she's super cute aww

I heard them walk off and I slumped into my ass print on the couch. My hand was already at my forehead. Holy shit, what the fuck does this mean? I mean…
I raced to my room to get my phone.

NCT 127 Reaction to you drooling in your sleep.

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Taeil: He would find it so adorable but also funny knowing something that very few does about you. 

*Happy Taeil

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Johnny: He would also find it so funny and adorable. You showing a softer side to him. 

“Look at you!” he whispers to you quietly. 

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Taeyong: He would turn into the biggest fluffball. 


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Yuta: Okay so he is known for being a savage so he would make a small comment about it in the morning.

“Look who’s up, i guess you slept well juding by the wet stain you left on the pillow.” *

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Doyoung: Would actually wake you up

“psst, hey fountain wake up.” *gets a pillow in his face 

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Jaehyun: Too busy sleeping to notice. 

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WinWin/Sicheng: Would be so confused and find it funny. 

“Is she?!” 

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Mark: Would also be very confused but lowkey find it super cute.”

“Aww so cu-, i know that ain’t my pillow!” 

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Haechan/Donghyuck: Also a little savage so he would take pictures of you, you know for future blackmail material. 

“hehehe wait til i show the hyungs.”

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Reaction: Catching you late at night reading imaginekon


“wait what is this? why are they writing about me?? wow do i really look this idiotic when i smile? let me see”

Hanbin would be super curious about what people write about him in the internet, so he would sit beside you after asking you what that imaginekon thing is and browse with you through the reactions, thinking of some of them as cute and be happy, while he’d be unsatisfied with the ones where he doesn’t look as cool and complain about how this blog is all a lie.


“Why are you reading stuff like this when you have me here? although i would really kiss you after i was overseas for a long time” *smiles*

Jinhwan would think of it as really cute but not be so interested in reading what it says about him. He rather watches you browsing through the blog and think of what a cute girlfriend he has.


“What the hell, i am not that arrogant why are these people writing this about me?? You don’t believe them right? Right??”

Junhoe wouldn’t be amused to see what people cough we cough write about him, he doesn’t think of himself as arrogant/sassy as we describe him sometimes. He would write imaginekon a message as an anon and rant, before exiting the page and tell you to never read stuff like that again. Though it would make him think and he’d treat you from his best side after, making something cute or unusual like a sudden shower of kisses (because apparently Bobby would do that a lot no he is not jealous)


“whoa what is this?” *laughs* “that’s cute”

Yoyo would smile throughout the whole time and browse through the stuff with you, being happy people think of him as a prince and think of admin moyo as super cute because aww she is yunhyeong biased ha ha sobs i am jk. After that he would ask you if you really like the things they write about him and if he should do stuff like that in the future.

- admin moyo

cat owner: omg look at my kitty isn’t she cute? her name’s kibbles omg isn’t she just precious?

me, extremely allergic: aww… haha yeah……. super cute………..

cat owner: omg i know!!! here, you can hold her *puts cat into my lap*

me, extremely allergic: