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Top 5 a team moments?

Because she deserves the best  


The GMA hug

This (around min. 2:39)

This interview

Also this interview (Can’t find the video, sorry.)

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It’s so hard choose only 5 moments, so you got 6 anon! (Super hard to choose anyway)

ps: sorry for taking so long to answer but I only got time now!


So back in December, I received a Swiftmas package from Taylor herself full of presents from London and LA all handpicked by her. She included a personal polaroid and a card saying “ And I Can’t Wait To Meet You (Soon!)”. So I mentioned to her over Tumblr that my dad and I would be flying to Glendale to see her. She liked the posts. Back in May, the 28th to be exact Taylor Nation asked for my number and my concert date. I responded and they received my info. It was months and months of “Am I meeting her or did they just want my number? Like Taylor said she wants to meet me?” I was confused. Anyways… so about a week before we left, another Swiftmas girl named lily met Taylor and the same thing had happened to her. She got asked her show and all back in may. That got me thinking about how I might actually get to meet Taylor. So, we fly out to Glendale to see Taylor and so I could meet my Best friend, Alecksis. The day before, I literally had my phone beside me all day hoping and hoping that Taylor Nation would call me to tell me I was meeting taylor. (Most of the swiftmas people got contacted the night before) On Sunday, nothing happened. I really began to lose hope that I wouldn’t get called. That night my heart was racing and I just had never felt closer to meeting Taylor the thought of it not happening brought me to tears. Monday morning I woke up, we went to breakfast and nothing. My dad and I went back to the hotel and I started to plan a quick poster to make, Swiftmas related to maybe get noticed by her people. At 9:17, we were legit sitting in the hotel room planning poster ideas and my phone rang. It was from Nashville. I looked at my dad I said oh my God cause I knew it had to be them. I answered… and the conversation went like this…
Me: “ Hello?”
TN: “Hi Rachel this is Sierra from Taylor Nation… how are you doing today?”
Me: “I’m good”
Sierra" “So are you going to the show tonight?”
Me: “Yes I am. I’m very excited”
Sierra: “So are you ready to meet Taylor?”
Me: *BURSTS OUT CRYING* “Are you serious?! I’m sorry I’m crying”
Sierra: “Yes I am congratulations & it’s okay I understand”
Me: “ I can’t believe this”…
Then She asked us what time we planned on arriving at the show and we said whenever. She informed us that we needed to go to will call to pick up 2 M&G passes between 4-4:30. We also told her we had a gift for Taylor and she said Taylor would get it from security but she would get it. I couldnt post about it until after it happened. when the call was over… I sobbed so hard. My dad and I hugged and he even cried. It was happening. So I got ready and I called my mom to tell her and she was so so happy for me and so was my Grandma. Around 3, I met up with my Best friend of 2 years, Alecksis at the Arena and we waited together. My dad and I legit checked will call every few minutes because I was so stoked. Around a quarter after 4, we finally got the pass and we read it together. It was so dang hot out we went to a restaurant and they were playing nonstop Taylor videos and that made me so happy. Even the Love Story video came on and I cried bc that song started my obsession with Taylor. Doors opened at 6, & all the M&G people met under section 101/102 by 6:15 to meet Taylor. We went and sat and eventually got in line, showed our pass and they gave us neon yellow bracelets on our right hand. They put my dad and I right at the front of the line because I explained I was one of the swiftmas people. So.. we moved to near the backstage doors where we got instructions to put our bags on a table along with the gifts for taylor. We waited in that area for about 30 minutes and finally they took us to the loft 89 room. I was put in the very front of the line. I was going to be first to meet Taylor. Erica wrote down my name and we stood outside of this tent and a guy went in and I caught a glimpse of Taylor and said “oh my god” he opened the curtain and I walked into Taylor and said her name.
Taylor goes “Rachel, My Buddy!!!!” & we hug! She hugged me so tight. She gives the BEST hugs in the world. Taylor then told me she was glad I was there and that we were finally meeting. Then I said I liked her outfit and she said “ Thank you, it’s new & she told me she liked my plaid dress” Then I told her how pretty she is & she responded by saying “WHY Thank you!” Then I said “thank you so much for all the Christmas presents” and said “awww I’m so glad you liked them” I then said “ I even have my bracelet on” and I showed her & she touched and was like “aww”. She’s so adorable. Then Taylor noticed my fox earrings and she started playing with the one on my right ear and she was like “those are so cute” & I said haha yeah I promised you on tumblr I’d wear something fox related and she smiled. Then it was picture time. She asked to have one of just us and then a group one. Taylor and i hugged and my eye was twitching I was smiling so hard. When we took the group picture, we had to retake it. “ Were my eyes closed? Yeah? Let’s do another one” said Taylor. After the pic taking we hugged and I said “I flew out here to see my best friend. Her name is Alecksis and she met you at GMA and she’s in left pit” Taylor said to tell her hi and she goes “Left pit.” Like she was taking note in her head. Taylor held my hand and I said “by the way I’m very happy for you about Calvin” and I said it in a lower voice so it was a moment between us. And she smiled and said “Yeah, he’s a good one”. My dad mentioned to her that we brought her a picture that he took of NYC and she was like “aww thank you so much” and she put her hands over her heart as she talked to us both. I told I got her presents and she was just smiling at me so big. We hugged. I said I love you and that was the end of my dream come true. ❤ Taylor, I love you so much and you make me so so happy. I could’ve said so much more but I’m so grateful we got to meet finally. I love you. I always have your back babe. 😘 Thank you for wanting to meet me. My life= MADE.
xoxo, Rachel (YOUR BUDDY)