placed the dry dish in the cabinet where it belonged, doing anything to avoid making eye contact with her mother. “I’m fine.” She replied. “Everything is fine.”

Kerry almost laughed at herself. She was an actor for a living for crying out loud and she couldn’t even make herself sound convincing to her mother. Nothing was fine. She was the most miserable she’s been in a long time.

“Stop what you’re doing right now.” Her mother said, her voice firm and commanding.

Kerry dropped the damp dish towel on the counter and took a deep breath.

“Sit down.” Her mother then instructed.

She pulled a stool from behind the counter and sat down. Hands over her face, it was all Kerry could do not to burst into tears. Then she felt her mother’s loving touch on her shoulders and a kiss to her forehead.

“You forgot that I carried you for nine months, child.” Her mom spoke softly, running her fingers through her hair. “I’ve known you since before I knew you; since before I even knew what you looked like, baby girl. You cannot fool your own mother, sweetie.”

Kerry’s shoulders shook with tremors as the dam broke and a burst of tears begin flowing down her face.

“What’s going on with you, baby?” Her mom asked again. “And don’t you dare “I’m fine” me, Kerry Marisa.“

It took her a minute but eventually, Kerry wiped her tears and looked up at her mother. “He’s gonna divorce me, mom.” She said, dejectedly.

Kerry loved her mom, truly, she did. The woman was loving, caring, sympathetic, and everything a child could want in a mother but she wouldn’t hold back her tongue for anybody, for she was blatantly honest. Even as she stroked her hair soothingly, her mother harbored no judgement on her face like most mothers would but her words were very straight forward.

“With the way you’ve been treating him lately, if I were him, I’d divorce you too.” Her mom said.

Kerry winced. Just because it was true didn’t mean she wanted to hear it. “Mom!” She cried. “You’re not helping.”

Her mom raised a hand in surrender and shrugged. “I’m just saying.” The elder woman said.

Kerry’s shoulders sagged and she took a defeated breath. “No you’re right. I’d divorce me too.” She cleared her throat and sniffled. “I’ve been miserable to be around. I’ve been so mean to him and he doesn’t deserve it.”

“So why don’t you just… stop?” Her mom asked.

That was easier said than done.

She couldn’t. She didn’t know how.

“I don’t know how.” Kerry replied. “I’m so angry all the time now. And when I’m not angry, I’m a saggy vagina.”

More than a little amused at the last part, the elder woman was also heartbroken to hear her daughter having such a hard time and all judgement aside, she was truly worried about her daughter. What if it was something really terrible that was wrong her child? What if… what if? Nope. She couldn’t start drawing conclusions. She wouldn’t.

“Tell your mother what’s really wrong.” The woman begged of her child.

Looking into her mother’s eyes, Kerry could see the sadness that reflected there, as well as the worry. And so she told her mother everything, from beginning to end. And by the time Kerry left her parent’s house, her mood was much improved.

“Talk to your husband.” Her mother had advised as Tony secured their baby in her chair in the back of the Rover.

“I will.” Kerry promised.

And with a kiss and a hug to both of her parents, they all said their goodbyes before they hit the road for an hour and a half drive back home.

The hour and a half drive was quiet. Isa had long passed out, peacefully asleep in the back of the car with her pacifier in her mouth fifteen minutes into the drive back home.  So now, it left the two of them with the radio playing at a low volume in the background.

Tony was trying to respect the fact that his wife needed her space but it was so hard to sit in a car with her for this long without talking to her. Without touching her hand. Without laughing with her about silly things. Tony missed the closeness they used to share and it saddened him that his wife wouldn’t talk to him about whatever was bothering her.

When they got home, it was about eleven o'clock and with Isa already asleep, bed time was easier to get done. As soon as Tony unlocked the door, Kerry carried the toddler to her room, gave her a wipe bath and changed her into a cute little onesie to keep her warm and comfortable throughout the night.

