she's super cute


I commissioned johnnybooboo for a drawing of my bf’s wonderful OCs for her birthday present and here they are! (edited/coloured by me) 

Happy Birthday c:

[left to right:]
Noella (albeit OOC imsosorry), Jacob, Theo, Nova

So I’m talking to this girl from tinder. And it’s going super great. She’s cute, interesting, clearly interested. Like hell yes. Then she’s like “I feel like I should tell you… I consider myself bisexual.” And I was like “that’s cool.” And she was like “oh thank god. I just felt like I should tell you that as soon as possible because I know some lesbians won’t date bi girls.”

And I thought about it and I realized bi girls basically have to come out twice as much because people don’t consider them valid. This cute, interesting girl was actually worried I would not like her anymore just because she likes something I don’t. How fucking sad is that like how could someone dismiss that kinda potential based on something so stupid.

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what kind of puppy are you getting? :D

a german shepherd! i posted some pictures of her littermates if u wanna see (literally the cUTEST thing ever) and that’s kinda what she looks like but she’s longhaired so she’s fluffier! she’s super sweet too and didn’t whimper or squirm like the other puppies did when we picked them up, and instead of chewing on my finger like her brother she just kinda nibbled and when i left she sat up from her nap and looked right at me and i was D: she’s sO CUTE I’M SO EXCITED :))))


Hey Guys! I know I don’t personal post very often, but my mom has recently started an Etsy Shop where she is making these super cute animal hats, she has a big book of ideas and can make them to order (Like that attractive frog hat being modeled by my friend Roo -w-) she is posting new stuff every week or so and I would thank you guys to boost this and show it around. We currently only ship inside Canada but who knows if it gets popular enough maybe we will ship outside Canada. All The hats cost between $20-$25 Canadian which isn’t bad if I do say so myself so check it out. 

The Shop