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My mum naming the Voltron Characters

Me: Okay so what’s his name?
Mum: Dickhead, the leader of the dick clan.
Me: I-(wheeze) no, his name is Shiro. Next one, the girl with white hair.
Mum: Oh she looks like a bitch face, wife of dickhead.
Me: Mum I- Her name is Allura. Now the orange one.
Mum: Jerkoff.
Me: Are you even trying? His name is Coran.
Mum: He looks more like a jerkoff to me.
Me: Uhm, that one…In the red.
*Silence for like 2 minutes*
Mum: Come back to him.
Me: Okay how about her?
Mum: *Breaks down laughing* She’s the sister of Doctor Jerkoff.
Me: Oh he’s a doctor now…Her name is Pid-
Mum: Sh- You’re wrong, it’s Dr Jerkoff’s sister.
Me: This one, in the blue…My favourite one.
Mum: Lance. He’s the gay one.
Me: I- You’re not wrong.
Mum: Back to the red one, he’s *laughing* Moldy Breath.
Me: *On the verge of tears* Keith, his name is Keith.
Mum: That one in the cloak, she’s a good looking hollywood movie star.
Me: I give up. She’s Haggar.
Mum: And the tortoise next to her, that’s Darth wannabe, defienetly.
Me: zArKOn Mum. It’s Zarkon.
Mum: What about that guy that broke his arms to escape the fluffy lady, what’s his name?
Me: You gotta guess.
Mum: I love me who do you love. He’s a prick and you cried over him.
Me: His name is Lotor but you’re not wrong about the crying and prick bit.
Mum: I thought there was a dead one with a cat? Wasn’t that one Lotar? 
Me: First of all, Lotor. And you still gotts guess her name.
Mum: Perfection, she has a cat.
Me: Narti, and you’re right.
Mum: Now the fluffy lady, her name is Pooty Tatta, that’s Perfection’s cat.
Me: *Dying of laughter* I- No mum…She’s Zethrid oh my god.
Mum: *Points to Ezor* Pony. She is the cat’s best buddy and adopts her when Perfection dies.
Me: Ezor, and no she does not adopt Pooty Tatta.
Mum: Oh look at the emo one, she’s General Jerkoff’s sister too.
Me: Oh so he’s a doctor AND a general, damn. And no, she’s Axca.
Me: Last one, name him.
Mum: Oh he’s Charli.
Me: Are you just naming your cats now?
Mum: Get out of my room.

The Outsiders

Warnings- I mention Soda dying in Vietnam. I give Pony a little memory issue, though.

Note- Johnny and Dally had already died in this one. I know the title’s weird.


  The old house loomed in front of the old man. It was a lot more decrepit than the last time he had laid eyes on it. It’s once white sides were now grey and vines were traveling up them. The roof had light marks on it and reminded him of soft spots. That was probably what they were: leaks and soft spots. The fence that used to surround the place weren’t there anymore and the yard’s grass was around two feet tall. The man’s eyes got misty. Why did it look like that? It had so much love so many years ago.

   "Grandpa? What is that place?“ The man looked over at his great granddaughter. She was watching him carefully and holding his hand. She gave him a look that said very politely that she wanted to leave. It was early in the morning and he had woken her up for a road-trip. The man patted her hand and started to walk across the road with her. They had been standing across the street from the house. His family member helped him walk. He’d had shaky knees ever since he turned eighty about seven years previous.

  "I used to live here. This was my home.” His voice was shaky as he spoke. She looked like she was very interested now. She’d never even seen pictures of the house before. It was amazing to see it in the flesh and know where it was. It was a key to her grandpa’s past and she’d love to know everything.

  “We called it ‘The Curtis House’, because, well, it was.” He chuckled, but spoke softly and slowly. His worn silvery green eyes roamed around the outside. “I lived in there with my two older brothers, Soda and Darry. Our parents died when I was your age, fourteen, so I grew up with my brothers.”

   Ponyboy and his great granddaughter, Jodie, walked through the tall grass and maneuvered their way to the porch. The cane clutched in his right hand didn’t help very much, so Jodie was really what was holding him up. Still, they walked.