Half hour later, she finally mastered up the courage to go into their room and when she came in, Tony was getting ready for bed. Kerry stood at the door frame of their adjoined bathroom and watched as he performed his nightly routine. In a simple pair of fleece pajama bottoms and a white t-shirt, he looked sexy as sin brushing his teeth. For a few minutes, Kerry let herself get lost in the flexing of his arms with each movement; the way his butt looked so shapely and delicious in those pajamas and his jaw. God, his jaw. He was rocking a sexy stubble lately that was making her feel unholy things and it was even a bigger sin that her bitchiness hasn’t allowed her to test how it would feel in certain places. Mainly between her thighs.

She missed him. But why couldn’t she open her mouth and tell him exactly that? Kerry didn’t know.

She must’ve stared too long because he caught her in the mirror and he gave her a small smile in return. His eyes were so expressive and she could see so many emotions behind them as well as their pleas to talk to him.

Goddamn it!

“Did you need something?” Tony asked.

This was Kerry’s window to start a conversation if she wanted to and she was so close to doing the right thing. So close to following her mother’s advice but like a damned coward would, she bit her tongue and cussed herself silently under her breath. “No.” She replied. “Are you about done? I need to take a shower.”

Tony continued to stare at her through the mirror and when he saw it in her face that she still wasn’t ready to talk to him, he blinked at her before bending down to rinse the toothpaste out of his mouth. He then gargled some mouthwash before rinsing his mouth again. Now all fresh and minty, he ran his wet fingers through his hair before turning around to face her.

“All yours.” He told her on his way out.

“Fuck!” Head hung back, Kerry closed her eyes and exhaled a deep breath. He was pissed off. She could hear it in his voice, she could see it behind his eyes and she wished it was easy for her to have the conversation that she needed to have with him. She was scared that everything would change between them once she told him.

Kerry took purposely long in the bathroom.

She cleaned, she shaved, and she took extra long in the shower in an effort to avoid her husband. She thought that if she took long enough in the bathroom, by the time she got out, Tony would be passed out asleep and they could delay the inevitable for just a little bit longer.

Except for one thing though… her husband was onto her. He knew her way too well.

When Kerry got out of the bathroom, she was all moisturized and she smelled heavenly in a silky black and grey robe. All the lights in the room were off with the exception of the lamp on Tony’s bedside table. He was lounged in bed, one hand propped behind his neck and a book in the other hand with his glasses on his nose, engrossed in whatever piece of literature he was reading. Though as soon as he sensed her presence, he was alert and his attention was fixed on her.

“You plan on coming to bed tonight?” He asked jokingly.

Kerry chuckled anxiously. “Soon. I have a load of laundry I need to get done.”

Tony raised his eyebrows at her with a look that said “are you kidding me?” He looked at the clock on the wall for the time and frowned even harder. “Kerry, it’s almost one o'clock in the morning.”

“I’m aware.” Kerry replied.

“You’re aware?” Tony repeated. “Are you kidding me?”

“I am not.” Kerry sassed. She knew it wasn’t a rhetorical question but she figured if she made their problem about her doing laundry at almost one o'clock in the morning then they wouldn’t have to have the real conversation about what was truly bothering her.

“Do it another day.” Tony reasoned.

“There’s no other day. We’re busy all week.” She said.

Pissed off, Tony took his glasses off and placed them along with his book on the nightstand table. “What’s your problem?” He asked.

“My problem?” Kerry raised her eyebrows.

“Yes!” Tony snapped. “What is your problem? You’ve been insufferable these past few weeks, and I’ve taken all the mood swings with no complaints but it stops right now, Kerry. What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Nothing!” Kerry seethed.

“Well, I don’t fucking believe you!” Tony bellowed.

“Lower you voice. You’re gonna wake the baby up.” Kerry chastised. “I don’t wanna talk about it.”

“Was it something I did?” Tony stood up from the bed and begin walking towards his wife. “If it’s something I did, please tell me so I can fix it. Whatever it is, just tell me how to fix it and I will.” He reached for Kerry’s hand and she tensed up at his touch. That didn’t do much to reassure him that he wasn’t the problem“Goddamn it!” He seethed with frustration.

“IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!” Kerry shouted. “Not everything is about you!”

