she's taller

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or she was wearing heels in the left pic

i mean maybe but she’s wearing flat converse sneakers in this scene and she’s still noticeably taller than he is like his mouth is about level with the base of her neck??? dude was definitely standing on a lil apple crate for the kissing scene

They deserved to reunite in s2!!!! like wtf were they not back on the balmera planet together in s2??!?!?!! @ dreamworks… explain

This is me coping with the fact that it did not happen lol <333

Queen of Air and Darkness snippet

“I can’t do this.” Helen tried to keep her voice steady, but it was nearly impossible. She hoped the strain would be covered by the sound of the waves crashing below them, but Aline knew her too well. She could sense when Helen was upset, even when she was trying hard not to show it.

“Baby.” Aline moved closer, wrapping her arms around Helen, brushing her lips softly with her own. “You can. You can do anything.”

Helen relaxed into her wife’s arms. When she’d first met Aline she’d thought the other girl was taller than she was, but she’d realized later it was the way Aline held herself, arrow-straight. The Consul, her mother, held herself the same way, and with the same pride — not that either of them was arrogant, but the word seemed a shade closer to what Helen imagined than simple confidence. She remembered the first love note Aline had ever written her. The curves of your lips rewrite history. The world is changed because you are made of ivory and gold. Later, she’d found out it was an Oscar Wilde quote, and had said to Aline, smiling, You’ve got a lot of nerve.

Aline had looked back at her steadily. “I know. I do.”

They both had, always, and it had stood them in good stead. But this —

“This is different,” Helen said. “They don’t want me here –“

“They do want you here.”

“They barely know me,” Helen said. “That’s worse.”


asoiaf meme [¾] relationships - Robb and Catelyn Stark 

Let him grow taller, she asked the gods. Let him know sixteen, and twenty, and fifty. Let him grow as tall as his father, and hold his own sons in arms. Please, please, please. As she watched him, this tall young man with the new beard and the direwolf prowling at his heels, all she could see was the babe they had laid at her breast at Riverrun, so long ago.

So, I did some height comparison stuff with the reapers and this is what I came up with

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although weirdly enough out of all the people i can remember pete interacting with in the show, as far as i can tell, hes only taller than sonny and daniela,, which is weird to think about, he just seems really tall because he literally only stands by tiny tiny sonny

even so! he’s the perfect height,,

the perfect height difference for hugs and forehead kisses,, how lucky we all are

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(Revised Prompt): Miraculous Ladybug, "So you're saying in a class of over a dozen people NO ONE CAN AGREE ON WHAT LADYBUG AND CHAT NOIR LOOK LIKE?!"

“So you’re saying in a class of over a dozen people NO ONE CAN AGREE ON WHAT LADYBUG AND CHAT NOIR LOOK LIKE?!” Kim bellowed. 

Marinette face planted against her desk and groaned. Tikki hadn’t been kidding about her identity being protected by magic. 

“Listen,” Chloe screeched above the din, “I’ve been rescued by her the most and I am telling you her hair is shoulder length and slightly wavy no matter what little miss blogs-a-lot says!” 

“You also said she is taller than you, so clearly your opinion is worth nothing,” Alya shouted back. 

“All the people I like are taller than me,” Chloe retorted, “isn’t that right Adrikins?” 

“Please leave me out of this,” Adrien said. So far he was the only other person in the room who looked just as miserable about this class squabble as Marinette felt. His head was cradled against is crossed arms as he stared listlessly towards the door as if wondering if he could make a run for it. She could kiss him for that. Not that she wouldn’t take any excuse to kiss him. Maybe she should suggest they both sneak of somewhere to make out while their classmates argued. Marinette smiled at the daydream. As if she could ever actually pull off something so bold where Adrien was concerned. 

“This is stupid,” Kim complained “we have photos we should know every detail about what they look like.” 

“I’m pretty sure there is some sort of magical element that keeps us from properly retaining the information in a way that might jeopardize their identities,” Max theorized. 

“If Ladybug had magic power over her appearance you would think she would have attempted to look more attractive,” Lila said flicking her hair behind her shoulder. “Instead she is such a short thing with dull black hair and beady dark little eyes.” 

The class burst out into another round of shouting as Chloe and Alya both attempted to dive atop the Italian girl, only barely being held back by Kim and Nino. 

Marinette wondered briefly if anyone would care if she just threw herself out the window. She was about to attempt to sneak off to the bathroom when she heard Adrien talking quietly to himself. 

“Blue,” he murmured softly.  

Marinette’s breath caught in her throat.

“Her eyes are blue.” 

(I am no longer taking sentence prompts just finishing the ones I have left) 


Golden Beryl
my gemsona ✨

She’s a high-rank gem, big, serious-looking and intimidating but a HUGE architect nerd inside. Like, she shows more devotion to her buildings and creations than her diamond (YD). GB doesn’t care in which side of the war you are, just don’t destroy her buildings. She’s not the fighting type (even tho she’s strong). only when her life is in danger she’ll kick some ass, but rarely summons her weapon.

she surrendered to the CG without even starting a fight, because she wanted to make a deal with them. In exchange of information (she designed most of the earth’s buildings for the diamonds, and knew secret paths the CG’s could use) they would promise to keep her buildings as intact as possible.

she’s a head taller than garnet, has a scowl 90% of the time but every time she’s designing a building she smiles!  Rose noticed that and asked her if she wanted to make something for the crystal gems instead of pretending to be a prisoner. In short, everybody knew that if GB wanted, she was strong enough to just leave.  I see her designing Rose’s fountain and a couple of the temple’s room (since I have no idea if this will ever be addressed in the show and I thought it would be interesting ).

she worked alongside Bismuth, and even with the clear disdain of Bismuth for the upper-class gems, GB actually won Bismuth’s sympathy by honestly praising her and saying how much she was impressed by B’s ability and attention to detail. 

GB never truly joined the CGs, she stayed for the sake of her buildings and for the chance to make new ones.  she struggles to bond with other gems because of her status and her “serious face” programming. Rose was the first to see her silly side.



I am screaming. I didn’t know if I could pull off Kobayashi but here I am