she's super cute

My half of the art trade with @rmk178 and his shark girl livi, though I changed her body type way to much I think she came out super cute! Thanks for asking for a trade man I enjoyed it!

Also adding simple backgrounds similar to this one in my sketch commission tier list, some extra cash would be helpful so if your interested in sketch commissions just shoot me a message on tumblr, thanks!

anonymous asked:

Jasmine as Peggy or Jasmine as Maria?

Ahhhhhh! I’m gonna have to say… Jasmine as Maria because her voice in Say No to This actually slays my entire existence and she just absolutely WORKS it in the red dress and lipstick. Also, what she said about Maria in the Hamiltome changed my perspective. 

(She’s super cute as Peggy though!!!)


Could Eliza Taylor loathe her employer any harder?