And then the most terrifying thing happened after that. The damn dam broke again and she burst into loud, horrible sobs. Tony, completely petrified didn’t know what to do so he just stood there with his hands at his side, feeling utterly confused and helpless. His wife was crying. He didn’t know why and he sure as hell didn’t know what to do. He didn’t see this one coming. She was crying. He’d pushed her too far.


“It’s not fair!” She burst again. “I’m too young for this shit.”

Now she was scaring the shit out of him even more.

Adrenaline kicked in and he closed the gap between them and wrapped his arms around her. “What is it baby? Are you sick?”

When she didn’t reassure him immediately that she in fact wasn’t sick, Tony started freaking out even more. “Oh God…” His heart started hammering in his chest as his mind begin drawing up worse case scenarios. What if it was… What if…? No. It couldn’t be. “Whatever it is we’ll get through it together, baby. It’s okay.”

Kerry looked up him and she could see the panic in his eyes. Her breath caught in her throat and she gasped. Did he think…? Oh no. “It’s nothing like that.” She said quickly.

Tony gasped and once the reassurance settled that it wasn’t something severe, he wrapped her up in his arms tighter and kissed his wife’s forehead. “Thank God.” He whispered as he repeatedly kissed the crown of her head. “Thank God.”

Kerry wrapped her arms around him just as tightly and for a moment, she allowed herself to just breathe into her husband’s scent. She missed him so much. She missed being held in his arms like this and the feeling at the moment was enough to bring more tears to her eyes. So what if everything does change? Being held in his arms at this very moment, Kerry had a feeling that even if everything were to change after what she’s about to tell him, they’d be just fine. At least she hoped they would be. They love each other too much not to be.

“So what is it?” Tony asked again.

“I was late a couple of weeks ago and at first I thought that I might be…” Kerry watched a light switch on in his eyes and her heart broke again into a million pieces of sharp glass that then proceeded to tear apart her very soul. This is exactly why she didn’t want to talk about it. She didn’t want to see this light shining in his eyes only to shatter his hope and happiness when she told him that she wasn’t.

And as if he could sense what was coming, the light disappeared just as quickly as it had came. “It’s okay baby.” Tony said reassuringly as he stroked his wife’s hair.

Kerry buried her face in his neck as the tears came flooding back again full force. “I’m so sorry, baby.”

“Hey, look at me.” Tony demanded. He grabbed a fistful of her curls and ever so gently tilted her head back so he could look into her chocolate brown eyes. “Baby, look at me.”

Kerry did and God bless him, he was smiling, putting on what she guessed was a brave face for her. “I’m not mad. I’m not disappointed. I love you and our little munchkin and you have absolutely nothing to be sorry for. Do you hear me?”

She nodded but deep down, Kerry’s heart was still breaking. “Realistically at thirty-nine years old, I’d be lying if I said that I was ready for another baby… that I wanted another one. But when my period didn’t come, I started getting used to the idea, you know? Being pregnant again and I thought we could make it work. I was happy about it and then I went to the doctors… nothing.”

“Oh mama, why wouldn’t you just tell me?” Tony asked.

Kerry rolled her eyes at him as she wiped her face with the back of her hands. “Because it’s sooo attractive to tell your husband you’re a dried-up prune?”

What came next, Kerry hadn’t expected it. Instead of horror and disgust like she had been so sure she would see on his face when she told him that she was premenopausal; - this goofy idiot burst into a fit of laughter so coarse, so loud and so utterly unlike anything Kerry’s ever heard come out of his mouth as tears begin to coat the corners of his eyes.

Kerry had never been more confused in her life. Why was this so funny to him? Did he not register a word of what she just told him?

“Did you hear me?” Kerry asked.

Tony held his stomach as he worked on subsiding his laughter. “I did hear you, baby.”

“So what part about me being a dried-up prune is funny to you, exactly?” She asked.

He started laughing again. Kerry was so puzzled but his laughter was so contagious and suddenly, she found herself laughing with him too and then it all became so obnoxiously stupid to Kerry that she was worried for nothing.

“Stop laughing. It’s not funny!” She chastised, hitting his chest.