  Ponyboy dropped his cane in the tall grass as he reached toward the splintered steps’ banister. It felt rickety and a rush of dread washed through the old man. The house should never have looked like this. He’d always swore to take care of it. He vaguely remembered everything he and his brothers would do to make sure the house stayed neat and taken care of. How had he let it get this way? Why was it abandoned?

  “You’ve never said anything about having brothers! How come?” Jodie asked softly. Pony’s eyes softened and he felt a shudder come from inside. He struggled for the words to answer her. They walked up the steps slowly and tried to reach the porch’s flat surface. It didn’t look flat anymore, however. It was more sagging and warped than anything. They cautiously walked to the front door.

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Rainbow Sherbert

This pretty girl was modified from the pony Sherbert from the Sundae best line of G1 ponies. She came to me with a short hair cut and rubbed symbols. I decided to brighter up her drab color scheme for the restoration and repainted her symbol to be more than one color and also repainted her eyes and put glitter in the sealant.

I don’t remember all of the colors I used for the rehair. I think, firebird, sea nymph, sour apple martini, and cherry? I’m not one hundred percent on it though. The hair is secured through the loop and knot method and no glue was used. Hair is very secure and stands up to tough play and brushing as well as any store bought pony.

I love this girl <3        

“What is your dream Panny…?”

With the hustle and bustle of the day in Fillydelphia, Pan and Hummingway usually meet up at night and go stargazing. They would talk about how their day went and then go from there. Likes, dislikes, food, drinks, hobbies, anything and everything! Pan enjoyed these nights as it helps her wind down from the day’s events and spend time with her best friend. Nights she also misses while travelling.

Day 22: Draw a pony star gazing / Draw a pony being eclipsed

you and darry fight - imagine

requested by @kaitiez464 (heya, thanks for requesting! hope u enjoy reading it!)
warnings: cussing

Living with Darry and the two boys wasn’t as easy as you originally thought it was, but you knew that the trouble was worth it. He had sacrificed so much to take care of Pony and Soda, it was only right for someone to look after Darry. So after what must’ve been a year that you and Darry had been together, you had moved in to help Darry out. And you became the person who cooked, who cleaned and who made sure Darry, Soda and Pony were alright. Sure, sometimes it was a bit difficult taking care of three other people than yourself, but you loved Darry, and you knew that his family meant the world to him.

It had been about 5 months into living with the boys and you had a pretty solid routine. You normally woke up before everyone else to start breakfast and to wake the boys up when it was time. Then, when they were gone, you’d make sure to clean up the house a little and start cooking dinner as it crept into the evening. But it was a hectic Winter wednesday that, for some reason, you had woken up extremely late - Darry, Soda and Pony were supposed to be leaving at that time.

You gently woke the boys in a hurry, so as not to scare them awake, before attempting to crack a few eggs and slap slices of bacon on a hot pan in the kitchen. Before you knew it, the house was bustling with the boys hurrying back and forth between rooms to get ready. Of course, Pony ended up hollering through the shower curtain to get Soda out the shower while Darry was stuck searching for a boot. Between the loud huffs and heavy footsteps, you can tell that Darry had woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

“Y/N? Have you seen my other boot? I coulda sworn I left it right here yesterday,” Darry calls from the living room.

“Sorry, Darry, I haven’t. Check by the armchair maybe?” You offered, concentrated on cooking without burning yourself.

“Y/N, couldja tell Soda to get out the shower already? He’s gonna take up all the hot water!” Pony complained from the steamy bathroom as you attempted to pick up the last slices of bacon from the loud and sizzling pan and onto a plate.

"Yeah, well, get me a towel and maybe I’ll consider gettin’ out!” Soda called from behind the shower curtain, just as annoyed as Pony.

"Well, why didn’t you take one in there before you got in the shower?” Pony asked Soda while walking back to his room.

"Just get your brother a towel, for the love of god!” You yell from the kitchen, spilling a bit of hot oil on your arm instantly inducing a horrid sting. You curse under your breath and involuntarily drop the plate you were holding. It shattered at your feet quite loudly but you barely noticed it due to the stinging, throbbing welt on your arm.

