she's supposed to be 17

*Matt was working. He was waiting for someone named ‘Sound’ to die. It said in his book that she was suppose to die at the age of 10 but now she’s 17*


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Do you think the show could possibly go beyond kisses? I mean the rating is high, right? +15? And the story seems dark enough to include such scenes. I really can't see these too stay at the kisses-stage for too long. She is 25, right? It is the 940th. Or maybe that is really way too much for kdrama.

It’s 943 in the drama the King will die soon and the Crown Prince will ascend the throne. She was 25 in the 21th centrury, but in Goryeo she she 16/17 years old, but I suppose it will take a couple of years before we get to that point.

I’m almost certain that the show will go BEYOND KISSES because the fact that Wang So and Hae Soo become LOVERS IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD is one of the most crucial and important parts of the original novel. It’s featured in the book and the cdrama because in both causes she gets pregnant with the 4th Prince’s child. In these two pictures, you can see Hae Soo wearing the robes of sanggoong:

The ratings are low (5-7% range), but the drama is fully pre-produced so if there is a bed scene (and I’m almost certain there is) we are going to see it. There seems to be a general misconception that sageuk drama don’t really feature bed scenes and that lovemaking is usually only hinted. On the contrary, perhaps the best kdrama bed scene (in my opinion) actually happened in a sageuk Jang Ok Jung Live in Love, starring Kim Tae Hee and Yoo Ah In. It aired on SBS like Moon Lovers, and it had low low ratings, as well.

something that has been bugging me since I’ve started playing her. pyrrha’s age. she’s suppose to be 17 and a first year but I just… she seems so experienced, it’s hard to believe either of those things? I want to make her just a tiny bit older, that she’s just a student because she wants to practice under the hand of so many experienced people/academies to really know what she is doing. I just… I can’t see pyrrha being 17.