Tony swallowed and pecked her lips. “You’re right. It’s not funny.” He said. “This is a very serious matter and we’re gonna talk about it.” Even as he said it, he couldn’t say it with a straight serious face.

“Do you want a divorce?” Kerry asked seriously. “Cause I’ll understand if you do-”

She didn’t get to finish because her man had taken the liberty upon himself to shut her the hell up by gripping a tight fistful of her hair in his hand and bending her head back before devouring the ever loving fuck out of her mouth until she became dizzy with his taste. His tongue fucked her mouth into oblivion with a hunger so carnal that Kerry could feel her whole body come alive right then and there in his arms as she moaned in his mouth. Her every limb were turning into melted chocolate.

“Are you fucking crazy?” Tony whispered breathlessly against her lips. “Why would you think I’d want a divorce?”

Ever since she got back from her doctor’s appointment a few weeks ago, she’s been going crazy, researching a bunch of nonsense on the internet about early on-set menopause that proves to be actually all myths. “What if our sex life becomes boring?” Kerry questioned. “What if we become these couples that only do it like twice a year out of obligation and then in time, you can’t even get it up because you don’t find me attractive anymore? And don’t you dare start laughing, Anthony! This is serious.”

Tony bit the inside of his mouth to keep his amusement at bay. This was serious. She had real fears that she needed to express and he needed to hear her out and make those fears go away. “You silly woman.” He shook his head. “Do you have any idea how sexy you are? You walk into a room and my dick gets hard.” He told her. “There’s no way our sex life will become like that.”

“How do you know that?” Kerry asked.

Tony framed her face in his palms and looked deeply into her chocolate brown eyes. She was the most beautiful woman in the world to him and Tony didn’t even think she knew it. “Your fears are your fears and so are your insecurities and right now, I’m not gonna stand here and tell you that they are invalid or silly because that would be a big ass lie.” He shook his head. “What I can tell you though is that I know you.” He continued. “I know your body and whatever changes it’s going through right now, it’s not gonna stop me from loving you. If anything, I’m gonna love you tomorrow more than I love you right now and I’m gonna enjoy re-learning the way your body works. I’m gonna enjoy finding out new things that makes you beg and moan and lose your fucking mind. I’m gonna enjoy learning new ways to pleasure you, baby. The prospect of all that is so fucking exciting to me and that is how I know that our sex life will never get boring.”

Tears brimmed behind Kerry’s eyes as she looked into her husband’s blue eyes. He was such an incredible man and she didn’t know what she had done right in this lifetime to deserve him. But by God was she ever grateful. “I love you, so much.” She said, shaking her head in amazement. Sometimes, she felt so filled with that love, she didn’t know how to breathe and right now was one of those times.

“I love you too, sexy.” He grinned down at her before leaning in to kiss her lips.

Unlike their previous kiss, this one was just a lingering touch of their lips together in which all their love for each other was translated. Kerry clung to him tightly as her fingers tangled through his curls and she couldn’t help smiling against his lips.

“So no divorce?”

Even after they pulled away from their kiss, their foreheads remained connected. “No divorce.” Tony replied smilingly. “Nice try though, but you can’t get rid of me that easily.” He pecked her cute little button nose. He then grabbed her hands in his and entwined their fingers together. “You gonna be okay, mama?” He could still see the sadness that remained behind her eyes and Tony wanted to know with absolute certainty that she was going to be alright. And if she wasn’t going to be, that was fine too. He wanted to know what he could do to help.

But Kerry nodded. She was okay now and in time, she’ll be great. Though the anger she had been feeling for these past few weeks have now diminished, she would be lying if she said that she wasn’t still saddened by the whole thing. “I’ll be fine.” She reassured him. “It’s just that it was nice having the option… knowing that I could still… you know, I liked it.”

“Look at me.” Tony demanded.

She does and when he could truly see through her, he spoke again: “Like I told you before, I’m not disappointed. Nothing’s changed between us and I need you to believe that, okay?” Kerry nodded and he continued. “I want you to know that I’m happy with just you and Isa. You guys are enough for me. But if down the road, there comes a time when you do want to expend our family, I want you to know that I will be over the moon with that decision and that there are other ways we can make it happen.”