"Y/N, do we got anymore toothpaste tubes? I can’t squeeze any more toothpaste outta this one.” Pony asked you in the kitchen, as you swept up the broken plate shards by your feet.

"Check the bathroom cabinet, Pone. It’s where it always is. Did ya get Soda his towel?”

"No, he hasn’t brought me jack! Couldja bring me one, Y/N?”

Pony rolls his eyes. “I still can’t find the toothpaste. You sure it’s in that cabinet, Y/N?”

"For cryin’ out loud! What does a man gotta do to find a damn boot around here? Y/N, anywhere else I could check?”

You thought your head was going to explode. You must’ve heard your name a million times after that. “Guys! I don’t have the answer to every question under the sun and it’s gettin’ real hard to answer to three people at once asking me this and that while cooking and cleaning up!” You managed to yell, causing a hush to fall over the house. Until a decaffeinated Darry butt in.

"Oh, you think you got it bad? Ha! I’d like to see you try an’ spend a day or two in my shoes… one of which I can’t even seem to find, apparently,” Darry seemed to scoff at you, and boy, that made your blood boil.

"Alright, look, I’m here to help you out ‘cause I love you boys. Y'know, I don’t want you to struggle Darry, but I don’t fucking intend on being this house’s doormat,” you shot back angrily. But Darry didn’t hesitate to yell back.

"Well, these ain’t your damn brothers! Oh, no one asked you to come live here! We were just fine without ya! If anything, you’re just another mouth to feed.”

It was something you had never heard Darry say before, in a tone you only ever heard used when scolding Pony or Soda. Had he really wanted you to leave? You stomped from the kitchen to the living room and out the door to sit on the porch before any more yelling could go on.

"C’mon, Darry, don’t go hollerin’ at her like that. She’s been doin’ the best she c-” Pony attempted to intervene, probably to keep things from escalating any further. But like poking a grizzly bear, Darry only continued to keep yelling.

"Shut your trap, Pony. Ain’t nobody asking you!” Darry scolded Pony.

"Well then I hope you’re okay with her leavin’ you because that’s what’s gonna happen when you keep on like this,” Soda said, walking by Darry, a towel wrapped around him. And it seemed that once Soda put that thought into his head - the idea of you leaving Darry for good - it put Darry back into place. He couldn’t lose you. He loved you.

He walked out onto the porch to sit next to you. But you really didn’t wanna hear anything he had to say, until he actually began to speak.

"Oh god, Y/N. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean a thing I said, ya hear? I was just all riled up an- y'know just don’t go blamin’ yourself for anything. These are my responsibilities that you’re taking on and I should just be more grateful, Y/N,” Darry said, putting a hand on your shoulder. “You know I love you.”

"Darry, I love you, too. And I love Soda and Pony. And you probably just need your coffee, but, yeah, this morning’s been kinda rough on all of us. Just a little patience, okay?” You huff out, a bit tired from the noise of yelling.

"Just a little patience,” Darry nodded, moving his hand to your back and his lips to your cheek.

brozdovsn  asked:

Do you ever think about how some people might view your obsession with one character to be very strange? I'm not against it at all, but I'm very sure there are going to be people that think it's very elementary to be obsessed with one character enough to have a lot of well done dedication to it.

lol I’m pretty sure you’re just throwing shade at me, but I don’t really think it’s an obsession. It’s really more of a brand thing more than anything.

Back when I first got into the fandom, it was around the time the CMC hate was at its peak. They weren’t new characters to me though, every character was a new character to me, so I didn’t have the same bias that all the older guys had. I said she was my best pony when people asked and at that age of the fandom it was a “you like *that* horse? Wtf why?” Since this was unique at the time, people just kinda started tagging Sweetie Belle with me and it just evolved into being something I’m now known for.

I’m very okay with this though, I love being the Sweetie Belle guy, especially these days. People come up to me at conventions and just toss me buttons they’ve gotten or drawings they’ve made of her, and I couldn’t be more excited about that