He was unreal. Kerry would’ve sworn so if she didn’t know him as intimately as she does. “You’re unreal.” Still, she told him.

Tony shrugged. “We’re a team mama, and I want what you want. Always.” He simply said. “And look on the bright side: now we can start fucking like jack rabbits everywhere without having to worry about my super sperms knocking you up.”

As Kerry blinked up at him, she had the most priceless look on her face. “Did you really just say super sperms, dude?”

Tony nodded shamelessly. “Yes. Yes I did.” He chuckled. “Isn’t that fucking awesome though?”

Seeing him smiling so boyishly and saying those dumb goofy things made Kerry’s heart glad. Maybe this wasn’t the end of everything after all. Maybe this was in fact the beginning of an exciting experience with her husband. She should’ve known that she was worrying for no reason. She should’ve had more faith in him than she did.

“You’re such a cute idiot and I’m so sorry that I’ve been a bitch to you.” Kerry apologized. “You didn’t deserve that.”

“Water under the bridge.” Tony said.

“You can say it.” Kerry smiled. “I’ve been a bitch. Come on, say it. I dare you.” She started poking his sides knowing just how ticklish he was. “Say it.”

“No.” Tony refused.

“Come ooon. Say it.” Kerry demanded. “Say, "you’ve been a bitch, mama,”.“

She was trying to get him in trouble. Tony was sure of it but he also knew that she wasn’t gonna stop poking him until he said it.

"Fine.” He took both of her hands hostage and backed her up against the nearest wall in the room. Hands plastered on the wall above her head, his tall frame hovered over her and Kerry could feel every ounce of his ripped flesh against her body. “You’ve been a bitch, Goddess.”

And just like that, he had managed to soak her goddamn panties.

Boring sex life my ass! Kerry thought.

She rose on the tip of her toes and captured her man’s lips in a heated kiss, pouring ever ounce of lust and desire she felt for him at that very moment into it. She bit his lower lips and her tongue teased the entrance of his mouth until he caved and granted her free reign. Their tongues tangoed in a well rehearsed dance created by lovers who knew the most intricate details of each other’s pleasure and need. They moaned in each other’s mouths like sinners in the back of a church on a holy Sunday and by God was it a good sin. This kiss was much too delicious and the more of each other they got, the more they craved.

“That was kind of hot.” Kerry breathed. Her chocolate brown eyes were wide and shining with desire. She burned internally. It felt as though she had a raging fire burning in the pit of her stomach. The pool of wetness residing between her legs was replaced by a throbbing sensation. Her whole body was vibrating with need and she could feel it all the way through her bones. It was such a high… such an exhilarating feeling. Kerry felt empowered.

A steel grey washed up the blue of Tony’s eyes and his lips were turned up in a sly smile. “Oh yeah?” He asked with raised eyebrows.

Kerry nodded. “Yeah.”

Tony dropped her hands and stepped back from her with unwavering eyes. He then pulled at the strings of her robe and the silk material fell open effortlessly, revealing his wife’s beautiful, naked skin. Braless, her pierced nipples were throbbing and her toned stomach was flexing with anticipation. More than seeing, Tony could also smell the delicious essence that was soaking through her purple panties. Damn if she wasn’t the sexiest woman he’s ever known.

“Well, you better get your sexy ass on that bed right now, cause we’re fucking baby.” He said.

Eyes wide, Kerry gasped. “Right now?”

Tony nodded. “Right now.” He emphasized. “We’ve got a lot of discovering to do.”

And the little minx’s answer to that was to wink at him as she sashayed her hips in a sexy walk away from him. Licking his moist tongue across his lips, Tony couldn’t resist delivering a firm slap to her round, bouncy ass.

Tony liked how this night was going to end and he had a feeling that his wife did too.

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Hiiiii!! Can I have exo reaction when their gf tries to kiss them but she is small to do it!? Thank you :3

Thank you for your request! I hope you like it! ^_^


*Thinks you’re the cutest thing on Earth*


*Tries to contain his laughter as he watches you struggle*


*Kisses you instead*


*Cannot control how happy he is*


You didn’t have to try so hard, babe. All you had to do was ask.


Well someone’s taking the initiative. *Gives you a suggestive look*


*Dies from cuteness overload*


*Laughs his head off*


Do you want a kiss, baby? *Happy*


Request and let’s love!

I’m not jealous

Character: Do Kyungsoo x Reader

Genre: Slight Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 1,503

A/N: Hai guys, this is literally my first time ever writing a one-shot. I was inspired to write this when I saw the interview over the movie unforgettable/purelove, I was like ‘omg that lucky girl, I’d die for a piggyback ride from Kyungsoo’.

-          Admin Mochi

Originally posted by dodyo

               Y/N sighed as she sat in the living room alone, lately she had been seeing her boyfriend less and less. But she wasn’t mad, she knew he was just busy with filming for Unforgettable. She grabbed the controller and turned on the TV looking for something good to watch while hoping that today he would have enough time to stop by and say ‘hi’. While channel surfing an interview caught her attention, both Kyungsoo and Sohyun were having a Q&A about their upcoming movie.

“I’ve never been given this many piggyback rides in my life. At first I kept telling him I was sorry, but I got comfortable as time went on because oppa didn’t show any tiredness.”

“She was light like a feather. It was my first time giving this many piggyback rides. In the beginning it was hard because I was out of shape. But throughout the shooting of the movie, I exercised so I didn’t get tired at all later.”

               Y/N couldn’t help but frown hearing this, she had been dating Kyungsoo for about two years now and never had he given her a piggyback ride. Then there’s this girl who has only known him a couple months at most and she gets all the piggyback rides she wants. Not only that he said she was light as a feather, to add on it also annoyed her how she referred to him as oppa. Kyungsoo’s never said that about me… He’s never given me a piggyback ride, maybe he thinks I’m too heavy? Hundreds of irrational thoughts flooded her mind right now, by the time she had snapped out of it the interview had ended.

               She sat up and quickly made her way to their shared bedroom and grabbed her laptop. She started typing away and soon enough she found herself on a forum where they were talking about the Kyungsoo and Sohyun interview. After reading the whole post she found herself reading the comments, which was something Kyungsoo had always advised her not to do.

‘Omo, they’re so cute together!’

‘I ship it ^.^’

‘I can’t believe she had her first piggyback ride from Kyungsoo oppa, lucky ):’

‘Is it just me, but don’t they look like they’d make a cute couple?’


‘They’re so cute~’

               Y/N closed the laptop not bothering to read anymore, after a while they were all the same. Most of them spoke about how cute they looked together, while there were a couple bashing the girl for even setting foot near their oppa.

               “Jagiya?” Kyungsoo called out as he entered their apartment. He walked around looking for his girlfriend, but after searching every room he realized she wasn’t there. Where could she be?  The loud opening of a door brought him out of his thoughts and he rushed to the living room where all the commotion was going on.

               “Oh my god, there’s an intruder!” Y/N screamed frantically taking off her shoe in order to use it as a weapon against the intruder.

               “Y/N, it’s me!” the doe eyed boy replied pinching the bridge of his nose in annoyance. “And even if I was an intruder, how did you plan on stopping me with your shoe?” he asked getting closer to his girlfriend. “Y/N… Have you been drinking?” he asked smelling unpleasant scent of alcohol.

               “What do you care!” she shot back rolling her eyes.

               “Jagiya… You don’t drink… You’ve never liked drinking.”

               “There’s a first for everything, right oppa?” she replied in a sickly sweet tone.

               “Y/N, why were you drinking?” he asked worriedly looking at the girl stumbling towards their bedroom.


               “Because, why?” he asked frustrated.

               “Oh my god, I don’t go bombarding you with questions!” she groaned falling back on the soft bed. “Like why are you going around giving some other girl piggyback rides?”

               “…Is this what all this is about?” he asked confused. “Did you see the interview?”
               “Yes, I saw the interview! The one where she talks about all the piggyback rides she got from her oppa.” She replied angrily. “The one where you said she was as light as a feather, the one where everyone keeps saying that you and her would make a great couple and are the cutest fucking thing on this wretched earth!” she yelled trying not to cry. She didn’t know why she felt like crying, maybe it was just the alcohol getting to her.

               “Y/N… are you fucking serious right now?” he asked staring at her in shock. “You’re jealous of a seventeen year old right now?”

               “Seventeen, twenty-six, forty-four. Those are all numbers, at the end of the day she’s still a woman and a really pretty one at that…” she choked out. “Age doesn’t matter sometimes, encase you’ve forgetting you’re three years older than me… that never stopped us from dating.”

               “Let me get this straight… You’re jealous of my co-worker because I gave her a piggyback ride for the movie we are shooting and because I said she was as light as a feather? Also you were reading comments about what netizens had to say about us, even though I’ve told you many times NOT to read any of that online bullshit.” he ran his hand through his jet black hair feeling frustrated.

               “No! You gave her more than just one piggyback ride! You’re never given me one and I’ve been dating you for two years! And- And- Forget it! You wouldn’t understand!” she yelled.

               “Oh, I understand, I understand that you’re jealous.” He mused.

               “Jealous? Who? Me? I’m not fucking jealous.” She countered.

               “Then what are you?”

               “I’m just annoyed with you and her…” that was a lame excuse, even for her.

               “Right, right… Of course you’re not jealous.” He said rolling his eyes. “I come home for the first time in a while and have to deal with this…” he mumbled just loud enough for her to overhear.

               “Then leave! If you don’t want to deal with this leave! Why not go to her instead? She probably won’t cause you any problems…” and with that she was crying. Kyungsoo flinched feeling guilty after hearing her sobs, he didn’t mean to make her cry, and he didn’t even mean what he said. He was just annoyed that his girlfriend of two years was getting jealous over something so petty.

               “Y/N… Stop crying.” He said walking towards her. “I was just upset because I hadn’t seen you in a while and I just wanted to spend time with you. You shouldn’t have gone out to drink… I’m sorry if what I said in the interview upset you, but what was I supposed to say ‘After the second piggyback ride I just wanted to drop her heavy ass on the ground’?” Kyungsoo gently wiped away her tears “You know I have an image to maintain.” He added. “Why are you being like this?”

               “Because! Because… you’re mine.” She mumbled sniffling.

               “Exactly, I’m yours jagiya and no one else’s…” He said giving her a small smile. “I come home to you, I cook for you, I spoil you, and I live for you, because I love you.” He said giving her a sweet and gentle kiss.

               “Really? Do you mean it?” she asked childishly.

               “Yes, silly.” He said with a chuckle.

               “I love you too, oppa!” she happily squealed as she grabbed his arm and pulled him on top of her causing him to straddle her. “I’m sorry about earlier… I just get scared of losing you sometimes…”

               “Yah, I’ve been with you for two years already… If I wanted to leave I would have a long time ago.” He said causing her to playfully glare at him.

               “Oppa, I missed you so much.”

               “I missed you too.” He responded before kissing her once more, Y/N closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer. He bit down on her lip asking for an entrance, which was granted. He could taste the bitter alcohol, but that wasn’t stopping him. His kisses soon trailed down to her neck looking for her sweet spot.

               “Kyungsoo… I want you so badly.” She moaned feeling his teeth against her delicate skin. She could feel him smirking, the dark haired male sat up quickly and removed his shirt. He looked down at his girlfriend who was now… Asleep. Her pink lips were parted, her hair was a mess, and her arms were resting over her head. In less than sixty seconds she went from wanting to get fucked to knocking the fuck out.

               “Y/N…” he called shaking her “Y/N! Jagiya… Wake up.” He groaned pinching her red cheeks. “I can’t believe you fell asleep on me.” He mumbled glaring at her sleeping figure. A smile crept on his lips as he grabbed his phone and snapped some pictures of her. He laughed scrolling through his camera roll, he was definitely not going to let her live this down.

                Y/N had never been a very good drinker.